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mintugiyuu · 2 minutes ago
head-canon of the day:
+ if his s/o was to ever be sick, kyojurou would be very doting.
+ since his mother passed away from illness, the flame hashira would most likely be overly concerned even at the smallest of colds. he may even worry himself sick
+ blankets, water, wet cloths for their head; there wouldn’t be a moment kyojurou isn’t caring for them.
+ there’s always that nagging voice in the back of his head that ‘this could take them away’, so he doesn’t take any chances.
+ his s/o will not be able to escape the nasty tasting medicine as long as he’s around, making sure they’re getting everything they need to feel better.
+ sickly cuddles are a must. his favorite position at this time is to be the big spoon, wrapping his arms securely around his s/o with a warm hand on their middle.
+ he just needs to feel the constant rise and fall of their stomach to be reassured that they’re ok and breathing.
+ kyojurou has a surprisingly strong immune system, so he wouldn’t have to worry about catching whatever his darling has.
Tumblr media
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jatpsmut · 8 minutes ago
Can’t Keep My Hands Off You - Owen Joyner x Reader
Tumblr media
Request:  there’s not enough owen content on this site so i’m begging u to go write for him!! fluff, smut, angst whatever you want! i’ll take any crumb! 
Word Count: 1527 words
Summary: you had never been a terribly touchy feely person, until you fell in love with Owen and everything changed...
Warnings: swearing
A/N: couldn’t help myself i had to give you guys another fic tonight lol, i’m smashing these out!  not much else to say other than enjoy! 
Tag List:  @happinessinthedarkesttimes​ @molinaroberts​ @joynersgoatblog​ @courageous-she​ @littlemissaddict​ @gloomybrieyxb​ @itsyagorlemmalyn @jatpxmultifan​ @moneybagmgk​ @emeliii1​ @mybradforddream​ (the strike through means it wont let me tag you)
“Can you stop playing with my hair, I’m trying to concentrate.” You sighed, removing your hands from your boyfriend’s hair. You were sat in a hotel room, on a JATP cast trip to New York, Owen’s head in your lap, watching some musical on the TV. Owen had been chattering non stop about the musical being shown, so the two of you had turned down an offer from Kenny for a cast dinner and instead ordered Uber Eats to the hotel and had curled up to watch the musical.
“Sorry, I didn’t realise I was being annoying.” You responded after a moment of silence. Normally Owen loved having his hair played with when you were relaxing.
“I’m just trying to concentrate and I can’t do that with you braiding or whatever you were attempting to do.” Owen sighed, sitting up. “It wasn’t that you were being annoying baby.”
You nodded, ignoring the look that your boyfriend gave you. A look that made you feel like you were a child who had been reprimanded and Owen was your parent who was feeling slightly guilty for being harsh. But then again, he should feel guilty. You weren’t doing anything wrong.
You picked up your phone as Owen laid back against the headboard. You had a missed text from Savannah, asking you if you wanted to meet up, so you sent a quick text back to say maybe later, before turning your phone off and lying down.
“You tired?” Owen asked. You made a noise in response. You weren’t really, but all you wanted to do was sulk in peace. Owen rolled his eyes, knowing how you could be.
“Hey, I love you.” He said, reaching out and rubbing your back. After a moment of silence you sighed.
“I love you too O.”
And with that you shut your eyes, forcing yourself to fall asleep.
A few days later you encountered an issue again. You and Owen had been sitting in the lobby of the hotel along with Charlie, Jeremy and Carolynn. You and Owen were curled up on a chair, and you were absentmindedly playing with Owen’s hair with one hand and his fingers with the other.
You were completely tuned out of the conversation, and didn’t focus until Owen announced he was going to get a drink. The remaining four watched as he walked away, before Charlie spoke.
“You know you don’t have to touch him all the time Y/N, we’re not gonna try and steal him.” He teased, turning to face you. You rolled your eyes.
“You of all people can’t be commenting on being clingy, Gillespie. Besides, I don’t touch him that much.”
Jeremy and Charlie laughed.
“You sure about that?” Jeremy said between laughs. You didn’t respond.
“Come on Y/N, you’re basically attached to him at all times. If you’re not holding his hand, you’re touching his arm or playing with his hair. He’s not gonna run away if you let him go.”
“Oh hush, I think it’s cute how touchy the two of them are.” Carolynn defended.
You glanced across the room to where Owen was stood, waiting for his drink.
“Do I really touch him that much?” You asked, turning your attention back to the group. They nodded.
“He asked me to stop touching his hair the other night, said it was because he couldn’t concentrate. What if he thinks I touch him too much too?” You could feel your brain beginning to explode with thoughts. Were you being too clingy? Maybe Owen didn’t like being touched... Had you ever asked him that? Were you just invading Owen’s personal space constantly and making him uncomfortable and you hadn’t even asked permission?
You zoned back in when you heard your name.
“Huh?” You asked, noticing Owen had returned.
“I said, do you want to go to the pool now?” Owen repeated.
“Yeah sure.” You stood up, grabbing your water bottle. “You guys coming?” Jeremy, Carolynn and Charlie shook their heads.
“Looks like it’s just you and me then babe.” Owen smiled, reaching out to grab your hand. You pulled your hand away, ignoring the confusion and hurt that appeared on Owen’s face. Clearly you were too hands on, and you needed to take a step back. And if that meant no touching, then so be it.
The indoor pool was empty as you walked into the room, the smell of chlorine filling your nostrils.
“Where should we put our stuff? The place is packed.” Owen joked. You bit your lip, ignoring him. Owen frowned, muttering something under his breath.
You put your stuff down on the nearest chair, pulling your shirt and shorts off and jumping straight into the pool. You let yourself be submerged in the water, before kicking up and glancing at your boyfriend, who was still standing next to the chairs.
“You coming in or are you going to stand there all day?” You asked, treading water.
“Oh so you do know I exist, that’s good to know.” Owen spat, throwing his bag down. You frowned.
“Did I do something wrong?”  Owen rolled his eyes.
“The fact that you have to ask that clearly speaks for itself.” He spoke, sitting down on the edge of the pool.
“Okay so tell me then.” You said, trying not to get agitated. Fighting wouldn’t solve anything. Owen was silent. You sighed.
“Or don’t.” You muttered. There was a moment of quiet.
“Why didn’t you hold my hand?” Owen asked, his voice barely loud enough to hear. You paused.
“Because I’m too touchy.” You mumbled.
Owen looked up, frowning. “What?”
You climbed out of the pool and sat down next to your boyfriend.
“It’s because I’m too touchy. Everyone knows it, I can’t keep my hands off you. You said yourself the other night that you didn’t want me touching your hair, and then Charlie told me that I touch you too much and Jeremy and Care agreed, so I decided that I would back off.” You said. Owen rolled his eyes and grabbed your wet hand.
“Y/N, I love you but god you can be a huge fucking dumbass sometimes.” You looked up at him, frowning. Owen smiled.
“I love it when you touch me. When we’re out somewhere and you grab my hand. Or at a meal and you put your hand on my thigh. Or if we’re chilling and you play with my hair or my fingers. I love every minute of it. I didn’t mean to give you the wrong impression the other night, I just really wanted to concentrate, and when you’ve got your hands in my hair my brain goes to mush.” He lent closer to you. “All I can think of is how much I love you, and how much I want to do this.”
He pressed his lips to yours gently, before pulling away.
“So what I’m hearing is keep touching you?” You whispered softly. Owen nodded.
“Never stop.” You moved away, smiling.
“Can we go in the pool now?” You asked. Owen didn’t respond, he just stood up and pulled his shirt off, tossing it in the direction of the chair, and jumped into the pool. When he resurfaced he looked up at you.
“You coming in or are you going to sit there all day?” He grinned, repeating your words from 5 minutes earlier. You laughed, sliding into the pool and swimming over to Owen, who had moved into the shallower section of the pool where you could stand up with the water reaching your shoulders.
“I love you.” He whispered once you arrived.
“I love you too O.” You replied, leaning in and kissing Owen again. Your bodies pressed together under the warm water, hands roaming each other’s backs.
“God can you not have sex in the pool, other people have to use this thing.” A Canadian voice broke you apart. You looked up to see Charlie, Jeremy and Carolynn standing there, smirks on both of the boys faces.
“Okay, first of all fuck off.” Owen said, his tone sounding annoyed but the glint in his eye giving him away.
“And second of all, clearly you don’t know what sex is if you say this is sex. This was barely first base.” Charlie jumped into the pool with a splash, Jeremy not far behind, leaving Carolynn to curl up on one of the lounge chairs, not wanting to swim just yet.
“Keep telling yourself that bro, but there were tongues in mouths that they do not belong in.” Charlie joked back.
“Oh yeah?” Owen asked, before splashing water at Charlie. The Canadian gasped playfully.
“Fuck that’s it, you’ve started a war Joyner.”
“Bring it Gillespie, you don’t scare me.” The two began splashing again, Jeremy now getting involved in the fight.
You swam over to the shallow end, before climbing out and sitting on the lounger next to Carolynn.
“Do you think they’ll ever grow up?” You asked, as the three boys began wrestling, trying to shove each other under the water.
“No, I don’t.” Carolynn laughed. “But that’s why we love them, right?”
You nodded.
That was why you loved them
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neilsvodkatonic · 16 minutes ago
Thank you, Mr. Wayne
Bruce Wayne × reader
One shot
Summary: you force Bruce to a benefit and he makes the best of it.
Word count: 1.1k+
Warnings: no smut just super fluffy
Authors note: no explanation needed. I mean who isn't excited for THE BATMAN. Yeah.
Tumblr media
"I know this is really boring for you and I'm sorry ok."
You sigh in frustration, rolling your eyes when he tries to hold your hand for comfort. The benefit had been in progress for nearly 3 hours now. With no end in sight. But as much as you wanted to leave, to slip out of the accentuating black piece you had donned as incentive, you knew that your departure would cue up his exit as well. And that would basically defeat the purpose.
"Is your sorry getting me back home on my couch with my face between your legs? No? Well then it's useless." He smiles politely at someone in the distance, looking back at you with the same vacant expression.
God, he could get on your nerves.
"Ok I'm always at fault Bruce. For expecting you to do the right thing. Guess what? You have a lame ass girlfriend. So suck it."
Yes, you realized you sounded like a 3 year old sticking their tongue out because they have no answer. Because heaven knows you wanted to be home and probably fooling around with him all night. But when someone calls you with a benefit to save the turtles. You. Dont. Say. No.
"Well, I love her anyway so.", he shrugs, placing his hands on your shoulders as he tries to massage you out of your temper. You cant help but smile, a mental aw breaking your agitation, you focus drifting until the man on the stage pauses the music.
"Oh maybe it's over.", you whisper, your voice almost a cheer as you try to contain your relief. He chuckles darkly at the irony of the situation, your arms wrapping his around yourself as you wait for the verdict.
"And now ladies and gentleman, the man who made all this happen...", you tune out the rest, your heart already sinking as you feel Bruce straighten up behind you in an effort to keep up pretenses. This wasn't the end. This was probably another couple of hours. Of monotony. And fake laughs.
He slowly drops your arms to the side, grasping your palm in his hand as he hauls your awkward ass to the stage. You look around at the people as the coo in delight, amused by the fact that he would escort his lady love to an official event. But you already knew why he was taking you with him. This was his revenge.
He turns back around to give you a smile, the audience clapping and hooting while you stare, dumb-founded, the wicked victorious gleam shining in his eyes.
This man is going to be the death of me, you think, resigned.
You're introduced on stage to the chancellor of the non-profit organisation that needs the funding. Bruce shakes her hand, your eyes lingering on the slightly prolonged moment between. Oh whatever, you say to yourself, shaking her hand a little too hard for her liking.
There's a speech and some clapping and a whole lot of "Thank you, Mr. Wayne."s that you completely block out, preferring to worry for the slipping neckline of your outfit of choice.
There's another round of applause that you yawn through but this time you realise they don't stop. You look around in confusion and some borderline irritation until you realise that all eyes are on you. Instinct reaching out to recognize a wardrobe malfunction or any other possible cause of embarrassment, you raise an eyebrow, nodding at Bruce as he walks suavely towards you.
The hoots begin to rise again as he offers you his hand, yours landing in it automatically before he leads you to the centre of the dance floor. You smirk at him, wondering how it was that dance and Bruce would ever accommodate the same equation.
Encircling your waist, he pulls you against his chest, your smirk now playing wider at his lips. I'm winning, he says with his eyes, his gaze trailing darkly down your body to the arch of your neck to your clavicle.
Brushing your hands along the curve of his pectorals, your loop them around his neck, bringing your lips just inches away from his.
Yes two good play at this game.
He twirls you around the dance floor, years of etiquette training him in his grace. But you're not too far in keeping up. You match him step for step, the audience clearly awed as they watch you.
The song ends with a flourish, your torso leaning into his arms as he kisses you to the last note. It's almost a scene from a movie and Mr. Wayne is certainly smooth.
He claps along with the people around inviting them to join the ritual, intertwining your fingers so you wont get lost in the crowd.
"Doesnt like benefits but would dance like a teenager with his girlfriend. Are you sure you put this on your Tinder? I'd have said yes sooner.", you say softly, you head resting against his chest as you sway slowly in the dim lights.
"Oh cmon I knew you enjoyed it." You definitely had.
"So not a bad day overall?", you ask uncertainly, your arms rubbing his back and pulling him closer. You breathe in the scent of his cologne, the heady musk tipping you a little off your feet.
"I guess all in all. Not bad." He looks down at you, nodding his head as if evaluating the success criteria for the evening.
"I got to see you wearing that.", he muses, your face hiding itself in his jacket, your coyness playing up at just the right time.
"We saved the dolphins.", he adds with a superior smile and a gesture of his hand, the joke almost losing itself in the hysteria of the night.
"And I got to see that really cute chick.", he says matter-of-factly. Your eyeballs rolling into your skull, you slump in response, your legs dragging along the floor.
God damn him for being an ass.
Ok (y/n). You gotta be cool though.
