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misssophiachase · 4 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Happy belated birthday @helpfulfairy (I’m extremely fashionably late as usual). The talented and brilliant @sekretny13 did this beautiful mood board (on time) and I really hope I’ve done it justice. 
Based on the song That’s When by Taylor Swift and Keith Urban from Fearless 2021 (AKA Taylor’s version). 
They’ve broken up but not because they don’t love each other or don’t want to get back together. 
Did You Ever Think of Me?
And you said, "Honestly...when you were gone, did you ever think of me?”
He’s trodden the path to her house too many times to count but today is different. 
It’s Tuesday for starters. The very day he fell in love with her two years ago, albeit a very rainy one in early September.
He can still remember the loud thud that echoed around the room and interrupted class as the wooden door slammed shut.
Klaus would have been happy for any distraction given the monotony of the lecture. Although, it was only when he turned that he saw her for the first time.
She was wearing a clear raincoat, the water droplets spilling liberally onto the floor while madly trying to shrug it off and avoid any extra embarrassment.
For Klaus, it was the memory of just how adorable she looked, scrunching up her nose. Even from that distance he could make out a smattering of freckles across the bridge and immediately wondered what it would be like to place a kiss right there. 
Turns out she’d forgotten her text book too and Klaus was more than happy to share with the mystery girl. She’d briefly glanced in his direction but barely engaged, clearly attempting to focus on class. 
He couldn’t blame her but was struggling to ignore her enticing, floral perfume and the way her blonde waves fell loose and carefree around her shoulders as the breeze tickled them from the open window. 
It was at that exact moment Klaus knew she was the one. 
Fast forward two years and, although largely inseparable, their relationship isn’t as perfect as he’d envisaged. A mixture of inexperience, immaturity, impatience, misplaced jealousy and everyday frustration. 
Difficult, yes, but not unsalvageable in his eyes. 
When she tearfully told him weeks earlier that she couldn’t do this anymore it broke his heart. Not only because he knew she was the one but because he couldn’t imagine life without her melodic laugh and those lively, blue eyes.
Since then, all Klaus wants to know is whether she’s thought about him as much as he has about her. Something he didn’t think he’d ever find out until her unexpected call asking to meet today as he waits nervously and impatiently outside her front gate.  
“And that's when I'll be waiting at the front gate.” 
She’s incredibly nervous, not expecting the short walk from her very familiar front door to the gate to be so confronting. Even with all that fresh air she is struggling to breathe properly. 
It’s Tuesday and the very day they met years earlier. So coming together to discuss their fractured relationship seems nerve racking but also fitting. 
Caroline was unusually late, her alarm had failed and she had to rush to class across the rainy quad dressed in yesterday’s clothing. 
Being the ultimate perfectionist, Caroline was mortified by her late and clumsy entrance. Most students failed to interact until she spied some messy blonde curls and a pair of warm blue eyes from the front. 
Then he’d offered to share his book.
Caroline had reluctantly agreed but decided looking into those eyes was counterproductive to studying.  
Unfortunately, those eyes weren’t going anywhere. 
Now looking around her front yard, she knows those eyes are still very much a fixture in her life. 
From being so madly in love, it’s a struggle to realise that nothing is ever perfect, even their relationship. 
Amidst the struggles of college life, it’s not unexpected but for Caroline, the perfectionist, she felt like a failure. Until they broke up and she realised that Klaus is the only certainty in her life. 
“You came?” 
It’s out of her mouth before she can stop it. He looks as handsome as ever in a navy henley and fitted, dark jeans, a combination that only brings out those eyes she’s always trying to ignore. 
“Of course I did.”
“Did you think about me?” They both ask in unison, not expecting that their first thoughts would be the same, so too their response. 
“I'll let you in, and baby that's when.”
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lilian-maximoff · 6 minutes ago
Summary - Word goes around that Wanda has broken tighs from Vision. But like always Y/n tries to keep herself out of it until something happens.
A/n - This is long overdue and I'm sorry, but here I am and I'm ready to finish what I started. This the ending where you end up with Wanda.
Thank you @nyx-aira for the prompt. I hope you don't mind slight changes.
Tumblr media
"Norm! Have you seen my purse? Norm?" You were surprised to hear nothing. The house held fell silent.
