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fanfictionlive · 18 minutes ago
Discontinued Fic collection on AO3
I've made a thing for everyone to use: a collection for all your discontinued, abandoned, or permanently-hiatused fics.
I actually went looking for an existing one after a thread in another post, and found that many of them were moderated, anonymous, and/or closed.
This one is unmoderated, revealed, and open, so anyone can add their fic to this collection and put a nice, visual indicator right there on the header to future readers that it's probably not going anywhere.
Tagging for such things is still recommended, but as we all know, readers need to be told things more than once. Also recommended for people who are open to such things, this collection encourages placing author's notes to let future readers know that the story can be adopted and continued.
If you want the fic off your account, but still want to retain creative control over it, you can also submit in conjuction to the Anonymous collection. This will remove the fic from public view, as well as from your total fic count. Note: This will ONLY happen if you submit to the Anonymous collection. Your fic will not disappear from your listings if you submit only to the DiscontinuedFic collection.
Feel free to dump all your abandoned WIPs, plotbunnies, and bad starts into this collection. Let your readers know that you shan't be picking it up ever again.
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fanfictionlive · 18 minutes ago
Writing out of my confort zone
I've recently fallen in a very rarepair with a friend of mine (by which I mean there was no content including those two characters before my friend and I came along) and well, you know how it goes. If it doesn't exist and you want to read it, write yourself.
So I've been trying. Even though it's very hard for me to write shippy things. And recently I've written in a character POV I really wasn't sure about, and I think all in all it turned out pretty well?
So yeah, I'm pretty happy about all that! Next stop would be writing a long one-shot or a MC fic but... Hm... Maybe in the future.
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pixduniya · 21 minutes ago
मुंबई से घर वापसी की 4 कहानियां: UP-बिहार जाने के लिए सीट नहीं मिली तो दोगुना जुर्माना भरकर जा रहे हैं लोग, बोले- शहर से मन भर गया
मुंबई से घर वापसी की 4 कहानियां: UP-बिहार जाने के लिए सीट नहीं मिली तो दोगुना जुर्माना भरकर जा रहे हैं लोग, बोले- शहर से मन भर गया
Hindi News Db original Mumbai Lockdown; Bihar Uttar Pradesh Migrant Workers Special Trains List 2021 | Dainik Bhaskar Ground Report On Railway Arrangement Ads से है परेशान? बिना Ads खबरों के लिए इनस्टॉल करें दैनिक भास्कर ऐप मुंबई3 घंटे पहलेलेखक: राजेश गाबा महज सालभर ही तो हुआ है, जब रेल से लेकर सड़क तक लोगों से अटी पड़ी थीं। बस, ट्रक, टैक्सी, ऑटो, बाइक, साइकिल से लेकर पांव-पैदल ही सही, लोग मुंबई…
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fanfictionlive · an hour ago
What is something you wish more authors would tag for?
And why you want them to tag it.
submitted by /u/unpopularxopinion [link] [comments] from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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She Who Dares: Part 15 (Whittaker!Master x Reader)
Summary: The pair track down Lijax’s last recorded position and make a surprising discovery. 
Warnings: mentions of slavery
Note: I love me another new alien planet with weird sentient plants and alien inhabitants. Please let me know what you think! Tag lists are open, drop me a message if you’d like to be added! 
Words: 1979
SWD Masterlist - Master Fics - Masterlist
Tumblr media
Incargou was unlike any other planet you’d ever visited. Despite what The Master claimed, interstellar travel was actually pretty rare and most trans-galactic lines only ran very specific routes. They led to the richest or most depraved worlds, (often one and the same), and from those built up hubs you could occasionally catch a ship heading to a smaller planet. Most worlds, though, were stripped of their natural beauty, transformed into economic hubs where nature had no place unless it could be harvested and sold. After a while, they became as remarkable as each other.
There, though, on Incargou, you were blown away by the abundance of planets and life. The ground was soft underfoot, much more like your own home world, and swirling vines created a canopy of blossoming flowers around you. Already they reached out to the TARDIS – now disguised as a local tree, but with startling blue palm leaves instead of the more common pink – stretching around its edges, welcoming it to the new world. They were beautiful, the sort of bloom that deserved to be plucked from its stem and preserved for the rest of time so that the bright colours may never fade.
Your companion, however, did not share your view.
     “Bloody parasites,” The Master grumbled. The vines withered as she slashed at them with her sword, a distinct acidity in the air as they sprayed pollen over you both. You instinctively stepped towards the Time Lord, finding the blade she’d gifted you as you stared down the darkening blooms. She continued to chop at them until the winding vines retreated entirely, shrinking in on themselves as The Master projected her irritation.
She turned to you with a tight smile and suggested, “Let’s find your brother quickly before they decide to go back for a second try. There’s no easy way off this planet without a TARDIS and I for one don’t fancy a ten month voyage on a waste trawler.”
You nodded in agreement and fell into step with her as you moved through the lush gardens. Even though you now knew the plants to be less friendly than their cheery colours suggested, you still found yourself admiring the rainbow flora around you. It reminded you a lot of your home, where nature still ruled true despite the technological advances of your people, with the soft shaping of leafy shrubs and warm grass beneath your feet.
Soon enough, a large building came into view. Once again you were struck by how similar the design was to your world. The materials were different – metal over your more traditional cured woods and stone – and the dimensions were far more impressive than even the richest people on your planet could afford but something about the manor felt like home.