"Um... who?", you bob your head up to look around, the nonchalance almost too overbearing in your tone.
"The one right in front of me.", he whispers, pressing his lips against your cheek as he kisses a trail along your jaw to finally meet your lips. You blush scarlet under the fading glow of dusk, burying your head in his chest as you move to the rhythm of the evening. Brushing your lips against his neck, you sigh in release, the giggle inevitably falling out of your mouth.
"Aren't you the cutest, Mr. Wayne?"
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abstract-crossverse · 19 minutes ago
hello! that torture fic was really cute~
could I maybe get deimos and sanford comforting reader? if not both then just deimos!
Finally, two handsome best friends✨
I hope you don't mind this being only headcanons
∆ Deimos and Sanford had found very injured while finding somewhere to hide, after you said you weren't part of the agency hunting Hank, they decided to take along
∆ You three grew close pretty fast and started a poly relationship, Hank was fine with it as long as you didn't plan to betray them
∆ One day, Hank went out to do something he didn't tell y'all, and the boys went out for supplys
∆ You started panicking when you heard sounds coming from the roof and walls, thinking some agents found you when it was really just rats
∆ Soon enough, Deimos and Sanford came back and found you crying on the corner of your room, hugging a pillow
∆ They panicked and dropped all the stuff they had, running to you
∆ Sanford hugged you as Deimos asked you what happened, you explained you thought agents found you
∆ Okay now it's Deimos turn to panic... Until Sanford slapped him on the back of the head
∆ San said he'd search around and told Deimos to comfort you
∆ You and Deimos went to the couch and began cuddling a bit until San was done and said there was no signs of any type of invasion, all he found was rats running around
∆ Sanford joined the cuddle circle, whilst telling you things about how you're safe with them and stuff
∆ You all then fell asleep shortly after... Until Hank barged in and scared you awake
Hope this was good enough!
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an-angel-in-the-garden · 30 minutes ago
An Unexpected Meeting Part 2
Sidon X GN Reader
Yay part two of the Sidon soulmate au this is the headcanons that follow part 1 if you haven't read it please do. I hope you enjoy this! ~Rose
Tumblr media
When I first woke up all I could feel was nauseating pain, my eyes coming in and out of focus. The feeling of warmth was prominent and the soft blankets around me was the next thing I recognized followed by the bandages wrapped around my body and head. As I got my bearings and more things came into focus I realized I was in the Zora Domains the room being almost the exact same as one Id seen in paintings and that's when he came in. Tall and bright prince of the Zora Sidon walked in giving me a small smile before asking me how I was and that was the start of it all. That had been two weeks and now I can move around freely with that I've been getting to know some of the people here and most of all I've gotten to know the prince.
He's kind almost to a fault always looking out for me even after the doctor said I was fully healed
Sidon and I would go on walks everyday since I was allowed to he'd taken me to places in the Domain I didn't think id ever see
The one thing was he hadn't told me why he was so nice
I had ask once and he just said it was " to make sure I was ok" but as time went on I knew it had to be more
It wasn't until he started with the small gift that I put things together and with one thought in mind I rushed to get my compass
When I got it from my bag and looked it spun rapidly for only a moment before pointing east back out the room moving just a little with each step
I followed it for a few paces before it pointed north up the stairs towards the thorn room and as I walked I watched the compass readjust more then once and I knew I was close
And then there it pointed to Sidon standing at the railing looking over the front of the Domain and I smiled
That night we talked alot about how this changed things, about what we wanted for the future and all that
Its been a month since then and things are great we've grown in are relationship and after seeing the Domain be saved brought even more hope to what was to come and I couldn't wait to see how it all played out
Okay so that's it I might try and do something more with this or work more off this AU at another time but I hope you enjoy please let me know. Feedback is always welcome! Also my commission is done so ill be doing more writing again once I get back into the swing of it! ~Rose
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unoberyy · 35 minutes ago
Goodmorning, dollface (dabi x reader) pt2
Tumblr media
type : (angst) || 2nd POV
a/n : i see people hanging by the suspense ƪ(‾.‾“)┐i have a cold so this took a bit longer than i initially expected ( ;∀;) very sorry for the delay! this is long and rushed btw.
also, here's part one (*ノ・ω・)ノ i simp for dabi, hope you'll enjoy~
Dabi's actions were very rashed, also i think anyone wouldn't be able to think correctly if they'd gone the same.
(read this if you've finished reading)
The reason why y/n asked the prisoners name was because they were hoping that they can save her if they managed to get out after seeking Dabi, well unfortunately, that didn't happen :)) poor auntie izumi.
You weren't sure how you'd ended up here, being arrested as an accomplice about a recent criminal act around the area. Before you can even tell your story or say that you'll cooperate to the police, they barged in and surrounded you, having your state in a frenzy, panic, and shock.
Forced to go out and come to the department to explain. "Hah.. Dabi.." in desperate of a breath, no one seems to care giving a hand that you're hyperventilating, they would only send you a look of worry but never help. Tears streaming down your cheek in a helpless state.
"Someone shut them up." One drew a breath, eyes held with slight panic over the fact that you're hyperventilating. "You shut up." The other sneered at their coworker, scoffing at the end before glaring at you.
The ride was quiet exclude your deep sharp breaths and hiccups, trying to calm yourself down, there there, nothing bad will happen to me. Time seems to be in slow motion because it was taking long before reaching the station.
Eventually, you managed to arrive there after God knows for how many minutes have passed.
One of the police drag you down by the arm, their grip hard enough that it might leave a some bruise, arriving where they began to interrogate you on your connection with your Dabi.
"Chief! Some of our men were attacked at the given location!"
"What?! Immediately send back ups and medics! Hurry, hurry!" The chief that was interrogating you stood up and began to tell orders about the ordeal at hand.
"I told him the video wasn't a coincidence!"
Your heart beat loudly, it felt as though it will burst out of your ribcage. It is chaos outside, something that can possibly be compare to a battle, calm down y/n, you try to rub your hands and fondling with your ring.. ring, the ring!
My ring! It's gone!
Amidst trying to calm yourself down, even despite it attacking you, you failed to realize that you were being dragged outside the office. Innocent until proven guilty, they say. But it was obvious to them that you are someone that the criminal they are hunting down, familiar with.
The grip on your arms were sure to leave a nasty bruise, but even so, there's no point in fighting back.
"Hey! Lock them up, it is clear that they're acquaintances." And thus, you were jailed, alone in your cell until the guard scurry after the chief to check at the situation at hand.
"Pst, hey! You!"
"Pst pst!"
"For God's saken, stop sobbing for a minute! I'm trying to communicate with ya'!"
"h-huh?" You hiccuped, looking at the person who whisper shouted, "there there, now calm down kiddo, ya' alright, everything's fine. Take deep breaths." The woman, who was quite proud of herself after getting your attention, helped you focus on her and her words. "Ya' calm now kid?"
Hesitantly, you nodded. "Thank you so much for.." a hiccup emerged from your throat, "the help."
"No problem, those cops were foul to not calm a panicking kiddo like you down. Honestly." She shook her head whilst clicking her tongue, "how are you feeling now?"
"I'm alright now."
"A'ight, now listen, I think yer cell is unlocked, see that?" She pointed at the padlock that hugs the bars together, "ya' pull it and yer free." You obliged, crawling while sniffing, touching the metal and pulled it. A soft click resonating the cell.
Your head turn to the woman, "Go on child, escape." She ushered with a warm smile, "Don't ask why, you just remind me of my child. I may not know the reason why you're here, but I do have a hunch that you don't deserve to be stuck in this terrible place."
"Auntie, can I have your name?"
"Thank you." She nodded, watching you lift yourself at the small open window, freeing yourself. Running away towards your home.
Dabi clicked his tongue, observing how his fire scatter around, burning the police and every inch of the house you and him bonded. His heart opening a wound that ached everytime he thought of you. The once safe haven burning down to the ground.
The scorching icy blue flare swaying gracefully in the air, resonating into smoke.
Call it immature, call it anything, but what Dabi knows is that this is an action he can never undo, for he is driven with emotion, and that is something one can never hold control. Because the main reason that his mind is in such chaos is because, it had gone autopilot.
The thought of you suffering and being his fault eats him with guilt. If only he had not met you.
Then things wouldn't be so difficult. "Suffer." The flames got hotter, sirens were heard in the background, the back ups and the heroes are now approaching the scene.
"Oi! Dabi!" He heard his acquaintances yell his name, warning him about the heroes and how they should go now.
His feet that was once stuck on the ground slowly began to move, his companion forcibly dragging him to safety and hiding. He couldn't protest, mind in haywire until he saw someone running towards him and his group.
Who is that? Someone's yelling for him, the ringing inside his ears slowly began to ease up, his eyes that was flooded by thoughts had gone clear. (H/l) (h/c) hair sways with the breeze and lighten by his blue flames.
"Dabi!!!" The voice that the villain had imagined he will never hear again yell out his name. (Y/n)!!
"Fuck no! Let me go!"
"Shut up! We will not risk getting caught!"
"You've already done so much damage!"
"Dabi!" His name was called out again, before he can act, one of his gang restraint him.
"For fucks sake let me go you bastards!!"
Tumblr media
The black haired villain lift his head up, tuning out all the noise around him. Ah, he's not sure if the person whose name he yelled out was real or simply just a dream. (y/n). Dabi leaned on the concrete wall behind, closing his eyes.
The day he woke up by the alley, there was nothing beside him. The smell of ashes enters his nostril, the memories flooding back in. With his senses kicking in and nerves kicking in, the villain navigate his way around the alleys, going to wear he had last saw you in his mind.
However, upon arriving, the building in front was nothing but ashes and debris all around. Police warnings kept the nosy civilians from going it. Shaking his head, Dabi continued his walk.
A loud clang made him more cautious and aware. He saw felines surrounding something while meowing, when they sensed his presence, the cats hisses and ran away from him once they saw a human approaching their territory. Leaving what they surrounded. "Wha?!"
Dabi rushed to the body laid on the ground, craddling them, he grunted, patting your cheek lightly. "Dollface?" Yet he received no answers. He was aware you're already freezing cold, left all night, alone without anyone to save you.
Blood coating your clothe by the chest but Dabi refuse to believe that the person whom he trust and loved is now gone, from his embrace and grasp. "(Y/n)? Come on now, wake up. It's morning already.." He could feel the tears beginning to gather.
"Hey.. open your eyes, dollface."
"You still promised me that we'll go far away and live peacefully, right? So come on, now..." Breathing in your scent that he will surely miss, "Wake up. We'll run away today if you want." He choked a sob, looking at your face for any signs of movement.
He was in a state of denial and at the same time, accepting your death, like last night, emotions began to flood in. The waterworks open and tears flowed down. Dabi presses his forehead against yours, kissing you gingerly by your cheek and rubbing his thumb on the other.
He breathe out, grunting as he adjust his hold on to you, Dabi leaned on the wall, you in his arms while he sob. "(Y/n), don't leave me alone.."
"Fuck, I don't know what to do anymore without you." He cradle you, hugging your cold, lifeless body, praying to the heavens above that he didn't even believe in the past to bring you back, save you, don't take you away, anything!
Alas, no God would fulfill his wish, and the thought made him feel so much worse. His heart aches terribly that it might've been possible for it to rip apart.
Dabi presses his warm lips to your cold forehead. "I love you so much.."
Dabi let go of the strings, "Rest well, Dollface." Fully knowing that the consequences would forever close his heart.
Now all that is left of his beloved, was the ring that represented your and his heart combined, features blurred out that his mind closes in, to not make him reminisce of the dark, anguish, past that he has.
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give-me-a-moose · 40 minutes ago
Dream of Me
Fandom: The Avengers/MCU
Relationship: Loki/Fem!Reader
Words: 2,616
Summary: After finding out Loki is basically immune to your powers, you settle into a relationship with him. You particularly enjoy arguing with him. Your current argument holds a bit more weight than the others, though.
Note: This is a follow up to “Kiss The Girl”. I have a few more coming, so I am calling it the “Charmspeaker Collection”. 
Tumblr media
It wasn’t an instant transition once you discovered Loki was immune to your powers. Thor too for that manner. You still had a lot of anxiety surrounding your powers.
You still kept quiet around the other Avengers, because nothing had changed for them. You started to say a few words to Thor whenever you felt brave enough. He was ecstatic when you started speaking around him. The first time it happened had actually been Loki’s fault.  
“Will you please shut up?” Loki had snapped at Thor once when he was being particularly boisterous, “Y/N thinks you are being annoying.” 
“Loki, you know that is not true!” you shot back instantly before turning to Thor, “I think you are a delight to be around.”
Thor’s eyes widened in surprise. Loki had just sighed. He enjoyed his position as your official translator. A position he earned by hiding all your whiteboards. He didn’t think you would reply verbally, but since he and Thor were the only other people in the room, he really should have seen that coming.  
After spending so many years being silent, it was strange to feel able to use your voice. Loki would have to remind you sometimes that you could speak around him. On good days you would laugh to yourself and start talking like normal. On bad days you would shake your head and remain silent. Loki would not push you to speak on those days, and you were grateful for that.
Loki took great pride in his ability to read you. He could watch your body language and know exactly what you wanted to say. It made communicating around the other Avengers so much easier. However, it also led to some interesting sights around the Tower. A common one being Loki having what appeared to be a one sided argument with himself. 
“Y/N, I am telling you that it won’t work.” Loki insisted over breakfast. 
You crossed your arms at him as a reply.
“I am a master of stealth and deception. My plans have never led us astray before.” 
You raised your eyebrows. 
“That’s a low blow.” Loki sighed, “Fine. We will try it your way. Will that get you to shut up?” 
You grinned at him before leaning over to give him a quick kiss on the cheek. 
“Yes. And I you, my darling.” he murmured with a soft smile. 
You both continued to eat your breakfast in silence as the rest of the room stared at you both in bewilderment. 
What the fuck had they just witnessed? 
