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#greek mythology
localgreekmythologywh0re · 38 minutes ago
Sorry I just saw now the ask thingy 😭✋
harmonia - if you could learn to play any instrument, what would it be?
nike - what are you most proud of?
athena - do you have a favourite piece of art? what is it?
hygenia - are you a tidy person?
don’t worry about it, i should be in a zoom conference rn anyway lmao
harmonia im very untalented when it comes to music, but i’d love to know how to play the piano or — getting ambitious here — the harp. i think they’re just very beautiful instruments.
nike i once joined a nationwide competition and won first place 😭 it was an english contest and i’ve lived in england for a long time so i shouldn’t be proud but i am. i’m currently waiting on my results in a latin contest as well so 🤞
athena i might be biased, but my sister is drawing a composition of the characters from the iliad and that’s definitely very dear to my heart. however for a more classic answer it’ll be this painting (Hylas and the Nymphs) by JW Waterhouse, just because it captures the essence of Greek Mythology. i’m very indecisive though so the answer to this one will change multiple times
Tumblr media
hygenia i want to say kind of? i like clean places, but i generally hate tidying up unless i’m alone and can jam along to music lol
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for the greek ask thingie💅💅
enyo do you get angry easily?
thalia who can always make you laugh when you’re feeling sad?
urania do you believe in astrology? why/ why not?
this is gonna be embarrassing :’)
enyo yes, i get angry very easily. it’s more annoyed than angry, but yeah. usually it’s only my sister than can make me angry though, otherwise i’m quite chill.
thalia if you have siblings yk that the same person that can make you angry, can also make you laugh, so also my sister. @wh0reforhekate makes me smile but i love them and they deserve to be mentioned.
urania i really love the stars and sometimes i do check out zodiacs and stuff like that but i don’t ever take it seriously. as said, i would still die for the stars though.
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quinnisdead · an hour ago
Tumblr media
[WIP] Achilles’ murderous rampage after the death of his ‘close friend’
"Hector—surely you thought when you stripped Patroclus' armor that you, you would be safe! Never a fear of me— far from the fighting as I was—you fool! Left behind there, down by the beaked ships his great avenger waited, a greater man by far— that man was I, and I smashed your strength! And you— the dogs and birds will maul you, shame your corpse while Achaeans bury my dear friend in glory!" -The Iliad Book 22
I finally figured out how to draw faces :) also why, homer, did you have to make that shield so detailed </3
(Also yes this is a repost hshshsjs, wasn’t happy with the original post too wordy blah blah blah pfft /lh)
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obsessed-bisexuwhale · an hour ago
lately I've been thinking about what it would be like if the Greek gods existed in modern times and I've come to the conclusion that hades is the only one who would actually survive the rest of them would probably end up in jail at least once in their life if not spending their entire life locked up ( I'm looking at you zeus)
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hoeliterature · 2 hours ago
"I would know it in dark or disguise, I told myself, I would know it even in madness. "
The Song of Achilles
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Hermes: You got really drunk last night.
Dionysus: What do you mean?
Hermes: You started hitting on Ariadne and started crying when she said she was married.
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rewindthetape · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
If persephone was a modern day bisexual
yes our girl would be that bitch, yk the badass one who crushes the patriarchy with her high heels but as tough as she seems from the outside her heart couldn’t be any more softer, kinder and full of love.
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spooner7308 · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And now for a completely original character
Hektik the chaotic anomaly creature
What originally started as a Percy Jackson OC who was a demi god child of Eris, is now a Demi-God, Demi-Fae, all chaos being.
Hektik is a chaos lover like their mother and a shape-shifting trickster like their father. Fortunately, they aren't a malicious creature, preferring pranks and hijinks and being an eldrich Bugs Bunny.
The mask is actually like stereotypical anime weights, serving as a limiter to their power. Because underneath that mask is a vortex of incomprehensible entropic madness and proof that they really shouldn't exist. Like real genetic hybrids like ligers and such, their DNA (or the magic equivalent of such) is unstable, and they could completely dissolve into entropy if the mask is removed for too long.
And looking at their real face can do any number of things from, causing the viewer to turn to stone like Medusa, sucking them in like a black hole, causing all fluids in their body to simultaneously evaporate, or turning them inside out.
No one knows how and or why Eris hooked up with the Pooka, and how Hektik was conceived or born, it's probably for the best that we don't know. Hektik has a good enough relationship with their mother, gaining a lot of their love of chaos from her, but because Eris is a Goddess, she, unfortunately, doesn't have much time for her offspring.
Pooka on the other hand is a mixed bag, as fae have no concept of parenting, it's just not something they do. So some days Pooka would be showing Hektik how to prank travellers, other days he's trying to eat Hektik. This went on for a while until Hektik ate Pooka first, but because Pooka's an immortal, that just means they'll come back at some point, probably angry.