The windows, you realised with a smile. Nestled within round frames were 11 separate smaller windows, squared planes of glass that intersected at precise angles to make a curious geometric shape indeed. You had never dreamed that other cultures would practise such similar architecture to your people. Of course, on your world, it was more common to have only 8 segments per window but perhaps that number was unlucky here.
    “It’s beautiful.”
The Master did not believe so. She turned her nose up at the design, muttering insults which started as realistic criticism, “derivative imitations” and “shoddy workmanship”, to the far less biting, “I don’t like the colour”. Picking up the pace, she strode towards the house with her head held high and exuding a confidence that left you momentarily blindsided.
In the past few weeks, you’d almost come to forget just how powerful the Time Lord could be. You’d seen her soft side, felt her passion and eased her deeply hidden fears of abandonment. You wagered that you knew her better than almost anyone else in the universe and in that time had come to see her as far more than the ruthless killer that her name conjured.
As she strode through the gardens, sword glittering in the shining sun, the dark tails of her jacket billowing behind her, you felt that confidence and determination that inspired such terror in others. The Master almost glittered in the light, the fairness of her hair and skin such a contrast to the blood red suit. A treacherous angel indeed.
    “Keep up, love,” she called, actually increasing her speed as you jogged to her side. “Servant’s door is on the far corner.”
    “You should call them slaves if they aren’t paid.”
The Master shot you look and carried on without correction. “We’ll go in through there and see if anyone knows anything about your brother. If we don’t find anything in ten minutes, we’re leaving.”
No time for argument, The Master removed a cufflink from her jacket and jimmied it between the metallic wall and the scanner pad. Static filled the corner of the screen and then spread like wild fire across the rest of the space. As she pulled the sharp spike out, the door sprung open and the Time Lord gestured inside with a flourish. “After you, my dear.”
Barely three steps inside you bumped into one of the slaves. They were a petite thing, dark hair shaved on one side, orange blotches covered the opposite side of their face. They wore neat but simple clothes, tailored tightly around their arms and torso but loose flowing around their lower halves.
They clasped their hands together and held them out to you both, a greeting of some kind, you supposed. Shining grey eyes on the ground, the slave asked, “Esteemed Ones, to what mistaken blessing are you in the underhalls?”
    “We’re looking for Lijax. He’s my brother and we thought we’d find him here.”
The slave’s head shot up, their soft eyes wide. Their mouth opened and closed a few times, a dark vein popped up on the side of their face, before they managed to calm their surprise. You supposed it was natural; it couldn’t be often that family managed to track down someone sold to slavery and stage a rescue. “You will not find him down here, Esteemed One.”
    “Where will we find him?” The Master asked. Where you were saddened by their nervous attitude and lyrical voice, it seemed only to irritate her. Surprising given how hard she pushed for your submission; perhaps the thrill of bending people to her will depended on the person in question. You smiled at the thought.
Summoned by a telepathic command just strong enough for you to detect, a second slave appeared moments later. They also held out their hands by way of greeting then motioned up the stairs from which they’d run. “This way, Travellers. I shall lead you to his presence.”
Ascending the tight staircase, you felt The Master’s hands on your hips. Supposedly in the name of keeping you steady on the sharp, uneven steps, you knew the truth was far less noble. Still, you certainly didn’t mind.
You glanced over your shoulder and whispered, “Does this feel a bit strange to you?”
    “Look at us, dear. We are clearly far further up the hierarchy than they are. You’ll get used to the bowing and simpering eventually. When you do, you’ll start to understand why it’s so much fun to carry a sword.”
    “Please don’t kill them. They’re prisoners here. It’s not their fault.”
She hummed but made no promise not to spear the heart of the next person that bowed before her.
A few minutes later, you stepped out of the darkened corridor into an extravagant hall. Soft velvet curtains hung around the west facing windows and thinner, lacy drapes on the south. Like much else in the home, the floor was metallic but these thin strips were more interestingly cast than the ones downstairs. They had been simple and cold; these were warmed from beneath and consciously chosen for their beautiful impurities that shimmered in the sunlight.
Two large chairs sat at the far end of the grand hall, one furnished with thick furs and the other carved with strong lines that The Master claimed told a fascinating story of murder and war. You were more interested in the crystal plants growing in troughs around the room. A warm light flickered inside each and every one, calling you to them. You’d never seen anything like them but the Time Lord slapped your hand away before you could touch any.
    “Best not,” she warned. “You’ve already pissed of one set of sentient crystals this week. Don’t go for another.”
Already scuttling away, the slave said gently, “He will be with you momentarily. Strength be within.” They vanished into the shadows before The Master could even consider drawing her sword on them.
You shifted your weight awkwardly from foot to foot as you waited. When a minute passed and there was still no sign of Lijax, The Master took your hands in hers and tugged you towards the door. “We’re leaving.”
    “Another minute. Please?”
She shook her head. “Unless Lijax grew some extra legs while he’s been here, the guards are coming.”
Your moment of hesitation proved critical. The large doors flung open and two heavily armoured guards stepped in. They swung their weapons overhead, the warning clear. Backing up, The Master drew her sword and put herself between you and the large soldiers. Her expression hardened, the wickedness she was famed for snapping to the surface. It was enough to still the guards.
    “There is no need for violence.”
Your heart stopped. Surely, it couldn’t be? After all this time searching, it couldn’t be that easy?
    “Oh, I beg to disagree.”
Leaping forwards, you grabbed The Master’s shoulder, barely ducking fast enough to avoid the swoosh of her blade, hands trembling. You shook your head, a smile spreading across your face until it hurt. “It’s okay,” you said. “It’s him.”
