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mishraabram · 3 minutes ago
10 Major Sea Ports in India
According to the Ministry of Shipping, 95% of India’s foreign trade is mainly via sea ports. These ports play a crucial role in the International North-South Trade Corridor (INSTC), which connects the Indian Ocean to trade with the Eurasian trade corridors and the Arctic. The coastal regions of Maharashtra, Kerala, Goa, Karnataka, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, and West Bengal are home to nine of the total thirteen major Indian sea ports. As India continues to stir up high volumes of global imports and exports, here are ten of India’s most substantial container and cargo shipping ports:
1. Nhava Sheva Port:
The Nhava Sheva port, also known as Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT), is one of the busiest container ports in India with annual traffic of 5.05 million TEU (Twenty-Foot Equivalent Unit). It features in World’s Top 30 sea ports and has seen a steady rise in traffic in the past five years. It is responsible for 56% of India’s container traffic and will see almost double the capacity once the construction of its fourth terminal is completed. Also known as the King Port across the Arabian Sea, it was built back in 1989 and is situated in Navi Mumbai. The main shipments exported from the port include machinery, chemicals, pharmaceutical products, textiles, carpets, plastics, and sports goods.
2. The second busiest port in India is The Port of Mundra, with annual traffic of 4.4 million TEU. It is ranked at the 32nd position in the World’s Top 50 sea ports. With fast-rising traffic, Mundra Port almost doubled its traffic of 2.7 million TEU in 2014. Furthermore, it is India’s largest commercial port by size and acts as a significant gateway to the hinterland of northern India. The Mundra Port is owned by the Adani Group and has four container terminals that boast a capacity of 7.5 million.
3. Chennai Port: The Port of Chennai is the third biggest port in India and has annual traffic of 1.5 million TEU. The port is one of the oldest in India, which started official port operations in 1881. Although the port was in danger of losing importance, its 2018 performance saw an increase of almost 3.5% on the previous year. It has the honour of being the location for India’s first dedicated container terminal, which opened in 1983. It is an artificial and all-weather port with wet docks. Its second container terminal opened in 2009 and is entirely run by PSA International.
4. Kolkata Port: The Port of Kolkata is the fourth busiest in India and has annual traffic of 796,000 TEU. Also dubbed as “Gateway of Eastern India,” the port manages cargo that arrives from Australia and Southeast Asia. It utilizes two dock systems — Haldia docks and Kolkata docks. It’s a natural river port and can comfortably accommodate ships up to 500 feet in length. The Kolkata Port was the first major port in India and a crucial trading post in colonial times. It is the busiest port for the trade of jute, and a major exporter of iron ore, copper, steel, leather, coal, and tea. Imports include heavy machinery, fertilizers, paper, chemical products, and crude oil.
5. V.O. Chidambaranar Port: The V.O. Chidambaranar Port Trust, also known as Tuticorin Port, has annual traffic of approximately 698,000 TEU. The all-weather port is also the fourth-largest container terminal facility in India by size. The Sethusmudram Shipping Canal project, which concerns the shallow waters between India and Sri Lanka, will make the area viable for mega-ships and increase the traffic substantially. Main imports and exports include cooking oil, salt, grain, petroleum, and coal.
6. Kandla Port: The Kandla Creek area located 90 kilometres away from the Gulf of Kutch is home to the Port of Kandla. It is one of the oldest ports in India and was constructed back in the 1950s following the India-Pakistan partition. It was the first export processing port in India. Based on the amount of cargo and value of the shipment moved through this port, it is the biggest container port in India. It’s also known as the most affluent and the busiest port, due to its high profitability for exporting grain and importing oil. The imports include petroleum, heavy machinery, salt, textiles, and chemicals.
7. Mumbai Port: The western coast city of Mumbai is home to India’s largest port by size and shipping traffic. The port is situated in a natural harbour with water reaching depths of 10–12 meters, allowing easy docking and passage for large cargo ships. The Mumbai Port is critical to the Indian economy and trade operations as it handles 20% of the foreign trade. It was the first container terminal in India, which handled over 2 million TEU per year. It has four jetties that control several imports and exports, including manganese, crude, and petroleum oil, textiles, tobacco, liquid chemicals, leather, and heavy machinery.
