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#resident evil village
fabiomorales · 8 minutes ago
Resident Evil 8 Village Part: 3
Duke's shop rocket pistol!!!!
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sunnywritings · 12 minutes ago
haha...hey guys, you cant see me but im awkwardly finger-gunning at the screen, um- listen...i know i been gone for a fat minute again but i can explain
i wrote the first chapter of a resident evil 8 fanfic and its 10k words long. 
....  my simphood is showing and growing, anyways!!!
you should check it out :) it’s called fragile and um, yeah! ill be working on that mainly and side-writing pt.2 of you’re amusing and a couple shots i still need to write.
anyways!! have a nice day/afternoon/night!! <3 (also every character in the tags is who’s gonna um, yknow, simp, love shit haha :])
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draconic-ichor · 18 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Finally able to start my first play through of Resident Evil Village and I found something interesting while exploring the castle. In one of the rooms near where you first encounter the daughters there are these three dresses. Lady Dimitrescu had little dresses made for her daughters that matched her own. My heart…
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unnameddoc · 31 minutes ago
wlw arriving at the resident evil 8 village be like: so many hot single ladies in my area 😳😳😳😳👀👀👀👀👀
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underwhelmingalchemist · 32 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Just some pics of my first day of working on my Heisenberg hammer! S/O to my boyfriend who's helping me and gave me rides around to buy everything!
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rp-meme-central · 47 minutes ago
Markiplier plays “Resident Evil: Village - part 1 - sentence starters
1. “You read that to a baby?!” 
2. “Man, we drink a lot of wine in this house.” 
3. “The moral of the story is: there’s nothing free in life, so don’t assume there will be.” 
4. “I think it just decided to be quiet now. Definitely nothing else happened to it.” 
5. “Just gonna barge my way in here. I never ask for permission to enter a home.” 
6. “I love fiddling with random crap as soon as I enter someone else’s home.” 
7. “I’m not robbing you. I am looking through all your stuff, but I just like to observe.” 
8. “That looks like a lovely castle. I love the buttresses and the crenulations.”
9. “Your friends are all dead. You might want to run away.” 
10. “Anybody mind me breaking in? Anybody going to stop me?” 
11. “Do you need to say all this out loud? Is this necessary?” 
12. “Maybe I shouldn’t have come back in. Maybe coming back in was a bad idea.” 
13. “I just want to get used to the idea of killing things with knives, because I’m going to have to do it when I run out of ammo, which will be soon.” 
14. “You want some stab?” 
15. “Did you deliver that? For me? Like a cat thinking I can’t hunt for myself? Did you feed me?” 
16. “They’re robots. That’s the secret truth behind all this.” 
17. “Well, I guess it’s all done now. I guess I’m free to go. That’s what I’m going to do. I’m leaving.” 
18. “I don’t know why I have a proclivity to go off the beaten path, but I do love exploring.” 
19. “Oh no, they have weapons! They have weapons!” 
20. “You know, you’re tall, but, uh, not quite tall enough, you know? Not quite tall enough for me to really respect you.” 
21. “Yeah, hand is still borked. Hand is what some professionals might call borked.” 
22. “You’re not Santa.” 
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ultimatebottom69 · 50 minutes ago
So if I understood well, RE8 is composed of :
Ethan : Mold Rat
Miranda : Birb.
Alcina : Big Bat.
Moreau : Fi sh.
Heinsenberg : Dirty Possum
Donna : The only human of the whole thing.
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kenganparadise · 51 minutes ago
I definitely need more sub he Heisenberg! Omg it’s just *chefs kiss* awesome!!
I decided to write some HCs.... I love this man with all my heart. Spicy hobo metal man❤️
Sub! Karl Heisenberg-
• This man is a bratty sub. He will throw fits and will purposely disobey his S/O’s orders. Sometimes he does it just to get punished. He also has to be in the right mood to sub- he’s not always willing to hand over control. 9 times out of 10 Karl will top/dom.
• He will only sub for someone he trusts completely. He’d have to be in a relationship with his S/O for a while in order for him to sub to them.
• When he is in the mood to sub he’ll let his S/O tie his arms and legs down to the bed (with non metal binds of course) a good bind will be a set of lingerie he really likes, use it to tight his arms above his head and he don’t break free for sure.
• He’ll tear through other sets of lingerie- but his favorite pieces he’s carful not to rip them. He wants to see his S/O in them again and again after all.
• He’ll groan and whine as his S/O teases him and edges him. Let it know that if/when his S/O edges him he will get his revenge. He’ll edge them 2x as hard afterwards.
• When he finally cums after being edged for a long time his eyes will roll in the back of his head- his loads are already huge but when he finally cums there will be a looooot of it. He’ll cum all over his hairy belly. He’d shiver and be raring to go if his S/O cleans him up with their tongue.
• He... secretly likes being spanked. But Shhh it’s a secret tho...
• If his S/O were to playfully spank him he’ll snatch their hand so quick.... he secretly likes it tho ngl. He’d never let his S/O know tho.
• Our boy Karl is a bit of a sadomasochist- he likes both giving and receiving.
• If his S/O were to spank him as a punishment he... will attempt to muffle his sounds. The feeling of their hand or a belt coming down on his ass will for sure make him moan... and maybe precum a little bit.
• When he’s really into subbing he likes being called good boy/bad boy.
• Afterwards he will for sure get revenge on his S/O. He will give it back 10x worse than received. His S/O will have trouble sitting down for a while Afterwards. He says he’ll never sub again but he will... he always will.
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trpiimuu · 51 minutes ago
Miranda: When i was your age-
Alcina, mocking Miranda: When i was your height.
Miranda: Alright, listen here you little shit-
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parlareart · 57 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Resident Evil 8 Paint Tool SAI v.2
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Hi…’re cool
Hello Lord Moreau, it has been a while since we last talked 😅
Thank you for the compliment, you are far cooler then me.
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mothmans-art · an hour ago
why tf am i so into dudes with long hair and steam punk glasses
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
losing my mind
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fangirlingpuggle · an hour ago
Very very tired but just Heisenwinters soulmate AU where when your soulmate is injured a mark/scar appears on your body.
There are barely any marks before the Baker house and then suddenly Heisenberg is getting so many so quickly and is just internally  screaming ‘WHAT THE FUCK?WHAT THE FUCK? WHAT THE FUCK? HOW ARE THEY STILL ALIVE’ eventually he comes to the conclusion that  ‘...well either my soulmates the luckiest son of bitch on the planet to still be alive...or immortal’
Ethan escapes and Heisenberg sees the scar/mark on his own body that matches where he impaled him is like ‘...well...fuck’ 
When they run into each other again the first thing Heisenberg does is just yell either ‘HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU STILL ALIVE?’ or ‘WHY IS IT ALWAYS THE HAND WINTERS? WHY THE HAND?’
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