"Norm, honey? Where are you? The blooming celebration isn't going to wait for us. Norm?" Your Periwinkle hugging and slit dress swayed with your hips as you find Norm watching the television.
Norm's eyes reflected the show from the television as you watch his eyes travel to the clock and back to the television. Norm sat next to your purse as you worry for Norm.
"Honey? Are you okay?" Norm must have felt your eyes while he asked you the question.
"Yeah, are you ready?" You grab your purse while staring at Norm.
"I'm not going but Wanda would be more than glad to go with you, after all, she and Vision are no longer married" Norm takes off his tie while keeping his focus on the sitcom that played in front of him.
You knew that Wanda and Vision were no longer married but you thought it was a rumor that Agnes or even Dottie made up. The girls couldn't stop talking about it, after a while the committee meetings turned into "What are the Maximoff's doing now?". The solid reason for the committee faded and soon this big event was thrown to bring the redhead herself out of her cave.
You felt bad for Wanda, she was the woman who threatened your marriage but apparently her own. She was beautiful, amazing, and extremely talented in bed. She pulled at the right heartstrings and played a song that you couldn't pull away from, she was Wanda Maximoff.
"Norm, come on, I-"
You're cut off by a small knock at your door causing you to groan while rewarding no reaction from your husband Norm.
"Wanda?" Your eyes widen to see Wanda all dressed up and ready to take you out.
"Goodevening, Y/n. You look great! I see Norm has informed you that I'll be taking you on a small but large adventure" Wanda smiled at your confused expression.
"Wanda, I really don't feel like an adventure at the moment. I love the gesture but Norm isn't acting like... Norm" Your eyes travel to your dazed husband while you curse yourself for opening the door.
"He'll be fine. Y/n I know you're not in the mood for an adventure, but I've had a really crappy week and I think that a small adventure with you will fix it" Wanda guilt ticks you with her pout and her best pair of puppy dog eyes to match that tone of hers.
"Fine" You again curse yourself for agreeing to the redhead's plans.
Wanda takes a turn down a street that you have never seen before. This indeed was not the town hall, in fact, this is a new whole world within itself.
Wanda has taken you to a field filled with red poppies and roses. The floral scent sent you into a haze filled with beauty, colors, and fine details. Figments of familiarity filled your almost empty mind while stars shined upon your lost gaze.
Wanda stood lost with her eyes laying upon your lost form. She wanted to wash all her love over you, she wanted to tell you, inform you, and share her reasons for leaving Vision. She saw a lost dream within Vision but she found a reality with the woman that admired the field that she stood in.
Ghosting her fingers over your knuckles Wanda took a shape breath in before she laid every detail to you.
"Y/n, have you ever thought your happy ending maybe with the most unexpected person that you saw as unreal or untouchable?" Wanda's words confused you.
"I don't understand what your asking" You sat on the hood of the car while pulling your legs close to your chest.
"I'm asking you a simple question. Do you see your happy ending with a person you less expect it to be?" Wanda sat next to you with her fingers lingering on your wedding ring.
"Is this about Norm or is it about you?" You finally ask while feeling your answer coming together.
"I don't know? Do you want it to be with me or Norm?" Wanda brushes a strand of hair behind your ear.
"I want to be at the dance having fun and taking a breather away from the drama of which is you by the way" Your glare rewards you laugh for the redhead beside you.
"Well you still can have that dance but you can't get away from me" Wanda climbs off the hood and turns the radio on.
Smooth and slow music filled the once silent landscape while Wanda returns with a smile. Offering her hand Wanda throws you a reassuring wink.
"Come on. I know a night like this shouldn't be wasted on the what if's" Wanda pulls you off the hood and guides your lost footsteps.
"Wanda, I'm going to miss my speech and Dottie would be mad" You seemed determined to go but Wanda was clear on what a night should look like.
"Stay with me princess, I need you here with me" Wanda's arm tightens around your waist and pulls you close to her causing her breath to brush against your lips while your heads touch.
Your eyes couldn't tear themselves away from her soul-searching eyes. How could a woman hold so much power within her eyes? How could you find it kinda hot?
Wanda was in fact a woman with true fine beauty. She was perfect. She made you sing and play an unwanted song, but how could you stop yourself from loving such a melody?
Closing your eyes, and with the music, you fell deep into such a magical moment that you failed to notice a red mist surrounding itself around you. Wanda sways with you as the mist levitates you both.
