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strange-gods10 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Request week is going strong on instagram, get over there and make your horrific demands.
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t8kyoe18 minutes ago
oi oi :) como estaste aiko?? est谩 bem?
poderias fazer lockscreen dark do Xiaojun(WayV/NCT), por favor?? 馃様馃檹馃徎馃枻
obrigada antecipadamente aiko (:馃枻
tenha um bom dia, ou boa tarde, ou qm sabe uma boa noite? kk.
oii, kyo! eu estou bem, nen茅m, espero que esteja bem tamb茅m. fiz as locks, nen茅m, duas vers玫es! espero que goste delas 馃榿 eu gostei de todas, ficaram perfeitinhas :( tenha uma boa tarde tamb茅m <3
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ochu44743 minutes ago
Hello! First time request something for you...
Could you write something fluffly with Nozel?
Thank you!
Yes i absolutely may! Thank you sm for requesting it makes me genuenly happy.
Not an early bird!
You could say it was about early dawn where the sky was still a baby blue color.
Last days work was kind of taxing on both you and Nozel as you both seemed to have slept around 10 hours each.
You sat up a little on the bed puffing up your pillows to watch the sun rise from the windows, Nozel was calmly sleeping besides you his hair surprisingly quite messy as he slept.
A small smile tugged at your face seeing him so worry free and as if on instinct he shuffled around a little waking himself up in the proccess.
"Goodmorning." you greeted him as he sighed tugging the covers closer to himself, trying to get a bit more sleep in.
"Whats the time?" He asked voice a little grogy from the sleep.
"Around 6AM i'd assume." You knew well how the daytime cycle worked in spring so it was no trouble to guess the time as spot on as a clock.
"Good." He replied causing you to chuckle, he realy wasnt an eary bird at all.
He swished around the covers a little more before his nose suddenly poked your lower waist.
"My bad, its a cold morning." Nozel pointed out trying to gain some more warmth.
"That is true your nose is quite cold." You gave him a bit of your own covers for warmth which he gladly accepted.
With a deep sigh he got up a little out of bed aswell eyes sleeply binking as he checked his surroundings on random. He puffed out a breath and layed down again close to you.
You watched as the sun poked around the horizon while gently petting Nozels white messy hair away from his face.
After a moment you sunk back down in the bed and he instantly shifted closer like you were a heat source of sort.
His head rested between your arm, he had no intention to watch the sun rise at this early hour but the way your hands gently raked through his hair was enough to keep him a little awake for the time being.
"Enjoying yourself?" You asked him seeing how content he looked with himself.
"Very much so.." his breath fell gently on your chest before another deeper huff came out of him.
You proceeded to untangle some knots from his hair with your fingers, which was relativley easy since the top of his head was slightly shorter then the back.
So focused on his hair you didnt notice how he had gently hugged you half asleep in a trance like state.
Once the hair was back to its silky self you crooked your head down on his, your cheek smushed against the crown of his hair.
"The suns up.." he mumbled one eye lightly opened as he watched outside the window, a thin sliver of the golden ball portruding through the horizon in the blue sky.
"Mhm." You hummed in response way too content with the way the morning played out, his hot cheeks warming your side as you observed how the sky changed for a while.
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yourfavsaredriftcompatible48 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Dale Cooper and Harry S. Truman from Twin Peaks are drift compatible
requested by @actualbabe
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cherrysgasmask48 minutes ago
Tumblr media
ayo im opening requests, my dms are gonna be always open for it.
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theprinceofflies49 minutes ago
dapperstache fluff
This is one of my main comfort ships.
鈥淲hat is up today my fine fellow?鈥 Wilford asked, leaning over the couch.聽
JJ looked up at him and smiled. 鈥楴othing more than yesterday.鈥
Wilford chuckled. 鈥淚 know that's not true. Hosty boy let it slip that you have a crush.鈥
JJ blushed and looked away. 鈥榃hat gave you that idea?鈥
鈥淗osty. Now spill.鈥
JJ huffed. 鈥楽o you could go and tell him. I think not. I will not be made a fool of.鈥
Wilford shrugged. 鈥淚 just wanna see you happy. But I also have here to offer you something.鈥
鈥榃hat could you offer me?鈥
鈥淟essons. I am the best kisser in the mansion.鈥
JJ blinked. 鈥楰issing?鈥櫬
鈥淲ell yes I doubt you have experience with it,鈥 Wilford said, pointing lazily at the mute.
鈥榃ell no but-鈥
Wilford grabbed his hands. 鈥淭hen you need help. Now there are different types of kissing. I like to categorize them as soft, small and heavy makeout.鈥
JJ blushed and nodded. 鈥淗onestly apples work great but it鈥檚 better if you practice on a person its-鈥
Wilford was interrupted when JJ kissed him quickly. Wilford squeaked and stared at JJ. 鈥楲ike that?鈥
Wilford giggled and nodded. 鈥淭hat was good.鈥 Wilford shook his head and grabbed JJ鈥檚 bowtie. 鈥淏ut that one was a bit quick I think it could have been a bit more-鈥
Wilford cut himself by kissing JJ. He pushed the mute back onto the couch. JJ slowly wrapped his arms around Wilford's neck and pulled him closer. The kiss was messy with Wilford's weird jaw movements and JJ鈥檚 inexperience. Wilford had to pull away every now and then to let JJ breathe before pulling him back.聽
Though all good things have to end. Someone coughed behind them and Wilford pulled away. 鈥淥h hello Hosty! What's up?鈥
鈥淭he Host asks Warfstache what he is doing to Jameson Jackson.鈥
Wilford blinked and looked back to the mute who was trying to catch his breath. 鈥淯m kissing lessons?鈥
鈥淭he Host does not need to see the rest but he congratulates Jameson Jackson.鈥
JJ nodded and watched The Host walk off. 鈥淲ell, I do apologize for that. Whoever your crush now has to compete with me. Obviously, I would win but still.鈥
JJ raised an eyebrow. 鈥榃hat on earth are you talking about?鈥
鈥淔or your affection of course. I鈥檓 not gonna let you get away that easily.鈥 Wilford said with a shrug. 鈥淣ow who is he?鈥
鈥榃hy don't you find out for yourself.鈥
Wilford huffed and got off JJ. 鈥淚鈥檒l be back later don鈥檛 you dare kiss anyone else.鈥 Wilford called as he left the library.聽
JJ giggled silently and the Host walked back in. 鈥淲ilford Warfstache doesn't realize you have a crush on him?鈥
鈥楴o, apparently he鈥檚 going to find the one who has captured my heart and keep them away from me.鈥
The Host laughed. 鈥淭he Host suggested that they talk about the book Jameson Jackson recommended to him,鈥 he said, sitting across from JJ.
