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#i miss him
lupinzapezit · 9 minutes ago
also considering most of my mutuals are horror bastards, i do write mister severed hand (ethan winters) over at @moldecay 
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kapsouremenh · 22 minutes ago
Κι έπειτα από 20 days without you... σου ζήτησα να σε δω .. ο καιρός απαίσιος και η βροχή ποτάμι.. σαν μικρό κοριτσάκι εγώ στα πίσω καθίσματα του αυτοκινήτου κι εσύ συνοδηγός..ο φίλος σου, μου περνούσε εντελώς αδιάφορος .. Δεν ξέρω αν έκανα το σωστό που σου ζήτησα να βρεθούμε . Πιστεύω ήταν το μεγαλύτερο λάθος.. αλλά είχα τόσο μεγάλη ανάγκη να σε αγγίξω .. ήξερα πως αυτή η φορά, θα ήταν η τελευταία μας...
Πέρασε γρήγορα η ώρα , αφού συνεχώς μαλώναμε .. δεν πειράζει, θα είχα κάτι να σε θυμάμαι. Και ξέρεις πως θα σε θυμάμαι ; Σαν έναν έρωτα που κάνεις ποτέ δεν μας άφησε να ζήσουμε . . . κι ας το θέλαμε και οι δύο, πολύ ..!
Έναν ανεκπλήρωτο έρωτα..!!♥️
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mcnstrosities · 48 minutes ago
Ra'shag having a picnic on his own in one of his fields and his goats just wandering over to come chill and snack on his lunch is life
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ncteaxhoe · an hour ago
bro riBBon is stuck in my head so bad, i loveeee the whole album so much
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fanmoose12 · an hour ago
It wasn't a particularly nasty feeling. If it weren't for the awful, aching pain in the back of his head, Moblit would have even enjoyed it.
It felt like he was flying - not gliding like he did when using his ODM gear, but rather floating, just existing in a vast ocean of nothingness.
The fingers that softly moved through his hair helped him relax too. Moblit could spend an eternity laying like that.
But then voices appeared. Quiet murmurs at first, they became more insistent, more intent on pulling him away from that soothing feeling.
One of the voices, albeit soft, was still too loud, leaving him with no choice but to listen.
"Just look at his cheeks! They're so squishy and smooth! And his hair! It's so soft! Not as soft as yours, of course, but still... How does he manage to keep it so shiny all the time?"
"He showers more than once a week, four-eyes," another voice joined, this one much huskier. "And stop touching him while he's unconscious. It's weird and inappropriate."
"Oh? Someone's jealous?" the first voice cooked. "But really, it's incredibly soft, just touch it!"
"I'm not touching your poor assistant's hair. You should stop doing it as well."
"But I think he likes it..."
The voices didn't die out, no matter how hard Moblit tried to ignore them. He recognized them long ago, but some part of him wanted to deny it...
"Oh no," he opened his eyes, and just as expected saw the faces of Captain Levi and Squad Leader Hange looming over him. Moblit groaned, closing his eyes back again. "Am I in hell?"
"No, silly!" Squad Leader laughed. "You're in your room," ah, so it was his own couch that felt so heavenly soft? "Levi and I brought you here after you collapsed all of a sudden."
"All of a sudden?" Captain Levi scoffed. "How many times have I told you to give him some rest? I knew it was going to happen. And I warned you."
"Well, maybe, you should rest a bit," Hange stroked his brow gently. "I've pushed too much onto you, Mob, eh?"
The tone of his Squad Leader was cautious, filled with regret. It tugged at Moblit's heart, and he grunted with effort, opening his eyes and raising up to a sitting position.
"No, no, it's alright," he assured Hange. "I'm fine, I can continue working," he glanced at the window, wincing as he saw the setting sun. "Maybe, not today, but tomorrow..."
"Tomorrow you'll be resting too," Levi pushed him back down, his movement rough but careful.
"But, Captain, I-"
"Berner," Levi spoke lowly. "You need to take a break. And," he added, looking at him pointedly. "You're not the only one."
"I'm afraid Levi is right," Hange agreed mournfully. "You should take a day-off, relax and gather your strength."
"And you, Squad Leader?"
"Ah, since you won't be here to help," Hange stretched out, grinning down at him. "I guess I can take a break too. Maybe, go into town..." lowering her voice, she added. "I think someone feels a little neglected..."
Hange winked, and Moblit chuckled, watching how a blush started to appear on Captain's cheek.
"Have fun then."
"Oh, I most certainly will," Hange gave Levi a long, sly look before turning back to Moblit. "Have a nice day, Mob," she bent down, leaving a gentle kiss on his forehead. "Thank you for your hard work."
Moblit smiled, taking a more comfortable position on the couch. Perhaps, his superiors were right, he did need a break. He felt like he could sleep for a decade.
He was certainly not the only one in need of some rest. There were dark circles under Hange's eyes and when she left the room hand in hand with Captain, she did so with almost visible relief.
When the door closed after them, Moblit closed his eyes again, slowly falling into a deep, peaceful slumber.
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duckydrawsart · 2 hours ago
Hi, I'll just leave in here for you these early Peter B facial tests that I just found out existed, because I know you love him just as much as I do and he will always be too 🅱️eautiful not to appreciate 😩💘
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
These are absolutely wonderful....I love 💓😌👌
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jalboyhenthusiast · 2 hours ago
Yep I’m honestly just praying that they let him stay home. He’s been working and stunting nonstop.
yess a real actual break pls. he’s a workaholic so god knows how long that would last but the idea of him just going mia is so nice 🤞🏼🙏🏼🤲🏼
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hotjonrights · 4 hours ago
my tma high has definitely passed but damn. jon… my love my sweetheart
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coloriages · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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borderlinesockpuppet · 4 hours ago
My dad got custody of my Sister and I when we were like 12 and 13. I turned 14 a few days about a week after he had died. 
Anyway, the point is, I have two younger sisters, but the middle one felt a lot of competition towards me so she kind of tried to push me out of the picture when we were spending time with our dad and I let her because I didn’t want to be mean.
But my dad Saw this and Noticed this, so he would give me an extra 30 minutes to an hour with him after we were supposed to be in bed so that we could chat and he would play Resident Evil 4 and we would talk about things while he killed zombies and I came out to him one night and I remember it was really sweet because I followed him up to the garage so he could grab a diet pepsi and he looked at me and said
“hey, i made a kind of insensitive joke about gay people earlier. did i hurt your feelings? I’m so sorry if I made you feel bad” and it like
idk i had a really good dad. 
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spn-in-2021 · 4 hours ago
from my very limited knowledge about Amora and Lady Loki (i.e.: the discontinued avengers academy app) the big reveal at ep 2 DOES feel more like Amora rather than a Loki but
1. The TVA did label her as Loki and I feel like they would know if it was a whole other person 2. I recognize people based on their hair so a blonde Loki doesn’t match in my head and I feel like a lot of people have similar feelings but that’s just an us problem rather than a ‘she isnt Loki’ problem
1. Loki is right. “I wouldn’t treat me like this” 2. She doesn’t have Loki vibes idk what to tell you
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mimisempai · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Loki/Miss Minutes and Bucky/Redwing = Same vibes…
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mellocellos · 6 hours ago
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rice-paperky · 6 hours ago
reading through old dms from a friend that is not here anymore feels bittersweet. it’s like i’m remembering the good old days only to be reminded that he’s gone. It hurts it honestly does but I can’t bring him back and I miss him so goddamn much.
Goodbye Jayden, I hope we’ll be good friends in our next life. I’m sorry we couldn’t spend enough time with each other.
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