"Keep your eyes on me" Wanda makes you look at her as if she needed to know for sure that you will 100% trust her with yourself.
"Keep your eyes on me and only me" You begin to worry as you realize that your feet we're no longer on the ground.
"Keep your eyes on me" Wanda turns your face to make you look at her.
" I don't want you to leave me alone, Y/n. Without you, I feel so empty, you fill a hole of which I thought was already filled" Wanda's voice cracks and you feel yourself floating even higher.
The music from the car becomes a silent nothing while you float and see the view of Westview. You let go of her hands and push her away while surprising staying afloat.
"Wanda, please take me home. Norm-"
"Norm isn't in love with you. Why are you trying to make something work that isn't working or going to work?" Wanda reaches out for you while you shrug.
"I don't know? I just want my happy ending Wanda, is that too much to ask?" You swallow hard while playing with your ring.
"I don't see a future with him if you continue to be there. I don't see my perfection anywhere. I can't hear it or see it so why am I trying?" You ask yourself while you recall the times where Norm wasn't in touch with you once or when his birthday is all he could remember but yours seemed irrelevant.
When did Norm ever say he loved you? Did Norm ever say such words to you, in fact, can you even remember your wedding day or how you both met? Thinking about it how did you guys meet and when?
Wanda waited until you realized that this was all fake. Norm was paired up with you while you were with Monica a second before being sucked into the Hex. This ring on your finger wasn't real and that the words 'I love you' became air or nothing as you have never felt the true power of those words-.
"Y/n, I love you and only you. As I said before I feel empty without yo-"
Throwing your ring off, you ran into her arms while feeling those words fill themselves with the power of which those words carry.
"Stay with me" Your words sank in as did Wanda's.
"Only if you stay with me" You looked up at Wanda with a smile that she would never forget.
Looking deep into her eyes the sky erupts with red sparks while red walls burst with colors from the outside world revealing a champ set up, right behind the walls.
Red magic engulfs you both while revealing a red-like Goddess.
"Scarlet witch at your serves, my love" Wanda crashes her lips against your tight smile as your fingers tangle themselves within her red locks.
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lootofathousandsworlds2 · 8 minutes ago
Tumblr media
lol like B.E.N says, this guy has such a temper X’D 
and I blame watching beauty and the Beast and the argument has inspire me to do this mess silly comic X’D 
I wanna to color it but im too tired to do so..its 3 am guys I need to sleep. Night. *falls on my bed*
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theroadhousedidntburndown · 9 minutes ago
Hi! I will be stepping away / not using this sideblog as much but I want to keep it running. If you are interested in joining this blog to rb supernatural art and fics (no wincest) then please dm me! 
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valeriane · 10 minutes ago
Avalanche chapitre 15 : La Bataille des Docks
Résumé: Une invocation en pleine ville, ce n’est jamais une bonne nouvelle. Surtout quand l’invocation patauge dans la réserve d’eau douce de Midgar.
Personnages : Team Avalanche, Team MGU, Team Turks, OC
Tags spécifiques au chapitre : BAMF Yuffie, Red n’aime pas l’eau, Barret est un papa mais personne ne l’écoute, les limites c’est fantastique, traumatisme de Yuffie, Squall est un ami, il essaye en tout cas, world building, slow burn, good bromance, C’EST PAS CE QUE JE VISE AVEC CES DEUX LÀ BON SANG, jamais vu deux persos se tourner autour autant sans arriver à faire le premier pas, on y est encore dans dix chapitres, je vous jure, (ndAutrice qui écrit le chapitre 25 : Ouais, on y est encore, mais ils avancent un peu)
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lifeofkaze · 12 minutes ago
*slides in* 😏 I have a Fanfic Friday ask for youuuu -- what do you personally find easiest to write? What about hardest? What methods do you employ to help you get through those things that are hardest to write?
