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#actually bpd
run-from-the-scalpelsan hour ago
im so exhausted.................... my fp (im not sure he's my fp tho but thats ok ig) isn't replying and i might go crazy cos of that cos im just like that 馃ゴ馃お
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myspacelice3 hours ago
I can feel you becoming just another person and that鈥檚 okay
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my-stupid-advice4 hours ago
During mental health month (and any month, for that matter) let's remember to not just focus on anxiety and depression. Those are important, but if you're trying to raise awareness about mental health issues and illnesses, you also need to talk about:
Psychosis/psychotic disorders
Personality disorders (yes, including ASPD and NPD)
The symptoms that come with these, the good and the bad. Talking about our experiences isn't demonising, it's raising awareness.
Comorbid disorders
Physical and mental symptoms
Meds, therapy, and the fact that these don't work for everyone
Dissasociative disorders
Trauma disorders
Physical disorders/issues leading to mental issues
Neurotypes (and not just autism ADHD and dyslexia. I mean all neurotypes, schizphrenia spectrum disorders, anxiety disorders, trauma responses- everything)
And all the other disorders, mental illnesses, and other mental conditions I haven't mentioned.
You are all valid, and shouldn't be overlooked in favour of those that are most commonly talked about. Because yeah, maybe for non mentally ill people some symptoms of anxiety and depression are relatable whereas things like psychosis and dissasociating all the way out of your own body aren't as relatable, but that doesn't mean they aren't as important to talk about.
You are valid.
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coastingbetween7 hours ago
You are NOT responsible for what you had to go through as a LITERAL CHILD. The adults that were supposed to guide and protect you either failed or took advantage of your ignorance and nativity. Whether it was your parents, teachers, or any other adult that was cruel to you. It was their job to raise you up and help you learn to navigate the world. It's not your fault that they decided to be selfish
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lowkeyventing8 hours ago
Tumblr media
this one was the worst
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bpdisfun13 hours ago
When I was like 15 and first learning about bpd I was like "I fit most of these symptoms except for impulse buying" but I was so fucking stupid because like.. yeah of course I'm not gonna overspend when I'm a child with no money 馃槀 anyway I'm 23 now and when the money leaves my bank my serotonin goes up
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xg0dxx13 hours ago
I need to feel something but this does nothing, i don't even feel physical pain
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mentalwordvomit17 hours ago
Don鈥檛 post mentally ill shit on main Don鈥檛 post mentally ill shit on main Don鈥檛 post mentally ill shit on main Don鈥檛 post mentally ill shit on main Don鈥檛 post mentally ill shit on main Don鈥檛 post mentally ill shit on main Don鈥檛 post mentally ill shit on main Don鈥檛 post mentally ill shit on main
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mentalwordvomit17 hours ago
My dad asked me how many of the bpd criteria I hit:
Me: all nine
Dad: ALL NINE?????
Yeah dude you taught me to not be a quitter
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mentalwordvomit17 hours ago
I gotta stop using tiktok and Harvest Moon as a time sucking coping mechanism
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