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theannoyingwriter · an hour ago
Tumblr media
As my friend who drew this said on her DeviantART: Here's the crossover no one asked for.
We may or may not have started replaying Doki Doki Literature Club last night and being the nerds obsessed with the Bat family that we are, we came up with this.
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quenwritesdccomics · an hour ago
(or go to my other blog (quen-writes-prompts) and send me a prompt!!!)
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addison-wayne18 · 2 hours ago
What did Traci do again?
Tumblr media
Ignor the nails Mar'i and Lian were bored and I was supposed to look after them
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mooskey · 2 hours ago
Tim Drake X Anxious Reader
Warnings: possible anxiety triggers
It was a normal night. Well, if you call a sleepless night normal. You were so close to sleeping soundly this time too!
See, you were lying in bed, thinking about how safe you were with a superhero boyfriend who could protect you... when the negative thoughts barged in like a younger sibling.
What if someone breaks in while Tim's not here?
What if I can't protect myself?
What if Tim gets hurt on a mission?
What if a villain finds me and tortures me?
What if they cut out my tongue because I don't tell them anything?
What if Tim found someone better on patrol?
What if millions of tiny crabs find their way into my room and eat me in my sleep?
Normal stuff like that.
So, that's what led you to be wide awake, typing away on your computer at 2 AM. You could feel yourself getting tired but every time you closed your eyes or stopped thinking about what you were writing, the thoughts started sinking back into your brain. You couldn't risk that. You'll just sleep during the day.
The sound of your window sliding open made you look away from your computer. You quickly gripped the frying pan that sat next to your bed (like any normal person) before inching towards the window, despite every nerve in your body telling you PLAY DEAD! OR MAYBE SCREAM!
You closed your eyes and held your frying pan above your head before bringing it crashing down on whoever was coming through your window. But the person caught it.
"You know it only works when the person's not paying attention," the fimilar voice of your superhero boyfriend filled your ears. You let out a relieved breath as Tim pulled the pan from your hands gently. "Why are you still up?" he asked, flipping on the lamp next to your bed.
"I couldn't sleep," you mumbled.
"It's 2 am, you need to sleep," Tim insisted, pushing you gently by your shoulders onto your bed.
"I can't," you said seriously. Tim peeled off his mask, staring down at you. "It's getting worse," you mumbled, pulling your legs to your chest. "I can't close my eyes or even sit still without those thoughts crashing down."
"Well, the lack of sleep isn't helping," Tim said. You shot him a glare, making him frown sadly. "You don't have to worry," he said, sitting next to you. "I won't let anything happen to you. I'm here to protect you."
"It's not just me," you sighed. "I mean, the fears, the anxiety. It's things that could happen to you on patrol."
"You don't have to worry about that either," Tim chuckled. "You and I both have an entire team of crimefighting bat kids watching our backs, plus the League and my team."
"What if you stay at the base?" Tim asked. "Or the manor? Maybe you'd feel safer somewhere everyone could protect you."
"But what if you're all on patrol?" you questioned.
"Then you've got Alfred," Time said. "Trust me. That guy could kick anyone's ass. Plus Ace. He loves you and has one hell of a bark."
"Would Bruce-"
"Yes," Tim said. "If it makes you feel safer, then I want you to stay with me at the manor."
You bit your lip in thought. The idea of living in a highly secured manor with a badass butler, adorable yet deadly German Shepard, and... well Batman did ease your thoughts. "We'll try one night," you said. "But you have to stay with me tonight."
"I'm okay with that!" Tim said, a little too excitedly.
You smile softly before standing up and closing your computer. You turned around to find Tim already under the covers, his arms held out for you. You climbed in with him, letting him pull you into his chest. "Goodnight Tim."
"Goodnight Y/N," Tim said, placing gentle kisses against the back of your neck. "I'll protect you."
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dickgreyson · 3 hours ago
Sorry if this a lot to ask but if I wanted to start reading comics about the batfam (espeically Dick Greyson) where would be a good place to start? Like I’ve consumed a lot of the shows with them (mainly animated ones) and very much want to begin reading about them, but kind of feel overwhelmed and know there can be some bad interpretations. I tried to Google but kind of felt unsure about the results (I don’t know if trust Reddit’s comic book suggestions lol) and think you have good taste. Again totally understand if you don’t have the time to answer or just don’t want to
hey, its been a long time since i made a comic guide for him! and my taste is better now! so give me like a day to put together a list for you ok<3
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jasontoddsguns · 3 hours ago
The joker: Are you tired of being nice? Don't you just want to go ape shitt?
Robin!Jason: wat.
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hintofelation99 · 3 hours ago
Father’s Day Firsts Pt 2:
Jason walks into Bruce’s offices with a plate of cookies: Here.
