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#black friday
ashowstoppingstarkid · 50 minutes ago
if it's not too much to ask, could i request a continuation to the jane/linda switched at birth story? 😅
Absolutely! Y'all really like this, don't you?
Genre: Drama/ Fluff?
Words: 1588
TL;DR: Linda accidentally ends up telling Emma about he and Jane being switched at birth
TW: Swearing
Side note: if anyone has ideas/ sketches to elaborate on this headcanon... please do them and tag me. I wanna see them. I mean I’m kinda loving it.
Linda sipped at her coffee, sitting at one of the small tables in Beanies. She let her legs dangle a bit, blowing on her coffee to close it. For once it was piping hot. That probaby had something to do with the fact that she was now rather close with Emma Perkins, the barista who had made it. Jane's sister- her sister. And god, could she ever see it. How could her sister ever work in a cafe though? The cafe had technically closed about five minutes ago, but... the manager, Nora, was letting her and Emma Perkins stay a bit longer to have a chat alone. Emma sighed, bringing over her latte and siitting down with Linda.
"Your coffee okay?" Emma checked. "I know the coffee here isn't too great, but... I tried to make it a bit better. I put a pump of hazelnut in there, and-"
"It's wonderful. Thank you." Linda cut her off, sighing. "Was it a good day at work today?"
"Eh, same old same old." Emma chuckled. "People are assholes sometimes."
"Tell me about it." Linda scoffed, smirking. "Any fun stories?"
"Well... this one guy tried to actually make me *sing* for my tip." Emma rolled her eyes. "Because Nora mentioned while he as at the counter that she'd seen a cafe in god-knows-where doing it."
"Did you actally have to sing?" Linda winced.
"God, no." Emma snickered. "Listen, it's no official rule yet. There's no sign, and therefore Nora can't make me."
"Thank god." Linda laughed along with her.
"Hey!" Emma mocked offence. "I'll have you know that I'm a pretty great singer!"
"Really?" Linda quirked a brow, smirking.
"Oh yeah! I played Fiona in my high school production of Brigadoon." Emma smirked back, putting on the scottish accent for 'Brigadoon'. "I'm not really into theatre any more, but... I fucking killed that role."
"Interesting..." Linda sighed, just taking a look at Emma again.
Sometimes when Emma brought up these significant memories Linda couldn't help but feel a small pang of guilt. Because... she was this girl's older sister. She should have been there toshare those kinds of important moments with her. Not... not phony Jane Perkins. Who wasn't her sister. She liked Emma. A lot. Sure, Emma's life might be a bit grittier than her own, but... they had the same spunk. The same wit. Emma's was slightly less refined, and maybe a bit more crude, but it was there. In a lot of ways, it was like looking in a mirror. Both in looks and personality. That was, of course, if she had been a brunette.
"Hey, Linda, I've been meaning to ask you something." Emma bit her lip.
"Hm?" Linda hummed, indicating for her to go on.
"Why... why the sudden interest in me?" Emma asked carefully. "I mean, not that I don't love getting to actually get to know you- because you're great- but... I don't know. You're... you. You're rich, and your life is fabulous. And I'm me. A thirty-year-old barista at fucking Beanies."
"Well... I suppose I just felt drawn to you." Linda lied.
"Okay, no offence, but... bullshit." Emma sighed. "That's total bullshit! There's gotta be a reason."
"I simply noticed you at work, and... you reminded me of myself." Linda told her, inching closer to the truth.
"Really?" Emma blinked.
"You did... and you do. More and more with every second I spend with you." Linda nodded.
"But like... I know I'm repeating myself, but you're, like, fabulous. And I'm... me." Emma furrowed her brows.
"We've got the same spirit." Linda chuckled. "The same... spunk, if you will. The fire, and the sarcasm. We're peas in a pod."
"Is the sarcasm really that obvious just by looking at me?" Emma smirked.
"In the best way possible." Linda teased. There was a beat of silence between them as both sipped at their coffees.
"So... there was nothing more?" Emma checked.
"No... no, only that you're my sister." Linda sighed. A moment later she realized what she'd said.
"Pardon?" Emma blinked.
"I meant soul sister... sorry, it’s been a long day.” Linda chuckled nervously, hoping that would work.
"Okay, I would've believed that if you hadn't said anything, but... now that you've said it, it sounds so sketchy." Emma shook her head, stunned and suspicious. "What do you mean I'm your sister?"
