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ann-thrashmorgan · 15 minutes ago
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itsallaboutkey · 55 minutes ago
Chapter 1: To the Village of Shadows | Your Funeral | Karl Heisenberg
Karl Heisenberg x F!Reader
After being abandoned in a small town in Romania at the age of 13, you are given to a traveling merchant known as the Duke. For years you have served under him as his apprentice - finding the goods he requires and sells, and making deals with those in the villages you visit. When things in the Village of Shadows begin to take a darker turn, strange requests from the villagers and the Four Lords who overrule them begin to make your life as the Duke’s apprentice much, much harder.
Warnings: mentions of drug use, drug purchasing
Your Funeral Masterlist (coming soon) | AO3 link | Masterlist
Tumblr media
Chapter 1: To the Village of Shadows
    “Come on Duke!” you sighed as you heaved the last crate into the back of the wagon. “You promised we’d be here longer.” 
    “I did, but something has come up with Mother Miranda.” Duke said from at the head of the cart. Chex snorted and stomped at the dirty path beneath his hooves as you climbed up and into the wagon. You grabbed both doors, and pulled them shut, effectively locking you inside the caravan. Once Duke heard the heavy latch click closed, he cracked the reins and got Chex moving. You sat inside the caravan on a small pile of pillows, and picked up a small bundle of freshly picked green onions. You pulled a single green onion from the bundle and put the rest away before you began munching on the scallion. An odd little snack to munch on, but you loved the kick it gave your tastebuds.
    “So what’s come up with Mother Miranda?” you asked as you stared up at the back of Duke’s head. “Oh please tell me she doesn’t need more bodies. It’s hard enough when L-” 
    “Careful Y/N.” Duke’s voice warned you. 
    “I’m sorry.” you apologized as you looked down at the large owl crest rug Duke had. The Owl’s beady eyes stared up at you blankly. “Money protects the righteous” written in French was a saying that was burned into your brain, and could have been tattooed on the insides of your eyelids. 
    “You must be more careful when we arrive in the village. Mother Miranda has eyes and ears everywhere.” 
    “I understand sir.” you said, keeping your eyes cast to the ground. Your hands came together, and you fiddled with the rings that adorned a few of your fingers to try and calm yourself down. 
    Duke was quiet for some time as Chex continued to pull the carriage down the dirt path away from the last village you had stopped at. The people in the last village were nice and talkative. They enjoyed the Duke’s presence as well as yours. There was even an ample amount of electricity and had a pretty steady internet connection, which allowed you to catch up on interesting news articles from around the world. You enjoyed staying in the last village, there were a dozen people around your age that made you feel welcomed, and made you feel as if you had friends. In the past, you’d spent only a couple of weeks in a single village before you’d move on to another one, and then the cycle would repeat itself. 
    You’d been to that village - the Village of Shadows - before, it had been a couple of years, but you remembered the village like the back of your hand - and some of the elderly remembered you and the Duke from your previous times being here. You knew where to travel, like through the west and east parts of the village; and you knew where not to go, like to any of the Lords estates or into the forest lest you wanted to meet your Maker. 
After settling in and unpacking the carriage, you had begged Duke to stay in the current  village you were visiting for more than a couple of weeks. You were tired of moving from one place to another every few weeks. You wanted something a little more permanent. Something steady and stable. And like the omnipotent man he was, Duke agreed to stay here for as long as he could - for business was always booming, which required him (and you) to move around often. 
    “Mother Miranda has need of our services. Those in her village require a moral boost of sorts.” Duke said, explaining why you had to leave, while also avoiding revealing the whole truth. 
    “How long will it take to get to the village?” you questioned. You wanted to know how long you’d be trapped inside the caravan before you’d be let out again. 
    “It’s a three days drive. Don’t worry. We’ll stop for the night. Let you stretch your legs, and give Chex a break.” Duke told you as the cart continued down the pathway. Chex snorted at his name, which caused you to laugh slightly. 
    “Sounds good Duke.” you stated. You moved around the cart, and pulled out a long but threadbare blanket and curled up on the short bench that met the wall that separated the front of the wagon from the back. You tucked your arm beneath your head and used your free arm to drag the blanket over your shoulders as you settled in for a long nap. 
The three days drive felt like it had taken 30 years off of your lifespan. Your back ached, your mind had succumbed to numbness due to boredom, and your body had endless bouts of pent up energy that you needed to release. When Duke finally stopped the cart and allowed you to exit it, you practically flung yourself from the large wooden coffin you’d been trapped inside of. Duke laughed at you as he moved from the front of the cart to the back. 
    The sun was beginning to set over the mountains, leaving the village in a constant hazy golden hour as the temperature began to steadily drop. Soon the moon would rise, and strange monsters would come out to hunt those who weren’t smart enough to hide themselves away inside at night. Duke had stopped in the Village of Shadows, and chose to set up shop near the Altar of the Four Lords. The Altar was a centre point of the village, as was the Maiden of War. From the Altar were several different gated pathways which eventually led off to each region where the Lords lived and ruled from. 
You made your way to the front of the cart and unhooked Chex from the hauling harness. You led Chex toward Potter’s field, near Castle Dimitrescu, where you would let him graze and lounge about until you or Duke needed him again. After making sure Chex and the few other livestock animals would get along in the pasture, you made your way back to the Duke. 
Off in the distance to the west, you could see the windmills that used to power the dam. And off to the North you could see heavy smoke stacks that billowed up into the sky. You felt a shiver run down your spine as you watched the Factory work. You wondered what kind of work could cause all the toxic smoke, and as you continued back toward the Altar, where Duke had set up shop, you concluded that you never wanted to find out what happened inside the Factory.
    As you arrived, you heard Duke speaking to someone at the back of the cart. You carefully and quietly walked along the side of the cart, and eased your way toward the back as you listened in on the conversation Duke was having. 
    “Of course Iulian. We have nothing but the finest ‘spices’ here.” Duke reassured the man. 
    Peeking through the slats in the wooden doors of the back of the carriage, you stared at a blonde haired man with a shotgun strapped to his back. You gulped slightly. You’d met Iulian before when you were younger, and the man had given you the creeps. He hadn’t tried to touch you in the past, but it wouldn’t surprise you if he tried someday in the future.
 And to see him standing here now, passing Duke a bunch of lei for a measly bag of ‘spice’ made your stomach roil and your skin itch. As Duke passed Iulian his wares, Iulian’s eyes slid sideways and connected with yours. He startled and quickly dashed away from Duke’s cart without so much as a hello to you or goodbye to Duke. 
    Stepping out from behind the shop’s doors, you inhaled and placed your hands on your hips as you watched Iulian disappear down the autumn covered streets of the village. 
    “That wasn’t very nice now was it?” you asked, not really hoping for a response from Duke. 
    “Perhaps your lurking scared him off.” Duke suggested. 
    “Perhaps he shouldn’t consume enough cocaine to stunt a full grown elephant while carrying a shotgun.” you fired back. 