The two of you constantly argue with each other. The topics were never serious and could be easily resolved. Loki had assumed that after spending so long keeping your opinions to yourself, you enjoyed being able to voice them. Loudly and quite often. Loki was always more than happy to indulge you. While he would never admit it out loud, you were utterly adorable when you were vexed. 
Your current argument held a little more weight than most of your others. 
It started the first night you stayed in Loki’s room and he told you about the horrible nightmares he has sometimes. It had been a precaution, in case he ever woke you in the middle of the night. He hated the idea of scaring you and wanted you to be prepared. You, however, took this information to be a challenge. 
“I think I can use my powers to get you to sleep peacefully.” you explained to him as you curled up in his arms. His skin was a bit chilly, but at that moment it was a cool relief for your warm body.
Loki placed an absentminded kiss on your head, “Darling, did you forget I’m immune?” 
“Maybe not while you’re sleeping.” you yawned, “Your defenses will be down.” 
Loki paused to consider this, as he ran his hands up and down your back, further lulling you to sleep. 
“If I notice you are about to have a bad dream, maybe I can trick the dream away.” 
Loki chuckled softly, “You are only setting yourself up for disappointment.” 
“You said you wouldn’t underestimate me anymore.” you whined sleepily.
“And I do not.” he stole a kiss from you, “But my answer remains the same. No.” 
Loki knew that you would never use your powers against him without his consent. It was one of the few rules you lived by. If he told you no, you would not do it.
“This isn’t over.” you mumbled to him, your eyes already closing. 
“I don’t doubt that.” he mused, pressing a final kiss to your temple. He waited to hear your breathing slow before letting himself fall asleep as well.
Whether it was just bad luck, or all the bloody talking about it, Loki felt his dreams turn sour. He could hear the Other’s voice in his head again. 
“You failed us.” 
“You cannot escape him.” 
“He will take everything you hold dear.” 
Loki closed his eyes and tried to shut the voice out. When he opened his eyes again, that cursed scepter was in his hand again. He felt its poisonous thrall once more. No matter how he tried, he would not be able to forget. He told himself to drop it, but his body betrayed him by tightening the grip. 
Then his own voice came to him, even though he could not say a word. 
“...Not until I make him kill you! Slowly, intimately, in every way he knows you fear…”
The nightmare changed in an instant. Suddenly he was standing in front of you. You were on the floor and covered in blood. Your eyes were wide with fear as you looked up at him. The sight made him sick to his stomach. 
“Loki. Please.” you begged. 
He could not stop himself as he raised the scepter. The blue glowing intensifying. His screams were trapped inside of himself. No matter how he tried, he couldn’t stop himself from walking closer to you.  
“No! Loki! Please!” you cried, “Loki! WAKE UP!” 
Loki instantly woke with a gasp. His heart was racing and he looked around the dark room. That was when he noticed he was gripping your wrist. His hold was so tight, he could see the discoloration in your skin. 
He quickly let go of you, shocked by what he had done. You pulled your wrist closer to you and rubbed it, trying to soothe the pain away. Loki looked away from you in shame. He felt the self loathing creep over him when he heard your quiet voice. 
“I’m sorry.” you sat up on the bed next to him, “You wouldn’t wake up. I had to.” 
If he were not so distraught, he would have laughed. He had nearly broken your wrist, and you were apologizing for using your power to stop him from doing it. It was completely absurd. 
“Darling, you have nothing to be sorry about.” he let out a shaky exhale, “I’m glad you did it.”
 He put his head in his hands. He nearly scoffed when he felt your hands on his back, attempting to soothe him. The monster you shared a bed with hurt you, and you wanted to comfort him. He didn’t pull away though. 
After a few moments of silence, you crawled closer to him, draping yourself along his back. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders, and Loki couldn’t help but look at your injured wrist. It wasn’t swollen thankfully, but he could already see the bruises forming. 
He gingerly took your hand and placed a delicate kiss to the inside of your wrist. A silent apology. You smiled softly and pressed a kiss to his temple. Apology accepted. Loki sighed in relief, content to soak up your warmth.
“Well, it seems you are susceptible to my powers when you’re asleep.”
He couldn’t help but chuckle, “This is a dirty tactic, my love.”
He felt you grin against his skin, “Not a tactic, just an observation.” 
“Here I thought you would want to return to sleeping alone.”
“Never.” your arms squeezed around him. 
“Stubborn thing.”
“I could say the same of you.” 
Loki slowly inhaled through his nose. He had been hoping you would leave him to spend the rest of the night alone. He always knew he was going to give in at some point. He always gave in when it came to you. He just never expected this to happen. He didn’t want this to happen again. 
“Fine.” he kissed your wrist again, “Next time you can try.” 
Loki felt your hand on his chin, guiding his head towards you. He looked up at you, and saw your small smile. 
“Thank you, Loki.” you whispered before placing a chaste kiss on his lips. 
Luckily, Loki’s nightmares did not return for a few weeks. In all fairness, that was probably because he did not let himself fall too deeply asleep. He forced himself to stay awake as long as possible, only allowing himself cat naps. You saw how the lack of sleep was starting to affect him. Whenever you tried to address it, he simply brushed your concern away.
You started to try to lull him to sleep. Before bed you prepared him a relaxing cup of tea. When you were in bed, you ran your fingers through his hair. Whether it was your attempts working or his resolved weakening, Loki fell into a deep sleep one night. You smiled to yourself and settled in next to him. 
You knew exactly when the nightmares began. He clutched at you desperately in his sleep. His arm around your waist tightened, like he was afraid that you would disappear if he didn’t hold you tight enough. His grip was so tight it almost stole your breath. You gently caressed his forearms as you let your power rise in your throat. 
“Sleep well. Dream of peace.” you whispered into his ear. After a second of thought, you selfishly added, “Dream of me.” 
Almost instantly, Loki’s hold on you loosened. Not enough to fully release you, but it was no longer a death grip. You took a deep breath in relief. His breath began to even out and he released a soft snore. It made you smile.
You could already feel the power of tomorrow morning’s gloating session when you both woke up. But for now you were content with turning your head enough to kiss Loki’s shoulder, then falling back asleep. 
The dream started much like the others. The fear and helplessness threatened to swallow him whole. But it changed….for the better. 
The scepter vanished into smoke in his hands. He looked around and saw he was in one of his favorite gardens in Asgard. He looked around and catalogued the flowers around him, it was just as he remembered. Then his eyes fell to the large tree he read under in his youth. There in his usual spot was you, dressed like Asgardian nobility with a book in your lap. The sight made him smile. 
He slowly approached you, not wanting to disturb you. Despite his stealth, you still looked up and gave him a wide smile. 
“Loki.” you breathed. He loved when you said his name like that. Like he was the one who put the son in the sky. Like he was the one with the power to make you day. Like you loved him. 
“Darling.” he he was surprised when his body cooperated with his desires. 
You closed the book and set it beside you, “Join me.” 
He didn’t need to be told twice. He sat beside you, and arranged himself to lay his head in your lap. He closed his eyes once he felt your fingers run through his hair. 
He felt peaceful. For once, he wasn’t afraid something was going to come and ruin this moment. He let himself relax. 
“I love you, Loki.” you hummed to him. 
His eyes snapped open. You giggled down at him. You never said that to him before. He wondered what those words would sound like leaving his lips. Now he was dreaming about it. Perhaps that made him a lovesick fool, but he wanted to hear it again. 
“I love you so much.” you whispered before leaning down to give him a quick kiss. 
Loki raised his hand to bury his fingers in your hair. With minimal effort, he turned the sweet kiss into a hungry one. He smirked when he heard you moan into the kiss. Just as you started to melt into it, he pulled away. 
“And I love you, dear heart.” 
Loki continued to dream of you within the safety of his childhood hiding spot. He cherished your giggles and whispered ‘I love you’s. The only thing that could make it better was if it were real. 
When Loki awoke the next morning, the first thing he noticed how well rested he felt. Usually, a good night of sleep meant the dreamless void that was only available when he reached exhaustion. He couldn’t recall the last time he had had a good dream. He hardly wanted to wake up. But opening his eyes to see you sleeping beside him, made up for that injustice.
He pressed a delicate kiss to your shoulder, trying to convey his gratitude and love through the one kiss. That way he would never have to admit to it when you were awake. 
Unfortunately, the touch had roused you. With a few sleepy mumbles you wiggled out of Loki’s arms enough to roll over and face him. Your eyes were the last to open, and your sleep blurred eyes focused right on his face. He brought his hand up to cup your face. 
“How did you sleep?” you asked, a knowing grin on your face. 
“Gloating is beneath you, my dear.” Loki teased. He knew he was going to have to listen to you gloat for the better part of the day, but he wanted a few more moments of peace. 
You rolled onto your back and laughed. How Loki loved the sound of your laugh. He propped himself up on his elbow to look down at you. 
“What did you dream about?” you asked, your eyes meeting his. 
For a second, he thought about telling you the truth. Telling you the words he dreamed of falling from your lips. He thought of telling you the words he felt in his heart. But he refrained. He was not sure if you were ready for that yet. Midgardians tended to get anxious when such words were thrown around. 
Instead, he gave you his most licentious smile, “Perhaps I can show you what I dreamed about?”
The brilliant flush that came to your cheeks assured him he made the right choice. 
“We have things to do today.” you fought the smile that made its way to your lips. 
“Here I thought you would want to celebrate your victory.” Loki moved his body to languidly stretch out over yours before placing a series of kisses down your neck. You instantly snaked your arms around his neck. 
“This is a dirty tactic.” you protested in spite of yourself. 
“It’s not dirty.” he chuckled low in your ear, “Not yet.” 
You shivered, hearing the unspoken promise in his voice.  
“Fine. you can show me.” you relented, though it felt nothing even remotely close to a loss. 
“Thank you, my love.” Loki whispered to you before pulling you into a rousing kiss. 
He would tell you eventually. When the time was right. For now, he was content to show you how he felt. Whenever you would let him. And he was more than happy to convince you. 
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dreamingkita · 54 minutes ago
I'm trying to make my works gender neutral but for this one oc/reader is fem
Warning: grammar errors (again)
Tumblr media
meeting forest nymph!iwaizumi as a kid because you got lost in the forest all by yourself, luckily iwaizumi saw you and helped you back to your parents. coming back to the forest to meet him again and playing with him. forest nymph!iwaizumi can't help but grew fond of you so he lets you spend time with him every summer. you two got close to the point you proudly declared to marry him someday with a toothy smile which he returned with a soft smile of his own and a ruffle on your hair.
iwaizumi continued looking after you and see you grow up until you told him you won't be visiting him for a long time which saddens you and him, you promised to return and not forget him. when you're gone, he waited and waited for a long time for you to come back. its one of the most saddest years of his life. until one summer, iwaizumi noticed a familiar presence inside the forest he wondered if it's you and he's right. once you saw him you ran directly to his arms and he welcomed you warmly, resting his head on your shoulder and holding you tight against him. he pulled away and saw how much you've grown. he stared at you in awe, you definitely grew from being a messy little kid to a beautiful lady. You smirked at him, "Remember when I said that I'm gonna marry you once I grow up? Well I'm here to make it come true now."
Tumblr media
I feel like this suck....but whatever I like writing anyway
content by @dreamingkita pls do not repost or plagiarize❗
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suna-reversed · an hour ago
JJK reactions || doing their makeup
yuuji, megumi, nanami, gojo, choso, naoya, toji + extra
a/n: sorry for going a little overboard with toji, don’t know if you’ve noticed it yet, but i sorta like him or whatever🙄
not proofread because i haven’t slept in 24 hours 😀
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yuuji: he wants to make the best of his time with you so he’s always up for trying new things. sweet boy has done so much more with you before but still becomes a blabbering flustered mess by how close your face is as you gently apply all the products. you’ll have to tell him to breathe in between every now and then because of hard he’s trying to be still. “can we do this again tomorrow?” he’s looking past at you through the mirror, the blush spreading across his cheeks as he gives you a wide grin, “I wanna show it to megumi too!”
Megumi: reluctantly gives in to it after hours of you pouting and pretending to be upset. has such a deadpan face, please it’s gonna be so hard to contour his cheekbone because dude just won’t suck his face in!! however, his eyes immediately turn soft as he observes your face; brows furrowed in concentration, lip poking out the side of your mouth as you do his liner, he can barely conceal his smile even as you scold him for not keeping his face still when he has to. he honestly comes out looking so stunning though, you don’t think you can ever pull that same look off on yourself ever again😐
Nanami: has a night spa routine with you every friday night anyways, so he doesn’t mind doing this if it satiates your boredom and brings you happiness. is so patient and serious about it, even as he teases you a little by sliding his hands up the back of your shirt, massaging your back as you try to keep your hands steady. he genuinely asks questions about what you’re doing because he’s seen you struggle with maintaining your time in the morning and hopes to be able to do this one thing for you someday.
Gojo: this would truly be a test of your patience. “I know I have 6 eyes but that doesn’t mean you’re allowed to blind me.” “well, maybe if you’d stop blinking so much-” You can try grabbing his jaw or face to hold him still but he would keep making “sexy faces” at you (yes, so many variations of the lip-bite face!). May also keep singing random songs in between as a way to annoy you more. “I don’t need this, I’m already perfect.” “Have you ever even washed your face, your pores go deeper than your trauma-” “...I’m gonna trap you in my void😐”
Choso: is so focused!! Let’s you do as you please with barely any complaints or protests, in reality, it’s honestly really calming for him. “can we do this tomorrow too?” His eyes are closed, a small peaceful smile etched onto his face. It’s clear it’s the affection he appreciates more than the process itself; the way you sit on his lap, handling his face with a gentleness that he’s not quite familiar with, giggling every now and then as he scrunches his nose. “sure, we can do this everyday.”
Naoya: “No.” “At least try it-” “do you think this is a joke y/n? How dare you suggest covering my face in such ‘female attributed’ products? If I allow this, what’s next? You might as well be cutting off my virile macho testosterone filled testicles.” 😐😐 “damn okay, I wasn’t gonna be able to do much over that clown face anyways.”