"It's nothing. I misspoke." Linda blushed, looking to her feet.
"You're lying." Emma stated plainly. "I'm a little sister and a trouble maker. I read body language."
"Emma..." Linda pleaded, a pit in her stomach. She'd never meant to tell Emma. She had planned never to tell any of them.
"No, Linda. I want some fucking aswers." Emma demanded.
"No, you don't." Linda warned her. "Believe me... things will be a lot better if you just forget what I said.”
“No... Linda, you just called me your sister and then completely eliminated the ‘she’s jus being friendly’ context from the situation.” Emma stammered, clearly freaked out. “What the fuck is going on?”
“Fine.” Linda relented. “I didn’t want to tell you because... it’s fucked up, Emma. It really is. And it’s nothing I did, but... I still feel immensely guilty.”
“Just get to the fucking explanation!” Emma urged. 
“My parents- the people who raised me- paid a nurse off to switch me and your sister as babies... It was silly, really. They wanted a natural blonde baby.” Linda sighed. “All of that to say... Jane was never your biological sister. I was.”
“What the fuck...” Emma breathed, eyes wide. 
“That’s what I said when I read it in their financial files.” Linda sighed. She gave Emma a sympathetic look. “Now do you see why I didn’t want to say anything?”
“Um... yeah.” Emma nodded, still trying to take it in. “You’re my sister?”
“We can’t tell anyone, Emma.” Linda warned her. 
"Right...” Emma agreed. 
“It would cause too much of a fuss.” Linda sighed.
“Yeah...” Emma sighed. “So... what, did you start up this friendship because you felt guilty that your parents were heartless assholes who dumped their problem on my parents?”
“No. I did it because... if I had a sister, I wanted to know her. Even if she couldn’t know what she was to me.” Linda explained. “But... now you do, I suppose.”
“Yeah... I do...” Emma blinked. 
“Please... don’t be too mad at me?” Linda pleaded. “I genuinely just wanted to-”
“No, I’m not mad at you. You did nothing wrong.” Emma assured Linda. “Just... God. I always knew there was something fucking weird about Jane.”
“Really?” Linda quirked a brow. 
“Yeah... yeah, not even my parents understood where she got all the ambition and cunning from.” Emma nodded. “She was like... a total Slytherin. And I was very clearly a burnt-out Gryffindor. I mean, I’ve gone a little more Slytherin with my sarcasm over the years, but...”
“I’m sorry, a what?” Linda asked, confused. “Slithering?”
“Like... Hogwarts houses.” Emma checked. Linda stared blankly at her. “Oh my god... tell me my big sister knows what Hogwarts is...”
“I’m...” Linda started, before blinking. “Big sister?”
“Well, yeah... if you were switched with Jane, you’re my big sister.” Emma shrugged. 
“So... we’re alright, then?” Linda blinked. “Just like that?”
“Well... yeah. Yeah, why wouldn’t we be?” Emma chuckled. “Look, it’s a lot to get used to, but... you’ve pretty much handled everything right. And... I really appreciate that once you found out, you wanted me in your life.”
“And I want you to know that I really did make an effort to get to know you right when I found out.” Linda assured her. “I only discoved it when I was going through my parents’ financials while planning their funeral.”
“Yeah, I can get why they would never tell you.” Emma sighed. “I mean... god. That was terrible. No offence but... they kinda sound like terrible people.”
“Well... just like Jane, they were very ambitious.” Linda bit her lip. “And they had a weird thing about keeping the blonde hair in the family.”
“They sound like the Malfoys.” Emma whistled. 
“The who?” Linda asked, not recognizing that name.
“Right. You don’t know Harry Potter.” Emma remembered. “Okay, you know what? I think Paul’s at D&D with the boys from work tonight, so I’ve got the house to myself. You should come over, and we’ll watch as many of those movies as we can cram in.”
“Oh... okay.” Linda agreed. “Harry Potter... that sounds familiar.”
“It’s kinda a huge thing.” Emma chuckled. “You’re free, right?”
“Gerald’s taking the boys night golfing tonight, so yes.” Linda smirked. “Is this going to make me finally seem like a cool mom to my boys?”
“Probably.” Emma smirked back. “Alright... do you need a drive to my place?”
“I would appreciate one.” Linda nodded, following Emma out the door. 
