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#enemies to lovers
borahaebich · 16 minutes ago
Summary - In which bratty jungkook makes fun of your sex playlist infront of all your friends and when you confront him he proposes an interesting idea.College AU! Content warning - smut, language, sub jungkook.
Pairing - brat|jock Jungkook × reader
Previous chapter -
Note - song references are italicized
Chapter 5
Wrong - Zayn ft. Kehlani
The song faded out as you observed the site in front of you,Jungkook was mesmerised. His mouth slightly agape as he breathed heavily, his shirt clinging on to his sculpted body for dear life.
She likes when I'm messy and I like when she's undressing
You were already on the third song and couldn't afford to take things slow, so you picked up the pace. His jeans were unbuttoned by you in seconds and his briefs shimmied down to reveal what had been agonizing him for a while now.
Jungkook's dazed state finally ended when his member sprung up. He was already shocked at how committed you were to this dumb experiment and he had no clue how much farther you intended to go with him. Proving you wrong wasn't even a priority anymore,he couldn't care less about winning.
All he wanted was for you to get him off; If only he knew what you had in store for him.
Seeing him go weak in his knees reminded you of how different he was to the cocky brat you were used to hanging out with now. Your competitiveness went out the window only for your ego to kick in.You decided then and there -
You were going to make Jungkook beg for you.
This ain't a fair fight
His gaze now fixed on you; you slowly slid two fingers down your underwear to reveal the wetness that had pooled down there. Slightly rising from the carpeted floor, you put one hand under his chin and your other to his lips and commanded,
Jungkook obediently obliged, sucking your two fingers off clean.
You praised him in return,
"Good boy"
Those two words were enough to make his cock twitch
You kept your eyes on him as you came face to face with his hard member,
"What do you want me to do to you kookie?"
His brain could no longer process your words but he knew that all he needed was your mouth gagging on his dick.
You spit in your palm and then applied pressure to the tip of his cock,
"Now don't make me repeat myself"
Jungkook wanted to scream at this point
With a shaky voice he blurted out,
"Whatever you want"
I see through your demeanour
"Is that right?"
You grinned at him, one hand slowly moving up and down his shaft. All that left his mouth was a whimper. Wasting no more time you put your tongue on his shaft and slowly licked until you reached the tip.
You were going to torment this brat tonight.
His impatience and irritation became apparent as he fell back on his mattress with a thud, curses and soft moans escaping his lips. You picked up the pace a little, pumping faster and faster and soon enough, he felt he was going to cum and finally put an end to this excruciating experiment.
To his surprise, you stopped. He rose up again; wrists still tied and saw your arrogant smirk. Now that he was looking at you, you decided to go all out.
Putting your mouth over the head of his cock you took more and more of him in. Seeing you give him sloppy and probably the best head of his life, his moans became louder,needier and uncontrollable. You took him in completely, gagging on his length.
Seeing him like this, completely fucked out of his mind,you almost forgot what you had planned.
Thankfully, his moans brought you back to reality and sensing his erratic breathing to be indicative of his release, you pulled back, again.
Jungkook always thought he was pretty smart, all of his grades sure seemed to point in that direction. Which is why when it took so long for him to realise your evil plan, he cursed at himself. How could he not notice you had completely abandoned your initial objective and now simply wanted to make him suffer by edging him. He was lowkey impressed by you transforming him into a sub and then you pulled this little number.
Your existence had become a never ending surprise for him.
Panting heavily now, Jungkook looked at you, ready to voice his annoyance. Although unfortunately, words escaped him. You shot him the most innocent of looks and asked,
"Cat got your tongue?"
Don't stop what you're doing 'cause I like that too
(Finale coming tomorrow eeek)
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curiousitychild · an hour ago
i need a book where the hero and the villain and desperately and hopelessly in love
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just-slowly-drifting · 2 hours ago
Eclipsed (Jungkook FF) - Ch.2
Tumblr media
Discovering the kings biggest secret leads you into understanding the way he is, and how perhaps you have been just a bit too prejudice. After all, who are you to judge anyone.
pairing: Demon King Jungkook x Reader
genre: fantasy, fluff, inspired by the anime Inuyasha, slight e2l, then f2l, and some angst cuz why not, future smut, oh and a hint of gore.
warnings: mentions / descriptions of blood loss, insinuates d34th of character
word count: 1432
parts: <prev 2 / next>?
a/n: so this ones a little shorter and it’s not edited (nothing ever is). But i have written and re-written this chapter SO many times that this is the first time I’ve actually felt content with it. So... yeah
Without further notice, hope you enjoy this.
Tumblr media
Feather light touches skimming across your face sent a shudder through you. The cooling breeze carrying the scent of morning dew, leaving a calming sensation as you inhaled and exhaled. You laid there in the soft, overgrown field of grass, not a single worry clouding your mind. It’s been so long since peace has been in your reach, this being perhaps the longest you’ve felt it. Desperate to stay in this… this realm.
Not having to worry about the usual troubles that occur in you day to day life. The usual weight in your chest – lifted. Never have you felt so light before. Reality doesn’t exist here, there are no mistakes, no judgments, no fears, no responsibilities, no doubts, no regrets!
Here, in this realm, you are whoever you choose to be. Wander however far or close you choose to go, and not have to answer to anyone but yourself. This realm, in this realm, you can be an ordinary woman, or the free wind. In this realm, you can just be.
“___,” it’s so soft, just as the breeze carrying it’s sound to you.
You open your eyes and are greeted with shades of purple transitioning into hues of coral, orange, and light blues. As the breeze continues its dance with the grass, you hear it again. Ever so soft and soothing in the wind.
“My darling ___.” The weight is settled back down. Feeling heavier than when it was lifted.
