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#bts fanfic
ggukkiereads · 5 minutes ago
Fic Recs | BTS Masseur / Massage Therapists AUs
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dear Masseur Anon,
I am sorry it took me so long to clean up this draft. =)  Just been busy and I get distracted sometimes so the drafts end up unfinished. But here you go 😊
Tumblr media
We Float @lamourche​ - Hoseok
one shot | 9k | Massage Therapist!Hoseok, Angst with Happy Ending, NOT SMUT, check tags for warnings | A, F
A face peers out at you. There’s no beard, no long shaggy hair. For a moment, you wish he did walk around shirtless. He’s handsome. He’s taller than you, with brown hair that almost falls into his eyes and undercut on the sides. Warm brown eyes and a cute nose. It’s fucking cute his nose. He’s wearing cargo shorts, a Hawaiian shirt and white crocs.
Well, that’s better. He’s still handsome and his kind eyes make you want to confess some prior sin, but it’s easy to scowl at a guy in white crocs.
🌷ggukkienote: I love this because I’d associate massage scenes with smut, too! But this is a different take and it’s more about healing.
Tumblr media
Transference @dark-muse-iris​ - Hoseok
series [10/10] | 79.6k | Therapist!Hoseok (he’s like a counselor slash massage therapist), more of sex therapist, BDSM, slow burn | S, A
Prolonged periods of work-related stress bring you to a crossroads in your life that leaves you prone to make impulsive decisions. During a routine visit to the local bakery, you stumble upon an intriguing business card belonging to a "tantric therapist" and take a risk. When you discover your therapist is an attractive young man with a penchant for shibari, you throw caution to the wind as he helps guide you to self-recovery.
🌷ggukkienote: part of my favorite Hobi fics. A must read and a classic too!
Tumblr media
Table Talks @avveh​ - Taehyung
One shot | 7.8k | Masseur AU, Massage Therapist AU, PWP | S
After a string of bad dates and even worse hook-ups, your friend encourages you to visit Heavenly Massage for some well-deserved stress relief. 🔥 (writer never disappoints with smut)
Tumblr media
Our Little Secret @pars-ley - Taehyung
one shot | 3.3k | Massage Therapist!Taehyung, some twist in the end | S
A relaxing spa session ends up being much less therapeutic than you imagine but you get much more than you thought possible
Tumblr media
Helping Hands @snackhobi - Taehyung
One shot | 13.3k | Friends to Lovers, Unrequited (OC, at first) | F, S
you’re used to being in love with taehyung. you’ve had a lot of time to get good at it, after all—by this point you’re the world’s expert at keeping your less-than-platonic feelings hidden from him, what with the amount of practice you’ve had.
but then he signs up for a massage therapy course, because apparently you can never catch a break.
or: the one where taehyung gives you a full body massage and then some.
Tumblr media
Touch @upinthestarsx3 - Taehyung
Drabble | 2k | College AU, Massage Therapy student!Taehyung, Best Friend AU | S, F
“You wanna give me a sex massage?”
Tumblr media
Side to Side @forgottenpasta - Jimin
One shot | 7.2k | Physical Therapist!Reader, Idol!Jimin, Idol AU, PWP | S
Jimin loves massages and as his physical therapist it’s your duty to help him relax. Even if it means blurring professional boundaries and going a little too deep with your “hands on” approach.
Tumblr media
Surprisingly Sensitive @mintchocochip - Jimin
Drabble | 1.3k | Dancer!Jimin, kind of post-smut scenario | S
You’re Jimin’s former massage therapist, and his new girlfriend.
Tumblr media
A Sweet Touch, A Finer Delicacy @koyakoo - Jimin x Reader x Jungkook
Series [18/24] | 73k+ | Masseuse/Masseur AU, Massage Therapist AU, CEO!Jungkook, Romance, Slice of Life, Poly AU | A, S, F
A place he wasn’t supposed to be with Jungkook being a big shot CEO; his father warned him about any and every scandal that could possibly arise but, this… wasn’t one of them. Jungkook’s curiosity had gotten the better of him when he overheard one of his employees talking about it and he found himself standing outside this place. His interest was definitely peaked.
Or, Jungkook goes to a massage parlor only to fall in love with his massage therapist(s) aka you and Jimin.
Tumblr | AO3 [18 chapters are posted on AO3]
Tumblr media
The ones deleted are:
↳ Soft Touch by minnpd - Jungkook ↳ Aromatherapy by iq-biased - Jungkook (author has ao3 but this fic has not been posted) ↳ The Namjoon one, perhaps is it by honeymoonjin?
Sexual Healing @honeymoonjin - Namjoon
One shot | 9.7k | Sex Therapist!Namjoon (perhaps this is the fic you are talking about? it’s more of sex clinic and not much “massage” but there’s a massage room, pwp | S
desperate to finally break your masturbatory dry spell, you seek out a professional.
Tumblr media
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house-of-cakes · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Jamais Vu 
Masterlist || Series Masterlist
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Chapter 24: No Costume, No Entry!
Jungkook x Reader: enemy to lovers AU
Warnings: swearing??...maybe???
Premise: “There’s an opposite to déjà vu. They call it jamais vu. It’s when you meet the same people or visit places, again and again, but each time is the first. Everybody is always a stranger… Nothing is ever familiar” – Chuck Palahniuk, Choke
AKA Jungkook goes in search of the girl who got him expelled. 
You guys...I can’t  W A I T  for ya’ll to attend the Coming of Age Party 🤭👀
If you would like to give feedback or be tagged in this story please send me an ask/message 😊
Tagged list: @inspinkyring @betysotelo18 @kardia-apo-marmelada @casspirit0705 @preciouschimine @therealsugababe  @lucedelsole97 @deolly @lexy9716  @thesweetest-peas @sannsia @jovialdelusionbouquet @starlight-night0 @moonibub
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bts-teaspoonff · 3 hours ago
Fangirl pt. 6
Genre: Romance, Fluff, Slow Burn, Idol A/U
Pairing: BTS OT7 x backupdancer!reader
Rating: PG
Summary: Y/N, being a huge fangirl, finally got her chance to work alongside her favorite idol group as a backup dancer. She gets to know each member personally and realizes that her feelings may be more than fangirl-idol attraction.
Word Count: 8.1K
Warnings: slight angst, minor character death, implied PTSD, panic attack
Taglist: @nochujeonjk @i-like-puppy-mg @miyochan @satotakeru14 @boba-tea1206​ @blimpintime​​ @kodzuskook​ @fangirl125reader​​ @xicanacorpse​​​​
PARTS: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
Tumblr media
You’re back at your apartment, staring blankly at the ceiling as you lay down on the floor of your living room trying to contemplate what just happened today. It was supposed to be a free day for you but so far, everything is so crazy. You shrill as you curl yourself into ball, rolling to the side, as you recall all the events that had happened today.
 From Hoseok attending your class then driving you back to BigHit, to standing in that recording booth listening to their voices as they mutter your name. What in the world did you do in your past life to receive all this happiness?
 You pull your bag from the table above you to the floor where you’re laying down. You stare at the brand new purple phone inside your bag. Jiyong handed it out to you when you asked for a copy of the message. You did refuse it at first but when Jiyong mentioned Namjoon specifically told him that there’s absolutely no way he’ll let you refuse their gift. You raise the phone towards the ceiling as you flip it to closely examine the phone. You let your fingers brush on the small and subtle BTS logo on its backside.
 “What did I do to be this lucky?” You unlocked the phone for the first time and almost dropped the phone on your face, taken aback at the silly wallpaper that appeared out of the blue. It looks like Taehyung took the selfie, with him and Jin in the front while Hoseok, Jimin and Jungkook, in the middle row, were all adorably trying to push forward as if fighting for a bigger space in the selfie. RM and Yoongi were behind the other boys being so casual about it. You chuckle so loud looking at Yoongi in the selfie. It must have taken a lot of persuasion from the boys for him to join.
 You browse your phone to find the recorded message. After a few minutes, you finally found it saved as a widget on your menu screen. You click to play it on loudspeaker and pressed the phone on your chest as you anticipate to hear them once more.
 [All 00:01]                       
Hello y/n, we are BTS!
[Taehyung 00:04]           
Surprise! On behalf of our favorite sound engineer, Jiyong, we give you this one of a kind voice message from us, your favorite group in the world.
[Jin 00:14]                      
He told me he’s terrified of you when you’re angry…… What?.... Jiyong is telling the boys that I’m lying. Don’t believe what he says. Jiyong has a sister complex, guys.
[RM 00:25]                   
Hyung, don’t bully Jiyong unless you also want to give him an apology message
[Jin 00:31]                    
I’m just joking. Jiyong adores you. I can attest to that because he won’t stop bragging you to us even before you have worked here. I almost feel like I’m your close friend with how much he talks about you
[Yoongi 00:43]            
As expected, this message is now getting chaotic. Should we get to our main point?
[Jimin 00:49]              
Right! We actually suggested if Jiyong could instead give you a signed album but he admitted that you already have ALL our albums. Most of them being signed albums so I guess there’s no point in giving you an extra copy?
[Jungkook 01:05]      
So Taehyung, being a genius, asked us if we could record this message and sing a few parts of our songs just for you.
[J-hope 01:10]           
For our number one fan, we’ll sing for you right here. Every time you hear this, imagine that we’re singing in front of you.
[RM 01:17]                 
Enjoy our little gift! And can you please assure Jiyong that you’re not angry with him? He really looks like a terrified and sad little puppy
[Jin 01:29]                 
 A few more seconds, they started singing Butterfly. How many times have you played this song on repeat? You can’t even remember anymore. Listening to them sing it ‘live’ to you through this recorded message still gives off the same raw emotional performance compared from the studio version.
 Jiyong must have suggested them to sing Butterfly. You may have mentioned him once before that this song was significant to you but no one really knows the reason for it. At first, Jiyong thought that it’s just simply your favorite song from BTS but soon after, he realized that maybe you thought of your parents based on the message of the song.
 You didn’t try to explain anything to him even when he opened the topic of your parents. You just let him think that the reason why this song is significant for you is because, as stated in the song’s message, it expresses your fear of losing someone represented by a butterfly.
 It’s actually much deeper than that. You actually thought of yourself whenever you hear this song. Yes, both Jiyong and you lost your parents. However, you also lost a part of you after the accident. It took you years to recover yourself back from the trauma.
 It was late at night when you and your parents were driving back to the house. They argued for just a few seconds in the front seat as you observe them quietly from the back seat, then an upcoming skidding truck blinded all of you with its glaring front lights. When you opened your eyes, you were already upside down hanging by the seatbelt. Smell of gas was eerily present as you see the front of the car totaled along with your parents, making you the only survivor. Silence in that dark tunnel was terrifying.
 Jiyong wasn’t in the car when it happened. Fortunately, he was staying back at home with your grandparents because he was sick that night.
 Both you and Jiyong quickly became the talk of the village. There has never been a horrific accident in the history of your town. A drunk driver collided with the car that your family had been in, killing everyone but you. High School Orphans and only your grandparents now to take care of you and your twin brother. You had to show a brave front for your brother. You may be twins but you acted the big sister role most of the time and had to constantly comfort Jiyong through the pain of losing your parents.
 However, the guilt of surviving alone and the horrifying image of your parents constantly fights your sanity. You had to be strong for Jiyong but as a young girl at that time, you did crave for a figure to not just comfort you but also help you get up.
 When you heard Butterfly years after the accident, you understood it very well. In the lyrics, there’s also a hint of trying to save someone before they do something they regret or something they won’t come back from. When you listen to the song, it felt like there’s two of you. The you who is trying very hard to hold on is singing the lyrics to the you who is on the verge of letting go.
 The lyrics can be interpreted as losing someone you love. It can be an ex-partner, friend, or loved one. For you, it was yourself. Losing yourself. That’s what you were afraid of and fought really hard to not make that happen.
 That’s the main reason you became their fan. The complexity of their lyrics always seems to pull the unspoken words from you.
 · ───────── ·⑦· ───────── ·
 “Here’s an orange juice from me!” Taehyung props down the cold drink in front of Jiyong and sits down on a chair beside him, eyes still glued on Jiyong like a puppy.
 “How about Pad Thai from your favorite Thai place?” Jimin joined them as he offers it and sits on the other side opposite to Taehyung.
 “I’m sure he’ll choose mine. Hamburg steak with cheese and additional sauce.” Jungkook stood behind Jiyong, towering him as he leans in and puts down the food in front of Jiyong.
 “I’m telling you guys I can’t give it to you. She’ll kill me for sure this time.” Jiyong whined as he kick his legs from frustration. He wants to accept the food bribery but he knows that if he give what the three adorable troublemakers are asking from him, an apology message from BTS won’t save him again from you.
 “You used our song for her cover. I guess we have a right to listen to it or even have a copy of it.” Taehyung pouts followed by adamant nods from Jimin and Jungkook.
 When you were with Jiyong in the small recording studio, the three of them were actually just outside the door along with Hoseok trying to eavesdrop waiting for a reaction from you. They were actually surprised when Jiyong suggested that you try to sing to their song just to let off steam. Jungkook and Taehyung can’t seem to stop snickering when they heard you two siblings teasing each other through the intercom because you insisted Jiyong not to hit the record button when you start singing.
 When Jiyong asked you what songs you would like to sing, you declared to sing short covers to Promise, Still With You and Snow Flower, granting gasps from the three song owners sneaking outside. Taehyung actually choked a bit from his own saliva, not expecting you to sing his song.
 The four of them were all listening in as you were singing in the booth the whole time. Jungkook, Jimin and Taehyung were absorbed especially when it was their song that you’re singing. J-hope was also amazed and surprised. Not only you were one heck of a dancer but an amazing singer as well. Your talents could bring other idols that they know to shame.
 After you were done and left the recording studio, they all rushed inside to ask Jiyong if he did record it all. To their surprise, Jiyong recorded it all but of course, he did it without you knowing. Since then, the boys have been asking and bribing Jiyong to send them a copy of the music file.
 “I helped you by suggesting the personal recorded message. Can I have a copy of her cover please?” Taehyung pleaded with his doe eyes. Jiyong, now closely surrounded by the maknae line, contemplates whether the risk of being chopped to pieces by you is worth it.
 · ───────── ·⑦· ───────── ·
 Inside the practice room, every other dancer is busy dancing their butts off. You lean back on your hands spread behind you as you quietly observe your other fellow dancers practicing in front of the mirror. With the purple phone in your other hand, you gripped it tightly as you let your breathing slowly normalize just after finishing your solo dance practice. Sounds of stomping and shoe skidding on the floor echoed in the practice room as everyone pushed through the hectic schedule for the day.
 Tomorrow is the team’s MT or three day team-building event that’s got everyone in a tight schedule for today to, at least, finish any preparations that could be done and present the couple dance routines in front of BTS along with the choreographers.
 BTS and the main choreographers later entered the practice room and soon the dance routine presentation started. You’re last to present along with your dance partner, Taeyang, the couple dance routine you’ve finished. When it was finally your turn, Taeyang quickly stood and offered to help you up off the floor. You have danced in front of the boys and the choreographers countless of times but why does it still feel like you’re dancing to be evaluated and be listed off the team.
 The other boys quickly took notice of your newfound closeness with your dance partner and they weren’t entirely comfortable seeing you smile so sweetly at him. Hoseok were glaring at Taeyang’s hand as they landed snugly on your hips to turn you into place. The three younger members were sneaking stares like a hawk.
 They all knew that one of them is gonna dance with you to this song eventually but seeing you be this touchy and close to another man ignited something in them. Unsure whether it was jealousy but they convinced themselves that it might just be the feeling of protectiveness since Jiyong had told them again and again to keep an eye out for you.
 Yoongi’s full attention today was not really on any dancers nor the dance routines. He knew the inevitable obvious choice, which is to give anyone from the dance line the solo dance spot. The only dance routines he gave his attention to, not caring entirely though, was the dance routine for a member with three or two dancers. He glanced at his other members and sees Jimin, Taehyung, Jungkook and Hoseok sitting up straight and anticipating you to start dancing with your male partner.
 The second the music started, the four members on the dance line were entirely absorbed on watching ahead. Without needing words, Yoongi knew that the four of them are hungrily vying for the solo dance part. What he didn’t know was that the four of them were only thinking of the opportunity to finally have a chance to share the stage with you. The way your male partner danced to the music along with you, to the tunes of Without Me by Halsey, had them hungry for the coveted spot.
 Taeyang, your dance partner, carefully lands his hands on your hips and it travels down to your leg as you lean into him with your head back. Catching everyone’s eye at the intimate and almost sultry dance step, especially Yoongi. A few sneaky gulps occurred amongst them. You were completely engrossed in the music with movements completely fluid and expressions purely enchanting everyone.
 You were naïve to the scorching gazes and unfamiliar desire from the 7 members. Yoongi along with Jin and RM were now determined to insert themselves in the competition amongst the group for the solo dance part. All of them quickly exchanged looks the moment you finished dancing and the music stopped. No words were spoken but all of them understood that each of them definitely wanted the opportunity to share the stage with you more than the coveted chance to dance solo.