As the guards stepped aside, your stupid brother strode into the room, clothed in the most fantastically ridiculous outfit you had ever seen. Matching your smile, he walked straight past The Master and d your arms, studying every inch of you to prove that this was no kind of trick. You did exactly the same.
His hair was longer, almost down to his torso now, but more shockingly dyed bright purple. He was taller (heeled boots, you realised) and far stronger than you recalled but aside from that he was still the same idiot brother that ran off into the universe to find a better life. You felt it in your bones, that familiarity of spirit that you would never forget.
Pulling you against him, Lijax hugged you tightly. “I cannot believe you’re truly here! What are you doing here?”
You whacked his arm with the back of your hand and shoved him away just hard enough to release a fraction of the anger and fear and heartbreak that you had carried these past months. “I was looking for you, brother! It has been months since we last heard from you and I feared you had gotten your stupid arse killed.”
Lijax spread his arms, a wild grin on his face as the heavy robes hung around him. “I am not dead.”
    “Let’s see how long that lasts,” you grumbled. “What the hell are you doing here?”
    “All in time. Come, allow my guards to take you and your…” He glanced to The Master,  visibly shrinking under her intense gaze. Lijax took a step towards you, angling himself so that you were between him and the Time Lord. “Your friend to the guest quarters. We can discuss the details at dinner. It is so good to see you, sister.”
    “Yeah,” you conceded, the dark emotions swirling in your chest subsiding as love and relief for your brother burned stronger. You pulled him into another tight embrace and whispered, “It’s so good to see you too.”
If you want to be tagged in future parts or other fics, you can add yourself to a taglist here or send me an ask/drop me a comment! Please let me know what you think! 
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shawn-mendes-post · an hour ago
A/n: I used Stupid and That Way by Tate Mcrae. Hope you like this chapter.
(Y/N) sighs, waiting for the interview to be over, wanting to crawl into bed with Sebastian. She wanted him to wrap his arms around her, giving her the comfort that she needed. She smiles at the crowd as she walks towards the coach, hugging Harry before sitting down with flush cheeks. She still has not gotten used to having many fans or that she is an actress. She grew up just being Shawn Mendes’s friend that would hang around him.
"(Y/n), you have been with Sebastian Stan for a couple of months," Harry drawls, hearing the cheers and hollers from the crowd and the other two guests. Shaking her head, she internally rolls her eyes, wondering what they wanted to ask her.
"Yes, I have." (Y/N) replies, staring at Harry with guarded eyes, not wanting to show any emotions. Harry raises a photo, showing the crowd, which makes a smile appear on her face.
"Can you tell us more about this photo?"
The photo consists of Sebastian in the back, his arms around her waist, pulling her closer to him. His hands rested on her hips, not allowing her to move away from him. His head is nuzzled in between her neck, tilting to whisper in her ear, leaving a trail of kisses. (Y/N) was sipping from the glass, trying hard not to laugh as her hand covers her mouth.
"Sure. It started as a celebration with a few people because my new album is coming out today. Sebastian wanted to celebrate, so he surprised me with the party, and even did everything. I talk to Tom (Holland), and we were discussing this movie we are starring in together. Seb thought I was mad at him because he did not tell me about the surprise, which I loved by, the way. He came up to me, trying to cuddle with me, not caring Tom was watching us. I was shocked by his behavior, but what made me laugh was Tom's face. His eyes were wide as balloons, not recognizing his costar. When Sebastian started to get more affectionate, Tom started to blush, probably thinking we were about to start going at it right then and there in front of everyone." (Y/N) explains, not telling everything that happened. Especially knowing Sebastian would be more embarrassed if she told the whole truth about what happened that night, which is their little secret.
(Y/N) stands on the stage, waiting for her cue from Harry Styles that she is to perform. She watches his back, eyes lowing, head tilting, checking him out before noticing he is holding her new album. Excitement build-up, knowing people can buy them. She did have songs that she has yet to perform, and she decided to go on tour soon, needing a break from acting. She also wanted to spend more time with Sebastian since she spent countless hours thinking of Shawn. She remembers her dedication to Shawn and the promise she made to move on.
The band begins to play, (Y/N) swaying to the music, letting her words entrance the audience.
“Only think about him on the weekdays and weekends” She sings, bobbing her head, “Only in the mornings and evenings.” She grabs the microphone stand, realizing she is putting everything out in the open. She felt tired being quiet about her emotions, her love for Shawn, work, fame, everything.
“Only when I wake up and sleep in, oh my God” Her left hand rested on her chest, singing her heart out at how much love she has for this man, “Should have read the warning on the label, I don't.”
Eyes close, she imagines how she blindly follows Shawn without caution. She would have followed him anywhere, and she was. “Said proceed with caution, but I won't. Guess I do it often, I know I'm already gone (I'm already gone).”
(Y/n) smiles sadly at the crowd, watching the stares of the fans, trying to cipher every line, most likely wanting to post that they figured it out. “It's sad but true. I'd go to hell and back if I could go there with you. What do I do?” (Y.N) asked, lips quivering as she felt lost in her friendship with Shawn. She realized she lost herself once again, but it was deeper this time.
“Oh my God, I'm a fool. Keep on coming back to you. I'm so stupid for you. I'm so stupid for you. You're so bad for my health but I just can't help myself,” She sings, shaking her head, grabbing the microphone walking towards the front of the stage.
“I'm so stupid for you. I'm so stupid for you.” She points to Harry, with a faint smile as she continues to sing, “I have a list of all my habits, habits. Wish I didn't have it, so bad.