Sitting up, you turn your body around in the direction of her voice. Her image clearer than when you last saw her. “Mama…”
She smiled and yet; even in this realm it was sad. “You have to wake up now darling.”
“What?” No! not again. You disagreed, frantically shaking your head.
“Wakeup ___.” She reached her hand out towards you, but it was quickly fading away.
“N-no, please don’t. Please, stay here!” You pleaded, but you knew that it would do no good. Anytime you did, it always turned out the same.
“Forgive me ___,” and when you blinked, there she stood again. Drenched in her own blood, barely able to stand, and wheezing with every step she took. The final blow being that she continued to smile, even as her tears flowed down her face, the light in her eyes slowly dying out.
“I’m sorry ___,… I’m so sorry…” She collapsed to the ground, her blood having caused a puddle at her feet splashed, droplets landing on your face. You ran towards her in a frenzy.
‘This can’t be happening, not again, no! Please, not again!’ But when you reached to where she had fallen, her body wasn’t there. Any sign that she was even there in the first place – gone.
‘Wake up ___.’ What?
You twirled around to try and find her, but there was no one there. Even still, the voice continued, echoing through the open and empty space.
‘Wake up ___’
‘wake up… wake up… wake up… wakeupwakeupwakeupwakeupwakeup’
You jumped awake, skin slick with sweat that your clothes and hair cling to you, chest heaving as you tried to calm yourself. Your arm throbbing in pain again from the sudden jump. Looking around, you realize that it was another bad dream.
‘Another nightmare mixed with reality.’ You huff out a scoff and shake your head at it all. “Suppose I can’t escape it even in my sleep.”
There was another bang and only when you calmed down enough, did you realize that it was coming from the front door.
Pinching the bridge of your nose, you grimaced at the thought. ‘Don’t tell me that he’s here already.’
The banging suddenly stopped, and you dared hope. ‘Maybe he le-‘
“I know you’re in there and awake ___, I can hear your heart beating, open up!” Wretched demon!
Laying back down for a second and closing your eyes, you took a deep breath before releasing an internal groan. Now that you were awake, the pain in your arm was amplified. Images from last night flash through your mind. The horror it was to stitch up the wound on your own nearly knocked you out. With a pitiful sigh, you made to throw your robe on with care to not further injure your arm.
The knocking continued and seemed to only become more and more obnoxious. ‘He waited who knows how long till I woke up, he can wait a few more seconds.’ Grumbling to yourself as you reached the door and opening it just a crack.
Greeting you was the sight of a very flustered and aggravated advisor. His eyes a luminescent ruby and pupils’ slant like a feline, sent daggers at you so sharp – that you’d be chopped into fine pieces. Oh yes, he very much was glaring at you with a scowl etched onto him. You’ve grown accustomed to it. The look of disdain whenever he came over to your humble home.
You assumed he had enough of you as he barged into your home as soon as the door opened. ‘You could at least let me invite you in first! No, just barge in and make yourself comfortable you bast-‘
“You reek of blood.” You can hear the disgust in his voice. Pausing by the door you let your shoulders drop. Quietly closing the door and locking it. ‘Of course, no wonder he was banging on the door incessantly. He must’ve caught the scent of it as soon as he crossed the river.’
As you made your way over to the stove to prepare tea for your interrogation, he turns to your nightstand and begins to rummage through it. You rolled your eyes and returned your gaze to the kettle, too tired to stop him.
‘First, he nearly knocks my door down, then he says I reek, now he goes through my stuff like he knows me. The audacity of these demons!’ Thank goodness he wasn’t one of the demons that could read minds – he’d never let you live all the stuff you’ve said down.
“Found it.” His footsteps laid heavy on the old wooden floors, creaking with each step he took, until he was a few feet away from you. Refusing to look at him, you kept your gaze on the steam that pushed its way through the kettle. The whistling being the only thing that was keeping the room from silence.
“___, let me see it, please.” He did not command you, but he was not asking you either. Grabbing the kettle, you made to the table by the window, setting everything down and gently removing your robe. Leaving you in a loose buttoned sleeved shirt, one of the sleeves having been torn off.
He’s subtly sniffs the air and tries to pinpoint what else besides your blood it is he’s smelling. Once he figures it out, his eyes harden and flash a bright pink before quickly returning to their usual ruby hue. “…You’ll have to come to the place.” Your eyes widen, head snapping towards him as he puts everything back and reaches for your cloak. Head shaking vigorously, you beg him, “Please, no. Yoongi, I know that I’ve made a few mistakes, but I swear that I have it under control now, I swear!” Even you know how pathetic and desperate you sound.
Standing hastily, you winced at the pain, “Yoongi, I just need a li- “you jumped back as he abruptly turned towards you, face set in a slight snarl, light jagged markings appearing underneath his eyes. Stunned, you slowly stepped back and gave him space to calm down.
The snarl dropped immediately, markings fading away completely. He sighed, closing his eyes and bringing a hand up to rub his eyes. “Your flesh is being eaten away by the poison, which I can now see you haven’t even figured that out yet.” Poison?
He looks at you, waiting for something. Your face must have given away to your confusion as all he can do is shake his head in disbelief. “Didn’t you find it unusual that after you purified the wound it continued to seep miasma.”
You felt your stomach drop, skin going cold. You didn’t smell any miasma whatsoever. In fact, all you felt was pain but thought it was normal from the wound being too big. Now that Yoongi mentioned it, the wound should have healed properly overnight…
The situation only seemed to get worse each second.
“Besides, you would have had to be at the palace anyways.” The way his eyes held nothing but dread, made you even more sick.
“The king has ordered council.” And your heart stopped.