8. Vishakapatnam Port: Located in the East Coast of India, the Vishakapatnam Port, also known as Vizag Port, is the oldest shipyard in India. Inaugurated as a significant sea port in 1933, it manages 1.2 million metric tons of cargo every year in its 24 berths. It comprises of three harbours — outer, inner, and fishing harbour. In 2017, more than 500 thousand TEU of cargo was transshipped in this port. Some of the common goods that are imported and exported via this port include iron ore, alumina, oil, pellets, etc.
9. Cochin Port: The Port of Cochin is one of the major ports in South-West India, and it moves 11 million metric tonnes of imports every year. Established in 1928, the port of Kochin is located on two islands — Willingdon Island and Vallarpadam. In 2016 the port transshipped over 0.4 million TEU of cargo. It has an anchorage depth of nearly 14 meters, and a cargo depth of over nine meters makes it possible to host ships of over 500 feet in length. The inner bay is partitioned into two navigation channels — the Ernakulum Canal and the Mattancheri Canal. Imports and exports consist mainly of coffee, spices, tea, fertilizers, and mineral oils.
10. Port Blair Port: The Andaman and Nicobar islands are home to the Port Blair Port. It is one of the youngest ports in India and sits inside a natural harbour with a depth of twelve to thirteen meters. Due to its significant economic contributions, Port Blair was declared an official shipping and cargo port by the Indian government. Port Blair serves as a connection point between the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea and can comfortably accommodate ships up to 500 meters in length.
Also, check out our Sailing Schedule platform, a smart tool to equip you in making smart decisions while planning the movement of your freight.
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ava-ships · 5 minutes ago
I had a dream where Zenigata called Antonia “lovebug” and “darling” most of the time and I simply
Tumblr media
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hyunsluvv · 12 minutes ago
yo so about that guy like u know when dudes bend down a little to talk to u if they can’t hear u? well he did that today and i got butterflies oh lord - 🌻
JFWJJR i would have started blushing on the SPOT that shit is so hot for no reason oml
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sketchingthingswithfeelings · 17 minutes ago
I love how some shippers (who usually have straight ships) think that everyone is against their perfect and oh so amazing ship when absolutely no one fucking cares
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rhinestoneglitter · 18 minutes ago
introduction post✨
Tumblr media
hello!! I'm Copycat, but I frequently change aliases so that's for now. I'm an artist but I'm unsure about posting my art, I might post some writing though!! I like foxes, mythology and music and I call my f/os 'my darlings'!! I'm not new to the self shipping scene, it's been a big comfort for me ever since I was a child, but I only found the community (and that the concept had a name for that matter jdshfsei) in recent years :)
all my posts are ok to rb as long as you don't fall into the criteria of my DNI!! please read my DNI and know I'm not comfortable sharing my f/os, so preferably don't interact with me if we have the same romantic f/os,, I'm also aware I have some more troubling f/os but I have my reasons for liking them. If you have a problem with that, don't interact. I'm currently focusing on Houseki No Kuni so you'll see a lot of that from me!!
F/O List
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reds-self-ships · 19 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tags: Wedding fic. No particular TWs apply, but if anyone wants me to tag anything specific then please let me know.
A decent enough crowd had turned out to London’s Guildhall that day for the wedding, sat either side of a long, red-carpeted aisle in one of its rooms especially set aside for events.
There was Professor Yujin Mikotoba – Susato’s birth father and Kazuma’s adopted one, Pycroft Sholmes – brother of the detective Herlock Sholmes, a number of Redford’s classmates from the University of London, a number of Ryunosuke’s previous clients, the parents of Redford and Ryunosuke – Ryunosuke’s having flew in from Japan especially for the occasion…
Also in attendance was Ryunosuke’s family and cousin from America, Phoenix Wright, as well as his daughter Trucy.
All dressed in their best formal outfits.
If it were an event open to the public—and if anyone else actually wanted to attend—it would almost certainly be standing room only.