It's 'cause all of them are you and the bad things that you do.”
(Y/n) begins to sway to the music, nodding her head to the beat, “Ooh I wonder how you do it.
Make me feel stupid. Try to fight it off but it's useless. I'm so foolish, fooling around with you (around with you).”
It was Shawn’s birthday, and he was currently on tour. (Y/n) wanted to surprise him, and decided to buy a ticket to see him. He was staying in a hotel, but she did not the exact place. She had to get in contact with Brian, and they formulated a plan for the two to spend time together. (Y/N) would stay in the hotel room, waiting for Shawn to get back from practice since the concert was the next day.
When Shawn came, he was happy to see his best friend and got the idea to go out. The two went to dinner, spending time catching up with each other, sipping some wine. Shawn's eyes were drawn to her lips, wanting to taste them once more. He could not get the thoughts of them in bed out of his mind. Her moans kept driving him crazy, leading him to mess up during practice. The rest of the night went through a blur for the two.
(Y/n) woke up laying next to Shawn's naked body, which made her feel complex. She loved being with him and waking up next to him. On the other hand, she remembers what they said about being friends and could not go further. Sighing, she gathers her clothes, leaving before he could wake up, needing to shower and change. She would return with breakfast for the both of them, asking Shawn if he remembered what happened.
"No, Why? I did not do anything I would regret," Shawn asked, worried as he tries to think about last night. He kept coming up blank as he begins to eat, not noticing the state of his friend.
“Nothing to worry about,” she replied with a tight smile, looking away from him.
“It's sad but true I'd go to hell and back if I could go there with you. What do I do? Oh my God, I'm a fool. Keep on coming back to you. I'm so stupid for you. I'm so stupid for you.”
(Y/N) points to someone in the crowd, singing the words, as she moves the microphone closer to her lips. She sings with more passion and heartbreak as she knows her song is coming to an end, “ You're so bad for my health but I just can't help myself. I'm so stupid for you. (I'm so stupid for you). I'm so stupid for you. I'm so stupid for you.”
(Y/n) stops singing, until the band starts the next melody for the other song. She smiles and waves at the crowd when they realize there is another song, screaming in delight.
“Run me in circles like you always do.” She makes a motion of circles with her pointed finger, “Mess with me on purpose so I'll hang onto you.” Her heart starts to speed up, knowing all the rumors and speculations are about to get worse and confirmed in some way.
“I know what you mean when you act like that you don't know it's breaking my heart,” making a broken heart with her hands, a frown on her face, “Said that it was just never gonna happen,”
A blush forms on her face when remembering the almost kiss when Shawn and she were younger, “Then almost kissed me in the dark. Every time we talk, it just hurts so bad 'cause I don't even know what we are.”
The crowd starts to scream as recognition shines through their eyes, as the pieces are falling together in a slow, but surely place. “I don't even know where to start but I can play the part.
We say we're friends, but I'm catching you across the room,” she turns to give Harry a sexy look, smiling when he returns the jester, probably knowing how she feels at baring her heart to the world.
“It makes no sense, 'cause we're fighting over what we do and there's no way that I'll end up being with you. But friends don't look at friends that way. Friends don't look at friends that way. Can't even tell if I love or hate you more,” She sings with such emotions, that people could see how broken she looks. She glances at Harry, her fake smiles, closing her eyes frequently as if to not look at the crowd.
“You've got me addicted and I can't tell who's keeping score. I know what you mean when you act like that. You don't know it's breaking my heart. Said that it was just never gonna happen then almost kissed me in the dark,” she could not stand it anymore. She walks towards the piano, the man that was playing gets up, knowing the drill.
There was a chance she needed a distraction, and her manager set up a microphone just in case she decided to play. Slowly, her fingers set on the notes, not missing a beat, “Every time we talk, it just hurts so bad 'cause I don't even know what we are. I don't even know where to start but I can play the part. We say we're friends, but I'm catching you across the room.
It makes no sense, 'cause we're fighting over what we do and there's no way that I'll end up being with you.”
A few tears fall from her eyes, as she tries to blink them away. Her vision gets blurry, however, does not impact her playing since she has this song memorized in her heart. “But friends don't look at friends that way. Friends don't look at friends that way. Friends don't look at friends that way. Friends don't look at friends that way. Mmm, ayy,” She hums, her head dropping low as more tears escape, but she needed to be strong. She quickly wipes them away with one hand, the other still on the piano.
“We say we're friends, but I'm catching you across the room. It makes no sense, 'cause we're fighting over what we do and there's no way that I'll end up being with you. But friends don't look at friends that way. Friends don't look at friends that way,” she belts out the last notes tearfully, breaking many hearts that could relate to her. The crowd stands up, clapping and cheering her on, some had red eyes.
“Thank you, “ She says, getting up, walking towards Harry. Harry immediately wraps his arms around her waist, bring her into an embrace, silently wanting to cheer her up. He hated seeing her sad because this brought him pain. The audience gets more rowdy, seeing the two embrace, wanting to see more of the two.
“ My album is out today, and I hope you love it. I hope the person that inspired the album listens to it and understands my emotions I went through when I was around them,” She said, hugging Harry tighter against her, knowing she wished Sebastian was with her. She should have allowed him to come with her, but she thought she could handle it. However, she was wrong.
The unbearable pain filled her body, remembering every moment with Shawn, the good and the bad. A tightness in her chest forms, making her place a hand on her chest, fighting the urge to claw. She tries to find comfort in Harry's warmth and smell, but all she could do is think about Shawn. The grief of watching; Shawn with someone else, making memories together impact her psyche. Slowly, her breathing becomes heavy, as if no air was coming through, which makes her begin to panic.
