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#genshin impact x reader
moonmeowls · 6 minutes ago
what just happened
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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nyctophilla-nightmares · 23 minutes ago
Look what I found
(Don’t mind that it’s dilumi but) No thoughts just wanna get railed by devil diluc....
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ventiiology · an hour ago
well hello hello childe kinnie, congrats on the followers bestie :D "childe, i will pluck you eyeballs out if you DONT STOP TICKLING ME!" yes i did childe to annoy you :D
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— ✦ || home
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100+ followers ! why are you doing this to me :D for the last time, i'm not a childe kinnie !! stop telling me to "be my inner childe"— i really hate you sometimes 😭💔 okok fine i'll get to your request now
Tumblr media
childe smiles with faux innocence, finally pausing his tickling and giving you some time to breathe after your nonstop laughing. "pluck out my eyeballs? why, there's no need to get so aggressive!"
then he leans in, lowering his voice, "haha~ you're adorable when you laugh, you know? why should i stop?"
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childeluv · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Halls Of Memory (Albedo x Reader Angst)
⤤ Summary: A short fic (aka one-shot.) where Albedo is immortal and has lived passed his s/o death that he grieves over, every single day. And is reminded of their memories due to the paintings of his s/o on the wall.
⤤ Notes: There are theories going around that Albedo is immortal or is going to live a whole lot longer than average humans. So like, I thought I’d make a short drabble or fic out of this. This is short, like very short but enjoy.
⤤ Warnings: Crying, Angst, Death & etc.
Tumblr media
Albedo | ‘I’ve lost you’
It’s been 20 years. 20 years since your death, and Albedo still has not gotten over it. Today would be the 2nd decade without you by his side. Ever since he lost you, he had became more quiet. Watching the rest of Mondstalt grow old, and watching Klee grow a bit older.
It was killing him inside.
Seeing how most of the knights would and could die together. While he had to watch, and sit back. Living for who knows how many years.
Albedo sighed, opening the bedroom door, and carefully poking his head out. His hallway was empty. Other than the large paintings of you he had on his wall.
Paintings that were so old, they had started to collect dust. But he didn’t feel like cleaning them. If he had to clean them, the dust would leave from the painting frame making the painting much more clear. And he’d end up staring at you for hours.
With tears strolling down his eyes.
But at last, Albedo sighed, walking over to one of them. His favorite one. The only one he willingly cleaned. It had a golden frame over it, and was a painting of you smiling in a grassy field. The grass up to your ankles, and you wore a loose hat over your head.
He had painted you, near the statue of seven. It was at night, and he could almost remember your smell of that night. The way you smiled, a glowing smile between your cheeks. And how you were excited to have him paint you.
Albedo let out a sigh, feeling his hands shake as the memory swirled in his head. And then the thought he wanted to keep glued to the back of his head, destroyed him.
They aren’t coming back.
Albedo couldn’t help but allow tears to leave the corners of his eyes. He knew you wouldn’t come back. No matter how hard he tried, he knew you wouldn’t come back.
He attempted over and over to do any alchemy. But if he did such alchemy, what consequence would it give him? Albedo’s lips trembled, as he placed his hand onto his chin. Tears flowing down his eyes like a waterfall which he could not stop.
At last, he let out a brutal sigh, with his hands shaking even more.
“It’s all their fault.”
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bookuya · 2 hours ago
kazuha kaedehara x gn!reader┊fluff: love at first sight
while in a sticky situation, you end up running into a white-haired stranger. now, you found your solution.
character(s): kazuha kaedehara + gender neutral reader
mentions of being stalked/followed and reader's face heating up (no mention of visible blushing). modern au, reader lives next to the beach
a/n: i had this scenario in my head for a long while now and wrote it out at 2 am. sorry if this ends up being bad i'll just edit it in the morning 😭
Tumblr media
your mind kept chanting the word "why??" and honestly, you didn't blame it.
all you wanted to do was to just take a morning walk along the beautiful ocean. you lived right next to the beach for a while now, why not make good use of it? breathing in the salty yet nostalgic air always made your day so much better, and like usual you wanted a good morning to start off your day.
however as you were walking towards the dock, you felt an unfamiliar presence walking at the same pace behind you. you started to freak out; in all the months of living by the shore, never once did you get followed and frankly, you had no idea of what to do.
at first you thought nothing of it. even if it was early morning, a good amount of people were around and some were even taking runs. it was nothing unusual or out of the ordinary until you realized that every turn you took, the figure behind you turned also. every time you walked a bit faster, so did they.
lots of thoughts were racing through your head. what should i do? should i start running home? or not go home at all? all you wanted was to take a peaceful walk, was that too much to ask?
you were now nearing the end of the dock, cursing under your breath for bringing yourself to a dead end. what to do now? you contemplated, even had the idea of jumping into the cold water —
— well, that thought immediately dissolved when you spotted the cute white-haired boy at the edge of the dock.
what mostly caught your attention was the bright streak of red in the male's hair. he had on a loose white shirt and sneakers along with some ripped jeans. although his clothes didn't matter as the situation at hand was more important, not only was he very attractive but he helped an idea/solution pop into your head.
you started sprinting towards him, hearing the person behind you also run by their footsteps pounding against the hard wood flooring. you guessed the boy in front of you heard it too, because he turned around at the noise and his eyes widened at the sight of you dashing straight towards him.
please work, you internally begged. although you obviously couldn't say it out loud, your eyes showed a little desperate shine in them as you leaped and your feet left the floor.
Tumblr media
kazuha kaedehara never really visited the beach before. sure, he went with his older sister beidou when they were much younger but now that his sister actually lives by the beach and begged him to visit, kazuha liked to observe the ocean waves first thing in the morning. the sound of waves crashing and seagulls squawking actually relaxed and distracted his mind from all the current problems of his life.
but he definitely didn't think he would ever see a stranger running towards him and spreading their arms.
kazuha's eyes widened and his confused thoughts mixed together but in the end, it didn't matter as he held his arms out and caught you as you leaped into them. your legs wrapped around his waist and one of his arms wrapped around yours, his other arm circling around your torso and holding you close, hopefully making you feel a bit safer.
kazuha's breath hitched just a little bit when he felt you lean even closer, your mouth beside his ear as you whispered, "sorry, i'm trying to get someone to stop following me." when he scanned your expression as you leaned back again, he could recognize a strike of fear across your face.
so kazuha played along.
a gentle smile made its way onto his face and he let out a soft chuckle, beginning to turn around to spin you with him. your arms instinctively went around his neck in small fear of falling, a laugh eventually bubbling out of you.
"hello darling." you didn't miss the way he looked over your shoulder to check if the person following you was still there. "did you miss me that much?"
your eyes found its way back to his and you stared in awe. his auburn red eyes locked with your ethereal ones, his smile making your heart skip a beat.
"of course," you responded, lifting one of your hands to brush a strand of his hair behind his ear. you only met this stranger less than a minute ago yet he was already causing butterflies to erupt in your stomach.
"kazuha," he softly whispered into your ear and you felt your face heat up. "that is my name."
before you could respond back with introducing your own name, you felt kazuha lower you down and his arms pulling away from you. (you didn't fail to notice how he still kept a hand on your shoulder...) his eyes ran up and down your figure, observing how you looked and keeping it imprinted in his brain.