 You held your water bottle tightly while you quench your thirst. You eye out to the side as the main choreographers were busy talking to each other and to some of the dancers. Taehyung, Hoseok, Jimin and Jungkook were also busy talking to their managers at the other side of the room.
 “I see that you’re putting our gift to good use.” You almost choke on your water at the sudden voice behind you.
 “Namjoon? Don’t scare me like that” You cough. Finishing his cup of water, he slowly walked to your side. You quickly notice Yoongi’s head popping out from Namjoon’s side. “Hello to you two.” Namjoon cheekily grins and Yoongi smiled with his lips closed.
 “He said you’re putting our gift to good use.” Yoongi slightly leans forward, whispering. You glanced at him and quickly looked at the purple phone you’re tightly holding in your other hand beside you.
 Quickly after realizing that the two of them were eyeing your phone, you stammer while you took a step closer. “You really didn’t have to give me this. I tried to refuse it but Jiyong told me that you insisted that I accept it. Also, your other gift was unexpected but thank you. I appreciate it.” You smile nervously at the two of them, hiding the fact that you don’t just appreciate the recorded message but it meant the world to you. Obviously, you won’t admit that.
 “We did thought of giving you a portable drive for the message but I remembered that I did ruin your phone so I suggested that to them. For that I’m sorry.” Namjoon rubs the back of his head.
 Yoongi tries to join in the conversation, placing his hand on Namjoon’s shoulder. “Have you tried exploring your phone? Checked the apps that we have pre-downloaded for you?” Your eyes widen at Yoongi’s sudden questions, followed by a shake of your head. “We did. You might want to check it out.”
 Both of them stare at you as you give them a dazed look. The hand beside you that has your phone slowly creeps its way up but the sudden presence of a hand halting your hand surprised you.
 “Um… Maybe check it later when you’re alone.” Yoongi faces the other way, hand still around your wrist. He thought that maybe by looking away, you won’t notice the faint tinge of pink on his cheeks as he recall what surprise he left for you in your phone.
 He slowly released your hand, aware of the sudden contact with you and the presence of a crowd in the room. Your eyes still glued to him, you did notice his effort to hide his bashfulness. You try to hold in your giggle at how Yoongi suddenly looked so adorable and it made you much more curious to check your phone. You remind yourself to definitely check what’s up with your new phone the moment the practice session is done.
 By the time you realized your work for today is done, you search for the boys in the room but discovered that they might have left the room ahead of the choreographers and some staff. Most of the dancers were also eager to call it a day. Must be because of the Team MT tomorrow.
 As the youngest of the new female dance team, you have always offered to be the last to stay and clean up the practice room. It comes as a shock to you that your dance partner Taeyang offered to stay behind to help you tidy up the room. While you may have gotten a lot closer with him, interactions with him outside of dance practice is still a bit awkward.
 You sneak in a glance from the other side of the room as he busies himself with turning off all the electronic equipments while you tidy up the corner from the other side of the practice room. To distract yourself from being antsy at the awkwardness between you, you take out your phone from pocket to try and check the apps that Yoongi mentioned.
 “Our dance a while ago was amazing.” Your voice got caught up in your throat when you suddenly heard his voice. He was still bending down, not looking at you, reaching for something behind the sound system. Almost instantly, you stood straight up at his compliment to hide the fact that you were glancing at him. Finally facing you, he says “Your moves were amazing. You really do transform when it’s time to perform just as the others say.”
 “Thank you. I’m still lacking but I hope I did good as your partner.” you say as you put your phone back in your pocket.
 Something about his gaze as he walks up to you made you avoid eye contact, bashful from the compliment. He slowly closes the distance between the two of you and you were so sure he was going to stop in front of you. You find yourself sighing when he just walked past you, to the water dispenser behind you.
“And thank you for staying and helping me clean up today.” You weren’t sure why you were so suddenly aware at how awkward this is turning out. Taeyang have complimented you before during practices but somehow, the change of timbre in his voice slightly made you nervous and hyperaware of the fact that you’re alone with him.
 “Anytime, y/n.” You turn to him when you saw a smile slightly obstructed by the rim of the paper cup as he drink up a cup of water. “Too bad I’m just a stand-in for that solo dance.”
 You barely caught what your dance partner had just said so you thought to try and ask him to repeat then a sudden sound of the door opening startling both you and Taeyang, your phone almost slipping from your hands. Your breath catches and you smile so wide it could almost reach your ears as you recognize the figure slowly coming up to you. Despite not having really spent a lot of time with Jin, his presence is a huge relief to break the sense of awkwardness filling your chest. You find your shoulders relax as you see him greet you with a smile.
 Jin was also confused when he saw that you were alone with Taeyang in the room. He hides his discomfort at the sight but seeing how your face lit up when he came into the room, he let the thought pass and kept his face neutral despite wanting to grin at how adorable you looked when you smiled at him.
 “Jiyong asked me to get you.” Jin says, still glancing at Taeyang drinking his cup of water behind you.
 “He could’ve just texted me. That lazy guy.” You hiss and then turned to Taeyang to bid goodbye.
 “See you tomorrow then?” Taeyang pats your head and turns to his bag. You excused yourself from Jin to run and get your bag from the far end of the room. By the time you walked back beside Jin, Taeyang have already left the room.
 “I didn’t know you and Taeyang were that close already.” Jin queries. He wants to press on further especially after seeing Taeyang comfortably touched your head but he doesn’t want you to think that he’s nosy. You and Jin were still acquaintances but with his closeness with Jiyong, you almost feel like a younger sister to him.
 “Can’t help it if we’re always practicing that solo dance routine almost everyday.” You explain. “But we haven’t really spent much time outside practice time. He’s just looking out for me since he’s kind of my dance mentor too.”
 I don’t think it’s just that, he thinks to himself. He saw the way Taehyung looked at you today. He knew all the male dancers well and Jin never saw that kind of gaze from Taeyang directed at anyone. Not that he has any problems with Taeyang probably having feelings for you, he just repeats to himself that he’s looking out for you.
 “So what does my lazy brother need from me to have asked you personally to come and get me?” You question him as you usher him out of the room while you turn off the lights and close the door.
 “Oh that. He didn’t actually.” You look at him, confused with brows furrowed. “I was the one who actually needed to get you and come with me. I only used Jiyong’s name because Taeyang was there.”
 “Come with you? To where?” Both you and Jin walked side by side along the hallway.
 “We’re having a game night at our dorm and the boys wanted to invite you.” Jin informs you, still looking ahead. He wasn’t aware that you stopped walking when you heard what he just said.
 “Wait, what, Me? Why me?” Jin heard your voice slightly go up and this made him turn quickly to his side, startling him to not see you beside him and rather, frozen a few feet behind him.
 “We invited Jiyong as well but he’ll be late. He said he’s caught up with work.” Jin beams at you warmly as he tries to calm you down.
 “Yeah but why me? I mean isn’t it too sudden for me to just barge in at your dorm?” You counter.
 Surely, this is a big jump from the warm gesture from the voice message and new phone. You’re happy that they have thought of you to come on their game night but isn’t their dorm their personal private space?
 “Jiyong has been a very good friend to us, almost like family and we all wanted to make an effort to get to know you as well. We usually invite him to the dorm whenever we can and I think he would be happy if you’ll be there too.” For a moment, Jin thought it would be a good idea to just use Jiyong’s name as an excuse to invite you because he knew that you would be uncomfortable if it was just them inviting you. In reality, his other members have already suggested to invite you even before he got the chance to suggest it to them.
 “I want to get to know all of you more as well. I’m just shocked that you all think the same way. Excuse me but I won’t deny anymore that I’ve been a huge fan for a long time. I’m sure you know that well by now.” You gripped the strap of your bag tightly and your nervous state didn’t go unnoticed by Jin. Your heart is racing a hundred beats a second at just hearing him invite you to their dorm.
 “I’m just glad that Jiyong’s twin sister is our fan and not an anti. It would’ve been hard for us to befriend you if that was the case.” He chuckles. Your heart is full at Jin’s effort to lighten up the mood.  “Come on. I’m going to buy food for the troublemakers at home. Yoongi will be cooking for us tonight but Taehyung and Jungkook texted me to get extras.” He pats your shoulder
 A little extra time to get to know them wouldn’t hurt. It could actually help you a lot with the solo dance routine. You wouldn’t want to perform badly just because you’re not comfortable and awkward with your partner. Thinking back when you first danced to the song with Taeyang, it just looked so wrong and you couldn’t convey the dance properly. It’s a blessing in disguise to get to be close to them this way but you wouldn’t refuse such a scrumptious offer.
 You were grateful for Jin’s effort to lift up your mood during the drive back to their dorm. Sometimes, you would tightly grip the seatbelt in front of your chest and fall quiet. He would suddenly pull out ridiculous puns that would bring out the most un-ladylike laugh from you. To distract yourself, you insisted to be the one to get off the car and pick up the order from a restaurant.
 Your breathing gets ragged and eyes unfocused the longer the drive went and the closer you get to the dorm. You think you might be sick with the way your stomach flips at the thought of 6 other people waiting for you.
 You froze behind Jin as he ring the doorbell. There’s still a chance for me to run, you thought but was interrupted when you hear unintelligible chatter from at least 2 people on the other side of the door.
 The door flew wide open and you were greeted by Taehyung and Jungkook. The two of them holding the doorknob with Taehyung slightly pinned beneath by Jungkook who seems to have jumped on his back. “You’re finally here!” Taehyung flashes his boxy grin at you.
 Your eyes wandered behind the two of them as Namjoon’s head popped up from the end of the short hallway visible from the doorway. He raised his hand to wave to you and you waved back.
 “Don’t crowd the lady and help me carry these to the kitchen.” Jin instructs them and instantly, Taehyung and Jungkook untangled themselves from each other and rushed to get the bags from Jin’s hands. You could almost hear Namjoon at the edge of the hallway teasingly smacking and scolding the two of them from overwhelming you when you arrived.
 Jin was caught by surprise when you try to hold in your chortle, shoulders shaking at the sight of those two being scolded. He stood against the door allowing you to go in ahead of him and when he saw you hesitate a bit, he hums and say with a grin “Don’t worry, those kids won’t bite.”
 You walked ahead further down the hallway, nervously treading every step. Finally, you get a clearer view of the inside of their dorm. Directly on your right, a huge glass chandelier adorns the ceiling complimenting the black and white interior of the spacious kitchen. A long wooden dining table in the middle. Across from the kitchen, an L-figure brown couch facing the huge flat screen occupies the living room. It feels weird seeing it upclose and personal after seeing glimpses of their dorm from online videos and their V-lives.
 Sound of plastic bags rustling coming from the kitchen caught your attention. Taehyung and Jungkook were rushing to take out all the contents from the bag, drooling at the sight of the takeout you and Jin ordered. Yoongi was busy chopping up something with his back facing away from everyone. You take in the scrumptious smell filling up the room and almost instantly, your stomach grumbled.
 Jin walked past you to mingle with the two boys. You see the back of Namjoon’s head as he sits quietly on the couch with a book in his hand. Unable to stay put, you hover towards the kitchen. Observing everyone as you make your way closer to Yoongi.
 “Is there anything I can do to help?” You ask as you examine the boiling pot on the stove while Yoongi continues to chop up what seems to be ingredients for a stew. The quiet and busy member seems so docile-looking compared to the cool and stoic Yoongi you always encounter at work. Sometimes, it even confuses you with how he’s hot and cold towards you.
 “You’re our guest. It wouldn’t really look nice if we let you work for your food.” He continues to chop, head only slightly turning to your direction, eyeing you out from the corner of his eye.
 You roll up your sleeves, ignoring Yoongi. “I’ll help you out. It’s the least I can do for the free invitation and besides, my cooking skill is highly commendable.” You carefully snatch the knife away from his hands. Yoongi, unable to stop you, stepped aside and glanced at Jin. Both of them chuckling at your persistence.
 “I’ll take up on that offer but if our dinner turns out bad, I’m blaming you.” Yoongi teases.
 “I have magic hands. I doubt it’ll go bad. It might even turn out a lot better now that I’m helping you.” You counter, chopping the vegetables at a much quicker pace than Yoongi.
 Jin stares warmly at the two of you comically bantering while seated on the dining table. He had thought of reminding his younger members to do their best to make you comfortable but it surprises him to see you fitting in almost instantly. He smiles as you comfortably interact with Taehyung and Jungkook as they make their way to sneak in between you and Yoongi.
 Come dinner time, Yoongi excused himself from the kitchen to get something from his room, leaving you alone. Might as well help him to plate and serve the food so you wandered around the kitchen, checking the cabinets for plates.
 You don’t hear the footsteps entering the kitchen while you search the bottom cabinet. The member could only hear the sound of the plates clunking against each other and not aware of the person obstructed by the huge black kitchen counter.
 “Hyung, it smells good.” You hear a groggy voice behind the other side of the kitchen counter while you take out a plate. You stood up and sees an equally surprised Jimin. You could tell that he just woke up from a nap, judging by his bedhead. “Y/n? Why are you in the kitchen? Aren’t you our guest?” He rubbed his eyes and quickly searched for the missing presence of Yoongi.
 You were about to explain yourself but was interrupted by Yoongi, returning from his room as he answers for you. “More like she snatched my tools and insisted on helping me. She won’t budge.” He huffs as he takes his place back in the kitchen, helping you plate the food.
 Jimin, still sleepy, quietly offered his help. Taking away the filled-up plates from your hands. Yoongi asked him to call the other members for dinner. One after another, the members take up their space in the long table. Jin noticed you standing timidly at the side not knowing where to sit as everyone continues to sit down. He calls your attention and pulls out an empty chair beside him. You automatically walk up beside him and sat down, observing everyone.
 It didn’t take long before the dinner got a bit rowdy. It wasn’t difficult to warm up to them, the feeling of comfort almost feels so natural. Everyone was obviously famished from the practice a while ago so the food was almost devoured instantly just as dinner started.
 The younger boys complimented the dinner non-stop and insisted that you regularly visit their Game Nights in exchange for your impressive culinary skill. Jungkook complained that whenever Jiyong would help in the kitchen, he could destroy whatever Yoongi would make. Yoongi attests to that but quickly protests and teased them for not appreciating his work in the kitchen.
 Jimin and Hoseok insisted that they clean up the table, escorting you to the couch. You see Jungkook setting up his PS4 on the tv across you. Namjoon stepped over the couch from behind you taking his place on your left and Jin sits down beside you on your right.
 “I guess we won’t keep you too late. You still have to pack for the MT tomorrow.” Jin turns to you, still observing you if you’re having a good time with them.
 “I’m sure you love the idea that you get to go back to your hometown even if it’s for work.” Namjoon reaches for a pillow beside him, hugging it.
 “Wait. Hometown?” your fingers froze just as you were fiddling with your phone.
 “Me and Jimin hyung were so excited when we heard that this year’s MT is in Busan. If I remember correctly, Jiyong hyung told us that his hometown is Busan, right?” Jungkook cheekily stood up with a cord in his hand. You could see the obvious grin plastered on his face as he searched for Jimin’s figure in the kitchen.
 You bite your lip as you nervously try your best to recall. Did you just forget about the MT entirely? You were sure that they announced the location for the MT earlier this morning. Maybe you were too nervous and occupied with the thought of having to present the dance routine in front of everyone that you completely forgot about the MT being in Busan.
 You sigh and rubbed your temples. Why would you even forget such an important detail like that? Just thinking about going back to Busan felt like an impending headache. There’s no way you could back out from the MT now. It’ll also look bad if you don’t join the dance team, it might send a message that you’re unsociable.
 Unaware that you turned pale and started heaving hard, the three men in the living room with you were now starkly aware of your sudden change of expression at the mention of the MT.
 “Noona, is there something wrong?” Jungkook asks with a worried voice, discarding the cord in his hands and swiftly knelt down in front of you. He tries to get a good look at you while you stare down at your knees, shoulders hunched forward.
 Your ears started ringing and you squeeze your fists as your chest started getting heavier each breathe you take. Namjoon slowly sat up straight as he sees Jin and Jungkook trying to call your attention. It was when Jin wrapped his hands around one of your clenched fists that you realize how close Jungkook is crouching in front of you, head bent to the side as he worriedly observes your face. Jin’s warm hands enveloping your small, cold and shivering hands. Namjoon frozen in his seat not knowing what to do to help you.
 “Um, can I excuse myself to the restroom please?” Your hands were starting to get clammy as you forced to compose yourself. You wish they could tell you the way to the restroom a lot faster as each passing second, it’s getting difficult to stay composed in front of them. Jin was the first to stand up from the couch and escorted you to the restroom, leaving Namjoon and Jungkook frozen in their seats.
 You quietly close the door of the restroom, making sure not to let Jin worry more. Once you were sure you heard his footsteps get away from the room you were in, you could barely hold yourself up before your legs buckle and you let yourself fall to the floor. Your weight propped against the door as you try to suck the chilled air into your lungs. Sharp successive breaths took over you, slowly making you feel pins and needles at the tips of your fingers.
