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#writing inspiration
casualwriter · 3 hours ago
Dialogue Prompts: “Look what I found...”
1. “Guess what I found!”
“A better sense of fashion?”
“Okay, now is not the time to attack my choice of hats.”
2. “Aha! Look at this!”
“You found it? So the maps were right! It is here!”
“Well, no... but you have to admit this is a pretty cool rock.”
3. “What’d you find?”
“The greatest discovery in the world.”
“Sorry, but you found me awhile ago. Nothing can top that.”
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shaheen191 · 5 hours ago
I cannot write flowing poetry
about the color of his eyes.
I cannot form haikus
about the curve of his lip.
I cannot mold verse after verse
about his skin,
or his hands,
or his words—
for the fact of the matter
he is not poetry.
and maybe that’s okay.
maybe this time,
I can fall for a person
instead of a human-shaped stanza.
-caroline kaufman
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poppy-carlisle-writer · 6 hours ago
There is a heavy silence around you. The ground beneath your feet thrums to a beat you don't understand. Forest to the left, dark, moon lit fields to the right, and you stand in between - facing the mouth of giant burrow.
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pjg2950 · 6 hours ago
The River of Eyes
It appears calm, placid
flowing past on its way to an ocean 
you will never see.
They gaze up, 
Hazel, green, blue
lids heavy with the morning foam.
Judging us as they float along the way,
No mouths, only the eyes.
Staring, up into my eyes.
Narrowing their discontent
with my life.
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pjg2950 · 6 hours ago
The Arrival
In long narrow cartons, they arrive.
Hiding within the  cardboard box lying outside my door.
Inside, the plants.
I’m anxious to rush the season,
 to gently take them out of their tubes.
My hands  are anxious to feel the warm soil again,
Plunge the roots  into  the tub of water.
My friends say no, too cold, too cold.
No, is 84 today I retort as I bend down on knees that 
will not let me get back up as easily as I once did.
Yes, but is not time yet they whisper 
as they sip bitter wine.
I laugh, it echo’s of the sound of a shredded bush attempting to be right this one time.
But still, to hold them hostage within this barren house.
They need to be out!  We need to be out.
I risk the impatient of the season.
The news today, 
The weather report,
it calls for snow.
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satisfactoryanswer123 · 6 hours ago
I wanted to share an artist I listen to a lot for focusing on homework, reading, or sleeping or writing. She makes ambience/soundscapes, but the sounds are very high quality and the videos are always unique, with lots of little sounds and changes. It’s not like you’re regular “10 hours of rain and fireplace “ ambience
Tumblr media
Here are some of my favorites - I highly recommend if you’re like me and music with lyrics is too distracting, but regular chill music or sounds can be too boring or make you sleepy
“Magical Forest”
“Astronomers Room”
“City of Fish”
“Chocolate Shop”
“Mysterious Subway”
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pjg2950 · 6 hours ago
It  begins with words
all do all wars.
The worst is one of the heart.
She, the mother, mind drifting back to simpler times.
Forgets, accuses
You can do no right.
If trying to help, you make her look bad.
If not fast enough, well, you just don’t care.
Today, we sit at the peace table.
Enjoying dinner, 
trying to discuss the day 
even if she can not truly hear you.
Today, we made progress.
No accusing or muttering.
A quiet meal over the peace table.
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acosmis-t · 7 hours ago
rare word prompts
send any of these and i'll write a drabble/blurb/imagine based off of it <3
i. adomania
ii. kairosclerosis
iii. eunoia
iv. meraki
v. scintilla
vi. saudade
vii. wanderlust
viii. ephemeral
ix. orphic
x. elysian
xi. vellichor
xii. anecdoche
xiii. zoetic
xiv. heliophilia
xv. aubade
xvi. apricity
xvii. alexithymia
xviii. oenomel
xix. dwale
xx. sabaism
xxi. lachesism
xxii. serendipity
xxiii. erlebnisse
xxiv. hiraeth
xxv. retrouvailles
xxvi. mizpah
xxvii. petrichor
xxviii. inure
xxix. opia
xxx. trouvaille
xxxi. woolgathering
xxxii. brontide
xxxiii. sonder
xxxiv. nepenthe
xxxv. aesthete
xxxvi. appetency
xxxvii. kairos
xxxviii. lassitude
xxxix. panacea
xl. demure
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ank-writes · 7 hours ago
"The concept of love does not just disappear. You might have to dig your knife into their skins and rip them open to make them feel again, but you can always make them remember.” 