    Duke stayed quiet, and that was all you needed to hear to get the message. He disapproved of your disapproval of what someone purchased from him. Guilt ate away at your chest and you cast your eyes to the ground. 
    “I’m sorry sir. I don’t care what he purchases. I care that he frightens me.” you revealed to the Duke as you dropped your arms and curled in on yourself. 
    “And you know how to knock him on his ass should he do anything...stupid.” Duke stated, rather seriously. 
    “Yes sir.” you replied quietly. 
    “It’s quite alright dear. Now,” Duke said, changing the conversation topic, “I need you to head to Luiza’s house to deliver this.”
    Duke produced a large sack, and dropped it at your feet. You straightened up, and looked down at the bag. You knew better than to ask what was inside. When you were younger and stupider you would ask what was inside, or you would look when you thought no one was looking; and after getting in trouble one too many times, you stopped asking questions about things you would rather not know about. 
    You knew better than to ask stupid questions. Now that you were older, and you knew more people in the village they trusted you, and opened up to you. And Duke used that to his advantage. 
    “And take this as well.” Duke said as he gave you a sack of lei. “Spend the night in a real bed.” 
    “What about Chex? You know we can’t leave him out at night.” you protested slightly. The sack of lei in your hand felt incredibly heavy, and you wondered where Duke had hidden this. You knew every nook and cranny inside the caravan, and knew there was nowhere Duke could have hidden this much money from you. You’d have found it out of boredom by now. 
    “Don’t worry about Chex. I will get him when the sun goes down.” 
    You looked up toward the already darkening sky with a little apprehension. It was going to be dark soon. Shifting the sack of lei in your hand, you attached it to your belt before you bent over and heaved the large sack onto your back. 
    “I can come back to get Chex. I don’t mind.” you told Duke. 
    “Nonsense. Take the rest of the night off. Just come back when you feel rested enough.” Duke told you. After a brief moment of apprehension, you nodded your head and smiled at Duke. 
“Of course, sir. Thank you. Have a wonderful evening.” you told him.
The walk through the village took no time at all, and all too soon you were standing outside the gate that led up to Luiza’s house. As you dropped the heavy sack onto the ground, a young girl’s voice called out to you. 
You spun around and saw Elena Lupu staring at you from down the way with a few of her friends. Elena was a few years younger than you were and the last time you were here, you snuck her sweets even after her father told her she couldn’t have any. 
“Elena!” you smiled at her as she walked up the pathway toward you. Her friends lingered behind her, a little afraid and unsure about you. After all you were the Duke’s apprentice - who knew what you could do. 
“You’re back!” Elena gave you a hug before she pulled backward and smiled at you. 
“For now.” you told her, not trying to sound cryptic. 
“I missed you. Are you here to see Luiza?” she asked as she looked toward the closed gate behind you. 
“I am. The Duke had a purchase for her. Enough about me, how are you? You’ve grown so tall. What is your father feeding you?” you questioned her. Elena’s cheeks turned bright pink as she tried to stop giggling. 
“You’ve changed too, Y/N. You’re very beautiful.” Elena complimented you. It was your turn to feel flustered. It was rare to receive a true compliment from someone other than Duke. And more often than not strangers in the villages you visited only complimented your looks to hopefully pay for a night with you. Those back-handed compliments never made you feel good about yourself, and usually left Duke without a returning customer. Not that Duke minded - you were not for sale. 
“Thank you Elena. Oh, do you still have a crush on that kid… what’s his name… Mikael?” you asked, hoping to change the subject to something easier to talk about. 
“Oh…” Elena’s bright smile faltered. You could see dark clouds of sadness fill her eyes as she thought of the boy you’d mentioned. “No… Mikael was killed a few years ago by lycans.” 
“Come Elena, you know that’s not what happened.” spoke a new voice - Luiza’s voice. 
Elena shut her mouth and looked at the ground as the gate behind you opened even farther to allow Luiza to step outside her property. You spun around to look at the older woman. In the few years you had been gone, Luiza had not changed at all. Her hair still grayed in places and her face was still set in a disapproving scowl. 
“Y/N it is lovely to see you.” Luiza said. 
“And you as well ma’am.” you replied, straightening your spine as you put on your professional front. The one that showed little emotion and kept a tight reign over your reactions. The one that brokered deals and conned coins from beneath people’s noses in the blink of an eye. 
    Luiza looked at you for a long moment before she turned back to Elena who stood behind you, nearly cowering away from Luiza in fear. “And you. Mikael was not killed by those beasts. Mother Miranda said he ran away. And my husband and others from the village searched for that boy's body for weeks in the woods. They found no trace of Mikael.”
    “But he was!” shouted a girl from behind you. Everyone’s attention turned toward the girl who cried out, and you knew this conversation was getting you nowhere. And night was still quickly approaching. You bent over, picked up the large sack and slung it over your back as Luiza drew in a large breath to berate the kids behind you. 
    “Here is your order from Duke. Tonight Duke is curious if you had any spare rooms to rent out.” you said, stepping between Luiza and Elena and her friends. Luiza’s dark eyes rose to meet yours, as she was surprised at your lack of respect toward her and her impending scolding. You fished several lei from the pouch at your side and held them out for Luiza to see. 
    “Just for tonight, and then I will be out of your hair.” you promised her. 
Luiza took the coins from your hand, and disappeared back inside the gate, leaving it open for you to follow after her. You half-turned to look back at Elena. You winked at her. 
“I believe you. Now run along, it’s getting too dark out here.” 
Elena nodded and smiled at you before she took off down the street with her friends, only to disappear around the corner. You sighed and adjusted the pack against your shoulder and turned toward the open gate which led into Luiza’s property. 
How bad could this go? It was only for a night, right?
Sitting at the dining room table with Luiza and her husband, Ivan, you waited to eat the potato soup that Luiza had prepared. Luiza placed a freshly warmed plank of bread on the table, and took her seat between you and Ivan, and grabbed your hands. As you linked your hands with hers and Ivan’s, you tried not to let yourself openly grimace. Their son Iulian was buying hardcore drugs from the Duke, and you doubted that they had any idea about Iulian’s addiction. 
“Great ones, hear our voice, together as one in reverence.” Luiza and Ivan began to pray. Their eyes closed and you reluctantly closed your own and began to recite the prayer along with them. You fumbled over the words, not having prayed in a very long time. 
“We call on thee within the endless dark to deliver us into fate’s hands. As the midnight moon rises on black wings, so we make our sacrifice and await the light at the end. In life and in death, we give glory, Mother Miranda.” 
The meal wasn’t as good or as fulfilling as the meals Duke prepared, but you ate it and thanked Luiza for sharing her home with you for the night. Setting your spoon down inside your bowl, you reached forward for the cup of water that sat before you. 
“How have things been here? The village looks so different from the last time I was here.” you said, hoping to strike up a conversation with them. You hoped that they took the bait and revealed something as to why Mother Miranda requested Duke’s presence here again. 
