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iwaizoom · 9 minutes ago
Btw why so sad?
i just looked at my coursework for the next week lmao it's gonna be rough but at least my midterms are over
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iwaizoom · 12 minutes ago
My name is...
coffins by misterwives ariane by choses sauvages raspberry by grouplove over & over by smallpools lovefool by no vacation ikea by urban cone natural by the driver era atlas by coin
Tumblr media
send me ur name for a playlist!
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stardancerluv · 23 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Love this...he is known to typically take something from the sets he works on. So glad he took that looks great!!!!
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cowboylarries · an hour ago
omg new tattoo hello!!! i love rupert the fish! is it stick n poke?? how did u tattoo yourself?? i have many questions this is so exciting i genuinely love it and i can’t wait to see the bee tattoo when the time comes
thank you avery 💘🐟 yes it’s stick and poke!!! i used a small safety pin pushed into a eraser top that was stuck on the back of one of my pens! and then i have india ink from the art store that i exclusively use for tattoos :) i started tattooing about two years ago (while on a school trip in a hotel in london) and i’ve been able to hold off tattooing a random design with no meaning on myself until tonight and now i’m worried that i won’t be able to stop!
i cannot wait for the bee tattoo time to arrive. ive already started saving money to get it done professionally!
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glomgay · 2 hours ago
Which duck super hero is your favorite? Gizmoduck, Darkwing Duck or Duck avenger?
Oh man... I gotta go with Darkwing Duck. The hero that learns to be a father.
I also just like Masked Tophat because he’s silly and it was fun creating Glomgold’s ego “Shadow Shanter” to interact with him
... Can I also include Quiverwing Quack?
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ladysolitaire · 2 hours ago
Achievement unlocked: Live-tweeting Charmed while working overtime.
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foreversilenthere · 3 hours ago
So, I'm watching Cash on Demand (1961), and now I desperately need a fic of a Peter Cushing character defending his wife and child. You can watch the film in its entirety on youtube. He's dreamy with the glasses.
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evdarcy · 9 hours ago
An Unusual Hero C7S2
Please remember, this is unedited and unfinished, but will hopefully fill in the holes that were left and answer some questions without leaving too many others. HOWEVER I will answer all and any questions if you want to leave me a comment.
Next update - Tuesday 11/05/2021
‘Pardon me, ma'am.’
Sarah rolled her eyes at Luc as he charmed some young sales assistant with his version of a British accent. She had to admit it was actually good. Rather than a generic British tone American actors tended to use on TV, he was hitting a relatively authentic London accent. Or should she say accents? It did move between areas of London with each sentence. A true Englishman would be confused as hell as to where the star was supposed to be from and call bullshit on him, but to a young American girl his accent was as genuine as she’d have ever heard.
She was probably also working out how to get him into the back room to put that mouth to other uses. Sarah was.
At six foot two, Luc Truman was the epitome of the prefect man. His broad shoulders and tapered waist made you feel he was strong and powerful, able to lift you up and throw you over his shoulder. His handsome face stopped your breath as you marvelled at its perfection, strong jaw, straight nose, a picture of near-perfect symmetry. Da Vinci couldn’t have drawn a more perfect specimen.
And when those rich green eyes turned to you, there was no question of if you’d drop your knickers it was a matter of where could you disappear to in order to get the deed done.
Sarah swallowed as Luc chose that moment to turn said panty-wetting eyes in her direction. He threw her a wink and a lopsided smirk before he turned back to the girl. He rested his weight on his hand against the wall, blocking the woman in with his body as the tiny thing leant back, her small, perfectly pert breasts thrusting out.
Sarah dropped her gaze to her own ample pair; their large round shape held down by a minimising bra. Jack had told her it was to help her be able to move around easily, to stop them getting in the way or getting sore during training. Sarah had a feeling it was more to do with not having tops to fit her. They’d be stretched so tight the men on base probably wouldn’t have seen her as anything other than a massive pair of tits.
She glanced back up in time to see Luc throw his head back in laughter, the girl had her hand on his chest, her smile bright and beaming under his attention.
