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#historical au
mulderist · 4 hours ago
Wicked Game
Tumblr media
Previous chapter || Read on A03 || tagging @today-in-fic
Details were scattered but I remember Skinner ushered me away from the crime scene. I argued that it was my investigation, he said that there was nothing more I needed to do. I stumbled towards the elevator and saw Byers exit, holding his medical satchel. He placed a hand on my shoulder and I saw him mouth the words: you look terrible. The room felt like it was spinning in slow motion, like the sensation you get when you’re falling in a dream. Delirium had set in. Too bad my one vice was alcohol otherwise I’d swallow an upper to get myself back on course; my liver could hate me later. I rode the elevator down and managed to get out to the curb. I hailed a cab since I couldn’t remember if I drove myself. By the grace of God, and an honest cabbie, I made it home alive.
The sleeping pill did a mediocre job; I felt groggy and sore, hungover minus the whiskey. I rolled over and squinted at the alarm clock. About twelve hours had passed since I left two dead bodies in the precinct interrogation rooms. Afternoon sunlight radiated through my window and I knew I had to get the day started. I found a small bit of food in my pantry to calm my angry stomach and some water straight from the tap to rehydrate. My clothes should probably be tossed in the incinerator but then I would be down one dress shirt. I stripped and stepped into the shower, turning the water as hot as I could stand. It sputtered at first but soon rushed against my chest. I scrubbed my hair and switched to the soap, finally feeling clean for the first time in two days. A layer of grime swirled down the drain. I stood firmly under the spray and let it beat mercilessly against my upper back and shoulders. Hands braced the shower wall and my eyes closed heavy.
Scalding water and steam tried to purify me. I stayed under until the temperature cooled. A deep exhale and I cut the tap, hearing the ancient pipes shudder. I pushed the curtain aside and grabbed the towel from the hook, drying off then wrapping it tightly around my waist. I wiped away the thin layer of fog on the small medicine cabinet mirror above the sink. My reflection was certainly worse for wear. Bruises were now that off-shade of yellow and dark circles carved unappealing lines under my eyes. The shaving foam canister and my straight razor looked lonely on the shelf. I walked into the bedroom and pulled open the dresser drawer to retrieve a pair of boxer shorts and an undershirt. I tossed the towel onto the bed and as I dressed the phone rang from the bedside table.
“This is Mulder,” I answered, reaching for the discarded towel.
“It’s Frohike,” he cleared his throat, “I was trying to reach you earlier but there was no answer.”
“Sorry about that. These sleeping pills pack a wallop.” My voice sounded ragged, like I had swallowed gravel.
“Remind me to get the brand name,” Frohike said. I maneuvered the phone and dried my hair,
“I hope you’re calling with some good news.”
“Good is a relative term, my friend. Byers and Langley did a fine job on Mr. Lodi’s autopsy and came to the conclusion that cyanide was the poison of choice.”
“A cyanide capsule? He did himself in?”
“The poison was definitely ingested but not from a broken capsule, we didn’t find any residue. He might have had something to eat or drink that was laced with it.”
I thought for a moment.
“The water cup. There was an empty cup on the floor in the room when I walked in.”
“There’s those fine detective skills.” Frohike jabbed.
“Sharp as a tack. Although I sure as hell didn’t suspect a mole in the precinct.”
“An inside job. The plot thickens.” His intrigue was so palpable I could taste it through the phone.
“This all has to tie back to Spender somehow,” I began, “Someone higher up was steamed that we were getting too close to solving this case and took out our suspects. There are more pens in the inkwell than I thought.” I picked up the phone and walked to sit on the bed, “Could you find any prints?”
“The doorknob had a myriad including yours and Captain Skinner’s but nothing we could go on. And the only prints on the paper cup belonged to Lodi. Our culprit must have used gloves.”
“He most likely added the poison while at the water cooler. Essentially slipped him a killer mickey,” I sighed heavily, “Did you get to work on Theo?”
“Getting ready to sharpen my scalpel, though I’m sure to find much of the same as we did on contestant number one. When I’m done I’ll send him and Lodi over to Washington General.”
“Alright. I’ll finish up here then hit the precinct.” I hung up and left the phone on the bed then returned to the bathroom sink. My hand hit the faucet right as a sharp loud knock hit my front door. I certainly wasn’t expecting anyone. I really wanted to ignore it but they were persistent. Instinct told me to grab my Browning from the bedside table. I checked the safety and cautiously approached the rapping at my door. To my surprise there was a petite figure in a white uniform on the other side of the peephole. I flipped the lock but kept the chain intact.
“What are you doing here?” I asked through the crack in the door.
“Something happened,” Scully said tentatively and leaned closer, “May we talk inside?” I looked down the hall and closed the door to undo the chain then gently ushered her in. She brushed a lock of hair behind her ear and quickly looked away as I placed my weapon on a nearby table.
“Scully, what happened?” I questioned, trying to think of what possible reason she had to come to my apartment. It felt different seeing her in her nurse’s uniform and not being a patient. The standard crisp white dress with sharp collar, matching nylons, and patent shoes were a polar opposite to the flattering outfit the last time we met. I then felt her eyes search me and I straightened up.
“Mulder, would you mind getting dressed first?” she asked, folding her arms across her chest. I glanced down then nodded and went to the bedroom. Personally I never really bothered with modesty.
“You talk, I’ll listen,” I called as I found a pair of trousers. The sound of her heels soon echoed on the hardwood floor and she hovered near the doorway, careful but curious.
“A body came in last night that washed up near one of the marinas on the Washington Channel. The pathologist was short-handed and I was made conveniently available to assist on the autopsy.”
“Is that out of the ordinary?” I asked as I tucked in my shirt and zipped up.
“The body or the task I was given?” she playfully retorted.
I chuckled. This one is razor sharp.
“I only ask because I thought you worked in the emergency room.”
“My training is versatile,” she countered, inching a little more into my bedroom. “Sometimes I’m pulled in other directions if there’s a need. Also it’s a nice opportunity to learn.”
There was an underlying tone in her voice that she wanted to do more than her position allowed. I could picture her taking charge during the war; delegating to fellow nurses, keeping a cool head, spreading herself thin to help whenever and wherever she could. But fate can give with one hand and take with the other. After the men returned home, a lot of good women were forced out of those opportunities. My sister went through something similar after pulling swing shifts at a shipyard in Boston. So I suppose I’m a little biased.
“Anything strange about the stiff?” I asked, getting my train of thought back on the rails.
“From the license in his wallet we found he drove a cab. I’m surprised you didn’t get a call about it.”
“Honey, thanks to some Grade A sleeping pills I didn’t hear that phone ring until about an hour ago.”
Scully shook her head and continued,
“Well, this poor cabbie was stabbed repeatedly.”
“Could have been a robbery gone wrong,” I offered as I pulled on my socks and shoes, “Was there still cash in the wallet?” She considered the question.
“I can’t remember, I was taking notes on the condition of the body. There were about six deep stab wounds from a medium blade. Standard bloating and decomposition from blood loss and being in the water for a few hours. Certainly looked like a murder to me.”
“Do you mind if I shave?” I asked while pointing towards the bathroom. She raised an eyebrow at my strange interjection. Frankly I was trying to lighten the mood a little, keep her at ease while she recounted events.
“Go right ahead,” her head tilted slightly, “you certainly could use it.” Scully tacked that on as she coyly rubbed her upper arm.
I offered a smirk then turned on the faucet and lathered up. She was within eyeshot, watching and waiting to continue..
“Tell me what happened next.”
“The pathologist and I completed the autopsy and as I left the morgue I was confronted by someone. He asked my name but didn’t give me his. I waited for him to show me an ID or badge but he never did.”