 The panic creeps up on you in bouts. Your fingers claw at your legs as you hug them tighter. Memories that you worked so hard to forget starts to resurface and replays in your mind, leaving you suffocated.
 For a moment, you picture yourself staying in the restroom for the rest of the night. You suddenly felt so alone in a space filled with 7 other people. Even the thought of standing up and getting back out takes up a lot of energy from your body.
 Your excitement for tomorrow now completely gone and replaced by dread of going back to your hometown. It’s been years and you’re not even sure if you can even handle going back there. It was only two years ago when you recovered from being haunted in your dreams by the memories of the accident. You don’t want to lose your progress since it took a lot of effort by yourself to get back up.
 It took only for you to hear boisterous laughter coming from the living room and somebody knocking on the door to remind you that you have no choice but to go back out. You reach for the edge of the sink to help yourself up. Like a newborn deer, you can’t really sustain your weight as your knees started shaking when you were standing properly. You take in one last deep breath before opening the door.
 You crack your eyes open, body heaving with effort to get enough oxygen in your lungs but you’re met with the soulful brown eyes of Yoongi, narrowed in concern. He doesn’t question you further as you step aside to give way for him to use the restroom. It took three steps out the restroom before your knees decided to give out. Yoongi rushed to catch you before you fell to the floor.
 You squeeze his arms around you that were holding you up before facing him. “You tell absolutely no one… I don’t want anyone to worry…” Breathing still ragged, you huff out every word to the best of your ability as you realize that you can’t hide your panic attack from Yoongi. You must look so bad to see Yoongi study your face with utmost care. “Yoongi please?... I’ll be fine. Don’t mind me… Just until my panic attack subsides.” He softly shush you as he sees your great effort to speak.
 Yoongi sighs before calmly looking back at the empty hallway and to the living room where everyone’s pretty much occupied. His eyes wandered back to your shivering hands and shaking knees. You’re in no shape to walk back to the living room much less stand on your own. Yoongi slowly wraps his hand on your back and behind your knees before lifting you off the floor.
 The scent coming from Yoongi’s body calms you as he cradles you in his arms. Your head felt like lead, finding its way on the crook of its neck. Before you even realize, you find yourself clinging to him as you fist your hands in his shirt. His skin is slowly getting hot against yours, and his breathing seems to have increased if you were only able to notice. His heartbeat against was almost like a lullaby that greatly helped to calm you down.
 “You’re alright.” He coos as he starts to hear you sniffle. He quietly walked towards his bedroom, with you in his arms, to give you a place private enough away from the eyes of the other members. He slowly puts you down on his couch and when you were finally seated comfortably, he rushed to reach for a blanket at the edge of the bed.
 Your back felt damp, sweating all over and your fingers definitely feels asleep but clarity of your situation began creeping back. “Yo-Yoongi” You stammer as you realize that he chose to hide you in his bedroom.
 “Shh, don’t force yourself to speak. Take it easy. I’m here.” He fixed the blanket around you before crouching down to completely see your face. “Just keep breathing and it’ll go away. I’ve had my fair share of panic attacks so trust me when I say I’ll just be here until you say so. You’ll be fine.”
 You trust him as you find yourself focusing on your breathing. Once you find it easy to move your limbs with ease accompanied by a yawn, you know that the worst has passed. If it wasn’t for Yoongi, the situation could’ve escalated and would have made everyone unnecessarily worry about you.
 “Thank you.” You manage to speak out. “I feel silly that you caught me looking like that. Sorry.”
 Yoongi quietly hums, letting you speak further if you intend to while he reach for a glass of water on top of his side table beside the couch. He offers it and you take it with your hand still slightly shaking. He lets you drink first before he spoke up. “I overheard your conversation with the boys in the living room just before you went to the restroom. I was worried but I don’t know if you want anyone to check up on you. You were taking a lot longer than I expected so I knocked.”
 You prop your head in your hands, elbows leaning on your knees. “This is the first time someone has seen me like this. It just took me by surprise when Jungkook mentioned Busan. Next thing I know, all I could think about is to run out the door.”
 “I won’t force you to talk about it if it makes you uncomfortable. If you want to go home, I could just tell the boys to…” Your hand swiftly sprung out to land on Yoongi’s wrist.
 “I’m fine. Jungkook seems so happy when he showed me the games we’ll be playing. I’ll just take a moment then I’ll be back out.” You assure Yoongi with a heavy breath. He wanted to assure you that they’ll understand if you want to excuse yourself for the night but he kept quiet, trusting you that you’ll be fine.
 Not a second after, the doorbell rang to alert everyone in the dorm. Yoongi stood up from in front of you, eyes still glued on you as he saw you recognize the person on the front door just from the distinct way the doorbell was rung. “Don’t you dare tell my brother about this” You attempt to stand up, worried that Yoongi might tell Jiyong about your situation.
 “Don’t worry, I’ll keep this a secret between us. Just promise me that you’re fine before I leave you.” He assures you with his soft smile and gentle eyes as he opened the door and walking out.
 “I’m fine Yoongi. Thank you. I’ll just take a minute to fix myself up before I go back out.”
 “Take your time. I’ll try to come up with an excuse to keep them from looking for you. I’m sure Jungkook, Jin and Namjoon must be getting concerned by now.” He turns back to you before slowly closing the door.
 You find yourself collapsing against the couch, your breathing slowly going back to normal. You heaved and leaned forward to try and stand up once again. When you knew you were fully capable of making a few steps without stumbling or any of your knees giving out, you walked straight to a full size mirror beside the door to fix yourself up. You pity yourself for having been seen by Yoongi like this; your eyes and nose were bright red and a couple of strands stuck to your forehead due to the profuse sweat.
 To avoid anyone seeing you coming out of Yoongi’s bedroom in the effort to find you, you quickly and quietly walked out from the comfort of his room when you were sure you were devoid of signs that you were in utter distress just minutes ago.
 Jungkook was about to run to find you but stopped when he saw you emerging back to the living room. Completely different from how you looked a while ago, he stares in confusion as you greet Jiyong who was now also present in the living room. Namjoon shares the same confusion as Jungkook. Yoongi was sitting down beside them and he saw the youngest member’s eyes following you as he tries to study your now seemingly normal expression.
 Taehyung runs up to you behind the couch, pulling your wrist to ask you to play one-on-one against him. You don’t refuse and you take up space beside him, seated on the floor. Just before the game starts, you turn to look at Yoongi and found him gazing at you. You mouthed Thank you to him and he nods before you got back to play with Taehyung.
 Jin, Namjoon and Jungkook were wary when the topic about the MT came up again, you even catch Jungkook kicking Jimin’s feet to stop him from talking. When it was Jungkook’s turn to play again, you notice his eyes anxiously wander back to you from time to time. He must have been blaming himself for making you sad.
 Like Jiyong knew what you needed to cheer up the youngest, he offered everyone ramyun as a late-night snack. Jungkook perked up at your brother’s offer while still glued to the screen and what looks like he’s winning against Taehyung. You quietly walked away from the living room to join your brother in the kitchen.
 For a while, Jiyong kept quiet as you both hover around the kitchen. Normally, he would shower you with affection, tease you and bug you but you silently wonder why he’s not doing any of those. Your suspicion is confirmed when he starts to rub his hand behind your back as you discard the noodles from each packet. Your gaze dipped to him as stood there silently while emptying the contents of the soup packet unto the boiling pot.
 “Noona, can I have that spicy ramen over there?” Jungkook asks, timidly walking over towards the both of you. You notice that he was standing slightly far from you, shoulders hunched and head down. His doe eyes still glistening as he subtly avoids meeting your eyes.
Although you feel bad for him, the corner of your mouth quirked up at him looking so adorable despite him towering over you. He seems to be so intimidating at work especially when he’s so focused but if you could just ball him up right now in your hands, you would.
You beckon him to come closer with your finger. When he was about an arms-length away from you, he opens his mouth to blurt out something. Before he even let out a sound, you pat his head, stopping him from talking any further.
“Thank you for worrying about me.” His eyes gleamed. “I’ll give you a whole bowl of ramyun of your choice. How does that sound?”
Jungkook jumps in glee and he squeezed between you and Jiyong to reach for a packet of ramen. “Hyung, I like her better than you.” He sticks his tongue out then quickly dashes out of the kitchen before Jiyong could even counter.
You chortle. “You heard him. Apparently, they also request my presence every Game Night for my exquisite Culinary Expertise.”
“Well, I won’t argue about your cooking. Sooner or later, they’ll be bribing you for something. Those troublemakers.” Jiyong crinkles his nose, reminiscing all the times he spent with the boys where they’ll prank and tease him.
Yoongi sits back comfortably on the couch when he hears you regain your bright energy as you laugh and mingle with your brother in the kitchen.
Next: pt. 7
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loveisamiracleworld · 3 hours ago
cute ʚ❤︎ɞ
Tumblr media
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borahaebich · 5 hours ago
Playlist 🎶
Summary - In which bratty jungkook makes fun of your sex playlist infront of all your friends and when you confront him he proposes an interesting idea.College AU! Content warning - smut, language,subJungkook.
Pairing - jock|brat Jungkook × reader
Previous chapter
Note - song references are italicized
Chapter 6
Get you - Daniel Caesar ft. Kali Uchis
Jungkook wanted to wipe that smug expression off your face, he wondered if he could achieve that by making you gag on his length until you couldn't breathe. His fantasy to teach you a lesson by fucking your pretty little mouth wasn't going to become real anytime soon though, not if you had any say in it but he had a feeling the odds were going to shift in his favour soon.
Every time I look into your eyes I see it, you're all I need
Rising up from in between his legs, you decided to untie the restraint and free his pretty little wrists.
You straddled his thigh as you said,
"It's already the last song kook, any requests?"
Jungkook caressed the freshly exposed skin of his wrists as he looked at you and replied,
"You're going to regret that"
You weren't intimidated because of what he said, but because of the way he smiled when he said it. Hoping to establish your dominance once again, you straddled your legs around his thigh. With one hand stroking his member and the other on his chest, you left a string of kisses near his ear, trailing down to his neck.
"Hmm is that so, you aren't going to be a good boy for me anymore?" you whispered.
He grabbed your waist and put you flush across the mattress now, you lay on his bed sprawled out, just as he had been moments ago.
He towered over you as he took his shirt off and answered,
"Well,we've only just begun"
Every time I get a bit inside I feel it
He climbed on top of you, pinning your wrists over your head as he grabbed the restraint you had used on him for his own pleasure now.
You were still dazed by how quickly the tables had turned and before you knew it,your hands were tied above your head; Jungkook's cock resting on your stomach as he buried himself in your chest.
He left bite marks and hickeys all over, kissing your body as if it would disappear any minute. When he finally kissed your lips, the pleasure in your body mounted. The kiss was purely animalistic; it was sloppy, loud and you found out then that Jungkook had a thing for biting your bottom lip. He had been letting his hands roam wild; squeezing your breasts, playing with your nipples, lifting your hips up just so he could knead your ass. Gradually he slid his hand to your panties, his mouth trailed kisses down your stomach as he decided to settle his face between your thighs.
Who would've thought I'd get you
Jungkook played with the elastic of your thigh highs, you were beginning to think he had a thing for them. He made you squirm and squeal as he marked the insides of your thighs, leaving sloppy kisses and hickeys all over.He shimmied your underwear down and rose up from his crouched position to get a full view of you. He had never seen a sight so beautiful, you looked absolutely demolished and your lips had never looked so appealing.
He had always found you attractive but unlike other girls you had never paid any attention to him at all, his ego was hurt and it didn't help that all of his friends always talked about how great you were.
He lowered down on to your body once again, putting his two fingers near your pursed lips he commanded,
Every time I get a bit inside I feel it
You parted your lips and sucked on them as they hit the back of your throat; laced with your saliva now, he took them out and put them to better use.
His fingers worked magic on your wet cunt, you were almost embarrassed by the effect he had on you as you bit your lips not wanting to unravel so easily.
"Don't be like that now y|n, let me hear you say my name" He whispered in your ear as he stuck another finger in, stretching you out.
You lost all shame as a string of curses left your mouth, with his name sandwiched in between.
When he was satisfied with his work he put his fingers in your mouth once again,
"Clean this mess up for me will you princess"
Your eyes grew wide and suddenly your mouth had a mind of its own as you licked and sucked on them again. When you were finished he praised you,
"Good girl"
Your heart soared and your thighs met reflexively.
He stroked his length now, not breaking eye contact with you.
"Such a shame you didn't finish me off with that pretty mouth, if only I could fuck your pretty little cunt"
His lewd words sent shivers down your spine,
"Can I?"
You didn't want to give him the satisfaction but you really needed him inside you; so as a compromise,you moved your head up and down. He wasn't satisfied though,
"I need you to say yes or no, y|n. I need to know you want this too"
No thought in your head,you whimpered,
"Yes jungkook, I want this. I want you."
And when we're making love , your cries can be heard from far and wide
Jungkook untied the restraint and reached for a condom from his nightstand; the music filled the background and in the softly lit room you saw Jungkook, lustful for you as he readied himself. He lined his cock up with your entrance and slowly teased you as he eased in.Once you had taken in his full length his came face to face with you.
You hooked your arms around his neck and pulled in him for a kiss; this time it was different, he kissed you like a lover would, like he was in a drought and you were the rain.
He moved slowly, his thumb hooked on your belly button. He eventually buried his face in your neck, leaving your lips lonely.
Your nails grazed his defined back as you let out unadulterated loud moans of pleasure, his name a constant in them.
He noticed how when he went slow you moaned and called him "Guk" and when he picked up the pace you broke his name into two, "Jung" followed by "kook".
Jungkook was embarrassed to admit it but he couldn't last long in this moment; the way your body was tightly pressed into his, the way your moans and whimpers entered his ears, the way you felt around his dick, all of it was too much.
"Fuck I'm going to cum" The shakiness in his voice becoming noticeable.
You wanted to make him feel as good as he had made you feel, you tensed up your walls and whispered,
"Cum for me Guk"
Everything I need's between those thighs
His body relaxed into yours as he came.
He got off of you and lay by your side as he panted. After a few minutes had passed and he, he cleaned up after himself and landed on the mattress with a thud,
That one word said it all.
It hit you all at once what had just transpired between you and Jungkook. It was rare for you to casually hook up but it wasn't the end of the world so you didn't really care, what you were stressed about was the uncharted territory you had just entered with a guy you had disliked a short while ago.
Did he have feelings for you? Did he just want to fuck? Did you have feelings for him or were you just too horny to function?
You realised your own nakedness and felt exposed,even after all you did with him. Jungkook sensed your discomfort and offered you your panties and his t shirt as cover ups.
You blushed at the gesture,
"Uhh thank you"
He smiled,
"After all we did, you're really going red at me giving you my t-shirt?"
You looked down,
"There's no logical explanation for it, but yes"
"Hey, if there's anything I learnt today is that logic isn't shit"
You eased back onto the bed, body turned towards him,
"Really? And why is that?"
He turned his body towards you too,
"Well I came up with a very logical experiment I will say but in the end my hypothesis was proven incorrect"
You blushed again,
"Hey but not for lack of trying I'll give you that. I have no idea how you managed to stop your self from cumming,honestly, I'm impressed.
"Yeah thanks to you changing the research objective midway and edging me, I was chanting 'dead babies dead babies' in my head to stop myself"
Your laughter filled the room.
He fondly smiled at you and pulled you closer to him,
"I like your laugh"
You stared at him, unsure of this closeness,
"Uhh thanks, everyone says I sound like a horse when I laugh"
He giggled,
"Good to know"
Both of you smiled like idiots at each other until you spoke,
"Uh so what now?"
He got up and propped his back on his headstand and motioned for you to come to the spot beside him. You crawled and plopped your self down there.
"You don't mind cuddling, do you?" He asked you so seriously you almost laughed.
"No I don't mind"
"Alright cool"
Jungkook's idea of cuddling was interesting to say the least; he nuzzled his face in your boobs held your waist with a death grip.
You chuckled,
"This is literally just a way for you to put your face in my boobs"
"Yes and what about it?" Came back a muffled reply.
You smiled as you let your body relax into the bed; your leg swung over his, your fingers running through his soft and now slightly sweaty hair.
As both of you drifted off to sleep you decided you didn't want to think of probabilities and variables any more, you were just going to exist in the moment,with a cute boy in your arms and at your disposal.
This feels like summer
Boy you make me feel so alive
Just be my lover
Boy you'll lead me to paradise
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purplepebbles · 5 hours ago
Just Hold me....(Part 1)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Your boyfriend seemed to be a gift from the heavens, customized specially for you. 3 years later when he proposed you were more than happy to build a life with him, Everything is a dream, picture perfect until you find him fucking his sidechick a night before your wedding. The best part, he has been screwing her for more than a year!! Everything comes crashes down until you meet a stranger, absolute stranger who happened to be the best sex ever!!
•Pairing - RM×Reader
•Rating - 18+
•Genres - Fantasy au, lot of smut, lot of angst, stranger to best sex ever!!
Everything seemed like a dream to you, your boyfriend, your life, the proposal, the engagement, and the d-day!! You couldn't thank the heavens enough for this joy and most importantly your life.