鈥極h isn't it sad?鈥
鈥淭he Host agrees with Jameson Jackson and adds that it may have been happy in its own way.鈥
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korekiyos-editing-khaos54 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Flowercore Kokichi headers with D.I.C.E sprinkled in for my 馃幉 anon! Hope you like it! -Korekiyo
!please credit if you use!
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nezz1257 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Anon asked for聽Shoto with F1 Expression + Fool Color Palette聽馃挄馃槉
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berry-writes-stuff58 minutes ago
Dream SMP x Reader - Taking Care Of You After A Battle (Headcanons)
brainsanalysis: maybe headcannons abt anyone taking care of you after a fight or battle? Karl, Niki and Techno are my favorites but ofc it's up to you :> (full prompt here)
Gn!Reader (they/them) Warnings: light discussion of injury
Tumblr media
Characters: Niki, Techno, Karl
~ c!Niki ~
The first real battle you got injured in was the final battle for L'Manburg.
You and Niki were sticking close, often back-to-back as you fought off the Wither hits.
She disappeared about half-way through, saying she had something to do. You were confused, but you trusted her.
It just so happened that you lost each other for the rest of the battle, during which you got hit with one of the Wither's hits.
Which hurt like hell.
When you re-united, covered in dirt and sweat, Niki refused to let you do anything on your own for a few days, blaming herself for leaving you.
You weren't really injured that badly either; she was just worried. Nothing you couldn't sleep off.
It took a little while to convince her it wasn't her fault, especially after she'd explained that she went to burn the L'Mantree.
But you were fine. You were both fine, and that's what counts
Tumblr media
~ c!Techno ~
"I told you not to rush in."
"You would鈥檝e done the same thing!"
You'd broken your arm during the L'Manburg battle, a battle Techno had preferred you to stay out of.
Well, the damage was done now.
You'd be fine in a few weeks, but Techno just would not leave your side.
You wanted a blanket? He had twelve. Needed someone to brush your hair? He'd do it.
Because sure, he was a little peeved you'd gone against what he'd said, but he also knew he couldn't control you, and just wanted to make sure you were safe, comfortable, and healthy.
Also, if he found out who caused your injury... Well.
All-in-all, he's just glad he's the one that you trust enough to help you.
And when your arm is healed, Techno teaches you proper fighting techniques to make sure you never get any sort of injury ever again.
Tumblr media
~ c!Karl ~
Doesn't matter how it happened, just wants to make sure you're okay.
Literally will go above and beyond to make sure you have everything you need.
If the injury is severe enough that you can't walk for a few days, he'll either give you a piggyback, or runs all your errands for you.
Overall just super caring, trying constantly to make you smile, because he can't stand knowing you're in pain
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korekiyos-editing-khaosan hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Peach themed Makoto Naegi icons for anon! Hope these are good! -Korekiyo
!please credit if you use!
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kaiandersonskoolaidan hour ago
NSFW Alphabet w/ Kit Walker
Requested by @kitwalker02
This is clearly going to be smutty so you have been forewarned.
Tumblr media
A = Aftercare (what they鈥檙e like after sex)
I don't care what you say, this man would do anything to keep you content and comfortable.
He'd hold you in his arms, play with your hair, whatever you wanted, he'd do.
B = Body part (their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner鈥檚)
His would be his mouth.
He is very good with his tongue.
He would like your shoulders and neck.
Kit loves to leave little bite marks on your skin and pepper kisses over your shoulders all the time.
C = Cum (anything to do with cum, basically)
He prefers cumming in you because of his breeding kink.
The idea of getting you pregnant is his favorite thing to think about.
Also fine with cumming in your mouth but only during a blow job.
D = Dirty secret (pretty self-explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)
I feel like he's secretly into damn near anything.
Just as long as he retains some type of control in the situation.
I can't explain it, I just get the feeling being powerless is not enjoyable to him in any way sexual or otherwise.
Likes fucking you for hours.
Like, hours.
E = Experience (how experienced are they? do they know what they鈥檙e doing?)
He's experienced.
Not like man-whore experienced, but he's seen and done a thing or two.
As i said, being good with your tongue comes with practice.
F = Favorite position (this goes without saying)
Who doesn't love missionary?
The eye contact, the closeness... fuck yes please.
Probably really enjoys it when you ride him just so he can watch you shaking easily.
Likes fucking you on tables/counters.
Again, can't explain it. Maybe it's that kitchen scene but I just have that feeling.
G = Goofy (are they more serious in the moment? are they humorous? etc.)
Not entirely goofy, but not entirely serious all the time, either.
Always smiling because he enjoys sex very much.