Once, Sarah had had a dream similar to such a sight; that was how their first meeting was supposed to go. She’d say something witty and make him do that world famous laugh, he’d flirt outrageously and she’d bat her lashes at him. He’d reach up and tuck a stray strand of hair behind her ear before he tilted her face to his as he lowered his own and captured her lips in a searing kiss.
Instead, Sarah had lead a terrorist to him, made him almost piss himself, run for his life and leave behind everyone he loved after dragging him halfway across the country.
Sarah sighed. So much for dreams.
The sales sales girl lowered her head and looked up at Luc through her lashes.
Right, time to put a stop to the little charade. Hopefully, the star had the information he needed, she didn’t want the girl actually thinking she had a chance with the man and come looking for him later…
More like you don’t want her getting your dream, her mind taunted.
‘Darling,’ Sarah called, her accent far more polished-British than Luc’s. ‘The young man’s taking everything to the till. Are you done?’
She sauntered to his side, her hips swaying in an exaggerated manner—most men loved it when she did that and Luc didn’t disappoint. His eyes dropped to her waist, watching her as she neared; she could feel his gaze on her, her body warming under it, as he took a step away from the little chit, cleared his throat and nodded his head, his demeanour immediately changing. But Sarah kept her eyes on the younger woman who was frowning in confusion at the interruption.
‘Of course,’ he said, and Sarah was surprised by how his voice once again changed. He mirrored her own clean cut British tone in a way any BBC newsreader would be proud to duplicate. ‘Willow here was explaining to me that we’re too early for the cabins; we’ll have to get a tent or rent an RV.’
The sales assistant’s eyes went wide as Sarah came to a stop at Luc’s side. Sarah turned her head towards Luc, but her eyes still remained fixed on the woman as her TV star slid his arm around her waist and pulled her close against him. Sarah totally played into it.
Curling her body in towards his, she pressed herself against him from shoulder to thigh marking him as her own. She hoped it screamed back off bitch to the girl, because it was exactly what she wanted to say.
If anyone had said to her at in her early twenties, when Luc had broken out into the movie business, that she’d be in such a position, she’d have laughed in their face and asked how much would it cost to have it happen. Of course, this was before conventions became a thing, giving everyone such an opportunity. Unfortunately for Sarah, they never seemed to fall during the school holidays, which meant unless she won the lottery she was never going to be able to meet her stars and be wrapped in their arms for a hug during a photo op.
This was just as fake as any photo call, but with the way the girl was now looking between the two of them, disappointment and jealousy burning in her big brown eyes, it was so much better.
God, she wished she could somehow kiss him. Just press her lips against his and make all her dreams come true.
‘What a shame,’ Sarah said pouting as she glanced up at Luc through her lashes. He smirked down at her as he reached up and took her chin between his fingers and thumb, turning her face up properly. Her breath stuttered in her throat as memories of fantasies she’d nourished over the years swept through her mind and she went crossed-eyed when lowered his head to hers and… dropped a kiss to her nose! She had to suck her pouting lip between her teeth to stop herself from both squeaking in excitement and wailing in disappointment.
‘Don’t pout, Duchess,’ he grinned as he pulled back. His eyes dropped to her mouth briefly before meeting her gaze again. It was almost as if he could read her mind. Did the bastard know what she was thinking and was screwing with her?
‘I’ll get us a really nice RV. What’s that mean again?’ Luc turned his attention back to the other woman as he pulled Sarah closer to him, the hand around her waist slid down to her arse and gave it a squeeze. Sarah had to stop her eyes from going wide at the action, had to cover the squeak that bubbled at the top of her throat with a cough, before disentangling herself from his arms and looking up at him with what she hoped was disappointment in her eyes.
What she really wanted to do was scream in your face! at the girl who was now stumbling over her answer, before dragging Luc into a backroom somewhere and doing exactly what she’d always dreamt of.
She felt a deep desire to log onto to Tumblr and post that Luc Truman had felt her up, with a couple of hundred gif sets of arse groping followed by a picture with her and Luc in the store fawning all over one another.
Sure, it was a step backwards for feminism, but she’d gladly take that step and a few hundred more if it meant feeling those lips against hers or those hands somewhere else on her body.