“Things have been quiet around here.” Ivan stated as he picked up his pack of cigarettes and tapped one out. He brought it to his mouth and tucked his smokes away in his breast pocket before pulling out a match to light it. Ivan took a drag before he turned his attention back to you. 
“We’ve missed ya here. You and the Duke always got us what we needed when we needed it.” Ivan praised you. 
“Thank you. The Duke is happy to be back, as am I. I’ve missed it here.” you lied. 
“Well now that you’re here maybe you can -” 
The clattering of a bowl startled everyone at the table. Luiza squeaked and shot out of her chair as her empty bowl of soup fell to the floor and smashed itself to pieces. Ivan rose from his own chair and moved toward his wife, not bothering to look at the broken ceramic bowl. He held his lit cigarette in one hand and used his other to check on his wife, double checking that she hadn’t hurt herself in any way.
You stood from your chair and moved toward the little pantry she had and pulled out the broom and dust pan, before you went back over to the table. 
“Are you alright Lu?” Ivan asked.
“Oh. Yes. I think my sleeve caught on the bowl or - or the spoon.” Luiza sputtered. When she saw you crouching down to sweep up the broken pottery pieces, she began to sputter even more. “Oh dear you don’t have to do that. I can sweep up -”
“It’s okay ma’am. The mess is already cleaned up.” you said as you rose from the floor and moved to dump the broken shards into the trash can. After you returned the broom to the closet, you helped Luiza grab the remaining dishes from the table, and brought them into the kitchen to wash and dry. Ivan went outside one last time for the night to check on the chickens and hogs before he retired for the evening. 
“Luiza?” You asked as you dunked your hands back inside the soapy water that filled up the sink. 
“Yes dear?” Luiza asked as she dried one of the spoons you had used during dinner. 
“Has…” you hesitated, not only for dramatic effect but because you didn’t want to cross a line inside her home. Despite your mild distaste for Luiza and her crotchety attitude sometimes, you did respect her and how she cared so much for this village. “Has anyone been acting different lately?” 
Luiza cut you a sharp and nasty glare as she put away a bowl. You knew you’d upset her, so you decided to back pedal. 
“It’s just the Duke normally receives a warmer welcome when he arrives… I was just wondering if he’d done something - or I had done something to upset the people of this town. I would hate to be the reason the Duke loses business.” You lied, adding fake tears to make your lie more believable. 
“Oh no dear,” Luiza shushed you. 
“Everyone is just scared. The lycans that roam the forest have been attacking the village lately. And Mother Miranda is protecting us as best she can. The two of you arrived so late in the day… I’m sure more people will come see the Duke tomorrow.” Luiza said, trying to brighten up your mood. She took your wet hand in her dry ones and gave you a gentle squeeze. 
“I hope you’re right.” You said as you sniffled and willed the tears in your eyes away. 
Luiza pat your hands in a reassuring manner before she gave you a comforting smile. When you returned the smile, Luiza let your hands go and finished drying the dishes you had cleaned. As the two of you finished, Ivan reentered the house. He shrugged off his heavy coat and bolted the door shut. It set you on edge, knowing you were trapped inside their home for the night. But you’d rather be trapped inside this large house rather than inside Duke’s small caravan. Even if it was magically indestructible and impenetrable. And here inside the house, there were two other bodies that lycans could go after before they got to you on the second floor. 
You bid Ivan a goodnight after you yawned rather dramatically. Ivan chuckled and waved goodnight to you. 
Luiza led you to the guest bedroom on the second level, and let you get settled in for the night. She left you fresh towels in the bathroom and grabbed you an extra blanket lest you got cold during the night. Once she deemed your room suitable enough for the evening, she left after bidding you a goodnight. 
Once you heard Luiza and Ivan settle into their bed on the first floor, you made your way into the bathroom. 
You wanted to relax and enjoy having a real shower to stand in, but you knew you couldn’t waste too much water. The town had a limited supply in the water wells, and from what you saw in the reservoir, there wasn’t a single drop of clean water available to these people that wasn’t inside their wells. 
You stripped off your shirt and bra before you shucked off your boots and pants. You turned on the shower, and waited for the water to heat up as you stared out of the bathroom window. Off in the distance, toward the South you saw the grand castle that belonged to Lady Dimitrescu. It was unnerving to see the castle just lingering in the shadows of the night. It creeped you the fuck out honestly. 
You tore your eyes from the creepy castle and stepped inside the shower, where hot water nearly scalded your back. You relished in the burn as you made quick work of cleaning your hair, and ridding yourself of all the grime and sweat your body had collected over the course of the last 3 days of travel. 
You turned off the water far sooner than you would have hoped or wanted to. You wanted to stand beneath the hot spray of water for an eternity, but you knew you couldn’t. You were wasting precious time. Every minute you spend out of bed, was another minute closer to going back to Duke - back to cramped quarters and stiff muscles from awkward sleeping positions. 
You dried yourself off, and redressed yourself in the tunic you’d had with you. You’d redressed yourself and then hung up your towel to dry. You padded into the bedroom and laid your clothes on the dresser to have easy access to them in the morning when you awoke. Climbing into the bed, you turned off the lantern that illuminated the room, and curled onto your side. 
From where you lay, you had a perfect view of the dark smoke stacks from the chimneys to the North, and a perfect view of the full moon that cast an eerie white glow over the Village of Shadows. 
When you were little you often wondered why this town was called the Village of Shadows. But now that you were older, you no longer wondered. You knew the answer. 
And it wasn’t a good one.
Come morning, you were rather reluctant to get out of the guest bed. Sure the sheets were scratchy and smelled of dust and mothballs, but it was comfortable, soft and relaxing. The small, barely padded bench you slept on in the caravan always made your back ache, and being able to sleep in an actual bed for once left like a goddamn luxury. 
But your relaxation couldn’t last forever. You got out of the bed as the sky began to lighten to a beautiful deep twilight color as the sun slowly rose, encroaching on the horizon line. You dressed in your clothes before you tidied up the room. The Duke had taught you the importance of leaving a place just as you found it when you left. In fact, that was one of the very first lessons he taught you after he’d taken you in as his apprentice. 
The door clicked closed behind you as you slipped from the room. When you descended the stairs, and stopped before the front entrance, you saw Ivan at the dining table with a cigarette in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. He raised the cup in a silent greeting, while simultaneously offering you a mug of your own should you want one. You waved at him, and made a vague gesture about the rising sun, and getting back to the Duke. 
Ivan nodded and brought his cigarette to his lips and took a drag. You waved once more, and slipped out the front door. Descending the steps, you walked across the front lawn toward the gate. You stopped at the small shrine that usually contained the Demon Crest - which opened the Outer gate that led toward Castle Dimitrescu. You rolled your eyes and moved toward the locked gate outside Luiza’s house. 
As you left her property, you noticed how quiet and eerie it was. A light but thick covering of fog coated the paths that led through the village. It took you little to no time to walk down the pathway that led back to the Altar, and the Duke, and as you neared the Church you felt fear and panic grip your heart. 
