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#short quotes
soft-writings · a day ago
And there are days when the air smells like rain and the skies seem to be filled of love, and the clouds look so fluffy that they would just squish should you attempt to touch them that, and it just overwhelms you in a harmonious way, and you feel complete yet just want to hug that one person and feel their warmth in a environment that is too pleasantly cold and there's this light breeze that reminds you the world is a good place to be, and you finally feel happy and contented being who you are
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hardikablogg · 3 days ago
Remember when you felt like laying down for a li'l bit yes.!! You dint know what to say whom to say and how to say. You dint knew the need to say it. Cause no one knows you better than you do. You knew there was something to be said to a person in a certain way but you chose not to. And that's because sometimes its better this way. So you just laid down in silence. 🤍🤍🤍
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soft-writings · 4 days ago
He looked up to the sky, his face a typical expression when you are about to say something important
"do you know the only detestable fact about music?'' he breathed
She shrugged, in a childlike way
He smiled, a crescent one, like the moon dangling from the sky that night from an invisible strand led down farther above
"it makes you think. It brings out the parts of you, you wouldn't hand over to people, because you despise yourself for them, a lot maybe, and you fear people would leave you for them. It makes you feel incomplete, in more than one way possible. It calls out to your deepest insecurities, like the way most people say your name. It resonates with the darkest corners of your soul, and yet, it doesn't harm you. Maybe that is exactly why people love music so much, it doesn't leave their side even when its seen them at their worst"
"is that exactly why you call me 'your favourite melody'?" She spoke in a low voice, smiling genuinely through her eyes
he smiled, knowing no limits, like a full moon, bright and beautiful, kissed her forehead, leaving his moist imprint "exactly"
And that's their love, like a soft melody, echoing through the hearts of thousands of people, yearning to be loved
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loveless-poetry · 5 days ago
I wish I could but, rest is death to me and I have yet to truly live.
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hardikablogg · 6 days ago
What is it like being open to someone
Do you regret it ever ? A li'l bit?
Did the thought ever struck you in the most insignificant hour of the day that what was the need to let your heart out. Aren't you capable of handling things and sticking up with yourself?!. You don't always need people. You just sometimes wish you had someone.
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starikey · 6 days ago
I have absolutely no doubt when I am in doubt...
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