Perhaps that day staying late at a mediocre coffee shop had been the start of something beautiful. Or perhaps it had already started before. It was, at least, the day that Linda and Emma fully embreaced their sisterhood. And it really was only the beginning of their story. They would continue to blossom and grow together, and navigate what whas a confusing but worthwhile journey. It’s funny how sometimes you don’t know how much you need something until it’s handed to you. That sentiment couldn’t be any truer than it was with the two new sisters. Emma was precisely what Linda had always needed, and Linda what Emma needed. Finally, at long last, they could embrace that. 
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tinysentencejournal · an hour ago
I'll say it again
Just because their abuse wasn't (as far as we know) physical doesn't make it any more okay, and definitely doesn't make it 'iconic'
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thebritishstarkidfan · 2 hours ago
Can I just say, Roberts singing in Califor.mia is amazing on the recorded version.
I like both versions, but I prefer the recorded version in my opinion.
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ashowstoppingstarkid · 2 hours ago
So, like, I definitely headcanon that Wiley/Wilbur just… hung around hatchetfield in a really crappy disguise and got to know everyone. Because he took an interest in the town because of wiggly, but he would have had to visit to know everyone there in the way he seemed to with Linda. So… Wiley just befriended everyone in hatchetfield and became their unpaid therapist, which would explain why he knew about Linda only having two kids with Gerald?
O H M Y-
- This makes a lot of sense
- Could this crappy disguise be the obnoxious teen that seems to work freakin everywhere???
- Probably not, just a fun idea.
- But yes
- I agree wholeheartedly
- At first he could not be less interested in the town.
- He was genuinely only there because his boss told him to be there
- But then he gets to know a lot of the people
- Who aren't at all suspicious of his disguise
- Even though they probably should be
- But anyways, in talking to the people he realizes that the town has a lot of interesting lore
- Lore that falls even outside of the Black and White
- Like the Ape Man
- And Becky Barnes hiding in a tree apparently???
- Or Hidgens and the lightning strike
- It's this town rich with weird and wacky history that not even he can entirely explain.
- Which is saying something because he's learned a lot in the Black and White
- You know he may even have multiple disguises
- To be different things to different people
- All of them are crappy
- And the people of Hatcheetfield should probably be concerned by them.
- But they're not
- He's closest with Charlotte and Bill
- But everyone else is comfortable talking to him.
- The only people who will not talk to him are Hannah, Lex and Ethan.
- At Hannah's insistence.
- All she can say when she sees him is "Black and White... Cross... Bad Blood..."
- And Wilbur won't push because somehow this kid knows who he is.
I just love this!
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ashowstoppingstarkid · 3 hours ago
tom teaches becky how to make things out of wood and stuff and she learns pretty quickly and she's very good at being ✨crafty✨
- So he carves this little statuette of her for Christmas
- He's not usually much of an artist with his woodworking
- But for Becky he will do anything.
- She absolutely loves it
- So she asks him if he can teach her.
- And like, he doesn't want to teach her the big woodworking stufff at first.
- Because he doesn't want her getting hurt
- So this kind of thing is perfect.
- She picks up whittling really, really quickly.
- She actually get better than him at it.
- It isn't until he's building a new desk for Tim that she asks if maybe she can help
- And he starts getting into teaching her the stuff he used to teach at high school
- Becky is an excellent student
- She learns really quickly
- And soon, she's doing an equal share of the work building the desk
- But more importantly... Tom finds the teaching really therapeutic
- He'd forgotten how therapeutic it was.
- It actually inspires him to reapply for his job at the school
- Which he gets.
- And he goes back to teaching full time
- And Tim is happy because not only did his dad make him some cool new furniture, but... Tom's happiet than he's been in a really long time.
- And that's what's more important to Tim.
I love the Houstons... not Jane though, Becky. Sorry not sorry Jane stans
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isaacsnfld · 3 hours ago
okay but every time i listen to “what if tomorrow comes” from starkid’s black friday, i get chills like no jokes, i’ve seen the musical twice and listened to the full soundtrack once and oh my god, goosebumps!!! 
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The Reclaimed Individuality
Tumblr media
A/N: Ahh, this is a serving of another character study, featuring Grace Choi. Slightly sad that we didn’t get more clues about who she was before BL started. Never read the comics, however, I have a little info about it. Really sad of a lot of things about this show. Not that I’m gonna start being salty, lmaooo. Anyway, just me exploring Grace’s story because she’s an amazing character who deserved more screen time.