Scully paused and I turned my head to see she had boldly entered the room and took a seat on my bed. I could tell from where I was standing her demeanor changed, her brow furrowed. My focus turned for a moment back to the mirror so as not to slice open my upper lip.
“Scully?” I prompted after a precision scrape.
“Yes...sorry. The man asked if I knew you.”
“What did you tell him?” I asked as I finished an area under my chin.
“I played dumb of course.”
“Smart girl.” I said to myself before splashing water on fresh skin.
“Apparently that was the wrong answer because he grabbed me by the arm and pushed me into the first open room.”
I stepped out of the bathroom, suddenly taking great interest in busting this assailant’s kneecaps when I found him.
“I was warned,” Scully continued, lacing her fingers together, “he said to stay away from you, Mulder. He said that if I was stupid enough to talk to you then he and his associates would come after me for what I know.”
“Describe him,” I said harshly as I moved closer, feeling the remaining drops of water prickle against my cheeks. She closed her eyes for a moment. Those baby blues blinked open and she stared through me, developing a picture of him on the wall.
“Fairly young, maybe late twenties. Brown hair I think...he was wearing a hat. Dark eyes, sharp nose, oddly perfect teeth. His smile was broad and gave the impression of being pleasant, though I could tell he was a sleaze.”
My hand went to the back of my neck to damper the bubbling rage. I couldn’t blow my stack yet. What the hell game is he playing? How much did he know? I ran my hand over my face, collecting moisture then drying my palm on my hip. I needed to get her somewhere safe until I got some more answers. Her gaze met mine and I touched her shoulder.
“Did you drive here or take a bus?”
“The bus. I came straight from the hospital, why?”
“I want to make sure you weren’t followed. We’re going to the precinct.”
“Mulder, no.”
“Scully, listen to me.” But she was already on her feet and heading out of the room.
“I don’t need protection.” She stiffened as I followed her.
“Then why did you come here? You could have easily flipped open a telephone book and given me a ring instead.”
“I was frightened,” her voice broke and she tried to hide it, “In a moment of fear you don’t make wholly rational decisions, but I knew I could trust you.
I stepped closer, moving through a cloud of uncertainty and tenderly cupped her cheek. Scully closed her eyes and softened against my touch. A pang of guilt resonated in my chest, her exhale hummed through closed lips.
“Let’s go.” I said softly.
She nodded and I collected my weapon, my grey fedora, and showed her out. Once in the hallway we walked towards the elevator.
“Here’s what’s going to happen,” I began before pressing the button, “You are going to take the stairs down and head out the back door, through the alley, and over to the next block. Then take a cab to the 3rd District precinct…”
“Look, I don’t care if they know where I live. I don’t want them to follow you home.”
Her lips parted as she tried to say something but I kept going,
“Once you arrive at the 3rd, ask for Melvin Frohike and wait with him until I get there. He might have his colleagues in the lab but don’t worry they’re harmless.”
“What are you going to do?” She asked with concern.
“I’m going down the elevator and straight out the front door, hoping to catch a glimpse of this guy.”
I felt her fingers brush against my hand. To my surprise she lifted her heels and quickly planted a soft kiss on my lips. I held the back of her head and returned the favor.
“Be careful,” she said as we separated.
“You too, angel.” I replied and adjusted my hat with a wink.
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therapardalis · 6 hours ago
Richelieu’s Sanctum, Paris, 1630s ...
Tumblr media
It was far. Too. Bloody. Early. And these chambers far too bloody cold for the borrowed finery in which she was dressed. The Cardinal’s servants came in each morning to raise the fire, but the meeting was far earlier than that and the night’s chill remained. None of which was any fault of the person who had just arrived, but that didn’t protect them from the grumble of her tone.
A Musketeer, most likely. Or some other poor soul with a sword roped into this dubious scheme, much as she had been. It was also apparently going to be just the one, and she wasn’t sure if she should greet that with doubt or disbelief. "My name is Therese Landsend.” Richelieu shot her a look and she sighed. “Currently under the guise of Alisanne Orleans.”
The Cardinal cleared his throat; “Alisanne Orleans is about to undertake a journey as part of our ... negotiations toward Spain. Unfortunately, there are elements who mean to prevent it. You two,” He nodded toward the pair of them, “are to travel as decoys. Simple enough?”
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gonnahypatia · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
AUpril Week 2: Historical AU
As a great man once said, it's Saturday somewhere, so let's get this weekend started with some well-deserved Yor in historical fashion!! Anyone who spent at least three minutes talking to me about SXF knows that I will talk about history at some point, especially clothing, because I am nerdy like that. So, I decided to give a try at Yor in different eras because she is a fashion queen no matter the decade ❤️
Which one did you like the best? 👀 👀 ~~
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imetyouonljpodcast · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Fic Trope Friday → Regency AU
It is a truth universally acknowledged that a fandom in possession of a single man must be in want of a Regency AU.
[IMAGE ID: A dark teal floral background with gold elegant corners and gold text. Cartoonish vector graphics of a Regency white woman with brown hair and a pale blue dress and a Regency white man with brown hair and a dark teal surcoat stand beside a white fireplace topped by a gold winged statue. /END ID.]
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scarlet-sky4 · 12 hours ago
My Lady [Baekhyun x Reader]
Tumblr media
Characters: Knight!Baekhyun and Noble!Reader
Genres: Romance, Fluff
AU: Historical
Word count: 3k
“Where did she run off to again?” Baekhyun grumbled as he marched through the tall grass of the forest. The summer sun beat down on him and his black hair stuck to his forehead. He already regretted not wearing lighter clothing, and so he did all he could to avoid the heat, seeking out the shade beneath the trees.
He rested one hand on the hilt of his sword that was attached to his belt and gazed around attentively. To anyone who might have spotted him, he would have looked exasperated, but he was already used to your antics and sometimes, they even amused him. You belonged to a wealthy family of nobles, and your safety was very important to your parents, so they had a knight assigned to protect you whenever you left the house. That knight was Baekhyun.
He was well aware of how important his job was, so after losing sight of you in the dense forest, he had panicked. Baekhyun kept a close eye on the vicinity as he continued to search for you. Somewhere behind him, he heard the whinny of your horses that you had tied to a tree. The faint songs of birds reached his ears, and their cheerful chirps would have made him smile had he not been so worried about you. He still hadn’t found you.
“Where are you, my lady?” he called into the woods. “Please answer me!”
Had something happened to you? He hadn’t paid attention for two minutes and then—
He paused upon spotting the top of your head behind a bush. You wore an elaborate violet hairpin with a flower on it; he would have recognized it anywhere. Letting out a sigh, he marched towards you, not caring to be silent. When you heard his loud footsteps on the grass, you turned around to shoot him a warning look.
“Shhh, not so loud!” you whispered and held your index finger to your lips.
Surprised, he slowed his steps and snuck closer to you, wondering what had caught your attention. He crouched down and followed your line of sight. Your excited gaze was fixed on a small rabbit that nibbled on a leaf. Its long ears were perked up as it glanced around, hopping back and forth to look for more food.
“It’s so cute!” you breathed, pressing your hand on your mouth to hold in a little squeal.
Baekhyun snorted, his attention focused on you rather than on the animal. He studied your smile, the rosy hue on your cheeks. You radiated happiness in such a way that he thought you were glowing. The corners of his lips curved up and his eyes twinkled. He loved to see you come out of your shell when you left your home and the snobbish nobles who resided there. You were like a different person when you were with him, and he cherished those moments the most.