Harry could notice something was wrong and hurried to wrap the show up before going on a commercial. He guides her towards the back, placing his hands on her shoulders, watching with concerned eyes as she begins to hyperventilate.
"Breath, love," Harry says in a low voice, trying to get her attention, but she still has this dazed look on her face. He did not know what to do, looking around to see if someone else can help. Suddenly, her phone starts ringing, which he received from her coat pocket to see Sebby. Immediately, he answers, bringing the phone to his ear, "(Y/N) is hyperventilating, and I have no idea how to calm her down."
He raises the phone to her ear as instructed, watching (Y/n) calm down, her eyes clearer than before. He felt relieved when he could see that she can grab the phone by herself. Her sad eyes meet his making his heart beat faster at how bright they looked due to the unshed tears. Slowly, his hand reached out, wanting to pull her in another embrace; especially, when he sees her lips quiver.
Out of nowhere, someone comes up, yelling his name. His head snaps to the left, watching as it is a producer, saying he is needed because James is on the call. Harry takes a glance at (Y/N) to see her smiling as if to reassure him. "Seb is coming, so you can go," she whispers, not wanting anyone to hear.
Harry nods, moving closer to her, motioning for her phone. (Y/N) slips her phone into his hand, watching curiously. He adds his number, offering her phone back with a smile, "call me when you can. I want to make sure you are okay," he explained, gently holding her hand before he walks away, glancing back once more.
(Y/N) sighs, heading to the room that she left her bag and change of clothes. Currently, she is wearing an elegant black polka dot see-through dress, stopping past her knees. She changes into a pair of leggings and Sebastian's hoodie over a crop top. Embarrassed, she remembers Harry's green eyes staring at her with such intensity and concern when she was freaking out.
A warm feeling fills her belly at the thought of her crush holding her hand. Not understanding what happened, (Y/N) makes her way to the exit, wait for Sebastian outside, not wanting to stay in the studio anymore. (Y/n) is on her phone, placing earbuds into her ears, listening to music, biting her lower lip, trying to clear her mind.
Her eyes meet the vivid blue eyes that charmed her every time she sees them. Her cheeks dusted pink as her heart start rushing at how concern Sebastian looks at her with a crooked smile.
"Doll, are you hungry?" He asked, knowing not to ask about what happened unless she wants to talk. He cups her cheeks, staring into her eyes, silently examine to see if she is alright. As if satisfied, he leans down closer to her, faces stopping, so their lips almost touch, waiting for her permission. He wanted to kiss her but did not know her mindset. He knew something happened, but he did not know if it was about Shawn or the other ex.
Conflict flickers through her eyes making, Sebastian worries if something is wrong. He moves to pull away, not wanting to force her into something, but she wraps her arms around his neck, pulling him back to her. Her eyes flutter close, tilting her head, needing to feel his soft lips, feeling the warmth of his breath. The two lips meet in a delicate way making (Y/n) let out a satisfying sigh.
Heat excitedly rose from her stomach, inhaling his hypnotic scent. She parts her lips, needing more as she allows herself to pull into for a hungry kiss. His fingers slide down her side, making her shiver, his hands gripping her waist, pulling her against his body. Sebastian's hungry eyes meet her parted lips that are breathing heavily after pulling away from her.
"Let's get you home," Sebastian says, after taking a few deep breathes, controlling his needs to focus on her. His hand grips her, leading her towards the car, checking on her from time to time.
When the two get to her home, he sets the food they picked up on the way down. His eyes follow her movement as she heads to her bedroom, wanting to take a shower. He stays silent, wanting to offer her support, but feeling like she will enclose more. Conflict on what to do, he decides to grab the food, heading to the bedroom. He sets the food on the (f/c) bed, running on the remote to (f/m), knowing she will want to relax. He lights some candles, knowing they help have a soothing effect, and changes into something more comfortable before laying on the bed, waiting.
It takes a while before (Y/n) comes out with puffy eyes, making her way to the bed. A small smile appears on her lips when seeing the movie that they will be watching. Sliding in, she cuddles with Sebastian, leaving space for the food. Nibbling often, not feeling very hungry as (Y/N) watches the movie, feeling at ease. A part of her wants to open up to Sebastian, but she does not know how he reacts. She wants to love him and tell him, but the fear inside her is holding back as she is not over Shawn.
"Hey, how about we take a vacation," her soft voice breaks the silence between the two. She glances up, assessing Sebastian's thoughts about getting away. An eyebrow raised, Sebastian lets out a chuckle, "you take a break?"
(Y/n)'s lips pursed, knowing he is not making fun of her, but still wanted him to take her seriously. She places the food on the nightstand as she places her left hand on his cheek. His eyes narrow, watching his prey, wondering what will happen next. Leaning her face up close to his, lips dangerously close, teasing him. Sebastian lets out a groan when feeling her straddling him; his body reacts immediately. "Doll, do not start something you can't finish," he growled, hands resting on her hips.
"I think we should spend time just the two of us. We will not act or perform or interviews for either of us. Just spending time with each other exploring," (Y/n) whispers, biting her lower lip, fluttering her eyelashes at him.
"I like that idea," husky; Sebastian replies, crashing their lips together, tilting her head to have more access. She pushes back, mouth opening, feeling his tongue pushing; into her mouth, exploring, memorizing every detail. (Y/N) lets out a low moan as she feels the bristles of his beard scratching her cheeks. Pulling back, she gasps feeling; his hands slip under her shirt, teasing running up to cup her breast.