H = Hair (how well groomed are they? does the carpet match the drapes? etc.)
Just trims it because he really doesn't care.
Also, unrelated, but he's not the type to care if you shave or not. I just know it.
I = Intimacy (how are they during the moment? the romantic aspect)
Insanely intimate.
He'll pet your cheek and keep eye contact.
Whispering praises to you (he's definitely a soft dom)
Has a thing for being as close to you as possible.
J = Jack off (masturbation headcanon)
I feel like he very rarely does it.
Doesn't think it's weird or anything, he just prefers the real thing.
When you aren't with him, he'll resort to it.
Only if it was the last thing available.
K = Kink (one or more of their kinks)
As I said, he's for sure a soft dom.
Candle wax
Touching you secretly in public
Breeding kink
Telling you what to wear
Being in control
Having you suck on his fingers
L = Location (favorite places to do the do)
The bed, a classic
Public bathrooms
The shower
On the front porch of his house
Anywhere where there is a risk of being caught, really.
M = Motivation (what turns them on, gets them going)
Cute lingerie
When you get needy and touchy
Watching you get squirmy in your seat
When you pant his name
N = No (something they wouldn鈥檛 do, turn offs)
Nothing that would harm you in any way.
Wouldn't dare to.
He might consider it if rules were established and you were on board, though.
O = Oral (preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc.)
Loves getting oral
Primarily because he loves how pretty you look doing it.
Loves the fact you have an oral fixation.
Would tease and torment you by having you suck on his fingers instead of on his dick.
But really enjoys giving oral because knowing he affects you like that drives him nuts.
P = Pace (are they fast and rough? slow and sensual? etc.)
Slow and sweet, baby. Slow and sweet.
He doesn't like aggression so slow would be his go-to.
Most of the time.
Q = Quickie (their opinions on quickies, how often, etc.)
If he really needs you, a quickie is fine.
Prefers normal sex and making it last but sometimes, there isn't an opportunity for it.
He can make you cum like fucking clockwork, too.
R = Risk (are they game to experiment? do they take risks? etc.)
No condom breeding kink hello
Trying new things all the time.
I.E. toys, different positions, different kinks.
S = Stamina (how many rounds can they go for? how long do they last?)
Slut for long and draining sex.
I'd say anywhere from 3-7 rounds. 7 on a good day.
Very good at holding off on cumming to prolong your pleasure.
T = Toys (do they own toys? do they use them? on a partner or themselves?)
Very much yes.
I don't think he owns any, but he'd be very down to use a toy on you.
He does have handcuffs and likes to use them a lot.
U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
His favorite kink.
Teasing touches are his specialty.
In public, he'd have a hand on your thigh and would slowly creep his hand up.
Whispers into your ear dirty things.
"Wanna know what I'll do when we get home?"
"Your skin is so soft, doll. So precious,"
Let's just say the build-up makes the actual sex feel like pure fucking heaven.
V = Volume (how loud they are, what sounds they make, etc.)
Breathy moans I just know it.
Mumbles curse words.
Or your name.
Groans and grunts a lot as well.
W = Wild card (a random headcanon for the character)
Having sex while high is his favorite thing ever.
Makes everything feel so much better.
He likes how your bloodshot eyes water and the dazed smile on your lips as he fucks you.
X = X-ray (let鈥檚 see what鈥檚 going on under those clothes)
Toned muscles on his chest and abs.
Nice arms.
Like, really nice.
Not a doubt in my mind he has a big dick.
Someone had to say it.
Y = Yearning (how high is their sex drive?)
Normal, maybe a little above.
Always down with having sex though.
If you're horny, he's more than happy to help.
Z = Zzz (how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
Likes to lull you to sleep after.
Praising you about how good you had done and kissing your shoulders and neck.
Falls asleep only after you do.
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hongjonghosblogan hour ago
Just a disclaimer not a smut just their reaction, not the smut part and I saw you don't write smut
Just their reaction yeah
BTW I love your account hehe
Posted, babe! Here
Thank you so much for loving my account, babe! I LOVE you so much!鉂も潳
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quackquackrubberduckan hour ago
Time Will Tell: Part Three
note: this is for @peppermintschnappss , who requested a part three (read part ONE and TWO here) so here we go, enjoy :)
words: 3k
warnings: swearing, smut
Tumblr media
鈥淭he jury finds the defendant not guilty of the accused charges.鈥
Hearing the verdict felt like the biggest weight had just dropped off your shoulders, you were so relieved that you could barely make out the judge dismissing the court over the sound of your pulse hammering in your ears.
You had just won your first case for your new employer, it had been the first client you had dealt with all on your own, a case of alleged tax fraud, and you had nailed it.
With a big smile on your face, you quickly congratulated your client and, after a short talk with the prosecutor, made your way out of the courtroom, a spring in your step.
Just before you reached the door, the sound of a familiar voice behind you made you stop in your tracks.
鈥淵ou did it, champ.鈥
Turning around, you came face to face with your colleague, but more importantly, boyfriend, Chris.
You were surprised to see him, and immediately threw your hands around his neck to kiss him, not caring about the fact that you were technically still in the court room.
鈥淐hris, what are you doing here? Did you watch the trial?鈥 You asked after breaking the kiss.
鈥淥f course I did. It was your first one for the firm, I wouldn鈥檛 miss it for the world. Actually, I鈥檓 here to pick you up. We鈥檙e celebrating.鈥
鈥淵ou did this all by yourself?鈥
You took in the living room of Chris apartment with wide eyes. He had put up a beautiful dinner table, and there was a delicious smell coming from the kitchen.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e such a sap.鈥 You said, a bit choked up. 鈥濼hank you so much, baby. 鈥
鈥淥nly for you, superstar.鈥 Chris replied, leaning down to kiss you deeply. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pressed your body to his. He was warm and solid, and when his hands wandered down to squeeze your ass, dinner wasn鈥檛 your top priority anymore.