Q and Kazuma were stood by the head of the hall beside the lectern, where Mr. Sholmes—apparently an ordained Humanitarian officiant for weddings, funerals, naming ceremonies and bat mitzvahs since The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle—was due to preside over things and handle all the legal end of things with the City of London.
“Is everything ready?” asked Redford, stood at the back of the hall with Sholmes.
“Yes. Evewything’s weady.”
“Mr. Sholmes, why are you talking like that?”
Sholmes sighed. “It’s Pycwoft. He bet me ten poundth that I would be able to put out a candle with my tongue without buwning it. You can pwobably gueth how that one turned out.”
“You know what? I probably shouldn’t even have asked.”
“Either way, I’m weady whenever you are.”
“Alright. You can tell them to run the music or whatever.”
Sholmes gave a look.
“Sorry, play the music.”
Sholmes gave Q the nod, and Q, in turn, gave the nod to Professor Mikotoba, who had volunteered especially for this part, pressing play on the CD player that had been connected up to the rather make-shift sound system.
The music began to play as Redford walked down the aisle, with Sholmes following behind him. Sholmes was followed by Iris, wearing a pale pink dress, holding a small bouquet of sunflowers, red roses and pale blue chrysanthemums.
She was followed by Susato, wearing a matching dress.
Then the other groom entered the room. Ryunosuke Naruhodo entered, wearing a dark blue kimono with a shade of red that would look familiar to those who had seen the other groom’s outfit. The sash of Ryunosuke’s kimono was cut from the same material as Redford’s suit, and Redford’s tie was cut from the same material as Ryunosuke’s kimono.
Ryunosuke was followed by Gina Lestrade, wearing a dress that matched with Susato’s and Iris’s.
As the two grooms stood at the altar, facing each-other, Redford mouthed, eyes already beginning to water.
“You look amazing.”
Ryunosuke was in a rather similar state.
“You too.”
As the music ended, the guests sat down again and Sholmes took to the lectern, removing the prompt cards from his suit jacket.
NOTE TO SELF: Remember to write something nice to say at the wedding. SHOPPING LIST: - Milk - Eggs - Coffee - Caramel Bars
Somewhat flustered himself, he quickly shuffled the remaining, blank, prompt cards and left them on the lectern before clearing his throat.
“Mawwiage. Mawwiage is what bwings us together today…Mawwiage…a wather bwessed awwangement. A dweam…within a dweem…”
The two grooms shot Sholmes a look, as they realised that that particular speech sounded rather like something they’d heard somewhere else before.
“OK then. Uh, do you, Ryunosuke Naruhodo, take Redford Ninate to be your lawfully wedded husband?”
“I do.”
“And do you, Redford Ninate, take Ryunosuke Naruhodo to be your lawfully wedded husband?”
“I do.”
“Great! If it were me, I’d probably call it a day there, but there’s more.”
The gathered crowd laughed.
“Please stand.”
The crowd stood.
“Marriage isn’t just two people getting together and having a kiss and whatever. It’s also the love and strength that we provide them as a community and as a family, by biological means or through the bonds of close friendship. So, are we all gonna help them and their marriage or what?”
“We will!” replied the crowd, before sitting down again.
“And now we have…er…Shizzen…What’s the word again?”
Professor Mikotoba approached and commandeered the microphone for a moment from Sholmes. “Shinzen Kekkon.”
“Yes. That, thank you Mikotoba.”
Kazuma stood between the two, holding a tray with a small bottle of saké and two cups. Ryunosuke poured a cup for Redford before pouring one for himself. Either groom took a sip from his own cup, before swapping and taking a sip from the other’s.
“I’m told that’s also a good luck thing in Japanese culture, but I’ll take their word for it. And now we’ve got vows to do. They’ve also written their own vows each which should be rather nice. Also – these are important. I’d recommend you don’t mess them up. Mr. Naruhodo will be the one going first.”
Ryunosuke took his flash cards from his pocket and cleared his throat as he began to speak.