My initial reaction was “Hardest? Everything!” but that’s not a good answer I guess 😂 so I’ll try again:
I find the light-hearted stuff to be the easiest to write. I can do angst and I can do fluff and I really enjoy it, as long as it doesn't go too deep. I think it might be because it allows me to switch moods more freely, hopping from funny to romantic to flirty to teasing and back to funny again, for example. I find that my writing really flows in those kind of scenes. Except when someone is actually joking, that's hard because I'm really not funny. At all. 😂
Resonating with the first part, the hardest things and the things I honestly struggle with the most is the deep stuff, whether it's fluff or angst. The moments that really, truly shake you and stay with you and change the way you're thinking. The 'key moments' of a story if you want to call them that. Especially when it comes to angst or trauma, I don't have any major experiences to draw from (but you know... not really too mad about that <.<) and it's difficult for me to feel into a situation that rattles my characters to the core. These are also the scenes where I feel the fact that I'm not a native speaker the most, as I tend to use the same expressions over and over again. Thank God for things like Thesaurus...
Oh yeah, and also Smut. That's some tough stuff.
As to how I get over the hard bits? I use the same technique I used when I was at university. I map out my scene into bullet points and sections that are really short and easy to reach. I make myself write a section, even if I don't like it initially, and when I'm done, I allow myself to take a break from it, maybe doodling around in the actual HPHM game, or putting some stuff away around the house or anything like that. And when I'm done with that, I return for the next section and so on and so forth. I often find that the knowledge that I don't have to write all in one go and it's okay to take a lot of short breaks makes the words flow again.
Great questions, thank you so much for asking! <3<3
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phoenixofslytherin · 12 minutes ago
Story Master Post.............!!!!
Cupid's Arrows,
Chapter 19, 'Bowtruckles in a Blizzard' just posted!!
A secret game is played every year at Hogwarts... it starts at Halloween and finishes at New Year, these are the rules. 1) One Slytherin is paired with one Gryffindor, 2) The couple are not allowed to have dated before, 3) All participants must be of age, 4) All participants will need a very open mind...
What starts as a game soon turns into a real and unexpected love. The tentative unions forged at the start of the game soon grow into true love, and friendships that Hermione would never have dreamed of are forged.
Along the way Hermione also learns a few things.1) Draco Malfoy is much nicer than she ever imagined, 2) Magical creatures aren't always scary, and 3) She likes to surrender all control to Theo Nott.......
Rated M on fanfiction /E on AO3
Main pairing is Hermione/Draco/Theo.
Tumblr media
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stairre · 16 minutes ago
In which Galvatron is a war veteran stomping his way through life in a society that scorns mecha like him, Rodimus is a techno-organic experiment living in the Rust Sea, and this fic is not quite a proper MerMay fic, but it’s certainly got the vibes.
Please heed the warning tags. This fic is most definitely Angst With A Happy Ending, but it does deal with dark themes. Saying that, it’s more fluffy than the tags imply, and it’s definitely not grim-dark.
This is part 2 of 9.
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disableddean · 18 minutes ago
perhaps tonight is a fever dream. deancas, 9x06 fan fiction gap. warnings for nudity, although nothing happens. “but whom can you sit with in water” - ilya kaminsky
cas is quiet. it’s not unlike him, dean notices, though the silent pensive look has switched into something unfamiliar. something wholly different.
cas is quiet and it is dean’s fault. like it always is.
when dean asks him where to go, cas’ first instinct is to say the gas n’ sip. he does not want to look dean in the eyes. but there’s something about the hunter that immediately—has always—attracted his gaze.
cas says the gas n’ sip. he pretends not to notice how dean’s face slips into a frown.
he’s so focused on avoiding it, avoiding everything, that he doesn’t hear baby idle and then turn off.
he looks up then, quickly noticing they are decidedly not at the gas n’ sip.
“dean,” he warns, but somehow has lost all conviction.
dean looks sad in that moment. it’s a small slip of his mask. so rarely does it happen that it takes cas by surprise.
“for me, cas. just for tonight.”
the words are barely there, a shakey plea. of course cas follows them. how could he not?
they enter the motel—a quiet place, but not too dingey. the lights give an unholy glow to everything. cas is reminded of how his brothers and sisters used to shine.
dean clasps one hand on cas’ shoulder. “c’mon. you must be exhausted.”
but dean does not lead him to bed. no, instead they move towards the bathroom.
cas’ hand is bloody still and dean deposits a towel into cas’ unexpecting arms.
bewildered, cas steps back.
“i’m going to get it dirty. i can’t—”
dean grips cas’ shoulder harder. “ain’t no skin off my back. it’ll be fine, cas. i promise.”
dean does not look at him either.
the hunter reaches down and starts filling up the bathtub. the water is noisy, the one thing in the room that combats the breathing of two men, alone.