"Do you think we can maybe re-heat the food later?鈥 You gasped against Chris lips, pulling his shirt out of his trousers to run your hands over his abs.
鈥淔uck, yes.鈥 he murmured, grabbing your hand and dragging you to the bedroom.
鈥淥ooh here she comes, trying for the outside jump.鈥 Chris exclaimed, before bursting out laughing as you totally missed the hoop.
鈥淪weetheart, I鈥榤 so sorry, but that was pathetic.鈥
You flipped him the bird, running to collect the ball and throwing it at Chris with all the force you could manage. He effortlessly caught it and shot it through the hoop like it was nothing.
鈥淪how-off.鈥 you murmured, sitting down on the bench on the side of the basketball court. You were done, Chris had tried to teach you his favorite game for hours now, but you didn鈥檛 manage to make any progress. You just weren鈥檛 cut out for ball sports.
鈥淒on鈥檛 beat yourself up, baby. It took me forever when I first started playing.鈥 Chris said, slumping down next to you and wrapping his arm around your shoulder to pull your close.
鈥淪top it, im gross and sweaty.鈥 You giggled, trying to push him away, but he just laughed and pressed a kiss to your head. His laugh was your favorite sound in the world, so you stopped wriggling and leaned against his shoulder.
鈥淲ho taught you to play like that anyway?鈥 you asked, looking up and noticing a far away look on Chris鈥 face.
鈥淢y dad did.鈥 He said, his voice oddly quiet now. 鈥淚t was our favorite activity when I was a teenager.鈥 He paused for a moment, and you decided to wait and let him speak. 鈥淔or a long time, it basically was our only one. You know, with him being governor and everything, he wasn鈥檛 around a lot, or had any free time.鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry, Chris.鈥 you whispered.
鈥淚t鈥檚 alright.鈥 He dismissed you, still sounding a bit strained. 鈥淢y big brother stepped up for a lot of stuff, you know. Homework, making sure I didn鈥檛 get in trouble, he even helped me with my college applications and everything. He鈥檚 an ass most off the time, but I still love him, and I鈥檓 grateful for everything he has done for me.鈥 He chuckled. 鈥淏ut he can鈥檛 play basketball for shit.鈥
鈥淪ounds like he and I have something in common then.鈥 You noted, trying not to sound awkward. The topic of Chris鈥 family was still foreign terrain, you hadn鈥檛 met them yet, and had decided to give Chris space and wait for him to bring it up himself. You were also slightly nervous, because there was no way Chris hadn鈥檛 told them about you, his college nemesis.
Deciding to change the topic and cheer your boyfriend up, you picked up the ball again.
鈥淒o you still have enough energy for another round, Cuomo?鈥 You asked smugly. 鈥淚f you鈥檇 rather go home and take a nap, just say so, would be totally fine.鈥
Chris laughed, and snatched the ball right out of your hands with ease. You were happy to see him lighten up.
鈥淧lease, as if playing against you would require any energy.鈥
The topic of Chris childhood didn鈥檛 come up for another few weeks, you had noticed that he avoided talking about it and were wise enough not to pressure him.
Everything was going fine until Chris lost a big case for a very high-end client. The man had clearly been guilty, and not even your boyfriend had been able to get him out, despite his talent as an attorney.
It was the talk off the whole firm the next day, Chris hadn鈥檛 lost a case in ages, and never such an important one. He had been on edge ever since the trial, but it was what happened in the morning meeting that made him snap.
The reason was Smith, another associate and Chris鈥 number one opponent for the spot of the next junior partner of the firm. You hated the guy, he was vile and clearly only in it for the money. He couldn鈥檛 keep his mouth shut, and started to attack Chris during the morning meeting.
鈥淕reat job you did yesterday, Cuomo.鈥 he snarled, his voice sounding through the whole conference room. 鈥淚 wonder how many clients your incompetence will cost us. People are already talking.鈥
You could feel Chris going rigid beside you and carefully put your hand on his back in an attempt to calm him.
鈥淒on鈥檛 let him get to you.鈥 You whispered 鈥淗e wants to rile you up.鈥
When the man continued to speak, you could see Chris鈥 jaw going tense, which was never a good sign.
鈥淪eriously, boss, Cuomo is a basket case, how is he still working for us after that fuck-up? Oh, wait, I know it, I鈥檓 sure daddy pulled some strings for his little boy.鈥
You couldn鈥檛 prevent what was happening next. Chris surged forward with a angry growl, already taking a swing at the guy.
鈥淪hut your fucking mouth!鈥 he hissed, backing Smith up against a wall. He was considerably larger, and the fearful expression on the guys face paired with Chris raised fist made chaos break loose as multiple people were trying to get him away from the smaller man.
鈥淕entlemen, stop this!鈥 your boss thundered over the agitated voices of your fellow coworkers 鈥淪mith, see me right away. I won鈥檛 tolerate this kind of behavior. Cuomo, take a walk and then get to work. Come to my office after you鈥檙e done tonight.鈥
Chris gave Smith another deadly stare before storming out of the room. You shot your boss an anxious glance, but he just nodded, signalling you to go after Chris.
You hastily followed your boyfriend, only to see him disappear into his office at the end of the hallway. Carefully, you approached the closed door and entered without knocking.
Chris was slumped in his chair, face buried in his hands. Seeing him like this made you want to go back and punch Smith in his stupid face.
鈥淗ey.鈥 you whispered, gently reaching out to put your hand on Chris shoulder.
He raised his head, and the look of fury and sadness in his eyes almost broke your heart.