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zelzenik · 2 hours ago
Ah! I'm happy that you ship Helnik now! It is very similar to Zutara in certain ways. Do you think you would be able to make a playlist for Helnik, the same way you have one for Zutara? Are you planning on making Helnik content in the future? I hope you're doing well! <333
hi anon!! >:))) gosh yeah! i'm so happy that i ship helnik now too! nina and matthias are such a wonderful ship, and i love them with every fiber of my being.
after receiving this ask last night, i did make a playlist for helnik! there are a few (not many) repeats from my zutara playlist (enemies to lovers vibe, am i right?), but it's a playlist full of songs that i've been listening to while working on helnik fic (along with a few other songs that my helnik mutuals on twt shared with me)
i'll likely be adding more songs in the future, and i tried to make sure that each song flowed from one to the other easily (vibe-wise and genre-wise)
and yes!! i plan on writing helnik (and maybe kanej) fic! it's been a lot of fun to get into a new fandom and work with new characters and consume new content.
thank you for this ask anon kjfhgkjhdfg </3 i hope u like the playlist!!
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prophecyofthemist · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Here is an aesthetic of my lovely Hunter from my current fantasy novel that’s in the works! Also thought I’d add a lil scene for you to enjoy below!
"Don't do that, don't shut me out Draven please—"
Bryndle reached for his arm, stopping him from leaving their hidden dwelling amongst the ever seeing trees.
He made the mistake of turning around to see her face, her eyes, the depths of them were hurting and the pain there—it matched his own.
"Don't leave me," fell from Bryndle's lips like a plea.
Draven felt his heart give at the trimmer in her voice. He shuttered a breath, dropping his forehead to hers. His fingers covering her own where they still gripped his forearm.
Draven didn't say anything. He just stood there, allowing himself this fleeting moment with her. He wouldn't give her the words she wanted to hear, Draven couldn't offer that.
But he could offer this.
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commianist · 3 hours ago
so my america otps are Ameliet, Ameripan, and Romerica right? well,,,, none of those are the ships i read the most fics for,,, that’d be Rusame..
I HAVE A CRIPPLING, UNHEALTHY, MIND-NUMBING ADDICTION TO ENEMIES TO LOVERS OKAY. like, i believe lithuania, romano and japan are the best for him but..i don’t know man i can’t help it. maybe it’s because of the lack of fics i actually like with those ships..idk. (not any hate to those who’s otp is rusame btw, i don’t tolerate ship bashing.)
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shima-draws · 3 hours ago
I have literally never talked to anyone else who knew of Anastasia before!! Thank you Shima it's one of my favorite movies 🥺🥺
OF COURSE OMG!! I think it’s just one of those more obscure films because even tho it has a very Disney feel to it it’s actually a 20th Century Fox film?? So it never really went down in history as a “classic” animated film even tho it’s so much better compared to a lot of the older Disney films out there;; And it’s weird because a lot of people have heard Once Upon A December but don’t realize it’s actually from Anastasia--
ANYWAY glad to hear it! Anastasia has a special place in my heart and I love all the music so much <3
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owpeanuts · 4 hours ago
Sneak Peek of the surprise surprise 👀
“I thought that we were following a master plan of yours” you comment with a mock tone and see Zemo warping the bridge of his nose and tilting his head, “Which technically include that you have to also plan a second step”
“I am sorry to inform you that I don’t have one, though” your face close in a grumpy expression, your eyes narrowing at him like you are about to jump at him and kill him, “What? Are you more worried about the Dark Avengers finding and killing us or with your friends that you know that can figure it out something until we get to them?”
“You know my answer” you stare at him, turning just a little of your chin in his direction.
“If may I say, it’s a stupid one” you shove his shoulder and he groans with your punch, Zemo doesn’t seem angry. Actually, you see him grinning with the same irony drawing his lips.
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Finally getting a little bit of one on one with Reader and Levi, suspicions growing in every direction. 
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kwannon · 6 hours ago
Silk and Black Cat would seriously be the hottest couple to come from the Spider side of the Marvel verse.
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eijiroukiriot · 6 hours ago
hi! i was about to send in mina/camie for the ship thing bc they‘re the rarest ship i‘ve got (and if you‘d like i‘d still love to hear your thoughts on them), but then the Crack hit me. i beg of you, please share your thoughts on bkg/fujimi
1) okay genuinely i got SO excited when i saw minacamie bc i think they are so cute!! they give off such, like, hot girl couple, sorority girls in love, that pic of the girl doing the other girl’s makeup. yeah. i really clearly remember that this oneshot was the first time i ever considered it and i was immediately like oh! oh that could be really really cute
2) i. genuinely forgot who fujimi was and thought you meant fuyumi but after looking it up wow you are very right that IS crackship. in case anyone else needs a reminder it’s this guy from the ova
Tumblr media
whose whole thing is that he’s like the other school’s bkg. and you did say you thought of this as a joke so i could just pass this off with a yeah i can’t see it but you know? i feel like i see in media (idk about real life) a lot of couples where the rest of the characters just have to accept like “they’re competitive and in each other’s faces but that’s just them and they’re happy with it, so we should be happy for them i guess”. which i would say applies here but i think unless we were really stretching it they didn’t feel like just two competitive friends at all. they really did seem to despite each other
send me a ship for my brutally honest opinion!
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sohascrustyart · 6 hours ago
“Woahhh- this is such a big place! Is it an Airbnb? How much is your rent? So cool!” Beamed hero.
“Wha-? This is a prison cellar, Jesus Christ, I don’t even want to know the kind of place you live in ...” Villian sighed.
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queenlilith43 · 6 hours ago
Enemies-to-lovers is the superior trope, I will die on this hill.
