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#daniela dimitrescu
maggiemorticia-dimitrescu · 35 minutes ago
Is it just me who thinks Maggie and Nicole are deffo fucking or????
I'm not sure what you mean by that. If it's about not knowing about the DLC and whether they are in it or not... they might. If you mean it like they are together as a couple... idk, and honestly I don't care, that's their private life. To me they are good friends, If there's something more going on it's none of our business :)
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sunnywritings · an hour ago
haha...hey guys, you cant see me but im awkwardly finger-gunning at the screen, um- listen...i know i been gone for a fat minute again but i can explain
i wrote the first chapter of a resident evil 8 fanfic and its 10k words long. 
....  my simphood is showing and growing, anyways!!!
you should check it out :) it’s called fragile and um, yeah! ill be working on that mainly and side-writing pt.2 of you’re amusing and a couple shots i still need to write.
anyways!! have a nice day/afternoon/night!! <3 (also every character in the tags is who’s gonna um, yknow, simp, love shit haha :])
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666dmtrscu · an hour ago
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cratis · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
The Dimitrescu daughters casual/non-hunting wear , I wish we could have seen them in those
Tumblr media
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trpiimuu · 3 hours ago
Alcina, driving her daughters: So how was your day?
Daniela: We almost got surprise adopted!
Alcina: What?
Bela: We almost got kidnapped.
Alcina: Oh, That's great!
Alcina: *Slams on the breaks* WHAT?
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whyamiher03 · 3 hours ago
POV:your Cassandra and you called daniela cringe
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yourdeepestfathoms · 5 hours ago
Daniela, after seeing a poor-quality meme Cassandra posted: If I had a dollar for every pixel in this image, I’d have fifteen cents.
Cassandra: If I had a dollar for every ounce of rage I felt in my body after reading this comment I would have enough money to buy a canon and fire it at you
Donna: Actually, I did the math and she would have $225, not $0.15.
Daniela: Sis I’m right here……
Moreau: If I had a dollar I’d buy a can of soda :)
Bela: While you’re there can you get me some apple juice, please?
Moreau: Sorry I only have a dollar
Bela: :(
Donna: Wait actually, she’d have $22500, not $225.
Alcina: She’d have $22,500 because it’s a dollar for every pixel, not a cent.
Moreau: If I had $22,500 I would buy a can of soda AND an apple juice!
Bela: :)
Mother Miranda: You can buy anything you want with $22,500.
Heisenberg: Yeah, and he wants soda and apply juice!
Alcina: Apply juice to what??
Bela: Directly to the forehead
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the-broken-truth · 6 hours ago
Surprisingly, i really love your oc (Eliza Dimitrescu) Senior! Ahem- okay so, my question is could you do a headcanon for the dimitrescu daughters (including Eliza) reacting to their youngest sibling (the reader) die because of various ways such as illness or being killed and others?
I really want to see the bond of caring for their youngest sibling- and this idea has been stucked in my mind for a while, and That's why I drew Eliza's Death and Daniela visited her grave because she still cares about her little sister even though Eliza is already gone-
Oh i almost forgot, it's okay. It's not a canon. Maybe not yet- (hehe)
welp- thank you for ur time! remember, ur junior is always here to help and support u >:3
Broken Truth: Anything for a friend, Snowwy. Now, let the words weave together!!
Warning - Very Dark, Involving Death [PLEASE READ AT YOUR OWN RISK]
- Bela Dimitrescu (Unaware) -
Bela was the Eldest of the Dimitrescu Daughters.
She was the most responsible one.
The one who was aware of anything going on with her sisters.
But in this case, she wasn't and it caused the House of Dimitrescu the loss of something precious - something that would not be returned.
And Bela was to blame.
She stood before the grand fireplace and looked upon the golden urn that sat upon the top of it.
Upon the surface of the glass was a golden plaque with the words: [Y/N] Dimitrescu - Gone But Never Forgotten.
Bela could feel the tears building up.
Her youngest sister was gone...and it was all her fault.
The 2 of them were in the library - Alcina had to attend a lord meeting, while Cassandra, Dani, and Eliza were in the village for some manner of business.
Leaving Bela with the youngest of the Dimitrescu Spawn - a little toddler named [Y/N].