"Fuck, I should not have lost control like this back in there.鈥 he said 鈥淏ut this guy has been testing me for so long now, always with the same bullshit.鈥
He got up from his chair and started pacing around the small room.
鈥淵ou know how often I鈥檝e heard this crap before, Y/N? That I鈥檓 just where I am because of my family name? That my father paved the way for everything I鈥檝e ever succeeded in?鈥
You swallowed, a churning feeling in your stomach. You knew exactly what he was talking about, because for years you鈥檝e been one of the main people saying just that. You wanted to speak, but Chris interrupted you.
鈥淭hose people out there, they know nothing about me. They don鈥檛 know how it was to have a father who was absent all the time, to be constantly teased in school. To be ripped out of the life you knew to move to fucking Albany, this stupid one horse town where everyone knew your name, and go to this school full of pricks who all made fun of me and bullied me because of my family. I never asked to be in the fucking spotlight.鈥
By now, Chris was almost screaming, and there was a kind of emotion in his voice you鈥檝e never heard before, he sounded desperate and sad in a way that made tears well up in your eyes.
鈥淪till, I worked my ass off in that stupid school, and I got into Yale. Only for people to say the exact same shit about me again, and this drags through my whole life, Y/N. I can never get rid of this, I avoided politics and tried to do my own thing here, but everything I鈥檒l ever be to people is the son of the fucking governor, who in their eyes, never worked a day in his life.鈥
You were frozen to your spot, just watching Chris through a veil of tears. Guilt and dread were clawing in your stomach, it had never occurred to you that all the things you said in the past had not only been far from the thruth, but had also hurt Chris so profoundly. He had always seemed so cool and unfazed during your arguments.
鈥淐hris.鈥 You began. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e more to me. You鈥檙e a brilliant attorney, the boss has talked about how great you are at the job the second I arrived here and hasn鈥檛 stopped since. Smith is jealous because he knows he鈥檒l never reach your level, not as a lawyer and much less as a person. You are kind, and the most intelligent and dedicated man I know. You鈥檙e everything I always thought you weren鈥榯, and that I am one of the people who hurt you this way makes me sick. I cant even begin to tell you how sorry I am for being so shallow.鈥
You were crying now, tears rolling down your face. Chris looked devastated, hurrying to you to pull you into a tight embrace.
鈥淚鈥檝e forgiven you a long time ago, baby. You鈥檝e been my rock ever since we鈥檝e met again, and that makes up for every silly row we had in college.鈥 He pressed a kiss to your hair, and you sighted, nuzzling your face into his chest, your tears soaking into his dress shirt.
鈥淵ou probably have to change this.鈥 You whispered, tugging on a wet patch on the fabric.
鈥淚 have a spare one in here, don鈥檛 worry.鈥 Chris replied, taking your face into his hands to kiss you deeply. 鈥淲e鈥檙e not the people we used to be, Y/N. Don鈥檛 beat yourself up, and I鈥檒l try to do the same, promise.鈥
Soon afterwards, you had to leave to meet up with a client for your current case. You had been running around the whole day without a break, and without hearing anything from Chris.
It was almost eight by now, and you were starting to get worried. Pacing your living room, you were anxiously waiting for Chris to arrive. He had told you to not wait up at the firm but promised to come to your apartment as soon as his talk with the boss was over.
The sign of the bell made you spin around and run to your door, yanking it open. Chris was standing outside your apartment, and the big smile on his face erased your anxiety in a heartbeat.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e looking at a freshly promoted junior partner, sweetheart.鈥 He grinned, and whatever he wanted to say next was interrupted by you throwing yourself at him, wrapping your arms around his neck with a squeal.
鈥淥h my god, baby, congratulations.鈥 You exclaimed, pressing a kiss to his lips. 鈥淭ell me everything!鈥
Chris followed you into your flat, discarding his suit jacket and letting himself fall onto your couch.
鈥淚 still haven鈥檛 fully realized what happened.鈥 He began. 鈥淚 was sure the boss would kick my ass for the way I behaved this morning, maybe even suspend me for a while. But he just told me off really quickly, and then he started talking about how that case I lost was impossible to win anyway, and how good my work has been for the past years. And then he offered me the junior partner position, just like that. I accepted of course.鈥
He smiled, and there was a mischievous glint in his eyes. 鈥淚 can鈥檛 wait to rub that into Smiths stupid face. One of the paralegals told me he got a big ass whooping by the boss after the meeting this morning.鈥
"Serves him right, that little asshole.鈥 You replied, before leaning over to kiss Chris again. 鈥淚鈥檓 so proud of you, you deserve this like no one else. Now that I think about it, how does champagne sound?鈥
鈥淲ow, so were going to be fancy tonight?鈥 Chris chuckled.
鈥淚f you becoming a junior partner doesn鈥檛 call for champagne, what does?鈥 you responded, getting up to fetch the drinks from the kitchen.
You handed Chris a glass and clinked your own against his. 鈥淭o you, Mr. Big Shot lawyer.鈥
The champagne sent a pleasant, fuzzy feeling through your stomach, and you let your eyes fall on your boyfriend, taking in how good he was looking in the warm light of the room.
鈥淵ou know, I always had a thing for attorneys.鈥 You murmured, setting down your glass to put your hands on Chris chest.
Chris laughed, and set his glass aside as well, leaning down to whisper in your ear. 鈥淚s that so, huh? Well today is your lucky day then, I just got promoted and I鈥檓 in the mood to celebrate.鈥
His hot breath sent a shiver down your spine, and you tilted your head, exposing your neck to Chris, who instantly started kissing and sucking the smooth skin. You moaned softly and started to unbutton Chris shirt with shaking fingers.