You hated that goddamn religious building. Your life had been ruined and blessed there, and nothing ever good came from that place. After you’d been gifted to the Duke, you had vowed to never set foot in the building again, for as long as you lived. And you took that vow very seriously. Everytime you came to the Village of Shadows, you avoided the Church, and the graveyard like the plague. 
So you always chose to take the street that went around the church and past the graveyard.
But by avoiding the church, you had to walk past the Maiden of War. 
You’d always despised that stupid statue. The ugly goat head crest on her shield used to creep you out when you were a child, and now that you were an adult… well the feeling still remained.  You hated the Maiden. 
When you were a child, before you were abandoned, you would often have nightmares about her. She’d come alive and stab you with her sword as her goat head crest watchedd unblinkingly as you died. Or you’d dream that you were the Maiden, trapped in stone, only to be looked at in passing or on holidays. 
A violent chill ran down your spine as you stared up at the stone statue. With a disgusted huff, you left the Maiden behind, and continued home toward the Duke. 
    The Duke was nodding off with a half lit cigar in his hand inside the back of the caravan when you arrived near the Altar. Some ash dropped from the cigar and landed against Duke’s skin, which startled him awake with a minor yelp. You paused, not wanting to startle the Duke even more, as he regained his bearings and collected himself. 
    When Duke finally noticed you, he smiled.     “Good morning, Y/N.” 
    “Good morning sleepyhead.” you teased him.
    “I was merely resting my eyes.” Duke jested with you.
    “Mhm, and I’m one of the 4 Lords.” you laughed. 
From the front of the caravan you heard Chex snort and paw at the ground as some chickens clucked at his hooves. You walked closer to the open caravan, and sat down on one of the many crates that you’d set up the previous night. Duke snubbed out his cigar, and tossed the smoldering butt into the brush nearby before he looked back at you. He took in your appearance, and after several moments he nodded. It looked like you had gotten a wonderful night's rest. 
“How are Luiza and Ivan?” Duke asked, and you could hear the unasked question he had. 
‘Is there anything I need to know about?’
“Luiza and Ivan are good. A bit lonely I suppose now that Iulian has married and moved out.” you began. 
Duke hummed, and encouraged you to keep talking as he shifted his massive weight around and began to whip you up some breakfast. 
“Everyone in the village is terrified of the lycans that roam the woods. Apparently the lycans have been attacking the village more than normal recently.” you continued.
“Strange. I had heard rumors about the attacks in some of the villages we’d visited recently.” Duke said, his comment offhand. 
You watched as Duke worked, dropping foods into a bowl before mixing them together. And from nowhere, the Duke presented you with a spoon and a bowl of cinnamon porridge. You thanked the Duke, and sat down to enjoy your breakfast. 
“Is there anything you want me to do while we are here?” you asked Duke. Your own silent question hung in the air. 
How far do you want me to go to get the answers and results you need for Mother Miranda?
“Hm… not yet. I think by just being here things in the Village of Shadows will change.” 
“I hope you’re right, Duke… I hope you’re right.”
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the-shy-red-fox · 59 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Karl Heisenberg my beloved...
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666dmtrscu · an hour ago
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unnameddoc · an hour ago
wlw arriving at the resident evil 8 village be like: so many hot single ladies in my area 😳😳😳😳👀👀👀👀👀
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underwhelmingalchemist · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Just some pics of my first day of working on my Heisenberg hammer! S/O to my boyfriend who's helping me and gave me rides around to buy everything!
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cyberb07 · an hour ago
Tumblr media
I know people have compared Heisenberg’s voice to Nicholas Cage, but.. please someone tell me I’m not the only one who made this comparison~
(Imagine Heisenberg’s rant in Snake Jailbird’s voice! Better yet, any time Karl talks to Ethan via speaker or TV. They sound similar, no?)
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the-blind-geisha · an hour ago
Okay, got to the Karl Heisenberg part... *taking notes*
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fangirlingpuggle · 2 hours ago
Very very tired but just Heisenwinters soulmate AU where when your soulmate is injured a mark/scar appears on your body.
There are barely any marks before the Baker house and then suddenly Heisenberg is getting so many so quickly and is just internally  screaming ‘WHAT THE FUCK?WHAT THE FUCK? WHAT THE FUCK? HOW ARE THEY STILL ALIVE’ eventually he comes to the conclusion that  ‘...well either my soulmates the luckiest son of bitch on the planet to still be alive...or immortal’
Ethan escapes and Heisenberg sees the scar/mark on his own body that matches where he impaled him is like ‘...well...fuck’ 
When they run into each other again the first thing Heisenberg does is just yell either ‘HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU STILL ALIVE?’ or ‘WHY IS IT ALWAYS THE HAND WINTERS? WHY THE HAND?’
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cruncherzz · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
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cratis · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
The Dimitrescu daughters casual/non-hunting wear , I wish we could have seen them in those
Tumblr media
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stararch4ngell4dy · 2 hours ago
Night and Day (18+)
Karl Heisenberg x Reader smut
This is part thirteen of my series! Check out my masterlist for the rest of the parts!
Warning: Its a smut! Violence, softcore, Oral (Receiving) minor cockwarming.
Summary: While you struggled with your thoughts, He struggled with his dreams. They were becoming too real for his liking, his anxiety fueling the fires of his fear of the crow's possible hold on you. But they were just dreams, they weren't real. Right?
Tumblr media
- - -
The factory was dead silent. That was the first sign of something wrong.
Their was always something going on in the factory, the machines would never stop, the noises would never end. Even in the sanctity of his bedroom, Heisenberg could hear the symphony twenty four seven. Did the power go out? Its rare to happen at his factory if that was surprising enough, but it did happen.
You weren't beside him when he sat up in bed, looking down at himself to see he was dressed in his usual attire. This was strange, usually he's never went to bed in all layers of clothing unless he was downright exhausted.
He walked out of the room, hearing a faint rumble of thunder that sounded a little too loud and clear. So their was a storm. Alright, but where were you?
Turning the corner, Heisenberg noticed the front entrance was open, The bright patters of rain echoed through the open corridor.
He peeked outside, his mind going wild on where you were or what was going on. The quiet factory with the sound of the storm unsettled it more than it should've, his mind focused completely on where you had gone.
The sounds of his boots treading along mud and dry grass didn't faze your form when he found you standing in the middle of a clearing. You were barefoot and wearing nothing but his white button up. The rain soaked through the material, making it transparent as it clung to every inch of your skin. Your head was tilted back, the cold rain running along your face as it soaked your hair. It looked like you were enjoying the rain, but that didn't stop Heisenberg from thinking you were downright stupid.
"Y/n? What the hell are you doin' out here??" He approached quicker, seeing your head turn to acknowledge him.
"Oh, hey! Sorry, their was lots of noise going on and I couldn't sleep. Its so nice out here isn't it?"