She was young - small. Only 5 years old but could still get into trouble just like her sisters could.
She was mortal - too young for the Cadou Parasite; Mother Miranda wouldn't give it to her until she was at least 15 to make sure she would live through it.
Bela wanted to read something and gave the child a book to read, sitting her in a chair beside her with the stack of baby books with bright and colorful pictures, along with a doll that Eliza had made for the infant.
Bela sat in the chair next to her and the two of them began reading their books.
Hours had passed and it was silent - just as it would be if Bela was alone in the library and it was that silence that made her slip into her own little bubble.
That bubble made it impossible for her to noticed the child got out of her chair and began to walk around.
That bubble stopped Bela from looking up from her book to see her youngest sister climbing on a very unstable bookshelf.
But that bubble popped...when the bookshelf came crashing down...right on top of the girl's tiny book.
Bela's eyes widened as she threw her book away and ran over to the down bookshelf and pushed it off her sister but she could tell by the look on her face...
She was too late.
The toddler's neck was snapped clean half and the light in her eyes was fading fast.
Bela gathered the girl in her arms and tried to hold her head to make her breathe easier but it was no use - no air was coming from her lips...and her heart began to slow its pace...until it stopped completely.
She screamed.
The door burst open.
And the entire family came in.
Alcina shoved her eldest away and held her baby in her arms but seeing as there was no longer a heartbeat, she knew her baby was gone.
The mother cried out in agony as the daughters looked at their eldest sister and asked...
"What have you do?"
She couldn't give an answer.
There was a small service.
The Lords and Mother Miranda attended.
The body was burned and the ashes were placed in the urn and secured above the fireplace.
No one said a word to Bela who just stood there...with her little sister's doll clenched to her chest.
Never again did she enter the library.
Never again did she read a book.
Forever would remain aware - for the sake of her other sisters.
And in honor of the one she lost.
- Cassandra Dimitrescu (Reckless) -
Her mother always told her that she needed to make sure she closed the door to the cellar when she comes and goes from her experiments.
She always thought her mother was overreacting.
But it wasn't until she lost something precious.
Cassandra was bored and wanted to have some fun with the creatures in the cellar.
She took her key and went down there but she didn't notice that she didn't lock the door from the other side to keep anything from getting out.
She had her fun and played with her toys until she was bored again and went up the stairs to return to the castle, only noticing that the door was open and bloody footprints were leading out of the cellar.
Her eyes widened and her blood froze.
One of them got out...
Loud screaming made her jump in her robes - something was wrong! Someone was hurt!
She ran out of the room and slammed the door, making sure to lock it behind her before she followed the bloody footprints.
She began noticing that the footprints were more apart - showing that the creature was running.
No - it was hunting.
But what would it be able to hunt? Everyone in Castle Dimitrescu could take care of themselves.
Oh no...
Mother Miranda, no...
She ran after the footprints and rounded the corner when she saw something familiar on the ground - a bright yellow stuffed bunny.
Not just any bunny - that was [Y/N]'s Bunny, she's had it since she was a baby and she never left that bunny anywhere.
As she got closer - she noticed that the bunny wasn't so yellow anymore.
It was stained.
Stained red.
And the red stained recked of iron.
And it was still fresh.
Cassandra picked up the bunny and followed the bloodstains down the hall until she came to an open room - crying from the inside.
that was her mother crying.
She entered the room...and her heart sank...
In the room were her mother and sisters - her mother on her knees with her back as she held something in her arms.
On side of the room laid the missing creature that escaped from the basement - dead with his throat sliced open - and its mouth...fresh blood was dripping from its open jaws
Bela noticed Cassandra standing there with the bunny in her hand...and she marched over to her middle sister with fury in her eyes.
"What have you done?" Bela hissed.
"W...What?" Cassandra stuttered but that just made Bela even madder.
Cassandra's face hit the ground as her elder sister struck her - she opened her eyes and in her mother's lap...
She could see a small lifeless arm...dangling...
Her worse fears...were confirmed.
Her recklessness...killed her little sister.
- Daniela Dimitrescu (Accident) -
Dani loved danger.
It made her feel like more of a badass and she loved the feeling.
