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rudeboy-quan · 18 minutes ago
If you act single. Be single.
If you’re in love. Show it!
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dumbfucklovestruck · 25 minutes ago
Aaj, ek din aur beeta tere intezaar mein,
Tu nai thi jab bhi, bas tere hi khayal the.
Kaash tujhe ek aakhri baar Dekh leta,
Kaash main waqt ko wahin rok leta.
Aaj ek din aur beeta be-mausam ki barsaat mein,
Shayad aasmaan bhi roya hoga, tere aane se inkaar pe.
Ke kaash main firse tera wo saaya dhundh leta.
Kaash tum bhi aati, ranjishein bhi chodh deta.
Aaj, ek din aur beeta tere intezaar mein.
Tumblr media
This incomplete piece of a poem talks about an eternal wait of a person who is never gonna return.
A wait which goes like-
Another day went by taking away all my hopes with it.
A question remains, are you ever coming back ?
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themindsjournalposts · 39 minutes ago
You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.’ You must do the thing you think you cannot do.
Eleanor Roosevelt
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jojadhavpoetry · an hour ago
Tumblr media
as weeks turn to months
and months turn to years,
i can only remember the good parts,
the ones that rarely come.
instead of all that went wrong,
the standing silence,
and all you’ve never done.
like when you’d tell me to stay
or that we should do this again
laying your head on my little ribcage
slowly rising and falling with each breath.
every time i try again
i expect something different
something new.
maybe this time you’d come through!
you would change!
but some things stay the same.
as weeks turn to months
and months turned to years,
i thought i’d learn to let go
because i lost so much.
but i only hoped for more
for better
for you to be more than you’ll ever be
the unattainable.
as weeks turn to months
and months turned to years
i’m learning how to forget.
which should be easy,
because i don’t even see you.
out of mind; out of sight
but you’ll never be see-through.
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heartofmuse · an hour ago
Every minute lived is a responsibility. I feel the weight of it more than most. I don't know why.  I just understand how precious each second we have that is full of health, that is full of life. For those who didn't get to live though they were by far more worthy, sometimes I ask God, "Why me? What is so special about me? Why do I get more time than those who died far way too young?" I feel His arms so gentle around me as He whispers," Because you have lives to touch, and people to love." I don't really know what is the impact of just one life in the grand scheme of things but I so feel my fragile mortality. I just hope that when it's my time to go, be it soon or far off, that I can say that I loved as much as I could, that I was a light and a gentle soul that brought beauty into this world, not to make glory my own, but to give back in some measure what God blessed me with and put in my heart so the glory be His for His dadivosity.
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kurtrodriz · an hour ago
Cada día que pasa me doy cuenta que desprenderme de su ser y absolutamente todo, por qué mi subconsciente me juega mil veces al día una travesía imposible de olvidar, como si se me fueran los malos sabores y solo recordara la brisa que tocamos, convoca una masiva pantallas de recuerdos y sin consentimiento de mi conciencia, casi que en instantes de los días, que difícil sé ha convertido para mí, concluyó con gratitud y reconociendo, que fue valioso cada detalle a cabalidad y tercio de un día común haber tenido esa oportunidad...
by kurt
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whoinventedjuice · an hour ago
Time can change us
Break us
Make us
Lose our minds
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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blaqvana · an hour ago
may 4th
my goodbye hurts
i don’t want to walk away
i took a leap to stay
now it seems i’m running away
i can’t face this pain
this wound in my heart
will it ever heal for meh
my goodbye hurts
who knows if i’ll ever feel the same
— dzy
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selenophiliaroyality · an hour ago
The Ruined Temple
Tumblr media
The honor of the Deity is by their Temple
Their virtue and physic known by all
People come and admire, their Innocents all they know
The grace from the heavens stopped shinning, turning away from the Temple
They people paid extra attention in the curves of their statue and bust
No longer following her morals or caring for her teachings
Shades come and raid the Temple
No longer is the Deity in grace
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poseidon-nyks · an hour ago
Görmek istemediğime bakmıyorum yoksa bu hayat çekilmez
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poseidon-nyks · an hour ago
Soğuk yapana buz gibi olurum, değer göstermeyeni yok sayarım, unutanı çoktan unutmuşumdur
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poseidon-nyks · an hour ago
Taş devrinde yaşasaydım da şu olanları görmeseydim
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