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gild-and-fire · 6 hours ago
understanding what in your real life causes you to be drawn to certain tropes and otp dynamics is not fun. just makes you feel justified in your obsession lmao
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lokiedokiee-fanfic · 6 hours ago
Caught (Loki x reader)(pt.23)
Prompt from Madie_Laufeyson: While y/n and Loki are sharing the room maybe one of them has like an intense nightmare or something and they talk about and can relate to each other and stuff, and it’s like a major bonding moment for them.
A/N: hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates, my uni work is ramping up and i've got so much to do ahhh. here's a new chapter, i hope you enjoy<3 (also please keep sending prompts! i'm sorry if i don't get round to replying to all of them but i love reading them all!)
Word count: 1.5k
Dinner is awful.
You spend the whole time either trying not to listen to Amber almost obscenely openly flirting with Loki or worrying about the fact that you have to share a room with him tonight. Would it have been better or worse if he’d decided to share with Amber?
Worse. Definitely worse.
You eat quickly and finish before Loki and Amber. Not wanting to have to sit and wait for them to finish (Amber’s barely touched her food, she’s so busy talking) you stand up and announce that you’re going to turn in early.
They barely acknowledge you as you leave.
You’re halfway across the lobby when you hear quick footsteps behind you, and then someone calls your name.
“Agent Y/L/N!”
You turn to see Maya, one of the recruits who you’d suggested to Polly, hurrying towards you.
“Hey.” you greet her with a smile.
“Hi. I just wanted to say… about earlier-” she trails off and looks at you as though waiting for you to interrupt her.
“What about earlier?” you ask, faking a confused look. You have a feeling you know what she’s about to say.
“Thank you for letting me get one over on you, but… I don’t need special treatment. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful-”
This time you do interrupt her.
“I didn’t give you special treatment.” you tell her firmly.
“Come on, I’m nowhere near as good as Henry and Ffion. They couldn’t take you down.” Maya scoffs.
“Maybe you need to have a bit more faith in yourself. You’ve got real potential.” you tell her. She looks pleased at that, even if she tries to hide it.
“I’ll see you tomorrow.” you smile, and she nods and turns back to the dining room.
When you get up to your room you stand and look at the bed for a few moments before getting into your pyjamas. Loki can take the sofa; if he’d wanted the bed he should have been quicker to get to the room, you think to yourself.
You settle into bed and grab the book you’d brought with you to read, trying to get lost in it, but it’s difficult. After about half an hour you hear Amber’s laugh (a sound you’ve very quickly grown to despise) nearing your door, and drop the book on to your bedside table, switching the light off swiftly.
Pretending to sleep will be easier than the predictably awkward small talk that will ensue otherwise. You lie down quietly, close your eyes and concentrate on making your breaths deep and even.
Amber and Loki talk outside her door for five minutes (you can’t quite make out what they’re saying, which is probably for the best), before her door opens and closes. Seconds later the door to your room does the same.
Loki stands still for just long enough for you to start feeling uncomfortable. What’s he doing?
“Do you really think you can trick me into thinking you’re asleep?”
You’re facing away from him, so you allow yourself to smile.
“Maybe I just don’t wanna talk to you.” you counter, your voice muffled by the duvet.
“Why ever not?” he asks, moving across the room. You hear him kick his shoes off and undo his jacket.
“’M tired.” you mumble, fighting to keep your heartrate under control as you listen to the sounds of him undressing. Why could Fury have not just remembered to book an extra room?
“Right. And you’re taking the bed are you?”
“I was here first.”
“That’s me.”
He’s silent as he finishes doing whatever it is he’s doing (you fight the urge to look), and then the sofa creaks as he lies back on it. Silence for three seconds, and then…
“This is the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever had the displeasure of reclining on.”
“Oh, I’m so sorry Your Majesty.” you say sarcastically, propping yourself up on one elbow to grab a pillow and throw it at him. You get a glimpse of skin as you toss the pillow in his direction; his chest and half an arm propped behind his head, illuminated by the dull light coming through the window.
You lie back down again quickly.
“Thanks a lot.” Loki replies, equally as sarcastically.
The silence after that is long enough that you actually start to drift off. You hadn’t been lying when you’d said that you were tired.
“Goodnight.” Loki says suddenly.
“Night.” you mumble, already half asleep.
You dream about them. Of course you do.
Jasmine Jones. Rachel Lloyd. Mark Cox. Robbie Marshall. The ones you hadn’t been able to save.
You dream about the roar in your ears as the building had started to collapse. The sounds of their desperate shouts in your earpiece as they’d tried to find each other and get out before it was too late.
The silence when they didn’t.
You dream about sprinting flat out back into the collapsing building. You dream about the burning, screaming pain in your muscles as you’d tried to use your powers to hold up the debris which crashed around your head as you cried out for Jas and Rachel.
You dream about being pulled from the building by strangers. Being held back as you tried to get back into the wreckage and find your friends. Watching as they pulled Jas out from the rubble…
You sit bolt upright, gasping for air, clutching at the duvet. Tears are running down your face; your chest feels tight, too tight…
“Y/N, Y/N-”
Loki has you by the shoulders. You grab his arm instinctively, you need to hold on to something.
“Breathe. Just breathe.”
You’re shaking; you can feel Loki’s eyes on you.
You close your eyes, embarrassment already setting in. Why did it have to be tonight? You try to take deep breaths with your eyes shut, but then you see Jas again. Your eyes fly open and loud sob escapes you; you instantly press a hand to your mouth.
“It’s okay.” Loki tells you quietly.
You look up and realise that you’re still clutching his arm. You let go of him quickly. He shifts away from you slightly.
“Sorry. Fuck, sorry.” you say, your voice constricted as you wipe the tears from your face hastily. This is the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened. Ever.
“Don’t be sorry. Nightmares are… they’re not fun.” Loki tells you, looking at his hands.
