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#my poem
its-ronnierae-blr · an hour ago
Poetry Day 5
I don’t talk to Artemis
About you because
The only things I tell her
Are my secrets
She hides them away
From the prying eyes of the universe
Instead, I tell Apollo about you
Because he announces the things I tell him
To the world
He puts my words on a pedestal
And shows them off like a trophy
And darling,
I wish I could have the courage
To be as bold as Apollo
To shout my affections for you
From the top of Mount Olympus
But I’m more like Artemis
Hiding away my feelings from the universe
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nopressursworld · an hour ago
"In" is the only way "out"
Tumblr media
After I came back form dark deep,
I looked for you in every corner of world.
Forgot to look you, in me.
I saw the light in me.
The world we see is not in front of us,
But it's just a reflection.
Every part I see, every part of world that I feel,
Every part that reflect in front of me, is in me.
So you are in me,
I found you.
Instead of looking up, I, now believe in me.
Note : does it even make sense? sometimes I think I am not cut out for writing stuff.
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livvyheronstairs · an hour ago
The Ghost
Tumblr media
@will-effing-herondale @fair-but-wilde-child @cortanas-star @rinadragomir @lulu-h @herondick @shadowhuntertrash @spotsandclawsthings @imherongraystairstrash @tessasclockworkangel @delilahssbard @matthewfairchilds-lil-bitch @merry-thieves @kit-12 @itsdaughterofthemoon @yesimsufferinginside @youngreckless @runecarstairs @panicatwallmaria @illyrian-shadows @axoloteca @apple-bottom-jeansx @fair-childd @cocastyle @iespeciallyme @magnus-the-maqnificent (Send me a DM if you want to be added to/removed from the tag list)
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teenagef3ver · an hour ago
to me, love feels like religion - not in the sort of way where i’m not scared to die and i know where to put all my faith, but more like being nailed to a cross upside down
in the name of the father, the son, and my broken heart
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perdituspoems · 2 hours ago
The Green Fox
The green fox looked at the green dog both lost in a mossy fog Stuck to the grass they started to laugh waiting for a cleansing kaleidoscope bath This they decided will be their everlasting epitaph
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robert-luka · 2 hours ago
Make no mistake
Order bellows as it delivers its punishment upon the wild one
Lash to flesh,
Violence extreme
Afterwords it speeks with a monotonous voice to the now tame beast,
once unbroken
and the beast listens
its wild nature
forever forgotten
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robert-luka · 2 hours ago
Ode to Fire
The fire is unbiased.
It brings warmth, change and destruction to all in equal measure.
Thus wood turns to ashes,
bones get charred and black.
It brings soot to stone,
melts the metal and
transforms the soul.
Be it a warm flame in the hearth
or a spark on your rug
It will spread and crackle
without a push or a tug
In an unbiased manner.
It will eat away all you own and your life as well.
If you surrender to it you may both dine at the same table by the pyre.
The feast galore!
Just a being without a home and a hungry, hungry fire.
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Be kind
Making an effort
May change
The weather of
Someone's soul
Tumblr media
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robert-luka · 2 hours ago
I am the weak, the infirm and the feeble.
I am the old lady - no; the old hag more like, that yearns to be a lady - in the super market. I buy cat foot for my stupid cat, which I hate; that old bag of fleas. My hands are shaking and I'm too slow, much too slow.
I am the old, the flustered, and deluded.
I am the old man that misses his wife for the comfort she gave and silence she used to kill and nothing else, nothing at all.
I am the ignorant, the stubborn and the selfish.
I am a brute full of violence and demeanor most unrefined. My blood pressure is high, I am overweight and angry but think myself strong. I am always right and I never cry.
I am the vain, and the ugly and full of doubt.
I am the girl that tries too hard, much too hard to be desired, to be loved. I constantly shake inside. I hate myself the most.
I am the undisciplined, the stubborn, the potential unused.
I am a youngster that lacks concentration. I have a lousy pronounceeation. I give my life force to the waste waters. Nothing ever good will come out of me.
I am the ignorant, the uncreative and worried.
I am a man or business.
Always just one step short off greatness, a step most crucial.
I am the sad, the depressed, the melancholic.
I always miss the sunshine. The clouds is all I see. They stay vitamin D deficiency.
I am the cynic, the hurt, the failed romantic.
I am just some guy with deep lines on his face that will tell you that there is no Santa Claus and that emotion doesn't happen in the heart. There is no such thing as love, only lust.
I wish I was empty and gone, forgotten and lost.
Maybe loved and beloved once - no, not once - forever; or not ever at all.
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leosmeditations · 2 hours ago
On the Subject of Bleeding (tw)
Did you know that a disposable razor Is no match for a humble pair of scissors? Bend the plastic, snap it, get the blades out The blood will flow quite heavily tonight
Did you know that they still call me ugly? I’m an outcast, a weirdo and a freak I bought a couple of disposable razors The blood will flow quite heavily tonight
It’s been a while since then. I have friends now They helped me. We threw all my blades away But still, inside my mind, the blood is flowing It’s an image that will never truly fade
Did you know that blood is an addiction? We crave seeing it flow, so sickly sweet And though I look fine to you, I’m still dreaming of the wounds The blood still flows quite heavily in my mind
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moonlitmirror · 3 hours ago
It’s quite nice to spend a while dancing through time
suspended in its ticking hours and days 
forever a breath away from endless moments
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Stood there
Held a hand out
'I got you'
And I didn't fall
But love you
Tumblr media
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robert-luka · 4 hours ago
She came from London,
so I spent the last money I had on an ounce of love and a pound of hope.
I got it packed in a biodegradable bag
to help protect the environment.
She met a stranger in a bar
who drank his whiskey from a jar
and took him home on the morning flight.
She left me with a biodegradable bag;
filled with an ounce of love and a pound of hope
to help protect the environment.
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perdituspoems · 4 hours ago
The Great Escape
Steve McQueen’s escape is nothing to a Cat’s bid for freedom from a child’s tip of a bedroom The door opens ajar the Cat leaps with a flourish and runs very very far
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corvianbard · 5 hours ago
Come you all and sing along The great rainstorm’s cheery song. Don’t you stare at a hangman’s noose, And let both your feet loose, For we are free, we are free, In the joyful call of the mighty sea.
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corvianbard · 5 hours ago
I drew Only you In the hue Of blue.
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