"Are you out of your mind?? You're gonna get sick out here," He grabbed your hand, quickly surprised when you tugged it out of his grip instantly.
"Come on Karl, its just rain." You turned to face him, barely making out your face in the darkness of the night. By now, the rain had completely seeped through the shirt, showing the man a perfect outline of your body.
"Its so nice out here, isn't it?" You asked again, your sweet lips forming a smile while his just deepened into a bitter frown.
"Y/n, Let's just... Let's just get back inside, alright? I'll go check the power and we can just dry you off and get back to bed. Does that sound good?" He started to speak with a hesitant tone, feeling like something was definitely off. What was going on? Why the hell were you out here, and why were you so... different? Of course, you did run through rain to come to his factory, he still believed you were a bit dumb in the head for doing that, but this was the icing on the cake.
You look like you ignored his words, taking a step closer to him with a growing smile.
"Karl, can I ask? What does Liebe mean?"
"Liebe?" He repeated. "It... depends, it means love or darlin'. Why are you asking?"
"Just curious," You giggled, looking down at your wet, mud coated feet. You proceeded to drag your big toe along the mud, turning slightly as you dragged along a line against some dead grass.
"Come on, this isn't funny." Heisenberg spoke up again, taking a step closer towards you. "Lets go back inside-"
"I cant." You stated, looking back to him as your smile dropped, making him raise a brow. "Why?"
"Its because... I have something to show you," You began, taking a step or two back. You exhaled nervously, bringing your hands over to unbutton the first button to your soaked shirt. You paused, lifting your head back to look at him. "Its something I've been wanting to show you for a very long time."
You started to smile with a child's amusement, undoing the rest of your buttons. Heisenberg attempted to step closer, to grab your arms in protest to get you back inside, but all of a sudden he couldn't move. It was like the mud turned into quick drying concrete, sealing him in place as his law felt locked with tight screws, lips sealed with the strength of industrial glue.
Undoing the last button, you raised your fingers to your shoulders and pulled the shirt off, exposing your naked body to him.
A faint movement in the darkness behind you made his eyes widen, a flash of lightning illuminating your body at the perfect moment, illuminating the sheen of rows and rows of sleek black feathers.
You let out a moan of delight, your head rolling back as a series of large wings extended from your back, stretching out significantly.
"Mmm, this always feels amazing. Maybe you should've been calling me an angel, because now I feel like one." You mused with a small laugh, rolling your shoulders to stretch your muscles.
"Well?" You extended your arms out, your wings stretching even further to exaggerate their look. "What do you think? No one's seen them before, until you."
Heisenberg couldn't speak. He literally couldn't speak, no matter what he did. He couldn't open his jaw, he couldn't raise a finger, everything was locked. The only signs he did to show off his distress was blink his eyes and breathe though his nose.
Many many panicking emotions were running through his head, all from pure terror to indescribable amounts of alarm. He knew these wings, he knew the feathers of her servants, and who they belonged to. The fact that they were coming out of you was excruciatingly painful to watch, the horrifying image trembling his brain.
Due to his silence, your smile slowly left your face. Your brows furrowed as if you were confused and sad, tilting your head slightly.
"Karl? Say something. Do you like them?"
He couldn't pry open his lips, no matter how hard he tried.
"Karl, answer me." Your tone grew more stern, anger bubbling up in your facial features. "Tell me you like them o-or don't, just say something! Anything!"
No answer.
Your face started to crumble with sadness, eyes flooding with tears. You forced out a loud angry groan, balling your fists by your sides. These wings spread out even larger before circling over your form, closing you in temporarily in a dark sphere.
Another clash of lightning sparked the ground nearby, brushing against blades of soaking wet dead grass. Regardless of the condition of the wet grounds, a large fire erupted from the earth like a massive explosion.
"How dare you!!" You lunged your feathered shields, your hands clasping on his shoulders. Your fingers felt like piercing talons digging into his skin, stabbing into his skin and muscles, forcing him to emit grunts of irritation from his nose.
"You know me! You know me better than anyone else in this pathetic, powerless world!" You threw him to the wet ground, the mud splashing underneath his body. He got a face full of thick mud, stinging his eyes and going up his nose.
"You’ve held me in your arms," Your quick footsteps came towards him, clawed hands digging into the muscle in the back of his neck, forcing his upper half off the ground. "And I’ve held you in mine!" Emitting another angry shout, you bashed his head down in the ground, the dirty water and earth covering his entire face.
"You have the gall to tell me you love me, but this is what I get in return?? You stupid," His head was forced down to the ground, "Disgusting excuse for a human being!!" You forced him down into the dirt for a final time, treading over to his front as his body refused to function.
Their was a faint echo in his ears, a voice calling to him, but he couldn't get himself to acknowledge it as he was inevitably choking on dirty water and murky sediment. He was screaming at his brain to move his arms, to raise his head off the ground before he drowns, but nothing would work.
"I’ve thrown away everything for you Karl," You pulled him up by his shoulders, allowing him a chance to breathe through his nose. He was completely useless in your hold, his body refusing to function as his power felt nonexistent when no metal came to his aid. Right now, he felt entirely useless as your strong grip held him up, giving his burning eyes a view of you.
The fire that started quickly grew into something larger than a bonfire, the bright light illuminating your body in an enchanting glow. Though, your body didn't appear as enchanting at all.
Your eye sockets were sunken in, rich heavy black tears staining your cheeks from your rampage. Your cheeks grew hollow, the bones of your skull more defined on your face, giving you a sickly skeletal like appearance. Your teeth were bared to him, your shoulders rattling with your shivering wings.
"I’ve done everything for you, and you can’t accept me for who I am?? Who I really am?!” You screamed to him, the natural color of your eyes fading into milky paleness.
You started chuckling, but it wasn't in your voice. It was coming from you, but it wasn't you who was speaking. He knew who that was the second he saw your wings.
"What a revolting sight you are," Miranda mused, bringing your bony fingers to cradle his dirty cheek. "A repulsive failure. Did you think playing around with Alcina's toy was gonna make you feel any better? What exactly are you going for Heisenberg?"
He tried to move his head away, shutting his eyes as they stung with miniature rocks and bitter tears he tried desperately to hold back. It occurred to him why he couldn't move himself, recalling memories of when he was forcefully held down during his experiments. How useless he felt back then was how he felt now.
It made Miranda click her tongue, shaking her head as she started to turn.
"As my beloved son, you should clearly know better than to dig in the trash for used toys."
He felt a brightness behind his closed eyes, along with an intense amount of heat that quickly combatted the cold rain. This wasn't happening, this couldn't be. This wasn't how he fell asleep, this wasn't real. You weren't Miranda, You were just an ordinary human girl.
"It's a shame really, a proud horse reverting to a dog digging in the garbage. What're you searching for Heisenberg? You want to feel something again? Have you gone numb?" Miranda taunted him with questions as he felt his feet leave the ground, sharp hands clutching his neck, feeling like thick ragged porcupine quills digging into his skin.