“… you have them too?” you ask, your voice shaking. You clasp your hands together in an attempt to get them to stop trembling. Loki nods.
“Sometimes. Usually when I’m sleeping deeply, which isn’t often anymore.”
He’s trying to take your mind off of it. He knows exactly what to do. You’re so grateful for him in this moment.
“Why not?” you ask, drawing your knees to your chest.
“l only sleep deeply when I’ve overexerted myself, physically or magically.” he tells you.
“And you haven’t had cause to use magic.” you say.
“Correct.” he replies. You deem it safe to close your eyes again and rest your forehead against your knees.
“Are you okay?” Loki asks you. He sounds truly worried about you; your heart does a small sort of bellyflop.
“Yeah. It was just…” you trail off.
“Do you want to talk about it?” Loki invites you.
“I- uh. It was just the same as usual.” you tell him in a sort of hoarse whisper.
“The undercover mission?”
You nod, looking up at him and then to the window, resting your chin on your knees.
“The base we were staying in was targeted by some other organisation, we still don’t know who. They messed with the foundations and planted a bomb. Four of my closest friends died in there. Jas… she was only five years older than me. I couldn’t save them. I barely saved myself after I tried to get to them.”
“I’m sorry.” Loki says, after a long pause.
“We’d been working it for so long, that case. Planning it for months. It was the organisation that gave me my powers, the one that my parents were part of. I engineered the whole thing, found out who they were and where they were hiding. There were innocent people in there, being tested on like I was. Kids, even younger than I was. We only managed to get three out before… well.” you tell him, unable to stop now you’d started.
There’s a long, long silence. Finally your heartbeat returns to normal.
“Sorry. I don’t know why I’m… I don’t really talk about it to anyone.” you say, suddenly embarrassed again.
“Stop apologising.” Loki says simply.
Tiredness takes you again quickly, but this time you’re less eager to succumb to it.
“I’ll…” Loki says after a few minutes, gesturing back towards the sofa and making to stand up.
“Stay.” you say. You’d been going to add, ‘if you want’, but something stops you. It had sounded more like a question anyway.
Loki looks back at you, opens his mouth, closes it again, and then slowly lies back on the left side of the bed. You do the same, getting under the duvet.
It doesn’t feel awkward. It feels right.
You fall back asleep easily with him lying next to you.
Please reblog if you enjoyed<33
Tag list: @theacadominique @frostedgiant @unearthlydreams @sherlockmarvelharrypotter @hhaydenn @curiousershipper
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whatrambles · 7 hours ago
Words On My Wrist
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female!Reader
Summary: In a world where soulmates have a word or a sentence written on their wrist, Bucky and the reader find themselves to be less than pleased when they make a life changing discovery.
Warnings: Cursing, insults, fluff, hedge mazes? Getting lost and kissing. If I missed anything, please let me know!
(A/N): This for @simsadventures 6K follower celebration! I have chosen the prompts Castle and "I would call you an imbecile but that'd be cruel as you wouldn't be able to spell it." the latter of which will be emboldened. Feedback is always appreciated. Happy reading ❤️
Divider by @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
"Out of my way Barnes." you scowled at the tall, cocky brunette blocking your path.
"What's the magic word?"
"Out of my way Barnes, please." grinding your teeth together, you stared down at the man.
Since the moment you met each other, the two of you have had a mutual dislike for the other. Why? You weren't sure. All you knew was that Bucky Barnes was the bane of your existence.
"Alright everyone! I have assigned pairs and I want you to go explore and see what you can learn." Miss Romanoff, your history professor announced.
You tuned out while she was listing off the pairs until you heard your name.
"Last but not least, (Y/N) and Bucky. Now off you go! Have fun!"
You have got to be shitting me. Of all the people in your class, you get stuck with your archnemesis.
"Well Lady Stick-up-her-ass, you ready to go?" sarcasm dripped from your partner's voice as he approached you. "To fit with the theme." he elaborated upon seeing your confusion. "We are in a castle after all."
"Let's go then Lord Pain-in-my-ass." you huffed as you entered the historical castle. "And for your information, I do not have a stick up my ass, you just haven't seen my fun side yet."
Bucky rolled his eyes and jogged to catch up with you.
There was a surprisingly comfortable silence between the pair of you as you wandered the castle grounds together. You even shared jokes at one point and went half an hour without a petty argument or a verbal jab. That was until you reached the hedge maze...
"We're lost." stated Bucky in annoyance.
"And who's fault was that?"
"What?! No! You were the one leading us! You said you knew what you were doing!"
"I never said I knew what I was doing!"
Bucky walked over to a nearby bench and took a seat. You followed suit.
"I would call you an imbecile but that'd be cruel as you wouldn't be able to spell it." You rest your head on one of his broad shoulders and let yourself take a breather.
Moving his arm, Bucky wrapped it around you and brought you closer to him.
"If you were to call me an imbecile, you wouldn't be entirely wrong." the brunette chuckled.
As your brain registered the words, you sat bolt up right in shock. Looking towards Bucky, it seemed that he had come to the same realisation.
Slowly with trembling hands, you lifted your sleeve to reveal the words on your wrist. Printed there in a neat black script was the sentence, "If you were to call me an imbecile, you wouldn't be entirely wrong."
Mirroring your actions, Bucky rolled up his sleeve as well. "I would call you an imbecile but that'd be cruel as you wouldn't be able to spell it."
Bucky Barnes was your soulmate. Bucky Barnes was your soulmate! You were in shock. How was this possible? The man that you had loathed for three years was your other half? You knew that soulmates didn't always say their sentences on their first meeting, but three years into the interactions? Apparently this was possible because your soulmate was sitting right next to you.
"Soulmate." Bucky whispered, still slightly jarred from the revelation.
Not able to form words, you nodded.