You didn’t notice Baekhyun’s lingering gaze, too focused on the little rabbit. Leaning forward to get a better look at the brown furball, your sleeve got caught on a bush. The noise it caused spooked the rabbit. It shot away with astounding speed and vanished into the undergrowth of the forest. Sighing, you deflated and pouted.
“Aww, I wanted to watch it a bit longer,” you mumbled to yourself before you returned your attention to Baekhyun. He had been staring at you in a rather obvious manner—that you hadn’t noticed his burning gaze earlier was hard to believe, but now that your eyes had met, you became flustered.
“What are you looking at?” you asked.
“Someone pretty,” he replied, winking at you and causing your cheeks to heat up. “And someone who’s a troublemaker! I’ve been looking for you and I was worried something happened when I couldn’t find you.”
The concern swimming in his eyes had you swallow your retort—you realized that it had been stupid of you to run away without telling him. “I’m sorry, Baekhyun. I wanted to follow the rabbit, and you were still busy with the horses, so…” you explained sheepishly.
He shook his head, a sly grin breaking out on his lips when he got up. You took the hand he offered you and got up too, dusting off your long dress. It was violet just like your hairpin and its light fabric was perfect for hot summer days like this one. Holding Baekhyun’s hand, you walked back to your horses at the lake. Whenever he took your hand, you couldn’t help but get excited. The butterflies in your stomach made it more than obvious that you had a very strong crush on the knight. You loved being with him and you loved your outings in the afternoons.
With him, you felt free; liberated from your duties and the overbearing nobles that lived in the capital. When your parents had told you that they would hire a knight to guarantee your safety, you had at first been appalled at the idea of being followed around constantly. However, Baekhyun’s company had turned out to be a welcome change and you had quickly warmed up to each other.
He was the son of a duke and he had chosen to become a knight when he had turned eighteen since he was a skilled fencer. The latter you had seen with your own eyes when you had gotten in trouble months back. He had defended you from a group of bandits and singlehandedly defeated them all. It didn’t surprise you that he was one of the King’s most well-known knights. That, unfortunately, meant that he was pretty popular among the female residents of the capital—and you didn’t like that too much. Therefore, you were relieved you could spend time together in the afternoons without disturbances. You didn’t know if Baekhyun was aware of your budding feelings for him. So far, you had been too shy to confess to him.
“Can we stay outside for another while? The weather is gorgeous and I would love to ride a bit further,” you chirped, hoping he would agree.
“As you wish,” he said, squeezing your hand, “My lady.” His lips quirked up, forming a teasing smile that made you blush in the shade of a pink rose.
Your smile widened and you returned your gaze to the path winding through the trees. It led you back to the crystal-clear lake you had discovered before, hidden deep in the forest and you would have never found it, had it not been for Baekhyun. He had spent a lot of time exploring the area and getting to know it.
You stopped when you reached your horses and untied the reins from the tree. Baekhyun helped you in the saddle, and you smoothened your dress before you picked up the reins. You had named your horse Candy because she liked snacking on sweet fruits. Her fur was white and shiny since you had brushed it this morning. Baekhyun mounted his horse, a pretty mare with chestnut fur and a lighter mane. He turned and followed the path that would lead you deeper into the forest. You caught up to him and let your horse walk next to his while your eyes wandered over your surroundings.
“How about a little challenge?” you said in a cheeky tone.
“Again? We already had a race on the way here,” he said amusedly.
“Please?” you tried once more and pouted at him with big doe eyes that he couldn’t possibly refuse. As soon as he noticed your expression, he got flustered and sighed. “Please, Baek!”
“Alright, fine,” he said. “Whoever reaches the large tree over there first is the winner.”
You looked ahead and spotted said tree in the distance. It marked a fork in the path, so it was impossible to miss. Giggling in elation, you loosened the reins and tipped Candy’s sides with your heels. The horse instantly sped up, breaking into a trot and soon after taking a leap when she began galloping. You leaned over her neck, keeping your eyes on the path in front of you. Somewhere behind you, you heard Baekhyun’s horse—he tried to catch up with you. Since you were determined to win this race, you spurred Candy to move faster to which she happily obliged.
The wind rushed in your ears, and excitement bubbled in your stomach. You loved galloping the most—it was amazing to ride so fast and without any restrictions. Your parents and the nobles would have scolded you for doing this, but they weren’t here to judge you now. Smiling, you enjoyed tasting freedom as the trees moved past you at an exhilarating speed. Baekhyun still hadn’t caught up to you, so you were sure to win. The large tree was right in front of you and soon, you would reach it!
It all went well until a small shadow scurried over the path right in front of you. It was a fox that had been disturbed by the thundering of the horses’ hooves. Candy got spooked by its unexpected appearance, stopping so abruptly you nearly fell over her neck. It was thanks to your experience as a rider that you managed to hold your balance. However, when the horse reared back, standing on her hind legs, you couldn’t possibly stay in the saddle. You lost your grip on the reins and fell with a strangled cry. The impact on the ground was hard, stole the air from your lungs. You gasped, seeing your horse take off into the forest. She vanished in between the trees.
At the same moment, Baekhyun halted his horse next to you and dismounted, hurrying to your fallen form. “My lady, are you alright?” he called and kneeled next to you, his worried face appearing in your field of vision.
You groaned softly, trying to sit up. He helped you and supported you, carefully letting you lean your back against his chest while he held you. “Take deep breaths,” he murmured in your ear. His arms embraced your stomach.
“I’m fine,” you managed to say after you had caught your breath. “My back hurts a bit, but that’s all.”
“Are you sure? What about your head?” he asked worriedly.
“My head is okay, but Candy is gone,” you said and frowned, concerned about her.
“That’s the least of our worries. She will find her way back to the stables,” he assured you. “Do you think you can get up?”
“I will try,” you mumbled, but before you could even make a move, he got up first and lent you a hand, pulling you up. Your surroundings spun and blurred. You groaned, swaying back and forth.
“Careful,” he whispered as he steadied you. “I don’t want you to fall again.”
“What will we do now?” you asked and couldn’t stop your desperation from showing in your tone. The waver in your voice was picked up by him and caused him to tighten his embrace around your body.
“Don’t worry, my lady,” he said as he stroked the back of your head gently. “I will bring you back home safe and sound.”
“Thank you.” That was all you could say. You were overwhelmed by his actions since you had never been this close to him, and your poor heart was about to combust. Hiding your face at his chest, you hoped that he wouldn’t notice your rosy cheeks. Your hands found their place on his back and held on tightly as you leaned against him, listening to the steady beats of his heart.
Slowly, your nervousness faded, and you began to enjoy his embrace. He cradled you like he wanted to shield you from the rest of the world—his gesture made you feel loved and valued. A content sigh left your lips and you closed your eyes briefly.
“You scared me when you fell so suddenly,” he said, “But I’m glad you haven’t hurt yourself. Do you think you are well enough to ride back home?”
“Umm… yes,” you whispered. “I don’t have a horse, though.”
He chuckled. “That is not a problem, my lady.” Loosening his embrace, he gazed at your face and noticed the pink on your cheeks. He moved his fingers to your chin, tilting it up a bit until you met his eyes. They held a teasing spark that made your heart swell. The pink on your cheeks intensified.
“You’re blushing,” he whispered, a smirk settling on his lips. “Is my lady shy?”
“Don’t tease me,” you complained.
“I would never tease you!” he said, but it didn’t seem like he was serious since he continued to smile mischievously at you. He led you to his horse, putting his hands on your hips to help you into the saddle. It all happened so fast, you didn’t even have time to thank him before he was already seated behind you. He snaked his arms around your waist and took the reins. In doing so, your bodies were close, melding together as he made you lean against his torso. His familiar scent of cinnamon enveloped you.