"it seems the uninvited guest is gone," kazuha spoke, his voice alone soothing you. "are you okay?"
you nodded in return. in all honestly, kazuha had already lifted your spirits up from the situation. "i'm so sorry about this, i really didn't know what to do." you held your hand out for him to shake and he took it. "my name is y/n, thank you so much kazuha."
"what an interesting name." kazuha smiled again and didn't let go of your hand. "i really don't mind talking for a bit more. would you like to grab lunch in a few hours? i would love to get to know you better."
there was no hesitation in your answer. "that would be lovely."
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khansa-gassani · 2 hours ago
Heya! Are the requests open? If so, can i have genshin guys (or girls) and their reactions when they see their sweet s/o throwing a hard a** punch to a monster or enemy after seeing it hurt them (go full blown one punch man vibes if you want XD XD XD) i hope u have fun writing this if you do ( ꈍᴗꈍ) take care~
- love, your new follower, mei-chan♡
[Yes the request still open-!! And nice to meet you Mei-!]
[Finally-! Somebody send me a request-! I still don't have any idea for write, so seeing your request makes my hand excited-!]
Genshin character react to their s/o punching the enemy-!
(Feat Diluc, Kaeya, Venti, Eula, Jean, Lisa, Zhongli, Childe, Keqing, Beidou)
❖゚+*:;;:* *:;;:*+゚。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆゚+*:;;:* *:;;:*+゚❖
He's silently standing, he's scared, seeing you get hurt, he run over you and try to bring you home but...
Once again, he's stop running, seeing you blows the abbys mages by your own hand, as he see your weapon has blowned far away from you
He saw you mad, you're actually a sweet, patience person, seeing you mad and blows the abbys mage until it dissapears (died), makes him scared, and impresed by you
'Okay, this is amazing' he thought
Pretty scary tho actually
He's approaching you, and then pattung you head, and carrying you to the dawn winery
"My dear"
"Sorry for..i've always..underestimating you i guess?"
You lagging, underestimate? Since when?
"What? You never i guess? All you do is protecting me right?"
"I am, cause i thought you're so fragile...and sometimes limiting your freedom..."
You laughed, oh my gosh
"I'd never get mad even though you're underestimating me-! I love how you cared for me so go on dear-!"
He smiled, and so you both go home
✥Extra :
"We need to train you"
"You have potention, of course i would never forcing you, its your choice"
And so then you're practicing with him every week
❖゚+*:;;:* *:;;:*+゚。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆゚+*:;;:* *:;;:*+゚❖
❖゚+*:;;:* *:;;:*+゚。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆゚+*:;;:* *:;;:*+゚❖
He's over protecting you, cause he sees you as a sweet, vunerable lover he had
He's actually underestimate you
"Its too heavy for you, let me bring the box"
"No-! I'll bring the sword, you stay here, watch me"
You never complain tho, so..okey, he keeps treating you like that
Until he saw you blows and punch the hilichurl that makes a bruise in you face
He's scared right now (like fr)
But in the end he'll approache you and ask are you okay, as you nod, he let out his stress and relax
"I guess you're not as weak as i know huh? Are you playing with me this whole time~?"
Man, its your fault why they stay silent at let you see them as a weak, vunerable person
"No..i just enjoying how you cared for me, so i stay as it is..not expecting you're there tho...its pretty far from mondstadt you know? Are you stalking me?"
"No way-! I just have another simple commision to do after going to dragonspine"
But after all of this incident, he's still treating you the same, cause you say you like it--
✥Extra :
"You know? My little snowflake ever punch the hilichurls in one single punch, they're blowing away"
Kaeya sipping wine with venti and rosaria, holding the glass peacefully
"Really? They? [Name]? Kaeya please, its not funny as a joke"
Rosaria lagging and didn't believe what Kaeya just say earlier
"No, im not joking, im proud of them actually.."
"Hilichurls? More than one? I guess you're faking it"
"Im their lover, i know everything"
❖゚+*:;;:* *:;;:*+゚。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆゚+*:;;:* *:;;:*+゚❖
❖゚+*:;;:* *:;;:*+゚。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆゚+*:;;:* *:;;:*+゚❖
He's running, going to your place after he heards a loud explosive sound, he's panicking actually
But then he's freezing
He's lagging
Well, look at you, waving your hand peacefully, while the treasure hoarders slowly fading away, and left you with their treasure hoarder insignia (IM LAUGHING AT THIS HELP)
"[Name]--? Is that..really you--?"
He's a god, he's already seen more powetfull people than this, he's one of the gods actually
But...after all this time, he saw you as a nice, soft person, and scared of many things (coackroach as an example)
He's not expecting you could at least fight this aggresive, plus with only a single punch
You smiling as usual, you're not mad, you're just dont want to get hings compicated, so you just, blow them away
✥Extra :
"Hey-- *hiccup* you've ever heard about- *hiccups* kaeya's lover right~? I guess- *hiccup* my lovie-dovie also do that~!"
"Wait what-?"
Stay still Rosaria, keep your sanity still
"Yeah they are~! They blew the- *hiccup* treasure hoarders in one punch~! Cool-*hiccup* isn't it?"
"This bunch of man..i can't..."
❖゚+*:;;:* *:;;:*+゚。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆゚+*:;;:* *:;;:*+゚❖
❖゚+*:;;:* *:;;:*+゚。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆゚+*:;;:* *:;;:*+゚❖
She's already know that you have a big-huge potention, but you don't really give her a literall show
You're not really into *fighting intensifies* or anything it is
Until you and Eula had a walk
And a slime hit you
Of course it hurts, and its cold, since its a cryo slime, has a pretty sharp body part right?
Eula already summoning her claymore, but turns out...
You're punching the cryo slime, crushing the ice part in the slimes, and then blows it into the flamming flower, and there, you're done
You did it because you don't want to burry your girlfriend, its fascinating tho (can i marry myself?)
Eula feels fascinated and proud inside, and then patting your head
"Indeed, i already saw that you have a huge potention, why don't you train it more? Im pretty sure you're going to be stronger than me aswell"
You nod, and so both if you continue having a simple date together
✥Extra :
She's trained you so hard, every week
She's also telling your experienced to Jean or Amber, or even traveller
"Hmph, my partner's doing better then you, they have a well manner, with a big strong potention, you should learn from them"
She's ever said that with traveller when they're both sharing desk (trailer one)
❖゚+*:;;:* *:;;:*+゚。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆゚+*:;;:* *:;;:*+゚❖
❖゚+*:;;:* *:;;:*+゚。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆゚+*:;;:* *:;;:*+゚❖
She's busy as the acting grandmaster...
So, she never really go out with you, mostly you're the one spending time in her office, helping her or maybe you're working in here
She once walking around the office of the knight of favonious, and then suprised and scared seeing you, covered-all blood, she's approaching you and ask you what happened and are you fine
You explained that you walking with traveller, and a fatui agents about to hit you, but you hit back with a single punch 'FWOOSH' and then you help the traveller
She's got nothing to say, but glad you alright
"You need to be more carefull, especially with the honorary knight, okay?"