"Would you like to feel something again Heisenberg? I have just the perfect memory for you to reminisce. Remember the symptoms of your first treatments? The itching, painful burning sensations you felt for days, for months? Lets reenact that!!"
"NO!!" He forced his mouth open, a horrified scream leaving him as Miranda tossed him into the flames, his voice canceled out from Miranda's laughter coming from your lips.
"Karl! Karl!" Your hands gripped his shoulders, shaking him awake as hard as you could.
You woke up to the sounds of clinking and the bed moving. You thought it was Karl turning or getting up and doing something, maybe his knack of not sleeping well mixed with his crazy ideas got him wide awake. But then, you heard a muffling sound, followed by another shake from the space beside you.
You turned, squinting your eyes in the darkness to see the shadow of his body moving. The clinking got louder and louder, but you couldn’t tell what and where it came from.
“Karl...?” You brought your hand over to his shoulder, feeling around for his face. When your fingers touched the back of his head, it quickly hit you that he was laying face down into the pillow.
“Karl?!” You sat up more, grabbing his shoulder and upper arm to turn him around, getting him on his side. He was thrashing in this strange state of sleep, his muscles trembling as if his body was over exerted. He was muffling in his sleep, as if his mouth was bound shut by something you couldn’t see.
“Karl?? Wake up!” You quickly grew alarmed, your hands feeling for his face to feel his clenched jaw, as if it was being purposely held shut. His nose flared like a horse as if he was struggling to breathe, his skin gathering beads of sweat.
“Karl please! Wake up!” Not knowing what else to do, you only started to shake him, fearing what was happening to him in this state. What was this?? What was happening to him?
Karl let out an almost inhuman scream, his eyes wide open as his shoulders tensed under your hands. He sat up fast, hands gripping the blankets, practically ripping them as the sound was heard.
The clatters turned into bangs in all directions, making you wince and cry out in surprise as various metallic items you couldn’t see were thrown against the wall or to any available surface. Luckily, nothing hit you or him. Their was a massive shatter as an unseen object hit the mirror he held on the wall, shards scattering on the work table and floor.
“Karl!” You found his face in both of your hands, attempting to look at him when you couldn’t even see a thing. “Karl, it’s okay! It’s okay, it’s me!”
Karl grabbed your wrists, yanking them off his face with a tense grip. Clicking your tongue, you brought them back to his face, gently clutching him in your hands. His breathing grew more ragged, taking in copious amounts of air as if he was held under water for a very long time.
“Karl, Shh! It’s okay,” You tried to soothe him, repeating the same words over and over until his labored breathing began to soften, the man slowly coming to his senses in the darkness.
“Shit,” He exhaled, his eyes almost looking like they were glowing as you tried to focus on them. He called your name as if he was alone, a small smile forming on your lips.
“I’m here,” You stated, running your fingers over his forehead to wipe the sweat off his skin. “I’m here. It was just a dream, a nightmare.”
Karl kept quiet, feeling how warm your hands were on him. What you believed were soothing gestures made him feel a little more conflicted, the dream ever so fresh in his memories. What the hell… exactly was it? Why was this happening now?? This wasn’t the first time he’s dreamt of you, but for Miranda’s presence to even affect the way he viewed you in his dreams? It was keeping him horribly on edge.
Their was a heavy anger raging in his chest. Were you... really human? No, he shouldn't think that. He shouldn't.
“Do you need something? Some water?” You asked, growing more concerned when he didn’t say anything. Did this happen often to him? Did these dreams affect him this much? You were almost hesitant to ask him.
“N-no,” Karl shook his head, bringing his hand over to tug one of your hands off his face again, yet still clutched onto it. “No no, I’m… I’m fine.”
"You sure-"
"I said I'm fine!" Karl barked, feeling the way you jumped from the sudden tone. He quickly cursed, turning his head to the side. He really needed to cut back on how loud he was, just a little.
"I uh... Fuck. Sorry." Karl ran his hand through his hair, letting out a shaky exhale as he tuned his head somewhere else. Despite the darkness, their wasn't much else to look at to take his mind off the events.
You kept quiet, unsure what to exactly do. A thought occurred to you, a memory of your childhood when you would have your own nightmares. During your vulnerable young state, what Alcina had done to help soothe your comfort made you think it could help him.
"Come here," You moved your hands over to his stiff shoulders, gently applying pressure to draw him closer to you. He didn't move much at first, but after a couple of soft coerces, you felt his head awkwardly press against your chest, making your bite your bottom lip to hold back a giggle.
Shifting yourself, you proceeded to lay back, gently maneuvering him to do the same. The back of your head found your pillow, while the man's head rightfully rested on top of your chest.
Karl was almost as stiff as a board, his breathing still uneven as your fingers gently tanged into his hair.
"Get comfortable," You whispered, "Relax. It's okay now."
Taking a slow deep breath, Karl moved his body until he settled against you. He turned his head to settle more comfortably, feeling how warm the skin of your naked chest against his cheek. At this angle, he was able to pick up your heartbeat, the muscle pumping slightly fast over your concern for him.
You shifted hands, bringing one hand to cradle his head to your chest while your other hand settled itself along his back. Staying like this for a few moments, nothing really changed.
Your heartbeat reminded him of a slow, quiet machine, delivering the constant set of beats that soothed his mind. His muscles started to loosen along your fingers, the calming motion of combing through his hair ever so softly had reduced his breathing down to slow and quiet.
He melted against you so perfectly, cradling him like a mother to a newborn baby. He's held you many times, but to be held was... soothing. Warm, comforting, safe. Karl had never felt this, at least he wasn't able to remember. This was foreign to him, but oh did it make him feel so safe.
A faint sniffle came from the man in your arms, making you quietly empathize with him even more. He was growing emotional over this dream, this night terror if you will, or maybe just being comforted when he needed it the most. You could've only imagined how he must've been during those nights when he woke similarly to this, and he would be alone.
Hopefully, he wasn't to be alone anymore.
"Shh," You soothed him, continuing to run your fingers along his hair while drawing perfect ovals along his scarred back, allowing your fingers to roam in the limited space.
It sounded like he was going to cry, but he tried his best not to. Unfortunately he was failing, and was quick to wipe off his own tears before you would notice. But you noticed.
"Its okay, I'm here." Came your whisper, unable to help yourself as you leaned a bit closer to press a kiss to the top of his head.
He was failing to keep himself together very fast.
"What did I do to deserve you?" He whispered out, voice raspy with raw emotion. You smiled a little, slowly feeling down the side of his cheek, mindful not to poke him in the eye as you wiped away his lingering tears before they fell to your chest.
"Just try to rest, I've got you."
He hesitantly closed his eyes, allowing himself to embrace your provided warmth and security. It took what felt like forever for him to submerge underneath the wave of slumber, but you were able to feel his warm breathing against your skin after a couple of minutes.