Bruce: Hmm?
Jason: These are for you. I made them.
Bruce tries to hide his fear. This is the first time Jason’s made him something and he’s very worried that this will be a repeat of the time Dick made cookies (aka a night of food poisoning).
Bruce nervously takes one: Thanks Jaylad, but what’s the occasion?
Jason, blushing: It’s Father’s Day.
Bruce stops mid bite, partially out of surprise that Jason remembered and partially out of shock at how good the cookies are.
Bruce: Oh it must’ve slipped my mind. Thank you for remembering, I don’t expect you to think of me as a father and I will understand if don’t. But I- I am grateful to have you as a son. Is that ok to say? I don’t-
Jason: Chill Bruce, you can call me your son… I don’t mind. Anyway, I’m gonna go read for a bit.
Jason starts to leave then looks back at Bruce.
Jason, in a rushed slightly embarrassed tone: Happy Father’s Day dad.
Jason immediately leaves, not waiting for Bruce’s reaction. Bruce just smiles and eats the entire plate of cookies.
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hintofelation99 · 3 hours ago
Father’s Day Firsts Pt. 1:
Dick walks into Bruce’s room with a tray of food, a cup of coffee, and a glass of water. Carefully balancing the tray on one arm he pokes Bruce.
Dick: Pssst. Bruce.
Bruce swats a Dick in his sleep
Bruce: Mnnmmnnm ‘m b’tmn
Dick, pokes him slightly harder: Bruuuccccceeeee
Bruce swats at him again.
Bruce: nnnnnnnggghhh j’stice
Dick glares a Bruce and sighs
Dick: Bruce!!!
Bruce just rolls over. Dick huffs then ‘accidentally’ pours some water on Bruce.
Bruce, sitting up very shocked: Wha-?
Dick, with a smug grin: Oops! Well now that you’re up, happy Father’s Day!!
Bruce: What, Father’s Day?
Dick: Yeah… I know that we have celebrated it in the past and that I’m not really your- Uh, your son, but I just, sorta, uh. Well. I. I’ll just say it.
Bruce looks very confused
Dick, very quickly and quietly: Isortathinkofyouasmydadandihopethatsok
Bruce: What?
Dick, sighing: I sort of think of you as a dad… If that’s weird I’m sorry!!
Bruce, trying not to cry: You think of me as a dad?
Dick, blushing: Yeah… I hope that’s ok
Bruce pulls Dick into a hug, nearly knocking over the tray: Oh chum, of course that’s ok! And I’m glad you think of me as a dad because, honestly, I see you as a son.
Dick wipes at his teary eyes and both pause for a moment to take in everything that was just said.
Dick: Oh! I made you breakfast!
Bruce: That’s very thoughtful, thank you.
Bruce takes a bite and immediately realizes that when Dick says ‘he made breakfast’ he means that ‘he made breakfast’. Bruce tries not to gag as he chokes down bacon that’s somehow partially burnt and partially raw.
Dick, beaming: What do you think?
Bruce, still trying not to gag: It’s great! So, so good! So. Incredibly. Good.
Dick: I’m glad you like it! Maybe I can do this more often!
Bruce: NO!
Dick looks shocked.
Bruce: I mean, I wouldn’t want to get so spoiled by such amazing food!
Dick: Haha that’s true! Now finish up your breakfast while I bring Alfred his meal. He’s gonna be so happy that he won’t even notice the scorch marks!
Bruce chokes on his head that coffee.
Bruce: The what?
Dick, already running out of the room: Nothing!
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frostbittenbucky · 4 hours ago
Things that have made Bruce Wayne scream/lose his shit
Walking through a nearly pitch black manor and having a raccoon run at him in the kitchen, “[intense screaming] what the fuck?! Damian!”
During a live interview where they were doing video call with Tim and they pranked him with Tim mock falling off a cliff. He collapsed, The prank was ended immediately due to Bruce hyperventilating 
Waking up to all his kid standing around his bed, in the dark, with clown masks on. He threw himself about 6 feet
When Jason crashed the Bentley trying to drift. He was 13.
The first time he saw Dick on the chandelier
The first time Dick broke a chandelier
The first time he watched Dick jump off high objects in the manor
After Tim called a man a, “whiny bitch boy” in a WE meeting
During an a gala where Dick decided to start playing beer pong
When Tim decided to play gummy bear roulette with Bruce, without telling Bruce, (a game tim made up where he throws a random edible in a bag of regular candy and hopes for the best) an hour before he had to give a speech. He did not make it
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ultimatenerd89 · 5 hours ago
Dick: whenever I jump at Bruce we will most certainly catch me
Bruce: DICK WAIT I'M HOLDING COFFEE *catches him*
Tim, Jason, and Damian: *staring at him*
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I took my state boards today, and omg the stress of it all. My anxiety went through the roof, the wait after exams for finding out if you passed or not sucksss!