You simply nod and then goes to her office, spending time there again
✥Extra :
As Jean saw you walked into the office, she's stopping you and grab your hand
"Wash your face and change your clothes first, you're freaking everybody out you know"
You just realized, so then you go and leave her
❖゚+*:;;:* *:;;:*+゚。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆゚+*:;;:* *:;;:*+゚❖
❖゚+*:;;:* *:;;:*+゚。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆゚+*:;;:* *:;;:*+゚❖
She never go outside with you that often, just like Jean
But its because she's lazy, and you usually go to the library, so you both never had a thought to go outside together but only get a food date or go gathered the borrowed books together
She once go outside with honorary knight, and found you got a bruise in the arms and hand, she's approaching you and ask you to heal your wound, also ask what did you do
You tell her that there's a electro slime hitting your arm, just because you want to take the dandelion seed, and then you punch it to death, you say
She's proud actually (proud momma)
She'll heal your wound and then having time together as usual
✥Extra :
"Have you heard about my cutie~? They punch electro slimes to death by theirself~ isn't that fascinating?"
"Uh..Lisa..i guess its not fascinating, its dangerous.."
Jean, who's working on documents, getting worried as she heard lisa's story about you, but the Lisa chuckling
"They know how to control themself, and know how to stop, i already told them too, no worry master Jean"
"Lisa--! Are you talk about me behind my back?"
You put your hands on your hips, and get a lil mad, but then she's patting you
"You don't like it when i tell your fascinating memory punching the slimes?"
❖゚+*:;;:* *:;;:*+゚。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆゚+*:;;:* *:;;:*+゚❖
❖゚+*:;;:* *:;;:*+゚。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆゚+*:;;:* *:;;:*+゚❖
He's always protecting you when a danger near by you, he's giving you a shield everytime he heard you had an...dangerous work to do, so then he comes along with you
You say that you're fine, but he insist
This old granpa will always care about you and worries about you
There is sometime you might lose your patience, even though that pretty, PRETTY RARE
He's already saw you once
How you punch the mitachurl, blows it away, and hit it with a long wood-stick until its dead, fading away
He feels bad for underestimating you for some reason
But still, he's still overpretective over you, cause, mortals is so fragiles, get hit a bit and maybe you'll die, right?
"So..tell me sweetheart..are you always act like this whenever someone hit you?"
"Mnh...nah..i just having a bad mood, so i punched it to death..i usually run or stay away from these worries~!"
✥Extra :
"So, tell me about your partner xiansheng-!"
"My partner-? Hm...they can punch you, blows you up, and then hit you with a huge stick they got...or maybe just punched you.."
"Isn't that--"
"Don't worry, they only do it whenever they have a bad mood, thats pretty rare for them, overall, they're kind and sweet"
"Uh..i have a question.."
"What is it Childe?"
"What kind did they killed?"
"...A single Walachurl as i remebered..."
"They..blows it..away?"
"No need to talk about it then.."
❖゚+*:;;:* *:;;:*+゚。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆゚+*:;;:* *:;;:*+゚❖
❖゚+*:;;:* *:;;:*+゚。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆゚+*:;;:* *:;;:*+゚❖
People always see you too as the 'chaotic brat' and a 'brat tamer' yeah, thats him and you
You nice, soft to people, so Childe also thinks and agree about it
He's always make you stay away from his job, or anything that includes his job, but somehow
"Isn't're mate as i remembered?"
He turns his head, his eyes widen
Seeing you punching 2 abbys mage, he sees that there's a bruise in you leg, burn, and gets frosted a bit
"I would never punch you in the head if i wasn't in such a bad mood y'know?"
His eyes still widen, as he saw you grabbing the abbys mages, both of them in front of your face
"Just because i always be the one who protected, that doesn't mean i cant punch you in the face..after all..
I'm the partner of the fatui harbinger, isn't it? I already know that you following me"
You stomp on their head, as you look closer at the abbys mages
"Those quirky noises you made, makes my ear hurt.."
You stomp and punch both of the abbys mages, and they starts to fading away, you're waving your hand, end relaxing your body a bit
He's suprised, actually, starts from how mad you are, how brutal you stomp their head, and how you know his real job, but forget that
He starts to feel proud of you
✥Extra :
"Hey baby-! How's your day goin'-?"
Childe put his arms on your waist softly, and kissing your cheek
"Not that bad actually, what about you today--"
"Hush, tell me, how did you could punch the abbys mages that easily?"
You looked at him, smiling and giggling a bit
"They're following me since morning...maybe because i opened a chest that's i punched them, and hit did you know?"
Childe laughing so hard
" sorry, i feel bad to the abbys mages, how could they targened the wrong person-!? You did amazing, i saw you actually"
❖゚+*:;;:* *:;;:*+゚。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆゚+*:;;:* *:;;:*+゚❖
❖゚+*:;;:* *:;;:*+゚。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆゚+*:;;:* *:;;:*+゚❖
She knows that you're a soft, full of mercy-person
She's needy all of sudden with you
But...she got so many work to do...and you guys never really that often together, but you both never mind it, hey-! You can always together with here in the night time
One day she's working, look at the window, and suprised about something punched and kicking the hilichurls, its just two, but you don't even use a weapon, and kick their ass with a bare hands
She's almost let her hand falls the document she grab
Once you done, you look at the window, and waving happily
"Keqing~!! Good morning!"
You easily say that after defeating 2 hilichurls, EXCUSE ME-!?
But she's still waving back tho
✥Extra :
"Whats wrong ms.Keqing?"
Ganyu walk past her and then ask her, that still suprised and look at the window
"Its nothing...really..i just have a thought that maybe i'll buy [name] a weapon..."
"W-wait what-!? [Name]-? A-are you sure?"
"Yeah...still just an idea Ganyu.."
❖゚+*:;;:* *:;;:*+゚。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆゚+*:;;:* *:;;:*+゚❖
❖゚+*:;;:* *:;;:*+゚。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆゚+*:;;:* *:;;:*+゚❖
"Holy shit-!!!" she said, as she saw you punching the treasure hoarder with your bare hands, so she clapping
"My sweetie-! You've done an amazing, fascinating show~!! This is nice!"
You're confusing, what? What fascinating show that she means?
"The crue needs to know about this-! Lets go! Hey guyss-!!" then a long day has begin..
✥Extra :
"Beidou...i think you should stop..."
"Why? You look cool-! Right-!?"
"Thats not what i mean-! Its embrassing..."
"Oh my..sorry-!"
❖゚+*:;;:* *:;;:*+゚。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆゚+*:;;:* *:;;:*+゚❖
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izariichi · 2 hours ago
a sinner's plea (kaeya alberich)
relationship: kaeya x reader
genre: angst
warnings: major character death (mentioned), alcohol consumption
author's note: this is one-third of a request by @chibiiichann. i decided to upload the drabbles separately since i didn't realize it was already thursday when i said i was supposed to post the whole drabble set on tuesday (i still have no progress with childe's and diluc's haha). i hope you don't mind and i hope you'll like this and those that'll come after! thank you for requesting!
numbness is the only thing that flooded kaeya's system as he chugs down another glass of wine. he thrust his glass towards diluc, who was the bartender for the night, and awaits for the glass to be refilled.
"this is your last glass," the older man says, eyeing his estranged brother's pitiful state across the counter. "she wouldn't like to see you like this."
kaeya lets out a scoff as he stares up at the red-head. "how would you know?"
"she loved you, kaeya," diluc says, narrowing his ruby eyes. "she loved you more than she loved anything else. you don't know how much she came here just to make sure you wouldn't drink too—"
"stop." kaeya's voice was firm but grew shaky. "please, stop talking."
diluc remains silent but keeps an eye on the now-crying man on the bar. he was mentally thankful, for both him and kaeya, that there was no one else in the tavern at the moment.