“I, Ryunosuke, take you, Redford, to be my lawfully wedded husband. In recent times you have been a constant friend and partner, and all the evidence shows that we are truly meant to be together. And nothing will contradict that. So let’s get the wedding licence added to the court record, shall we? Lawyers should always smile and save their tears for when it’s all over, but I know every day I’m with you I’ll smile no matter what, and any tears will be the tears of laughter, no matter what trials may come our way, we’ll always .”
“Excellent, Mr. Naruhodo. Mr. Ninate?”
“I, Redford, take you, Ryunosuke, to be my lawfully wedded husband. They always say that a picture paints a thousand words, but any time I look at any picture for you I wonder if there really is nine hundred and ninety nine different ways to say ‘love of my life’. And if this is to be a fairy tale romance, I can’t wait to see what a ‘happily ever after’ looks like with you. Hopefully this is going to be the beginning of a new tale which I hope will be a real page-turner.”
Kazuma looked over at Q. “Are you crying?” he said, quietly, offering him a handkerchief.
Q unwillingly accepted it. “My hay-fever’s acting up. It’s all these goddamn flowers.”
“Mine too.”
“And if you two are done crying,” said Sholmes, “it’s now time for the rings, please.”
“It’s hay-fever, dammit…” said Q, as he handed over the rings from his inner pocket.
“Thank you. Please repeat after me: ‘I give you this ring, as a symbol and daily reminder of my love for you’.”
Redford slowly slipped the golden wedding band onto Ryunosuke’s right ring finger, saying: “I give you this ring, as a symbol and daily reminder of my love for you.”
Sholmes nodded to Ryunosuke, who slid the ring onto Redford’s right ring finger, saying: “I give you this ring, as a symbol and daily reminder of my love for you.”
“Very well then. By the power vested in me, the Great Detective, that Herlock Sholmes, courtesy of the Humanists Organisation and, I now declare you two husband and…husband! I suppose you two can have a kiss or whatever.”
The two newly-wed grooms kissed as the crowd stood and applauded, Redford swinging Ryunosuke low in his arms and supporting his leg with his arm.
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lovestory · 19 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’m howling
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witchofcustom · 23 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I might do some more of these in the future but I’m gonna run out of Mamatoto girls!!!!
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starmunch-selfship · 26 minutes ago
I want to be in a "romantic" thing with one of your platonic F/O's 😊
I ship you with Bucky Barnes!
Tumblr media
Bucky has had a troubled past, but he is finally free and living a great life!
He's very sweet, but he also has quite the sense of sarcasm. He'd rely on you heavily, you'd be his shoulder to cry on. Oh, but if anyone hurts you, he's hunting them down. No one hurts his love!
He'd call you things like baby, love, doll, and you know what, he would call you 'bubs' when he's being goofy!
Oh, and he's a protector 100%, so he's your big spoon. And did I mention he's a super soldier? Strong boy.
What do you think? In my opinion, you two would be so cute together!
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sacredempressnatlyia · 34 minutes ago
For those interested, I'm going to be writing a series based on Rosaline Lupin-Black (my Harry Potter OC)
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starmunch-selfship · 39 minutes ago
I'd use my anime account but oh well, since I can't change it. 👉👈
-No gender preference.
-In a romantic way.
My dear friend, I ship you with.... Loki!
Tumblr media
He definitely seems like a guy you'd get along with great! Sure, he's had some oopsies in his past, but all in all, he's got a good heart.
He's the god of mischief, so he'd keep you on your toes during your relationship. Definitely a jokester with you!
He'd refer to you with sweet names like 'darling,' maybe even 'princess,' and he would be very protective of you. He'd love to stroke your hair and hold your hand, kiss your knuckles and things. Oh, and he'd be the big spoon during cuddles!
I think you two would be very cute! What do you think?
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spezialistin · 49 minutes ago
OOC: Just one day, I’d like to ship something that becomes canon. I’m getting tired of getting so hyped with a ship and suffer. And even worse is when I think the canon ship has zero chemistry. This is the second show I watch in sequence that I don’t like the canon ship and here I am shipping something else. The S of shipping is for SUFFERING
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lovecanbestrong · an hour ago
Iz it weird to like. Still feeling bad seeing ppl romantically selfship w ur qpp f/oz
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starmunch-selfship · an hour ago
Mutuals! Let's play a game!