But I do have a manicurist license now!!!!!
So I might do a part two to the Batsis nail story
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brightjimini · 5 hours ago
Me waiting for my favourite dick grayson series to update knowing damn well i haven't finished my own in a long time...
Tumblr media
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lazyflan · 5 hours ago
Ok, idk why the hell Batman is trending here, but seeing it there made me remember how much I love the damn comics, even though I have't read lots of them.
But I remembered the idea of the Gothamites being completely used to their lifestyle and inmediately knowing when someone wasnt raised in gotham.
Also, the internal jokes that they have surrounding Batman and the robins would make ayone who doesnt know them very confused.
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rick-rayson · 5 hours ago
Batfamily vs Tiktok
The Batfamily and what kind of accounts they'd have!
Follower count: 900k
Doing Stephanie first because she probably uses Tiktok the most.
Trauma dumps. Like all the time. But for comedy purposes (and lack of a therapist)
This is very specific but I feel like she makes tiktoks of her saying really seggsual pick up lines and then in the next moment she brings up how incredibly unloved she is or sumn.
She's the best and worst at covering her identity.
"Call me Batgirl because I wanna swoop into your Batcave" *lip bites*
"Nobody loves me and I am always forgotten."
Half of her fans believe she's actually Batgirl.
But then she posts a video of her at midnight trying to smoke from a cinnamon stick, crying because her plushie was placed uncomfortably on her bed and she feels immense guilt over that.
Yeah nvm.
Her fans love her to bits but the amount of videos she's posted of herself crying is concerning.
She's the type to like and reply to any comments that make her laugh.
Follower count: 700k (but he honestly deserves more)
Duke uses Tiktok a LOT.
Posts mostly outdoor videos tho.
Parkour, sports, food videos.
But he's actually most known for his dance videos.
He's made so many dance trends and if it wasn't for the fact NOBODY EVER CREDITS HIM, he'd have a much larger audience.
He likes comments but never actually replies unless it's a question.
In his drafts he has like 5 videos of him dancing that've been interrupted by some criminal trying to mug him or some shit.
He actually posted one of those drafts on accident and although he quickly deleted it, it spread like wildfire.
He gets bombarded with comments asking him to give combat tips.
Who is he to say no?
Follower count: 600k
Tim is a younger Hank Green.
He's the smart science boy that everyone asks strange questions to.
He's so, so tired of his fans sometimes so he isn't very active on Tiktok.
His followers are actually feral and chaotic so when he posts he mentally prepares himself for the onslaught.
It'd come to a point where he addresses that shit.
He loves his fans but sometimes they make him wanna rip his hair out.
If you genuinely ask him a science question without the motive of chugging lava or inhaling fear toxin, Tim will love you and cherish you.
Although he doesn't really respond to people in his comments, he does duet people.
One of the reasons he doesn't have more followers is because he actively deletes some... Don't ask.
Follower count: 2M
Dick is the obnoxiously enthusiastic dude that likes to *think* that people mainly follow him for his health tips or diet plan videos.
But literally anyone that is anyone knows that's not the case at all.
He's a thirst trap, and a very popular one.
He innocently posts videos of him doing flips and tricks not realizing that people eat that shit up.
He has so many simps it's crazy.
His comment section though is actually very respectful. Because he does flips with such a big smile on his face that fans just sit back and behave.
He gets "🍰🎂" comments all the time tho and he doesn't get it at first.
Until Jason commented: "They're talking about your ass bro."
He replies to nearly every comment and LOVES duetting people.
Posts like once a week but his videos always get so much likes.
Follower count: 500k
Thinking about it- Jason doesn't really use social media much.
Steph was the one to convince him to get Tiktok and she boosted his followers by giving him a shoutout.
He posts some of the most random shit ever.
Like you'll get a video of him eating cake with Artemis and Roy in complete silence and then you'll get a video of like.. what Batfamily member you are based on your Zodiac.
But his most popular videos are when he answers questions.
"uhhh Thickthighsthot69 says, 'I'm sick and broke my ankle, how r u?' .. better than your ass that's for sure."
He never replies to comments. He doesn't even like them.
Follower count: 700k
He finds Tiktok utterly repulsive and only made one because Jon made him do it.
Much to his dismay he got verified and that boosted his account extremely fast.
"Jon, how do I save this? This layout is irritating my eyes, surely there's more options—"
He only duets animal videos or some of Dick's Tiktoks, other than that he doesn't do much.
Ma boy will block you if you irritate him in his comments, he does not care.
Unless you insult his pets.
Expect 8 paragraphs of why you are dumb and his cat Alfred is superior to you in every way.
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