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#self healing
narcissisticbooklover13 minutes ago
wounds are only temporary; you are for always. - a promise & a recognition
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highlyfavoredhunie19 minutes ago
Im usually in my feelings for parent days but you what?
Happy Mother鈥檚 Day to myself! In the spirit of my Ancestors and Yemonja, I鈥檓 going to take today and celebrate the ways I have parented myself and have been motherly to others馃グ
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myspiritualocean52 minutes ago
Day 7 - Celebrate Yourself!
In this video, we talk about ways you can celebrate yourself because YOU ARE WORTH CELEBRATING!
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fortunatelysparklybouquet56 minutes ago
Express negative emotions
Do not keep negative emotions to yourself. Accumulating and remaining unexpressed, they destroy you.
Talking to someone who understands you is a good option. It could be a friend, family member, or a psychologist. But, if you do not have anyone to talk to, you can try one of these options:
Say out loud what worries you. Do not be shy, speak as you feel.
Write on paper. Write whatever you think about your situation.
Listen to music that matches your mood. For example, if you are sad, put on melancholic music.
If you do any of these, you will feel better 馃挋
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therstle4 hours ago
Words are just mere words, we put the beauty on it. It is up to us how will we appreciate it and give meaning to it. But I hope that whatever words you'll write or say let it be beautiful and kind. Let it be an inspiration to everyone.
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therstle4 hours ago
Today, someone sent me a photograph of sunset. I stopped for a minute and think, just like the sun we people also needs to take some time to rest. To regenerate, to recharge, to be full again, and to shine brighter for tomorrow. Even the brightest daylight needs to be gone for a moment to remind us that when we are in the dark, stop for a moment. Enjoy the beauty of pitch black, to appreciate fully the stars within.
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Sometimes I'm like: wow, I think I'm so punk but in rl I say 'sorry' and 'thank you' all the time and hold doors open for people and wait in front of traffic lights when kids are watching me
But then I realize
I moved away from my abusive mother at age 13, I'm going to move away from my abusive father soon (at age 17) even though both of them sabotaged me as much as possible. I took care of a mentally ill person my whole life, I raised myself, I picked myself up every time and I'm still alive and I'm still here to get happy in life. After all I'm still ready to do everything to fucking fight for my well-being and that's really fucking punk. I mean, honestly. When you were raised to hate yourself, self-love is really fucking rebellious
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yesjojobirdflyhigh4 hours ago
There is nothing more innocent
than the still-unformed creature I find beneath soil,
neither of us knowing what it will become
in the abundance of the planet.
It makes a living only by remaining still
in its niche.
One day it may struggle out of its tender
pearl of blind skin
with a wing or with vision
leaving behind the transparent.
I cover it again, keep laboring,
hands in earth, myself a singular body.
Watching things grow,
wondering how
a cut blade of grass knows
how to turn sharp again at the end.
This same growing must be myself,
not aware yet of what I will become
in my own fullness
inside this simple flesh.
- Linda Hogan | Innocence
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women-of-the-woods5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Found this beautiful journaling prompt on insight timer yesterday. Going to try it out myself later but thought I鈥檇 pop it here for anyone who needs it today 馃檹馃徎
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honeymooncupid5 hours ago
Maybe being happy does not mean feeling happy everyday for years straight, maybe being happy is being grateful for the moments you do feel content with your life, embracing those moments and knowing what they mean to you.
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delicioushistory5 hours ago
No matter what spiritual beliefs I may have; I truly believe that the key to healing all parts of yourself and others is to heal one piece of yourself at a time, then pass that knowledge to someone else. Not to get all Christian on anyone, but in the Bible it states, "thou shall not worship any other god, for I am a jealous God." God never denies that other Gods exist. He just states he is a jealous God and if you choose to worship him, worship him only. With that being said as a Christian practicing druid ways, I've learned that it's ok to believe in magic, energy, manifestation. I also know that each spiritual teachings have a price to pay, yes even Christians too. The walk along any spiritual/religious path come with its own trials and tribulations. Struggling to be open minded, yet loyal to our teachings. Christians judging other beliefs does no good, just as no other spiritual/religious beliefs judging Christians is no better. It only hinders our ability to heal and pass it on to others. I used to collect crystals, cleanse them, make me feel better. Through a deep dark spiritual awakening I realized our power lies within God, and whatever God or Goddess you believe too. Reading the Bible helped me open my eyes that God gave us free will to choose what we want to believe. I believe my God is magic. He spoke to Moses through a burning bush! Like come on that's magic. Although the word magic is frowned upon, I can't help but think logically and realistically, That's fucking magic! How can any Christian deny that's magic, energy, manifestation? So where was I getting at with the crystals and stones you may ask? If God made everything on the earth, wouldn't that mean he put energy and magic into what he created so that we could heal and take care of ourselves? So comes my next point, I no longer go out and buy crystals they are gifted to me or I find them hiking. If I do purchase one I never keep them for long nor do I touch them. I cleanse the ones I have put them away by a window where my plants are. I don't hang out with really anyone, but I know when they found their home. I no longer collect crystals for myself, rather I give them away with good intention and knowing it belongs to that person. Like anyone does a spell I pray to God to bless my rocks with love and whatever may be missing in that person's life.