Toji: come on now, he’s been raised in the zenin clan AND has trust issues. he’s never ever gonna agree to it. Only way you’re getting it done with it is if you end up doing it while he’s passed out drunk or really tired, even then you’ll have to be so careful because he’s cautious even when unconscious. “Why are you looking at me like that?” He groggily asks, opening his eyes to be met with your cheeky grin, giving you an eye roll and flicking your forehead as he gets up to go to the bathroom. Please go hide somewhere asap, he’ll literally tackle you as soon as he sees it. “Oh, you think you can just get away with this huh? How about I leave some marks on you next?”
Toji (extra below because I’m a whore for this man and I have a headcanon that breaks my heart):
Even though he’ll never admit it, Toji at the start of your relationship, was very opposed to you even getting anywhere close to his scar. But now he’s actually committed to you and he’s convinced himself that you’re disgusted by it as you still intentionally make sure you keep away from that area around his mouth (whereas you just think it’s a vulnerable spot for him due to his initial reluctance, and don’t want to cross any boundaries).
So just imagine him coming across your makeup after that day when he’s home alone, literally walking out before he frustratedly comes back, letting himself pick up the concealer. he stares at it for a while before hesitantly dabbing some of it onto the scar to cover it. and as he stares at himself in the mirror, all he can think to himself is that it doesn’t matter if the scar’s there or not, you’ll still always see himself as a monster.
Tumblr media
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scribeofmorpheus · an hour ago
Himmeløyne [25/?]
Pairing: Loki Odinson x Reader
Catch Up Here | Masterlist
Warnings: Violence / Angst???
A/N: ... 
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Tumblr media
“You shouldn’t be here,” Loki said.
Shivers ran up your spine. For the first time since you knew him, he looked terrified. Helpless.
The Creature—the monster—that materialised from the mist inched closer. Its steady pace was unnerving, like pinpricks to the skin.
You took Loki’s hand in yours, felt his grip, ironclad, and said, “Right here is exactly where I’m supposed to be.”
He smiled sheepishly, “Then our reunion was fated to be a short one.” He glanced at the creature, at its eyes, and clenched his jaw as tightly as his muscle could allow. He took an instinctual step back, pulling you behind him. “There’s no escaping it.”
You turned to the creature, unsure of what it was entirely that you sensed from it. It wasn’t fear—at least, not your own. Not hate either. Though it was masked in those emotions well. There was a drive behind its instinct, a purpose. Keenly aware of the fact you still had your magic, you let your magic do the searching where vision failed you. Tendrils of energy waned as if something unseen was pushing back, resisting. You planted your feet, took a deep breath and blocked out everything except the creature. There was familiarity there. A sense of pain. Grief. A broken heart.
Bestla’s words rippled back to you, reminding you of what she had said about Loki, “Loki is a fraught boy. Torn apart by two halves that will always be at war.”
A tendril of magic managed to touch the creature and incoherent flashes distracted you, making you lose balance.
With a grunt, you and Loki were both flung back, the wind knocked out of you. You rolled from your side and noticed the creature was undeterred from his path. A strong magical barrier surrounded it.
The creature lunged, its bone and flesh sword for a hand tearing the seams of Loki’s subconscious world.
You had to get Loki away from the creature, find a way to reassure him, give him room to process everything in safety. As long as the creature was a stone’s throw away, you wouldn’t be able to help him. “How do we escape it?”
Loki turned to you, downcast, “We don’t. I’ve never escaped it.” He looked at his hands. “I have no powers here.”
“But I do,” you forged a connection to his subconscious through your linked hands. “Think of a place, a memory, anywhere you feel safe. I’ll take you there!”
The creature neared and Loki’s mind flooded with too many images, too many years condensed into a barrage of smells and touch, hot and cold, emotion and emptiness. Steeling yourself, you clung onto the strongest sensation: smell. Berries. A burst of blue and purple. Warmth from an oven. A hug.
Instantly, the both of you were sucked into a portal of light, teleported deeper into Loki’s mind. Before the portal shut, the creature let out a roar, snagging skin from your elbow as it slashed and slashed in a frenzy. You seethed from the surprising burn of its cold touch.
You were thrust forward and wrenched back, a tension to your muscles, adrenaline soaking tissue. Your magic sparked, and you lost your bearing. When the world stopped spinning, you were in a kitchen, not the human kind with a hearth and cast iron pots, but Asgardian. Polished stones greeted your feet while gold embellishments decorated everything; curtains, fine dishes, the liquid within crystal clear tumblers.
“Where… where are we?” you glance around, unfamiliar with your surroundings.
Out from a blind spot, two boys darted into the kitchen area. Frigga followed soon after, a youthful blush on her face, hair the colour of magnificent straw. The boys played with wooden swords, clashing in a dull thud. Laughter keeping the room vibrant. The boy with the sandy hair yelped, and before your eyes, his wooden sword transformed into a snake, slithering away.
The raven-haired boy turned ghostly pale, frightened by what he’d just done. He clenched his fists in horror. Frigga calmed him, a sweet smile on her face as she ran her fingers through his hair. She hesitated for a moment before she hunkered low to hug both her sons. Soon after, a baker walked into the room with a silver tray of pastries. Blackish filling spilt over the folds, the smell of citric berries permeated into the space like a blanket, sweet and tart.
“Home,” Loki said. A look of longing crept over his face, a slouch to his shoulders. “I remember this day… This was the day before Father had taken us to the vault to tell us stories, of our grandfather, of the war…the Giants. Mother had asked the baker’s to make her favourite pies. We helped her pick the berries from a thicket near the edge during the day. It was the first time I used transformation magic. I was so scared. So was Thor. But not Mother… she just held us till we stopped crying. Made us feel safe in her embrace. She said I got my magic from her. That we were born under the same stars. Blessed by the same spirits.”
You placed a hand on his back and he leaned into the contact. “It seems like a happy memory.”
“Many of them were… before…” he turned to look away from the homely scene unfolding. “They were my family. My blood.”
The child version of him smiled with pie filling smeared over his round cheeks. You recognised Baldrick in his features. Slight, but distinct. The same dark hair and wide eyes. An impression more than anything.
“They still are,” you said.
“They are not my family…” he sneered, clicking his tongue. “And after what I’ve done, they couldn’t forgive me. I wouldn’t forgive me.”
“You did nothing wrong.”
“I have done plenty wrong!”
You flinched, his anger turning the room cooler, snuffing out the air, closing you in. Mist crawled onto the windows, and, suddenly, you knew. This feeling—this dread—it had been warped around the creature too, preventing you from fully penetrating its barrier. That same magic now surrounded Loki. More apparent after his outburst.
“Not from where I’m standing,” you said. “Perhaps there is much you need to take responsibility for, but not this”—you placed your hand on his chest, felt the thrum of his heart—“not for who you are…what you are.”
 “They lied to me! Made me think I was one of them. Hid my birth rite from me. Hid me,” he shouted.  “I’m a monster!”
The mist had enveloped all the windows now. Cracks spread like veins. A chill wracked through the air.
You ignored the foreboding signs and kept your focus on Loki, “By that logic, so am I.”
His eyes snapped up meet yours, his lower lip trembling. “Not you. Never you.”
Your heart ached at his words. “I’ve taken life… Life that I now see was more than a simple monster made real from under my bed.”
Recognition flashed across his face, “The Giant in Jotunheim. The one who...”
You nodded, slowly. “Yes.”
“But he took something from you,” Loki held your shoulders, speaking in haste as he shook you. “You deserved vengeance. And wanting it… that doesn’t make you a monster.”
You let out a sigh, somehow feeling older as you did it, feeling the heft of another’s life—of Bestla’s life. “Only because something had been taken from him, too. Something that was rightly his.” A sad smile came over you. “Do you know what he said before I killed him? He said his kind were always the villains in my stories. I never thought much of it, at the time. But then I met someone…your grandmother. She told me things, about the Great Wars, the histories of the Giants, the truth. And I see now…”
Loki rambled, taken aback by what you said. "My... grandmother? H-How? When? I—I don't..."
The creature materialised into the room, stone walls exploding into flecks. It growled and Loki stiffened. He was about to pull you away, but you stopped him, mustering all your magic to urge the Jotun beneath his pale skin to surface. His breath hitched as he staggered, fighting the process. You kept watching as the creature continued on its approach. You had a few seconds at best.  
“I see now that there’s more than one side to any story. And war… war destroys more than the past. It takes history. It takes truth. It makes martyrs out of monsters and monsters out of martyrs. Makes kings. Destroys empires. Breeds hate. And these effects ripple out, for generations. You and I are but small grains of sand taken by the whims of the past, struggling to be still.”
“What are you—” Loki’s eyes went wide, making him look so small, so human, as his blue skin surfaced. You trailed along his arm, magic between the two of you building with a charge. With possibilities. He shuddered, taking a few deep breaths to centre himself, to grow used to his reflection in your eyes.
“And this is my truth…” you kissed him gently as the mist clung to your robes and feet. “I love you, Loki, Son of Asgard, Last Prince of Jotunheim... Trickster God. I love all of you. And I bent the world to save you, but the truth is, you aren’t lost, you’re running away.”
The creature lunged, and the wind died out. The creature’s shadow fell behind Loki. From over his shoulder, you could see it raise its arm high, ready to strike… ready to kill.
“It’s time to face who you are…” you whispered.
The creature struck. Loki shouted your name, cradling you close. There was a boom. A rush of air followed by a harrowing silence.
Loki stumbled backward, shocked. All around him were shards of ice, suspended in the darkness until it receded back from where it came. In the light, the creature sloughed away, like fungus being scraped off wood. The layers turned to snowflakes and dispersed all around you. Under the rage and strength of the creature was Loki’s double, pale skinned, blue eyed.   
You walked over to Loki’s double and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Do you see now? Do you see what you were running from?”
Loki paced from left to right, never letting his eyes leave his double. Then he took a step forward, mouth agape, the reality of everything dawning over him. “It was me.”
“You blame yourself for everything. For what happened to my village and what happened to me in the throne room. I suspect you’ve always done so. Resolved yourself to hate the part of you that was different. That was hidden. And that part of you, stricken by self-loathing and doubt, guilt and grief, remained buried here, in the depths of your mind, alone. Apart from you. And when you went under, you could no longer supress him. But after the throne room, those feelings grew in your subconscious, giving form to the very thing you feared. The Jotun in you. The Giant. The monster of your stories.”
“N—No… I—It can’t be.” Loki shook his head, conflicted.
You held out your hand for him to take, “Do you trust me?
He nodded, at a loss for words.
“Then connect them, the two pieces that have been separated for so long. Accept the truth,” you delicately ushered him closer to his double who just blinked, expression empty, hollow.
As the two Lokis stood face to face and the world shook. You took several steps back and watched as Loki put his hand up. His double mirrored his action. When they joined palms, a torrent of emerald light streamed outward, both cold and hot all at once. As bright as a star. As piercing as an arrow. Everything melted out of view until it was only you and him, the illusion of a night sky forming in the background.
He stood close, his smile not quite right. Snaking his arms around you, he held you flush to his chest. You looked up, chin resting on his chest. Finally, you were home.
 “Thank you,” he whispered before kissing you. The kiss was life affirming, as though he was saying a thousand things in a single act. You kissed him back, lips tenderly caressed by his own.
A swell flourished in your belly. Warmth you hadn’t felt since the last time you were in his arms flooded back. It was joy. You gasped as that feeling of solace returned from where it had been stripped away. Elated that you could feel his magic again. Feel him again. For the first time in a long time, you felt like you could finally breathe again. Be at ease again.
“I—” Loki steadied himself, as though he were about to speak the world apart. “I—”
But before he could finish, you felt a third presence tunnel its way to your subconscious. A message warning you from the other side, from the woken world. It felt like Heimdall’s magic. And it was filled with desperation. “Wait! Heimdall… Something’s wrong!”
“I feel it too,” Loki said.
You felt yourself being pulled from the world, out and through. The world adapted to the invasion. Tears of reality blended into the space.
The voice of a guard shouted, “Captain! She’s resisting. We can’t separate them!”
“Pull harder!” the captain shouted back, her voice heated and coarse like lit charcoal.
Through the tears, you saw the healing chamber. Heimdall and the rest of your companions were defeated, huffing for air. They were being ushered out of the room in shackles. The resisted to no avail, dragged out one by one by the guards in shining armour.
Through the distortion, and past the ebbing flow of sound, you saw Odin enter the room. He carried a familiar tome in his hands. Bestla’s amulet!
You had forgotten that you’d left it in Heimdall’s care. Odin must have taken it from him as he was being dragged away.
“I haven’t seen this in a long, long time,” Odin said wistfully. His thumb brushed against the bird bones, beads catching light from the golden castle. He whispered to the captain, the amulet trading hands between them, from his to hers. Spine bent, Odin took his leave.
The Captain narrowed her eyes at you, and, had you been in your body, present and aware in all senses, you were certain you would have taken a step back.
The captain loomed closer, the tug of so many unfamiliar hands on your wrists and elbows. She shouted again, but the world phased and her sound never reached your ears.  
With a dimmer, Loki’s world had begun to flitter out of view.
Sensing this, he drew you close, desperate to have you hear his next words. His lips moved with fervour, words spilling out harried and muffled, incomprehensible. The outside world grew louder. More real. Loki tried to hold onto you, but you felt his hold on you slip away.
With a mind splitting headache, your body greeted your subconscious in the woken world. A wave of exhaustion washed over you as you were overpowered by the guards.
Loki, awakened, reached for you again as he shouted for the guards to desist. Some took a moment to consider, conflicted, but the captain silenced them with a look.
Loki struggled to keep his feet steady. The weeks suspended in the chamber had taken their toll on his body. It was spent. Just like his mind.
“I am Loki, Prince of Asgard, I command you to release her immediately!” he said, anger sparked within his eyes. He motioned to summon his magic, to use a spell to fend off the heavy men with heavy grips. 
Softly, you shook your head. Speaking low enough for just his ears, “No! Loki… No more violence.”