Instead, Sarah looked back at the sales assistant with utter disdain, hoping the girl would recall her face far clearer than Luc’s merely for the contempt she held for the young thing. ‘Hurry up and finish playing here’—she waved her hand dismissively at the woman—‘I’m going to go and pay for our purchases.’
She heard the girl give a little gasp of disgust as Sarah turned on her heel and headed towards the counter to pay the bill. Yes, in the other woman’s mind, Luc’s face would be given a soft focus, slightly hazy with the ideals of perfection and lust, mixed with a hundred other notions of what made a man handsome. Sarah would be the one sharply in focus if she was ever questioned, and Sarah had enough wigs, glasses and prosthetic makeup packed away to walk back in here tomorrow and receive nothing but love from Willow.
The store clerk, who’d actually done his job running around collecting everything on the list Luc had made earlier, tried to hand back her change just as the star came up behind her.
‘Keep it,’ she told the clerk with a purposefully forced looking smile. ‘At least someone is working in this place.’ She said it just loud enough for the manager at the other end of the counter to hear. The man glanced over and she pointedly looked towards Willow who was still watching Luc as he swaggered towards the counter.
‘Well, that was pretty mean,’ Luc said as they each grabbed a paper bag and headed out of the store. Sarah shrugged, but held her head a little higher. She had a little bounce in her step as they headed back to the car, feeling as if she were walking through the clouds as her bum cheek still tingled where Luc had touched her.
‘Duchess?’ she asked, changing the subject.
‘I gave you a back-story.’
‘Really?’ She stared at him over the top of the car as they put the last of their parcels on the back seats. They’d visited half a dozen shops that morning and she prayed he hadn’t been recognised in any of them. But it would have been far riskier to have left him sat in the car on his own. ‘I needed a back-story?’
‘Yeah, you’re the one with the money and I’m your plaything. Only with you so that I can benefit from your wealth.’
The clouds parted and Sarah fell back to Earth with a thud at the idea that someone like him would only be with her for a reason other than what he could get out of the relationship. She frowned as they climbed in the car and she began the process of twisting together the wires to restart its engine.
Okay, so she wasn’t the most beautiful woman in the world, but she certainly wasn’t ugly. She hadn’t needed money to snag Jimmy and he’d been just as hot as any TV star—although she squashed the thought of her former fiance quickly. She had no time to go back down the grief-well she’d had months of therapy to escape.
Luc hummed as they drove back through the town, heading north to the 191 again and the cabin he’d spied earlier. If perky-tits was right about the Season not yet starting, they’d have a bit of time to gather themselves together and formulate a plan of what to do next.
She glanced at Luc out the corner of her eye; she had to remember that the man next to her was an actor. She couldn’t afford to get caught up in any fantasies or roles he conjured up for them to play when in public. He was an award winning Star and she was just a teacher. They lived in separate worlds and had only been thrown together in this limbo they were now straddling as they ran for their lives.
She took a deep breath and rolled her shoulders as she turned back onto the highway and put her foot down.
She could do this. She could do this—
Patrick’s Swayze’s “She’s like the Wind” crooned from the speakers as Luc switched the radio to a golden oldies station. He instantly picked up the tune, singing perfectly alongside Swayze’s voice.
Sarah groaned quietly as she turned to look at the star. His green eyes were bright, a smile playing on his lips, and he sung as if he were free and easy with their situation.
He chose that moment to turn to her, his smile beaming brighter as he raised his voice to sing louder, drowning out Swayze…
She ripped her eyes away from him, focusing back on the road ahead.
Life was not fair.
Any questions, please drop them in the comments. Next update on Tuesday!
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sasastr005 · 9 hours ago
Ecco un luogo comune di tutti noi lettori:
Qualsiasi sia il Fandom, qualsiasi sia il personaggio (a parte quelli che ti stanno sullo stomaco), non riesci a fare altro che piangere e chiederti il perché della vita quando muore uno di loro.
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4everflowercore · 10 hours ago
I just realised again how bad I am into old man that are emotional wrecks 🙄 what does that say about me?...
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pai-shodown · 10 hours ago
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talataaddez · 11 hours ago
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talataaddez · 11 hours ago
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talataaddez · 11 hours ago
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talataaddez · 11 hours ago
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talataaddez · 11 hours ago
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