Honey, we better hurry up if we need to catch the flight, Everyone's almost reached the airport!!!! Ryan flew through the door in your apartment yelling like there was absolutely nobody around the house. You just checked for the millionth time if you had packed everything you need.
You and Ryan had chosen to have a destination beach wedding with only the immediate family and the closest friends in Maldives. You wanted only the people that matter to you and Ryan the most to be a part of your wedding.
Babe, get the bags while I lock up and we're good to go you said while you shuffled for the lock in the drawers. Your best friend and her husband and your parents waited eagerly at the airport for you to arrive. You hurriedly hugged everyone and moved inside to begin what was supposed to be the start of a adventure of a life time with the guy you loved the most- Ryan.
You settled in your seats finally settling in from all the chaos that was happening right until you boarded the plane. You sat with Lisa while Ryan sat with the guys. Babe I have a amazing idea for the Bachelorette.... Lisa stopped midway as Ryan approached you, honey you comfortable there? He asked. Yes love absolutely comfortable. You could feel Lisa's giggles ready to explode the moment Ryan left.
Is he always this sweet? How do u even manage with all this sugar she snorted hunting for her phone in her handbag. I don't need to, he's always been this caring you blushed. 4 years and forever to go yet I can't figure this guy out, Lisa sighed.
Maldives was a beauty that seemed to just strike a chord by your soul. You loved this place and always wanted to have your wedding here and Ryan had made sure you got what you wanted. You checked in at the resort which was on a private beach with an amazing view of the sea.
You were always the one who planned everything systematic yet you had this incomplete feeling lurking at the back of your head. And it was even more frustrating since you couldn't get the hold of it.
Two days seemed to have passed like a dream considering how wild things had been, Ryan's bachelor party, your Bachelorette, the crazy parties, unlimited and impromptu shopping trips, the crazy drinking games which never seemed to end. Most importantly you had the people who you loved the most with you having the time of your life.
Everything seemed so much quieter today, the party had almost died down with the wedding just one night away. You sat soaking in all the beauty the sunset offered while silently watching the wedding planning team build the magic, the aisle on the beach. A warm feeling gushed over your heart as the same time tomorrow would be so different, you'd be Mrs.Brueckners to begin with.
Babe I think we should just check the wedding dress. Lisa shook you from the imaginative heaving you had built inside your head. You made your way to your suite and opened the wardrobe to keep your stuff when you realised you hadn't given your gift to Ryan. You took it and headed towards ryans room thinking of all the possible places that you could keep and where Ryan would find it easy enough.
Sugar she's right here, what makes you think you can throw yourself at me, at my wedding without anyone noticing? You froze as you heard Ryan hissing at someone. But daddy I came here to give you your bachelor party gift you heard a girl squeak.
You couldn't for the life figure what exactly was happening behind the door. A part of you wanted the person inside to be someone else but your mind knew for sure it was ryan who you had heard.
You snapped out of your thoughts when you heard loud moaning voices coming from the room, you pushed the door a bit to watch the most horrible thing you ever witnessed. Your fiance was being blown by a lady sitting on her knees naked and he was a moaning mess for her, you could feel yourself choking to the sobs that were erupting within.
You pushed the door open with all your might revealing the shock on their faces when they saw you. The woman ran inside to cover herself. You just looked at your fiance one last time before throwing the gift away and running outside.
Wait babe it's not what it looks like, you heard Ryan shouting running behind you. You stopped dead in your tracks not believing the guts he had to give a justification to what he did. Honey it's nothing it looks like, trust me he said trying to catch his breath. Oh really you barely manged to speak from the nonstop tears that were flowing right through your soul. Tell me, did you accidently shove your cock down her throat? Did you accidentally undress her? Did you accidently moan like you were experiencing the ultimate heaven? You raged at him.
Don't bother explaining ryan I think I'm clear enough to what I saw and don't you dare come behind me or try to project this as an one time thing or a weak moment because I'm not buying that. Ryan Bruckner we're done here you can take this thing and shove it, you know where!! You hissed at him throwing the ring with all the strength you had in you.
You kept walking down the street aimlessly as a million emotions ran through you. Tearing apart every ounce of your heart. You heard a loud music in the distance, you looked up following the noise. Atleast I could use a drink or maybe more than one you thought.
You walked to the entrance looking down until you felt a strong bang divert your attention and nearly tripping you off balance.. I'm so so sorry you mumbled helping the man gather the wallet and his phone from the ground.
I'm really stopped midway when you looked at the man scooted down with you, The man before you was devilishly handsome with extreme sharp features that could make any girl go weak in her knees.
It's okay no problem he said flashing you his dimples which were equally sinful. For a moment you seemed to be mesmerized by this man who resembled a Greek God with even sexier body. You managed to apologize still taking in this miracle right infront of you. He just flashed his killer smile before walking inside the club again.
As you stared behind him as he walked inside you snapped out of the daze and everything you were feeling started coming back again. You were just sure of one thing , you needed to get drunk right now to get rid of this pain. You could deal with this another day.
You sat at the bar circling the shot glass trying to sit up straight and trying to delete your photos from your phone. It was too much work to do in this typsy state but somehow you wanted to vent it somewhere. Growing tired of it you stood up to head to the smoking area to have your smoke.
You have a lighter? You asked the Group of guys standing infront of you. One of them handed the lighter making sure he eye fucked you before he inappropriately touched your waist. You know what nevermind, you shoved the lighter back to him and started walking away when you felt a sharp grip on your hand. Baby, why don't you just let me light it up for you, he tried to grab the cigarette from your hand pulling you close to him.
No I m good and I want to leave. you try pushing him away but he held you too tight by your waist, Just when you thought the day could not be worse, it was taking a turn for even worse. She said no dude!! You gaped hearing a thunderous voice behind you, feeling the grip on your waist loosen a little. It was the Greek God, you felt a strange flush of electricity building inside you as he walked towards you and pulled you away from the bastard.
The guys immediately left intimidated, Thankyou Thankyou so much, you stuttered holding on to the man who just became your knight in shining armor. I guess there are too many sorry and thank yous involved between me and you today he chuckled.
He Lead the way back to bar keeping you close to him and you felt a delicious tinge down your spine as he rested his hand on your lower back. You try to say something when he shushes you, mind having a drink first? Not all you say flustered because you were almost certain you'd blabber something silly.
You watched people dancing on the dance floor dance like nobody's business and felt a similar tinge when a hand touched your shoulders. You take your shots from him and gulp it down like it was nothing leaving him speechless. Woaah lady, you need to get a hold before you... he didn't finish the sentence as you pulled him close to you, close enough that your lips were dangerously close to his ears. Let's dance you shouted. Sorry? He sounded dumbfounded. Let's dance you said pulling him by his hand right in the middle of the dance floor.
You guided his hands to your waist moving close to him till you felt he could feel your breath on his chest. You swayed your hips in rhythm to the music slowly turning around and doing it on him. Nothing mattered to you in that moment, not what happened today, not what was to happen tomorrow. The alcohol was doing its bit perfect.
All you wanted is to loose yourself in the moment and maybe to this delicious stranger right in front of you. You could feel him tightening as you swayed on him holding him too close and guiding his hands to explore the other areas of your body.
You could clearly see him heating up to the moves that you had and fact that you had his hands wandering all over you was driving him mad. You know I don't want things to end up awkward-- Kiss me you whispered in his ear. He just couldn't believe the power you had on him, he was amused by the fact that he had no problem to do as he was said and somehow he had started to enjoy your confidence.
Before he could respond you crashed your lips onto his like your life depended on them. You nibbled his lower lip relishing his soft lips on yours as his tongue found its way to your mouth and moaned against your mouth. You pulled away briefly to land him some wet kisses on the outline of his neck and ears and you feel him tensing up at your touch, and his grip tightening around you.
Part 2 to be continued..
Credit to the respective gif owners.
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we-have-bangtan · 6 hours ago
Social media aus
Idol!Seokjin x Actress!reader
Genre: Angst, Fluff
Jin didn’t think much about it when Taehyung introduced Actress Song Y/n to the group, he wasn’t really surprised either, Tae had made plenty of friends during the filming of Hwarang including the wooga squad.
She was a struggling actress? Cool. She was beautiful? Cool. She was nice to him? Very Cool. She hung out with them often? Awesome!
But what happened when he comes to know her more, her pretty laugh and her pearly smile, her dirty sense of humor and the small heart shaped birthmark on her collarbone?
Will he bury the feeling six feet under? Probably, will he still shamelessly flirt with her? Definitely. Will he ever confess? Hell no!
(A/n: kinda bad, it was my first smau lol. pls don't feel obliged to read it)
Stay (hiatus)
Ceo!Yoongi x Heiress!Reader
Theme: fluff, angst, arranged marriage au
Marriage. It was the last thing either of them wanted, but with the pressure of society and family and with no better option other than each other, they get married, much to the delight of their families. Kindness mistaken for affection and hesitation mistaken for hated, how will this odd pair keep their marriage alive? Or will they give up and go their own ways?
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simpleserendipity · 6 hours ago
Honey | Min Yoongi
Tumblr media
Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader (established relationship)
Word count: 2,050 words
The view of tattoos has changed a lot over time but they were still a taboo subject in a lot of circles. You knew that your family would always look down on you if you got a tattoo but something about the art kept drawing you in. So you got one. You’ve always been careful to hide your tattoo from everyone to avoid the trouble of getting dress coded at your university or at your job, even going so far that not even your own boyfriend knows of your tattoo, which frankly was a miracle that after almost a year you had hidden this from him.
You walked together hand in hand, down the street to get to Yoongi's dorm for one of the last times for a while before you head off for a semester abroad. You only have a few weeks left together before you’re jetting off to America for 3 months. The two of you walked silently, just enjoying each other's presence peacefully.
"______?" Yoongi blurted out.
"Yes?" You looked to my boyfriend, who had stopped walking beside you, making you stop walking.
"I got you something." He reaches into his pocket to retrieve something.
"A gift?" You beamed, you loved gifts not because of the material items you would receive but because of how excited he would be to give you these things and how he would tell you about why it made him think of you. You smiled, squeezing his hand tighter, "What's this all about?'
Yoongi pulled something small from his pocket, "I got it because you’re going to America and I won't be with you as often. You know I wish I could’ve come with you." You wanted to laugh at the part where he says wants to come with you because it didn’t matter how far away you were, you knew that he would never admit it but he’s the type of person to fly to you when he misses you that badly.
"Yoongi," You stepped a little closer so your chests were almost touching, "I'm so proud of you and everything you're doing with your music. Of course I'll miss you when I’m gone and I know you would’ve wanted to be with me, but I could not be happier for you. I will always be your number one fan." You smiled wider, tiptoeing up to kiss his cheek softly.
"_______," He holds out his hand revealing a little silver necklace, "I got you this."
You stared down at the little silver heart shaped pendant with his initials inscribed in the pendant, "It's so pretty Yoongi!" You were practically jumping up and down with excitement.
He pauses, opening the pendant revealing it is a locket, "There's more." He showed you the picture of you and Yoongi, wrapped in each other's arms in his studio, celebrating the release of his first solo mixtape. You both look incredibly happy and it was such a good day. He was just happy he got the mixtape done and was happy with how it turned out. You were so proud of him for how hard he worked, knowing his late night studio times have finally paid off. It's Yoongi’s favorite picture, he plastered it everywhere, the studio, his room, his wallet, phone screen and now around your neck.
"Yoongi!" You practically shouted, wrapping your arms around his neck. He was never really one to initiate this kind of affection and was always quite embarrassed when you did but would never turn you down. "I love it so much!" You squealed in excitement when you pulled away, "Can you put it on me?"
"Sure." He nodded. You twisted your hair holding it out of the way. Yoongi used his most careful movements to bring the necklace around your neck. You felt him push the collar of your uniform down slightly, to get the necklace on. Then he froze as soon as his fingers brushed the nape of your neck.
"Is something wrong baby? Are you alright?" You asked, a little worried, wondering what could have startled him.
"Do you have a tattoo?" He asked then clipped the necklace around your neck, fingers still trailing the nape of your neck.
You turned around nervously, "I... um... yeah..." You clasped my hands together and shifted my weight. You had never really talked about tattoos with him, so you had no idea of how he was going to react. You bit the inside of your cheek, nervously waiting for his reaction.
"Why didn't you tell me?" Yoongi's normal stoic face has shifted slightly, not that you could tell what he was going to react like.
"Well I haven't told anybody," You shrugged, attempting to play it off as cool, "It's not exactly something I would broadcast, so I keep it hidden because you know how people will react."
"Can I see it?" Yoongi asks bluntly, the idea that he wanted to see it was comforting to you.
"Well let's get to your dorm first." You smiled.
“Alright.” He nodded, taking your hand again while walking beside you. You were only a few minutes away from the dorms which didn’t help, it made you more anxious the closer you got. You got to his building and he held the door for you as we entered. He followed you up the stairs, as much of a gentleman he is, you knew he was probably looking up your skirt like the cheeky idiot he is. You stopped outside the door of his dorm, rocking back and forth on your heels, waiting for him to let you in. The place was empty so the other boys must be out somewhere. He opens the door and lets you in. You walked past the living room, down the hall to his shared room with Jin. You open the door and step in, Yoongi behind you.
You and Yoongi set down your bags, "Sit down, so I can show you." You said softly, turning your back to him. Without saying a word Yoongi slides off his jacket and takes a seat. You feel my heart pounding out of your chest, this is the first time that Yoongi will see you naked or even semi naked. You start to slip off your jacket, tossing it onto the floor, you start to unbutton your shirt with your fingers shaking. You finish and move letting the sides fall over your shoulders until it falls off completely. You’re left in nothing but a bra, which with shaking hands you slowly unclipped. You let that fall to the floor too.
"Come closer," Yoongi asks, you stepped back within reach of him. You were shaking with the nerves "Relax honey." He reaches a hand out to touch my back, his calloused fingertips sent ripples up my back.
“I’m quite nervous to show you.” You sighed.
“Why baby? It’s pretty.” His fingers graze over the flowers on your back, "It's quite big."
You bite your lip nervously, hoping that he wouldn’t be upset by the tattoo, "What do you not like it?" You questioned.
"That's not it," His other hand comes up and grazes my back as well, "I just never thought that you would get something like this." The cool metal of his rings made you shiver when it touched your back.
"Well why is that?" You asked teasingly, trying to lighten the situation because it was going better than you could have anticipated.
"I just never pictured your whole back would be covered with ink." He continued to trace the patterns.
"So why were you picturing my back? Was there something lewd you were thinking about?" You teased him, peaking over my shoulder at him.
“Honey,” Yoongi starts, his tone getting stricter, “You know that’s not what I meant.”
“Well why were you picturing my back then?” You questioned again with a giggle.
Yoongi just looked up and met your eyes before changing the subject, "When did you get this?"
You pause for a moment, "The end of my first year of university." You smiled.
"You've had it that long?" He seems surprised, “Where did you get this?”
"Yeah, I got it one day when my cousin got a tattoo gun. She drew and tattooed the whole thing." You felt his fingers stop grazing your back.
"Do your parents know?" He asks, hand going flat against the tattoo.
“Parents?” You scoff, "You're the only one besides my cousin that knows I have this," You felt goosebumps raise on your skin as he pulls his hands away, "I've been very careful to hide it from a lot of people."
"I like it." He says softly, hands resting on your hips, pulling you back, "I like it a lot.”
“You like it?” You said in surprise.
“I normally don’t like tattoos but this is so pretty,” His lips press along the lines of the tattoo, “It’s so elegant, it’s like something I’d see on a canvas in a museum.” You felt your face heat up with his compliments, “So fitting for you honey, my little masterpiece.”
You crossed your arms over your chest, sitting back on his lap. You sat together in silence for a moment, "I've thought about adding more but I don't know." You hum.
"You want more?" Yoongi tucks his chin into the crook of your neck, wrapping his arms around your waist.
"Well yes,." You relaxed into his arms, still covering my breasts embarrassed, but the longer you sat there on his lap, the more comfortable you got.
“Where else are you thinking? Your back is a little full honey.” Yoongi jokes, pressing a kiss to your shoulder.
"I think I want some on my hips."
His hands went down from your waist to rest on your hips, "Here?" His fingers were inching the waistband of your skirt down. You continued to let him undress you as you both sat on his bed, finally growing more and more comfortable with him. He pulled the skirt down slowly, leaving you in nothing but your underwear. His hands stopped on your hips, thumbs tracing small circles.
"I was thinking of adding some more flowers and butterflies." You leaned your head back, looking up to the ceiling. Yoongi just nodded slightly, "I don't know if I want to do anymore or even if I should." You rambled on and as you talked you relaxed further into his arms, "Sorry I'm rambling."
"That's fine honey," His fingers ran over your skin slowly and his lips connected to your shoulder again, "I like hearing you talking." He mutters against your shoulder.
You pulled your back from his chest, turning to straddle him, in order to look at him, "I love you." You looked into his eyes for a moment and his eyes softened. You let your fingers slowly start to unbutton his shirt. After a few minutes, you finish and he shrugs his shirt off.