鈥淏edroom?鈥 he asked, and you nodded enthusiastically, taking his hand to pull him to the other room. Both of you quickly shed your clothes before you dropped to your knees in front of Chris, closing your lips around his already hard cock.
鈥淛esus, Y/N.鈥 he murmured, stroking your hair as you fully took him into your mouth. 鈥淪o perfect, baby.鈥
You wrapped you hand around the base of his length, stroking him while moving your head up and down. Suddenly, Chris hand grabbed your hair and softly pushed you away.
鈥淚f you keep it up like that, this will be over soon, and I鈥檓 not done with you, sweetheart. Get on the bed, baby.鈥
You quickly complied, laying down on the duvet and looking up at Chris expectantly.
He climbed on top of you and started stroking your inner thighs with his fingers, softly nudging your legs apart.
鈥淚 bet youre already wet for me, baby.鈥 He murmured, voice smooth and dark as his fingers dipped between your legs. 鈥淚 knew it.鈥
鈥淐hris.鈥 You whined at the feeling of his fingers brushing over your clit. 鈥淔uck me, please.鈥
鈥淧atience, baby.鈥 Chris replied and continued to tease you, softly circling your bud with increasing pressure until you were sobbing, legs shaking as you fell apart under his touch.
While you were still riding out your climax, Chris slid between your legs and pushed into you. You cried out as he started to move, you were still so sensitive that you could feel yourself already approaching the next orgasm.
鈥淪hit, baby, you鈥檙e tight, I鈥檓 not gonna last.鈥 Chris grunted, his thrusts were already getting more erratic.
鈥淟et go, baby.鈥 You whispered, your voice breaking as you reached your peak again, pulling Chris with you this time.
Afterwards, you laid next to each other, Chris arm loosely slung around you as you played with a lock of his hair. His blue eyes found yours, and you had to smile, your heart fluttering when he smiled back at you.
鈥淚t鈥檚 funny.鈥 Chris suddenly said, 鈥淪o many things happened today, but the only thing I care about right now is that you鈥檙e here with me.鈥
He propped himself up on his elbow to properly look at you.
鈥淚 would鈥檝e never thought that this鈥 he gestured between the two of you 鈥渃ould happen.鈥
鈥淣ot in a thousand years.鈥 You agreed, laughing softly.
Chris face got serious, and he reached out to softly stroke your cheek.
鈥淚f you want, I鈥檇 like to introduce you to my family this weekend, Y/N. You know that I鈥檓 a private person and talking about emotions isn鈥檛 exactly my strong suit. But you make me really happy, and I want everyone to know.鈥
鈥淚鈥檇 love to meet them.鈥 You whispered, and the smile that took over Chris face made you forget your nervousness.
Everything would be fine.
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korekiyos-editing-khaosan hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Light pink kid core Chiaki icons for anon! Hope these are good! -Korekiyo
!please credit if you use!
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natsukitakamaan hour ago
Aww, you're so sweet!馃 It's ok, I understand you, I have classes too so I understant that writing can take time. Well then, if it's ok, could you please write smth for Gojo x sorcerer s/o? It can be really anything - like their everyday life, how they going on a missions together, some fluffy or angsty stuff, literally anything. Hope you're ok with this req and I'm not making it hard for you since it's not smth specified馃槄
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Author note : Hi there 鈾 than you for requesting ! And also for understanding haha. It took me more times than expected because I had to read a little bit and watch again (not that it bothers me lmao). Your request is absolutely fine, I actually don鈥檛 mind when things is general it gives me more room for manoeuvre you know ? 聽
Warning : No spoiler since I鈥檓 still an anime only for now / Fluffy / Slight nsfw / some swear too I apologize聽
Tumblr media
I already said it on my previous request but being a sorcerer means Gojo might be 芦聽distant聽禄 with you. Not that he didn鈥檛 find you attractive or enjoy you being around him (he craves for attention). But yes at first he doubted that you were interested on him because of him (he knows he is difficult to live with) or because of his position, money etc. But it doesn鈥檛 mean he won鈥檛 date a sorcerer.聽
Times after times when you two became not only lover but friends, when he realized that you didn鈥檛 give a damn as much as him, when it came to sorcerer鈥檚 world. When he realized that you wanted to change it as much as he wanted too, I鈥檓 not saying that he would give you his heart but he will start to see you not just because he appreciates you but as a person.聽
And that鈥檚 how he started to fall in love.聽
Now being in relationship with you got his good point, you can understand (or at least got an idea) of his struggle as the strongest sorcerer, you can go on mission with him so it means you could spend time with him, both you can train together, he would be more confident too in the idea that you鈥檙e able to defend yourself (even if he would never let anyone curse put a finger on you, they would be dead before thinking about it).聽
Before starting just a warning : not because you鈥檙e sorcerer mean he acte more like a grown up, no just give up on this he is bubbly and would remain the same, also he is possessive and hella protective no matter if you can defend yourself.聽
That being said, how its like to date him as a sorcerer ?聽
First, if you鈥檙e member of clan that mean both of you is supposed to go into the usual meeting, but since you鈥檙e dating him it also means that not only him but you would be late. It鈥檚 good thing that you didn鈥檛 give a damn (even if you hated getting late). So after getting scold for being late, you would assist on the meeting and well, one advise just don鈥檛 sit close to Gojo. He hates those meeting, he got him nervous, it鈥檚 source of stress for him so it needs something to relieve. That thing is you.聽
It means that yeah he would tease you during the whole speech, sometimes he would tickle you, sometimes he would whisper dirty things on your and would lick it slightly, mentioned how he want to just throw you in the center and just fuck you roughly at least both you would be here for something, sometimes he went as far as to touch you and I鈥檓 not talking about him grabbing your hands : he would stroke your ass if he can have an access on it, he would stroke your thigh anything just to flustered you. He loves meeting because he knows he has you to keep him entertaining.聽
