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#nico di angelo
solangeloz · an hour ago
solangelo slow dancing with each other
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pjo-hoo-toa-freakazoid · 2 hours ago
octavian alive, still on his crusade to destroy chb, or octavian dead and no longer a threat?
(Based on this post)
???!!!??!!!? This is...HARD???!!! Uh...
Okay this is wrong but imma be partial...
Octavian alive, and still on his crusade to destroy CHB...
Now why do I choose this? Here are my reasons
Half of all my favourite characters are dead pls cut him some slack
Now if he were to survive, he most probably won’t be able to device any schemes to destroy CHB since the Greeks and Romans are friends now
Also since he is also a criminal he’d obviously be kept under watch.
He’d probably be doing community service in the camps to make up for all the shit he did, so he won’t have much time to make any plans.
He can change...just trust him...and give this bitch therapy...
I am a bitch and I love him
I feel very intelligent and dumb at the same time.
Im also half Weeb...please don’t attack me.
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life-wise-girl · 3 hours ago
Shit Nico says #2
Nico: I've come to the point in life where I need a stronger word than fuck.
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angelsodreamy-no2 · 3 hours ago
ok but imagine nico all alone and exhausted in tartarus and he suddenly hears lil nas x singing while sliding on his pole on the way to lap dance for his dad since your step mom's not there.
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hellothirteenhere · 3 hours ago
nico di angelo 🤝 megumi fushiguro
being the dark haired emo kid of the group with a shadow-related ability, an absent father (who depite not being the best at it, loves them in their own way), an older sister who they lost at an early age (this loss fundamentally causing a drastic change in them), and a bright prodigy boy that is their person (but said persons are dense and into a tall blonde woman)
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simpingforpjo · 3 hours ago
Nico: what in the name of hades are you doing?
Will: shut up, i can’t talk right now
Nico: did you just tell me to shut up?
Will: *opens his jacket to reveal a bunch of baby chicks* if you’re not quiet you’ll wake them up
Nico, whispering: where the fuck did you even get these you psychopath?
Will: wanna hold one?
Nico: you’re such a weirdo but obviously, give me one
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dreamfyre1973 · 3 hours ago
Will: I'm sorry, but did you just refer to a knife as a goddamn PEOPLE-OPENER??
Nico: Should I not have?
Will: *Anguished Screaming*
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heyimboredtalktome · 5 hours ago
Nico solo book but it needs to have Will being insecure about how small and inconsequential his powers are, and then maybe he saves both their lives and he's like, y'know he feels better about his powers
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nicosolace · 5 hours ago
remember when nico killed a guy because he said he was gonna reveal his friends secret?
we all need a friend like nico
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ethannku · 5 hours ago
Will: Please put on some sun screen
Nico: I have literally gone through hell, I don't need sunscreen
Will: You think you're stronger than the sun? The fucking sun?
Nico: Apollo loves me. He wouldn't kill me.
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thrknwt · 5 hours ago
a fanfic where hades is a famous drug dealer. nico tries to escape from this life, but one day he got shoot by mistake
hades kidnap a doctor to take care of nico
well... you know who's the doctor
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thrknwt · 5 hours ago
when i was 14, riordan published blood of olympus
then i realized I'm not straight
my biggest wish is tell him nico di angelo made me gay
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azt3r · 6 hours ago
thinking about how as the demigods get older in pjo they start to understand the hatred their older half siblings had against their parents a bit more. Like as kids they understood and couldve seen where they were coming from but actually going through wars, countless and endless of battles risking your life and seeing your friends die year after year for what? For the gods to give you the bare minimum?
I feel like they’d have this collective sort of resentment despite still wanting their godly parents approval. Like they grow to detest prophecies and quests and think back on the days on how they so desperately wanted to be part of a quest and realize how naive they were. The battle field isnt as glorified as it used to be when you were 10-14 when the first titan war began. But even then? Thats all they’ve known and its such a familiarity to them that they don’t hesitate to go back into the battle and go on quests despite how much they hate it.
Like Nico even admits this in tower of nero that he still feels obligated to doing quests, that he’s still more used to the familiarity of being on the run constantly while being on the battlefield. Like this is literally all the demigods do know and we see how hard it is to fully try and accumulate to a life without all the battle and violence with Nico so how are the other’s coping? Do they ever despise the fact that their whole entire livelihood is constantly being thrown into battles to the point it feels like its the only thing you can do?
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what-a-load-of-schist · 7 hours ago
Nico, whispering: I'm so gay
Will: what?
Nico, panic modeTM: I AM HAY
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