“S-So that’s what you were planning,” you stuttered.
“Are you uncomfortable? If it bothers you, I can—”
“No, no. I’m not uncomfortable at all. It’s fine,” you added quickly before he got the wrong idea.
His answer was a quiet laugh as he tightened his hold on you. He didn’t want you to fall again and made sure that you were sitting securely in the saddle. Guiding his horse back on the trail that led to the capital, you began to move through the forest at a slow pace that gave you the opportunity to get a closer look at the scenery.
This part of the woods was serene and beautiful, overgrown with plants that only existed in this hidden area of the valley. You seldomly had laid eyes on such colorful wildflowers, their sweet scent following you as you crossed the forest. The scene surrounding you could have been taken straight from a painting or one of your countless fairytale books that you kept in your room. It looked magical and you were grateful that Baekhyun had taken you to this place. He knew of your fascination with nature and the many animals that inhabited the forest.
“I want to return to this place soon,” you said, smiling serenely. “Thank you for showing it to me.”
“No problem, my lady,” he replied, his deep voice making you shiver as you leaned against him. It was like a dream to be this close to him, you could hardly believe this moment was real. “We can return another day.”
“Yes, please,” you whispered. “I love spending time with you,” you blurted before you could stop yourself, earning stunned silence from him. You got flustered again, embarrassment flooding you when he took a long time to answer you.
“My lady,” he began slowly, his lips hovering next to your ear. “I’m glad you feel this way. It’s the same for me—I enjoy being with you. Our outings in the afternoons are the best part of my days.”
“R-Really?” you stuttered, overjoyed and also a little nervous. Your heart fluttered, soared. You beamed. He couldn’t see it from behind you, but your eyes sparkled with joy.
“You are very important to me,” he continued. “So I don’t mind staying with you and protecting you at all.”
That made you blush bright red for the remainder of the ride home—and you were sure he could hear the giddy beats of your heart.
Half an hour later, you had reached the estate where you lived. Baekhyun and you lingered in the shade next to the stables, having taken care of his horse just moments before. Once more, you couldn’t help but notice how attractive he looked—his black hair was windswept and his eyes brimming with a strong emotion you couldn’t name.
“Baekhyun, thank you for helping me and bringing me back home safely,” you said, taking a deep breath and gathering your courage. You stood on your tiptoes and planted a shy kiss on his cheek as you smiled at him. He looked surprised, his lips parting in awe. A red hue spread over his cheeks. It seemed as though he couldn’t believe what had just happened, but one glance in your blushing face proved that it had indeed been real. You had kissed him—but a kiss on his cheek wasn’t quite enough.
“You’re welcome, my lady,” he replied, taking your hand and holding it gently. The longing in his eyes was strong and it caught your attention as you wondered what went through his mind. You found out when he posed a question, his words making your blush darken.
“May I kiss you?” he asked. At first, you were speechless and could only stare at him without even saying a word. Was there a chance that he returned your feelings? Could it be that they were not one-sided?
“Yes,” you finally said, voice not louder than a whisper.
He smiled and placed his hand on your cheek to tilt your head up. Leaning down a bit, he held your gaze as he connected your lips. The softness of his lips was like a dream—your heart burst in happiness and the corners of your mouth curved up. He kissed you slowly and gently, letting his tongue trace the seam of your lips. Your entire body tingled with excitement and your arms hugged him tighter, pressing your body flush against his. His hand affectionately wandered to your hair, fingers getting buried in your silky strands.
You had never shared a kiss like this with anyone—it felt genuine; his love for you was tangible. He wasn’t like the other nobles who were only interested in you because of your social status. No, he knew the true you and he had proven time and time again how much you meant to him. He was there for you whenever you needed him—and over time he had become so much more than a friend.
When you ended the kiss, he leaned his forehead against yours and gazed deep into your eyes. “I love you,” he whispered.
A beam lit up your face. You radiated pure joy, prompting him to smile. “I love you too,” you answered and found yourself engulfed in his arms as he embraced you.
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badluckbrebis · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
NaruHina Week 2021 - Day 2 [“Sorry, I just sort of fell asleep on your shoulder.”]
Inspired by my favorite @dayseternal-blog​ fanfiction, About You. 
I’m no artist so I hope she’ll forgive me for the quality of the drawing 😂 
@nhweek​ 🌄
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thefabfan10 · a day ago
“If I were to happen to be swept into the waves?”
Raelle sidled up to the lowly raised wooden side and peeked into the blue, “Can’t say I’ve ever been one to withstand a siren’s call.”
“Succumb to many a siren, have you?”
Raelle tilted her head and let earnest soft eyes meet a searching seductive gaze, “Only one, Miss Ramshorn.”
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dewitty1 · a day ago
The Hero and The Harpy
LowerEastSide @lower-east-side
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling Rating: Explicit Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter Characters: Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Historical, Alternate Universe - Ancient Greece, Wingfic, Fuck Or Die, Inspired by Fanart, Enemies to Lovers, Switching, Anal Sex, Rimming, Alternate Universe - Mythology
When the Three Fates are bored, they set their sights on Harry of the Kerameikos and Draco, Prince of the Harpies - longtime enemies with potential for more.
“Anyways,” he continued haughtily, “I've decided I want you.”
That silenced Harry. “You... decided?” he asked after a moment, bemused. “What if I've changed my mind about the whole thing?
“I don’t think you really want to die. And,” Draco added, gazing down at Harry predatorily, “I think you want me, too. You should see how you’re blushing.” Harry reddened further, and Draco laughed. “Don’t worry, it’s lovely.” He beckoned for Harry to come closer, still hovering just out of reach.
Harry couldn’t help it - the unearthly sight of Draco, suspended in mid-air by the beating of those wings, was compelling, and he stepped forward almost without thought.
“See? This won’t be such a hardship, will it?” Draco smiled, and there was a hunger in his expression. “You're lucky you're handsome. I could just eat you up, you know that?”
“It's in your nature to devour,” Harry whispered, entranced. Was he like a Siren? Did Harpies have the power of enchantment? They now were face to face, with Harry at the edge of the cliff.
“What does that mean,” Draco asked with an edge of irritation in his voice, Harry shook himself out of whatever had overcome him, and glanced down at the knife.
“Are we fighting?” Draco’s fingers tightened on the hilt imperceptibly, and Harry knew he would have to be the one to make the first move. The one to surrender. He tossed his sword away with a pointed look.
With only a moment’s hesitation, Draco threw his weapon aside as well and brought his hand up to Harry’s face.
It was a more tender touch than Harry had expected. It was nothing like he’d ever felt before. It also brought the situation into sharp focus. He was about to be touched in every way that he never had. He couldn’t help but shudder.
Draco noticed Harry flinch, and it angered him. He was proud of what he was, a strong, fierce being of otherworldly beauty, special and rare. He knew what many humans thought of him, though. Monstrous, unnatural; they feared what they didn't understand. Harry was only trying to see him as desirable because he knew he had no other choice, that was all. Well, Draco would give him what he needed, but he didn't have to be nice about it. This wasn't a sweet encounter between lovers. Somehow that saddened him, and it made him even more angry. Damn Harry for making Draco feel sorry him.
Draco leaned in quickly and pressed his lips to Harry’s before the man could argue. He stepped back in shock, and Draco alighted on the ground in front of him. He gave Harry no chance to recover before he kissed him a second, third, fourth time. It wasn’t long until Harry’s mouth opened with a sigh and their tongues slid against one another.
The deeper kiss seemed to melt the last of Harry’s resistance, and Draco pulled him close. He tugged at his dark, messy hair and mouthed kisses down his neck. The wind swept Harry’s long red chlamys between them, tangling up, so Draco pulled the pin holding it on and let the ocean breeze carry it away. It appeared as though Harry was going to protest, so Draco simply shut him up with another kiss.
