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#short poem
should i write shitty poetry on here is that what my life has come to?
my tumblr is sad
my poetry is bad
my father is an asshole.
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shaheen191 · 2 hours ago
I’ve always
been intrigued
by hands.
how the same mesh
of bone and blood and nail
that caresses a face
cooks a meal
holds a child
can also
form a fist
grip a neck
pull a trigger.
we all have hands.
we all have the potential
to protect
and create
and love.
we all have hands.
we all have the potential
to hurt
and steal
and kill.
we all have hands.
but what we use them for
is up to us.
-caroline kaufman
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denimxflame · 2 hours ago
You said that you would never hurt me, but you did. Is it true that promises are made to be broken? If that's true then am I a promise? Because people come and go, leaving me in pieces. The butterflies choked to death. They drowned in my tears and my heartache. I think I'm dying too. Maybe I'm already dead.
- I'm dying and you're not here to save me.
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lbth · 3 hours ago
the bird
if you don't let go of the key in your mouth
how will you ever unlock your cage
how will you ever sing
don't be afraid of the darkness
but be careful of blind eyes
and forgetfulness
after all, you may have wings
to jump or to fall
at least there are no more decisions to be made
Ig: @emmalbth
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whythiskolaveri · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
i'm happy that you left
because without you
life blossomed in color
and when you left
i was finally unchained
i've realised
i don't need your validation
to feel comfortable in my own skin
i am happy with who i am today
and no amount
of scrutiny or venom can change that.
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nopressursworld · 3 hours ago
Ordinary being
Tumblr media
I am just a ordinary human with problems,
Which I am trying to solve,
But getting dissolve,
Inside my own thoughts.
I am just a ordinary human who think a lot,
Even the small things,
Which in my mind seems,
Fight between me and gods.
I am just a ordinary human who write about what he feels,
In moments they feel like words of wisdom,
But next moment they become words,
Written by some random sad being.
I am not some special being,
I am just a random person who think "maybe my life have some meaning."
But the life is breaking me down,
Telling me "you are not needed."
Ocean calling, at the end, there is new me.
Should I move towards it?
Accept the hardships?
Or take the easy way, remain inside bubble of blaming?
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lionthenovel · 3 hours ago
tw: suicide
i saw my death -
too many times to count.
my whole self exits me
and spits out how cowardly i’m being.
i don’t think people understand
how brave you have to be
to say “this ends now.” 
all i know is
i’m far too petrified
and comfortable in this fucking infected pit
to try to let the earth and rocks and leaves and mud pummel me down
and to never feel pain again. 
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allnightsong2 · 4 hours ago
And the sky beneath me says
throw away the maps
you'll need none here
we all ride upon one road
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susanburch · 5 hours ago
don’t think I don’t hear you everyday choir
Harris, Thomas. Silence of the Lambs, Yazoo, Inc., 1988. P.292, 297.
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tankasocietyofamerica · 5 hours ago
Pandemic Special Day 12:
my PT’s hand
covers my hand
how startling
to feel a stranger’s touch
in Covid’s relentless grip
Pris Campbell
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subliminaldissociation · 5 hours ago
Come walk the nights with me We'll find our destiny See where the shadows play Oh how I longed to stay The wind howled all night long It sounded like a song An itching in my mind For something we would find Critters scurried along But I felt nothing wrong Because I had you there I lived without a care
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nekobin · 7 hours ago
Camellia at your Doorstep
The world seems so dark but you gave me light
Clichè? Alright
Let's says it's a fight
I became a princess,
You are my knight
You fought thousands of battles and won milions of war
I love you for that because you,you are
The reason why my heart beats fast,
The reason why my love will last
People may come and people may go,
If you stay by my side i will surely show
How deep is my love, it will overflow
Stand the consequences, cold as a snow
As time passes by i will be with you
Forever and always i would stand with you
Ignoring the judgements just to be with you
I'll do whatever it takes, i'll fight with you
Now before this ends i would love to say
That you made me feel "Lovely" that's what they say,
It's true that love makes you crazy,
Love finds a way
Those 3 words i wanna here, please let me say
Stay by my side and i will give
A love that won't last a love that forgives,
I love you in the depths of the ocean,
I love you everyday
I'll love you forever, my knight please stay.
P.S Pictures not Mine !!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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lilhawkeye3 · 8 hours ago
a poem by hawk
what did I do
to be
undeserving of love—
undeserving of being loved,
only ever alone.
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psyche-tips-the-candle · 8 hours ago
She steps out in the stolen grey hours of the morning,
Settles false maturity over her shoulders with her fathers stolen jacket;
Stops and breathes in that stale still scent of home
One last time.
She leaves early, leaves quiet, leaves with the bag on her back bumping bruises into her hips;
Shrugs it higher, feels the tender skin shift with it;
Sighs and lets it fall as the door swings shut behind her –
Turns away.
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