Send me "👉👈" and I'll pair you with one of my platonic F/O's!
When you send it in, make sure to specify whether you want the pairing to be in a romantic or platonic sense, and if you have a preference for gender!
Remember, mutuals only! I won't answer anons!
This is all just for fun!!
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reds-self-ships · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Everyone knows that it's bad luck for both parties involved in a wedding to see each-other the day before the wedding, so thanks to Mr. Sholmes's new invention, that should hopefully be avoided, right...?
Q stood and looked at his watch outside the bedroom. “Welp, we’re on time anyway.”
Kazuma interrupted his idleness: “You gonna stand and look at that watch all day then, or…?”
“You do know I do logistics for the GOH, right? It’s like comedy. It’s all about…timing…”
Kazuma rolled his eyes. “Shut up.”
Q smirked. “Why don’t you come over here and make me, big boy?”
Susato looked out from behind the door of the spare bedroom at 221B Baker Street. “If you two are done flirting, Mr. Sholmes is almost ready with the arrangement to make sure they don’t see each-other.”
“Why’s that such a bad thing again?” asked Kazuma.
“Because it’ll bring bad luck or whatever,” said Q, lighting a cigarette and taking a long drag out of it. “Personally I think it’s a load of bull, but it’s their wedding and not ours so we gotta respect it.”
“Fair enough.”
“…And done!” cried Sholmes, flinging open the door. “Gentlemen, please escort Mr. Ninate out of the bedroom please.”
Redford Ninate looked a million dollars in his bright red wedding suit with matching waistcoat and a dark blue tie. But what ended up taking away from it all was the monstrosity of a pair of brass-coloured goggles with blacked-out lenses across his face. One of Sholmes’s usual steampunk monstrosities.
“Kazuma? Q? You there?” called Redford, reaching out with both hands like a blind man whose guide dog had run off on him.
“Er, yeah. Yeah we’re here,” Kazuma responded, dressed in a rather formal black version of his usual prosecutor’s uniform, given that Susato had informed him that it wasn’t good luck to wear white to the wedding whenever you weren’t being the one being wed.
Except this might now have been taking the piss.
“Great. Can you two just lead me down the stairs? There should be a taxi out there.”
Q looked out the window just as he caught Redford by the shoulder. “Yep. Taxi’s here on time.”
“OK we’re going out now…Susato, make sure Naruhodou doesn’t walk in on us, even if he is blindfolded and all.”
Susato nodded and bowed. “Understood, Mr. Asogi.” She walked away to Sholmes’s bedroom, which had been especially commandeered for temporarily housing the other groom.
As Kazuma and Q led Redford down the hall, the door to Sholmes’s bedroom door opened, with Ryunosuke Naruhodo, wearing a similar steampunk-like monstrosity across his eyes, a dark blue kimono with red sash and traditional tabi socks and zori sandals. “Hello?” he called. “Kazuma? Q? Susato? Mr. Sholmes? Iris? Gina? Anyone?”
“Mr. Naruhodou!” called Sholmes. “N—!”
Ryunosuke stepped out in front of Redford, the pair of them knocking heads together, sending the pair of them, and Kazuma and Q to the floor.
“—Ooooo…!” Sholmes finished his cry.
Kazuma slowly stood up again and brushed himself off.
“So what was that about timing, Q?”
“…Shut up.”
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fba-cargo · an hour ago
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mygermanyde · an hour ago
Convenient way to boost up your sales internationally is to find a good freight forwarder. Global demand of your product and the capability of yours to reach each and every customer decide the growth of your business. Good Freight forwarders prove themselves as an asset to the company.
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aro-culture-is · an hour ago
aro culture is hating ships that involve characters which you headcanon as yeah it isn't canon but you project your aromanticism onto them a lot so it kinda feels wrong
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observantfromafar · an hour ago
Sanzang: *Presses his palms together and breathes* Wukong, as much as I love and care for you with all my heart, body and soul. But, *Throws his hands up in the air* PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF BUDDHA STOP KILLING!!!
Wukong: Well I love you too and that's why I'm killing these assholes so they wouldn't end up eating you.
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