"do you really think she would have still loved me — cared for me — after everything i told her that night?" kaeya asks as he lowers his gaze, memories of the night before you died filling his head. "do you think that she would've loved me with her dying breath even after i mistakenly told her that i regret what we had?"
"she would have," diluc answers. "she would've still loved you."
unable to hold back all the guilt and longing, kaeya breaks into a sob as he hunches over the bar. his body shook with every sob as apologies escaped his lips.
"i'm sorry, i'm sorry..." he repeats like a prayer, hoping that all of this is a nightmare and that he'll wake up to see you again. "i'm so sorry, (y/n). please come back to me."
he didn't mean to say those words — he didn't mean to hurt you. he regrets letting his frustrations get the best of him. he regrets taking out his emotions on you — you, who only wanted to spend some time with him before going on your commission. he regrets that he was unable to show you how much he really loves you, and wondered how you felt as you breathed your last.
did you hate him? or maybe you still loved him? did you want things to happen differently just as he does? or did you find it relieving that you wouldn't suffer from him and his words anymore?
he doesn't know and he'll never know. and he can't even make it up to you — to remind you that despite what he said, you're the one good thing that he forever treasures.
so as he continued to sob there, in front of diluc, he could only wish for the archons to hear his, a sinner's, plea.
a plea to tell you how much he truly loves you.
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gojosatoruwifey · 2 hours ago
ㅡGenshin Boys doing some things that reminded me of the time when I watch ASMR vids
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✑ Hey, hey! It's me, Geru, to present you some colorful bouquet of flowers that I've arranged for today ♡(◕ᗜ◕✿) As you have read to the title, lately, I've been watching some ASMR videos from Youtube during my small break time. This idea just can't escape my writer mind so there we have it, I wrote it. I hope everyone will enjoy these small scenarios as much as I write it! (◕ ω ◕✿)
Tumblr media
venti, diluc, kaeya (coming soon!)
ZHONGLI - long, callous fingers trail down on your back, yet despite the feeling of the harshness of his skin, zhongli never failed to deliver his usual gentle care. scenes of embarrassment fantasies flooded your mind as zhongli did his magical work on massaging the knots of your shoulder, loosening them with a firm press of his finger as he formed small circles in the area. you bit your lower lip before a relief moan can escape and might startle your husband. before this night ends, you will make sure zhongli will pay for what he has done to your thoughts. as if he had read your promise, his soft lips brush at the spot just below your ears, his action tickling the goosebumps of the skin of his beloved.
CHILDE - the sound of hair brushing inside the tranquility of the room made your eyes sleepy as childe stroked your hair slowly, unlike the enthusiasm he had shown throughout your relationship. nails lightly scrape your scalp, the touch making you in a half-asleep, half-awake state, eyes becoming droopy as your lover unties the strangled part at the tips of your hair, smoothing down any strays. as much as childe wanted to squeal how adorable you look right now, he suppresses it and continues his way on carefully moving his fingers through the strands of your hair. moments like this reminded him of the days when his sister whine to style up her hair, a wave of nostalgia hits him as he leans down and presses a kiss on your locks, a vow to treasure you for the rest of his life like how he does for his family.
XIAO - deep down in the forest mountains where the ocean of trees hid your figures under the sun, the adeptus’ gloved finger lingered on your cheeks as you lay asleep on his lap. amid the serenity that the rustling of the leaves brought or the music that the birds perch in the woods singing, nothing ever compares to how xiao secretly touches your face whilst you take a rest. you never tell him that you’re awake when he does his clandestine tracing of your facial features during your slumber, his touch oh so tenderly follows the curves of your eyes, nose, lips as if afraid to sully your light from his endeavor of basking in your presence. you never tease him how his amber, feline eyes bore to your sleeping profile for you’re also terrified at the possibility of him stopping his attempt to show his love for you.
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yanbub · 3 hours ago
invalidating your concern
xiao x gn!reader
hcs, sfw, hurt/comfort (?), no cws, 319 words
reblogs helps me tons :)
note: i choked on my boba while writing this but at least im alive #pogthroughthepain 🤠
Tumblr media
xiao ;
i’ve said this many times but i’ll say it again. xiao needs time before he can fully get used to a relationship. everyone has a first for everything, no? so it’s best to let xiao be from time to time. don’t leave this alone though.
the first time xiao invalidated your concern, you left him be since it was just some minor injuries like he said. but as time passed by his injuries had gotten worse and worse yet he still doesn;t accept your concern - he says he can handle it himself when he clearly can’t and that’s what makes you mad. xiao carries the whole pain by himself - and it makes you mad because you feel useless. you’re in a literal relationship with him yet he pushes you away when he clearly needs someone by his side.
however, the reason why xiao doesn’t want you to get involved with him (even if you’re in a relationship) is because he’s scared. he doesn’t want you hurt - it’s always been like that. he pushes everyone away, scared that if they get involved; they’d get badly hurt. it wasn’t that different for you. he knows the responsibility of being in a relationship, the responsibility to make the other safe but there’s one thing xiao forgets: being a relationship doesn’t mean you have to shoulder everything alone.
you soon then had enough, finally letting him realize that not everything is to be taken alone - that there are times when you need someone to be there for you. the abrupt realization hit xiao, but he stayed silent. you were right - there’s no way that he can just shoulder everything on his own. he was wrong yet he doesn’t know how to fix the situation.
you suggested to start by at least letting you check on his wounds whenever he returns injured and he agrees - slowly, you can progress further with that.
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killuwumi · 3 hours ago
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killuwumi · 3 hours ago
a/n: a fic that not a single soul asked for, nor is it my usual bsd content but since i've been so inactive i figured its better than nothing. genshin content from your local lesbian woop woop
Ningguang x Fem Reader
Warning | Slight possessiveness, mentions of injury  
It was late night when you decided to take a walk around the harbor, Liyue never exactly died down, the night life was equally as busy, just with a different crowd.
Tavern noises could be heard from all up and down the streets, it was a stress reliever for a lot of workers and even some merchants who were tired of the day to day.
Why you were walking alone at night? Ningguang could only guess you had a destination in mind as she looked at you from one of the many terraces overlooking the streets.
You seemed to be lost in thought, wandering and occasionally bumping into things or people. It peaked her curiosity. She gracefully walked, her hand gently skimming the red railing as she glided along.
Archons, exhaustion was finally starting to catch up with you. You held your stomach as you slide down, back to a wall. Recently you were sent on a quest that was long, and involved a lot of fighting and traveling. Before you eventually found yourself in Liyue, experiencing restless nights.
Normally Ningguang would be in bed by now, seeing as it was late and she always had a busy schedule. However, being a friend of yours, she had been wondering where you were these past few weeks. So when she asked around, naturally she found out that someone had sent you on a very long quest in exchange for a large amount of mora and supplies.
Ningguang scoffed at the thought of you putting yourself in danger for mora, don't you know she has plenty? Don't you know she would give it to you if you so much as mentioned it in a passing comment?
She didn't want to admit it to herself but she loved you. For a long time she thought herself to be incapable of love, her only sights being set on mora, and her only "love" being the Jade Chamber. Until you went and brought all her ideals crashing down.