"I love you,"
(Need to let me know if you want to be tagged.)
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fanfictionlive · 2 hours ago
How do I let go?
I’ve written fanfiction for years. I still love it, don’t get me wrong, but I miss not caring as much. I had a lot more fun when I first started because I just wrote what I wanted and didn’t care if it was good or not.
But now I feel so much pressure and I’m always judging myself. I get an idea that I’m excited to write about, but once it’s actually on paper, I hate it and lose interest. I never finish anything I make anymore. I read my writing over and over and nitpick it. I can’t even enjoy reading other people’s fanfiction because I’m always comparing them to mine. I know I shouldn’t do it but I can’t stop. I feel like my own worst enemy.
Anyone else go through this? Any advice? Thank you sm
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fanfictionlive · 2 hours ago
How Long Does It Take You To Write and Update a Chapter?
So I just finished writing the first chapter of my first fanfiction and my God, I will never complain about update times again. It took a whole month from first words to final editing (along with some IRL stuff) before I felt comfortable with getting it ready for publishing. About 6500 words in total.
Does it normally take that much time for you to complete a chapter or do you tend to get it done quicker or later?
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fanfictionlive · 3 hours ago
Feeling overwhelmed by WIPs...
I've been going through a period of struggling with my own work and lacking motivation and inspiration.
A couple of my stories have become more popular than I expected in my fandom and I have too many WIPS in progress and don't seem to want to work on any of them.
I don't know what to work on... I've just taken almost a month away from writing, but still can't bring myself to write. I'm afraid if I don't update soon, I'll lose the readers I have left... I don't even know why that worries me when this is supposed to be a hobby?
Has anyone else ever had far too many WIPS in progress at once and overwhelmed themselves?
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designatedbreadbox · 4 hours ago
The Disappearance at St. Toivo; Pt. 2
Part 1 is right here!
Apologies for the very late update!
Note: For clarification, when I say 'football', I'm talking about soccer. Soccer is called football in Europe whereas in America, we say soccer.
And I'll try to keep every update or so under 2- 2.500k words or less; I personally don't feel like writing in huge blocks.
Wordcount: 1.6k
A few agonizing minutes before he replied.
Sorry, was taking care of something. :Diavolo
And how cute!💕 :Diavolo
Text me the interesting parts! :Diavolo
Once again, the green icon went gray and you sighed heavily with relief. You put the phone to your side after turning it off. You turned towards Lucifer.
"It worked. Atleast, I think it did. It seemed like he bought it."
"I hope so. And now for clarification; all four of us here now know that the diary can tell the future in all honesty. We don't know exactly how it does this or who wrote it-"
"-Amelia Piotrowska."
"..Whatever. And now we should already be aware of the risks of having this, thing."
"It ain't a 'thing', it's a diary."
"Shut up, Mammon."
He was right; being able to know the future was a risk and benefit combined. On one hand, you might be able to prevent the future; contrarily, you know about whatever future is coming. Just knowing is a huge gamble in itself. Had you not shared the diary with the brothers present, paranoia about future events might've killed you. That point aside, curiosity burned inside of you to keep reading it; and you aleady knew Lucifer's next words.
"I'm keeping the diary." You announced abruptly.
A jolt of surprise from everyone.
"What?! Why would ya keep an old musty thing like that!? That thing's dangerous!"
"I concur." Satan voiced. "It's better to burn it than just putting it back where you got it."
"See? We're all in agreement that you should throw it out or leave it in a ditch somewhere."
You were gripping it now. "And what if someone else finds it? Then what?"
"T-then ya just burn Satan said.."
"Fine; I'll burn it by the end of the day. Let's go to my place. The lights don't seem to be coming back anytime soon."
Everyone nodded in unison while Asmo quickly cleaned himself up with what lighting poured from the windows. After that was said and done, you all pooled into your car, and drove off.
Tumblr media
You sat cross - legged on your bed. On one end lied you, your mountain of fluffy pillows that you acquired over the years curtesy of Belphegor, and the dreaded diary. It stared back at you, still and unmoving as it silently commanded you to flip the pages. You could almost feel the haunting aura from it, hearing it's snide laughter and taunts. The brothers believed you had burned it; once the lights came back on in their home and you dropped them off, you drove to the store. Who knew that a simple, black notebook through a "bad quality video" was all it took to the get the ball rolling. They believed you burned it; and now you have to continue to live that lie. Where can you put it? It's too torn to fit into a bookshelf but it might pass as an outdated sketchbook. Even that would be hard to convince, given that's it's smaller than the medium sized sketchbooks and bigger than the small ones.
One option was to put it in your car. Car robbery was a potential outcome but so is a house robbery if you left it here. Besides, Mammon's notorious for breaking into your home uninvited if he personally feels bored enough. You don't want to imagine what he'll say if he finds it accidentally while you're not home.
The only 'right' option in this case is to take it with you. Your bag can conceal it well and your company has a strict 'no- touch' policy; one that forbides other people from touching belongings that aren't theirs. You should know; you've seen either Barbatos or Diavolo enforce the punishments when the policy's broken.
You were bouncing your knee at this point, still staring at it. Temptations have grown as well as your raging desire and curiosity to read some more pages. When was the last time you took a breathe? When was the last time you blinked? You couldn't recall and you didn't bother trying to.
"..Fuck it. Now or never, MC." You mumbled to yourself before swiftly picking it up.