He looked like he was registering the scene in front of him, "I love you too." His eyes were looking me up and down, “Is this really happening? Do you really want this?” He whispers.
You felt your cheeks heat up as he looked down at your naked body. You nodded, "Yoongi... I want to..." You trailed off before leaning in to kiss him. You met his lips in a very passionate kiss. Your hands wrapped around his neck and he tightened his grip on your waist, the cool metal of his rings making you shiver. Your hands came falling down his chest to meet his belt, you started to undo it before pulling away from the kiss, "Can I?" you asked, batting your eyelashes.
“Are you sure you want to do this honey?” Yoongi’s hands run up and down your sides, comfortingly.
“Yes baby,” You smiled, “I’m sure. Now can I?” You pull on the belt a little bit more.
"Yes of course honey." He nods. You continued with undoing his belt and he connected his lips with mine again. His hands were slowly roaming my body. I pushed him down onto his back, trailing my lips down to his neck and starting a trail down his chest, “You’re so sweet honey,” He laughs, his hand coming to cup your chin, “But let me take care of you tonight.”
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fanficfreek · 6 hours ago
Your Eyes Tell | JJK | 59
Tumblr media
JungKook held tightly to Logan’s hand as he pulled her though a park to a secluded area. It was nearly midnight and not very busy, save a few other couples doing the same thing. She glanced around and sighed, happy to be spending the holiday with her boyfriend, yet sad that they always had to meet up early in the morning or late at night.
He spread a blanket and placed a few bags on the corner before plopping down and patting the space beside him. She sat beside him and placed her cheek against his shoulder as he smiled and kissed her forehead.
“How lucky am I to have a girlfriend who has her own day?” he chuckled before pulling out a bakery box and placing it in front of her.
“I think I’m the one winning this day,” she giggled as she peeked into the box to see a chocolate cake, filled with chocolate cream and topped with chocolate ganache. "Tell me the truth, this is just an excuse for you to cheat on your diet.”
“Shit yeah,” he quipped. “Plus, that ‘Boyfriend of the Year’ award isn’t won with healthy food and kickboxing.”
“No, but the ‘Best Ass of the Year’ is, so…” she teased him as he grinned brightly, handing her a fork and a bottle of soju.
“But first!” he held up a finger as he spoke in English. “Your gift.”
It was silver day. They were supposed to exchange silver rings. The idea of getting a silver ring wasn’t a surprise. It was the anticipation of what the rings looked like that was killing them.
“On three,” she held up a box as he did the same.
“Three,” he pushed his toward her and grabbed hers from her hands.
He quickly opened the box to find a silver ring carved into intricate knots.
“It’s called a Celtic knot. There is no ending and no beginning. It symbolizes unity. This one is called the ‘Love Knot’.”
“So you do love me,” he teased her.
She hummed before opening the box in her hands. Her mouth fell open as she threw her hand over her mouth. He waited, watching her as his heart nearly pounded out of his chest. She dropped her hand and looked at him. “Do you know what this is?”
“I was told Luckenbooth? It’s a traditional Scottish token of love.”
She nodded her head. “It’s given as a promise ring.”
“A promise ring is a… precursor… to an engagement ring.”
He rolled his eyes around in thought. “Okay?”
She searched her mind for the Korean words she wanted but was too panicked to find them.
“Don’t you like it?”
“I love it,” tears filled her eyes. “It’s… a big step. It’s a promise that one day, we’ll be married.”
“Or… that I’ve promised myself to you and only you,” he clarified his intentions. “I mean… that’s what today is, right? Pledging our love with rings?”
He plucked the ring from the box and looked at it for a moment before sliding it onto her finger.
She sighed as she looked up into his eyes. “These were used as wedding rings not long ago. My mum wears one that da gave her when they were in college.”
“And now you have one from me.”
“Kookie,” she whispered before kissing him. “I love it.”
He ran his fingers through her hair and pulled back to looked into her eyes, a happy, content smirk on his face. “I think we could make it work,” he purred.
“What’s that?”
“If we were… to take the next step. I think we’d be okay,” he planted the seed that he damn-well knew would take a few months to grow before she was ready to talk about it. He also knew that she would quickly change the subject and burst into laughter when she did just that.
“Cake,” she stabbed the gooey, layered chocolate with a fork and stuffed it into his mouth.
He chewed on cake as he sat back and watched her, not annoyed in the least. If there was one thing he had learned about her in the past six months it was that she had to come into an idea on her own terms. There was no use in pestering or pressuring her into anything; that would only push her away. Now, the ball was in her court. Now, he would wait.
She sighed as she stuffed her mouth full of cake and leaned into him.
He slid his hand around her back and squeezed her shoulder before kissing her on the cheek.
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yeppeoseoo · 7 hours ago
Samsara (KTH)
Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Time travel, Fluff
Description: They were destined to be separated for it is unnatural for two figures from different timelines to love each other
(The Previous chapters are in my profile)
14 years old Lora stood up smiling while looking at her and her classmate's shoes.
"Oh! You guys have the same shoes!" Juda, her friend shouted, getting everyone's attention.
"No, we don't! Hers looks cheap!" Her classmate, Kiro shouted back which erased Lora's smile.
"What?" Lora asked, hands forming a fist.
"It's fake! Did your mother buy your shoes in the market? How much does it cost? I bet it's not even half the price of mine!" He commented.
"Why do you care about how much does it cost and where my mother bought it from?" She said while glaring at Kiro who then scoffed.
"Hey, doesn't she smells like a beggar?" Kiro whispered at their other classmates who slowly nodded while pinching their noses.
"No, I don't!" Lora pushed Kiro to the ground and before Kiro can even get revenge, their teacher finally arrived and stopped them.
Lora arrived at the wet market and went to her mother's store. She was about to wave at her when she saw a customer yelling at her mother.
"Hello?! Can you hear me?! I asked how much is this Tilapia?!" The customer yelled but her mother, who was cleaning seem to didn't hear anything because she didn't look back
"What kind of seller is this?! she wouldn't even face me!" She yelled. Lora's mother finally looked back and saw the customer. Her mother grabbed a piece of paper and wrote something in it.
'I'm sorry, I'm deaf. What can I get you?'
The customer silenced because of embarrassment. "Now I feel guilty. Why would you run a store if you're deaf?" She said and walked away.
Lora's mother sighed but quickly smiled when she saw Lora staring at her in disbelief.
"Oh, you're here? how was your day at school?" Her mother asked in sign language.
"It was fine. Where's dad?" Lora answered back.
"He said he was going on a company trip. Didn't he tell you?" Her mother smiled.
'there he is again, he's gonna cheat again.'
"Oh, I totally forgot." Lora just sighed and went to help her mother sell. But she was stopped when a hand tightly grabbed her arm. It was her mom.
"But Lora..." Lora stood there in shock when she heard her speak. However, her face was starting to change into something... monstrous. Something scary. Her mother's head getting bigger and bigger as her eyes stared at Lora angrily. "Why did you let me rot in jail?"
Lora dropped the bag of fish she was holding, walking backward but there was suddenly a wall, stopping her from walking away from her mother. She swore there was no wall in there earlier. "I-its my fault mom." She cried as she looked at her mother who now looked like a monster. Like a reptile. "I'm sorry."
"No, don't be sorry sweetheart. I've warned you. I... will destroy everyone around you." Her mother said, smiling from ear to ear. Her lips almost tearing apart.
"I'm sorry, mom!" She apologized and ran away. She saw her mother chasing her as she laughs hysterically while calling her name. The wet market started to feel like a maze. A maze with no exit door.
"Oh Lora...." Her mother called with a teasing voice.
"Lora!" She called again, now with an angry voice.
Lora woke up from the dream, panting and sweat all over her face. She looked around her, scared her mother might appear again. But no, she saw Taehyung shaking her shoulders with a worry tinted on his face.
"Are you okay?!" Taehyung asked her while wiping her tears and fixing her hair.
"Get away from me!" She screamed in between her sobs.
"It's okay, Lora" Taehyung said, trying to calm Lora down. "It was just a nightmare."
"Run!" Lora screamed while crying. However, she was still holding on to Taehyung's shirt. Almost telling him to not leave.
"Get out at once!" She pushed Taehyung away but her grip on Taehyung's shirt became tighter. "She... she's gonna kill you!" Lora cried and stuffed her face in Taehyung's chest, sobs getting louder and louder
"She will destroy us all... get... get lost." She said, her voice cracking. Taehyung felt her lips shaking, his shirt getting wet from Lora's tears.
"Why does that sound like you're telling me to not leave?" Taehyung said and pulled Lora's shoulders, trying to see her face. She was looking at him with hope in her eyes.
"Okay." He assured and hugged her while brushing his hand on her back to comfort her.
"I won't leave you."
Lora woke up because of her alarm. She cursed as she remembered what happened last night. Trying to get it off her mind because of embarrassment.
She wore the clothes her stylist picked for her and walked out of the room, trying to avoid Taehyung.
"Your awake." Lora flinched at the voice and looked in the direction where it's coming from. She saw Taehyung smiling at her while holding a bowl. His hair tied and wearing an apron. But it was worn incorrectly. The tie was in front of him.
Lora laughed at the sight. "You idiot. That's not how you wear that." She said and went close to Taehyung and fixed it.
After she was done, she grabbed her shoes and was about to leave when Taehyung called her name.
"Aren't you gonna eat breakfast?" He asked.
"No," She looked at the food he cooked for her and closed her eyes, trying to resist the hungriness shes feeling. "I need to lose weight." She said and held her breath to avoid smelling the food.
"But you're thin enough," Taehyung commented innocently.
"I am." Lora smiled at the compliment. or if it was a compliment. "But i don't want to be thin." She said and grabbed a remote to open the garage. She even saw Taehyung's lips part because of amazement. Lora stroked a pose, making Taehyung shocked. "I wanna be sexy" She then winked and threw a flying kiss. But when she saw that Taehyung had no reaction, she quickly returned back into her serious face, trying to avoid awkwardness.
"Um, anyways." She coughed and pushed the 'open' button on the remote making the garagee door move upwards.
"That's not healthy." He said while staring at the garage door which was starting to open.
"Yes, but I need to be pretty," Lora said and opened her car door then slowly sat in the driver seat.
"But you're gorgeous." Taehyung innocently complimented.
Lora was trying her best to not smile. For her, it was the best compliment she had ever heard. "You know what?" She looked at Taehyung who was pouting at her for not eating the breakfast he worked hard to cook. "You can come with me."
Taehyung took out his arm on the window, feeling the wind brushing his hands.
"Is this your first time riding a car?" Lora asked Taehyung who was smiling because of amazement.
"Yes." Taehyung nodded. "We didn't have things like this in my place."
"Oh? You remember where you live?" Lora asked Taehyung. She still thinks Taehyung had amnesia and couldn't remember where he lived and only knew his name.
"Oh, umm.. no but yes.. I guess?" Taehyung answered and nervously laughed
"That's good.. that means your starting to recover. I didn't get the chance to talk to the doctor since I was very busy with my own plans. I couldn't ask why you can't remember things." Lora explained and smiled, finally parking the car on the VIP parking lot at her entertainment building.
"This house is very huge," Taehyung commented which made Lora laugh.
"Idiot, this is not a house. It's a working building."   He said and pressed the 17th floor on the elevator.
"By the way, while you're here. don't talk to people. They might make a scandal." He warned Taehyung in which he nodded, he was staring at the numbers above the elevator's door. He found it fascinating that it was changing every time they reached a new floor.
They finally reached the right floor and as soon as the elevator's door opened, everyone greeted her good morning.
"Are you the leader here?" Taehyung asked while struggling to carry Lora's bags. It was full of clothes and makeup.
"No, But I'm the star of this building."
Taehyungs lips formed an 'o' and looked around. At this point, he wasn't shocked that Lora was this rich.
"Ms. Lora," A staff called Lora.
"Yes?" She asked with a charismatic tone.
"I'd like to inform you that you were chosen to be the brand ambassador of Seoul Airlines." The staff informed her, looking down on her feet since she doesn't have the gut to look at Lora straight in the eyes.
Lora's face wrinkled. "No." She declined. "I don't want to get involved on those company bullshit."
"But Ms. Sera, you can't say no now." The staff then bit her lips, nervous because of Lora's aura.
"And who are you to say that?" Lora raised her eyebrows. An uncomfortable silence filled the room. The staff's face suddenly lit up, she suddenly bowed to someone, causing Lora to look at who she was bowing at.
"Mr. Bang," She called causing Mr. Bang to smile.
"Lora, you shouldn't bully the staff like that."  Mr. Bang said which made Lora roll her eyes.
"Well, what's the reason I can't say no? What, are you gonna sell me off to other companies?" Lora jokingly said.
"You can't say no because Mr. Jeon is here. Do you really not know him?" Mr. Bang suddenly became serious, opening the door in front of him. "If you accept his offer you will be really rich. And when I say rich, it means rich"
Lora suddenly became interested. As long as it involves money, she can do everything "Who is this Mr. Jeon, anyway?" Lora asked curiously, arms crossed.
"Jeon Jeongguk. The CEO of Seoul Airlines."
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keepsmilingbts · 8 hours ago
Taekook Vendetta Recs
Fated by avantaegarde - Historical fantasy - "Taehyung, do you really believe you can..." Hoseok glanced around anxious, making sure yet again there was no one near. Still he lowered his voice even more, "Kill Jeongguk?" Taehyung gulped, his eyes somber like Hoseok had never seen. "Or I'll die trying."
Scars and Surrenders by Carle - Businessman Jungkook, Perfumer Taehyung -  Jungkook arrives to Jinhae-gu, blinded by his thirst for revenge, with the sole purpose of tearing Kim Junsu apart by robbing him of everything he owns or holds dear to his heart, be it his fortune or his precious son, Taehyung.
Take a Shot For Me by moonphorsis - Assassin Taehyung - Taehyung here isn’t set out to kill Jungkook for personal reasons but is hired but intsead ends up getting fucked against teaching board - betrayal, plot twists are involved
This list consists of the AUs where Taekook were set out to kill each other for one reason or other and ended up falling in love. Are there any more of these that I can recommend? Because I feel like I’ve read more than these in this category but can’t recall
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keepsmilingbts · 8 hours ago
Taekook Spies/Secret Agents AUs
husband material by springguk - Spy Jungkook, Spy Taehyung - Intimacy was not a strange concept for Taehyung, and being affected by it was even less-so, he had played dozens of roles while at work, he was even considered the best at honey trapping. It was something he had trained and prepared for, something they were all exposed to at one time or another while working for Namjoon’s agency. But Taehyung never had to work with someone he liked.
How to Bake Pies by cblaire - Spy Taehyung - it’s a cute one shot -  The spy au where Jungkook is convinced his new husband and love of his life is cheating on him. Turns out, Taehyung's just a motherfucking spy working for the government, and this just makes Jungkook even angrier.
slip into the shadows (fall into your arms) by lovelyjjkth - Spy Jungkook, Spy Taehyung -  Years of cutthroat rivalry between two prominent spies in the Underground, Golden and V, are put to the test in the light of a new disappearance and rumoured government insurgence. When the fight between morality and loyalty becomes this ruthless, every second makes the difference between life and death.
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min-hoax · 8 hours ago
We Belong Way Down Below | MYG (Part I)
- Sequel to: Angel Mask
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Yandere! Angel Mask Yoongi x Reader
Word Count: 2k
Warning(s): Story contains very dark themes and might be triggering to some readers.
Nightmare, mention of death infants, choking, PTSD, mentions of threatening a familicide, obsessive behavior, guns, blood, manipulation, talk of a possible unwanted pregnancy
A/N: N joy a part of the sequel I promised and that like seven people asked for. 😭
Tumblr media
You looked at him with horror, your body frozen and eyes glazed with tears as you looked up at him.
His white dress-shirt was speckled with blood, and that smile that you used to dote on and love was filled with malice, his eyes a black hole that sent shivers down your spine.
“Ring around the Rosie...” he sang along to the song playing in the nursery as he sauntered your way, his footsteps haunting and relaxed.
“A pocket full of posies, ashes, ashes...we all fall down.”
You knew his plan but yet you screamed, your nails digging into his porcelain, pale, skin as he straddled your waist, his bloody hands easing their way into your clammy neck.
You gasped for breath, but it was a loss cause, and as you surrendered, your gaze focused on your lifeless children, hoping that once your eyes shut for good, you’ll be with them two forever.
With a choked sob you awoke, scanning the room for your baby daughter. “Myunghee!” You yelled, jumping off the bed. “Myunghee!”
When you slammed the door to her nursery, you didn’t bother to apologize to the spooked nanny, immediately grabbing your daughter who looked at you with her shining eyes, making grabby hands. “Mama.” She whispered.
“Hi baby.” You spoke, hugging her tightly, before you started to sob.
“Mrs. Min?” The nanny, Julia, stepped forward, concerned while she eyed you.
“I’m okay.” You sniffled, pecking your daughter’s forehead. “Just a bad dream.”
Julia nodded and smiled tightly. She was a reserved thing, shy and frightened by every noise that when you looked at her, she reminded you of... you.
