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alex232227 · 2 hours ago
I thought about Ineffable Husbands and I really want to write some more scenarios with other alternative ships and how would they meet 😍
Well, I thought about them (if you have anybody else on your mind, comment!):
Fantasy Husbands
Barty Crouch Jr x Lucian
Tumblr media
Illogical Husbands
Alec Hardy x William Masters
Tumblr media
Political Husbands
Aiden Hoynes x Roland Blum
Tumblr media
Bloody Husbands
Peter Vincent x Aro Volturi
Tumblr media
Baroque Husbands
Giacomo Casanova x Robbie Ross
Tumblr media
Space Husbands
10th Doctor x Arthur
Tumblr media
Rock Husbands
John Helm x Thorne Jamison
Tumblr media
Bright Young Husbands
Ginger Littlejohn x Miles Maitland
Tumblr media
What couple would you like to see first?
I actually thought about the whole story about all them which would show their ‘adventures’ 😂 Would you like to read that?
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ender-baggins · 3 hours ago
More on the Good Omens/Supernatural crossover because this concept is fun
Aziraphale and Crowley I think would both be interested in getting to know Cas, because Cas is a lot like them in the sense that he’s an angel who chose humanity over his orders. Like Aziraphale he chose humanity over heaven. Like Crowley, he is fallen. All three of them are fairly anti-establishment, pretty much, all three of them chose humanity.
Aziraphale would probably be very quickly put off by Cas’s complete lack of any sense of taste or class, but that probably wouldn’t be enough to make him dislike Cas considering Azi’s best friend is Crowley. Cas would not care for Aziraphale that much, he’s too pretentious, I think.
Crowley would have so much fun teasing Cas constantly, and Cas would spend the whole time really confused.
Dean and Sam would probably think Aziraphale is the most prissy pretentious classist dork ever. Aziraphale and Crowley would absolutely judge the Winchesters’ fashion taste hard, for completely different reasons. Azi would be like “flannel? Why flannel?” Whereas Crowley would be like “not flamboyant enough.”
Both Crowley and Azi would hate Cas’s trench coat.
Dean and Sam would probably be somewhat annoyed by Crowley, given his attitude. But if Dean and Crowley’s music tastes overlap somewhere then the two of them would absolutely bond over that and be like “alright, you’re not bad, I like you.”
Also trying to imagine Crowley (GO) and Crowley (SPN) interacting
Azi would hate spn Crowley on principle. He’s a demon, and a human soul that ended up in hell, and clearly morally corrupt.
I feel like GO Crowley and SPN Crowley would actually get along, because unlike the demons that GO Crowley worked with, SPN Crowley would actually recognize GO Crowley’s genius. Like, GO Crowley brought down London’s phone network, making a few million people all grumpy and mad and taking it out on each other in little ways, creating bad vibes all over the city. Something that was not appreciated by GO Crowley’s peers, but SPN Crowley would absolutely think that was brilliant.
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ender-baggins · 3 hours ago
Good Omens and Supernatural crossover where Crowley and Aziraphale take Cas clothes-shopping (because they both detest his fashion sense, especially that trench coat), and Cas ends up in a Azi-style outfit (fancy, rich, old-fashioned, pale colors), and a Crowley-style outfit (punk/goth, black, something leather), and Crowley takes pictures, and in each one Cas is just standing there like “I don’t understand the point of this, can I have my trench coat back please.”
Then later, Cas comes back to the bunker dressed in a ridiculous combination of Crowley and Aziraphale’s styles (mom suggested a utility kilt with lots of cargo pockets, a cashmere sweater) and the trench coat over top. He walks in the door, Sam and Dean stare for a couple seconds, then Dean bursts into laughter. There is more picture-taking and Cas is just like “I don’t understand what’s happening right now.”
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characters that i, an asexual, think are asexual
stanley uris
luther hargreeves
five hargreeves
ford pines
thank you for coming to my ted talk
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purple4turtles · 4 hours ago
i am once again advertising my crowley and aziraphale playlist just because
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trashboatprince · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
I wanted to do a version of the 1941 scene with my book Aziraphale and Crowley.
They are ridiculously soft. 
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isitgoodomens · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media this good omens?
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askprofessorcrowley · 9 hours ago
Have you and Dr. Fell ever watched a horror film together?
Nope, never. I don’t think he likes horror. He doesn’t seem like the type. He’s too... you know. Wholesome.
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dunroamins · 12 hours ago
crossover idea: The Witcher's Regis met Good Omens's Aziraphale that one time and then it just kept happening and now they're firm friends who like cake
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aethelflaedladyofmercia · 13 hours ago
Coming...Someday I hope o gawd: Aftermath
One more preview! (Though let me know if you enjoyed these.)
As I was completing “What it Means to Be A Demon” I began working on a Noah’s Ark fic, also part of Sawdust of Words. The idea was that it would be shorter than WIMTBAD and have a more even balance of hurt and comfort (as opposed to a massive hurt fest with about the minimal amount of comfort that still made for a satisfying ending).
At current count, it stands around 25k and is a mess. A mess that has defeated multiple beta readers’ ability to try and get it in order. And tbh I haven’t touched it in a while BUT I still intend to finish it one day!
(Seriously, I even foreshadowed some of it in WIMTBAD, because I do plan things. You don’t even want to know what my brain is like.)