But it made her mother and her sisters uneasy and they constantly warned Dani that she if wasn't careful - there was gonna be an accident.
She didn't believe them.
She didn't listen.
But now...
She wished she did.
Daniela was in the weapons room - testing out a new bow that her Uncle gave her.
She was always told to lock the door to the room to make sure no one came in and was caught in her crosshairs.
But that day, she didn't lock the door - too excited to try her new weapon.
She gathered her arrows in their quiver and began firing them at random targets.
She loved the feeling of the bow in her hand.
She loved the sound of the arrows hitting the hearts of their targets.
She was so entrenched with the feeling that she didn't hear the door open.
When she turned to face the target at her 6, she saw a figure but it was covered in shadows - a new target.
She pointed the arrow at the shadows and released the arrow...
It went soaring...
And hit the heart of the shadow...
And the shadow...screamed in pain.
The rush began fading as the confusion rose and when everything began clear - she was horrified at what she saw.
The arrow did hit it target - the heart.
The heart of her youngest sister.
The girl was groaning in pain as the blood began leaking from the wound.
The girl opened her mouth to speak but it came short.
Dani threw the bow to the ground and rushed to her sister's side - gathering the girl in her arms, careful to miss the arrow in her chest and run out of the room to reach the doctor.
Her mother and sisters stood with her outside the doctor's office, waiting for the doctor to tell them she was able to save her sister.
"What were you thing?!" Eliza screamed at her, "Firing an arrow at an infant?!"
"It...It was an accident. I didn't hear her come in the room." Dani said.
"This is why you were told to lock your door! To make sure nothing like this would happen!" Bela screamed with tears in her eyes.
The doctor came out with her head down and Alcina asked the question.
"How is she?"
The doctor shook her head and said...
"I'm sorry for your loss."
Those were the words that shattered the Dimitrescu Family and all the time, all Dani could think was...
'It was an accident.'
- Eliza Dimitrescu (Killed) -
The day she became the youngest sister was the day that destroyed both her mind and her heart.
It was a normal day - she and her youngest sister was going shopping in the village for a new winter coat for her little one.
Everything was fine until they ran into her.
Eliza's Birth Mother.
She hissed at her.
Demanding money.
"I'm your mother, you have to do what I say!" Was her reason
But Eliza was a Dimitrescu and she owed her nothing and warned her never to approach her again.
But she didn't listen - it must have been a mental problem or maybe she was drunk...but that would cost them both deeply.
The stray woman lunged forward and grabbed the little girl by her wrist, yanking her away from Eliza and pulled her into her body before taking a few steps back.
Eliza was ready to tear out her throat but she saw the woman pull out a blade and hold it to the young girl's throat, making her shiver.
She told her she would give her money, she'd do whatever she asked but begged her to let the child go.
She was 5.
She was innocent.
She had nothing to do with this.
But the woman didn't see it that way...
She wanted to hurt Eliza for not doing what she said.
She wanted Eliza to hurt as much as she did when she lost her husband.
And most importantly...
She wanted to hurt Alcina Dimitrescu for saving Eliza and giving her a perfect life.
And she would do that.
She had to do that.
And she did...
By slicing the throat of the little girl.
Eliza screamed out as the blade went across her little sister's throat and her noble blood stained the ground and snow.
Eliza lunged with her claws and fangs out.
Tearing into the body of tainted flesh like a vengeful tigress.
Once she was done - she crawled over to the little girl's body and roared like a mournful dragon, causing her mother and sisters to come out.
No one blamed Eliza for not being able to save her.
No one thought it was her fault.
Eliza blamed herself.
Every time she went to the grave, she would tell her little sister's soul this...
"If I had killed her time the same day I killed her would still be with me."
Broken Truth: Thoughts, Snowwy? @snowflakestree
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lewongrs · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the dimitrescus in casual wear + trio signing shenanigans can you believe bekka herself commented on my insta post of this :’0
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thefanficmonster · 7 hours ago
can i request for a lady d x reader headcanons where reader is really close to the daughters cuz they all see reader as their parent too and seeing all four of them bonding makes lady d all soft?