“Hold her still,” the captain ordered. You were wrenched further back. Loki was still reaching for you, just a little out of reach, staggering with weak knees.
“I’ll make this right!” he swore. “I promise. I’ll make it right.”
With a grimace, the captain placed Bestla’s amulet close to your neck and it came alive, a will of its own as it twined uncomfortably around your neck.
“Wai—”You recoiled from the deadened aura of the amulet. Once it settled in place, you fought the urge to cough. The amulet’s distinct lack of presence overpowered you. It made you limp and you felt sparse. Lacking. No magic. No warmth. Eyelids as heavy as boulders. The strength to stand seeming impossible in the moment. It was worse than the leeching. At least that came with pain, with something.
“Take her below,” the captain said before turning her sights on Loki and ushering a few healers into the space. “The prince needs assistance. Hurry.”
Woozy, everything seemed far, far away. The drag of your feet away from the healing chamber came with less resistance. Loki shrunk in your peripheral, still staggering to close the gap.
Tumblr media
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bitofspice · an hour ago
Sith!Obi-Wan x Reader
The dark halls of the imperial ship were illuminated only by the faint light of a nearby moon and the vivid flashing sparks firing off your beskar staff as you fended off Obi-Wan's attacks.
"I see you're still in practice since our last sparring match, Ambassador." He teased as he easily deflected another blow. "But we both know I have the advantage here."
With a sudden push of the force, he had your back slammed against the wall. In a moment, he had wrenched the staff from your grip with his free hand and tossed it aside.
He kept you there as he slid his free hand up to your face and gripped your jaw as he forced you to look into his golden eyes.
"You've been hard at work, Y/N." Obi-wan said in a deceptively proud voice. "Two separate destroyers taken down by a single squadron in one week? If only the other rebels were half as effective, you lot would finally get somewhere."
"Go kriff yourself, Kenobi." You cursed as you struggled against his invisible hold on your limbs.
"I think you'd like it the other way instead, wouldn't you, love?" He teased. "Why, if I didn't know any better, I might think you actually enjoy the little game we've been playing. I don't think your Jedi friends would approve very much."
"Let go of me and I'll show you something I'd really enjoy!" You hissed,
"Oh, Y/n, how I would love to see you try." He smirked. "Speaking of, I think you and I should begin working out the terms of your surrender before my Master arrives..." he purred.
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Chapter Twelve | Choices
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Series summary
When Y/n takes up work as a photographer at MusicHeals Ltd, an entertainment company, she is forced to work with her worst enemy: Jeon Jungkook, a successful musician. Will they be able to solve their differences? Or will what happened between them in the past prevent this?
✿ Series masterlist
✿ Taglist: @imluckybitches @deolly @editorofeverything
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omgrachwrites · 2 hours ago
Our Souls Crave This Magic - Chapter Ten
Pairing: Prince Caspian x Reader
Summary: All you want is a quiet year of university as you and your best friend, Edmund move to New York City. Though, that all changes when you meet the spoiled trust fund brat, Caspian. College au.
Warnings: fluff, swearing, angst
Words: 2669
Disclaimer: All main characters are 18+ and this gif doesn’t belong to me!
A/N: I'm sorry that this is late guys! I'll now be posting this fic on either Mondays and Tuesdays! Hope you guys enjoy and please let me know what you think and let me know if you would like to be tagged, I love you all! xxx
Tumblr media
Chapter Ten - I Know I Have a Heart
The sweet smile that Y/N shot Caspian as he helped her out of the cab, made his head spin and his breath managed to get stuck in his throat. Even though Y/N looked at ease to onlookers and passers-by, he could tell by her eyes that she was nervous. She was switching from playing with her hair and fiddling with her fingers, a sure tell that she was nervous.
Caspian and Y/N had been dating for a couple of months now and he’d only just managed to convince her of the notion of a date on his terms. Caspian knew that she was nervous that she wouldn’t fit into his world, in fact she hated Caspian’s world and he could hardly blame her. However, it was a part of him; no matter how much he hated it he couldn’t change it.
“You don’t have to be so nervous,” he chuckled as he pulled her close, letting the sweet scent of her perfume wash over him. She looked so beautiful tonight, “it’s just a restaurant.”
She pulled her intimidated gaze away from the fancy restaurant, giving him a sheepish look, flushing as she smiled bashfully, “yeah, just a restaurant that is more expensive than my rent,” she laughed nervously, lingering in the doorway.
Caspian sighed as he pulled Y/N to the side, wrapping his arms around her waist, “we don’t have to do this tonight if you don’t want to.”
Y/N looked up at him with a grateful smile as she cupped his stubbled cheeks, “no, no, I want to. I guess that I just feel like I don’t belong here,” she kissed his lips lightly, Caspian smiled against her lips as he cupped her jaw, “thank you for giving me the option though.”
Caspian brushed her hair away from her eyes, “you’re welcome, and for the record, you do belong her, with me,” he smiled and Y/N nodded as she flushed with a shy smile, “now come on, we don’t want them to give our table to someone else,” he let his fingers dance against her warm skin as they walked into the restaurant together.
As they were being shown to their table, on the second floor, Caspian watched all of the tension drain from Y/N’s body and she glanced up to give Caspian a relaxed smile. Caspian smiled back and pressed a kiss to the top of her head. Y/N pressed a lingering kiss to the corner of Caspian’s mouth as he pulled out her chair for her.
“What a gentleman.”
Caspian laughed as he ran a hand through his hair, “I try.”
Y/N smirked over at him as she reached across the table for the candle and pulled a lighter out of her clutch bag. Caspian let out an exasperated laugh as he watched her light the candle. An older woman gasped and shook her head, muttering to her husband about how uncivilised and rude Y/N was. The pretty young woman sitting across from Caspian rolled her eyes and scoffed.
“I love shocking old people; they think that they’re the only people who have ever walked on this Earth.”
Caspian smirked as he folded his fingers on the table, leaning back in his chair. He felt thoroughly amused and impressed, “you’re completely at ease now, aren’t you?”
Y/N giggled and reached over to take Caspian’s hand, kissing along his knuckles, “I am now that I’m with you.”
Caspian bit his lip to hide the delighted but bashful smile, but he was pretty sure that his flamed cheeks gave him away.
When the waitress came over to take their order, they both ordered cocktails to drink, Y/N wasn’t 100% sure what she wanted to eat and she told Caspian to surprise her. He ended up ordering two portions of the lobster, it was his favourite and he knew that Y/N would love it. Y/N smiled when Caspian reached across the table to link his fingers through hers.
When their cocktails arrived, Y/N slid the cherry off her cocktail stick with her teeth and Caspian watched, entranced as she tied the cherry stem with her tongue. She winked at him as she took a sip of her cocktail.
“So,” Caspian flushed, clearing his throat, “what did you decide to do about your dad?”
Y/N’s smile almost slid off her face and she sighed as she glanced at the amazing view outside, biting her lip, “well, I finally worked up the courage to call him. He sounds happy and he wants to meet up with me. Says he wants a chance to explain things, I think I’m gonna go and meet up with him in a couple of weeks.”
Caspian nodded with a smile, he was glad that she was going to be able to finally get some closure, “I think that’s a really good idea, it’s for the best.”
Y/N nodded with a smile as she raked her eyes over his face, “yeah, I think so too.”
When the food came, Y/N lit up at once, the small dark cloud that had temporarily hung over her had evaporated. As they dug into their food, Y/N let out a groan, closing her eyes in bliss, “fuck, that’s good.”
Caspian blushed like a schoolgirl at the noises she was making but he still managed a smile, “told you. Have you never had lobster before?” when Y/N shook her head, Caspian smiled, “well, I’m glad you like it.”
“It’s delicious,” Y/N grinned at him.
As their plates were cleared away, Caspian approached the bar to grab them another round of drinks. The bartender nodded over Caspian’s shoulder with a smirk on his face, “your date is one hell of a firecracker. You are one lucky guy my man.”
Caspian chuckled, “yeah, she’s a knockout alright,” he smiled and glanced over his shoulder.
The smile dropped right off his face when he saw Y/N sitting at their table with a sad look on her face, she looked so sad. Walking away from the table was a woman that he would recognise anywhere. Anger built up in Caspian’s chest like an inferno and he collected the drinks, giving a curt nod to the bartender before stomping back to his table.
Y/N almost flinched when he sat her drink down, “what did Evelyn want? How come she’s here?” he asked. Why did that bitch always seem to be following them?
Y/N raised an eyebrow as she took a sip of her drink and shrugged, “is Evelyn here? I didn’t know,” there was no sarcasm in her voice, she seemed genuinely surprised.
Caspian frowned at her, her whole demeanour had seemed to change in the couple of minutes he had been gone, “are you okay, Y/N?”
“I’m fine,” she nodded with a tight smile.
But, she didn’t seem fine, the conversation grew strained and one sided. Caspian was really worried about her, “want to get some dessert?” Caspian asked as he walked her back to the loft.
“No thanks, I had a really good time tonight though, thank you for taking me out.”
Caspian smiled down at her, linking their fingers together, “I had a really good time too.”
As they got back to the loft, Y/N turned to look at him with a small smile as she rested her hands on his chest, “I would invite you in but I’m up early in the morning,” she gave him an apologetic look.
Caspian shook his head and cupped her cheek, “no worries, I’ll call you okay?”
“Okay,” Y/N nodded and stood up on her tiptoes to press a kiss to his lips. Caspian smiled as he gently pressed her against the door, when he went to deepen the kiss, Y/N pulled away, “goodnight, Caspian.”
“Night, Y/N, sleep well,” he forced out a smile but he hoped that he didn’t look too worried as Y/N bit her lip and walked into her apartment. What had caused her sudden change in demeanour? Was it something that Caspian had said?
Your sneakers squeaked against the wet floor of the corridor as you walked as quickly as you could without slipping and falling on your face. You were late for class; you had been up for the better part of the night, worrying about what Evelyn had told you about Caspian. Was she telling you the truth? Were you about to get hurt again? Was Caspian laughing about you with all of his Upper East Side friends’ right about now?
A million questions raced through your head but right now you had no time to ponder them, you hoped the Professor wouldn’t chew you out. As you walked into the lecture hall, interrupting the lecture, everyone turned to look at you. Your friend Danny had a small smirk on his face.
“You’re late, Y/N. Please, take a seat,” the Professor nodded at you and you smiled sheepishly.
“I’m sorry, Professor, it won’t happen again,” you mumbled as you trudged to your seat. The Professor didn’t continue her lecture; she frowned at you as you sat down.
“Are you alright, Y/N?” she asked and you smiled at her concern.
“Yes, Professor. Thank you,” you lied through your teeth as you pulled your sketchpad out of your backpack. The Professor nodded with the ghost of a smile as she continued on with her lecture.
Danny clicked his tongue and you could basically feel the smirk radiating off of him, you glared at the good looking boy as he was smirking at you just as you had thought, “if I was dating someone as hot as Caspian then I wouldn’t be looking so glum. Are you alright, doll? I know that you lied to Professor Hastings just now,”
You sighed and fiddled with your fingers as you looked at Danny’s worried face, “it’s about Caspian actually, we had a date the other night and this girl was there, she claims that she’s his ex and she told me a crazy story. It was something that was too crazy to make up, and I’m so worried that it’s true. He told me that he’d never hurt me,” you sighed, biting your lip.
Danny placed his hand over yours and gave you a small smile, “talk to him, darling. You’ll never know if you don’t talk to him and if this crazy story that you speak of is true, I will kick his ass.”
You giggled at that, glad to have such a good friend like him, “you’ll have to beat Ed and Lucy to the punch first.”
As class finished and you walked across the quad you decided to take Danny’s advice and text Caspian.
You: Hey, can we make some time to talk today? There’s something we need to discuss? Xx
A few moments later, your phone beeped and you felt nerves churn in your stomach as you read Caspian’s reply.
Caspian: Hey you, sure we can. I’m actually round at your place playing video games with Ed right now; we can talk when you get home? Is everything okay? Xx
You put your phone in your pocket, not bothering to reply to that last message; you would soon find out if everything was okay. You were just scared of what that would mean for yours and Caspian’s budding relationship. As you walked into your apartment, Ed was cheering in victory while Caspian groaned and flung his controller down.
“God, don’t be such a sore loser, Caspian! It’s not attractive, what would our dear Y/N think?” he smirked and that’s when he noticed you hovering in the doorway, watching the interaction with an amused look on your face, “hey Y/N.”
Caspian all but jumped off the couch as he grinned and walked over to you, taking your face in his hands, making a spectacle of him kissing you. You giggled into the kiss as Ed made a gagging noise, “hi,” you blushed as Caspian tucked a strand of hair behind your ear.
“Hey,” he murmured, his gaze flicking away from your lips to look you in the eyes, “did you want to talk now?”
At his question, you came crashing right back to reality as a painful pang went through your chest, “yeah, let’s go,” you took his hand and led him to your room.
“Don’t be doing anything nasty!” Ed called after the both of you but you ignored him.
Caspian sat on the edge of your bed, resting his hands on his thighs, before you could think twice, you blurted out what you were thinking, “I’ve been lying to you,” he frowned tilting his head and you sighed as you decided to elaborate, “I saw Evelyn at the restaurant, she talked to me, I didn’t want to worry you.”
Caspian groaned as he threaded his fingers through his hair, “what the hell did she have to say?”
You felt your eyes sting with unshed tears and you blinked to get rid of them, there was no use in crying just yet, “she told me that you used to date. I just need to know if it’s true, have you been lying to me the entire time?”
At your words, the entire colour drained from Caspian’s face and he looked at you with wide eyes, “Y/N, you have to tell me exactly what she said to you.”
“She told me that your parents arranged a marriage between the two of you, that you were best friends growing up and you used to date all through high school. And then she stupidly broke it off with you, last year and you were heartbroken. She told me that you made a deal with your parents that you could go to the school of your choice and you could play around with other women as long as you agreed to marry her at 25. Evelyn told me that you’ve been using me this entire time, just to make her jealous. Is it true?” tears were falling down your cheeks now and Caspian sat on the bed, looking dumbstruck.