Staring into each others eyes, you both slowly leant forwards until your lips skimmed his.
Hesitantly, you locked lips. The first of many. It felt right. It felt as if they were made for each other.
Mixed emotions filled you and Bucky. Lots would need to be sorted out, you had spent three years fighting and it wasn't going to evaporate in a second. This wasn't a fanfic on AO3. But you knew one thing. Everything was going to work out, everything was going to be as the universe intended.
That was, if you ever got out of the hedge maze...
Tumblr media
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mgopalace · 8 hours ago
The Sceptre and the Isle- S.R (pt 2)
Tumblr media
Tags n warnings// Odysseus! Steve Rogers x fem!reader. Angst, fluff, smut in this chapter minors DNI , love triangle, sexism, mentions of war & death & blood, lovers to enemies to lovers I suppose
Summary// the aftermath of Steve’s (the king) return sets in in more than one way. You deal with the impacts of his arrival emotionally and struggle with what it means for your position in posterity to the throne.
Bleeding hearts and betrayal; Aphrodite’s been busy. There should be a self-help book for women whose husbands have walked through Hades’ house and came out clean on the other side.
After it transpired last night that yes your husband is in fact alive things became... hectic. Wanda and Natasha were quick to clear the party out and to their guest rooms, for which you were grateful because what the fuck just happened?
Now, early sunlight dappling the dimples of your bare shoulders, you lie next to a still sleeping Steve. The scent of lavender hangs in the air, breeze blows gently through the open windows. It’s serene, the morning atmosphere. And against all odds so are you. Cheek carved craters in your pillow from how your head’s turned to watch him. His arm is hooked under your midriff, warm skin against skin; his fingertips pressed lightly lazily over the curve of your side. Your own fingertips graze over his shoulder, arm draped over his chest as it rises and falls. Remaining guests from last nights festivities whom you can only assume scattered at dawn- disbanding at the first scent of scandal as is the nature of any aristocrat- and the expected absence of any palace staff who (like you) had received the shock of the dead appearing alive and well before them, meant that for the first time in many mornings you could actually hear the birds sing outside.
“Mornin’, my darlin.”
His voice is like gravel, throat tossing stones in his sleep. Blue eyes blinking across at yours, warm and soft and sore from picturing you all that time he was away. Steve places his palm to the back of the hand that you’ve curled over his shoulder, fingers fitting perfectly between your own: lock ‘n key. The way he’s smiling at you right now makes you wonder if the stars are shining in your eyes. He snakes his arm from under you, brushes your hair behind your ear. You smile right back.
Turning over onto your back, Steve leans over you to touch his lips to yours. Sunlight bathes your fingers as you brush the tips over his shoulder blades, pulling him closer to you. Settling on one forearm, he holds your face with his free hand and swipes his tongue between your lips. Soft linen sheets under you shift as you wrap your legs around his waist and he moves his hand to brush your night gown up your body.
Light feather kisses along your jawline and down your neck where he buries his face to take in your scent for a moment. His fingers follow the curves of your silhouette stopping to wrap around your thigh. Salt air settles on the mosaic tile; Steve settles between your legs. He circles his thumb over your clit, pressure pulsing harder in your body when he nips and sucks at your neck. Sharp and shallow breaths.
A soft moan escapes your lips: a symphony Steve thinks Apollo couldn’t hope to rival. Its just enough to break whatever control he’s holding onto and he pulls his fingers from you to grip onto your hip, steadying himself against you as he pushes himself in. Hips slotted together like the bricks in the tower of Babylon, the blonde rocks his body against yours still sucking on your neck. He moves with the waves; you sing like the birds.
Sweat glistens on your forehead, dew on morning grass, as you bury your face in the crook of Steve’s neck afterwards. Catching your breath together, yours and his slow in sync. He whispers that he loves you into your hair before you get up and ready for the day.
Transitioning from tracking tax inflation to planting petunias is like salt to spring water. You fight the resentment of having to fall into line behind your beloved, who seems to have assumed his former position with little thought to the upkeep of it you’ve assumed while he was away.
“Perhaps you’d like a hand, your majesty?”
Thor Odinson: Crete royalty, your neighbour to the west and (up until late) competitor of your hand. The recent departure of his wife made him a favourable suitor with Ithaca’s palace council.
“Your highness, I thought you took your leave this morning?”
“Ah no. My ships captain has been taken ill and so my departure will unfortunately be delayed. I hope my presence won’t impart too much on your family. Here-“ he shifts to your side to helps you manoeuvre a gardening fork between a couple of peonies. His tall and broad figure casts a shadow over the flower bed that shrouds your own. “Does your palace not have servants to perform these menial tasks on your behalf?”
“We do but I much prefer to do this myself, you see. I find it calms me.”
Your reply seems to satisfy him as he hums lowly. When you step back and look up to meet his face, you’re closer to him than you thought.
“That’s an admirable quality, my lady.” Thor smiles at you. His eyes twinkle in the daylight like the andromeda constellation; you don’t know if you should smile back or run the other way. Natasha makes that choice for you when she calls you into the palace halls, your presence requested by the council. Petunias rippling against the breeze, he watches you leave.
“I’m afraid it is more complicated than that, your majesty. Your prolonged absence has left us wading in uncharted waters. Your lack of a son meant the Queen herself had to assume a position of royal absoluteness... and I suppose that a lot more of your constituents approved of her reign than we initially anticipated.” Coulson delivers the message with conviction, however his assured disposition is betrayed by how his hands rub together, anticipating a volatile reaction.
Steve seems as perplexed as you. “And what exactly does that mean, Senator?”
The council exchanges apprehensive glances. They seem to pass the responsibility of replying from one to the other like hot coal. Fury is first to speak, ever the horse that takes himself to the water, decides himself to drink.