“you gonna let me help you? or not?”
there is a catch in the air. cas’ chest feels like collapsing. he cannot say what he wants to say, so a simple nod will have to do.
dean undresses him in a perfunctory manner. button by button. nothing else.
cas is looking back at him. following his hands. those hands carry scars, have carried guns. he has never seen dean be this gentle.
“all right.” dean steps back. “in you get.”
the hunter steps back, watching cas lift one leg in and then the other. it’s odd, this—two men together, one scrunched up inside a porcelain maw, waiting. just waiting.
cas again looks at dean (as if he could ever stop looking).
the unspoken question of what now? lingers in the air.
cas does not notice the small paper cup clutched in dean’s hands. only his voice as he asks if cas is ready.
cas does notice the way that dean is still gentle, the way his frame hunches over at the rim of the bathtub.
the water is still hot. cas hasn’t had this for a long time. dean fills up the cup, all the while silent, and cas watches as dean nudges his chin up.
it doesn’t make sense what comes next. one hand makes a cup against his hairline and cas closes his eyes as dean pours the water over his hair, gently massaging his scalp.
he feels something, an ache that blooms bruise-like in every part of his body.
dean reaches for the shampoo.
the next words are utterly cas’ alone, though he wishes he could say them aloud. let me come home.
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drarryspecificrecsdaily · 26 minutes ago
Complete fics posted on AO3 this day
1. New Chapters by @janieohio [T, 3k]
►Everyone agreed that James Sirius Potter's parents were fated to be together, that they were meant to be. Years after his mum dies, his dad falling in love again feels like a betrayal of everything he thought he knew.
1. In Search of Our Better Selves by Anonymous [E, 15k]
►Five times Imperator Draco saved Potter’s life and the one time Potter saved his. ★ Lights Camera Drarry 2021 | @lcdrarry
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anonymousfiction211 · 26 minutes ago
His shirt
Tumblr media
Summary: Loki comes back to his chambers when he sees you wearing one of his shirts.
Word count: 2.009 words
Warnings: Smut, cock warming
A/N: Thanks for reading my stories. I really love all the likes, comments and requests <3
Loki was glad to be back in the palace. The diplomatic mission he had to go on – or rather, was forced to go on –was long, tedious and had left him in a grave mood. There were strict protocols in place, which he had studied for weeks on end. Only if his brother had done the same, the mission would be over a lot faster. He was tempted to let Thor struggle on his own, after insulting their host by giving him a hand instead of bowing. His father would be disappointed by someone else for a change. However, if he did the blame would be quick to shift to him. He would be the one facing their father’s anger and disappointment, for not helping Thor out. He would probably be punished too, while Thor would just get a slap on the wrist. So, to avoid all that he had used his charm and silvertongue – as people started to call it – to grovel deeply enough, to still be welcomed by their host and carry on. His brother hadn’t even thanked him for it. But he probably hadn’t realized what he had caused, which wasn’t really surprising.
And from that point one negotiation after an another started. In between there were lunches, horse rides, feasts, and other forms of entertainment. Which his brother, of course, couldn’t resist. Loki couldn’t be bothered with it. Every girl – not as many as his brother tough – who even tried to approach him, he had sent running with just a glare. He did find it amusing when they ran from him. Thor had begged him to stay another night, for some flusey. Loki had denied him that, his patience had run out. He had gone too many nights without feeling your warm body draped against his. And he was dying to catch you up on the brilliance of his negotiation tactics, he could already see you roll your eyes at his cockiness. And he would – of course – have to catch you up on all the gossip. He didn’t care much for it, but seeing your face light up from the scandalous or juicy details was definitely worth it.
He wanted to go straight to your room and cuddle tightly with you, but first they had to inform their father about everything. When they entered the throne room it was Thor who informed their father. After he was done he would have expected his father to ask him how it went. But he never did, he just told them they could go rest. He should have known, it wasn’t often that they would include him in a conversation. Loki kept quiet most of the time when the three of them were together. When his father told them they had done well, he really wanted to tell him that they hadn’t done well. He had done well. But that probably lead to anger, long discussions and resentment from his brother for not having his back. Like Thor had ever his back. The only thing Loki was thinking of was you. When the doors of the throne room closed behind them, Thor tried to invite him for a drink with him and his friends. Loki just walked away and started to race to his room. It had been a week, a ridiculously long week without you. He was going to grab his book and then head straight to you. Hoping he wouldn’t wake you, but secretly hoping that you did anyway.