“Yes,” he muttered, “it’s true,” you gasped and backed away from him, this is why you didn’t want to get attached to him, and you knew that he would break your heart. Caspian leaped off the bed with a frantic look on his face, “at first, I was using you to make Evelyn jealous because I still loved her, that was why I asked you to the wedding.
But, it’s different now,” he reached out to cup your cheeks and when you flinched away from him, his arm limply dropped to the side, “these past couple of months that we’ve spent together have been the best of my life; I care about you, Y/N. I’m not using you and I don’t love Evelyn anymore.”
You let out a small hiccup, wanted to believe him but right now he was no different than your adulterous father, “so you’ve told her that you’re not going to marry her?” he didn’t reply and his silence spoke volumes. You scoffed, shaking your head, “how am I supposed to trust you? You told me that you would never hurt me, you told me that you would never treat me like how my dad treated my mum,” you whispered, looking away from him as you wrapped your arms around yourself.
“I know,” he sighed and if you looked at him then you would have seen the tears glistening in his eyes, “I’m sorry, Y/N.”
You shook your head and closed your eyes, you didn’t have time for this, “just go Caspian,” you sniffled as you walked over to your bedroom window. You felt Caspian’s hand brush against your back and you almost leant into the touch. Then he was walking past you.
“I want to work this out, Y/N. You mean a lot to me,” his words caused a painful shock to your heart and your knees almost buckled. You should have just stayed away from him. You wondered if he had always been a good liar, or if you were just lucky.
@smiithys @elayneblack @amelie-black @generalblizzarddreamer @blackbirddaredevil23 ​ @whiskeywinter89 @graciehams ​ @multilovebot @just-arandomwriter @epistrofh-twn-ypogeiwn-poihtwn
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Video Games [Max Kante X fem!Reader]
Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Pairing: Max Kante x fem! Reader
Warnings: None
“How are you beating me?” you cried out as your avatar suffered blow after blow. “I’m button mashing as much as you!” You were playing Ultimate Mecha Strike III with Max at his place. When you told him the other day that you had never played before, he insisted that you come over so he could teach you.
“I am not button mashing.” He countered, “I am pressing the buttons in a calculated manner at a rapid pace.”
“No, you’re button mashing.” You disagreed but sighed as his character dealt the finishing blow. “Again?” you groaned, “have you been practicing without me?”
“I told you, I want to be the representative of our school for the Ultimate Mecha Strike III tournament.” He pushed his glasses onto his face, “again?” he questioned and held up his controller.
“Maybe R2D3 isn’t my character.” You mused as the character selection screen loaded up. “Oh who am I kidding?” you threw your hands up into the air and fell backward on the cushion that you were sitting on. “I suck at this game!”
“You don’t suck,” Max turned around to give you an encouraging look, “you just need to learn the secrets. For one, you should definitely use your specials more often.”
“I’m tired,” you whined, “I need a cookie.”
“If it’s sugar that you’re craving, fruits would do much better than a cookie.” He told you.
“But cookies are comfort foods. Fruits are lame comfort foods.” You frowned.
“Okay come on,” he sighed with a smile before standing up, “let’s get you a cookie.” He held out a hand for you to take so you could get up on your feet.
“Yay!” you cheered and jumped up. “To the cookies!” you cried out excitedly and ran out of the room. Max chuckled and was about to follow you when you rushed back into the room, “where are these cookies?” you asked sheepishly. You might’ve just took off down the hall of Max’s house with no idea of where you were going.
Max laughed, “come on. I’ll show you.”
“I still don’t understand.” You looked at Max blankly. He had just gone over which buttons did what moves and in what order you should do them for optimal attacks. In all honesty, you were getting super frustrated at yourself. Why were you having such a hard time with this?
“Here, let me show you.” Max settled down next to you and held the controller, and your hands, in his hands.
“Uh, what are you doing?” you asked him while your face probably resembled a pomegranate.
“Helping you figure out which buttons to push.” He answered simply as if he had no idea what was weird about this situation. He used the controller in your hands to change the screen so it was you versus the computer, instead of another person.
“Uhhh.” You didn’t know what to do. You might have been harboring feelings for him for quite a while now. He was just so smart, and such a good friend. You were so concentrated on trying to reduce your pomegranate-like state that you didn’t even realize that the match was over and you won.
“Do you get it now?” Max asked.
“Uhh,” you felt like your tongue had just gotten bitten by a bee, “I think I need to get some water.” You stuttered as you untangled yourself from Max and ran out of the room. You leaned on the cool wall just outside of the room. You just needed to get out of there, and you felt like if you tried to find the kitchen you’d get lost. Probably.
“It didn’t work Kim.” You heard Max’s voice and you deduced he was probably on the phone with said person. “She just ran out.” There was a pause, “you think I should just outright tell her?” Max sounded flabbergasted, “I can’t just do that. She probably doesn’t like me back.” You bit down a squeal. Max reciprocated your feelings. Perhaps you should try to relieve him of his anxiety. Quietly, you opened the door again and snuck up on Max. Without warning, you threw your arms around him in a hug. “Ah! (y/n)! You’re back!” he hastily shoved his phone under the cushion, “wait…” you could practically see the gears turning in his head, “did you hear our conversation.
“Maybe.” You teased.
His face blanched and he buried his head in his hands, “how much?”
“Just the whole thing,” you smiled, “but that’s okay!” you added hurriedly as he looked more and more like he wanted to turn into a snail and hide in his shell forever. “I guess you didn’t see it, but my face was totally trying to turn into a pomegranate the entire time you were helping me.”
His face morphed into one of confusion, “what?”
You coughed awkwardly and tried to fix your mistake, “I like you too.” You blurted.
“Yeah, like.” He agreed quietly.
“I mean, like-like.” You tried to fix your mistake, you groaned and covered your face with your hands, “what are we. Elementary schoolers?”
“You’re cute when you get flustered like this.” Max laughed, “then I guess it was a good thing that you heard our conversation.” You nodded and then leaned in to kiss his cheek. Since you were still draped around his back. “I think you missed.” He told you after you kissed his cheek and turned his head a bit more so that you could meet lips.
The two of you could faintly hear Kim shouting for Max from Max’s phone.
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mandaloooooorian · 2 hours ago
Like an Animal - Bucky x Reader (3/8)
Read on Ao3 (for better interface + formatting)
Tumblr media
Summary: Reader is an enhanced Omega kidnapped by Hydra and trapped in a cell with Alpha Bucky Barnes. Tags: A/B/O, Protective Bucky Barnes, Protective Steve Rogers, Angst, Angst with a Happy Ending Warnings: Rated M, Kidnapping, Mentions of non-con (nothing actually happens), self-hatred  A/N: The rest of the team makes an appearance! Whoo!
Steve burst through the door first, using the force of his shield to break through the external locks Bucky had been unable to reach. As soon as the scent of their combined heat and rut hit him, Steve threw his best friend a wide-eyed look. From where he knelt on the floor next to the Omega, Bucky shook his head, feeling a fresh wave of shame wash over him. His release minutes ago had taken the edge off of his rut enough that he was thinking semi-clearly again, realizing what he had done.
He had violated her. He didn’t stop. He was the most worthless kind of Alpha— not a protecter, like Steve, but a taker, like Hydra had trained him to be.
“Who is she?” Steve asked, taking slow, careful steps towards them. Bucky had to grip hard into his thigh with his metal hand to stop himself from grabbing her protectively, shielding her from the nonexistent threat of the other Alpha, the way his instincts were screaming at him to.
Y/N was still shaking and crying, curled up on top of his clothes and holding her legs tightly to her chest to protect herself.
“Dunno. She’s enhanced. Sympathy heat. Get her to safety. Please,” he said lowly. Steve nodded, giving Bucky another searching look. “They gave me something. Rut. I— I don’t know. I’ll be fine.” He shook his head as he stood up, trying to clear it again of the rising fog of arousal.
“Are we fighting our way out?” At least that way, he’d be an asset. Even a normal Alpha in rut possessed enhanced strength and endurance, not to mention a super-soldier.
Steve shook his head. “Tony and Nat practically cleared this place out already. You know we’re in Paraguay, right?”
Bucky shook his head in disbelief.
“I know. Took us way too long to find you. Scared everyone,” Steve said. “Once we touched down, a few Hydra squads fled the base right away. Probably whoever was in charge of…” —he motioned at Bucky’s body to indicate his artificial rut— “….this. Sam’s tailing them now.”
Bucky watched as Steve gently kneeled down next to Y/N. Her eyes were glassy and out of focus. She strained her neck to bare her throat submissively to the new Alpha looming over her, turning her face into Bucky’s ruined clothes. He swallowed hard, feeling sick to his stomach at her display of fearful vulnerability.
The reminder of the spend he’d eked out against her will was still wet against his body. He was a fucking monster.
Steve gently scooped Y/N up into his arms. She protested weakly, still crying as she pushed on his arms with her bound wrists, murmuring unintelligibly and whimpering in either fear or pain. Bucky grimaced as Steve tucked her face into his neck, offering his scent gland to comfort her in the intimate way Bucky had just a few hours ago. He watched as she snuffled into his neck and the rigid lines of her body began to relax minutely. “Alpha,” she whined. He had to stop himself from tearing her from Steve’s arms— though he knew if anyone deserved the trust of a defenseless Omega, it was his best friend. Bucky had proven himself unworthy ten times over here in this cell. His self-hatred rose like bile in his throat, competing with the heat of rut still burning through his veins.
“Bucky okay in here?” Nat slipped soundlessly through the cell door, brushing her hair out of her dirt-smudged face. She was a little breathless, but looked otherwise unharmed. “Upstairs is clear, but we need to get moving before—“ She cut off when she saw Y/N curled in Steve’s arms. “Holy shit,” she breathed.
Steve had already started moving out of the cell, stopping when he realized that Nat recognized Hydra’s other prisoner. “So she’s not a Jane Doe?”
“Her name is Y/N,” Bucky interjected. My Omega.
“Not a Jane Doe,” Nat said. “I’ll explain on the quinjet.”
Nat navigated them quickly and expertly through the evacuated base. There were some limp bodies strewn around as they made their way up nearly a dozen flights of stairs, Nat’s swift and nearly bloodless execution style apparent in the pattern of dead. The closer they got to the exit, the antsier Bucky felt, his skin starting to crawl again with rut. He knew he was moments away from dipping back into mindless lust— especially without his, no, the Omega in his arms— but he couldn’t speed up ahead for risk of leaving her behind. The urge to stay protectively by her side was too strong, though he knew she was more than safe in Steve’s arms. She had quietly dozed off in Steve’s arms.
“Almost there,” Nat murmured, nodding her head at a set of busted steel doors at the end of a long hallway. Bucky knew she could smell his desperation, clamping a hand down on his flesh arm to ground him. “I have emergency suppressants,” she told him reassuringly.
As they burst through the doors and out into the humid air, Bucky let out a sigh of relief he didn’t realize he’d been holding. Sam was standing, wings folded, on the quinjet’s loading hatch as they approached at a quick jog. “Couldn’t stay on their tail,” he updated Steve, who shook his head. “Glad you didn’t die,” Sam said teasingly to Bucky, but Bucky didn’t have the stomach for their usual banter. He gave a grim nod, to which the Beta male raised his eyebrows.
Once they were all on board, Tony raised the loading hatch and lifted the quinjet off the ground with a lurch, activating the cloaking panels so their jet disappeared into the sky. Bucky slipped into a gear room in the back to quickly shuck out of his ruined clothes, forcing himself to toss them in the incinerator even though he ached to press his face into his shirt and breathe in Y/N’s lingering scent. She hadn’t consented. She couldn’t have. He slammed his right fist into the wall, forcing himself to feel the pain in his knuckles.
Nat knocked on the door before opening it a crack, offering four white tablets in her palm.
“Thanks,” Bucky murmured, swallowing the emergency blockers dry.
“Give yourself ten minutes for them to kick in, then we should debrief,” she murmured. Bucky nodded. Once he was dosed up with blockers and finished the debrief, he could lock himself back in here, as far away from Y/N as possible— even though his Alpha was screaming at him to break down the door and pull her back into his arms. The last thing she needed was to see his face if she woke up mid-flight. The sound of her terrified sobs still rang in his ears.
It took more than ten minutes for the blockers to work and for Bucky to start feeling normal again. His temperature had gone down, but he kept his outer layers off, quietly emerging from the gear room in a short sleeve shirt. Tony was manning the controls with bags under his eyes. Nat was sitting with her legs thrown over Sam’s lap, the both of them peering intently at her tablet as she scrolled through files. Steve had buckled himself into one of the co-pilot seats with Y/N on his lap, his hand cupping the back of her neck to keep her face pressed near his neck. She still looked feverish and weak, sweat forming a sheen across her exposed skin, but she was out cold. Bucky’s eyes traced the curves of her face, drinking in the sight of her and her sweet, minty scent.
Steve’s earnest blue eyes connected with Bucky’s as soon as he registered his best friend entering the main room. He must have caught the scent of Bucky’s dueling protective and guilty emotions because Steve gave him a reassuring nod. “She’s doing fine, Buck. Hasn’t made a peep. But she’s… cold,” he said.
“She has some kind of ability. Said she could freeze things,” Bucky explained.
“What the hell happened back there?” Sam interrupted. “No offense, Buck, but you still reek— even more than usual.”
“They dosed me with something,” he growled. “I didn’t even realize until they brought her in. I—“ he cut himself off. He wasn’t going to tell the whole team how he’d forced himself on her. They’d probably throw him off the quinjet, like he wanted to do to himself. He was just grateful Steve had arrived when he did, or there’s no telling what he could have been capable of. And to think she had trusted him enough to offer him her gland to scent….
Bucky squeezed his eyes shut, fighting back the voice in his head reminding him of all the reasons he didn’t deserve that trust. “I think they wanted us— me— to…” he trailed off. Tony turned around to face the group with a grim expression, and Sam’s eyes widened as he realized Bucky’s meaning.
