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#young poets
xelaislost · an hour ago
"What really is love? Selflessness? Greed? Fulfillment? A sin?
How many times do I have to write about love before I fully understand what it is? How it should really feel like? How to receive it?"
What is it? Xela, 2021
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yellowhippo · 4 hours ago
May 18
It doesn't hit as hard. But there is still pain. Pain that I can stand. Pain that does not last.
I am still standing, although a little beat. Just a few deep breaths. Only a temporary ruin.
The kind of ruin that I thought you'll forget. But you pass by and ogle. And then you say,
You're no ruin.
You're a treasure. Beaten up to the core, but you'll be giving more. You're the lady of the hour.
5:02 - 5:41pm
it did not really take me 40 minutes to write...i stopped midway to browse for something but then i forgot i was writing something. came back almost 40 minutes i'd ask for you to ignore the time, but also..the browsing and my forgetfulness still made that poem into what it is already. so..i guess the 40 minute idle gap is really a part of forming this poem.
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yellowhippo · 6 hours ago
May 17
She thought it was her breaking point but she had to keep going. She doesn't want to disappoint thus she drops to her knees, crawling.
Her breaths are ragged and shallow. It's as if she's already at the verge. But deep inside she's already hallow. No more emotions in a surge.
3:54 - 4:00pm
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kabhi-kavi · 9 hours ago
This is how it goes - Once upon I thought us Utterly invincible, Once upon I believed That the night'll never end And we'll all be free Till the horizon's end; It is how it goes - We were once so young, And I believed this To be  Neverland; But some truths just fade, Turn into dust and grey Shaking off masks of lies. We’re just young enough To bear these truths that Taste so bittersweet, And it’s not enough, No, it is not at all But it is all we have And this how we are This is how we’ll live - After all, we are young And right now, I swear We’re more than alive.
- we’re young, we’re wild, we’re screaming to the skies so loud the gods tremble
Shreya S.
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mysterioussoul16 · 13 hours ago
Count down to three, open your eyes, you’ll see I’m not here
Hear me out, but I assure you you won’t hear a sound
tell me a secret and I’ll make a poem out of it, confess your love to me and you won’t see rain
make me fall in love with you and I’ll write up a thousands poems, but you’ll never see
Break my heart and you’ll never know if you did, because I’ll be free
Make me feel okay, and I’ll be wishing you never did
take my hand and tell me everything’s okay, even though I know it’ll never be, in here
kiss my lips, touch my hair, then I’ll think it’s just looks and never about books.
draw me, and you’ll feel my hands always protecting you, but maybe I’ll take away your pencil, so you won’t realize you’ve lost your mind to me
Try to make me trust you, but you’ll never know if I’m lying, if I’m just looking at the stars, planning out…
Dance with me, you’ll feel the cold and heat that there is in me, but that’s not really me.
just try to guess, try to unveil the mystery, I dare you, I assure you you can’t see.
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mysterioussoul16 · 14 hours ago
I want to get lost in the woods
I want my hair to tangle, I want my world to crumble
I want the stars to shake and my spirit to become the rain
I’ve been surrounded by snakes, I must know how to survive in the night
I would be alone, with no thoughts to have, with no explanations to give, with no feelings to express
To run away, to run away
My soul has always had the same calling to run away far away from here
because maybe i come from the stars, or from another world, somewhere abroad, yet not here.
I’d love to take a trip to the woods, so I could howl with the wolves,
Dance under the moon,
Sleep under the dark and nothing would be as hard.
I want to live in the woods.
Tumblr media
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leeloka · 15 hours ago
Sad Happy
Do you ever get that sad feeling during a happy moment?
Your teeth will be shining like a row of pearls, the laughter will pour from your mouth like nectar from a jug, and your belly will burn from squeezing all the joy up into your throat. But then you’ll realise that this this moment, like every other moment will be vaccuumed into the great expanse of time, left to drift behind you like an insubstantial piece of chiffon that will eventually be lost to the winds of forgetfulness. 
or nah.