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thebookishdemigod · 4 hours ago
historians: i aint ever seen two pretty best friends
achilles and patroclus: (exist)
historians: i have seen two pretty best friends
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smallblueandloud · 4 hours ago
pjo fic idea: percabeth and all the myth archetypes they live through, over and over again
they're walking in manhattan and they have to be careful that annabeth stays ahead because they've been warned about percy looking back to her following him (orpheus and eurydice)
percy walks by the climbing wall while annabeth is trying to beat the camp record and her wrist gets caught in a harness and she swings to face out like she's been tied to the rock face (as an offering to the kraken) (perseus and andromeda)
percy keeps getting lost in hallways (despite having a decent memory for where he's been) and has to wait for annabeth to lead him out (theseus and ariadne)
they've been warned not to play frisbee around each other (apollo and hyacinth)
when they're asleep in bed at 2 am and percy mumbles something hurts, half-conscious annabeth pulls out her phone flashlight to examine his bruise, and the phone falls on his shoulder and somehow burns him (eros and psyche)
chiron, only half-joking, tells them to avoid planting things together (jason and medea)
annabeth somehow manages to rip her shirt on a doorknob while percy's at the store and only realizes what happened when he walks through the door (two hours late because of traffic) and she realizes she's weaving trying to sew the hole closed (odysseus and penelope)
"aren't you sick of it?" mumbles annabeth, one evening, when they're sitting on the couch. "why can't we just get our own story?"
"i wish i could tell you," says percy, kissing her hair and smelling laurel leaves
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master-of-the-stars · 5 hours ago
Just wanted to make a small poll asking about who does and doesn’t have a TikTok. I’ve been meaning to post on there but I don’t know who would follow me from here or not.
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toomanystacksofbooks · 5 hours ago
Circe: *exists*
Me: talented. brilliant. incredible. amazing. showstopping. spectacular. never the same. totally unique. completely not ever been done before-
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thishazeleyeddemon · 8 hours ago
One of the few things Virgil's ever done that I find absolutely fascinating is Diomedes apparently choosing peace after the Trojan War (according to Wikipedia, anyway).
Just - this man's been aware of corpses and violence and death and fighting in a very intimate way since he was four years old. He went to war for the first time at fourteen. He's a fighter beloved by Athena, war criminal, thief, someone who stabbed Ares -
- and this is the person who chooses the end of the Trojan War to definitively put down his sword and say no more.
How did he come to that conclusion? What was going through his head? Why did Virgil pick Diomedes of all people to be the hero who had this change of heart?
I don't know. But I frankly find it absolutely fascinating.
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anika-thestollsister · 8 hours ago
The gods as random things my friends and I have said in the last hour (we're on a call right now)
Hestia: Who doesn't love the sound of playing children?
Hephaestus: This ones gonna run out of battery soon— ow, my neck.
Aphrodite: I mean normally I see your mom wearing a t-shirt and jeans.
Dionysus: My plate is here.
Poseidon: If my fan is frozen, does that mean I am?
Hera: You can teleport?
Ares: You need mean guy friends in your life.
Apollo: You huddle up like all shy and timid and DON'T BE LIKE THAT!
Demeter: They live in river sunshine.
Hermes: Yeah I know their address it's not weird at all.
Zeus: Look at all these Sophias.
Athena: I can't scroll— oh no I can't scroll— I dunno why it isn't letting me scroll down but—
Hades: I am crying, yes I'm crying.
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candyflosscalvary666 · 8 hours ago
What I think each of the Greek Gods would get cancelled for (no SA)
Zeus: He's a trumpie and he stormed the capital. You know I'm right
Hera: Idk I get terf energy, I smell it in the water. However she gets caught, we know she's a #girlboss
Poseidon: I feel like he'd do something stupid like put his hair into cornrows or dreads. Not blackface but still a big yikes
Demeter: Doing something petty, probably to Hades. Nothing illegal, but everyone loves Hades so they'd be pissed
Ares: He either said the n word or shot someone or both. And then everyone would bring receipts of him doing other shit, and it would be over for him
Athena: I have this really vivid image of her finding PDFs of books and research papers, and uploading them onto illegal websites for free. Queen
Apollo: He would tell his spouse that he was going to visit his mum, and then he gets caught running away from an orgy at 3AM. It makes perfect sense to me
Artemis: The Boyz™️ would dig up old records of her talking about how much she hates men, and demand an apology. She would refuse and bam: cancelled
Hephaestus: I'm quite partial to him but I really think that someone would find him on an incel forum or 4chan and we'd all be heartbroken. Either that or we find out he's Elon Musk
Aphrodite: She'd get her nudes leaked by Ares after she doesn't help him with his cancellation. She wouldn't give a flying fuck but she'd be slut shamed by people like Hera
Hermes: Tax fraud. TAX FRAUD. Can you imagine this twink paying for the military?
Dionysus: A video of him doing hard drugs would surface. He wouldn't get jail time because I feel like Athena would be his lawyer, but he'd be put on a couple of no fly lists etc.
Hestia: I really don't fucking know. Like maybe the trumpies find out she's a vegan and go apeshit? She's so unproblematic
Hades: Everyone finds out that he's been sending people to punishment based on the fact that he doesn't like them. Like tories who didn't technically kill anybody. Good for him
Persephone: Hera says the T slur and Persy knocks her flat. But they only catch the beat down on camera. No one listens to how it started and Zeus mobilises his trumpies against her
Hecate: She accidentally posts a Prince Philip death meme to a main account and everyone makes a big deal because she sent out a condolence message two minutes beforehand
Eris: Where do I start? She is Trisha Paytas and Azealia Banks combined. She also happens to be QAnon and the Zodiac Killer. And yet people still defend her
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jellogram · 8 hours ago
Them: so what do you want to do with your life?
Me: *picturing Artemis bathing in a beautiful forest with all her hot bow-carrying lesbian huntresses*
Me: ....idk I haven't really thought about it
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"It is said by some, however, that Endymion was a son of Zeus. Because of his exceptional beauty the Moon fell in love with him; and when Zeus allowed him the choice of whatever he wished, he chose to sleep for ever..."
-- Apollodorus's Library
This is such a mood.
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jonesylium · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
A Vision
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