“Would you like to feed her?” She questioned when you eyed the bottle in her hands. “I was about to.”
You smiled and nodded, “Of course.” You tried to hide your shaken body but it was clear that Julia had seen for she voiced what you despised to hear. “Should I call for Mr. Min?” She meekly said, her head down.
Huh, seemed like nobody in this house liked Min Yoongi.
“No. I’m fine.” You sniffled, bouncing the child in your arms while she laid her head on your shoulder, rubbing her eyes with her little fists.
You hated what he had done. He wanted to know about your every movement that it suffocated you. He was clingier than ever, delightful, and so extremely proud to show you off his ‘sweet, beautiful, family’ to his staff.
The more he ‘loved’ you, and the more obsessed he became, you hated him twice more.
He was stubborn, insistent to the thought that there was still a part of you that loved him. You wanted to laugh in his face, spit at him, and slap him for all his evil doings and his delusional thoughts, but your daughter held you back. It had been almost a year since he threatened the life of you and his own daughter, but the threat was still fresh in your mind: “ - you keep fighting and you keep denying our love, ill put a bullet right here, in your little head and then Myunghee’s… and then I’ll kill myself.”
“Mrs. Min?” Julia called, stepping forward with diffidence. You nodded, letting her know to continue.
“I was told that Mr. Min requested you both to have dinner in the garden tonight.” She informed.
Your eyes shut closed as Myunghee played with the rings on your finger while drinking from the glass bottle.
“Right.” You gulped. “Thank you, Julia, you may go.”
The young girl nodded and bowed before stepping out of the room. “Your father is a nuisance sweetheart.” You huffed, standing and entering the rather excessive closet that held all of her clothes.
Tumblr media
“Myunghee, look at mommy sweetheart.” You cooed, closing an eye in order to take the perfect photograph of your daughter. She smiled brightly, that smile she inherited from her father and posed next to the colored flowers. “Flower.” She repeated, petting the plant softly just like you had taught her.
She was so smart at such a young age that it made your chest raise with pride when the maids would look at her with such adoration in their eyes.
“Yeah baby, a flower.”
“Daddy, daddy.” She called, her eyes setting behind you. As he approached you moved behind your daughter, taking her by the hand. It was a habit you accumulated, afraid that she’d be taken from your grasp at any time.
Yoongi crouched, groaning and pulling his black dress pants upwards a bit to keep them from ripping apart before grabbing Myunghee’s hand. “Flower, flower.” She pointed, showing her father her newest find.
“Oh, what a beautiful flower darling.” He gasped, bopping her tiny nose, making her giggle. “What else have you looked at Mymy?”
Myunghee signaled downwards to the dirt. “We looked for worms, didn’t we baby?” You asked her and she enthusiastically nodded. “Worms, mama! Worms!”
He chuckled, standing up and grasping Myunghee in his arms. “I’m glad you both are having fun, let’s go wash our hands and we’ll have dinner. Julia -” he called.
Yoongi pulled your chair out, pecking your lips when you sat.
“Do you like it? It made it myself.” Yoongi proudly said, holding a fork in his left and a knife on the other, cutting the stake. “It’s good.” You nodded, chewing slowly and gulping before taking a hold of the glass with red wine. “I haven’t had a stake since I was pregnant with Sunhee. She was a sucker for stake.” Your lips raised a little and Yoongis’ eyes trailed downwards.
He gulped, clearing his throat. “I have a surprise for you.” He announced.
Your movements stopped, the food in midair. You narrowed your eyes when you looked at him, trying to find something in his expression that gave away what he had up his sleeve. When you didn’t, you gulped, muttering a “Can’t wait.” placing the fork down on the porcelain plates and gulping down the red wine.
“Mama, mama.” Myunghee chanted, her little legs waddling as fast as she could towards you, Julia not far behind. “Hi, sweetheart!” You smiled taking a hold of her and placing her on your lap.
“I’ll feed her Julia, thank you.” You spoke, but like always, the help always looked to Min Yoongi for approval. That was another thing he set as his new rules.
Your husband nodded, allowing her to retire. “So,” you started, placing the rice filled spoon in your daughters mouth. She took it with a huge chomp as if you were starving her. It caused you to smile just a bit.
“ - can you tell me a bit about this surprise of yours?”
“No, I cannot. You’ll see it when we’re down.”
Your brows furrowed. “... down?”
He looked at you with a stern look, letting you know that he wouldn’t say no more.
You refrained from asking throughout dinner and once you finish yours, Yoongi stood whilst wiping his mouth with the white cloth placed on the table. “Follow me.”
“I still haven’t finished feeding Myunghee.” You frowned, your daughter's eyes focused on her fathers face while she ate, little bits of food sticking to the corner of her mouth.
“Julia.” He called the young woman who bowed before taking your daughter. You sighed in annoyance, and pecked Myunghee’s forehead, following your husband. It bothered you immensely how he could just do whatever he wanted whenever he wanted to. It wasn’t like this before but in a way you understood his twisted mind. He wants control.
“The basement?” You asked unamused, an eyebrow quirked up.
Yoongis’ eyes narrowed, gesturing with his hand to open the door. With a sigh you did, taking slow steps down the dim staircase in fear of falling.
But what you saw was nothing of your fear of falling down the stairs.
“Jinyoung.” You gasped. Your husband’s arm wrapped around your waist when you made towards the beaten man on the ground, arms in chains, shirtless with jagged cuts on his chest and abdomen.
Jinyoung struggled to open his eyes, for one of them was shut close due to the impact of the punches he would receive.
“What did you do?” You whispered, struggling in Yoongi’s arm.
“Hm -“ he hummed, “found a while ago in a hospital of all places. Can you believe an agent of such high rank fell down a ravine and almost died due to hypothermia? If anything, I’m sure this is nothing, sweetheart.”
“Let him go Yoongi.” You gritted as tears prickled your dry eyes, gathering around, ready to fall and kiss your cheeks.
“No, can’t do. He took you and hid you from me and let’s not forget my daughter. He needs punishment.” He whispered, pecking your neck with gentle kisses as he hugged you from behind, his dark, predator eyes scanning the beaten down man with a glint of pleasure he didn’t bother to hide.
“Isn’t this enough?!” You cried. “You’ve done enough Yoongi, just please let him go. You have me, you have your daughter, what more can you ask for for goodness sake!”
“I want you to kill him.”
He released you from his vice grip, turning you around to face him. The handgun that he always carried was now placed in the palm of his hand, ready for you to get and point.
“No.” Yoongi stood still, expression now emotionless... as if he were bored from the situation.
The thought of grabbing the gun and pointing it at him came to your mind, but then you remembered the various men that surrounded you. Yoongi informed them that if he were to be harmed by you, they were allowed to shoot - no exceptions.
You gulped as your lips trembled. “I can’t, please Yoongi I can’t.”
“Grab it, now, or would you like for me to take Mymy far away? You’ll never see her again, you’ll never feed her -“ he taunted like the snake in the garden of eden, hissing with venomous intentions. “Never see her grow up, never -“
With a growl you grabbed the gun from his grasp, turning and pointing the barrel to Jinyoung’s bloody and bruised forehead.
Your hands trembled, perspiration gathered around the crown of your head and palms. Jinyoung groaned, dribble running down his swollen lips. He couldn’t talk, but he tried. “It’s -“ he started, trying to rise on his knees, the chains on his arms rattling loudly. “ - it’s okay.” He choked out, coughing before doubling over.
You whimpered when Yoongi placed your pointer finger on the trigger. “Do it.” He gritted. “Do it!”
You growled in duress as the gun went off with a booming blare, ricocheting against the wall as you fired the magazine into the corner of the room.
“I can’t! I can’t Yoongi, you can’t make me do this!” You turned to face your husband, dropping the empty gun on the ground.
His dark eyes closed when you caressed his cold cheeks, cupping them into your hands. “You can't make me do this, please.” You whimpered.
Min Yoongi was a sick bastard, and you were the only one who could possibly put an end. Your eyes fluttered shut when he pecked your lips, the touch so gentle that it was barely there. He pecked your face various times, sniffing your hair and finding comfort in the crook of your neck.
“I want a son.” Yoongi muttered.
“I can’t promise you that, I cannot.”
“Fine.” He stood upright grabbing a hold of one of his men’s guns and pointing it at your friend.
“Okay! I’ll give you another child, whatever you fucking want, just… - just let him go. We can go on with our lives, we can go back to the way it was - the way it was supposed to be, I promise.”
Yoongi turned his head to look at you, his gaze narrowed. “Stop this, and I promise you -“
“Yoongi hyung!” Jungkook frantically called for him, his steps thundering down the wooden basement stairs, gun in his tattooed hands. “We have company.”
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taehyungbiased-fool · 8 hours ago
Hey can some of you guys help me find a fic? It was an ot7 one in which the reader was in a pornographic show with the seven of them. Its theme was somewhat like the batcheloret. Sejin was the producer. They were all housed in a villa...?
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gashinabts · 8 hours ago
anti-baby fever| (m)
Word: 4.5k
Pairing: Jungkook x Reader, established relationships
Genre: comedy, fluff, smut, angst
Summary: jungkook gives you a Mother’s Day gift as a joke, now your mom thinks you’re pregnant.
Warnings: smut, multiple orgasms, nipple play, fingering, fondling, creampie, impregnation kink, jk lobes titties, unprotected sex, anxiety, suicide mentioned, crying, a messy argument
a/n: My family celebrates Mother’s Day on tenth so happy Mother’s Day! Idk if there’s any mom armys lol. But here’s something for you guys and hope you enjoy this!!! comment and tell me Whatchu think...remember that your comments and support are what motivates me to write 🥸🥸
Tumblr media
“ Happy Mother’s day!,” Jungkook hands you the bouquet of flowers. The last time you checked, you didn’t have any kids. If anything you despise kids, the thought of their sticky grubby hands always reaching for their ipad made you shudder. Your mother always scolds you for not having maternal instincts, but you could care less.
You grab the flowers staring at the pretty petals. “ We don’t have kids,” you remind your boyfriend. You look at him, biting the inside of your cheek, Jungkook looks hot with his hair tied up, some hair strands framing his face.
“ Well, you are always taking care of me,” he gives you a boyish smile and then pecks your cheek. “ Also, I do be sucking your titties.” There are people around you guys and you grow red in fear that they heard this conversation.
“ Jungkook,” you give out a harsh whisper, pushing his body away from you. “ Why am I still with you?” It’s more of a question to yourself. Despite being together for nine years, you still get startled at his crude jokes and raunchy humor. Just how he was when you guys started dating in highschool.
“ One reason is because we have an apartment together that’s under my name. The second reason is because I am cute. Another reason could be because you love me, I’m still hoping you love me…” he shrugs coming closer to your side and throwing his arm around your shoulder.
Your finger touches your cheek, making a contemplating expression, “ Hmm, it is definitely the first reason.”
Jungkook laughs at your expression, then bends his down, coming close to your ear biting your earlobe. You yelp at the sudden pain, bringing your hand to tug at it. “ What about the unlimited supplies of mind blowing orgasms?” Jungkook chuckles as you groan loudly.
The apartment is sparkly clean after spending an hour cleaning it with Jungkook. He is currently taking a shower and humming to a song as you pee in the toilet. “ Babe, can you wash my hair?” Jungkook asks as soon as you flush the toliet.
You scoff, “ You have two hands,” you wash your hands.
“ Wow, thanks for informing me. But babe I like when you use your nails on my scalp, it makes me feel all tingly and good.” Jungkook opens the sliding shower door not even waiting for an answer. The clothes are on the floor and you are now massaging his scalp with his expensive hair conditioner. Leaving a strawberry scent in his nice shiny hair. “ As much as I do know how much I love coddling you, Jungkook?” You say with a smile as he turns his head slightly, showing his sparkly eyes.
“ Of course I do, babe. I really appreciate it when you do things for me,” his warm voice leaves butterflies in your stomach. There is a comfortable silence as you continue your action until a discussion about a topic you don’t want to talk about. “ I called my mom to wish her happy mother’s day. And she is asking about children again,” his voice is barely carried over the water hitting the floor. Your fingers continue to brush his strands.
The devil on your shoulder just wants you to pretend that you didn’t hear him but what good would that do? “ What did you tell her?” You reply with just as little volume he is speaking.
“ I told her it is something that we are not planning at the moment. Maybe in a couple years,” he turns around showing you his doe eyes. “ Y/N-”
“ The conditioner smells nice. You were right, it makes your hair look lucious,” you veer the conversation. Switching spots with him, finally washing your own hair, your face is now facing away from him, just staring at the wall. You hear Jungkook sigh and you ignore it.
Jungkook is out with your dad at the grocery store buying a small cake for your mother, who is coming over. When she arrives she talks about your sister’s children the whole time. Showing you an endless amount of photos which you have already seen since your sister sends you pictures of them all the time. “ Isn’t she adorable?,” she shows a picture of your niece eating ice cream.
“ Kinda,” you shrug your shoulders. Yeah, your niece is cute but you sometimes like to joke around. The food is finished cooking and you plate it on the table, serving your mother who is still gushing over her phone.
“ Well, when you have kids I won’t be telling them they are cute,” she gives you a look. The look of disapproval that you witness too many times.
You place the last plate of food down. “ Then I won’t have any. See problem solve,” you laugh.
She rolls her eyes, crossing her arms. Her eyes look at the center of the table at the flowers in the vase. The flowers that Jungkook gave you this morning. “ Those are lovely. They look fresh,” she comments, touching the petal of the pink carnation.
You mindlessly speak, “ It’s mother’s day gift from Jungkook,” you laugh thinking about his dorky smile. Jungkook should be here any minute but you miss him right now. He makes these dinners go by faster and more fun.
“ Are you serious?” Your mother’s eyes widen and she sits up straighter.
“ Yeah,” you nod, setting the last plate. “ Why-” Then you come to realize why she is so flabbergasted. No, you are not pregnant. You take birth control everyday. There’s even a special alarm on your phone that shows on text, yeetus the fetus, when it goes off. “ Wait Mom I-” you are about to explain until your dad and Jungkook come walking from the door.
“ Hey honey, why are you crying?” Your father's eyes widen at the sight of your mother. Jungkook stands by the door with the same expression then looking at you with his brow arched.
“ Y/N is pregnant. I’m so happy right now and very proud of her,” she sniffles. Proud? You cringe at the choices of words but that is not what is important right now. Your father pats Jungkook's shoulder awkwardly and then comes to your mom. Jungkook finally gets back to reality and walks towards you, eyes begging for an explanation or recap to what is going on.
You tug at your hair, “ Jungkook gave the flowers as a joke,” you let out an exasperated sigh. Your mother's face immediately turns sour and your father sits down on the chair before a storm appears.
Her eyebrows pinch together, “ A joke? What would the punchline even be?,” she looks angry. You and Jungkook look at eachother, not wanting to explain what it was because who wants to tell their parents that your boyfriend likes sucking on their titties.
Pulling the chair out for you, Jungkook guides you to sit down, “ It was something silly. Let’s forget about it and eat this delicious meal that Y/N made. We got your favorite cake too,” Jungkook says while smiling. Although the few minutes of dinner were awkward, your boyfriend managed to make it more comfortable and charm his way with your mom to make her keep laughing every five minutes.
The face mask is cooling your tired skin as you scroll on your phone as you lay on bed. Looking at some tiktoks and casually laughing at some. Jungkook’s head is laying on your lap and doing the same, until he gets tired of his algorithm and decides to watch yours. “ Get your big head out of the way,” you playfully push his wavy hair.
“ That’s not what you said this morning,” he laughs. He grabs your phone and places it on your side of the dresser, not forgetting to charge it.
“ Eww gross, Jungkook,” you fake gag but smiling at his bunny smile. His fingers take off your mask and toss it in the trash bin, he leans forward kissing your lips. “ I wasn’t finished with that,” you look at your mask, you still had ten more minutes.
“ Too bad,” he kisses you more. His tongue begging for entrance, and you immediately allow it feeling his tongue brush against yours, lost in the feeling of warmth. Jungkook pushes you to lay flat on your back, and goes between your legs, his hands feeling your bare stomach due from the shirt rising up. Jungkook pulls his head away, looking at you with sultry eyes.“ You look so pretty,” he comments, then traveling kisses down your neck, leaving small marks. “ I remember the first time I saw you in class, you had me already on my knees for you,” his voice muffled against your neck. He closes his eyes trying vividly to remember the exact outfit you were wearing.
Your hand trail to his hair combing it as he continues to suck and blow on the marks he is leaving. “ Yeah? I thought you were a prick. I still can’t believe you hit me with a volleyball to get my attention,” you laugh when he groans.
He immediately pulls away pouting, “ Okay I was an idiot to actually listen to Taehyung’s advice. Can we forget about it?,” he kisses you before you can answer. The kisses become more desperate, his hands going towards your boobs, fondling them. Being the person Jungkook is he burrows his head under your shirt, mouthing at your breast. Wrapping his mouth around your nipple, sucking it leaving you arching your back. His other hand twists and pinch the other nipple, then soothing it when his warm mouth wraps around it.