You smiled to yourself as you flipped it open, reading as much as you could for no particular reason. Line after line, page after page, you absorbed it all. Minutes bleeded into hours as they rapidly came and went. Your eye lids felt heavier and heavier the more pages you turned and unbeknownst to you, you yawned.
It'll just be a quick nap, you told yourself. I'll wake up in a few minutes.
That obviously didn't happen.
Luckily no one decided to stay over at your house, because if they did, they would've seen your face drooling over part of a page and your hand. You bolted upwards, remembering about work only to see that you were far beyond late. Lucifer isn't going to be happy with you, though Diavolo would be very lenient.
You didn't bother getting dressed as you self- proclaimed it to be a 'sick day'. Your usual routine was acted out, and when done, you settled onto the kitchen table, slowly drinking from your mug.
You mulled over some of the diaries entries, disturbed by some of their contents. The images you drew of those scenes slowly came into view, growing sharper the more you concentrated.
A car accident, two muggings, a dead body teams? What could these mean? You didn't intend to be picky, but the ones that seemed useless were the desvriptive entries. The important, life-threatening, some-could-die-in-this-scenario-right-now reports were the most vague. The only thing you got from those was that in the car accident and found dead body scenes, both of the victims were male. No physical descriptions, and the timing was never stated.
Then again, why would it? The first two you read were within a few minutes of each other. It'll be unfair by nature and perhaps fate itself if all of the incidents occured in under an hour at once. Would you be able to witness them? Doubt it.
Your phone started ringing, playing the catchy tune you assigned to it. You let it play a bit, relaxing to the music before remembering it was a call. Sighing, you out down the warm mug and picked up the phone.
"Hello? Who is this?" You called.
"It's me, your boss! I know you didn't come in today, possibly because you're sick but that's not why I'm calling. I want to know what's in the diary's content that you found the other day."
You have got to be fucking kidding right now. You faked the best stuffy voice you could.
"Ah, sorry Dia, my voice sounds so weird to be telling stories right now."
"Not a problem! I'm outside your house right now to help you- "
"Wait what?"
" -I'm joking! Besides, you faked sickness after I made my request, not before. It's not good to lie, MC."
Goddammit Diavolo, you thought. What type of witch or warlock powers do you have?
"Ah, well, it's just some child drama and stupid shit kids do. Ya know, the usual."
" ...You're hiding something, MC. I can sense it."
'Witch' was your immediate thought after that.
"I'm not hiding anything. It was rather boring, actually."
Silence. He clearly and obviously didn't buy it.
"Okay okay, fine, but if I tell you, you won't believe me. It sounds...outlandish."
"Oh? How so?"
Curiosity was laced into those words. You hesitated, causing Diavolo to call you name. You felt like a child telling their parents about an imaginary friend rather than a predicting diary.
" can tell the future. I know it sounds crazy and insane, but it can. I swear it's true and I can tell you something to try to prove it."
"Hahaha, sure! Tell me anything that didn't already happen then, if you have so much faith in it."
His reaction was expected but that didn't stop you from pouting slightly. You told him to hang on, and after getting to where you wanted to be, you paraphrased from the diary.
"Okay, um, this week is finishing the team qualifiers for the upcoming World Cup Championship in Moscow, right? Here are the five teams that'll make the cut before the final rounds:
Ruch Chorzów,
Wisła Kraków,
Legia Warsaw,
Górnik Zabrze,
and Lech Poznań. Tonight, at 5:30 P.M., they'll announce it. Okay? Remember, 5:30 P.M.!"
"Alright, alright, I'll look out for it then. You have my word, MC. Hope your rest day will go well; it would be a shame if you had any plans."
Wait, was he going to assign you work? Before you could ask, the call ended.
...Plans..? Now that Diavolo mentioned it, you have something to do tomorrow, but not today. Yesterday, you, Levi, and Asmo made plans to go to a theater to watch a play. Levi brought it up, surprisingly, considering this is actual people performing and not 2D people. The play was Ivonna, Princess of Burgundia and Levi saw that it had great reviews since it was a comedy. Asmo agreed to go in hopes of getting a date with a "cute worker" or something along those lines.
Plans aside, Diavolo was a huge football fan, so there's almost no reason he wouldn't check the sports channel.
Your afternoon proceeded as normal, but every so often you would look out the window, check your phone, or random rooms in your house. You got spooked a bit when you a heard a while passing your oval mirror only to see that it was just random teenagers outside. That same mirror startled you again when you thought you saw the bust of a young man; it was just your winter coat.
Time seemed to crawl slowly, and as you waited for the anticipated sport announcement, you took a quick catnap. The catnap turned into a few-hour nap, causing you to miss both the announcement and text messages from Diavolo.
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fanfictionlive · 4 hours ago
Fic reached 1000 kudos
My most popular fic just reached 1000 kudos on ao3!!! I'm not the type of person to obsess over numbers but it's just crazy to me to know that 1000 people, literally the size of the high school I went to, have taken the time to read and leave kudos on my fic. Like those are real people who enjoy my writing!!! It's kind of mindboggling. I've been writing for fun for years now and ever since I started doing fanfic I've finally gotten to see how it feels to have people read and love something you've created. Even on my other fics, some of which barely get 100 reads, I still get so excited just knowing people have liked that. There's just something so lovely about making something that evokes a feeling in a complete stranger, even if that feeling is fleeting.
Anyway, I'll spare you all the dramatics of my inner musings and end this here. Just wanted to share my excitement with this amazing community!
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fanfictionlive · 4 hours ago
Found someone repost a fic of mine on Wattpad...
...and I'm not angry.