Now you may be asking why the hell am I rambling on? Because I can and because no one truly cares what my thoughts are, but I feel they have to be heard somehow. I'm Native American, Scottish, English, French. My kids are African American, Native American, etc., I also have a very big family in general with lots of different cultures and beliefs. I have always struggled with what am I supposed to believe. How do I respect others beliefs and still have my own? What do I believe in? Am I a witch? Am i an evangelistic Christian? Am I druid?? Am I dark or am I light? I choose to believe in everything. I'm very spiritually tuned in, in a wisdom, intuition,spiritually political, dreams, I can't speak negative otherwise it happens, because of this I learned you don't need spells, if your energy and intent is strong. I have other random gifts. I do believe other deities exist, I choose not to worship them, but I do acknowledge them with respect. I have done tarot, I have done spells, seances, when I was younger and didn't know how to spirtually protect myself then. I do believe I opened a portal when I did the seance when I was 10, I do believe something dark has followed me since then. As punishment and proof of my loyalty to God for his protection and strength to handle my darkness. I use my darkness as armor to walk through darkness, to help guide or give hope to those whom may want to walk through the door of light and yes shadow workers have light. I always wondered why I feel full of life, but so dead inside, being a shadow worker is not for the faint of hearts, often feels like a curse, but for humanity overall is a blessing in the end. After all it is the price I pay for not properly knowing how to perform a seance. You think I'd learn my lesson with the seance, but no I had to try spells. They work, but there is a price to pay in anything you practice. I paid heavily, which taught me the lesson of using spells and speaking in general with good intent, if there is a slight doubt I will not proceed. I have spoken bad on someone and revoked it, so that I take back all the karma and stop their suffering. Let me tell you holy cow lesson learned. I don't do spells except for that in prayer. Buddhism taught me to work on ego, greed, pride, peace of mind. So many amazing teachings and so many beautiful rituals. As you can tell this is why I love druidism, they are known for wisdom, worshipping other deities,political guidance, although rejected they eventually incorporated Christianity in there, I'm sure it was forced upon them? However as a practicing Druid Christian, I'm a firm believer humans taint the teachings for the sake of power and the actually meanings of the teachings get lost with the hate people create around it. It is not our deities who fail us, it is us who fails us.
If someone says blessed be, do not be offended or reject good energy, just because it's not God or it's magic. Energy itself is magic thats what we are in this human body.
If someone says or asks to pray for you, do not be offended, maybe that's the only way they no how to send out good energy, because they don't do spells and are scared, due to lack of knowledge and understanding.
If someone is dark energy or accept darkness, you love them as they are. Whether you can tolerate it close or far away is your choice, but practice acceptance.
We all are supposed to learn to preserve the earth and heal each other. Heal within ourselves first, then pass down the knowledge. If you don't agree with something, ask yourself what can I learn from this? Then tell yourself you are not perfect, but you are ok. Lightworkers don't always look bright. Shadow workers aren't always dark. There's a positive to a negative, no matter how small. The impossible is always possible.
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therstle5 hours ago
Photographs make us all remember how beautiful what is back then. Back when the moment was perfectly captured, how you smiled and the joy inside you. The outburst of the everlasting beauty of memory was raremost seen in the last photograph.
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theoverwhelmedbrain8 hours ago
Self-reliance, self-respect, and a mindset to go along with it
A single thought can change everything. Your perception relies on your mindset which relies on your thoughts. This is a multi-faceted episode covering three different topics but reminding you of the importance of self-respect, creating access to inner resources, and how being around the wrong people can take away both.
Another episode of The Overwhelmed Brain personal growth show
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iamstrongallonmyown8 hours ago
Other people鈥檚 opinion of you does not have to become your reality.
Les Brown
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