Meanwhile, Harry was on fire. He had never felt a sensation like this, like he was burning up from the tips of his toes to the top of his head. Draco knew what he was doing, playing Harry as if he were a fine-tuned lyre, stroking down his sides, and then plucking at his nipples. He wanted to respond, but the situation had gotten out of hand rather quickly. He also didn’t know exactly how to touch his lover, how to please him. He settled for nipping at Draco’s lips, which brought a pleased sound.
With a firm, sure touch, Draco let his hand drift further down. The leather pteryges was difficult to grip through, so he simply pressed his palm against Harry’s cock, which had fully hardened underneath.
Harry threw his head back and gasped. Oh, this, this was what he was missing. After so many years of lonely wandering, of self-sacrifice, this ardent touch from a one time enemy made him feel more alive than he ever had.
Draco watched Harry fall apart in his arms, and felt vindicated. Even if he’d been put off by Draco, even if he’d resisted his fate, Draco was making him feel as wild as any creature of the forest. He would make Harry crave his touch.
“Tell me you want this,” he whispered harshly in his ear.
Harry was beyond words, and whined something that sounded like ‘yes.’
“No. Tell me you want it. Tell me you want to lay with a monster, a beast.”
Harry could hear the insecurity in Draco’s voice. “No. I don’t want that. I don’t want a beast.”
Draco froze, and Harry pulled back and locked eyes with him.
“I want you, Draco. I want you.”
꒰◍•̤ु௰•̤ु꒱* ∗◌+*♡
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aufi-creative-mind · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
RekishiAU / Historical AU DTIYS Challenge - Rōnin Link (via instagram)
Here is my entry for xino_oyo’s Historical AU DTIYS Challenge on instagram. I really really love their Historical AU, the art designs and the lore that they have created for this AU and I just THRIVE in this kind of content. 
Also....this was meant to be a ‘simple’ drawing cuz I felt the need to just vibe drawing. But over time, my braincells went overboard and here we are. 
I should have learnt by now that I almost NEVER make ‘simple drawings’ lmao
BONUS: I added layers upon layers of details on this....just cuz that’s how I sometimes go when I get too deep in art making...
(1) Without the leaves
Tumblr media
(2) Here’s a clearer view of the sword’s reflection (without the Malice ash)
Tumblr media
(3) All of the leaves that were individually drawn, coloured and added details on. Before the final edits and blur effects
Tumblr media
because frick trees. they hard to draw. x.x 
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babbushka · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
He doesn’t like to be kept waiting...
My contribution for an art exchange with my dear friend @clumsycopy!! I know it’s different from my usual stuff but I got some new comic-style brushes and wanted to try them out!
(please click into the photo for better quality!)
[pose inspired by "Painting of Herbert Beerbohm Tree as King John" by Charles Buchel. Clothing inspired by numerous portraits of King Edward III 🖤]
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inbtswethrrust · 4 days ago
Darling, Just Say You'll Stay by tusaisbts, yeontansstrongbrows
pairing: yoonmin rated: E length: 91k, chaptered
"Bachelor. Aged 27, seeking a male companion with teaching experience. Must enjoy the company of children. Object, matrimony. Contact Min Yoongi."
or: Jimin needs a change and jumps at the chance to become a teacher in a rural town on the frontier, where there are more cows than people and the prairie stretches for hundreds of miles. The catch? He has to marry the rancher that hired him, even though he's never met Min Yoongi.
admin's note: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH WHO WOULDVE THOUGHT COWBOY YOONGI WOULD PLEASE ME THIS MUCH?????? such an unexpectadly good fic?? like for being about farmers and cowboys and set in the past??? i really realy enjoyed this story, it's so well written and refreshing to read, and the romaaaaaaance. i felt like i was reading some old classic novel or smthn, and this fic just made me realize i NEED to hear yoongi say darling or else
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inevitably-johnlocked · 5 days ago
Hey Steph! Love your blog!!
Know it’s been asked before, but I can’t seem to find the post.... so do you have any johnlock fics set during the war please? Nothing specific, as such, just set in a war time-period.
Hope you’ve had a lovely week, Thank you!
Hey Nonny!
Check out my lists of WWII AU’s and Historical AU fics, they should have some stuff you’ll like :)
Thank you so much, Nonny, for your kind words <3
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aces-to-apples · 6 days ago
Hello!! Codakin, dirt? ✺◟( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)◞✺
Again, you are not funny. And neither am I.
"season's greetings"
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therapardalis · 7 days ago
[@indyflanery​ from here.]
His brow furrowed. "Why are you apologizing? It was just a statement of fact," he said, finishing on packing up his bag. "When have you seen anyone actually care about the maps?" Indy posed the question honestly and point blank.
“Cambridge.” Thera shot back, though as soon as the word left her mouth she stopped and her brow creased, “You know, now that I actually say it, that might explain the difference by itself.” She gave a shrug, took a look around to make sure she wasn’t about to leave anything behind.
“I’ve lost marks for not storing maps the way they wanted ... but given how strange they are about women in the first place ...”
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bts-ao3-recs · 9 days ago
The Great Orphanage Escape - Gobi17
PARRING: non / platonic OT7
SUMMARY: "Jin has spent his whole life at the orphanage; dodging blows, in fear of the leery manager, being worked to the bone while caring for his little family of seven.
How will he raise three teenagers, two eight-year olds, and a baby out in the real world while constantly watching his back?
He's about to find out. The Great Orphanage Escape begins tonight."
MY RATING: ★★★★★
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therapardalis · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
[Short Starter from @honorhearted​.]
"That looks like it hurts... " ------------
Tumblr media
“Looks are not ...” Thera winced, face scrunching in distaste, “being very deceiving.” She dabbed at the rising red circle coming up on the pad of her hand with a damp cloth, and peering where the sun gave extra light. It was not only painful, but embarrassing, and she couldn’t complain that it was anyone’s fault but her own.
Every so often life brought along a reminder that it didn’t matter who she was, she wasn’t immune to paying proper respect; in this case, a small gathering of red wasps. It had only taken a moment of carelessness, getting just a bit too close, for one of the little suckers to take offence and sting her, just under her left thumb.
She huffed, gently squeezing the welt between finger and thumb to make sure there was no part  of the stinger left in - then again, just in case any of the venom was going to come out.
“I don’t suppose we have any lemons, or vinegar? Baking soda is probably too much of a stretch ...”
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femmeparker · 12 days ago
oooo what about Peter betrothed to Tony from birth au mixed with training au so ever since he first went into heat he was being taught how to be the perfect omega for Tony
Awww yes so that first night he has all his expectations and Tony defies them all and Peter is struggling to find what will make the king happy
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gerec · 12 days ago
I'm so thankful you're going to finish the Gladiator AU! Can I please ask for a snippet from the birthday fic for kianspo? (And since I assume it's the one based on her Egyptian concubine prompt, can I ask about the historical/concubine AU you were writing for Irelise's Secret Mutant prompt?)
Thanks I’m glad you’re still interested dear Anon! I posted a snippet from my fic for Kianspo earlier; you can read it here. 