You dozed off just listening to him sleep, but woke up when the weight of him on you was gone. The small light he kept at his work area was turned on, lighting up the room with an amber glow.
You sat up after rubbing your eyes, your attention immediately heading over towards the floor. Their were objects of all kinds everywhere, all made of metal or containing pieces of them. Shards of reflective glass from the mirror were everywhere, the culprit to the damage being a large gear resting unevenly on the table. You got out of bed, watching where you stepped as you picked up what looked like a white button up.
A throbbing pain stung your face when you lowered down to pick up the garment, your hand automatically going towards your face. You winced at the contact of your fingers prodding your cheek wound, almost forgetting what had happened. You almost wished you could forget.
Heisenberg wasn’t anywhere around when you looked for him. He wasn’t in his work areas, in any of the other minor rooms you could think of that didn't involve going deeper into the factory.
You picked up a peculiar scent of cigars and roasted coffee, the smell most pungent from a small stairway leading up towards a room you’ve only been in once.
You called it the sun room. It looked like a control center from the outside, a series of large windows over viewing the front entrance and large yard of the factory grounds. Inside the room was similar to a control area, a couple of consoles with buttons you didn’t exactly care for.
But the person you were looking for was sitting on a small couch, exhaling a puff of smoke from his lips as his head leaned back, keeping a dark mug of black coffee in his other hand. He wore his usual shades, his bare chest slightly illuminated by the slowly rising sun as he wore nothing else other than his pants. It was earlier than you expected to wake up, but you were concerned for him after what happened.
“Good morning,” You spoke up, seeing him raise his head towards you. He was quiet for a moment, seeing you wearing nothing but his shirt. He sat up a little, letting out a tired exhale. Even you could tell from his hidden eyes that he was downright exhausted.
“Morning kitten,” his voice was raspy with weariness. “Why’re you up so early?”
“I should be asking you that,” You walked over to sit beside him, crossing your legs a bit. He offered you his mug of coffee, which you agreed to take as he took a drag from his cigar.
“Are you okay?”
He exhaled again, watching the smoke create uneven patterns before permanently disappearing from view.
“I’m sorry you had to see that Y/n,” Was what he brought himself to say, sounding a bit ashamed.
“Do these happen often?”
“Oh. Can I ask what they’re about?”
Now what the hell was he supposed to tell you? Was he supposed to tell you that he’s had nightmares of you being taken over by Miranda, or nightmares of you becoming Miranda? Nightmares of you attacking him, beating him and berating him?
What would you think? Would you think he’d see you as a monster? No, not Miranda. Anyone but Miranda. He’d never want to compare you to that lying bitch, the sadistic cruel kidnapper that ruined all of your lives, permanently gluing you all to a chess board.
That wasn’t what he wanted you to believe. You were no monster to him. You were the exact opposite.
He didn’t want to hurt you with this truth, he believed you’ve been through enough.
“My past,” He sighed, deciding finally to keep it hidden. “Just the past. How I got here and… all that. Unfortunately this happens often, and I was hopin’ you’d never have to see it.”
“Oh.” You stifled a yawn as you kept the mug in your lap, lowering your head a little bit. So he had nightmares often, you figured so. You've never heard of night terrors before, or think that it would be this violent, especially with Karl's powers.
But after witnessing what happened, you wondered if their was some way to help him. You may have to see for yourself later, that is if this day were to go by as calm and normal as possible.
You looked down to the mug, finding the pitch black coffee staring back at you. You raised the mug to your lips, taking a slow sip to be greeted by an overpowering wave of sweetness.
"Oh my-Damn." You were a little flustered, the coffee tasting as if their were at least five tablespoons of sugar inside. Or several.
"What?" Karl spoke up nonchalantly.
"How much sugar is in this?"
"Enough??" You huffed out a laugh, the sweetness drowning out any bitterness in the coffee. It tasted like a bold, strong cup of coffee, but you were more used to other warm drinks during breakfast.
"You could try putting a little milk in it."
"Milk doesn't make it sweet."
"No, to make it taste more... creamier, I suppose?" You took a much more smaller sip, letting the liquid dance on your tongue before handing him back the mug. "Not as strong."
"I like it strong," Karl drank a considerable amount, leaning his head back after he swallowed. "Helps me wake up."
He chuckled a little, bringing his half finished cigar to his lips. "I don't know if you're aware by now, but I really enjoy sweet things."
"I can tell."
"Not just with my coffee liebe, but with you." He exhaled, looking at you though his shades. "Especially with you. You're the sweetest thing I've ever craved."
You smiled, feeling your face flush with warmth. You fumbled a little with your fingers, looking down a bit. "I guess that means I like strong things."
He chuckled, shaking his head at your comment. "Nice try."
"I'm not good at these things, you're the one with the silver tongue."
"You would know huh? I'm pretty good at usin' it." You almost snorted, giving him a playful slap on his shoulder. He reached for your arm before you pulled it away, the man giving a gentle tug as a signal to get closer.
He helped guide you to his lap, straddling his waist. From there, it was so easy to feel his hardness along his thigh, brushing along your sensitive core.
You moved your hands to his face, fingertips gently nestling in his hair. He almost melted at the softness of your hands, the skin on his face so used to feeling pain. You removed his shades, bringing them up to settled at the top of his head, bringing some of his hair back. He couldn't take his eyes off you, the early sunlight allowing him to see the unique mosaic of your irises, highlighting every colorful texture.
Holding you secure with one arm, he lowered you back while he leaned down, placing the coffee cup on the floor and snuffed out his cigar. He kept his eyes locked with yours, feeling your arms around his shoulders and body slightly tense out of fear from falling off him. This made a handsome smirk form on his face, leaning himself closer to kiss at the skin on your neck, finding your sensitive spot so easily.
His now free hand went to undo some buttons, opening up the shirt to caress your skin. Your body was so soft compared to his, softer than the fabric of any gown he’s ripped off you in the past.
“You scared?” His voice was lowered and slightly muffled, his facial hair tickling you.
“No, just don’t want you to drop me.”
“I’m not lettin’ you fall. How low do you think of me?” He chuckled, hearing you huff at his remark.
“You’ll never let me fall?” You spoke up as you held onto him, fingers feeling one of his textured scars.
“Mm,” He leaned closer, noses touching as his chest rumbled with a bit of a purr to his tone. “Never.”
He kissed you, the sweet taste of his coffee and burned tobacco perfuming your tongue. Interesting how it reminded you of an odd dessert of sorts, but you enjoyed it. Your tongue danced with his, hoping to win the upper hand while his hands roamed passed your hips, trailing up your back.
Your hands lingered to his biceps, feeling them flex under your palms while his hands traveled back down to your hips, rocking them against his. The rough material of his pants made you gasp in the kiss, feeling the scratchy texture feel different against your core.
He looked you in the eye, a smile starting to form as he repeated the same motion twice, enjoying your winces as you bit your bottom lip. "Feel new? Feel good?"
You nodded.
