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#my poetry
crunktessa · an hour ago
I want to rip my heart out and eat it in one bite
I want to shave my head and rip all the skin off of the fingers
I want to go back in time and fuck up my life on my terms
Let me ruin my life my way instead of theirs
Let me have some control
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quillwritten · an hour ago
Tumblr media
transcript under cut
teenaged crimes
Witch, bi the way, is imprisoned--
caught in the crime of existence                            
before she knew it was wrong.
Sweet sixteen turned sour because Katy kissed the cook
and the cook was Annabelle,
Belle of the ball, and altogether too girl,
too dangerous, with lipstick enough for two girls,
shared like secrets, pressed to mouths.
Which, by the way, are soft like saffron petals,
Cooked for Annabelle’s love, and the love was Katy, 
Captured at the stake for witchcraft, crafting dishes from kisses and
This is kitten love, locked in cages. 
Which is the criminal: 
The lovers
Or the law?
--c. p. m. b.
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peoplecallmelucifer · an hour ago
Worthless scrap
I was thinking of my oldest memory
A stll immage of a vinyard long gone
And it got me thinking
Are we
At the time in between
Was I the same
In the forgotten time
Of five minutes ago
And now
And will I be the same in the
Five minutes to come
Are the memories worth so much
That everything in between
Ends up as worthless scrap
Or is it that filler
The unremembered
Who we really are
The first option is awfull
The second scares me to no end
And everything else
Sound like a nightmare
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byesexualthrash · 2 hours ago
Forgive me,
for i dreamt.
I held the flame in my hand
and it did not
burn me like
you said it would.
i felt its warmth
seep deep into my pores
and ignite every piece of my being.
I tasted
the passion on my tongue
and it set my heart alight
with desire to kindle the world.
And i can't stop
dreamin' now,
About inhaling that flame
letting it consume me
I've never touched it,
not outside my head
so how is it that
im yearning for something
ive never even
felt before?
I want a life
full of adventure
dear mother,
Forgive me please,
for i crave everything
you told me to
stay away from.
If this is my chance,
let me feel alive for once,
let me bath in the warm blood of destruction
and rinse off all your soft epilogues.
My sweet
sweet mother,
I could've never been
you lil' girl
for i slit my tongue
to taste iron
right on the day
i was
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penderpoet · 2 hours ago
How would you feel if I offered you something lovely but I held it out of reach, I crushed it in my palm when you asked for it?
meg pendergast
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drayue · 2 hours ago
I love you because you let me. You let me really love you in all the most difficult, uncomfortable ways. You make all the hard things about love easy. And to top it all off, you love me right back.
I don’t love you because you are “good” or despite what is “bad”. I love you because you are you. I can’t love you for the things you do. The things you do don’t define you and love is not something to be earned. Real love is given freely.
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writingschmuck · 3 hours ago
[unfinished] bystander or witness?
how long will she keep us watching her self grow and collapse? how long will she let us discover her creations?
we look to the stars  it’s the only place we can eyes see what there is and lights too far to blind
we see her bubble and boil freeze herself and rot we watch as she terrorizes her land only to bring it new life new meaning
and for what?
she’s alone her domain empty no one to see her story the worlds she creates nobody there to watch as she crumbles  and explodes
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liesandbrokenhearts · 3 hours ago
delectable skin, something so soft to touch yet so
hard to live in.
you make me feel unworthy with the quickest glance.
i treat you like a mother treats her young,
i lay you gently on my pillowcase
yet like my sleep and my mind, you are restless,
you make a fool out of me.
you take my vitality and hold it above my head,
leave me to small spaces, small places.
i can never be alone with you beside me.
i will forever be alone with you inside me.
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feel-like-expl0sions · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
my shitty notes-app poetry.
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dustcakegirll · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I AM CHASED BY A DOG - 04102021
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savedinmydrafts · 5 hours ago
i can feel her in my blood
i can feel her in my veins
i tried to bleed this out
but she somehow still remains
in my heart
in my skin
in my mother fuxkin brain
i’m haunted by her face
in my bones i feel her name
she’s a demon and an angel
on my soul she left a stain
and i could run and run forever
but i’ll never get away
// Ophydia
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simik-actually · 7 hours ago
I got used to saying that the only thing I'm good at is leaving Picking up my bags and making that step out the door that the only thing I ever did was leave, build something for a while and then walk away
now I realize it's the only thing I know because it's the only thing they've ever taught me Every person I've ever looked up to loved and adored has at some point packed their bags and left whether physically or mentally
I was surprised at how difficult it was for me to hear a goodbye now I realize it's because of all the goodbyes I've heard before The pain adds up with each one
and now it's hard to imagine that anyone will ever stay and the only thing I know that's certain is that someday you'll make the decision to go
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deuteragonized · 7 hours ago
there is no person to hate me
more than i do
each time that i look
into my own cruel eyes
i cant help but to scream
and yet somehow
i always find myself
back at the mirror
in the back of my mind
it should come as no surprise, then,
how unhappy
i always
seem to be
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