When he walked into his room he froze. He hadn’t expected you to be there. The frustration immediately fled from his body when he saw you sleeping on his bed. You were already smaller than him and seeing you on his bed – which was already too big for him – was just adorable. You laid peacefully on your side, only wearing a shirt and underwear. Naughty girl he thought to himself. That’s when he recognized the shirt, it was his shirt. It was way too big for you, but seeing you in his shirt, his colour.. he felt his cock starting to erect. A feeling of possessiveness overcame him, seeing you like this. You wearing his clothes was definitely something he could get used to. He slowly walked towards the chair in front of his desk. It was a while since he physically undressed himself, normally he used his seidr. But he was afraid that the light emitting from the spell would wake you, and you looked so peaceful right now. He folded his clothes and put them on the chair. He walked towards the bed. He pulled the blankets aside and carefully scooped you in his arms. It felt so good to hold you he almost couldn’t restrain himself. He wanted to take you right now, but he would have to wait until the morning. He laid you back down in the bed and pulled the blanket over you. He laid down next to you and pulled you close against him.
Your back was against his chest and he had taken your legs between his. His arm slid around your waist and he laid his head on top of yours. He tried to ignore his throbbing cock and closed his eyes, hoping to fall asleep fast. You started to stir a little in your sleep, causing your ass to grind against his already fully erect cock. He couldn’t help but starting to lightly stroke your stomach. He really was holding himself back, but you sure were making this difficult. He would do anything right now to feel your cunt milking his cock, while you are loudly moaning his name. While Loki was lost in his fantasy, you turned around and looked up at him. ‘Loki?’ you asked him sleepily. ‘I didn’t mean to wake you, darling’ he said and kissed the top of your head. His heart fluttered a little when he felt your arms around him, holding him tight against you. ‘I’ve missed you’ you told him. ‘I’ve missed you too’ he said. Since you were awake Loki started to stroke your side and thighs, making you squirm a bit. ‘I like what you are wearing’ he purred in your ear. He felt your head nuzzle into his chest, obviously a bit embarrassed. He laughed a little when he saw you get flustered. ‘I’m sorry, I just missed you smell nice’ you mumbled against him. He put his hand on your cheek to make you face him. ‘Don’t be sorry, I think it’s quite adorable’ he whispered while pulling you in for a kiss.
He deepened the kiss and started to kiss you faster. He felt your thigh press against his hardened cock, and he bucked his hips. He needed his release soon and to feeling of your warm skin against his cock was driving him insane. He felt some precum started to leak from his tip. One of your hands stroked his cock and he couldn’t hold back a moan. He flipped you on your back and started to squeeze your breasts underneath his shirt. You started to pull the shirt off you, to give him better access. ‘No, leave it on’ he whispered to you. The way you felt underneath him, his colours on you, you were his and he was going to claim you over and over again tonight. He started to kiss down your neck, leaving hickeys. ‘Stop, I can’t cover that up’ you giggled. ‘That’s exactly the point’ he cooed. He started to push his erect cock against your core for some relief, getting frustrated that you were still wearing underwear. He sat down on his knees between your legs and ripped the sides of your underwear. When he heard you gasped he couldn’t help but smirk. Whenever you gasped or were startled it reminded him how delicate you were. And how he could easily overpower you and have you how he liked. Something that turned you on as well, he had noticed very early while courting you.  
Normally he would play with you for hours, but he would have time for that later. He nudged the tip of his cock against your entrance. Coating it in your wetness. He cocked an eyebrow at you when he felt how wet you already were. ‘Always so ready for me’ he said, loving the blush that started to form on your cheeks. When he entered you, he made sure to go as slow as possible, dragging out your moaning sounds. He started to slowly thrust inside of you, hitting the spot within you that he knew made your toes curl. ‘Remind me to take you with me next time’ he chuckled. ‘Hmm.. I sure will. I can’t stand sleeping without you’ you moaned. ‘Yeah, you like that? Coming with me, keeping me company’ he went on. ‘I will let you sit on my cock for hours, while I’m preparing for meetings’ he purred. ‘You would come so many times and be so full of me that you never want to get off’. He felt your walls starting to clench around him, he knew just what to say to get you there. You came moaning his name out loud and it sounded like Valhalla itself.
