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aaravos-answers18 seconds ago
Hello!! I was wondering if you liked rock music of any sort? It鈥檚 said that people who like rock music tend to like classical, and I myself do. You seem like you鈥檇 like it. Would you like to listen? -pats to spot beside self and holds out earbud- I won鈥檛 play anything too too loud
Rock music? O.o
*sits beside you and examines the earbud* Mun has these, but he's not told me how they work. They are for music, I gather, and as such I would assume they go in the ears... *holds earbud up* the only question is how.
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abraxas-calibrator18 seconds ago
I'm in literally 1 homestuck server at this point and posted smth about watching/enjoying the Sarah z vid and had like. The Mods say "mmm I think some of her criticisms were in bad faith, the team reached out for comment and she didnt respond" like. Hello?? She just said there was a shitshow and that she didnt like it, like. Bro
yeah imo she was pretty reasonable about the whole thing. like yes she included her opinion, but there鈥檚 nothing wrong with that. she at no point stated that it was supposed to be a 100% unbiased retelling of the situation. and no she didn鈥檛 reach out to the team for comment, but she isn鈥檛 obligated to. if i wanted to make a video on the history of, say, gravity falls, i probably wouldn鈥檛 reach out to alex hirsch. it just doesn鈥檛 seem necessary
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highqualitymercy29 seconds ago
please tell gumbo that I LOVE THEIR NAME
I will 馃槀 I鈥檓 sure they鈥檒l be glad to hear it
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haberdashing36 seconds ago
do "sworn brothers" count as brothers?
I mean, it depends on the context, but I鈥檇 say generally no? Like, it鈥檚 a strong bond and all, but it鈥檚 still not quite the same as an actual familial connection.
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kronkk39 seconds ago
i think walker decapitated him if I鈥檓 honest, due to the way they hid the head and how his chest didn鈥檛 look that bloody. also I think the whole thing in civil war vs now is that in civil war the shot made it look like cap was gonna go for tony鈥檚 head but then he just powered off the suit, while walked actually did go for the head. like it was exactly the same kinds of shots for both scenes
That's how I read it as, but within the people I've talked to its pretty split. That just makes the most sense to me with the framing
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sonic-wildfire44 seconds ago
Kyle, did you see the 鈥渞ecent鈥 stuff from the original Sonic.exe creator? It鈥檚......very questionable.
Oh, yeah, didn鈥檛 they get called out for having some really weird fetish?
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tscampfireaua minute ago
are there any more dream monsters you wanna talk about vee? :o
there are ! um ,, okay wai t
Tumblr media
o kay um ,,, these ar borbel spirits ! i always see lots of em nd they are real nice , they are just like this drawing ! they are protectors , that s why i draw them often . there s also the fire lady . she s like th spirits but i bit diferent cos she has arms and no antlers ! she s also covered in fire. she s real nice but im not sure if she s a protector
the bully and bones are bad . bones is like ,,,, , a skelletic body that moves in all fours . and wvery time she moves it sounds like knuckles cracking . and the bully is real long and has a no skin on it s face. i don t know why it s called the bully , but that s what the others have told me . some times i wake up in my room and i can t move or talk and the bully is there on my window or ceiling . there s also the party poopers . i don t like them . they have no name so i called em party poopers
but there s also nice ones ! have you seen where the wild things are ? they look like that and they have normal names and they re real nice -v
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bohemianpagesa minute ago
pls i鈥檓 in love with her :鈥))
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doin-stuffa minute ago
馃挆 Send this to the 12 nicest people you know or who seem to have a good heart and if you get 5 back you must be pretty awesome 馃尶鉁 馃挀馃挐馃挅馃挀馃挐馃挆馃挐馃挀馃挅馃挅馃挀馃挆
Tumblr media
Thank you bby 馃挋馃挏鉂わ笍
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haberdashinga minute ago
yo congrats on the consult, if i can offer any outfit advice though 100% if youre having an in person consult wearing a button up makes taking your shirt on and off so much less awkward (your outfit in that pic is very cute though so i do understand if you ignore this and just keep truckin wiht that nice outfit) sorry if this is weird i just had my consult a little while ago and its some solid advice id gotten before
Huh... I鈥檇 heard that for the actual surgery but not for the consult. I can see the logic, but I think I might just stick with what I鈥檝e got on, especially because I鈥檓 not actually sure what I have in terms of button-ups that fit atm. Thanks for the advice though!
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rax-writesa minute ago
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insomnia-productionsa minute ago
Time travel AU based on MAG194, Jon wakes up in the past, determined to prevent the apocalypse, only to find that as well as keeping his Archive abilities one of his eyes are not his own, it has been replaced by a horrifying familiar green one. He isn't quite as alone as he thought he was in his head. Jonah gives scathing commentary while Jon tries to prevent the apocalypse and evade Elias. But they both know how it will end if they fail and reach an interesting compromise...
Ohhh this is such a good concept
And my gremlin brain went straight to the comedic potential of Jon being unable to avoid Elias bc just imagine Jon going back to some random day in s1. He really should be figuring out how to get out of here before Elias sees him but he gets distracted bickering with Jonah in his head
naturally, Elias chooses today to walk into his office to talk to him about some statement or complaint, and -
That鈥檚 his eye. That is his eye in Jon鈥檚 skull. He has to physically restrain himself from checking if both of his eyes are still where they should be bc what the fuck.
Just... consider, for a moment, that Jonah exists in this scenario as Elias. He also exists inside Jon鈥檚 head. Just imagine the two Jonahs talking to each other, bullying Jon into serving as the go-between so they can chat. I can鈥檛 decide if the two Jonahs would love or hate each other but there is enormous comedic potential in both possibilities
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poetkitten2 minutes ago
Daily pj picture ?
Tumblr media
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fyeahbughead2 minutes ago
Compilation of Jughead and Betty鈥檚 funniest moments 馃槃
here you go!
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kronkk2 minutes ago
Girl you read books? Get on our level and read horror fanfictions >:)
Drop the links then
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raxzity2 minutes ago
Eye鈥 looked at ur post, liked it, and then in front of my eyes ur pfp changed dhdhdhdhdhhdhdb
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not-a-great-writer2 minutes ago
dw this isn鈥檛 a request but can we please just imagine lee鈥檚 girl making him lunch and taking it to the station for him...peak domesticity
Tumblr media
This is the content I thrive off of, thank you 馃槏鉂わ笍
Tumblr media
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diamaantesicees2 minutes ago
no but can i tell you that you give me immaculate miriams harry vibes lmao, like sigh, throw him a book and a beach and to me, you鈥檇 be the same person lmaooo
omg stop
i鈥檝e just got some occasional (all the time) anxiety
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kronkk3 minutes ago
Wait, you don't have electric kettles in America?
Some have them but it's not like a household staple sort of thing
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luckycharge3 minutes ago
oxenfree 2 announced
this ask is such a mystery to me like its not that i dont appreciate it and im actually very excited because oxenfree is still one of my favorite games of all time and if the sequel is anywhere as good as the original im going to have a very good time but like. I have not posted about this game regularly in SO long and the last time i posted about it at all was 7 months ago.聽
Like who are you that oxenfree 2 was announced and you were like FUCK i have GOT TO TELL DUCKY ABOUT THIS. this is not a complaint i appreciate it i鈥檓 just baffled
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