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randomlonelymusician · 5 minutes ago
A Few Newer Fanfics
I absolutely love supporting writers, so I put together another small list of fanfictions (plus one poem) that I’ve recently read! I hope these can find at least one new reader!
“Wings of Freedom” by Kael_san
“Just a poem Levi dedicates to Erwin knowing how events will unfold right after Erwin agrees to play his role in the battle against the Beast Titan.”
-A short but beautiful poem about exactly what the summary says! I recommend it to everyone, especially since it doesn’t take much time to read!
Rating: General Audiences
Word Count: 249
Ships: Erwin/Levi
“Mountain Dew and Shady Motels” by Pistachio_Lattes
“The teens panted and stumbled as the sirens and flashing lights grew closer, some were silently crying and others were on the verge of fainting. How could this have happened? Where did they go wrong? How could they have done this better? But most importantly, What were they going to do? — Modern AU Where everyone goes on a road trip and they're on the run from the police (there also aren’t any titans) but also everyone is pretty much gay, bi or pan so there’s that.”
-Between the fun interactions between the characters and the interesting plot, this one really caught my attention!
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 16k so far
Ships: Jean/Marco, Levi/Erwin, Ymir/Historia, Reiner/Bertholdt, Eren/Armin, Hitch/Marlowe 
“Love Lock” by TheMarvelousMinniPin
“I. Levi returns to Shiganshina to bring Erwin home — II. Levi buries Erwin, but not alone — III. Levi mourns Erwin and carries on.”
-I really love reading fan writings that portray the emotions of Levi after Erwin’s death, and this definitely delivered. Also, Hange’s emotions after Moblits death are also there. 
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 2k so far
Ships: Erwin/Levi, Moblit/Hange
The last list can be found here.
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tuudles · 16 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Little Eruri family
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fallenrazziel · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Ponies!EruRi #308
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fallenrazziel · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Hello!EruRi #307
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polartank · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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tanasthings · 10 hours ago
Wow I'm so happy no one died and Levi and Erwin were able to get married and live a quiet happy life together 🙌
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asterilys · 11 hours ago
levi big spoon, erwin small spoon
Tumblr media
it's a post midterm sketch (?) 💆
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snovaaprel · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
I don’t know what I’m supposed to do haunted by the ghost of you 💙 Eruri is my otp. Obsessed with Aot like it’s 2013 again ✌🏻 Inspired by aot fandom, another fan arts (especially @roza.vay ), a song by Lord Huron and art nouveau style.
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arminsrealwaifu · 13 hours ago
Hange: Hey Levi, remember the time when Erwin smashed you on the roof during an expedition?
Levi: ...
Mike, choking on his tea: The Commander did what?
Hange: Yes, on the face. It was very big fight. Good thing I was there to stop them immediately.
Mike: Oh so smashed as in punched each other...
Hange: Yeah.
Hange: Then they made up after having a rough se—
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sometimesimloveydoveytoo · 18 hours ago
Can we all stop this war that’s been going on here since 139 came out?
Neither of them, Erwin or Hange, can hold hands with Levi cause guess what? THEY ARE BOTH DEAD, DEAD, FUCKING DEAD FOR GODS SAKE
Tumblr media
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theeonejuls · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Levi helps Erwin shave after he lost his arm legs be honest here....
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Have you read Cerasium’s incredible “Coda” fic on AO3? A post Snk epilogue story featuring Levi’s POV
I haven’t yet, but you’re the second person who’s recc’d this to me, and I’ve read and enjoyed some of their other fics so it’s definitely on my reading list! 
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luwithtwof · a day ago
Your daily reminder that when Isayama said the famous "Levi likes tall people" it looks like he didn't just use a common expression to say 'tall'.
"Isayama was putting emphasis of the fact that Levi is noticeably short... so he likes people who are considerably tall"
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luwithtwof · a day ago
“I knew, you’d come through, Levi. You always have.”
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levisays · a day ago
ngl I was letdown erwin got shown less in levi's mind than hanji. instead she was the center of the picture but erwin was only to the side (same as petra) and later he remembers hanji specially but no mention of erwin. someone pointed out hanji had 'hearts' put on purpose above her head in the english. not saying they needed a one on one scene but in the end hanji had way more focus for levi than erwin.
Mmmm I mean my understanding from responses is that this was indeed a banner chapter for levihan shippers, but I really don’t think it’s because Erwin somehow suddenly became less important to Levi or something?? I think it’s just...he’s been dead and gone for four/seven years now 😂. Hange just died for this shit. You know? That’s not a shipping thing. They were more relevant, both because they were an active agent in the storyline up until a few chapters ago and because Levi and Hange experienced some incomparable things in the four more years they spent together. They discovered the truth of the world around them, witnessed the development of their home, felt the insidious changes in their society. Hange dragged Levi’s broken ass into the woods and protected him with their life only a few days ago. They ‘betrayed’ their island, jointly coaxed a coalition with their sworn enemy, and fought their former protégé together. They faced the actual, imminent apocalypse together. And finally, after fighting side by side for a decade, they said goodbye.
Tbh now I’m thinking about it, it’d be weirder if Hange wasn’t the focal point of Levi’s reminiscences 😂
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