He flipped the two of you around. You started to ride him slowly, still in the high from your orgasm. Loki was getting close and began to grunt a little. He put his thumb on your clit to make you ride him faster. Your boobs were bouncing underneath his shirt, which to him was almost as sexy as if you were completely naked. When you had the speed, he wanted he grabbed your hair and pulled you in for a kiss. He was close, so close. You didn’t stop riding him and he bucked his hips to go as deep as he could. The way he felt your walls pulling his cock in, it was sending him over the edge. He let out a loud moan and felt his sperm shoot out of him, coating your walls. He held your upper body still against his chest, close against him. If it were up to him, you two never moved from this position. You started to squirm when his cum was starting to leak out of you. ‘Loki’ you said to him, to let him know you wanted to get off. He sighed but let you go. You slide off his cock, which left him cold. With a twist of his hand the both of you were clean. You laid beside him and he pulled your back against him again. ‘How was it?’ you asked him. ‘To say boring and frustrated is an understatement, but I don’t want to spoil the mood. I’ll tell you everything tomorrow’ he answered. He was so happy to have you against him now, he didn’t want to think about the past week.
His felt his cock started to erect again and he pushed it against the back your thighs. ‘Already?’ you giggled. ‘I have to make up for the entire week’ he replied. He grabbed one of your legs and moved it up, so he had access to your core. ‘Let’s start training for next mission, shall we?’ he purred. He grabbed his cock and slowly entered inside of you. Your breath hitched, but you pressed your ass more against him to take him deeper. ‘Now darling, all you got to do is lay very still or else you force me to fuck you over and over again’ he said playfully. ‘Oh no, we wouldn’t want that’ you replied sarcastically while pressing your ass against him. He saw you smile when he let out a whimper. Little minx he thought. He slowly started to thrust inside of you. ‘You should move into my chambers’ he said to you. ‘You really want that?’ you asked him. He turned you to lay on your stomach, grabbed your hips to put your ass up and started to thrust faster. You shrieked a little, which made him laugh. ‘Yes, I’m never letting you go’ he whispered.  
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lifeofkaze · 27 minutes ago
Fanfic Friday for my Quidditch Wifey 💙💛
Where do you see The Quidditch Kids now that their canon ages would have them at or around age 50?
What a great question, wifey! 💛💙 I totally fell asleep before answering it though.
Somehow my pretty lengthy first answer got deleted and I’m upset about it. I’m upset.
We’re moving into deep AoB3 territory here and beyond and I haven’t everything figured out as such so nothing is set in stone. Except for Murphy, cause, you know.
Murphy: You know Coffee & Commentary is my unrivalled headcanon when it comes to Murphy. So if the insanely talented creator of this story doesn’t object (do you?) I guess he and his gorgeous wife are still living on their estate and managing their Quidditch camp. They expanded it over the years to various different locations to make the sport even more accessible and are a highly regarded part of the Wizarding sports community.
Skye: She accepted the challenge of her family’s legacy after her brothers chose to go their own ways. It wasn’t easy to step out of her father’s shadow while still maintaining her loyalty to the Wanderers, but she managed to lead them to unmatched glory. Even after her career she stuck around, making sure the newbies didn’t undo all of her hard work. There must always be a Lichking Parkin in Wigtown.
Erika: After playing as a Beater for the Montrose Magpies for a good part of her career, Erika switched into their scouting/training department after retirement. She knows how to spot a promising Beater like no one else and everyone that’s been trained by her agrees that she was one of the most important factors of their journey.
Orion: After stepping back from his position as a Chaser for the Magpies, Orion decided to pursue another secret passion of his and learned how to heal. But not the easy part of fixing broken bones with a spell, he focused on the more intricate synergy of body and mind. He knows how a physical injury can unbalance the mind from firsthand experience himself and in his immediate environment, and how a mental block can prevent the body from healing. He specialised in helping professional Quidditch players make their comeback after long term injuries. Almost every player of the Magpies has been coached by him at some point, because he just happens to be married to their coach. What a lucky coincidence.
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