“Despite what we have gained in terms of population, our losses still remain innumerable. And while the Isle is nothing if not blessed to receive back our true king, it is an undeniable fact that public opinion majorly sides with our Queen remaining primary ruler of the citadel.”
In all the great orchestral pieces, theres always a few seconds of quiet before the melody drops. So when the room erupts into chaos, obnoxious voices reverberating from the stone arches like notes being passed in class, you’re thankful for the moment of silence that preceded it.
“He is the king, Hill. To deny him the throne is treason!”
“And what kind of a message does it send to our enemies to have a woman leading our people and her husband on the sidelines?!”
“Nevertheless, we can’t ignore the facts: the people’s loyalties lie with her majesty!”
“Even you have to admit it, May: the Queens situation was never supposed to be permanent.”
In light of your lover’s return, your dynasty has crumbled to the ground in a heap of rock and ash, ornaments of your success once brandished in gold and silver now melted to metallic syrup. And in the wake of the rubble, cast in marble that death itself could not crack, Steve Rogers stands his ground.
There’s a saying passed around in Ithaca. One that came from an old philosopher, Hesiod.
It will not always be summer; gather the harvest while you can.
You think this wisdom applies to your predicament. Only, you can’t quite figure if the summer is the memory of your short lived reign or Steve. Steve with golden hair falling away from a sun kissed face; the freckles in his smile and all the spring seasons you’ve shared. A soul with whom your life starts and your autonomy ends. A man who has taken your love as willingly as he has taken your freedom. Someone whose very presence here and now marks the end of your acknowledgment as anything but a trophy wife.
Where’s Hera to bless the home and hearth when you need her?
I’m gna introduce Bucky and Sam real soon guysss <3
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queenrose730 · 8 hours ago
Untitled Bucky fic in-progress
I’ll follow you wherever.
Now that meant sitting on the back of run down bug, uncomfortably close to the man you had been trying to track for two years.
You knew Steve would call you the moment you saw the new that the UN was bombed and the Winter Solider was suspect number one. It honestly had taken longer than you thought for that call to come in. You already had a bag packed and were pacing by the phone.
“Yn I need your help.” Steve already sounded exhausted.
“Sure as shit do Steve. What the hell is going on? Why all the sudden is the Soldier bombing the UN?”
“Bucky did not bomb the UN.” He emphasized Bucky hard. You knew he hate when you called him that.
“Fine.” You huffed. “If it wasn’t Barnes then who was it?”
“I’m not sure yet. Just get to Germany.”
“On my way. Don’t do anything to stupid or reckless until I get there.”
“Wouldn’t dream of it sweetheart. That’s your job.” He hung up and set coordinates to your phone.
 “Can you move your seat up? “
“No. “
“Ah so he does speak!” Barnes hadn’t said anything to you since you showed up in the warehouse in the same bug you were now stuffed into. Sam let out a chuckle at your comment but Barnes just kept his eye focused on Steve and Sharon.
Their conversation was ending when you saw them kiss.
“When the hell did that happen Sam?” You slapped him across the shoulder. “And why didn’t you tell me!”
“Damn girl.” He was rubbing the front of his shoulder where you hit him. “As far as I know that’s the first time.” Steve was walking back the car and placed his and Sam’s gear in the trunk.
“I got to make one more call before we leave.” He said dipping down to get in the car.
“So what was that all about Steve?” You couldn’t hide the teasing grin on your face.
“Yn.” He warned. You through your hands up in defense
“Alright alright. “
Steve drove to an empty warehouse not far from the airport.
“We will set up here for the night.” All the men got out of the car and busied themselves with setting up a makeshift table and some sleeping areas.
“I’ll go scrounge up some food for us. I’m sure y’all are hungry.” You picked up a baseball cap that was laying in the trunk. Putting it on then pulling your hood up.
“Is that a good idea?”
“Nobody knows I’m even here Steve. As far as their concerned I’m still in Poland. So no eyes are looking for me. I can’t have you two, at least, running on empty.” You pointed between Sam and Steve. “And I guess you too Barnes.”
“Yn, just don’t – “
“Do anything stupid or reckless.” You cut him off. “Yea yea. I know.” You dipped out of the building before anyone could protest further. gently check that you gun was secure under your coat before heading down the road.
All the boys were happy that you managed to bring back Chinese food. You were sure that they thought you would be just coming back with gas station garbage. Steve had gone over the plan with everyone before you found a quiet corner to sit and clean what weapons you had with you. He assured you that more were coming. You hadn’t expected to need this much fire power, two guns and a couple knives weren’t going to cut it against Tony or whatever or whoever was waiting in Siberia. You were also acutely aware that Barnes was staring at you.
“Can I help you with something sir stares a lot?” You didn’t look up from the gun.
“Umm n-no. Just watching you.” You sighed setting the gun down to meet his eyes.
“Obviously. But why? “
Barnes looked down at his hands then back to you.  
“You were the one tacking me down weren’t you? “
“I was. “
“Your good.” He gave you a quick smile.
“Clearly not good enough. Lost your trail in Poland and was stuck there for the last nine months.” He grimaced when you mentioned Poland. “Exactly my point. So where did you run off to? The most I figured you were still somewhere in Central Europe?  “
“Romania.” He had almost a proud smile on his face
“You sneaky fuck. Not many people can slip past me. Good job.” He dropped his head again.
“So why are you here? Why were you tracking me for Steve? “
“Because,” you started packing your weapons away. “I promised that dumb sack of muscle that I’d follow him no matter what.”  You adjusted you coat and got comfortable as you could against the wall. “So now here I am in some shit hole in Germany.” You shrugged and closed your eyes. “Now I’m going to try and get some rest.” You peaked at him with one eye. “You just keep on doing whatever that it.” You waved him off and tucked your arms around yourself.