Ningguang adored the idea of letting you stay with her, letting you get taken care of by the maids and living a nice, less dangerous lifestyle. But she knew you wouldn't stand for it. Still, it never stopped her from dreaming, and always requesting to see you whenever possible.
"Sweetheart, are you feeling unwell?" She finally decided to walk over and check up, when she snapped out of her daydream.
You recognized that voice instantly, as if it were your own. Ningguang, or as she always said, you could call her Ning. Honestly, the weeks you had been gone, you thought about sending back to Ning that you were okay, because you desperately wanted to hear from her again.
"Yea..yeah. I'm okay, thank you Ningguang." Your voice was rasp and Ningguang could tell. But you didn't see her small wince of disgust when you didn't call her Ning.
"Please don't lie to me dear. Come with me." She offered a hand to you, you looked so sweet tilting your head to look up at her. A gentle smile crossing your face.
Ningguang knew there was no words in any language to describe how she felt for you, love? No, something more. But she'll settle with the underwhelming definition of love for now.
With Ningguang helping you up, she never let go of your hand, you looked away to the side at the floor, you knew your face was red. She did too, but knew better than to mention such an embarrassing thing. Though she found it immeasurably cute.
As you walked through the streets of Liyue, you watched the way Ningguang's dress swung, and the way that people looked at the two of you. When people would wave, Ningguang always gave a friendly wave back, and a small smile.
You finally realized where you were going and the night only got darker when the two of you finally got to the Jade Chamber. Ningguang never brought guests up here, not even maids. She cleaned and tidied herself. Despite that, she would always entertain the idea of it being yours and hers.
"Here, I want you to stay here for the night." She finally let go of your hand, and opened the luxurious double doors of the Jade Chamber for you.
She was so straight forward, it was flustering. "Ning, I know what this place means to you, I really wouldn't want to inva-"
"Sweetheart please, rest your head here. It would be my pleasure to help you." You had no idea where to look when you entered, it was beautiful, exquisite and it clearly showed Ningguang's great taste.
You finally settled down in the prettiest room you've ever been in, Ningguang sat at the vanity doing her nightly routine. "Are you feeling any better? Do you need anything, love?"
Her nicknames for you were always so sweet and loving, it really didn't help your feelings for her. You really were in love with her.
"Yes I'm feeling great, I believe my wounds have settled down." You were too busy focusing on the fancy lounge wear Ning had given you to notice her scrunched face, shaped into a scowl.
"Why didn't you tell me you were wounded? Let me take care of you." Getting up from the vanity, she saw you holding your stomach.
"Ning it's fine, really I'm okay. Please don't go out of your wa-" She seemed to have a habit of cutting you off with her actions. It seemed that she was preoccupied with her thoughts.
In her hands she held a small box that she slipped out from underneath the bed, a first aid kit. With only the finest medicines from the pharmacy.
Without warning she pulled you toward the edge of the bed, and sat on the ground facing your stomach.
"May I?" A light question, in response you nod slowly, watching her hands.
She lightly lifted the top she gave you from her wardrobe, the soft silk on her hands looked heavenly.
Her hands danced around your torso as she wrapped the bandages around you. She applied medicine that should help kill some of the pain and help it heal faster.
Finally finishing the wrapping, she slid the box back under the bed, and got up, one hand on her knee.
"Y/N Goodnight, I will check up on you in the morning." She turned to leave but before her hand reached the door handle, Ningguang felt a hand on hers.
"Ning..can..can you stay please?" It was hard to ask her to stay after she had already done so much for you.
"Of course I can, love. Would you like to share the bed tonight. I believe it's big enough to suit the both of us." Her smile was so warm. It made your heart melt.
It was real and true bliss to be cuddled up with Ningguang. She thought the same thing about you. How peacefully you slept in her arms, like it was the only place you were ever meant to lay.
You could hear a soft whisper of "I love you" before your dreams began.
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sxturnwrxtes · 3 hours ago
surprise! a genshin impact one-shot.
warnings ; none, pure platonic fluff. gender neutral reader.
. . .
TWO HANDS CLOSE OVER YOUR EYES, you shake your head but the owner of the hands giggles, denying your pleas. to your left, mischievous giddy laughter, and to your right, a quiet chuckle muffled by a hand. Your mutters of protest towards the hand went silent upon hearing the owner of the voice above your head.
"Guess who, F/N! Ehe~"
It takes a few words to soothe your surprise in seconds, while also filling you with the overwhelming urge to roll your eyes. You can't help but laugh thinking of that ever so familiar voice.
"Could it be? My favorite bard?"
Snickers escape you at the disgruntled, expectant noise to your right.
"And who could forget the chalk prince?"
Albedo lets out a hum of acknowledgement, pleased to realize you hadn't forgotten your friend. Meanwhile, Venti was rambling on and on about what he had done that day, the chief alchemist of Monstadt nodding along with his extravagant tales.
And, just as he was done talking, Albedo places a hesitant hand on your shoulder while Venti fetches a bottle of wine from a bag grinning mischievously, and before you can reprimand him for stealing from Angel's Share again, both bard and alchemist interrupt you.
"Did you like our surprise? Thank you for always being there for us, F/N!"
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zhonglisimper-03 · 4 hours ago
Drunk!Zhongli is Clingy!Zhongli
I headcanon this. Also RIP Mora whenever he gets drunk, the amount of alcohol he needs to somehow be convinced to drink is...a lot. If Venti is any indication.
@love-impact part 2! out of 3...this is the most I've ever written in one day.
Tumblr media
He. Is. So. Hot. No. Matter. What. Ok onto the fic
“Y/N,” his voice slurs as you finally manage to get him onto the bed, his arms tightly wrapped around you.
“Yes?” you pry his arms off you, tugging his coat and tie off. Zhongli rarely ever got drunk, but tonight had been Venti’s birthday, and a trip to the tavern had resulted in a very long bill as well as two drunk archons.
Having travelled all the way to Mondstadt, you hadn’t been sure where the both of you could stay the night but luckily, Diluc had been kind enough to rent a room out. You barely had enough Mora to pay for everything, so he had given you a discount.
“You need to go back to Liyue tomorrow don’t you,” was his excuse as he shooed the both of you into a room. The red-haired male was far more caring than he let on, and for that you were grateful.
“I feel tired,” you didn’t know how he still managed to string words together and somehow sound elegant while drunk, but he was doing it.
“You did drink a lot. Go ahead and rest. I’ll get some water and medicine for tomorrow when you wake up with a hangover,” you attempt to get up from the bed when he nuzzles into the crook of your neck, pulling you onto the bed with him.
“You feel warm,” he mumbles. You can smell the alcohol in his breath, the red flush in his cheeks highlighting how much he had drunk tonight.
“Zhongli, I need to get up,” you wriggle your way out of his embrace, almost reaching the door when he clings onto you again, collapsing onto the bed. You sigh, shifting to face him and remove his hair tie along with his gloves.
If he was insistent on keeping you close to him, there was nothing you could do about it. Resigning yourself to remain attached to Zhongli for the rest of the night, you decide to rest and indulge your boyfriend.
He curls around you the moment you stop resisting, pressing kisses to the top of your head, “please stay.”
“I’m not going anywhere, Zhongzhong,” you reassure him, rubbing circles on his back. He hums in response, running a hand through your hair.
“Promise me you will never leave me,” he whispers, trying to hold back the tears that begin to form in the corners of his eyes. He doesn’t know why emotions are welling up now but the sadness that washes over him is overwhelming.
