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#poems on love
poetrybysumedh · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
i am very raw, just like an unripen mango, when it comes to writing poetry. i am like a half-grown tree that takes refuge in the shadows of tall great trees like robert frost, john keats, emily dickinson, sylvia plath, byron, shakespear, whitman, rilke, bukowski and many more. i am growing slowly and steadily in their companionship. but not to forget, i have to find my own voice while reading them. most of the time when i read keats and i rhyme like him, i read shakespear and in my poetry you replace with thee, i read byron and i stuff mythology in my poetry, i read bukowski and my poems stink of stubbornness and boldness. and that is why i keep telling people who tell me that i write good poetry that it's not my own voice. i am yet to find it.
nowadays, i came to a realisation that i am writing rarely and whatever that I am writing, I am writing less poetry and more ramblings. ramblings that i want to let out just because i think people will like them not because I want to write them. at times I don't even feel like i am writing poetry but still i keep adding these pieces into a stock of meaninglessness. poetry loses its meaning and value when it is written for others and not for the self. even after knowing this i let these ramblings out to clear the space, hoping that more beautiful poems will occupy that space, poems which will be more meaningful to me rather than others.
i am not the kind of a poet who is obsessed with poetry. no, i won't lie that I can't live without poetry. i am selfish bastard who turn to poetry and who likes to feed on poetry only when i am in a dire need of it. be it writing poetry or reading poetry, i do it when i feel like doing it. often, i get this feeling that i am betraying the art but i don't really care. when i force myself into writing, i create more ramblings and less poetry. i detest the poetry that i write for the sake of writing but when i write for myself, a heavenly feeling of satisfaction takes place in my heart which help me go through a few weeks without writing anything. and that's why i jumped on a conclusion that has been written by a great poet like robert frost years ago. that 'to be poet is a condition, not a profession".
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still-untitled · 3 days ago
The anaesthetic was starting to wear off and I could feel my jaw throbbing. I looked in the mirror - from the place where my tooth was this morning a yawning hole was now staring at me as it was filling with blood. I was numb at first but now the pain was starting to creep in. Empty - that's how I felt. A part of me was missing, I wasn't the same person anymore. I had let go of something and I would never get it back. I could have kept it but I knew it served me no purpose, it would have never grown fully and was spoiling my smile. 
The doctor said it would take a few days for the wound to heal but it was important to take care of it meanwhile. So for the next few days, I’d get up and rinse my teeth religiously. Then I would put on my favourite record and have a little dance party. The first few days were tough - there was stinging and pain. The dance party would end up in tears. But I knew from when I was a child - when the healing begins, that’s when the wound starts to hurt and itch the most, so I kept going.
Until one day, when I woke up, walked to the bathroom and looked in the mirror - mouth wide open - the wound had closed up. You could tell there once was a tooth but there was no blood, no throbbing pain anymore. I rinsed again, just to be sure. Then I went to put on the same record I’d been listening to for days and as I danced, I started laughing - out loud, because I realised I didn’t miss you anymore. The wound you left me with had closed up. The anaesthetic had worn off, the suffering had passed and although I was left with the memory of you, my day would no longer revolve around missing you and all the things I had to do to let the wound heal and make the pain go away.
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loveless-wounds · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
imagine my surprise when you walked into my life // jay brooks
dedicated to the one who has my heart
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whatalesaid · 7 days ago
Si no me hubiera ido.
Si no me hubiera ido, jamás habría mejorado tanto dibujando.
Si no me hubiera ido, no habría conocido tantas cafeterías.
Si no me hubiera ido, no habría disfrutado tantas risas con amigos. Si no me hubiera ido, no habría aprendido a tomar vino. Si no me hubiera ido, jamás me habría amado tanto a mi misma.
Si no me hubiera ido, no habría sentido la libertad de verdad...
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jellogram · 8 days ago
Hotels in Arizona (i)
When love feels far away and foreign
I think of the night in Arizona.
When I couldn't believe the door was locked,
No matter how many times I checked it.
You had to check it yourself and tell me
Because I believed you more than my own eyes.
Only then did I sleep.
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thescribbledwritings · 10 days ago
The Magnetic Soul
Do you feel someone so magnetic with their presence?
Chirpy soul,Fearless and bold, Your hair was a messy blue,But your smile took away the Monday blues, (more…)
Tumblr media
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jellogram · 11 days ago
I want to love you on a hot desert night.
Rustle of sheets like a dry breeze through Joshua trees,
moonlit rocks still sun-damp and warm.
Listen and hear the heavy quiet that breaks only for two things:
the wind and our whispers.
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apokolips96 · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Hope there are Witcher fans out there. Wrote a poem on it and if you like it share it to all the Witcher fans out there! Here it is:
 In a world covered in darkness and smeared in blood,
Along comes a man carrying silver and gold,
Grey haired and cat eyes say the folks,
He hunts down monsters as he searches for his own,
Fated to meet a woman, dark haired and bold,
Chanting magic and spewing spells upon this world,
They fall in love but couldn't stay close,
It's a curse that binds their prophecy nothing more!
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badbookthief · 13 days ago
Words - Micropoetry
Words – Micropoetry
these words they could teach us to make love or start wars never known a magic so potent * * * * * #badbookthiefpoetry Find a whole bunch of my pieces on Instagram. Just visit the link below. ~~~~~ Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest
Tumblr media
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gaylerant · 15 days ago
I've done enough picking petals off flowers to know if you love me or not. If you loved me, you'd make sure I wouldn't have to question my worth.
excerpt from my book I’ll never write
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poetrybysumedh · 18 days ago
to sun
o eye of the heaven, you shine
every day in the abode of sky
with all your vigour and strength
but wouldn't that sunshine be futile
if there wouldn't have been earth,
and all the earthlings dwelling upon it?
wouldn't you be just a burning ball
if there wouldn't have been me
and my brethren
who would have bowed before you then
and who would have thanked you
for your existence?
now that you know that your existence
depends upon me just like
my existence depends upon thee
let me tell you that the burning love
beneath my ribs is just like you;
futile if not for the existence of my beloved.
Sumedh Wavhal
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apokolips96 · 20 days ago
Another poem by me. I call this one: #Ocean's beauty.
Tumblr media
The sun sets down as I walk across the shore all alone,
Like a mermaid out of the blue I set my eyes on you,
I see a paradise so green in those eyes of you,
Makes me wonder as I walk towards you,
Though I am no Knight nor a Prince,
But I am just a man who feels for you!
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poetrybysumedh · 21 days ago
I am nothing special; of this I am sure. I am a common man with common thoughts, and I’ve led a common life. There are no monuments dedicated to me and my name will soon be forgotten, but I’ve loved another with all my heart and soul, and to me, this has always been enough.
Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook
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loveless-wounds · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
crazy in love from kissing the divine // jay brooks
written for anon to their beloved.
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apokolips96 · 22 days ago
Another poem by me.
Tumblr media
I see those colors in your art make thunder,
Those blue eyes have a taste in art no wonder,
Just like life in deep blue sea,
Your eyes give life to those paintings no wonder!
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