If you鈥檙e not a member, he might insist on taking you with him since you鈥檙e still a part of the sorcerer society. Not matter what people would say, he doesn鈥檛 give a damn, if he says you鈥檒l be here with him, you would. Exception, if you told him you don鈥檛 want to, or if you鈥檙e busy with something he won鈥檛 push it will whine and except you to give him extra attention and foods for letting him alone. During time like this he would sext you during the whole meeting he has no chill and no one would dare say something, he knows that and is not afraid to take avantage of it.聽
When it came to you daily routine, do not expect anything out of ordinary. I mean if you can you would share a breakfast together, shower together (100% end up with your chest against the wall while he is having his fun with you) but then you would have to either go in a mission together or he would go for his teacher duties while you would leave for you own activity. Sometimes, you wake up with him not being here anymore cause he had to leave earlier for a mission, expect something like a breakfast ready for you or at least a little word on his bedside to apologize (also even if he is on mission, he would easily call you while fighting a cursed because he missed you, also whines a lot).聽
When you two leave for a mission, there isn鈥檛 much to do I mean if you can manage the curse Satoru would gladly let you do your job while getting a little bit too excited because you鈥檙e way too hot, too badass (yeah he is like your number 1 cheerleader), if you鈥檙e taking too much time he would whine and complain though. Mostly because he wants you to do it quickly so you could spend the rest of the day cuddling because obviously he would come back with you at the Tokyo school once he is satisfied with the time you two spent together聽
So if you鈥檙e taking too much time he would just end this like with a snap of his finger (that mother..) and while you鈥檒l be angry at him for taking care of your business, he would just throw you on his shoulder while patting your ass and laughing at the same.聽
Then you two would spend quality time together, having lunch, chilling together (movie, even taking a nap together)聽
And then Satoru would be scold for taking way to much time on 芦聽easy聽禄 case which obviously he couldn鈥檛 care less, again he is Satoru Gojo what possibly could the old man (except getting on his never ?).聽
Do not take me wrong he is afraid of being scold by the principal and you, especially getting scold by you. Cause it means no Mochi and Cuddle for Satoru, and he couldn鈥檛 tolerate that (deprive him from his precious Mochi what kind of torture is that ?). But then he would find a way to your sweet spot, one stroke from your cheeks, a little pout of him, and a little complain about how little time you two could spent together because of your job and so yeah he just managed time on his own.聽
How could you be angry against him ? He knows he is cute and your weak for his puppy eyes聽
But that鈥檚 is when you two could spend mission together, obviously Gojo is way more busier that you (still a teacher and a sorcerer) so he tends to outside more often than you even thought you鈥檙e pretty busy yourself. Except a lot, of chitchatting at worst time. I swear he knows when you鈥檙e currently struggling to hold your domain expansion or your spell and this is when he decided to text you about a video he saw on YouTube that make him laugh. And if you鈥檙e not answering at him, he calls you.聽
Yes. You鈥檙e bleeding the shit out of you but that fucker is upset because he didn鈥檛 have enough attention from you he鈥檒l FaceTime you at the worst moment.
Although sometimes when got bored during a mission he would flirt with you. It鈥檚 the rule. He doesn鈥檛 care that they are plenty of cursed around you, you鈥檙e hot and he wants attention
*cough cough*聽 sorry about that聽
Sometimes when you got hurt during a mission and unfortunately Gojo wasn鈥檛 there to take care of that damn curse; he is getting really pissed. He won鈥檛 show it but everything can feel it, the tension is here all around him, everyone could feel so pressure whenever something happened to you.聽
He barely left your bed even though you鈥檝e been healed by Shoko, he won鈥檛, he insists on watching you just in case. Will hold your hand during your healing process. After your accident, good luck cause he would NEVER let you on your own. Going to the bathroom ? He is right behind the door waiting for you, Going for some shopping he didn鈥檛 got money for nothing, don鈥檛 ever think about leaving for a mission either him or Nanami (cause he would bother him until Nanami decided that yes he would watch you just to be sure) would be their by your side.聽
You mean everything for him.聽
At some points, he would talk to you about his whole projet, about how he is about to kick those old prick out of the system and expect you to be by his side too (which won鈥檛 be too difficult considering most of them are ass***)聽
Also, if students were kinda suspicious about you (like who could even be healthy enough to date Gojo ?) they quickly understand why Gojo loves you so much to the point both of you became their parent.聽
So sometimes you鈥檒l be there to take care of their lesson since Gojo in his good fashion way decided to be late or just leave to buy a new mocchi. You鈥檙e kinda became Gojo-sensei 2.0聽
Everyone loves you and when Gojo appears to finally be the teacher he is, they all whine about missing you. Later than day he would whine while being on your arm, about how you stole his students from you.聽
You didn鈥檛 you were just a better teacher than him but he is not ready for that conversation. So instead, you just stroke his hair telling him how wonderful he is, about how obviously everyone loves him they鈥檙e just shy about it. Stroke his ego and he won鈥檛 even be concerned about his lack of skills.聽
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chakjoean hour ago
Tumblr media
(a GIPHY- n kereszt眉l )
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ygoprideflagsan hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Genderfluid flag but it鈥檚 color picked from Yubel!
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writer1an hour ago
A Little Gift
A\N: This was requested by an Anon, I hope you like it. I'm sorry it's taken so long, I'm trying to work through my requests right now.
The Request: Hello could i request prompt general #37 with jesse thank you 鉂わ笍
Warnings: none.