“Wait,” Steve interjected. “Nat— you recognized her.”
“I know her, yes,” Nat sighed, pursing her lips, before setting her tablet down in Sam’s lap and swinging her legs over the edge of the seat to face the group. “A year or so ago— after the Blip— Wanda, Fury and I started looking for more… enhanced individuals. The last thing we need are more people out there like Pietro and Wanda being… experimented on, when we could so easily bring them to safety and a… purpose.”
“Well, who is she?” Sam pressed. Bucky could tell Sam had been fighting his overprotective Beta instincts back ever since Steve had carried her on board. His normally neutral scent— like citrus and saltwater— had flared up in his agitation.
“Y/N Y/L/N,” Nat answered. “Fury discovered her after we found a whole gang of street criminals frozen solid in Brooklyn. Her parents were scientists working for S.H.I.E.L.D., pre-Hydra. She likely got her abilities when she was a teenager when one of their lab experiments went wrong. Both her and her parents were assumed D.O.A., but she was actually underground for the past 10 years. I found her not too long ago and warned her of the risks, told her we could protect her. She seemed very… disillusioned by the Avengers. Gave me the slip, too— Not many people can do that. I haven’t seen her since.”
“Sounds like she’s been through a lot,” Steve said softly. Y/N snuffled softly in her sleep, and Steve rubbed her back soothingly. Bucky clenched his jaw so hard it felt like his teeth were going to crack. “Probably figured if S.H.I.E.L.D. couldn’t protect her and her parents, how could we? Tony, any idea how to get these restraints off her?”
“Looks like some kind of Terrigen Crystal manipulator, common scrambling device for enhanced individuals,” Tony replied. “We can deactivate them back home, but I’d keep them on until she wakes up. We don’t know how powerful she is.”
Rage rose hot and sharp in Bucky’s chest, surprising him. “She’s not dangerous,” he growled. “She’s just—“
Tony cleared his throat. “Just an Omega?” he scoffed. “Yeah. So is Wanda. And Banner.”
“I was going to say she’s just been kidnapped,” Bucky growled, hackles raised. “If I woke up surrounded by a strange pack, I’d use my strengths too.” Steve and Tony both quirked an eyebrow, their Alpha instincts completely under control. Bucky knew he was acting like a deranged knothead, but he couldn’t help it. Never in his life had he felt a pull to an Omega this strongly. All he wanted was to curl her into his arms, where she belonged, return his face to the scent gland on her neck and use his heat to warm her cool skin. But he wouldn’t. And he shouldn’t. He didn’t deserve it. He spun on his heel, returning to the gear room, which he bolted shut behind him, sliding down with his back to the floor to ride out the rest of the journey home— as far away from her scent as he could get.
The first thing I felt when I woke up this time wasn’t the pain in my wrists— though that was still there, burning hot and freezing cold at the same time. No, the first thing I felt was a comfortable bed beneath my back, and the scratchy soft material of a hospital gown across my chest.
My fractured memories came back in a rush. Heat, burning heat. My Alpha’s soothing cedar scent above me, his gentle kisses against my gland, the mind-numbing euphoria of his purrs filling my chest. The scent of his spend driving me wild with need. The ache in my core, growing unbearable as he inexplicably drew away from me. The desperation racking my body with sobs, my scent sharp with the anxiety of heat abandonment. The sound of steel shattering, the smell of another Alpha warm, strong and safe like sunshine and old books. The comfort of being held against a broad chest warring with the fear and wrongness of my Alpha getting left behind. Fighting against the mindless Omega space that threatened to pull me under. Leaving the cell, my body jostling as I was carried up stairs, the humid outdoor air hitting my flushed skin. The sound of jet turbines, the leather edge of a seat buckle. Beta scents: Citrus and saltwater; Roses and rainwater. A bonded Alpha— Motor oil and whiskey. Fear for my Alpha. Where was my Alpha? A soothing hand dragging up and down my back. Darkness.
I jolted back to the present all at once, opening my eyes to take in the plain white hospital room and hear the sound of the heart monitor next to me pick up as I began to panic again. Who had brought me here? Where was Bucky? Was he alive? Were we safe? I couldn’t scent anything over the powerful antiseptic smell of the hospital, sending my thoughts spiraling further.
Who had changed my clothes? The dirt underneath my fingernails had been scrubbed clean. The symptoms of my sympathy heat were gone, though the heat itself had jumbled my memories. Someone had plaited my hair in a french braid behind my head.
I sat up, groaning as the familiar post-heat aches and pains protested throughout my muscles. Before I could swing my legs over the side of the bed, the handle to the only door out of the room turned and a red-haired woman stepped in. She had large, soulful eyes and beautiful features, and as her cinnamon-sweet bonded Omega scent drifted towards me, I immediately felt myself relax. “Y/N?” the woman said gently. Her voice carried an Eastern European lilt to it. She looked familiar, but I couldn’t quite place where I knew her.
“Where am I?” My voice was surprisingly raspy, and I coughed to clear my throat. How long had I been out? I swung my legs over the side of the bed, hissing as my feet hit the cold tile floor. Wanda joined me on the edge of the bed, putting a few feet of distance between us.
“You’re in a safe place— the Avengers compound in New York. My name is Wanda,” she said soothingly, leaning into her dulcet Omega voice. Holy shit, the Scarlet Witch.
“I know you,” I gasped. Her lips quirked up on the sides in an amused smirk. “I mean— From TV,” I corrected, shaking my head. “Where’s Bucky?”
She looked surprised I asked, quirking her head to the side. “Nowhere near us. You’re safe here,”  she answered slowly.
What a weird response. Why wouldn’t I be safe?
“I mean, I figured it was safe… I’m in one of the most heavily fortified buildings in the world. But can I… see him?” I felt shy, suddenly, for asking. I barely knew him. But we’d made it through something terrible together, and I felt… connected to him. Maybe he didn’t want to see me at all. Maybe he has another Omega.
“Maybe… later,” she said, then reached out to place a hand on the wrist restraints. “Sorry to leave these on you. I know the pain they cause. We didn’t know how you’d react when you woke up in a strange place, especially post-heat. Do you feel comfortable having an Alpha come in here to remove them? I will stay here with you. And he’s bonded.”
I nodded mutely. She was treating me like I was a delicate flower, like any minute I would wilt and snap. It’s not like I hadn’t been alone in a room with an Alpha before. But then again, the last time I had been, we’d almost bonded in a frenzied, drug-induced haze. Alpha, my Omega sighed, suddenly reminded of the heat, the arousal, his scent, what we’d almost done. Find Alpha.
I’d never felt a pull to an Alpha like this before. Ever. Usually, they smelled too strong, filled up too much space, made me feel small and weak despite my inner certainty that I was anything but. Away from him, now, I felt… adrift.
Wanda crossed the room to rummage through a clinical looking chest of drawers, pulling out a sweatshirt and soft pants. “Once Tony gets you out of these restraints, you can have a shower and get into something cozy,” she offered.
“Stark?” I choked.  They were really gearing up to introduce me to all of the freaking Avengers.
“That would be me, Y/N,” said the Alpha, easing the door to the room open with a quick rap of his knuckles on the frame. It was jarring to see Iron Man clad in jeans and a baseball tee. I’d only ever seen him buttoned up in a suit and tie on TV press conferences, or hidden behind black shades in tabloid images. His scent was strangely familiar, too— harsh and spicy, like motor oil, mixed with what I could only assume was his Omega’s gentle strawberry smell. “But you can call me Tony.”
“Tony,” I said, starstruck. My father, and by extension— me— had idolized him growing up. Now, he was carrying a sleek black and gold device that he waved in front of me.
“We’re using a little handheld vita ray action here to deactivate your restraints,” Tony explained. “Just hold tight for a second.”
I held out my wrists to him, away from my lap, and he activated the vita rays, sending what looked like a blue laser beam to cut straight through the middle of the metal. The restraints creaked and groaned as they released, cracking in half. Before they could hit the floor, a swirling orb of red energy appeared beneath them, lifting them gently into the air to rest on the bed next to me. I looked up to see Wanda’s eyes and hands glowing softly in the same color. Sick.
“Thanks,” I breathed, rubbing my wrists, the relief imminent. The pain no longer seared through my forearms, and I could feel the familiar burst of energy from my chest down to the tips of my fingers. Just to test, I held my hand out in front of me, seeking out a few molecules of water in the dry, filtered hospital air and freezing them instantaneously, falling like bits of hail into my palm.
“That’s a cool party trick,” Tony said. I closed my palm, feeling the ice melt against my skin. How embarrassing. “We’ve always needed someone to help make sure our groceries stay at the right temperature.”
I scoffed. Knothead. “I was just kidnapped by Hydra, endured a sympathy heat unprepared and had my abilities stunted by a magical pair of handcuffs. You can scrutinize me again after I get nine hours and a decent cup of coffee.”
Tony barked out a surprised laugh, turning around to leave the room. “I like this one,” he said to Wanda, before disappearing out the door, what remained of my restraints clutched in his hand.
Wanda rolled her eyes at his back, then turned to face me with her hands on her hips. “Well Y/N, if you’re up for it— let me show you to your room.”
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catatonic-writes · 2 hours ago
Heisenberg x Reader || Safe Haven Part 02
Title: Safe Haven Part 02 - Devil Devil Summary: A misunderstanding sets Heisenberg against you, fueled, of course, by none other than his older sister. Relationship: Karl Heisenberg x Reader Words: 5k Warnings: - trauma, emotional hurt - Prompt/AU: Witch!Reader AO3 Link Only oh so rarely did Heisenberg leave his factory, his fortress of scrap and abstruseness. He felt at home among iron and steel, because there he was safe, there he always had the upper hand. But out here, in the village among the goats, the grain and the people - he felt out of place. A part that did not fit into the overall picture, too edgy and different.  The warm May sun, which warmed his back and filled the people with laughter and good humor, did not help. In the evening, the May Dance would be held, an annual celebration of Romanians, especially in the rural areas. He thought nothing of these things, but unfortunately Miranda had called him to join her. It was only a trifle, but it was enough to make him angry again. Why did she take him out of his factory when it was just a trifle? Miranda knew very well that he preferred to stay in his steel sanctuary! She did this on purpose, he just knew it. Angrily, he trudged along the sandy path of the village, the main street, if you could call it that. This lousy dump was really the worst, he thought bitterly and enjoyed the fact that the villagers went out of his way. Nobody wanted to have anything to do with Lord Heisenberg, there were terrible rumors going around, scary stories about his factory. Oh, if these idiots only knew!  "And if something is worrying you, let him come and get me." Heisenberg's ears perked up, he stopped as he heard a familiar voice. Was he hallucinating now? Impossible that you, of all people, were in that pigsty of a village!  "And remember, she's only allowed one bottle with herb infused milk a day." You stroked the baby's head lovingly and gave the mother a warm look. "It's okay, she'll be fine. I promise." Words of thanks fell from the young mother's lips at the entrance to the house and she hugged the little bundle even tighter. The sight of the young mother pissed Heisenberg off, but he pushed that aside, because - what the hell were you doing in the village?
Read more on AO3 <<<
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drreidsboyband · 3 hours ago
Just for the record...
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Spencer x GN!Reader
Warnings: none that i can think of:)
a/n: heyo! this fic is very loosely based on me. mostly the fact that my first job was in a local record store and my music taste. there are no physical descriptions of reader at all. okok i have to finish writing this now but um i hope you like it!<3
(oh and it’s lightly inspired by this post and this one)
Spencer didn’t leave his house often. For many reasons. Germaphobia, social awkwardness, and the whole ‘anyone could be a serial killer and could be targeting me’ thing, just to name a few. But this, this he could handle. After all, he’s been here before. And it was a painless process. Nice, even. Going to a record store is like going to a book store, right? Well, maybe not. But as far as he’s concerned, investing in vinyls was one more easy way to reject modern technology. So, he covered his hand with the sleeve of his cardigan quickly before pulling the door open. The store wasn’t empty, but it wasn’t packed either. Though, it was crowded enough to turn Spencer off of the idea of wandering aimlessly through the aisles of stacked up records. He hesitantly walked up to the counter with an older man standing behind it.
“E-excuse me? I was wondering where I could find um--”
The man cut him off with a shout, “Y/N?!”
The door of what he could only assume was a storage room swung open and Y/N stepped out carrying a box.
“Do me a favor, help this guy out, alright?”, he explained while they tripped slightly over their Docs.
“You got it, boss.”, they smiled with a click of their tongue.
Spencer’s mind raced a million miles a minute looking at the person standing in front of him. Because they were definitely not here the last time he was. And now, he knew his face was probably bright red and that did not help with the seemingly awkward silence or the stuttering.
“Y-you know what? I-i-it’s fine, I c-can find it myself. You ju--um, y-you loo-k busy.”, the words struggled to fall from his lips.
But instead of laughing or brushing him off, Y/N just smiled and tried to reassure him, “No, it’s totally fine. In fact, it’s uh kinda my job.”, they giggled.
And even though he had just met this magnificent stranger thirty seconds ago, he would do anything to hear them laugh again. But instead, like the idiot he had deemed himself as, he choked up and all the words died on his tongue.
“Soooo, what’s up? How can I help?”
“Right--um I’m looking for ‘Metallica’.”
“Like, just the band in general or the album?”
“T-the album. But it’s f-fine if you guys don’t have it or something!”
“Don’t worry, we totally have it. And I know we do because I just stocked ‘em up an hour ago.”, they drummed their fingers on the edge of the counter happily before hopping over it. They motioned for Spencer to follow as they began to walk to the back of the store.
“Metallica, huh?”, those two little words broke Spencer out of his trance, and now that they had, he felt like an absolute creep for just staring at them.
“Oh no, you just--don’t seem like the type. You strike me as more of a...Mozart type of guy."
"I am--usually."
"Really? Then what makes today so...unusual, Doc?", they turned around for a split second to see the confusion on his face, "You're wearing an ID badge on your shirt.", Y/N smiled and pointed in the general direction.