You’re everything to him, as precious as the purest cor lapis and as fragile as a glaze lily. He couldn’t bear to think of a time without you by his side, even if he knew it was inevitable.
After all, he was immortal and you were mortal. Time would always separate the both of you.
So while you still walked upon the same land as he did, he wanted to spend every second with you, whether it be simply holding you tightly or listening to your voice. Tears slide down his face silently and he clings onto you even tighter.
“I promise,” you murmur, gently wiping the tears from his face. “I’m not going anywhere, not while I still have you.”
You cup his face, thumb running down his tear-stained cheeks. He presses against your palm, eyes closed with a small smile. Your hand trails over to his hair, twirling the strands that you’ve managed to loop around your finger.
He sighs, relaxing at the comforting gesture. Your scent fills his nose and it’s soothing to know that you’re by his side.
“Thank you,” his voice reverberates in his chest. You nuzzle against him, gently pressing kisses to his neck and shoulder which lulls him to sleep in no time.
Feeling his gentle breaths blowing against your skin, you decide it’s alright to leave getting water and medicine for Zhongli’s future hangover for tomorrow morning when you wake up. All you need is to somehow wake up before he does and sneak out of his grip.
Not too difficult, you think, trying not to laugh in fear of rousing him. But for now, all you need to be concerned about is getting a good night’s rest, safe in the confines of your boyfriend’s arms.
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rosieposies-world · 4 hours ago
Tehee I love Zhongli so much :3
Can we have Zhongli's s/o waking up in old Liyue and tries to remember everything Zhongli told them about this time period and try to survive, and then they meet Morax and how he used to lack feelings? Then after a few days they return to present Liyue and Zhongli is all worried cuz he hasn't seen them for a few days :D
Fluff please!
send me a request!
• my masterlist •
hehe, same babe 🥰 this was a fun request!
i wasnt sure of the direction this was going in? i just let the vibe flow so i hope this was something you like!
✓ requested by: anonymous
✓ ft. gender neutral reader
✓ category: fluff + humor ; scenario
you weren't exactly sure what happened.
you had tripped over thin air and blacked out when you collided with the hard stone ground only to wake up to zhongli, shirtless with a white clock over his head, shaking you awake.
"zhongli?" you groan, pressing your palm against your forehead and seeing no blood when you look at it, "what the hell are you wearing? where is your shirt?"
"citizen, have you been drinking?" he asks in a familiar gruff voice that, somehow.
"with ningguang and beidou in the jade palace, yeah-" you pause, "-did you just call me citizen?"
"that's what you are, so yes,"
you blink, "who are you and what have you done to zhongli?"
"you're confused, im not this zhongli person,"
"ok, quit the joking, zhongli," you whine, "im sorry for leaving you to go drinking,"
" best get to a doctor, youre clearly delirious,"
"ouch," you look at this man strangely, before whipping out a tactic that always made zhongli crack.
the teary eyes.
he didnt even flinch when you started sniffling, and you dropped that idea.
"alright, who the hell are you then?" you throw your arms in the air.
"none of your business,"
"let's make a deal then!" you propose, "if i guess who you are, you have to get me food, im hungry,"
"and if you don't?"
"ill go to the doctor so he can assess my 'delirious state', and i wont make it my life mission to track you down,"
"as if you could," he scoffs and you've never wanted to punch your boyfriend in the throat as much as you did now, "but alright citizen, I'll indulge in your little game, you get 2 guesses,"
you shake his outstretched hand firmly before tapping on your chin.
"are you even trying?"
"oh, i know!" you snap your fingers, looking at him victoriously.
he smirks, almost like he knew you were gonna lose.
"rex lapis!" you smile pleasantly at him, very pleased with yourself when his face hardens, "or do you prefer morax-"
zhongli's hands clamp over your mouth faster than you could blink and you laughed. (as best you could with his hand over your mouth)
"who are you?" he growls.
your reply comes out muffled, and you pull at his wrist to get him to let go.
"were you expecting me to answer with your hand over my mouth?"
"answer me,"
"i don't think you'll believe me if i do,"
he raises his eyebrow, like he didn't care.
"lets walk and talk!" you suggest, "and eat, im starving,"
suddenly you find yourself at the top of a mountain, overlooking the now unfamiliar city with smaller, older buildings and bamboo shoot soup boiling away in front of you over a fire.
"this isn't liyue," you mumble.
"what are you talking about?" morax dutifully carries out his part of the deal, spooning soup into a bowl for you, "of course this is liyue, unless ive been defending the wrong city all this time,"
"it's not my liyue,"
he looks at you in confusion, "who are you and where are you from that has 2 liyues?"
"not exactly two liyues," you explain, "I'm from the future,"
morax laughs humorlessly, "at least think of a more believable story,"
"told you you wouldn't believe me,"
"this if a water of my time," he grumbles, disappearing before you could stop him.
adjusting to life in old liyue was easier than you expected, other than taking a while to comprehend the lowered prices of everything and the style of the time, you were pretty proud of yourself for remembering what zhongli told you about the city.
you missed him terribly, the zhongli that hugged you and loved you and nodded along to what you said, not the grumpy him that glared at you when you, tired and sweaty from hiking up the mountain to where you recalled he was from one of his stories, wave excitedly at him while he chatted with the adepti or fought with hilichurls.
the first time you found him fighting treasure hoarders, your presence shocked him and he ended up with one more scar than he was originally supposed to have.
if you ever return to the zhongli of the future, you'd have to ask him about it.
if you ever return.
he found you sitting atop the inn you were staying at, the sudden weight of a blanket on your shoulders followed by his figure sitting next to you surprising you.
"morax? what-"
"im just keeping an eye on you," he grumbles, "who knows what you'll do,"
"nothing more to mess up the future of the city that i know, that's for sure,"
"does your annoying switch off at night or something?"
"...did you just make a joke?"
"no," he looks away.
you bit your lip in contemplation, sighing and leaning on his shoulder, "just for a second," you say tiredly when he starts complaining.
it didn't feel the same, it was stiff, but it was the closest to zhongli you would ever get right now, and for who knows how long, so you endure it.
"i miss home,"
"you mean the future?" he snorts.
"yeah," you sigh, "you aren't an asshole in the future,"
he goes silent.
"no, i wont tell you more about your fate,"
"why not?"
"because what fun would that be? and don't say so you know what to expect, that's not the same thing,"
the chirp of crickets fill the silence between you two, until you lift your head, pulling off the ring zhongli bought you that had a heart engraved on the inside and you give it to him, "here,"
"for what?"
"in the future, when you see me again, give this to me," you hastily add, "and not tomorrow or the week after, because i don't know if I'll be able to go back home anytime soon, i mean like decades, centuries in the future,"
"mhm, sure," morax rolls his eyes, still pocketing the ring, "you probably stole this and are blaming it on me,"
"can't wait to tell you i told you so,"
"believe whatever you want to," you say, "just know that in the future? you always agree that I'm right,"
the next morning, you awoke in the same place you first passed out, but this time, militants were shaking you awake and you leaped up, immediately regretting your choice as your head just started spinning, but sturdy arms caught you.
"where have you been?" beidou asks, sighing in relief, "you've been gone for days!"
ningguang rushes towards you, asking questions that you waved off, "zhongli, where is he?"
you broke of into a run, out of the alley and looking around at the faces of familiar people, and eventually, you found him.
sitting alone at the top of the inn you last spoke to morax on.