You and Jesse walk through the little village, the 501st had just finished a mission on the planet Ryloth, so General Skywalker had given them some off time before the next mission. You work as a mechanic on the Resolute, so Jesse flew up on a gunship and got you for a little date around one of the villages on Ryloth.
You and Jesse have already been walking around the little village for about an hour now and you absolutely love it, everyone is so friendly and the little shops filled with knick knacks or food are so interesting.
As you鈥檙e walking you feel a tap against your fingers, you look down to see Jesse鈥檚 fingers nudging your鈥檚 gently. A smile graces your face as you wrap your hand around his, Jesse squeezes your hand gently. 鈥淎re you having fun, Cyare?鈥 Jesse asks, you smile happily at him, leaning over and pressing a kiss to his cheek. You smile when the little bit of stubble that he hasn鈥檛 been able to shave yet tickles your face.
鈥淚 absolutely love it, Jesse. Thanks for bringing me down here.鈥 Jesse smiles at you, pressing a soft kiss to your forehead. 鈥淥f course, it wouldn鈥檛 have been any fun without you here.鈥 You smile sweetly at Jesse as the two of you continue to walk and explore the little village. You and Jesse have been together for about a year now and you couldn鈥檛 be happier, Jesse is one of the sweetest guys you鈥檝e ever met. His brothers are also really nice to you, always ready to lend a hand if you need help with a ship, or if you need to be patched up after an accident. Kix and Coric always scold you when that happens.
You and Jesse stop at a booth to look at some paintings, Jesse feels you let go of his hand but he thinks nothing of it. After a few minutes he turns to ask you what you think of a particularly colourful painting he found, but finds you nowhere to be seen. 鈥淵/N?鈥 He raises and eyebrow as he looks around for you, but he only sees other customers and twi鈥檒ek natives. Then he walks away from the stall. 鈥淵/N!鈥 Jesse calls as he walks past a few stalls, he knows that you wouldn鈥檛 have gone far without telling him where. Jesse walks by a stall, then does a double take, he walks back to see you standing there staring at something. 鈥淵/N, where did you head off to Cyare?鈥 He walks up close beside you, finally able to see what you are staring at.
It鈥檚 a little bracelet, with a simple little blue heart jewel charm on it. You look like you want it but Jesse knows you, you are too kind to ask him to buy it for you, even if he doesn鈥檛 have enough money, he still wants to try. 鈥淒o you want that?鈥 he asks you, making you startle a little, then you turn to him, but shake your head. 鈥淚 can鈥檛 afford it, Jesse. And I know that you can鈥檛 either so don鈥檛 even try to offer.鈥 Jesse鈥檚 eyebrows knit together, he hates not being able to get you things. But he then has an idea, Jesse quickly types a message into his comm and sends it, then turns to you.
鈥淥kay, fine. Lets go enjoy our day then Cyare.鈥 He holds out his arm to you, making you laugh. 鈥淪uch a gentleman.鈥 You grab his arm as he leads you away from the stall, unknowing of the surprise that is going to await you later.
You and Jesse walk to your room on the Resolute, you are both exhausted from the fun day you had. You lean against him as you yawn, making Jesse laugh as you get to our room, he types in the code to the door, smiling as he leads you in. 鈥淚 have to go for a few minutes Cyare, I鈥檒l be right back.鈥 Jesse walks out of the room and walks over to the General's quarters, the door is open. He walks in to see General Skywalker sitting on his bed, he smiles and stands up, he holds a hand-sized box in his hands. 鈥淛esse, good to see you. I got what you asked.鈥 Anakin hands Jesse the little box, it contains the bracelet you had wanted. Jesse had messaged Anakin asking him to buy it.
Jesse smiles a wide smile as soon as he gets it. "Thanks General, I'll pay you back as soon as I can." Anakin frowns and places his hand on Jesse's shoulder. "No need to pay me, you just go give that to your Cyare." Jesse shakes his head. "Sir, I can't possibly take this for free. It costs too much--" "I insist, don't even try to pay me back." Jesse smiles. "Thanks sir!" He runs off, making Anakin chuckle.
You are sitting on the bed when Jesse returns, pajamas on and ready to sleep. You turn to look at him, raising your eyebrow when you see the box in his hands. It's large and is decorated with little flowers. "Jesse? What is that?" Jesse smiles as he sits down beside you and places the box in your hands. "Open it." He tells you with a smirk. Making you raise an eyebrow. "Jesse, what is it?" Jesse smirks. "Just open it." he assures you, you look down, gently opening up the box.
You gasp when you see the very bracelet you had been staring at. You look up at Jesse with wide eyes. "I鈥 Jesse! How did you get this, I didn't even see you buy it.鈥 he smiles at you. "Well, I messaged the General and asked him to pick it up for me. I was planning to pay him back but he insists that I don't." You take it out as tears prock at you eyes, you jump into Jesse's arms, pulling him onto a deep kiss. He hums, you pull away and look at him. "I can't believe that you did this Jesse, you didn't have to."
He chuckled and presses a kiss to your forehead. "Yeah, I didn't have to. But I most definitely wanted to cyare, I love you." You place the bracelet on you wrist, smiling with tears still in your eyes. You pull Jesse close and press another kiss to his lips, you can't believe that you have such an amazing boyfriend. "I love you Jesse, so much." Jesse smiles, pressing his forehead against yours. "I love you to Cyare. More than anything." With that Jesse gets ready for bed, the two of you falling asleep cuddled close together.
Taglist: @ahsokatano-thetogruta @lightning-wolffe
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Can I request these two au lads of mine?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
heres The Puppeteer (with an oc of mine, Zebu hueh)! ill draw the other little guy (i believe his name is The Fire Light?) at a later time :)
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