You want to see his face but it is covered by your shirt, so you just have to imagine his pouty lips sucking on your nipple and his pretty eyes looking content. Jungkook always liked to have his face stuffed between your breasts. Sometimes just doing it when he is bored, he says he likes feeling close to you and makes him feel some sense of comfort. At first you were taken aback when he confessed his kink to you but you grew to like it. “ Does my baby like sucking on my tits?,” you ask while quickly taking off your shirt, wanting to his face. “ Mmm,” he nods, not wanting to take his mouth off. His hair is on face, and you push it back exposing his forehead. Continuing to relish in this moment, you breathe heavy, and watch him suck. You get more wet within the seconds, wanting to relieve yourself at how turned on you are on. “ Jungkook, fuck me,” you moan when his hips grind against you. The hard on is giving you some sort of relief, as it rubs your covered privates.
His hand travels down your panties, rubbing his fingers against your now wet panties. Spreading it and teasing you from the actual experience of his fingers massaging your folds. He sucks on your nipples harder, but then switches to the other nipple to give it the same treatment. The sensation of his lips and fingers are overwhelming, making you moan and cry out in pleasure. “ I think I’m gonna come?” You don’t mean to question it but you do, never experiencing an orgasm just from nipple play and some light fondling. Maybe there’s something different about the air tonight but it feels so fucking good. He moans, the vibrations sending more pleasure, his other hand kneading at your other breast. Moaning his name you hold tight onto his hair, coming hard and riding the waves of pleasure.
Closing your eyes in disbelief, your body feels like you're floating in space. Jungkook's lips finally unwrap and look at the sight of your swollen erect nipples. The spit makes them look shiny and pretty. He looks at your angelic face, and kisses your lips, “ That was fucking hot,” he confesses. “ So fucking hot,” he tugs off your sort and panties. Immediately his fingers touch your folds loving how warm and wet they are, he pushes one finger in and you let content sigh. “ You like me sucking your tits huh?,” he asks even when he knows the answer. He puts another finger in your entrance, and thrusts it slowly, watching your hips move to try to speed the momentum. “ Answer me,” his face gives you a serious look.
“ Yes!,” you toss your head. “ I love it when you suck on them. It feels so good,” you close your eyes, and see little white stars. He chuckles at your desperate state, when your hands go to his, trying to get him to finger your faster and harder. Deciding to play along, he stops his movement and lets you take control of you using your hand to make his finger thrust into you. “ Jungkook, please just fuck me,” you whine at his teasing.
His fingers leave, and you watch him quickly take off his clothes, he uses your arousal pumping his hard cock and staring at your glistening cunt. “ I’ll fuck you, my dirty girl” he goes to search for a condom but you stop him.
“ You don’t need a condom,” you mindlessly say, you just want him inside of you already.
His eyes widened, “ Are you sure?,” he asks just in case. Your head nods quickly and pulls him down so you can kiss him. His cock enters you, stretching you from his girth, you moan into his mouth. He waits a couple of seconds until you urge him to continue, your legs wrap around his small waist that you are sometimes jealous of and make him thrust deeper in you. “ Fuck, baby,” his voice is deeper and brows furrowed at the intense pleasure he is recieving. This is the first time in his life he has ever entered you with no condom, he can’t think straight, he doesn’t ever want to leave this position.
Your hand traces his shoulder muscles, “ Does it feel good?” You ask with a teasing smile.
“ Yes, so fuck good,” he answers with a hard thrust. His hair goes into his sight of vision, and pushes it back, “ I’m going to have to only fuck this pussy raw,” he leans back, resting his weight on the back of his thick thighs, to see your whole body. Your breasts are moving and down at the intense speed he is going at, and your thighs jiggle at his hard thrust. And he really loves the sight, after this he might have to fuck your thighs and tits. He moves his hands to your tits and slaps it, leaving a few red hand marks.
More dirty thoughts are coming to his mind that he tries to push to the back of his mind but they can’t help be resurfaced. Like the thought of your tits being filled with breastmilk, he wonders what taste it would leave in his mouth. He likes to imagine it would taste like warm honey. He shakes his head looking somewhere else, but then imagines the thought of your stomach looking swollen and round. If you would hold onto your stomach and pat it like the pregnant women he sometimes sees at the grocery store. His thoughts are interrupted when you moan his name and beg him to touch your clit.
His hand easily finds your clit and rubs it as his thrust becomes more frantic. Your insides are warm and you could already feel your orgasm approaching. His cock hitting that specific place that makes your eyes roll back and toes curl. “ That’s it baby, come for me,” he commands. His fingers rub more quickly, making you cry out his name as you cream around his cock. He drops his body down kissing your neck, as you pulsate around him. “ Fuck, I’m close,” he groans, he can feel his thighs clench tightly.
“ Come inside me baby,” you moan into his ear, “ fill me up,” you bite his ear lobe. When those words came out of your lips, his mind went haywire thinking of your pussy being filled with his sperm. Within three more thrust he came inside you, moaning your name as empties himself into you. He lifts his body off of you eager to see the image he was wishing for, pulling his cock he watches as the come spills out of your entrance, his finger automatically pushes it back in not wanting to waste any, watching the hole swallow the white substance.
A surprised moan leaves your lips, not sure if it was the feeling of him pushing his own come into you or the way his eyes are darkly looking at your cunt. You close your legs before he can do anything else, “ It’s a good thing, I’m on the pill,” you get up and use the toilet. Jungkook doesn’t say anything, only letting out a soft hum, and putting on the underwear on the floor. He walks into the bathroom, watching you wash your body quickly, he hands you a towel and you kiss him on the cheek. “ So today was a disaster,” you put on panties and a Jungkook’s big shirt. You were still not over the fact that your mom thought you were pregnant.
“ Maybe I shouldn’t give you flowers on mother’s day anymore,” Jungkook chuckles, entering inside the sheets of the bed.
“ I mean you don’t have to worry about that,” you laugh. “ It’s not like we are ever going to actually celebrate mother’s day together,” you comment, also laying on the bed.
Jungkook bites his tongue, wondering if this is the time to actually talk about the future. It makes him wonder if you ever want to have kids with him. Sometimes it hurts when he tries to talk about it but then you switch the conversation. “ Can I confess something?” He asks looking at you, and you smile and nod. “ When your mom said you were pregnant, a small part of me wished that was true,” he whispers even though there’s only the two of you in the room.
Your eyes widen, not sure on what to say. “ I-why?”
“ I want to have kids with you. Not right now but in the future when we have a house and maybe a swimming pool,” he looks carefully at your expression. But notices the immediate lack of eye contact, something you do when you're nervous or unsure of something.
“ Can we talk about this later?” You ask not wanting to roam in this specific topic.
Jungkook sighs and sits up, no longer in his comfortable position, “ No let's talk about it right now,” he looks at you still laying down. Frustrated that you aren’t saying anything after a minute past. “ Y/N, do you ever want kids?” He watches you sigh and also sit up.
You shrug, “ I don’t know. It’s something I don’t think about. Maybe?” It’s true though, when you were younger your friends would often talk about how much kids they want, and you would cringe. Like why were they already planning that when you guys are still in middle school? It’s something that you can’t imagine. “ Do you want kids?” You ask Jungkook who looks more serious than ever. You always thought that men didn’t really have the need to have kids, just only having them because that is what their partner wants. It’s something that society pushed towards you, like your mother was always the one taking care of you and your sisters while dad just sat on the couch and watched tv.
“ Yes, I want kids,” his answer is quick and confident. It’s not something he always wanted. For example, in high school the thought of having kids scared him. No one wants to raise a baby when they are barely solving calculus problems. And in college there was more freedom than ever, he could hop club to club with you and not need to worry if the baby is sleeping well. But when you guys graduated college and settled down in an apartment, he envisioned the idea of having little kids run around in the house. He knows you would be a wonderful mother, you are so caring and thoughtful with him.
There isn’t much to say, “ Cool,” you lay back down after fluffing your pillow.
The devil on his shoulder is urging him to stand his ground. “ Is that all your gonna say?,” Jungkook sighs loudly.
“ What else has to be said? You want kids and I’m still not sure if I want any,” you get up again sitting the same position as before. Can’t you guys talk about this after you get married and have a house?
“ No, you always do this. You always ignore what I want to talk about, even when you see me trying to make a peaceful conversation you turn the other cheek disregarding my feelings. Like when we were taking a shower, you totally shut me down,” his hands move faster as he speaks emphasizing on some words.
“ I don’t like talking about that stuff,” you scratch your arm getting frustrated too. “ The thought of having kids just weirds me out okay? You're like putting a kid in this shitty elitist world and saying ‘ hey now it’s your time to try to figure out life out, oh and you have to pay for health insurance and college while you're at it because the government doesn’t give a shit about you’,” you ramble.
“ Y/N, c’mon be serious. Why can't you be serious when we are talking about our future? Just like in college you didn’t want to live in the same apartment because you thought I would get tired of seeing everyday so you decided to share an apartment with another man, a fucking man” Jungkook is finally expressing the feelings he has been withholding, it’s pouring out of him like a leaking faucet.
“ Oh my god, that was like four years ago and you are barely bringing it up,” you claw at your hair. “ We just shared an apartment, it’s not like I was giving him good morning blowjobs. And I am being serious, can’t you see me talking about this to you right now. As much as I am uncomfortable talking about kids I am still speaking to you about it,” you get annoyed when he rolls his eyes.
“ I did talk to you about him but you shut me down-”
“ I was only roommates for him for four months, Jungkook.”
“ Doesn’t negate the fact you only care about your own feelings,” his eye twitches.
This is the biggest fight that has ever erupted and you know this isn’t going to end well. “ I fucking can’t stand you right now. I literally declined my full paid college scholarship to Berlin for you and you say that shit right now,” you feel your eyes watering not because you are sad because you cry when you get angry.
Jungkook scoffs, “ No, because you were scared to be in a new country without me. You didn’t want to lose me and got batshit suicidal when we took a two day break-” Jungkook didn’t mean the words to come out but they did. He could physically see the words coming out of his mouth and it makes him feel nauseous. The room is filled with tension and silence, and he can see the way your shoulders drop. “ Y/N-” he wants to apologize but it’s probably too late.
“ No, you’re right I do only care about myself. ” You let out a hollow laugh and wipe the tears streaming down your face, and lay down on your side not wanting to face him. Of course he had to stab your heart with the sharpest glass.
He doesn’t say anything but watches your back, he wants to wrap his arms around you and tell you that he’s a fucking a Grade A asshole and he’s sorry but he thinks that you don’t want to hear his voice. He gets up and turns off the lights, and lays back on the bed, staring at the ceiling. The minutes pass by but he can’t go to sleep. His mind keeps replaying the argument.“ What if I can’t give you what you want? Is that going to be the end of us,” he hears you whisper. His head turns immediately, you’re still facing away from him. “ I keep thinking what if I am just holding you back, that I only care about my feelings. Like when you asked me to marry you in college and I said no because I wanted to wait until we graduated and have good jobs.”
Jungkook hands covers his eyes, “ I only want you, Y/N. I could care less about a wedding and baby. I think the reason why I’m wrapped into all that is because I’m scared that you don’t want any of that with me. That maybe you don’t see a future with me...I always have this dream, actually more like a nightmare, it starts off by you breaking up with me and then one day in the future I see you having a picnic with a faceless guy and you pregnant while playing with your other children,” Jungkook hears you rustling with the sheets, he takes his hand off and sees you staring at him. “ Stupid, huh?”
“ Yeah.” he laughs at your answer. “ It is stupid because it is very unrealistic. I would never break up with you, you are the only one for me. I love you, Jungkook. I love you so fucking much, you’re the only one in this entire universe that could truly make me happy.” Your hand grabs his and you caress it, leaving kisses on his knuckles. “ I don’t like thinking about the future because I know that everything I want and have is right in front me.” Jungkook finally turns to his side facing you and brings his large hand to your cheek caressing it.
“ I love you, so so so fucking much baby,” he brings his face close to you kissing your soft lips. He pulls away and tugs your body towards him so no space is left between you two. “ I love everything about you, all I can ever think about is you,” he whispers into your hair, hands rubbing up and down you back. Few minutes pass as you also lightly scratch his back with your nails making his body feel content and relaxed. “ Y/N, I want to apologize for the insensitive comment I made earlier. I can’t believe-”
“ Jungkook, it’s okay.” You breathe in his nice scent. “ We both said some things we didn’t mean, we’ll talk about it more in the morning” you kiss the mole on his neck. “ Let’s sleep. All that fighting made me tired,” you yawn and he chuckles.
“ Let’s not fight again,” he hugs you tighter, not wanting to leave your body. “ Can I suck on your titties? I can’t sleep right now,” Jungkook laughs when you immediately pinch his butt but your hand lifts your shirt up showing him your bare breast and he happily gleams at the sight.
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my-seokjinnie · 9 hours ago
it's always been you | chapter 1
PAIRING: Seokjin & y/n WORD COUNT: 4189 SUMMARY: When you entered, you immediately ripped your shirt off and glanced down at your collar bone in the mirror. It was bright red and the shape of an “S” was beginning to form before your very eyes. You knew what it was going to spell, but your face still watched in horror as it was accompanied by an “e” and then an “o” until it spelled out “Seokjin.” The beautiful outline of a flower followed after it, looking elegant next to his name. His name and the flower were still the color white, meaning that Jin didn’t know. He didn’t have his yet. “Fuck,” you said, feeling panic overwhelming you. “This can’t be happening.”
“Today we have on Dr. Lee to talk more about soul marks,” the host on the television hanging in the corner of the room said. It was playing dully in the background while you waited for Louise to finally finish trying on her dress. You checked the time on your phone, silently wondering where Willow was. She was already 20 minutes late. You and Louise had already walked around the store picking up every other dress for Louise to try on. You waited for a few more minutes before you just told Louise to start trying them on. You had gotten a text from Willow 40 minutes ago saying she was leaving very soon, but you hadn’t heard back from her since. Your eyes turned to look at the television, feeling the same heaviness you felt weighing on your chest every time anyone mentioned soul marks.
“Well as you know, soul marks are the physical representation of soulmates,” Dr. Lee began. “You are born with them under your skin and they don’t appear until you’re ready to accept the person’s love.”
The host giggled, holding up his wrist to show the name Soomin with a small diamond next to it. “My wife,” he said, smiling at his wrist.
“Yes,” Dr. Lee continued. “They look something like that. Your soulmate’s name and a symbol. You should both share the same symbol, as well. There’s no set time for them to appear. You can develop them when you’re as young as 5 or as old as 95. It really depends on the person and their willingness to open themselves up. It’s very possible for someone to die without it ever appearing if they’re not open to love.” You winced at that, sighing deeply.
“And it doesn’t often appear at the same time for both people, right?” the presenter said, leaning in like he had no idea. You rolled your eyes at that. Everyone knew about soul marks. You had learned about them in just about every class in school — biology, psychology, English, even sex ed. And on top of that, the media constantly talked about it. Whether it was advertisements for products that showed you a glimpse of the mark or even brought it around sooner than it was intended (all scams) or celebrities talking about their own soul mark stories, they were always on people’s minds. It didn’t help that your mom constantly asked about it, too. Have you found them yet? Has it formed yet? Anything at all?
“Exactly,” Dr. Lee said. “One person could be ready and willing to spend the rest of their life with someone, whereas the other may be a workaholic or scared of commitment. That first person could have their soul mark for years before the other person realizes they’re ready.”
“Thank god my wife and I figured it out quickly,” the host laughed. “I can’t imagine the waiting around just knowing while the other is clueless.”
“Yeah,” Dr. Lee agreed. “It is painful. It is known to cause a lot of stress and mental health problems like depression and anxiety. Some psychologists encourage people to tell their soulmates, so they can speed up the forming of the mark. But, I advise against this. While it works in some cases, it’s also possible that it could make them spiral because they’re not ready. And it can—”
Your phone rang, loudly in the otherwise quiet room. You jumped dramatically, gripping your chest before you looked down to find Jimin’s name lighting up your phone. You smiled at the picture that popped up along with it. It was from a Christmas party two years ago — you were squishing his cheeks together, a huge smile on your face. Jimin’s eyes were squeezed shut in laughter.
“Chimmy!” you said, excitedly answering the phone. “What’s up?”
“It’s Jimin?” Louise yelled from the changing room. “Tell him I say hi! And ask where the hell Willow is!”
“y/n!” Jimin’s cheerful voice rang through the phone. “How’s dress shopping?”
“Dress shopping is good. Louise’s trying on her first dress right now,” you said. “She says hi, by the way!” You put him on speaker, so he could say hi to Louise quickly, before you took it off and put the phone back to your ear.
“Oh!” Jimin said, abruptly. “I was calling to tell you that my beautiful girlfriend is on her way. She left here in a rush and forgot her phone. So tell her I have it, so she doesn’t worry!”
“Yeah, no problem. How long ago did she leave? Because—” you began, but you could hear someone in the background.
“Jin hyung, stop! I’m trying to talk to—”
“y/n?” Jin’s voice filled the phone, causing you to laugh. “Yah! Jimin, quit it!”