Something bumped your foot. Before you could even think instincts took over. your right hand grabbed the gun at your side and pointed. Your eyes finally caught up only to see Sam with his hands up and a surprised look on his face.
“Told you to be careful waking her up.” Steve was laughing from somewhere behind Sam.
“Then why did you do it?” Sam’s eyes were still on the gun pointed at him. All Steve could do was laugh.
Your brain finally catches up and lowers the gun.
“Sorry Sam. I get a little jumpy on the job.” You reached your hand out to him so he could help you up.
“No shit.” As he pulled you to your feet, you holstered you gun. “We are getting ready to leave.”
“Right. I’m going to do a perimeter check before we go. No since in getting caught before we even start.” You grab the baseball hat you wore the night before and pulled your gun back from the holster.
“Yn….” You cut Steve off with your hand.
“Don’t start.” He went to say something back to you but you just glared at him. Daring him to test you. When he didn’t you walked to the door and placed your gun in the pocket of your coat with your hand still on it.
“You can’t be serious Steve.” Sam stepped forward. Steve didn’t move but you turned back to face Sam. Giving him the same look you just have Steve.
“Fine.” He huffed out raising his hands. You nodded your head to were Barnes was standing.
“Anything from the peanut gallery there Barnes? “
“No ma’am “
“Good.” You turn back to the door and left.
You were only gone fifteen minutes. You wanted to make a good perimeter and check the way to the interstate. Everything looked fine. Light traffic on the surface streets and the interstate was packed. A good and easy way to blend it.
“We should be good at least to the interstate.” You let the door shut behind you as you walk to the three men standing around the car.
“You walked all the way to the interstate?” Barnes seem surprised
“No dummy. Just far enough to get a look at traffic. It’s busy so we should be able to blend in with out issue.” You turned to Steve who nodded his head.
“Then let’s go.” Barnes was the first in the car. Sam shoved the seat back a little too hard and you heard Barnes mumble something under his breath. You paused for a moment, taking in a deep breath. There was no going back. Steve walked up behind you and placed a hand on the small of you back.
“Everything ok sweetheart?” You nodded and let out your breath.
“A lot of shit is going to change today Steve. “
“You can still leave yn.” You scoffed.
“And let you three have all the fun. I think not Rogers!” You patted the roof of the car and slid in next to Barnes.
The ride to the airport was quite. Everyone had their eyes trained on a different part of the road. The airport itself was busy. Cars and people just about everywhere. That’s what made the parking garage even more eerie. It was empty. Not a single car. Steve drove up a few levels before parking allowing everyone to get out and stretch.
“I’m going to do a per- “
“Yn. There is nobody here. We didn’t pass a single car.” Steve had his hand on your shoulder. He was relaxed somehow. So you mimicked his composer and leaned against the car. You tensed again when you heard a vehicle approaching. Pushing off from the car a reaching for your gun. But again Steve was calm.
“It’s irritating how relaxed you are right now.” You snarled at him. He just smiled and walked forward as the white van pulled into a spot a few down from where you were.
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miss-fangirl-writer · 9 hours ago
Writing Idea: Witch x Vampire as roommates
I was thinking of a story about a vampire and a witch being roommates. Any gender for them but in my head, it's cliche so an M/F couple but I guess it could also be interchangeable. It will probably be Ennemies to Lovers. I'm a sucker for these so yeah. The witch hates the vampire more than the vampire hates the witch because she might or might not have had an accident with a vampire in the past. They will fall in love obviously. The vampire first and he's gonna fall hard. I think they both might be bisexuals, maybe the vampire most. He had more time to experience. Speaking of the vampire, he will be clueless regarding any form of technology. It will be quite funny. he will look young but will act like an old person. The witch will finally help him with that because well everybody is connected nowadays. If he wants to flirt he will need technology. The vampire used to be problematic, he used to drink the blood of young girls well teenagers but now are completely repulsed by it. He understood that it was bad. He now drinks the blood of young women or young men depending on his mood and the people who approach him. And he used to kill too. In the story, he will at a certain point stop killing his victims and rather heal them and makes them forget (like in the vampire diaries) It will happen because he put in danger the Witch and he never wants that to happen again. Also, like in the myths the vampires need to be invited before coming in. He lives with the witch so he can go anywhere in the house except for the witch's room, she put protection against the vampires, well a spell. Also, vampires don't have any problems with the sun, they just prefer the night, it's easier to hunt. As for the witch, she has a secret. Does it involve the Devil? Maybe. I'm not sure, maybe it's too cliche. They will have friends. The vampire has mostly vampire friends but also other creatures, he's not very picky. The witch on the other hand is more of an introvert and doesn't have many friends. The vampire only knows 2 of her friends, 2 other witches. He thinks the witch has more friends but he never met them. He suspects that the Witch is keeping secrets but doesn't ask any questions, or maybe only in the beginning. For me, there will be an accident between the two of them. The vampire will bite the witch but not on his own, he will be controlled by someone (I don't know who yet) and the witch will automatically know that but they will be both scared. The witch will forgive the vampire tho but it will be hard for the vampire to forgive himself and after the accident, it will be hard for both of them to trust each other, well no, she will have trust issues with him and him with himself. Angst you know. And one day when they will be together, she will allow him to drink her blood and it would be a parallel you know. I don't know who the enemy is yet, maybe the humans, maybe an organization. I don't know. I don't have names for them for now ... A thing that I also don't know is how he was turned into a vampire, he won't want to talk about it tho. She will probably have a familiar, a cat or maybe a crow or even an owl, I still have to think about it. I think this is all I've got for now, it's not a lot and I know it's messy but it's been a while since I've been inspired so I think it's cool.
Anyway, enjoy!
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