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#dead poets society
mortuus-poet · 7 seconds ago
Stephan meeks headcanons! Because I am absolutely whipped for this boy!
Asexual, I will die on this hill.
Like Todd, he loves birds and everything about them
He collects every feather he finds outside, cleans it and puts it in a notebook
He also does research to find out what bird the feather belonged to and writes the birds species along with the date he found it under him
He is surprisingly chaotic, he’s right up there with Charlie and Neil honestly
He’s just smart about what chaos he partakes in
He is a cat person 100000%
He blushes and gets embarrassed so easily and all of the other poets bully him for it (lovingly, of course)
He has had/currently does have a pet rat (look me in the eyes and tell me I’m wrong, you can’t)
Loves slasher films, especially the classics
He has a tik Tok account where he just posts random shit and his thoughts and has a million followers on it
His favorite candy is peanut M&M’s
He’s lactose intolerant but drinks/eats dairy 24/7
The only person who still calls Charlie Nuwanda even after he dropped the name
He calls all of the poets silly nicknames that he makes up, and they change frequently
He has his favorite nicknames he calls them though
He likes Dr.Pepper and will literally fight someone if they tell him it’s bad
Die hard John mulaney fan
Watches bobs burgers and once again will fight someone if they say it’s bad
Second to Charlie, he stays in contact with Mr. Keating the most, they meet up for tea/coffee and catch up once every few weeks
I feel like he’s an atheist or at least agnostic honestly
Doesn’t label himself as bi, gay, pan, straight, any of that. The only label he uses is that he is asexual
Likes men and women though, just hates labels (mood)
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mentalthisone · 3 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Pls send me this! I want to interact more with you guys! It can be about hp, dps, umbrella academy, friends, little women, cmbyn, Julie and the phantoms,...
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coolpittsie · 7 minutes ago
The Dead Poets as John Mulaney Quotes 1:
Neil Perry:
Tumblr media
Todd Anderson:
Tumblr media
Charlie “Nuwanda” Dalton:
Tumblr media
Knox Overstreet:
Tumblr media
Stephen Meeks:
Tumblr media
Gerard Pitts:
Tumblr media
Richard Cameron:
Tumblr media
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thedeadpoetsarentdead · 15 minutes ago
You're laughing. Charlie Dalton is being jailed for sexy crimes and you're laughing.
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thepoet-ry · 56 minutes ago
Sometimes you need to go away
from your roommate in the living room
where you both watch TV together
and lay by yourself in your bed,
listening to music on your headphones
curled up like you were in the womb
maybe holding the stone the person you loved
gave to you, holding it up to the light,
letting it shimmer in the dim glow of your bedside lamp
sometimes you have to cry while holding the rock
because this was always its intention,
it holding you when you thought you held it
sometimes you have to write letters to her like journal entries
because sending them through text
would seem a bit obsessive
so many letters like unsent, unsealed ships in a bottle,
unsending out an s.o.s. because only you can save
you, it’s only right you would receive the letters
sent from you to you with no need of a carrier
besides the pen. and your heart.
Sometimes you need to go away
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heademptyjustthoughts · an hour ago
I've been dreaming. My sense of time and sentience has dissipated to nothing but sheer existence. I need to wake up, I've been asleep for too long.
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gossamermisery · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tried using oil pastels so here’s that one pic of rsl in that one interview ahaaa
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denimxflame · an hour ago
You said that you would never hurt me, but you did. Is it true that promises are made to be broken? If that's true then am I a promise? Because people come and go, leaving me in pieces. The butterflies choked to death. They drowned in my tears and my heartache. I think I'm dying too. Maybe I'm already dead.
- I'm dying and you're not here to save me.
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depresseddeadpoet · an hour ago
Due to the fact that I can’t have a Charlie Dalton in my life I became a Charlie Dalton
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thecharliedalton · an hour ago
Oh, to be Neil Perry. That’s it. That’s the post. 
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depresseddeadpoet · an hour ago
After they graduate all the Poets move in together and get themselves a cat and a dog.
They would name the cat William Shakespurr and the dog Walt Wuffman.
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depresseddeadpoet · 2 hours ago
I wonder if Charlie still went by Nuwanda after Neil's death or not.
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thecharliedalton · 2 hours ago
Oh, to be Charlie Dalton, impulsive anarchist with a heart of gold.  
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madam-orpheus · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
i will never get tired of saying this: ACAB
in case ur not convinced, Charlie Dalton said so
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ohnoiamback · 2 hours ago
look i’m not saying i wanna start a cult with my friends in the woods all i’m saying is making a dps discord server is looking really good rn
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