"i told you so," you say in a singsong voice that had him nearly snapping his head in half when he turned.
he embraces you in a tight hug, cupping your face in his hands, and you could see the evidence of a new scar that wasn't on him before peeking out of his sleeve.
"this was a my bad moment," you grab his wrist, tapping on the scar.
"youre right," he grins, rubbing his thumb over your lip, "you were right, and you win," then he pulls something out of his pocket, "and i think i have to return this to you,"
zhongli slipped the ring back on your finger, before pressing his lips against yours.
"you were not very nice," you murmur against his lips.
"i know," he chuckles, nuzzling his nose against yours, "im sorry about that bob,"
"hey!" you slap his chest, "that was funny,"
"mhm," he hums, hugging you tightly again, "thank the skies youre back,"
a few days later, you hear of a supposed legend of a woman and morax.
the details were vague, but they talked of morax waiting every night, under the light of the moon on top of the inn down the road, for a woman he lost, with only a ring to remember her by.
idk how to feel about this one 😩 what do you guys think?
might fix it up later-
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yanbub · 4 hours ago
romantic boat ride with childe
childe x gn!reader
hcs, sfw, fluff (?), no cws, 179 words
pls reblog it helps me a lot haha
note: after my short (kinda) 5 stages of grief breakdown, guess who finally decided to write after procrastinating? yeah it's me
Tumblr media
childe ;
he’d most likely rent the whole place instead of one boat. he has no excuse nor explanation for this action of his - the only reply you’d get is “it’s just how it is”. but though, he just wants you to enjoy yourself to the fullest so let him be for this one.
while you’re on this little date, childe would hold your hand - giving it a firm grip. he’d also squeeze your hand from time to time, a small habit of childe to show that he’s enjoying himself. he does this as you two enjoy the light breeze heading towards your way.
the way childe looks at you is easy to describe: lovestruck - smitten even. he’s so in love with you and he can’t help it, not that he’s complaining though. he prefers to stay this way.
anyways, during your little boat date with childe, he may or may not have almost made you two fall off the boat. it was an accident though! well, kinda. but that’s okay you both managed to get back dry and safe-
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tea-cat-arts · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I know the focus of this meme is supposed to be titties, but I think I spent the most time here drawing his hair
My explanation for this is Albedo was up for 2 days straight and forgot how shirts work
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dourpeep · 5 hours ago
Decided to do this for fun :DD
This is a pretty hefty thing, so be prepared to read because this ended up at around 6 full pages of rambling + a few imagine-esque bits. I'll also be doing this for a few others in the future!
A to Z NSFW Headcanons — Xiao
Aftercare (What they’re like after sex)
He’s attentive, careful. Knowing that he can get carried away during sex, it’s important to take care of you. So after you both finish basking in the afterglow, bodies fatigued and covered in a thin layer of perspiration, Xiao will guide you into a comfortable position, then wipe away any remaining fluids smeared over your inner thighs. No need to worry about sensitivity, as well, his touch is light enough that there’s not too much excess stimulation.
Along with this, he enjoys holding you or being held—whatever you’re in the mood for.
If he’s holding you, you’ll be propped against his chest, one of his hands wrapped around your back. The strong beat of his heart in his chest is enough to lull you to sleep. If you’re holding him, he’ll lay with his chest against your stomach, arms hugged around you while you lay on your back. Do as you please—brush your thumb against his cheek, run your fingers through his hair…as much as he would rather not, there’s a few times that he’s fallen asleep from these moments.
Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)
Xiao’s favorite body part would be his hands. Spreading them to touch all of you, gripping your hips…The possibilities are endless and quite literally at the tip of his fingers.
His favorite parts of your body are many. Your forehead and collarbone—perfect for kisses or pressing his own to in those tender moments. The space between your shoulders—he loves the way that they flex when you move beneath him. Your thighs—soft, warm…
Cum (Anything to do with cum basically… I’m a disgusting person)
When he cums, it’s a good amount, just as the amount of precum that leaks from his tip when aroused, however his loads are a bit thinner. Not very, but also not thick. He doesn’t have a preference of where to cum because just the idea of his cum being in or on you is highly arousing to him regardless.
Tastes a little bit salty with a very barely there sweetness, but otherwise not really bad or good.
As for himself…he doesn’t really care about the taste. He’d rather not, but he’s also not entirely against it.
Dirty Secret (Pretty self-explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)
The Wangshu Inn is high up compared to the surrounding plains and marsh. It’s a lovely sight…though it also ensures that no one can see the Yaksha tucked hidden away on the roof. It’s not often that he indulges like this, his hand wrapped around his shaft and eyes fluttered closed—not when he has places to patrol and demons to slay—but there are days when the rustling of leaves and busy chatter below are ample enough to cover up soft sighs of pleasure.
Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
Xiao doesn’t have much experience, or if he does, it’s been quite a bit. Forever loyal to his duty, there’s little time that he can make for sex. But that doesn’t mean he’s entirely clueless.
He’s a quick learner, you need to be for his job. So you can be sure that after the first few times of fumbling and hesitation, he’ll piece together what touches make you shake and cry out his name. Though he himself is impatient, if you show a little patience and guide him to what feels best the results will be quite the experience.
Favorite Position (This goes without saying. Will probably include a visual)
He’s a simple man. One of his favorite positions is taking you up against the wall with your legs wrapped snug around his waist, your back pressed against it. The other includes anything where he can rest his forehead against your collarbone or that lovely space between your shoulders.
Particularly, anything where he can see all of you, kiss you…being able to grip your thighs and spread your legs are a perk he appreciates. There’s just something about the mix of close, sweet intimacy mixed with the ability to thrust as deep as he pleases that gets him going.
Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)
Serious, for sure. There are plenty of other times that he’s fine with humoring any of your shenanigans—the bedroom isn’t one of them.
Anyway, if you’re able to joke around during sex, he figures that he’s not doing quite enough. As much as he loves your voice, he’d rather hear you moan and cry out his name than hear you make another joke (don’t make that pun). However, once you’re both spent, feel free to be as silly as you please. It’s then that he’s most relaxed and most likely to smile and snort at your jokes.
Hair (How well-groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.)
Now…I don’t think he has streaks of teal down there as amusing as that’d be. But he’s pretty natural down there but kept neat. When you aren’t particularly active and are a busy person, there’s not really a need to trim and what not, especially when it’s already fine as is.
Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)
During sex, he likes romance, after all to be his significant other means that you’re a damn special person. Because Xiao puts a lot of emphasis on the need of trust for relationships, it only makes sense that with someone he trusts so much as you…he’ll want to show you just how much he cares. Though he can be rough, there’s many times where his touch is gentle and he whispers for you to relax.
He will hold you close while pressing kisses to your skin, taking care of you, so don’t really be surprised if there’s some body worship sprinkled in now and then.
Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon)
He doesn’t masturbate often because he usually will ignore his urges (or just doesn’t feel them often due to his avoidance of people and usual lack of partner), but when he does, he doesn’t take his time. Again, Xiao is an impatient person and the rush of sudden desire drives him to chase after his high.
Not to mention that he’s particularly sensitive, so he’d rather not torture himself with teasing.