As for the Erik/Shaw historical/concubine au you’re referring to - I posted the first chapter on Ao3 as Gilded Cage, but I don’t have another snippet to share yet sorry :(  Broad strokes - Erik arrives at the palace and is properly groomed and given lavish quarters as befitting his new status, and then he gets an unexpected visit from Queen Emma. She reveals that he was made a concubine at her request not Shaw’s, and offers him a deal; any children Erik bears, Emma will officially adopt as her own, which will make them Sebastian’s heirs to the throne. She chose Erik specifically because he’s a commoner, and because he has no interest (and no skills with intrigue) to try and make himself more powerful within the Court. That’s not the case with the other concubines who are all nobles, and are scrambling to try get their own children declared Crown Prince/Princess by convincing Shaw to get rid of Emma and make them Queen/Consort. Emma needs Erik (and Erik’s kids) to secure her position, and in turn promises to take them under her protection...
Post Your WIPs
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hobidreams · 12 days ago
march 1870.
Tumblr media
the coming of spring ushers in so much.
pairing: joseon king!yoongi x reader genre: fluff, drama words: 743 contains: intimacy.
moonlit throne index. this is drabble 30. start from the beginning?
Tumblr media
“Damn bastards.” The king enters the apothecary with a complaint on his lips, the curses as familiar as the scowl that worries his handsome features.
You stir the steaming concoction in your pot with a light smile. “Are the birds waking you too early in the morning again?” You watch him walk around to your side of the table. “Shall I scold them, jeonha?” You tease, rewarded when his mouth tightens with barely withheld amusement.
Letting the ladle drop to the table, you turn to face your king, excited to see him even in this weary state. He finds your hand with his own and weaves your fingers together, letting you both rest against the wooden furniture. His thumb traces the inner crook of your index, smoothing the slight wrinkles in repetitive, soothing swipes.
“It’s the ministers again,” he says.
“They are still refusing to settle down?”
“Yes. Yes,” the king repeats on a sigh. “Even though I expected it, it’s still an incredible pain.”
“They want their pay.”
He scoffs. “They want their money even as the country’s people go to hell. Who will pay the taxes then? Idiots can’t even think that far.”
“They don’t even see them as people.” Your limbs tense, brow pulling in as some anger twists in your stomach. “Please tell me some of the ministers remain on your side. Minister Lee, at least?”
“He’s been helpful. Minister Hak too, with a few others. Though I suspect a few more of them are beginning to understand my point of view. That, or they don’t wish to argue with me any longer.” The king squeezes your hand. “Don’t worry. We have issued a decree to heavily lower the fees for this month, at the very least. The landlords across the land have been told to do the same, and that they will be recompensed at a later time.”
“How will you do that?”
He shrugs. “I don’t know. But I also don’t quite care. All that matters to me now… All that matters is getting all our people through this winter even if I have to break into yangban storehouses and distribute the grain myself.”
Those words pull a smile to your lips as warmth spreads in your heart.
You’re still not completely used to hearing him say such things, such words that fill you with faith. But in the past month he has more than proven to you and the entire court that he is no longer the king he was only a year ago. His priorities have shifted from trying to walk in his father’s shoes and appease those around him. Now, he is trying to carve his own way. Forage ahead with what he believes is right, even if it means fighting with those meant to help him.
Before you can second-guess yourself, you lean forward and press a small kiss to his cheek. It takes him by surprise, his eyes widening before he exhales a low, rumbling chuckle. Then he draws you in completely, body flush against him so he can rest his chin on your shoulder. Caught between his robes, you hug him back with palms flat over the silk.
“Maybe with these changes, the harvest gods will be kind this year,” he murmurs.
The floods that devastated the crops for the last few years must remain cumbersome on his mind. Not without reason, for natural disasters are said to be the fault of a king’s poor leadership.
“They can punish me, but not my people. Not for my mistakes.”
“We’ll have a good year,” you say firmly. “I know it.”
He sighs. Turns his head. You feel a quiet, soft kiss on your neck that feels much like gratitude before he straightens up again.
“I have to go back for another meeting.”
You nod, stepping back, letting him go. “I’m surprised Eunuch Kim let you slip away in the middle of the day in the first place.”
Yoongi rolls his eyes. “He doesn’t know. I just… had to take a break.”
“Well, I’m glad you came here, jeonha.”
“Me too,” he replies, immediately, and your heart melts just a tiny bit more. “I will see you later tonight. Do not forget to eat.”
You hum an affirmative noise, excited for the quiet, intimate birthday celebration you suggested since he decided to forgo the usual banquet this year. He gives your hand one last longing squeeze before slowly, and reluctantly, taking his leave.
Tumblr media
a/n: wow. we’re at drabble 30! with every milestone we hit, i continue to be thankful & ever grateful that you are all here supporting me & this couple, who are so infinitely special to me. please continue to enjoy their story! 
come chat with me | support me on kofi ♡
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flurrys-creativity · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jeon Jungkook (BTS) x Fem!Reader
Genre: Historical AU, Fluff, slight Angst, hint of Romance
Rating: sfw, 12
Warnings: mentions of misogynistic society, cross dressing, Jungkook walking in on the changing reader, half exposed chest/breasts, fingers gliding over “sensitive” areas, one moan due to a little massage of tense muscles.. that should be it..
Wordcount: 3.990
A/N: I saw this one asmr from a very talented youtuber and it just inspired me.. actually I had this idea before from the outfit Jungkook wore once but a friend told me it’s not enough to actually write something but after I saw the asmr I decided to ignore her and write tailor!jungkook anyway!!!! And here he is!! Please enjoy this one shot and tell me what you think!
Tumblr media
You strutted through the streets of your town with confidence. The long cloak flowing behind you slightly while mostly covering your whole body. You pulled the hat down to shield your face, glancing around every now and then.
Despite your confident aura, which you had put on whenever you needed to go into the public, you felt like a nervous wreck. You didn’t like to go out alone, fearing your secret might be revealed.
Normally it didn’t really matter, your outfit was too perfect to show anything but since you were in need of a new outfit you didn’t get your whole costume today, knowing you had to get rid of it anyway. 
You were headed to your tailor. The only tailor you actually trusted. Kim Seokjin was a genius when it came to perfectly tailored suits. He was also a genius to make perfect suits that made you appear to be a guy.
Yes, Kim Seokjin was the only one who actually knew that you were not a man. Except for your own mother of course.
Your parents were pretty wealthy and lived a little outside of town. When you were born and weren’t the male successor for your father it was kept a secret. Your whole existence was kept a secret. Before your parents succeeded to get a son, your father died. Your mother feared she would lose the wealth and the manor so she decided to make you into the male successor.
It never really bothered you what you were wearing and you never really cared about gender roles to begin with but the society demanded men to have power. So you became the man of the household, which wasn’t too hard until you hit puberty.
That’s when you met the old Mr. Kim, Jin’s father. Your mother had dragged you into his shop and until his death he was the one, who tailored your clothes. Jin thankfully took over and since he knew you, he easily created your suits from then on.
Now, that you had successfully taken over the family wealth, people requested meetings with you to discuss further investments and other business stuff. Therefore you had to get a new suit for a spontaneous meeting in two days.
You pulled out a pocket watch and checked the time. It was still quite early and there were even some remnants of fog lingering in the streets. Not many people were out and about only a few beggars and the early birds of the town like the baker or the innkeeper. 
Nobody paid any attention towards you and you felt slightly relieved, rounding another corner and hurrying over the cobblestones. 
The familiar sign of the tailor shop dangled from the wall at the end of the street, moving slightly in the wind. The closer you got the more details you could see. A golden needle with a golden thimble around the cursive letters spelling the word “Kim’s tailor”.
You smiled, anticipating the greeting of your old friend. He always made you laugh and made you feel at home - even more at home than in your own house. Jin also never questioned you or your decisions. Of course he would shoot you a questioning look every now and then but most of the time Jin was simply supportive. And you really appreciated him for that.
While you walked down the street, Jeon Jungkook sat within the tailor shop, browsing through an old book behind the counter. He was utterly bored since Jin didn’t allow him to actually tailor so far. Jungkook had to finish his training first.