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mannatexe · 20 hours ago
unhinged, lost and afloat
my words choking my throat
vacuumed into the darkness
surrounded by nothing and silence
my heart beating to the rhythm
of a song I cannot fathom
thoughts twirling and hurling
I look for you, my darling
I look for you, my darling.
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melodiesandwords · 21 hours ago
Truth is more glorious in our imagination than reality.
Sometimes of all the things you desire for only one thing, one connection, one person. Your days, nights, evenings everything revolves around them. All you want is them, every inch of them and nothing can dread the power of love, they do come. But, tragedy is they come not as a desire anymore but a dread, excess of love corrupts the heart. They come in bit by bit, but your hunger of having all of them eats every bit of you, they do come but not as you desired them and that breaks you, you don't want them in that form but you can't even let them go, that haunts you, you want to be with them but things were more glorious in the imagination.
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totallyinpain · 23 hours ago
Today my mom asked me "did you fall in love" and i almost cried. but i poured my tears into me and smiled.
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totallyinpain · a day ago
You were never mine, but I'm most afraid of losing you
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totallyinpain · a day ago
Tumblr media
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totallyinpain · a day ago
why her ? i really tried so fucking hard.
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missrulitos · a day ago
Empezó como algo divertido en el cumpleaños de un amigo, completos desconocidos besándose en un pasillo. De eso ya pasaron semanas y tengo que confesarte que son las tres de la mañana, y tu risa y tu mirada no dejan de pasear por mi cabeza gritándome alteradas que, tal vez, ya no es tan ligero como aparentaba ser al principio.
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cl0ud-momo · a day ago
Tumblr media
you’re broken. you’re shattered. discarded on the floor
left in a dozen pieces for someone else to clean up
so you wait. you’re patient. you’ve done this before.
someone always comes to pick you up and put you together again.
you think you’ve been waiting for an awful long time. 
you wait a little longer. why is no one coming?
someone always comes.
you start introducing yourself to the pieces on the floor.
hi. what’s your name? 
small talk with the small fragments.
no one’s come. yet.
so you make peace with the pieces. they’ve bitten you before
scarred you, ripped you open
but this time’s different. because this time
they’re all you have.
from shatters on the floor, you rise
slowly, painfully, you pick up the shatters, 
cutting yourself a little every time,
in hopes to create something stronger.
a bit more beautiful than the one before.
Tumblr media
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bellarayel · a day ago
The Reason Why
What makes me unique? I’ve asked myself for quite so long. Overcoming, it’s all I’ve ever done.
But I’m not defined by simple words written on some paper. Or by the reminders of people who fade in time. I’m the impossibility of the world. I’m the improbability that color can exist before our eyes.
I’m the color of the flower strewn apart by the wind- how scattered around I am with no ties to a place.
I’m the color of ice and ache, the reason why it’s harder to love through the days. I’m broken, bruised, and used. Hurt, my heart worse, about to burst.
I am the story of a girl learning who she is. Unraveling, unfree, and slowly un-bounding.
I am glaucous and even worse, I am heartache. And I am the reason why even winter learns to fear itself. Because even a monster learns to hurt itself before it hurts others.
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mysterioussoul16 · a day ago
My hands are broken, even though I have a lot to give
There’s not place for me because I’m not supposed to be here,
my feet are all hurt and I’ve come a long way to be still.
I’m not sure what’s wrong with me
But I always end up here
Things are never good enough to make me want to stay.
I know the problem is me, but I can’t tell anybody about this, I can’t tell them anything about me
As sneaky and quiet as I can be, I escaped and no one followed me, so I went up, and then I realized I was there, again, thinking about what I promised I wouldn’t.
There’s people I can talk to about this, but when I blew the candles I didn’t ask for a wish, so I’ve lost my wit now
It made me kind of sad, that I’m much of a caring person, and truly all people could’ve give were books, but they just care about my looks
So this just proves, that they don’t even know who I am, and I don’t care who I might be
And I know this is all my fault because I don’t talk, I don’t tell people what hurts me
But how does everyone else? I wish it were as easy as it looks.
Happy birthday to me.
Tumblr media
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