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saaayaazal · an hour ago
I let go like the ashes falling of a broken cigarette ; an unavoidable devasting disaster that set forth a wildfire in my hopeless heart aided with the breeze of goodbye.
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saaayaazal · an hour ago
I let go like the ashes falling of a broken cigarette ; an unavoidable devasting disaster that set forth a wildfire in my hopeless heart aided with the breeze of goodbye.
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poetrythreesixfive · 4 days ago
I want to go feral.
shed these rags of cotton and synthetic fibers,
metal and plastic, brick and glass, strip
down to skin, hair and sweat,
tooth and claw.
I want to go fallow.
Run through woodlands and stomp through bogs,
over hillside and fen, clover in my toes,
let my hair grow long, pores
open and breathing.
I want to go faceless.
Let a beard claim my face, and whatever is left,
mud it over, smear identity from my skin,
be no one, nothing, just whatever
the absolute moment
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samriddhihii · 2 hours ago
True love or just a toy? //
He sure does love you
But not the way he should
You're like a childhood toy
And he loves like a child would
We see it lying around in a store
And think about it for hours
We would cry and beg and everything
Until we finally make it ours
We treat it like our diamond
Tuck it into our bed each night
If someone dares to take it
We hold on to it so tight
It got torn, it's now broken
But it still has a magical glow
After all we did love it
How could we let it go?
Until one of those days
We find something new to play
We throw our old toy somewhere
After all it can't leave, it'll stay
We only get reminded of its existence
When we see it lying around someday
We hold it close again for some time
Then we decide to give it away
We give it because we grew up
It's someone else's turn to have fun
We don't feel very bad because
Out of all our toys this was just one
So right now he loves you?
One day he'll put you behind some closed door
Soon enough he'll give you up
He would tell you and himself, " they love you more".
~ Samriddhi Baral
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moonlitmirror · 3 hours ago
It’s quite nice to spend a while dancing through time
suspended in its ticking hours and days 
forever a breath away from endless moments
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I’m way too good
At waisting time.
I’m way too fine
With all my comfort zones.
I’m the best
At faking smiles.
-Raine Volcan
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xstarlightxdreamsx · 13 hours ago
all i remember
i remember everything.
every hurtful word
every bruise
every tear i shed at night.
i remember screaming at you to let me go when i couldn't take it anymore.
i remember my soul feeling like it was breaking in half when you wouldn't listen to me.
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peace-and-plants · 16 hours ago
‘As I get in the shower
I think about how they say
It’s a sin what you’re doing
Choosing to be gay
And before the thought of washing away
Every sin committed in my time or day
Even has the chance to cross my mind
That girl that has my heart in a bind
Wraps herself around me and suddenly I’m blind...
Blind to the sins, the disgusted glares
Blind to the side eyed looks and the perverted stares
Deaf to the homophobic abuse that can weigh a ton
Deaf to the chants from a book I don’t swear upon
I got in the shower with the fears of being a sinner, little did I know I’d end up sinning in there with her.’
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michaelperseus · 17 hours ago
Where do you hide your wings?
You, a temple; a sanctified edifice of sunkissed skin and void black eyes testifying to the last worship of a dying star.
Does your bare back bear their outline ?
Gold lined and demanding,
Reminding the men gazing to be wary of the divinity that lies dormant in your bones,
Or are there scars that marr the chocolate river of smooth skin
Do you tremble when he touches you there?
Did you give up heaven to be human?
// Michael Perseus
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blaqvana · 17 hours ago
unrequited love
i did it anyway
i loved you anyway
i took the risk, and fell away
i was happy that i took the risk
even if i fade away
i cried
but i really did try
i tried not to cry
but why
i still care
i still love you
and that’s ok this time
it’s ok this time
ima be ok every time
love is a risk
and i’ll risk it all again
because i am made up of love
love that won’t ever fade
love that will always stay.
— dzy
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