He didn’t even understand why he had to open the shop when he wasn’t allowed to do anything besides telling the customers that Jin was on a business trip for a few days. If he was lucky though, some customers asked for one of the general suits within the shop and thankfully Jungkook was allowed to sell those. Sadly most of the customers requested personally tailored suits by Jin though.
Jungkook yawned loudly, wishing he could sleep longer and open the shop later but Jin insisted on keeping the same opening hours as usual. Jin had been gone for a few days already and his customers knew by now that they couldn’t get a tailored suit for a few more days.
He sighed deeply and rolled his shoulders, trying to ease his tense shoulders again. With basically no movement at all, his muscles felt rather stiff for some days now. 
His gaze wandered around the empty shop and he considered just taking a nap behind the counter when the little bell over the entrance door chimed through the room. 
Someone shorter than himself entered the shop, a hat pulled deep into their face and a cloak hiding their whole body.
“Hey Jin!” You called as soon as you stepped into the shop, the door not even closed behind you. “I need a new suit for this important meeting in a few days and I can’t wear the same one as last time!” You rolled your eyes at the invisible rules that society had set for you. It was more than just annoying in your eyes that you had to wear a different high class suit for every new business meeting.
You halted in the middle of pulling your hat off, staring with wide eyes to the guy behind the counter to your left. A guy, who definitely wasn’t Jin. They had the same height but his shoulders weren’t as wide as Jin’s and his features didn’t seem as sculpted. His face was kind of boyish and with his surprised look he resembled a deer caught in headlights.
“Uh, Jin isn’t available at the moment.”
You stayed rooted on your spot, not wanting to get any closer to the stranger. “When will he be?”
Jungkook glanced over his shoulder to the large calendar, checking the date even though he already knew it by heart. “He won’t come back until Saturday.”
“But that’s in four days!”
He nodded silently not sure what else he could say. Jungkook watched you turn away in distraught while you cursed under your breath. “Uhm, if it’s really that important, you could try some of the suits in our display”, he suggested with a shrug of his shoulders.
You sighed deeply and turned back to him. You knew that none of the suits in the display would fit you without a few alterations. “This won’t do.”
“We should try it, hm? There might be a lucky chance.”
A dry laugh escaped your throat. This man definitely didn’t know you and you weren’t ready to tell him your secret. An idea flashed through your mind and hope bloomed within your chest. “Jin has a card with all my information”, you told him quickly, adding your name, and hurried towards the counter, placing both your hands on top of it, “he always has a card with my measurements in a little box somewhere behind you. You could change one of the suits according to it, right?”
Jungkook smiled sadly and rubbed the back of his head. “No can do, sir. Jin doesn’t allow me to tailor suits without him standing next to  me. I’m just an apprentice after all.”
You opened your mouth but closed it very quickly again. This couldn’t be. With the standard everyone was expecting from you, you couldn’t just appear at the meeting with a suit that didn’t fit you perfectly - and didn’t hide your curves. You already thought about your options, even considering to wear the same suit as last time, when you saw the hopeful expression on the man’s face. Another sigh escaped your lips. “Okay, I guess I can try a few suits.”
The man smiled broadly and you immediately thought “bunny” when you saw it. “I’m Jungkook, Jin’s apprentice. I will be at your service today, sir.” He bowed slightly and rounded the counter, guiding you to the stands of suits in the back of the shop. “You said, you needed the suit for a business meeting?”
The counter was right next to the entrance while on the other side was a small sitting area for customers that waited for their turn. It even had a small stand with newspapers and magazines should something take longer than usual.
Next to it were three fitting rooms, all of them vacant at the moment so the curtains were drawn to the side, showing the large mirrors and a little stool inside. Turning back to the other side, next to the counter, where shelves with smaller things, various buttons, neckties, flies, handkerchiefs, handcuffs and more. There was even a rack full with hats at one side. If someone wished for it, they would be able to get fully dressed.
“Yes, something simple would be enough.”
Jungkook nodded and skimmed through the various suits. “A preference in colour?”
“Black? Or anything rather dark I would say.”
“Do you know your size, sir?
“No, but I mentioned the card with my measurements.”
“I’m afraid Jin took the box and all the cards with him”, Jungkook said and turned back to you, his eyes wondering over your hidden body.
You involuntarily pulled your cloak tighter around your form, scared he might notice something. You felt your heart beat out of your chest the longer his gaze lingered on you.
“I’ll get the measuring tape.”
“No!” You instinctively grabbed his arm, feeling his tight muscles underneath the fabric and stopped him from leaving. “There is no need. Just get me the smallest size”, you rambled hecticly before you turned around and walked into the last changing room, drawing the curtain behind you.
This was a disaster. An absolute disaster. Jin wasn’t there, you had no way to contact him and you needed a tailored suit in two days, which you wouldn’t get. With the upcoming meeting you knew you couldn’t just wear an old suit and you just hoped you would find something that might be good enough.
“Sir?” The voice of Jungkook interrupted your despair and you opened the curtain just a little, peeking outside. “I’ve got you two different designs. Do you want to try them on?”
You held one hand out and accepted them, pulling them inside and drawing the curtain once again. You exhaled silently, feeling your heartbeat in your throat once again. He was so close to you just now. And you weren’t even sure anymore if your increased heartbeat was due to the fear he might find out your secret or due to how handsome and charming he was.
Once you calmed down, you got rid of your cloak and placed it on the small stool. You looked at yourself through the mirror with a slight frown on your face.
You wore a simple shirt and an undershirt to keep you somewhat modest even when Jin would have measured you. You could see the prominent curve of your breasts without the traditional binding you always did. You didn’t even want to glance lower, knowing there would be even more troubles for waiting.
Your hips were too wide for dress pants but a larger size would make it look weird on your legs. You feared the same would happen with the dress shirt - and you were proven right.
The minute you started to button the shirt you could already feel how the fabric tightened. You halted in fear when you heard a low crack. Carefully you continued to button the shirt until you saw the result and how the buttons barely held it together around your chest area. You knew with one wrong movement the buttons would pop off.
“And? How does it feel?”
You froze again when you heard Jungkook’s voice right on the other side of the curtain. “I - uh - I need to try the other one. This one is too tight in some areas.”
“Too tight? You seemed to have such a small build. Sorry for saying it like that, Sir. Please proceed and tell me what you think about the other suit.”
You nodded, even though Jungkook couldn’t see it and changed into the second suit, having once again the same problems. This time you barely even got the pants over your hips. After one, two, three fruitless tugs, you stopped trying and just sighed deeply. 
“I might need a larger size”, you mumbled in defeat.
Jungkook heard you and immediately sprinted to get larger suits, determined to please the one customer he had in days. While he looked through the suits his mind wandered back to you. He wondered what kind of relationship you and Jin had after you greeted him so cheerful. Jin surely never told him about you. Jungkook was sure Jin would have mentioned such a petite customer as he normally only had larger men visiting the shop - and Jin always loved to brag about special customers.
He also wondered how someone so small couldn’t fit into the suits he brought over. “Too tight”, he mumbled under his breath, shaking his head. Even with the cloak that had covered your whole body, Jungkook was sure you weren’t able to hide a large build.
Jungkook grabbed three new suits he thought would fit and hurried back to the changing room. “Sir? I got you new suits. Would you like to exchange them with the previous once?”
You quickly hid your body underneath the cloak again and opened the curtain, taking the suits Jungkook offered you and handing the two you had back. You ignored his questioning look when he saw the cloak and pulled the curtain close again.