“Jin, what are you doing?” You said, laughing. “Leave Chimmy alone.”
“I’m not doing anything!” He said, defensively. He laughed a bit and you could hear Jimin groan in the background. “I just wanted to say hi. Also, I have tomorrow afternoon off and wanted to see if you wanted to hang out. We haven’t seen each other in a while. I’ll be done around 3.”
“Jin hyung, you have your own phone!” Jimin shouted in the background. “If you want to make plans with her, use your phone!”
“Okay, I have to go now,” Jin said, laughing loudly. “Yes or no?”
“Yeah, sure, sure,” You said, laughing. “Just stop hurting Jiminie!”
“I’m not hurting Jimin!” Jin said, outraged. “Jimin’s hurting me!”
You heard Jimin’s infectious laughter before the call ended. Seconds after the call ended, the doors flew open, revealing Willow looking disheveled. You jumped for the second time today but smiled, looking relieved upon seeing your other best friend’s face.
“Sorry, I’m late!” Willow said, taking a deep breath and falling down beside you on the fancy couch you were occupying. “Work was a nightmare. The boys are going to drive me insane. Taehyung ruined his makeup the moment he set foot on set. I had to go back and start over. And they knew I was coming to help Louise pick a dress, but my boss wouldn’t let me leave. Yoongi had to eventually step in and tell them to let me leave because it was his fiance that needed me.”
“That’s my man!” Louise yelled proudly from the dressing room.
“It’s okay, it’s okay,” You said, laughing. “Louise is still trying to get the first dress on. Are you sure you don’t want help?”
“It’s a no,” Louise said, from the other side, sounding defeated. “I already know.”
“Let me see, let me see!” Willow said. Louise sighed deeply and opened the door. The dress was so not Louise and you wondered why she had even grabbed something with ruffles in the first place.
“Oh yeah,” Willow said, shaking her head. “It’s pretty, but it’s definitely not you.”
“Try the simpler one you picked out,” You said, gesturing towards the rack that held a long and slender looking ivory dress. There was a little bit of beading on the top, but other than that, it was elegantly simple. With that, Louise shut the door and began trying on the next one.
Willow went to go reach for her phone but came up empty. You saw the panic fill her eyes, causing you to giggle a little.
“Jimin called and he has your phone,” You said, smiling at her.
“Oh thank god,” Willow said, looking relieved. “I’ll go pick it up after this. You’re going to have to take all the photos then.”
“That’s fine,” You said, grabbing your glass of champagne that was on the table. You grabbed the second one, too, handing it to Willow. “So other than the makeup disaster, how was filming?”
“It was fine,” Willow said, grabbing her own and gulping it down in one go. You raised your eyebrows when you watched Willow fill up another glass immediately. “They played some game. I didn’t know what was happening the entire time and JK accidentally broke Tae’s glasses during it and it was a whole ordeal.”
“He broke his glasses?” You said, raising your eyebrows.
“Yeah, he was excitedly dancing because he won, of course, and accidentally stepped on them. They were completely destroyed. Tae was not happy and Jin wouldn’t shut up. He laughed for a full five minutes,” Willow said, smiling when she heard Louise laughing on the other side of the door. “And that started Jimin and Hobi off and then all of them wouldn’t settle down.”
“A bunch of toddlers,” Louise said, fondly.
“My job is basically your job, Louise,” Willow said, pouting. “Taking care of children.”
“Trust me, you don’t want my job,” Louise said. “They’re all brats. One of my students literally put gum in a girl’s hair the other day. Her mom was pissed. I learned some new Korean swear words from her, though.”
The door opened to reveal Louise, looking anxious. You and Willow gasped, seeing your friend in the beautiful dress. She looked elegant and beautiful. Yoongi would lose his mind seeing her in it. You and Willow both felt tears spring to your eyes, finally grasping the reality that two of your best friends were getting married.
“Louise, it’s gorgeous,” Willow said, smiling fondly. “I love it. You look amazing.”
“Yeah,” you agreed. “I love it!”
“I don’t know,” Louise said, turning to look in the mirror again. “I don’t know if I like it enough.”
“Well, it’s only dress 2,” you said, reassuring her. “Just keep trying them on. You don’t have to get one today, anyway. You have time.”
“Yeah, if you’re not in love with it, then don’t do it,” Willow reasoned. “You want it to be perfect. If it doesn’t make you feel that way, then it’s not the one!”
“And let’s be real,” you said, smiling. “You could wear a trash bag to your wedding and Yoongi wouldn’t look anywhere but you.”
Louise blushed, knowing it was true. They were soulmates, after all. If Louise’s hair hadn’t been covering her ears, they would be able to see the small Yoongi resting near the outline of a teardrop behind her ear. They had known each other for years before either of them had formed their mark. They had met while all three of the girls had been studying abroad in Seoul. It had been before the boys had debuted. All of them had formed a bond with the seven boys, creating a friendship that was still strong today, no matter how famous the boys got.
Louise and Yoongi had figured it out a few years back at a party when Yoongi had drunkenly kissed her, which had led to feelings being exchanged. When they woke up the next morning in each other’s arms, the marks were there. Yoongi had seen hers first, placing a kiss on it before checking for his own. Sure enough, Louise was in the same place on him; the same teardrop shape next to it. Their friends were ecstatic, but management wasn’t. It was early on in their career and they didn’t want any distractions for Yoongi. But, he didn’t listen. Louise meant everything to him. And he was not about to leave her after finding something like this out. And because Yoongi didn’t listen, here they were, planning a wedding.
“Yeah,” Louise said, smiling softly at the thought of her fiance. She snapped herself out of it quickly, continuing on. “Alright, next dress!”
The rest of the day went on, while you all talked and Louise continued trying on dress after dress. In the end, Louise walked out of the shop empty-handed and looking defeated.
“How am I ever going to decide on a dress? I’m so indecisive,” Louise whined.
“You’re just going to know,” Willow said, reassuringly. “When you see it, you’ll know it.”
“And like I said before,” you said, looking over at Louise. You nearly tripped trying to avoid a biker on the sidewalk, causing Willow and Louise to roll their eyes. You continued on, though, “You have so much time. You guys aren’t getting married until next year.”
“I know,” Louise said, still looking anxious. “I just want to make sure everything is done on time.”
“It will be. Stop worrying,” Willow said. As they inched closer to their cars, Willow continued on. “You want to come back to our place and drink with us?” Willow said, wiggling her eyebrows.
“Wait, what?” you said, raising your eyebrows. “Who said I’m drinking? It’s Tuesday.”
“y/n,” Willow said, rolling her eyes. “You work from home anyway. You can literally wake up whenever you want. You set your own hours. Just wake up a bit later.”
“Willow,” you said, groaning, but Willow just smiled.
“Please,” Willow pouted. “I had a long day and I need to blackout.”
“Don’t you work tomorrow?” you said, raising your eyebrows.
“Nope,” Willow said, happily. “The boys just have dance rehearsal tomorrow. No need for makeup.”
“Fine,” you said, sighing. You could never say ‘no’ to drinking when Willow was trying to convince you. “Louise, you coming?”
Louise smiled but shook her head. “I don’t think so,” she said. “Yoongi just texted me that they’re done filming and he promised he would make dinner tonight. And if Yoongi’s cooking, it’s going to be good. But, have fun. Be good! Love you.” Louise smiled and made her way towards her car. You and Willow just sighed, watching her go before making your way to your own cars.
You easily beat Willow home, making your way up to your shared apartment. You slipped off your shoes and immediately changed into something more comfortable. Your phone beeped, signaling you had a text from Willow.
Willow: Just picked up my phone from Jimin’s. Be back soon.
You doubted that. You didn’t even want to think about what Willow and Jimin were up to. Surprisingly, Willow didn’t take that long. And when she entered the apartment, she was holding a large takeout bag and another bag with four bottles of wine.
“Oh my god,” you said, happiness in your voice. “I love you. I’m so hungry, I thought I was going to die. Also, are you trying to kill me? I’m not drinking four bottles of wine.”
“We’ll start with two and work our way up,” Willow said, smirking. You rolled your eyes. Willow went to go change while you put your food onto plates. You poured both of you a glass of wine and then went to go sit on the couch. You were halfway done eating by the time Willow was back. She grabbed her own food and sat beside you.
“I still can’t believe Louise and Yoongi are getting married,” you said, in disbelief. “I can’t imagine getting married right now.”
“You don’t want to find your soulmate?” Willow said, raising her eyebrows. You shifted a bit, uncomfortable.
“Of course I do,” you said, looking down at your food. “Everyone wants to find their soulmate. But, finding them and marrying them are different things.”
“Fair enough,” Willow said, taking a large bite of kimchi. “I wish mine would show up soon. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I’m ready to take the next step with Jimin if he wants to. What’s it waiting for?”
“Your body knows you better than you do,” you said, smiling. “Just give it time. I’m sure it will happen.”
“Yeah, well, whatever,” Willow said, sighing. “I’m happy for Louise and Yoongi. I can’t believe they’ve been together for almost five years. That’s insane. It feels like we just met them.”
“You haven’t seen any soul marks on any of the other boys, have you?” you said, suddenly. Willow raised her eyebrows at the question but answered nonetheless.
“Technically, I’m not legally allowed to tell you,” Willow said, winking. “But, no. None of them have them except for Yoongi — unless they have them on their butts or something. I’ve seen pretty much everyone’s body and nothing. They’re all so busy, I’m surprised that Yoongi’s even showed up. None of them are free enough to start a relationship.”
“Yeah,” you said, nodding. “That’s understandable.”
“Why do you want to know?” Willow said, giving you a puzzled look.
“Just curious,” you said, shrugging. “I feel behind, I guess. Watching Louise planning a wedding has me kind of jealous.”
“You just said you weren’t ready for marriage,” Willow said, laughing.
“Not marriage,” you said, shaking your head. “Just a mutual love. I want it.”
“Yeah,” Willow said, frowning. “You know, you can date in the meantime. You don’t have to wait around for them. It might take years. When Jimin and I decided to give it a go, we both agreed that it was worth the risk. If we aren’t each other’s soulmates, then we have to understand. But, he’s worth the risk.”
“Yeah, yeah,” you said, rolling your eyes affectionately. Jimin and Willow had such a healthy relationship, too. You really hoped they were soulmates. “You guys are cute. Now, come on. You said we were drinking.”
“Yes I did,” Willow said, grinning widely. You both guzzled down your wine, completing two bottles easily. By the third, you were both hammered. Willow was on the floor in front of your couch, now. She had pushed your coffee table to the side, so she could lay on her back, looking up at the ceiling. You were hanging half off the couch, staring at a shadow on the wall.
“Do you know where your soul mark is?” Willow said, looking over at you. “You don’t find out until it happens, right?”
You paused, biting your lip. “I — no, I don’t. Do you?”
“I don’t know for sure,” Willow slurred. “But, I think — I think it’s on my palm. I’m pretty sure it’s on my palm.”
“Why?” you asked, looking confused.
“I can feel an itch,” Willow said. “Like when you have an itch you can’t scratch. I feel it sometimes on my palm. And it’s different from a normal itch. I don’t know how to describe it.”
“Does it just happen randomly?” you said, looking over at your friend. You slid off of the couch, your body falling in front of Willow’s.
“I don’t know,” Willow said. “I thought it happened when Jimin was near. A few days ago, it was really intense when Jimin was laughing at something JK was doing. And I thought, maybe because my heart flutters when he laughs, it was causing it to itch. But, I was doing Jimin’s makeup today and he laughed again when Namjoon broke his mug—”
“What happened on your shoot today?” you laughed, thinking of the chaos.
“They’re toddlers. I already told you,” Willow said but continued on. “Anyway, nothing happened this time. So, I’m confused.”
“Louise might know,” you slurred, looking over at Willow. “She was around Yoongi for a long time before her mark showed up.”
“Great idea!” Willow said, grabbing her phone finding Louise’s number. Before you could even react, the sound of the FaceTime ring was filling your ears. Louise appeared on the screen seconds later, looking a bit disheveled. Her hair was a mess and her clothes were askew.
“Louise Monroe,” Willow shouted, smirking. “Min Louise! What are you up to? Is that a hickey?” You leaned over when you heard hickey, laughing at Louise’s embarrassed looking face.
“What do you want?” Louise asked, laughing at Willow wiggling her eyebrows suggestively.
“Did we interrupt something?” you asked, smirking.
“Stop,” Louise said, laughing. “Why did you call? We’re just about to eat.”
“Yeah, I don’t think Yoongi is eating food,” you said, laughing.
“Ew,” Willow said, looking over at you. “You know how I feel about Yoongi. He’s like my child.”
“That’s still weird!” Yoongi yelled in the background, but she could tell he was smiling. Willow just giggled.
“Just accept it, Yoongi Boongi!” Willow yelled back.
“We really are about to eat,” Louise said, showing the japchae and bulgogi that Yoongi had made sitting on their dining room table. It then flashed to Yoongi, who waved in their direction. His sleeves were rolled up and he was wearing an apron.
“Basically, get to the point,” Yoongi said. “So I can enjoy my meal with my fiance.”
“Oh, I bet you’re enjoying your meal,” you said, continuing to smirk. Yoongi just let out a low chuckle.
“What do you want?” Louise asked again, blushing.
“I don’t even remember why we called,” Willow slurred, looking over at you.
“Their soul marks,” you reminded her.
“Oh yeah!” Willow said, excitedly. “Did you two ever feel them before they showed up?”
“What do you mean?” Louise asked, her face screwing up in confusion.
“Like an itch?” Yoongi said, walking over to Louise. He placed his chin on her shoulder, so he was down to her height. Louise leaned her head against his, sighing contently.
“Yeah, exactly like an itch,” Willow said, looking excited that someone understood.
“I never felt an itch,” Louise said, raising her eyebrows.
“I don’t think it happens to everyone,” Yoongi explained. “I think it’s usually the person that discovers it last that can really feel it. It’s like an itch you can’t scratch — like you’re close to it, but not close enough.”
“So you’re saying my soulmate already knows about me?”
“Are you feeling itchy?” Louise said, looking interested now. Willow ignored her question, waiting for Yoongi to respond.
“Not necessarily,” Yoongi said. “I just think it affects the one that hasn’t suspected it, at all. Your soulmate might just have a crush on you or something. I don’t know. I don’t think they have the science down, yet. All I know is it only affects some people.”
“Do you think it’s Jimin?” Louise said, looking excited.
“Jimin already knows I love him,” Willow said, looking confused. “If we were soulmates, our marks would have shown up already.” Her face dropped a bit.
“Don’t think like that,” you said, rubbing her shoulder. “You never know. This whole thing is weird. No scientist can pinpoint anything. It all depends on the person. Everyone has a different experience.”
“She’s right,” Yoongi said, giving Willow a soft smile. “No one knows anything. These are just theories.”
“Alright,” you said, looking over at Willow’s sad face. “We’ll let you eat or fuck or whatever you’re doing.”
Louise rolled her eyes at the two of you, but then winked before she hung up, causing you to burst into laughter. Willow’s lips quirked a bit, too.
“Should we watch a movie until the alcohol wears off?” you suggested, smiling at your friend. Willow nodded, slowly, still looking like she was deep in thought.
“Yeah,” she said, picking herself up off the ground with your help. You both got comfortable on the couch and watched some terrible horror film.
“I have no idea who my soulmate is,” Willow said, suddenly. “Not a clue. If it’s not Jimin, then I have no idea.”
“Willow,” you tried to soothe her. “You don’t know it’s not Jimin. It still could be.”
“It would have happened already,” Willow said, looking over at her friend. “Don’t lie to me. You know that, too.”
“Neither of us know anything,” you said.
“You have no idea who yours is, too? No signs? Nothing?” Willow asked.
You felt uncomfortable for a moment, a strained smile on your face. “Nothing,” you said. “I know nothing.”
“Well, at least we’re in this together,” Willow said, smiling sadly. She leaned her head on your shoulder and in minutes, she was sleeping. You sighed and continued watching the movie until it was over. You turned the TV off and got up carefully, moving Willow into a laying down position on the couch. You placed a blanket over Willow and left her some water and medicine for her eventual hangover.
You were entirely sober now, feeling the beginning of a headache taking over. It felt late, so it surprised you when you saw the clock in your room only at 10pm. You shed your clothes quickly, grabbing a towel and making your way towards your attached bathroom. You started the shower, hopping into the warm water, sighing contently.
You had never felt an itch like Willow and Yoongi had described. You didn’t even know that was a thing. For the millionth time, you wished you could just forget about the soulmate thing. It had been weighing on you heavily for so long now. You quickly washed your hair and body, before stepping out of the shower, wrapping the towel around yourself. The fan in your bathroom hadn’t stopped the steam from fogging up your mirror, blurring your face and body. Just the outline of your body was looking back.
You brushed your teeth quickly and by the time you were done, the mirror had become almost clear again. You stared at your face, willing yourself to not look down. But, like you had done every single day since it first appeared on your body two years ago, your eyes strayed down to the small Seokjin and the beautiful flower that rested perfectly on your collar bone.
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