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waterfae111 · 42 minutes ago
I just want you to be as obsessed with me as i am with you :(
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cuibic2 · 58 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Anon Asked: Wait all this talk about rarepairs reminded me ot Hiro x Ibuki omg :') And I want to be reminded of them as often as possible ansnskdl so can I request 1080x2240 wallpapers of them? For the theme, it's up to you but maybe vaporwave, arcadecore, webcore or lovecore? I'm not picky, just wondering what would capture their energy. Omg maybe even cryptidcore o_o Hope everything is going well and that you're not too stressed out 💜 Remember to take care of yourself first before anybody else!
Size: 1080x2240
♡ Please reblog is saving/using ♡
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hanahaki-cornflowers · an hour ago
bro if u dont get to hol dyour hand in the next week or so i will simply start crying
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jasuchiha · 2 hours ago
i think i’d like to learn the way you want to be loved
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sirkut · 2 hours ago
Sometimes you just gotta cry bc of how much you love your boyfriend
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sickluvgutz · 3 hours ago
Please don't be mad at me please don't be mad at me please please I'm sorry yo lvoe you I'll do anything I'm sorry
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cottoncandy-wannabe · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
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wastelnd-bby · 4 hours ago
little window
i wish i could talk with you for hours
in a pretty room with green carpet,
grapefruit pink curtains, a very tall
light brown door, and a window to
look out of. we would talk about nothing.
I would talk you in circles, and you
would listen. and i’d ask you for reassurance again. and you’d tell me
that nothing will change.
once the carpet is all swampy, the curtains
have a dusty grey layer, once the door is weathered, and the window is cracked.
you tell me that nothing will change.
but what if they do? what if it’s my fault?
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happysugar-love · 4 hours ago
darling aren't i just the cutest
if you say no you will regret it
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timidtouches · 4 hours ago
i wish i could hold you
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onlyherstarlight · 4 hours ago
please love me,
my angel.
i know you don’t, and i know you
never will, but please.
please, say you ache for me
the way i do you. say you want
to rest in our bed,
in a busy city, gazing upon each other’s bodies under the moonlight.
i’d love to see your freckles illuminated under the pale
light. please, sweetheart,
say you need me
the way i need you.
say you wish to lie in each other’s arms,
away from the
pouring rain, striking our window.
would you let me
play with your hair, and call you my own?
would you please
do the same to me? would you hold me
i’m shaking, when the memories
become too much?
darling, i just want you.
i just want to say i’m yours,
i want you
to love me the way
i love you.
i want you
to say you adore me,
you love me.
i want to worship you.
gods, i don’t want to wake up
if it’s not by your side,
my love.
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lovemedotorg · 4 hours ago
You’re nose is so cute let me kiss it!
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cottoncandy-wannabe · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
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