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inspiring-prompts · 7 hours ago
Earth is stuck in a time loop. Every hundred thousand years or so, life evolves, progresses, lays waste to earth, and departs into space for brighter horizons... only to travel through a wormhole and end up right back in prehistoric times. A type 4 Kardashev alien watches the humans go through this again and again and again, before finally deciding to take matters to their own hands.
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writing-ideas-inc · 7 hours ago
Dialogue Prompt
"You lied."
"Uh yeah."
"I can't believe you lied!"
"I can't believe you're still surprised about that."
-Mod Vienna @see-through-stars
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writing-ideas-inc · 7 hours ago
A can call upon an ancient power, that allows them to transform into a more powerful version of themselves, with magic and wisdom to match.
They use this power to defeat their enemies, however, as they use this form more and more, A begins to act more withdrawn and look more tired. And when they transform, they are ruthless, detached, and emotionless, almost otherworldly in a way that leaves them unable to recognize even their closest friends.
Turns out that this ancient power is a powerful being who has been slowly possessing A, using them as a vessel into this world. Their goal? Making the entire world kneel before them.
(Or, something super evil).
-Mod Vienna @see-through-stars
Note: Sort of like a She-Ra situation, but if what happened in "The Sword: Part 2" happened every time.
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writing-ideas-inc · 7 hours ago
"Hey," A said as the blades of the swords brushed against each other. "That was a good move!"
B blushed, stepping back to avoid A's parry. "Oh, thanks! I've been practicing it a lot."
"I know that we're supposed to be enemies or something-"
"We're literally trying to stab each other."
"I know, how about I buy you a drink and you show me that move when this is over?"
"Yeah sure, just don't die."
-Mod Vienna @see-through-stars
Note: did anyone say love at first s(word f)ight?
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pettyprompts · 9 hours ago
“Crazy weather we’re having, right?”
“That’s not weather, that’s doomsday.”
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sleepyprompts · 10 hours ago
Title Prompt #1
Peach and the Perfect Yesterday
Clementine and the Clarity Rift
Lemon and the Larger Infinite
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WHY is the trope "genius in their mid 30s to early 40s who solves crimes" so common when much funnier alternations of it exist, of whom some of them are:
local genius, who solves crimes, is 80 years old. bonus points if it's a group of local genius grandparents that all come with typical old people behaviours.
local genius whom it only takes a look to read you just memorised astrological birthcharts and can vaguely guess someone's birthday. they don't know shit about "reading someone" based on anything else than birthcharts.
local genius wants to solve crime, but gets their application rejected then joines a group of other geniuses that just fuck around and solve crime. bonus points if they even have a better quota in solved cases than the police.
local genius wants to solve crime, gets rejected and instead uses their genius to hinder everyone from their work. they are bored and they are going to make it everyone's problem.
local genius uses the duck test ("If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.") as their only evaluation for literally everything. they work as a lawyer, they never judged a person falsely.
local genius has a really uncommon and niche topic, such as for example knitting, in which they're good at. they get consulted to a crime scene. apparently no one understands that this is not their level of expertise. bonus points if all their knowledge of knitting can be applied to crimes.
local genius does not want to solve crime and they must have told that the poor guys that get sent to their door at least every second day a hundert times already.
local person is not a genius but for a reason they cannot explain everyone thinks they are. by sheer luck they manoeuvre the challenges their wellmeaning but pestering neighbours/friends/collegues present them.
not very funny but i think it would be quite cool: local genius is the most mentally and physically healthy person among their friends and family. everyone wants to know their secret, but all there is to is it that they just run into the woods for two hours every day where they scream really loudly and muse.
local genius swears up and down that loud heavy metal music is helping their bloodflow thus helping them think. local genius in this case has to think really intensely at night.
local genius and love interest™ fall in love over their shared ramblings. they listen to each others niche topic rants for hours without end, because they know how it is on both ends.
add on the things you'd like to see in the "local genius" trope
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pisceswriterofwords · 14 hours ago
Dialogue Prompt-No. 7
“She was built to be a weapon, don’t forget that.”
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