I’ve posted about my issues before, but the main ones are:
1. I started trying to do this in media res/jumping between timelines thing that was really cool in my head. It did not work. I now have a bunch of random scenes with no idea how they’re all supposed to hang together.
2. Shockingly, this is angstier than I expected. The angst also went in an unexpected direction. Specifically, ummm...there’s quite a bit that deals with the psychological trauma of isolation. Hoo boy, did I not expect THAT to resonate so strongly when I started in December 2019!
But! I am determined to finish this, not least because it contains a few puzzle pieces to the larger Sawdust of Words story. And also because we all love our Noah’s Ark Angst.
So in the interest of trying to convince myself, I give you the first two scenes! (Maybe. Depends if I do the in media res thing or not.)
And only the first two. We hit the angst fast in this. If I added the third and DIDN’T have the rest of the fic ready to go you would all hate me forever.
Mesopotamian Floodplain, 3004 BC
It was not exactly the joyful reunion Crawley had been anticipating for a thousand years.
“But they’re drowning everyone else?”
Aziraphale nodded, biting his lips, refusing to meet Crawley’s eyes no matter how they bored into him.
Rain clouds gathered from every direction, boiling in the sky above. Thunderheads miles tall, shading from black to grey to white, stretched from horizon to horizon, looming like a nightmare, while blue-white lightning flashed from one to the next.
It had reminded Crawley of the day they met. As he’d approached the crowd, wondering what the excitement was all about, he’d felt the glowing presence of an angel nearby. He’d been delighted to see Aziraphale again, to find out what he’d been up to for the last three hundred sixty-two thousand five hundred thirty-three days.
That hadn’t lasted long.
The demon glanced down again, taking in the line of animals making their way towards an enormous boat, sat incongruously in the middle of the summer-dry desert. Nearby, a group of children chased each other, blissfully unaware of what was about to happen.
“Not the kids. You can’t kill kids.”
And that was it. Aziraphale was going to stand there and watch this happen. Without a word.
He shouldn’t be surprised. He shouldn’t be disappointed. After all, Aziraphale was an angel.
That was what angels did.
“What, precisely, do you think you’re going to do?” Aziraphale demanded, chasing after Crawley, hands waving uselessly at the raging demon. Already the wind was setting their robes to flap wildly, twisting Crawley’s long hair this way and that.
“I don’t know but – I’m not going to just stand there like – like an angel.”
For a moment, he thought that would be enough. He walked away, leaving Aziraphale to glare at him in that superior angelic way, effect only slightly ruined by the way his jaw hung open.
But the next moment, there he was again, clutching at his pristine cream robes and half-running to try and get in front of Crawley. “Look, there’s nothing you can do. The rains will start any moment and then –”
“And then everyone drowns. I hope you have a good seat reserved.”
“Actually –”
Crawley spun to pin the angel with his most furious scowl. Aziraphale froze, gulping as if to swallow his own tongue, shrinking back. “I’ll be…I’ve been assigned to stay on the Ark. Watch over Noah’s family.”
“Have you.”
“It’s…it’s a great honor.”
Crawley didn’t even know what to say.
“Well. Congratulations, Angel. Good to see you’ve gone up in the world since we last met.” Aziraphale had the audacity to almost-smile at that, and Crawley felt the bile rising in his throat. “So. You’re going to be safe and dry inside that Ark, while all these people die? You’re going to sit there with your head tucked under your wings and pretend it’s not happening?”
“No. I’ll…” Aziraphale was staring at his own clasped hands, as if trying to memorize the way the carefully manicured fingers twisted. “I was…I plan to…to watch.”
“Watch? Watch?” Crawley spun away. “You disgust me, Aziraphale.”
This time the angel made no effort to follow him. But Crawley didn’t get far. Just ahead, he saw a young woman leading a child by the hand, returning to the mudbrick houses in the distance. He spun, pointing at them. “Are you going to tell me these people – this whole village – is so wicked, the Almighty has no choice but to kill them all?”
Aziraphale bit his lips, twisting his head as if trying to find some direction to look. He certainly wasn’t looking where Crawley pointed, or towards the village, or the Ark…
“What? Not just the town?” He could see the angel flinch. “How far?”
“Gabriel…” Aziraphale cleared his throat, re-clasping his hands behind his back. “Gabriel implied…The whole river valley, I should think. All the way back to the mountains.”
“But that’s…that’s thousands of people!”
“Yes, Crawley,” he snapped, finally bringing his cold blue eyes up to meet the demon’s glare. “Thousands of people who are many days’ travel away but it’s…it’s part of the Plan. There’s a Reason for this and there’s…there’s nothing you can do.”
The first drops of rain fell, steaming hot on his shoulders, to be drunk greedily by the parched ground.
“Jusst watch me.”
So uhhhhh yup. Thoughts?
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instantlyexhaustedowl · 13 hours ago
Certain angel and certain demon
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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pizzacraz · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
I didn't expect them to arrive on the same day.
When ordering I didn't realize Crowley’s eyes were going to be visible! 😍
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tresdemarts · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Old Art Day who the hell knows at this point
The Crash
or Aziraphale is done (and so is Crowley)
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moonflower-marie · 17 hours ago
I wasn't sure if I would be able to draw at all today, but I managed to draw something cute and simple💕
I saw a cute vintage print of two poodles on Pinterest and that gave me the idea to draw Ineffable Doggos💕 A Lady and the Tramp AU seems silly but fitting😅💕👼🐍
Tumblr media
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