"Good," He kept a more firm hold on your hips, repeating said actions more slowly and smoothly as he continued to make out with you. Grinding you slowly on his lap not only had you making adorable noises in his mouth, it had him starting to grunt at the lovely friction he was feeling against his clothed cock.
"I want you," You whispered, your nose brushing against his when he met your gaze. "You're insatiable kitten," He spoke against your lips, one of his hands pulling himself out of his pants.
"You love it," You mused, seeing him partially smirk. "You're not wrong."
His fingers ran along your hole, gathering your sweetness to brush along the head of his cock before pushing himself inside. He watched your eyes almost flutter close, a small sigh leaving your parted lips as a short groan left his.
How is it that your walls were so sensitive, so sore even, yet your body accepted him so well? Feeling him so deep inside you where he belonged, it made you feel so complete in a way. You cradled his head to your chest, allowing him to hear your increasing heartbeat while you rocked your hips in his hands.
Karl snaked both his arms around your waist, hugging you close to him as he fucked into you. He roamed down to your chest, the fabric of the shirt pulled back to expose your breasts. He took a nipple in his mouth, rolling the bud along his tongue while bucking his hips hard, making you yelp and moan when he bit on your nipple at the same time.
The pace wasn't too fast or slow, but you couldn't care less for the moment. Soft moans continued to come from you, feeling the head of him running along your tender spots each time. You spread your palms against his back, allowing yourself to melt in his arms with your walls squeezing him with each thrust.
Karl left your breast, resting his forehead in the crook of your neck to graffiti your skin with sloppy kisses, his panting heard in your right ear.
"F-fuck Karl," You whined, your voice slightly raising towards the end. You felt yourself falling apart too fast, your orgasm threatening your body too quickly. As promising as it was to come on him, your sensitive body was quickly showing it was getting more difficult to hold back. "Please, I'm close."
"Ah shit," Karl growled, forcing himself to leave your comforting walls. He stood up momentarily, dropping you back on the couch where he sat. You were so close to griping at him, beyond fed up for being rejected your release, until he quickly moved himself to kneel in front of you.
Hungry glowing eyes stared at you, panting like an absolute animal as he grabbed your thighs, yanking you closer to his mouth. He quickly devoured your pussy, lips firmly locking on your clit. You felt your back arch against the cushions, excited gasps and whines leaving you as your face felt more warm, the tension in your abdomen quickly bottling up.
Your nails scratched against the couch as you came, hips jolting a bit against Karl's greedy mouth. He growled as he felt your hips thrashing, your muscles trembling in his iron grip. He refused you to move, his tongue plunging as deep as it could to lap up all of your slick. The sounds he made had you almost whining without stopping, bringing your hand down your body to squeeze your own breast before tangling into his hair, making his eyes flicker up to meet you.
The rising sun from the windows reflected off the faint sheen of sweat that gathered along your skin, Bathing your body with a veil of early morning gold that Karl visually drank in. You looked like an absolute goddess in this angle and position, regardless of the bruises on your beautiful face.
"Mm, damn sweetheart. Sweeter than sugar." He smirked, licking his lips before laying a couple of kisses to your bite scar on your thigh. You moved your hand back to rest over your chest, watching him lean upwards to give a few kisses to your bruised torso.
You joined him in a kiss when he returned to you, cradling your hips against his. His cock rested against your lower abdomen, hot with throbbing need. You moved your hand down, finding his cock a bit wet with your juices. Karl watched your focused eyes as you guided him back inside, rolling his hips when he felt your wet opening. Both of you moaned, your head resting back against the couch as Karl pulled your hips closer to him.
He raised you a bit, guiding your legs to rest over his shoulders. You watched him with confusion, a sudden moan leaving you as he thrusted hard once, hitting a spot inside that was almost blindingly pleasurable. He leaned closer to you, making your body bend in a way you hadn't experienced before. He thrusted once again, content with the short cry you made as he felt incredibly deep inside you. He set the fast pace, watching your body bounce while chasing his own urged high.
Your nails dug into the couch as he fucked you into the couch cushion, his name quickly mixed with a couple of cries. The loud slaps of skin against skin grew louder than your moans, his cock hitting more deeper than you ever expected it to. If anything, it made you moan louder as your oversensitivity quickly hit, making your muscles cry out. Kar was adoring the view of you, feeling himself filling you up so well, your walls clenching him so tightly. The muscles in your legs trembled more on his shoulders when he gripped onto them, hearing your moans break into uneven moans as you rode another body shattering orgasm. The sounds of your gushing pussy grew louder and wetter, sending him off the edge with a growl.
What he didn't want to happen was for his cock to leave you, planning to bury so much of his cum inside of you as he could. Unfortunately, their was so much of your slick coating your inner thighs and staining his pants, his cock slid out completely from your shaking walls.
"Mm, fuck!" He growled through bared teeth, watching his cum disperse along your lower abdomen as his coated cock rubbed along your folds.
"Please Karl, please put it back, fill me." You pleaded, watching him quickly nod while grabbing his sensitive cock, hissing as ripples of cum coated your pussy before he sheathed back inside, forcing both of you to moan at the hot satisfaction.
The both of you stayed that way, panting at the heavy wave of your afterglow. Looking up at Karl like this was always gut wrenchingly handsome, seeing him veiled with a thin layer of sweat and messy hair, especially with your legs resting over those broad shoulders.
Karl almost didn't want to leave, looking down at you as he dreaded the feeling of unsheathing from your warmth. An idea came to mind, making him rise a bit off of you. He kissed your ankle before moving your legs off him, moving your tired body off the couch. He sat himself back down, holding you back in his lap where you started.
“Relax kitten,” He whispered, watching your cum coated core dripping with a mixture of your combined mess. He gathered a bit of the mixture on his tip before sliding himself back inside you, making you whine.
“Shhh, I know.” He kissed your cheek, watching you rest your head on his shoulder. “I’m done for now.”
“For now.” You huffed out a tired giggle, seeing him smile as you settled your hands comfortably against his chest. If you focused a bit, you could hear his heartbeat slowly settle to a reasonable tempo, encouraging the heaviness in your eyes.
Karl kept quiet, running his hand along your spine as more of the sun crept into the room. He listened to your slow breathing, bathing himself in the warmth of your body as you fell asleep in the shelter of his. The sun lightened the veil on you, it’s light illuminating your hair into a unique color he liked looking at.
He wasn’t a fan of the sun at all. With a light sensitivity like his, he preferred darker places. He couldn’t help himself think just how beautiful you looked in the morning sunrise, how does someone hold that capability to look like this with something he hates?
“Womit habe ich dich nur verdient?" He whispered with the click of his tongue.
Translation: “What did I do to deserve you?”
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sexyheisenbeast · 2 hours ago
I keep accidentally fucking up my hands and feet EVERYDAY and I'm like
'No wonder Karl wears gloves and his leather boots all the time. It keeps them from getting cut up or burned'
Imagine how clean (although sweaty) his hands are? He never takes them off!
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