The first suit had similar problems to the first one before. The buttons could pop off any minute so you quickly tried the next one. Here you had a completely different problem again, the pants being too large for your legs. You would need to cut some fabric off so it would look professional. Shaking your head, you tried the last one on and were almost surprised. Neither the pants nor the shirt gave you too many troubles and fit almost nicely. You almost got excited until you put the vest and jacket on, both were way too large for you and just hung down your body like a wet sack.
“How is it, Sir?”
“Not good.” You sighed and got out of the clothes again. Unbuttoning the dress shirt, you were already coming to terms that you wouldn’t be able to wear a new suit for the meeting.
Jungkook frowned, not understanding what made you say that, and without a warning he pulled the curtain aside and stepped into the small room.
Your eyes widened in shock while you froze in the middle of unbuttoning your shirt. 
Jungkook’s eyes wandered down to your hands and at first he didn’t notice anything weird until his gaze shot back up again. “Uh, oh, I”, he stammered and quickly avoided looking at you. Heat crept up his neck and turned his ears and cheeks pink with embarrassment.
Panic flooded your system once you realised what this man just discovered. It was too late to push him outside and to pretend as if nothing happened. It was too late to deny your very obvious traits now and you sighed in defeat, pulling the curtain close behind him before you crossed your arms in front of your chest. “I’m pretty sure I don’t need to explain why it didn’t look good anymore, right?”
Jungkook quickly shook his head, still avoiding to look at you at all. 
You sighed again and plopped down on the small stool, looking up to Jungkook with pleading eyes. “I really need your help. Please, help me.”
He warily turned his gaze to you, trying not to look at your half exposed chest. “How do you expect me to help you?”
Contemplating your options, you bid down on your lower lip. You really wanted to ask him to just tailor one of the suits for you but he already told you he wasn’t allowed to do that. So could you really ask him to do exactly that?
Jungkook watched your expression closely, swallowing harshly when he saw how defeated you appeared. “We could start with taking your measurements, yeah?”
You just nodded and watched him slip through the curtain, leaving you alone. You buried your face in your hands while your mind ran a mile a minute from the worry. Nobody was supposed to know you were a woman after all - at least not anyone else besides Jin and your mother.
While you had a mental breakdown within the changing room, Jungkook grabbed a measuring tape, a piece of paper and a pencil, needing to write down whatever he would get from the measurements. He stopped briefly realising he had to measure you. Cold sweat appeared on his skin and he gulped audibly. He had to be professional here even though he never worked around females. Jungkook always tensed up as soon as a woman came too close to him, even though he couldn’t exactly explain why he did that. He just got too nervous around them to officially function.
Jungkook sighed and returned to you. This time he announced his entrance though, not wanting to surprise you or himself again. He quickly closed the curtain behind himself and stepped into the corner furthest away from you. “Alright, I got everything.”
You looked up at him with tired eyes and nodded before you stood up again. Being used to the procedure, you immediately stretched your arms to the side. You gave Jungkook the space he needed to properly measure you.
His hands trembled when he tugged the piece of paper and pencil into the pocket of his own dress shirt before he stretched the measuring tape and stepped closer to you. Jungkook held his breath when he leaned closer and wrapped the tape around your chest, securing it at your back and holding the ends right in front of you. 
A low hiss escaped your lips when the back of his fingers brushed over your front. You quickly blinked and turned your attention to the ceiling, convincing yourself that it was way more interesting than the young man this close to you. 
Jungkook hummed, focusing on the professional part at the moment, and quickly scribbled the numbers down, breathing out again, before he did the same around your waist and hips where he held his breath once more.
“Those were the areas that troubled you the most, right?”
You nodded and hummed, agreeing with his statement. “And once it’s not a problem anymore my limbs are too short for everything else.”
Jungkook chuckled lowly. “Alright, then I’ll measure your arms and legs as well.” He crouched down in front of you, holding one hand against your hips in search of your hip bone. He then pressed one end of the tape against your bone and pulled the rest down to your ankle. Again he scribbled down the numbers and did the same on your other side before he measured the length of your arms. “Let me measure the width of your shoulders as well. Just to be sure.”
You agreed and turned around to give him access to your back.
“Please relax your shoulders”, Jungkook mumbled and pushed his hands down on your shoulders, gently rubbing them to help you. 
A silent moan escaped your lips when Jungkook pressed his thumbs into your tense muscles. You nearly slapped your hand over your mouth in shame but instead you just intertwined your fingers. Thinking about it you realised that you rarely really relaxed at all and were on edge most of the time.
“I know this situation isn’t ideal but you can take a breather here. This is a safe place and even though I’m not Jin, I’ll try everything to please you.” Right after saying this, Jungkook froze, feeling the heat creeping back up his neck. “Uh, I, you know, I mean I hope I can help you just as well as Jin.”
You snickered, feeling already less tense than before. It was kind of endearing to see him try so hard. “Thanks”, you whispered and turned back around to look at Jungkook.
A shy smile appeared on his lips while he gazed into your eyes. “Now that I know your body, measurements I mean”, he laughed lightly and rubbed the back of his head, “let’s check the suits and find one that fits you the best.”
You couldn’t help yourself but to giggle as well, nodding and pulling the cloak over your shoulders again before you followed Jungkook out into the shop.
The both of you were still the only ones in the shop but you somehow stayed close to Jungkook, half hiding behind his larger form while the both of you scanned the suits.
Even though Jungkook still stumbled over his words every now and then, he tried to chat with you as if you were just a regular customer. The longer he talked to you the easier it became and Jungkook quickly realised there was no need to worry. He actually enjoyed your presence and conversing with you.
“Now these suits are the closest to your measurements”, Jungkook hung up the last of five suits up in front of you, “which of these is most suited for you?” He grinned brightly at his own pun, making you snort and roll your eyes.
“You’re definitely Jin’s apprentice”, you laughed before you turned your attention to the suits. You let your fingers glide over the different fabrics and turned each suit from side to side in the light before you decided on a dark blue one. “So, now that I have a suit that fits me like eighty percent, what are we doing now?”
“Defying Jin’s orders and tailoring the suit.”
Your eyes widened in surprise and before you were even able to comprehend what you were doing, you jumped into Jungkook’s arms, hugging him tightly and thanking him over and over again.
Jungkook wrapped his arms around your waist and held both of you upright while he chuckled in amusement from your enthusiasm. “You just need to promise me you won’t tell Jin about this.”
“Cross my heart and hope to die! I would never!”
“Good”, Jungkook smiled and let go of you, pushing you towards the changing rooms, “then get dressed so I can see what needs to be tailored.”
You took your suit and rushed over to the curtain, grinning almost giddily towards Jungkook before you pulled it shut behind you. Within minutes you changed into the suit and called for Jungkook again, who quickly stepped into the small room with a pincushion around his wrist.
His gaze wandered over your form, completely focused on every little detail. He stepped closer to you and pinned parts of the fabric that didn’t fit perfectly on your body. “Okay”, he breathed and straightened in front of you again, “everything secured.” Jungkook’s breath fanned over your face and you got lost in his dazzling eyes.
Jungkook’s gaze dropped to your lips for a millisecond. “You need to take the clothes off again”, he mumbled and added quickly, “so I can sew them.” He shot you a lopsided smile and rubbed the back of his neck. “I’ll, uh, better leave you to it then.” He was about to go when he stopped again and turned back to you. “Would you”, he took a deep breath before continuing, “would you like to stay while I tailor your suit? It’s okay if you don’t have the time. I mean, this will take a while after all and I probably won’t finish it until closing time.”
“I’d love to”, you interrupted his ramble with a wide smile. “If you don’t mind my presence for the whole day.”
He grinned, pleased with your answer, and nodded. “I’m glad to hear that.”
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