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#digital painting
cowssalt · 15 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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kenyizsuartblog · 29 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Commission info!
DuatStories - Scorching Sun
"The rage of Re can be inflicted on a town or land. Thus, when the sun god rages on a land, he expels Maat from it. [...] Thus, he makes law, sanctity and justice cease in this land, and makes values scarce in it. He lets nobody trust in it, he makes great its humble people, and humbles its great people and sets the fools over the wise." - from Divine Wrath in Ancient Egypt by Amgad Joseph
Used this absolutely a-MAAAAAZING art of Lilith, the new main antagonist of Diablo 4, as a reference.
"DuatStories" is a background project of mine, I am planning for an episodic story based on Egyptian Mythology, hopefully in comic form (?) It's been going on for a long while, on and off in the background. I do want to make a tumblr blog for its development, eventually, but that is far off still.
Until then, gaze upon my take on Ra, the sun god. A proud and good king who does have his shortcomings. And heavens help the fool who earns his wrath.
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ovytia-art · 32 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Study #2 from Saturday! Cut out the sketch(I just used a grid to check proportions you’re not missing anything I swear) and the colour/value tweaks at the end. Took about an hour in real time.
Thought process and some minor tips and tricks I used under the cut.
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I haven’t been following references as closely, since my main take aways from these are usually colour, light, and overall composition. Also been zooming in a lot less, so I can avoid getting caught up in detail. You probably won’t be able to catch this, but when I pick out my colours from the colour wheel I do a little swatch on the ref to check how close I am(that’s why I keep my ref on canvas instead of the reference panel.
This was also a bit of a test for a brush I made a couple months ago and haven’t used much. I end up using it for the other 2 studies from that day, and my opinion on it is that it’s hard to control at first, but it’s perfect for looser, messier pieces like this. It’s very harsh, even when blending, but it gives me lots of fun organic shapes which I like. I can’t remember if I used my usual brush in this one, but it’s been relegated to a blending brush for these, just to get some softer edges that I can’t get with the other brush.
2 more of these coming soon, though I’m not sure if I’ll include timelapses for those, the next one was really quick and simple, so maybe not? The last one is my fave tho, so I’ll probably include one ;)
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cyberfell · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Frostbite is a subspecies of Wendigo that mostly live in colder climates. When she’s near the temperature can drop, often below freezing the closer she gets. Her horns and claws are made of ice and cold air comes out of her mouth nose and eyes when exhaling.
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crinchcronk · an hour ago
Tumblr media
I'm done!!!! Still got no name for them so pls suggest some if you'd like 👉👈
No ideas for their stand either but thinking of just making them a gunslinger and not a joj person
Also I think my brain really expanded with the shading on this
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