Word Count: 577
TW: Reference to canon past non-c0n, nothing too graphic though
Throughout in the dark of the woods, a leopard dashed towards the grove of towering trees. She leaped over the obstacle on her path, maintaining the rate of her speed as she run far away as she could without stopping.
Adrenaline burned through her with her chest tightening at the terror reigning over her.
Upon stopping on her tracks, her fur shed off to give way for human flesh. She pressed a hand over her chest, taking a deep breath. She stayed hidden beneath an oak tree with the leaves and the smell of copper wafting around.
The fact that she still got from the sight of her captors could surprise her. She had been meaning to escape from them and had finally been able to do so. If she hadn't shifted like she had, who knew what could have happened to her?
When her shifting got out of control, the men often beat the hell out of her. They had believed they might be able to make her human again and force her to do their bidding. Their cruel hands and their scathing words left a bruise on her body, heart, and soul. She was good for selling her body to other men, who had used her like a docile rag doll.
After her adoptive parents passed away, she had been kidnapped by foul men. They had used her body as a means to earn income, often making her comply by force and leaving her with no choice. They stole a part of her childhood and she couldn't get it back.
While she found a way to out, it didn't mean she had found freedom.
She wasn't getting hunted nor assaulted. She might not know where she was but it was better than remaining trapped with them.
Anything better than the beatings she got from her captors or insults would be good right now. It would do her some good, actually.
With her clothes in tatters, she found an empty spot to sit down. She wiped the bruises on her arms, the blood on her chest. She flexed her fingers as her muscles quivered.
What did she even do to deserve this shit to happen to her? Just because she managed to survive a horrific ordeal, it didn't mean that it had to happen to her. Sure, she might sound spoiled but it didn't make any of those feelings go away in an instant.
Anger boiled down to a misery and she lowered her head, closing her eyes. Tears slipped down her cheeks and she didn't protest. She needed to let it all out.
Maybe when she learned to gain control of her abilities, she wouldn't have to run away. For once, she could have somewhere to stay and not worry about the shadows of her past catching up to her. Just this once, maybe she wouldn't worry about getting hunted down by some organization who could experiment on her. People like her would never be accepted.
She might be lost now but she could find a way to change it up.
So, she would start anew here in Freeland. With a new name, a new identity and everything to conceal the truth of her past. So, Grace decided to scare the other men off and rushed to the direction of a new chance for a different life.
She could have anything better than this. But she couldn't and wouldn't even know how to accept it.
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Black-Friday: Schlange vor Tesla-Ladestation
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ashowstoppingstarkid · 8 hours ago
Headcanon: Paul has the WEIRDEST music taste ever (bc he didnt want to listen anything that resembled a musical/j)
Oh yeah
- Paul's music taste is all over the place
- And that definitely reflects in his playlist
- Never pass the aux to Paul
- Because he will put his playlist on shuffle
- And it does not make sense
- I still firmly believe he had a punk music phase
- Which included classic rock
- And that phase in music never ended
- It's nostalgic for him, and he loves it
- But like when the Overture to Marriage of Figaro is the next song to play
- He gets weird looks
- He's really into intrumental classical music
- And gospel choir music.
- And for some inexplicable reason, EDM
- And classic jazz.
- He may not like musicals, but he does like a wide variety of other music
- It kinda concerns Emma
- Because what the actual fuck???
- His taste in music literally makes zero sense
- But she loves it
- Because he may be a bit of a weirdo, but he's *her* weirdo.
Anyways this is canon now.
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art-b-y-eden · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I'm in a collab on instagram again! This time we're drawing ourself as employees at Watcher World, an amusement park that's all about Blinky. Who may or may not be a bit more than a simple mascot. (like an eldritch god for example.) My job would be selling ice cream creepily C:
✨follow me on instagram✨
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maxer-blaster · 10 hours ago
Looking for some starkid blogs to follow.
Especially those that really like the Hatchetfield series.
Please interact to lmk to check out your blog.
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stormcloudsandshadows · 17 hours ago
So, uh… who would… be interested in some. Starkid angst? Because I got me some Wilbur Cross angst, on my ao3?
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atty-goldstein · 17 hours ago
MIAH: I’m an aggressive top. I have never once been submissive. One of the few things I can boast about. I have never even been submissive to a traffic signal.
Gary: You really should.
MIAH: Never.
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