Kink (One or more of their kinks)
Cockwarming – Although Xiao does tend towards impatience, there are times where he likes to be in you—just buried entirely without thrusting or grinding. He likes the feeling of having you so close to him and will murmur praise while you sit on his cock. Overall, he does and doesn’t love this…paired with exhibition, however, he’s a mess. If it weren’t for the blush on his cheeks and his labored breathing, it’d be easy to get away with.
Dacryphilla – Not in a sadistic sense, but more playing back into the emphasis of trust. Crying is a very intimate, vulnerable gesture—you wouldn’t break down in front of strangers, after all—so that in mind, there’s just something about the glossiness of your eyes right as tears begin to well up that gets him going. The raw emotion, the fact that you’re comfortable enough to be this vulnerable around him? Oh boy. Anyway, should you cry during sex, he’ll make sure that you’re alright, perhaps even kiss them away in a moment of tenderness.
Exhibition – This one is tricky. It takes quite a bit to convince him to try it out even though he already does show interest, but once he does…he’s hooked. Of course, he’d rather not do anything in a populated area. It’s more in places that are abandoned and deemed ‘safe’. After all, he doesn’t actuallywant to be seen. The appeal comes more from the very slim possibility of someone passing by—the risk, the thrill.
Praise – One kink that he has that’s aimed both at giving and receiving! As your partner, he no doubt loves you very much. In the gentle touch of his hand to your cheek or the way that he holds you to his chest while whispering how well you’re doing, that you feel so good around him…yeah. On the other hand, if he’s receiving, you can expect things to become much more sensual. He’ll take more time, slowing his thrusts and kisses though not losing any of the passion behind them. Xiao isn’t really used to praise, so he might get a bit shy, but please don’t stop because he’s weak for sincere praise. Hand it over.
Somnophilia – Definitely flirting with dubcon here, but this is entirely consensual. Again, another kink that plays into trust. The idea that you’d be more than willing to let him touch and take you while you’re asleep? He’ll take his time, careful to not wake you, your legs spread so he can lick, suck, and lap at your inner thighs and so very slowly bring you to completion as you peacefully rest. Usually, he’s satisfied with your soft moans, the way that your breath hitches… But some nights he indulges more. the little colorful green chord tied to the headboard is all you need to do to let him know. Once in a blue moon on those nights, he’ll shudder with a low, throaty moan, pressing himself into you and bottoming out after an excruciatingly long few minutes of gradually sinking in inch-by-inch.
The way your lips part in a sigh and how you flutter around his cock is heaven—it’s these moments that his patience is tested and he really needs to reel in his desire. He does tend to gently wake you when he’s close, watching the way you sleepily blink at him and take the time to process how his cock drags against your walls. The realization takes some time to hit, but when you moan his name and clench around him, he’ll finally spill into you with a shaky sigh.
Location (Favorite places to do the do)
Privacy is a big thing for him, so whether it’s in the bedroom or outside, it needs to be secure and safe. This is mainly for any public activities—he’ll make sure to spend extra time on his daily and nightly patrols to really make sure that no one comes around to this area, that there aren’t any demons lingering.
It’s a lengthy process, but something that he’s more than willing to spend the time doing to ensure your safety (and keep his pride intact).
Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)
Praise and teasing are the top motivators. But they’re also entirely opposite in what will result-
Gentle, slow, sensual comes from praise. He’s softer and takes more time because the intimacy is higher.
Teasing on the other hand plays with his temper. If you tease him, it’s often that he loses patience. So if that’s what you decide on, be prepared to be met with a passion that steals your breath away.
NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
There’s a lot that he isn’t too keen on, but the one thing that definitely is a hard no is bondage.
I think it’s self-explanatory, but all those years spent under the whim of that god has taken its toll. Needless to say, whether it is giving or receiving, don’t expect him to budge on this. The only thing remotely close that he’d be alright with would be holding your wrists in his hands, but even then he’d rather intertwine your fingers together.
Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
He prefers to give. Mainly, Xiao wants to be able to taste you and feel the way that your thighs clench around his head when he eats you out or takes you into his mouth. While his skill isn’t much, he will make up for it by really paying attention to what you like.
It’s a bit of a coinflip should he be on the receiving end because he’s so sensitive. Depending on who’s in control, he will either be entirely at your mercy or you’ll have a very very sore jaw. (Don’t worry, he’ll brew some warm ginger honey tea for you)
Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)
Xiao will usually tend towards slow and sensual. Despite his countenance, he’s a gentle person and a little old fashioned. In short, his pace is more around lovemaking than anything— but there are always exceptions to this!
Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
In terms of sex, he’s mostly at the whim of his s/o. If they so happen to be in the mood, he’s quick to get worked up. Want something fast? Once he’s a bit more experienced with your body, just give him enough time and you’ll be crying out his name whether it be through his tongue, fingers, or cock.
Again, he does prefer taking his time, but he’s not against quickies.
Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)
Apart from his exhibition kink, Xiao doesn’t really like taking risks. Risks are uncomfortable (unless they’re familiar if that makes sense) so he’d rather not mix that in with pleasure.
Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
Xiao can last a while in the sense of stamina. He’s used to being able to go for incredibly long lengths of time with little to no rest. However, how long each round lasts varies based on how aroused he is and how long it’s been since he last came. Safe to say that no matter what, you’ll both be left satisfied by the time you’re done.
Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
He doesn’t use nor own toys. Any of those would have to be introduced by his s/o, though that doesn’t guarantee that they’ll be used.
Unfair (how much they like to tease)
He’s not really into teasing, and if he does tease it isn’t long or drawn out. Xiao would rather just give the pleasure than deny or tease…unless his s/o likes it. It’d have to be explained a bit, but then he’ll tease based off what you seem to like. In short, he seldom teases.
With him being on the receiving end of the teasing, he’ll quickly get irked by it, so try to keep the teasing to a minimum.
Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
Xiao’s quiet during sex. Occasionally, he’ll moan or growl, but more often than not, the most noise he’ll make consists of breathy sighs.
Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
Despite his dominant streak, Xiao’s a switch. Whether on top or not, he doesn’t mind and will trust his s/o will take care of him as he does for them when he subs. He’ll also be more vocal when he’s subbing because there’s more attention put on him.
X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture, or words)
I included a visual in this post, but we’ll go in a bit more here hehe. First off, what was covered:
He’s uncut, roughly about the same size whether hard or not with veins running up along the shaft. Though he’s pretty girthy, his length is average at around 5 – 5.5 inches. When aroused, it hangs down.
It’s pretty sensitive with no particular area being more sensitive partly because of the lack of sexual activity he’s experienced over the 2000+ years he’s lived and will twitch/jump when stimulated (like dragging your tongue up along the more prominent veins). Another thing that’s sensitive is the seam along his balls (there’s gotta be a better word for balls-).
If you want to catch him off guard and draw out a low moan, make sure to give those attention.
Because he is thick, you'll get that very full feeling and a bit of discomfort if you go too fast which is also why he does like to go a bit slower.
Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
He actually has a pretty high sex drive but elects to ignore it. This is also why he can get in the mood quick and doesn’t really mind if his s/o is worked up often.
ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
Adepti, as Xiao has pointed out, don’t need to sleep. But that also doesn’t stop him from succumbing to the pleasant warmth and fatigue after sex. He’ll only let himself doze off when he’s sure that you’re taken care of and you’re both cleaned up properly.
Once he does lay down besides you—in your arms, or with you in his—he’ll quickly fall asleep.
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