I had heard about people plagiarizing stories before. Happened to do a Google search for my username out of curiosity. Ended up seeing that someone had posted a fairly popular fic of mine on Wattpad. My reaction ended up surprising me, because instead of feeling angry about it as what many might expect, I felt happy. After giving it some thought, I figured out why.
First of all, this might be a bit prejudiced, but I always considered Wattpad to have a younger user base. So, when I saw my story posted, I assumed the person who posted was likely very young and therefore might not have realized what they were doing. A closer look reinforced this impression I had. In the description, the user made it clear that they were not posting as the original author. They credited me and said they posted on Wattpad because they liked the story and wanted to share it there. This gave me an impression that this was not someone hijacking my work for their own benefit, but an eager fan who found a story they liked and was excited to share it. After realizing that, I was happy that they had cared about my work enough to do that.
Another thing I realized was that I had not written the story for any personal or financial gain. I had written the story mainly for fun. Therefore, I didn't see any issue with the work being reposted. If this person had posted original writing that I had intended to sell, I would have reacted quite differently. But since this was fanfiction, I didn't feel like they were plagiarizing anything of monetary worth.
I never reached out to this user, but I just wanted to share this story to offer a different take on seeing a story I worked on posted by someone else.
Edit: spelling
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wrestlingatthemovies · 4 hours ago
Aztec Revenge (2015)
Tumblr media
The 3rd in a series of English language lucha movies starring WWE Hall of Famer Mil Mascaras. After a number of Aztec artifacts are stolen from a university The Man of a Thousand Masks is called in to retrieve them but must fight a giant robot and mind controlled ninjas in order to do so.
At the time of filming the Lucha legend was was in his 70s and this shows in his slow paced fight scenes where he does include some wrestling moves like clotheslines and head locks. Most of the action in these scenes is by the ninjas who jump about menacingly before being easily swatted away by the masked hero.
Tumblr media
Mascaras is shown briefly in a wrestling match during an early scene and his opponent is played by Tony Kozina who has appeared on both TNA and WWE TV is small spots.
A number of other luchadores are shown in the movie but these are played by actors as opposed to wrestlers.
Featured Wrestlers:
Mil Mascaras as himself
Tony Kozina as Mil's Wrestling Opponent
Wrestle Rating:
4 out of 5 costume changes
Tumblr media
This movie is ridiculous, over the top, unrealistic and a whole lot of fun. While the former All Japan Pro Wrestling PWF US champion is past his prime in this film he still oozes cool and the obvious dubbing of his voice somehow adds to the fantasticness of the film.
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thesfnews · 5 hours ago
49ers Reveal Virtual Lesson Series For Teachers And Students
SAN FRANCISCO—On Wednesday, April 14, 49ers EDU announced a “Virtual Lesson Series” to help Bay Area students and teachers that have an interest in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math).
The SF 49ers tweeted that day:
“#49ersEDU is bringing their STEAM field trip program directly to Bay Area students. The newly launched Virtual Lesson Series is free, accessible online and features adjustable lesson topics to fit K-8 academic standards. . .”
The 49ers EDU said the series is “perfect” for teachers and students with an interest in STEAM and said it “hopes to spark interest” and “continue to grow the next generation of STEAM professionals,” in an April 15 news release.
The lessons will be 45 minutes long and eligibility is based on “schedule, staffing, and program availability,” noted its application form.  In addition, 49ers EDU said there will be only be one visit per day (at the moment).
There are three topics to choose from, states the news release:
Career Connections: Students and teachers will “explore all the different jobs that are necessary for a successful football franchise, both on and off the field.”
Environmental Sustainability: Students and teachers will be displayed the “many environmentally friendly practices in place at the venue, including the use of solar, a rooftop garden, and recycling.”
Art, Math, and Football: Students and teachers will learn “how math influences art, and how art can help people understand complex mathematical problems.”
The “Virtual Lesson Series” is an “extension of the regular 49ers EDU in-person programming at Levi’s Stadium, which has been completely halted since” the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, notes the news release.
During a “normal year,” about 60,000 students visit the 49ers EDU & Denise DeBartolo York Education Center at the 49ers Museum in Santa Clara, CA for “meaningful and relevant and educational experiences that leverage football as a platform to connect, engage and inspire K-8 students and educators,” states the news release.
Director of 49ers Museum and 49ers EDU Jesse Lovejoy said he hopes that the “Virtual Lesson Series” will “serve as a fun, unique, and simple way to learn about STEAM through the lens of football,” the press release notes.
The 49ers Museum opened nearly seven years ago back in August 2014 as a “first-class celebration” of football team San Francisco 49ers from the “past, present, and future” with “11 unique gallery and exhibit spaces,” according to an August 2014 news release.
The new virtual series was announced the same day it was revealed that former SF 49ers player Lynn Thomas passed away at age 61.
49ers Reveal Virtual Lesson Series For Teachers And Students was originally published on San Francisco News
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itsdarkinsidee25 · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Ben Barnes nuevo still de la serie Shadow & Bone
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fanfictionlive · 6 hours ago
For people who DO like crossovers and fandom fusions which one is better?
I'm just curious. I definitely like both. But I think I prefer straight crossovers more.
What about you guys? Maybe they are both equally good in different ways, but you tend to read a particular one more? Do you actually love one and hate the other one? Why do you think this is the case?
Not trying to start arguments. Just thought it was an interesting discussion.
And yes, I know most people seem to hate them. I'm not asking you guys...
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itsdarkinsidee25 · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Nuevos stills de la serie The Falcon and The Winter Soldier
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