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elffees · 19 minutes ago
it’s kinda funny that they definitely lessened heisenberg’s abilities so he wouldn’t be too op to fight in his boss battle. like i was watching this lets player go through the game, and he expressed immense disappointment bc of the wasted potential of having a regular!heisenberg with his metal manipulation powers versing ethan. and i somewhat agree.
heisenberg’s fight wasn’t bad, it was very entertaining and cool. but i do agree tho that having a super-powered human form heisenberg fight ethan, kinda similar to the super-powered human form wesker fight in re5, would’ve been very interesting. and it’s obvious capcom knew heisenberg, with his abilities to make metal fly through the freaking air, would either be insanely difficult, or his boss battle might possibly overshadow mother miranda’s if they left it to be like that. bc, to compare them again, wesker was the final boss in re5. while heisenberg is just another henchmen, so his fight technically shouldn’t be anywhere near the same level of difficulty or awe as the final boss’.
so to downsize him in both difficulty and spectacle capcom just made heisenberg turn into a huge metal monster instead of keeping him with his magneto persona and it’s just kinda funny to think about.
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hohoz · an hour ago
In the event Jill and Chris are married, imagine there's a DLC that involves playing as their son who is a young kid as maybe one of the sisters (maybe Cassandra) survived Ethan disguising herself as a babysitter and it results in Home Alone: Resident Evil edition as he sets up traps around the house to stop her. The end is him and Cassandra just setting aside their differences and just watch TV.
Since Chris trained Claire in the case of need I would imagine he would do the same to his son/daughter and Jill has the best lock pick skill and self defense fight style, so now we have this: A kid who is well trained to survive
Jill also has T-Virus antibodies in her blood, unfortunately this would not be enough to give powers (Like Ethan’s heal) or Rosemary (whatever she has) 
In the situation where they have to leave for a job or something and their house is invaded by a demon babysitter that could use her power to chase the kid would be like “Gone home” kind of game (if he/she is a kid) and the end of the game would be the Chris/Jill arriving home to save the kid. 
Maybe the kid would be kidnapped like RE8 or Silent Hill, but this would not be likely since they already did this :C, Especially because if someone kidnaps Chris and Jill’s kid they would have to face hell since both are masters at killing B.O.W 
But I would like to see Chris as a father figure to Rosemary and I would like to imagine that in case that he needs a babysitter Rose would be the one to do it
I loved the villains in RE8 they were great, Dimitrescu family has a lot of personality and they have great lore (wish I could see more of them)  - props to Capcom, unlike RE6 Simmons (he is so boring like everything in that game, okay, maybe not the coop) 
Thank you for the ask :V 
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dutchs-gang · an hour ago
‏‎She watches Ethan before she moves #RE8 #capcom #residentevil8village #residentevilvillage #residentevil8 #ladydimitrescu #alcinadimitrescu #ladydimitrescuedit #edits #ps5 #ps4 ‎‏
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techquilaofficial · 2 hours ago
Resident Evil Village Review - Hauntingly Evolved, Briefly Scary
Resident Evil Village Review - Hauntingly Evolved, Briefly Scary #ResidentEvil #ResidentEvilVillage #RE8
Resident Evil Village takes a lot from the franchise’s more action-oriented titles and presents them in a nice gift wrap in the form of gameplay taken straight from its immediate predecessor. Taking place 3 years after the haunting events in RE7, Village sees Ethan Winters return as its protagonist, with the story once again focusing on him rescuing his family from the evil clutches of…weird and…
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weedle-testaburger · 4 hours ago
if ethan winters never asks lady dimitrescu 'what are big mommy milkers? I'm a visual learner btw' I'll have to conclude the praise for resident evil village is undeserved
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whatmikamakes · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
“After finishing up the rest of your light meal (a snack, more like), you stand, cupping the fabric in your hand while looking around to flap away the crumbs elsewhere. Having ants around is not fun and will give you extra cleaning work. You move to the window and pull at the handle only to find it firmly sealed shut. They probably don't want the cold wind let in here, especially with someone new such as yourself occupying this room. That wouldn't be welcoming. You decide to brush the crumbs into the fireplace, carefully making sure that the flames don't lick at the fabric. Accidentally setting your gift on fire along with the entire castle is also not fun.”
- Chapter II, Made to Serve
An update to my fanfic! I’m currently adding in my own artworks to the posted chapters!
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eyadyon · 7 hours ago
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‎🔴للعرض🔴Welcome to the family son #ps4 #ps4pro #ps4games #ps4gamer #collection #collector #steelbookcollector #steelbook #steelbooks #capcom #residentevil #residentevilvillage #residentevil8 (at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)
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