Omg of course you can! Enjoy! 💕
- Alcina, being the protective and caring mother she is, wouldn't allow just anyone to spend time with her daughters, let alone unattended
- However, while you respected her rules regarding her children, her spawns themselves decided to break them and basically corner you when their mother wasn't around
- To say your blood ran cold would be an understatement
- You had every right to be as terrified as you were: three pairs of curious eyes with a hint of crazy in them and three deranged smiles were staring back at you from every direction, allowing you no escape
- By the time Alcina got back, she was in for a surprise
- You had the girls - now a lot less menacing - gathered around sitting on the couch or on the floor, listening to you retelling the day you and Alcina met, adoration and amazement in their previously bone-chilling gazes
- Alcina didn't interrupt the four of you, instead choosing to stand as still as she could in the spot where she'd remain unspotted as to not break the magic built around the four most important people in her life
- Eventually though, when you started visibly getting worried about her long absence, she finally made her presence known
- She, of course, wasn't able to contain the large pleasant smile on her face, seeing the excitement in her daughter's demeanor
- Not the typical enthusiasm of being allowed to take a maid's life and drain their blood
- This was something else, something new and definitely something she'd never seen in them before
- Although she couldn't identify it, she felt her hear swell with warmth as a result of it
- Following that first interaction between you and the three young vampire girls, their mother started getting significantly more bombarded about when you'd stop by again
- Now imagine their excitement when you and Alcina announced you were officially dating and that you were moving into the castle full-time
- When I say they swarmed you, enveloping you in a hug tighter than you thought was possible, I'm not lying nor exaggerating
- Though the happiest person present had to be Alcina
- Seeing you with her daughters like that awoke something in her
- The need to protect you, them, all of you
- To protect her newly formed family no matter the cost
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Yea,you are correct. In January,when Lady D was properly shown, a lot of my friends have been asking me on what RE game they should start,lol. I for one am excited for the offical merch of the game. The Alcina statute is really gorgeous and the the T-shirt looks really neat.
I knew very little of RE, like I knew who Jill, Nemesis, Chris and Eveline were, I watched the movies but I didn't know how much of the actual story was kept in those. But, I've never played a RE game because I could never have a gaming console/pc (I literally would have to choose between buying one or paying my rent for a year... that's how expensive they are here, so... priorities) but I was always fascinated by video games and always said "I would like to play this or that game", but village got me so hooked and I'm in love with every single aspect of it, and what got me into it was Alcina, I found her style so cool and I loved her from day one. In here we most likely won't get the merchandise so we can only look at pictures of it and dream that some day we could, the Alcina statue looks so damn good!
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dump-truck-ass · 7 hours ago
Warning: kinda angsty
A CONCEPT: Alcina singing "In the meadow" from The Hunger Games to her daughters when she finds them almost dead
( credit to @xve-scarlet for the idea, she was watching THG with me JFHJS)
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yukisnow2 · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Resident evil village [ Bela Dimitrescu human mod]
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hurricanemylove · 7 hours ago
Summary: Daniela gets thirsty.
Fortunately for her, you’re more than willing to sate her thirst.
Warnings: mentions of blood and bad pick-up lines (it’s Dani, duh).
so... my friends really wanted some Dani x reader and, though it’s not my area of expertise, I tried to provide something.
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True, NDA's. Fun fact: This is the first time an RE DLC started development really late. Most of them start at least 2 month before the base game launches.
I honestly think they didn't imagine it would explode the way it did... like the marketing worked twice as much as what they expected to. I don't recall any other game that caused such euphoria even among people who had never played a single video game or even never heard of RE before, (leaving the thirst aside, which it's real) everyone got so hooked with the characters story and the psychological aspect since you actually end up feeling bad for killing the villains. They reached a bigger audience than they intended (and it keeps growing by the day), so that's why they might have started later. One thing is sure... the DLC was going to happen eventually cause we would've spam Capcom to death asking them for it 🤣
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Cassandra: I always try to be supportive of my sisters when they’re feeling down. You know, really take the time to show compassion and care. It’s just who I am!
[earlier that day]
Daniela: I’m so lonely
Cassandra: yes
Daniela: and so sad, I - are you swarming away from me?
Cassandra, swarming: bzzzzzzzzzzont be sad girl, you look so ugly when u cry
Cassandra: [swarms into the distance]
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