"Oh.", he looked down at his badge from over two years ago and was now horribly embarrassed by the photo on it, "Well, nothing's unusual per se, I just thought I could try something new--or not new, but something I haven't heard in a while."
They finally stopped at the very back wall of the shop and Y/N pulled a small ladder towards themselves so that they could reach the higher shelves. They pulled one of the records down, stepping off of the ladder and handing it to Spencer with a smile. Y/N's banter came to a sudden stop as they heard a few notes echoe through the store, granted, they were faint, but there nonetheless. Spencer watched as they turned down another one of the aisles.
"Hon, you know I love seeing you come in every day, but we've been over this. We have headphones next to the players for a reason, ok?", they handed a pair of headphones to the man and patted him on the shoulder before leading Spencer back up to the front.
Spencer could feel his anxiety building more and more as Y/N shuffled some things around on the counter in attempt to clear some space and organize at the same time. He wasn't sure why he felt so nervous around them--yes he did. Even with his eidetic memory, he couldn't think of anyone who was as beautiful and captivating as them. And in attempt to ease his anxiety, he did what he does best, share his infinite amount of knowledge.
"Did you know that an early mechanical cash register was invented following the American Civil War?"
"No, no I did not. I am intrigued though, tell me more?"
"It was invented by two men--James Ritty and John Birch to be specific. James was the owner of a saloon in Dayton, Ohio and wanted to stop his employees from pilfering his profits. So, 'The Ritty Model' was invented in 1879 after he saw a tool that counted the revolutions of propellers on steamships. And with the help of John, who also happened to be his brother, they patented it in 1883, calling it 'Ritty's Incorruptible Cashier. The uh--the one you guys have here doesn't seem too much older, it was probably made around 1909, if I had to guess."
"Wow--", Y/N smiled and took the cash from his hand, "You must come here often if you recognize our cash register."
"You'd think so, right?", he huffed out a laugh, "This is only my second time here actually, I've just never seen one like that in D.C. before, and I--um-I have a lot of random facts floating around.", as he spoke, he watched Y/N scribble something down on a piece of paper and then carefully place the bills in the register.
"Well, hopefully I see you here more often.", they beamed and handed him the album.
They exchanged a 'thank you' and goodbyes before Spencer started his walk home. As he pulled his cardigan closer to his body, he noticed a small paper that was tucked inside the cover, flapping in the wind. He pulled the paper out slowly, written on it was ten digits and a small message scribbled beneath them.
‘Call me sometime:), xo--Y/N’
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tartagliaxx · 3 hours ago
yellow roses, symbolising friendship <3 + xiao
❝ xiao + yellow rose ❞
pairing: xiao/reader (platonic)
genre: hurt/comfort
summary: yellow roses | friendship
warnings: xiao’s trauma
Tumblr media
broken rock pillars cast a dark shadow overhead, born from the sordid glow of the afternoon sun. from his place perched upon the highest mountain, xiao watched as the trees swayed from side to side — listened as the birds whispered one song and another — lived as the world went around without him. the sour taste of nostalgia and the sweetness left behind by a traveler's offering lingered on his lips— and his mind— as his gaze became stone-cold at the mere sight of his hands.
hands that had hurt and killed and viciously taken from those he had sworn to protect; hands that were sullied, rough, and bruised from days worth of constant war and rage with the one thing to keep him by being his trusty polearm. ink-stained fingertips, blood-traced palms, aching memories carved into his bones. even the cool breeze of jueyeun karst did little to pull xiao from his pitless fall to his world-ending karma.
"you're snarling."
he ignored your presence despite feeling the intensity of your gaze prickling his back and he looked even further away as you approached him in small, light steps. xiao's hardened resolve made it so he would never show his vulnerabilities and what is a greater weakness if not the need for comfort and reliance?
"climb down." xiao told you grimly, voice detached from the world and colder than anything you have ever felt before. but despite that, you saw the ripples in the murky puddles of hate that stained his amber eyes. to you, they painted a vision of concern and desperation, leaving you to want nothing more than to reach forward and offer your hand but you knew that he'd only push you further away.
"alright but..." you hesitated, swallowing the words you wanted to say in favor of a tight-lipped smile. "please accept this."
you handed him a yellow rose that contrasted the dark shade of his gloves and xiao all but winced at the unintentional reminder of his sins. the fragile life he held, he huffed in humorless irony because he didn't know if he was talking about the flower or you, became tinted with the most unsightly black as the seconds ticked by. as the fiftieth second came to a pass, he willed the flower to wither and fade. maybe then, he'd be less inclined to follow the tug of his heart that told him to reach out and open up.
the yellow rose remained as lively as it was, holding a glimmer that used to be reflected in his eyes. was it optimism? joy? innocence? he no longer knew who he was back then nor did he particularly show any intention of reclaiming that side of him but as the delicate flower danced for his eyes to feast — the music of the wind thrumming against his blood — the dull pain in his soul amplified into something unbearable. its hurtful taunts and jabs becoming as clear as crystal dew in the sky.
he hated it.
he hated the tremble in his hands, the empty silence in his mind, the heavy reminder that his future promised nothing more but undying battlefields and restless solitude. he hated the yellow rose that promised him something he wanted — but cannot have — and above all, he hated the fact that he almost craved the rumbling thunders and flashbacks that plagued his nights because anything was better than feeling lonesome in a time he hated himself most.
"i'm sorry." xiao blinked, wildly turning to your panting form because how could he not notice your footsteps approaching? "i'm sorry if i'm crossing the line. i'm sorry if you don't want me here."
you gulped, and xiao did nothing but watch as you took a tentative step closer and another, reaching out to take his hand— the same one that still held the yellow rose you had given him.
"i'm sorry for being selfish and i'm sorry for bothering you but just this once... please." why do you waste your tears for him? "please let me stay with you."
you awaited his reply, eyes trained to amber eyes that wavered before ultimately leaving yours with a heavy swallow. "do whatever you want."
the aftertaste of all the emotions he pushed down was bitter but it was far better than the sweet and sour that clashed against each other minutes prior. without much of another word, you settled on the spot beside him, knees just vaguely brushing against each other when the strong gusts of wind blow.
the subtle touch had him weak and anguished. it made him want to curl up in pain as something repeatedly stabbed his guts, some shallow and some so deep that it felt as if he was shattering from the inside and out. feeling him tense up, you eyed the yellow rose that was crumbling apart from the tight grip he had on them. biting back a sympathetic sigh, your eyes glossed over the clouded ones he had, no doubt losing himself once again to the false promises of the snug sunshine on his skin.
slowly, as if you were cradling a wounded animal and not a being who could end your life before you could even utter a syllable, you placed your palm on his, forcibly loosening his grip on the fragile flower that exhaled in relief.
soft and warm. tender and understanding. pure and innocent. loving and gentle. your hands drew a sharp contrast against his even if it was shielded from your eyes. he thought it would hurt— that it would once again remind him of his inner turmoils and yet when he finally felt it, he could only sigh in relief.
"i'm here. we're okay," you mumbled in the most tender way possible that it almost hurt him.
he wasn't but he was faring better than he was before. the silence of his mind filled with a sudden white noise that told of unspoken gratitude for your persistent presence. you blinked in surprise as xiao used his other hand to pin the yellow rose on your ear, a nearly unnoticeable smile making him look years younger.
"foolish mortal."
you giggled in appreciation, knowing that his little quip was the closest thing he could manage to being friendly and affectionate. finally at ease, more than happy to be of help to this man who has seen far too much, you diverted your attention to the dimming skies of liyue. as for xiao, he allowed himself to enjoy the quiet echoes of your laughter that might have convinced him that finally, after two thousand years, he was no longer alone.
Tumblr media
— ugh well i mean, i tried my best. thanks for joining, angel face and i hope you liked it :’))
— send me a flower here! 💐
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abstract-crossverse · 3 hours ago
*slides in epicly*
what if tricky x reader angst ((dunno wut angst tho but i just feel like shareing angst ideas))
OOOOO okay, I might have an idea! Also the hc part of this is with pre-zombie!Tricky
∆ Last time you were in your home town, you had seen on the news that some guy named Hank killed about 60 people at the local part, and that made Tricky's paranoia shoot into the sky
∆ Unfortunately, your boss sent you a few towns over to take care of some work stuff right after those news, poor clown boy was scared for your safety...
∆ You went either way, and everything was fine for some time, you and Tricky would send messages to each other everyday when you got to your hotel room... Until one day he stopped replying all together...
∆ Concerned, you called your boss, saying that there'd an emergency back home and that you had to go before your actual time to go home, thankfully they agreed and you went home
∆ Passing many dead bodies and the waste land that was once your home, you arrived at your shared house...
"Tricky, I'm home!" You yelled as you closed the door behind you, waiting for a response, only to get silence in return
"Tricky? Sweetheart?" You began searching the house, "is he not home yet? Usually he home by now.." you thought as you opened door by door of your house until you were about to open the door to your shared bedroom
You heard muffled sobs, sobs that you knew all too well
Opening the door slowly you peered in, there you saw Tricky sitting on the corner of the room, crying and... Was his skin green?-
You slowly approached you lover "Tricky, love?" He snapped his head up to you, his face was green, and the blue smile that you loved was starting to decay, leaving merely muscle and teeth behind, the wounds on his chest was what scared you more though
You gasped softly and kneeled down to his trembling form "Honey, what happened?!" You questioned, trying not to raise your voice too much, he lunged forward and trapped you in a hug "Clo- I-I thought y-ou were gone..." Was all he managed to say, his voice wavery and raspy from crying, not to mention he was shaking like crazy
You hugged him back "I'd never, now tell me, what happened to you?" You said as you slowly rubbed circles on his back, he sniffled and let go, still shaking "w-well.. the S-Sheriff hired me to k-kill off that guy from the n-n-news, b-but..." He pointed to the wounds on his body and broke down into more tears
"I-I thought I'd lose y-you... But I-I-I came back..." You hugged him as you finished, he seemed to tense for a moment, but instantly hugged you back "my god... You must be in so much pain..."
Breaking apart the hug, you carefully raised him up "Let's go patch up those wounds, yeah?" He nodded as you both left the room
You were treating his wounds in the bathroom, he had stopped crying for a few minutes now, but his constant shaking made it hard for you to patch him up, he explained how he couldn't help it and it was an effect of whatever brought him back
You didn't blame him in the first place, but you did feel horrible for leaving him alone like this, when he must've been so scared
You eventually finished "so, what are we going to do now?" He put on his shirt "I-I'm not sure, but Cl- I know that I'm gonna finish off that asshole..." You noticed his slips on his words, was another effect making him want to refer to himself in 3rd person?
"Isn't that dangerous though? I don't want to lose you..." You took his hands, rubbing small circles on the back of his hands "It might be, but even if I-I'm undead now, I-I at least want to finish the job I was assigned to.." he looked down at your hands with anger in his eyes
But right after he swooped you off your feet, carrying you bridal style, you yelped in surprise
"But as of now, I want to make due of cuddle hours!" His playful demeanor was finally back, you chuckled as he carried you back to your shared bedroom
You can assure yourself that the Tricky you know and love, will always be there for you like you were for him
Yay this was f u n to write, Tricky our beloved
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shirtlessfelix · 3 hours ago
Calm Spirit [Jake Park x Reader] - Final
Part 2.
589 words You meet a stranger in the woods who's not so scary after all.
Short chapter to round out the ending! Next fic will have a more structured plot lol, this one was on a whim :)
Back in the cabin, the fire rumbles softly as you and Jake settle on the couch together. You smile as he holds your hand and rubs up your forearm, hinting that he wants to be closer to you somehow. “When do you have to be home?” he asks while looking into your eyes.
Suddenly, you realize where you were before meeting Jake.
“Oh! Damn, I was…” You pause to get your senses straight. “Claudette’s probably worried sick--you don’t have a phone I could use, do you?”
Jake looks at you guiltily, an immediate sign that there is no phone, and you realize that it’s out of your control. “I’m sorry, I just don’t expect anyone around here, you know?”
“No, that’s okay,” you assure him, and he holds your hand between both of his to try and calm you down.
“I can… I can take you home if you need me to.” Jake shrinks back into his quiet, stoic voice, and you shake your head, not quite ready to leave him.
“Will I see you again if you do?” you ask, looking down at his hand and feeling the ghost of it on your cheek.
“Do you want to?”
For a moment… nothing… but you nod to tell him that you do want to see him again; that you’re not ready to leave quite yet, but you know you can’t stay with him forever. “I don’t even know how I got here. I’ll have to get myself lost again.”
“Maybe not,” Jake suggests, bringing his hand to your face again and letting a hint of a smile onto his face for you. “I could come see you?” The thought makes you laugh a little, and you lean back into his touch.
“That’d be nice.”
He leans in close to you for a kiss again, and your worry subsides enough to kiss him back just as happily as you did before. His lips on yours are warm and gentle, and he takes his time as he scoots closer to you, his other hand on your thigh. “Are you okay?” he asks.
“Mhm,” you nod and lean back as he leans forward, pushed close against you on the couch. You’re surrounded by his warmth and an essence that becomes more familiar with every movement of his lips on yours. The warmth soon becomes warmer and turns hotter than the fireplace, and you pull away from him to catch your breath and process the moment.
“What’s wrong?”
“Nothing, nothing,” you assure him. “Just…” Any thoughts you had before now disappear into another kiss, deep and slow, and Jake’s hands find more of you as yours desperately seek more of him. Dreamlike waves of infatuation are shared between you, filling your mind with Jake.
And then, against the window, you hear the tapping of raindrops, light but persistent on knocking for you. Jake stands up and takes you with him into the bedroom where a single bed waits perfectly made for you.
You let him sit you down and keep kissing your lips and along the side of your neck, and you lay back as the rain becomes heavier. It raps on the windows, and you and Jake meld together as one under his red duvet. Oh, how comfortable he is; how sweet are his lips, and how gentle are his breaths.
Right now, you want this forever. Anything for more time with Jake.
Outside, the rain ferociously hits against the glass, and you’re too occupied to notice the black fog roll in.
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