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gottagolisten · 38 minutes ago
Ghost (SHOKU DNB Flip)[FULL SONG IN FREE DL] Free Download
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chaotic-mindxx · 42 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Sorry girl I gotta ghost
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gasolineghuleh · an hour ago
A Hurricane
Reader x Rain, who has manipulated the reader into sleeping with him. A request for @katiebeth00! 
Contains some manipulative language, as well as some degradation.
If there’s one thing in the Abbey that could be predictably dull, it’s the large feasts that the Papa’s host every weekend. Even the leaders themselves seemed bored at the large table that stretched along the front of the hall, with the recently added Papa Emeritus the Fourth. His Ghouls were stationed at the band table, one plinthe down from the high leaders. It doesn’t take a particularly keen observer to notice that most of the Ghouls were bored, flicking their food back and forth on their plates as they lean in close to talk to each other. Every so often you can catch a snippet of their conversation interspersed with some laughter.
Your cell phone chimes in your pocket and, despite yourself, you feel your cheeks pinken— it’s the special ring that Rain has assigned to himself, and more often than not recently, your conversations have been becoming increasingly sexual in nature. Your friends titter amongst themselves as you take your phone from your pocket and try to keep your face neutral as you navigate to the notification. You’ve only been texting for a few weeks but there’s no doubting the fact that something is simmering beneath the surface between the two of you. When he sees you out and about in the Abbey it’s quickly followed by a text, usually commenting on your appearance. True to form, Rain opens the conversation with what’s quickly becoming his usual, with an added and subtle command.
Rain Ghoul: Well hey there gorgeous. Careful on that wine.
You: Hey Rain. What’s up tonight?
Rain Ghoul: Could be me, if that’s what you’re asking.
You: Maybe I am. What else could be?
Rain Ghoul: Weather. Ceiling. Good old Father God. Take your pick and tell me which is more interesting.
“Hey,” your friend says, snapping her fingers in front of your nose. It’s only now that you realize that your smile has spread across your face as you stare down at your phone screen. You shake your head slightly and look up, laughing nervously at your friends as they watch you. Some of them have a raised brow as their eyes move between your face and phone, smothering giggles behind napkins or wine glass rims.
“That Ghoul you’re seeing again?” one of them asks, wine glass poised at her lips and a brow delicately arched.
“No, it’s uh…” You scramble for answers, landing on one that comes out with an embarrassed wince. “My mom. She just wants to know how I’m doing up here, and all. You know. Parental stuff,” you laugh, flapping your hand in an attempt to dismiss the conversation. Your friends aren’t so quickly deterred, however. 
“Uh huh. And I’m sure you’re smiling because you just miss home that badly?” Her wine glass emptied, your friend puts it down on the table with a solid sound, accentuating her point. As you open your mouth to answer, your phone chimes again right on cue. Despite knowing that you’ll catch flak for it, you glance down at the screen and read the message quickly. 
Rain Ghoul: Lie to them. No one needs to know what we discuss. Or that we discuss anything at all.
“She sent me a picture of my dog, from back home.” Quickly, you navigate to your photos and pull up a recent picture of your dog, glad that you had indeed saved the one she sent you yesterday. Luckily, there’s a myriad of holiday decor in the background of the photo to properly date it. Your friends pass your phone around quickly, making the appropriate sounds for a pet photo. 
“Alright, that’s fair I guess. She’s cute,” your friend says, finally handing the device back to you. You smile and huff a small sigh of relief, flicking your eyes towards Rain at the Ghoul table— he’s completely disinterested in your table, picking at his food as he talks with the other band Ghouls, apparently deep in conversation. However, you can see one of his hands is under the table, gripping his phone. 
“Thanks. I miss her,” you say, attempting to sound nonchalant as your heart rate finally begins to regulate. One of your friends hums in sympathy as she nods and your other friends return to their conversation as your phone dings again.
Rain Ghoul: Good girl. Maybe I’ll give you a reward for that. Would you like that?
You: What kind of reward?
Rain Ghoul: I remember you telling me that you liked puppet shows.
Before you can respond, Papa Nihil stands from his chair in the center of the Papal table, signaling an end to the meal. The Brother beside you groans in exasperation, attempting to shovel the rest of his stew into his mouth before the serving Ghouls come to clear the tables. You stifle a grin and stand with the others, bowing towards the disinterested Papas as you leave. The Third waves a hand towards the crowd, dismissing them without ever moving his eyes away from his own plate, suspiciously stacked high with sweets. When you scan your eyes towards the band Ghoul table, you see that they’ve already left. 
“Hello?” your friend says loudly, snapping her fingers in front of your face until you bring your attention back to her. “There you are. Let’s get going, I’ve got some chocolate stashed in the dorms I’ve been looking forward to.” You nudge her with your elbow with a laugh and leave with the gaggle of Siblings.
As you pass one of the large supply closets, however, an arm wraps around the door and yanks you inside before you have the chance to make a sound. Someone wraps their arm around your chest, pinning you to them as their hand claps over your mouth. You’re able to cast your eyes around and note the tail swishing beside you and relax slightly— it’s only Rain. Soon enough, you hear one of your friends calling your name before suggesting that you’ve gotten ahead of them and are already in the dorm rooms, waiting for your portion of chocolate.
“Isn’t that convenient, then, that your friends are so quick to assume you’ve gone on ahead of them?” Rain’s forked tongue snakes forward to caress the outer shell of your ear and you shiver in his arms, goosebumps erupting along your spine from the sensation and the anticipation of finally being able to take him inside of you. This is the closest the two of you have ever come to a sexual encounter, despite the weeks of sexual texting between you; something inside of you acknowledges the shift in your relationship from metaphorical to literal, but you’re too preoccupied with the feeling of him around you to care. 
“Maybe they just know that I’m prone to disappearing when I want to… Or that I have secret liasons all over the Abbey grounds.” That did it— his arm tightens around your middle and you feel his teeth graze across your throat as he growls, predatory. You can briefly feel his claws against you before he controls himself enough to retract them, not wanting to cause harm to his latest conquest, perhaps.
“As long as I am in charge, no one will touch you again without my permission, or my hand guiding them.” As if to demonstrate, one of his hands moves confidently to the hem of your habit as he teases it up just slightly, bringing the edge of the skirt to the crease between your thigh and hip. His long fingers graze along the outside of your panties, already almost soaked through and tacky with the evidence of your arousal.
“How would you guide them? What would you tell them to do?” you ask breathlessly, allowing your eyes to slide closed as you give in to the sensation of invisible hands gliding along your body— imagining that there were other silent participants in the closet with you. You gasp when Rain’s lithe finger slides along and then beneath the hem of your panties to dip between your folds, finding your clit quickly. 
“I would tell them to watch, first. Watch as I carve your body apart until it serves me and only me.” His finger sweeps across your clit in a solid and sure movement, his arm tightening around your middle again as you buck against his hold. “Watch as my fingers slide inside of you…” Going along with his words, his middle finger slides into you fully , crooking it slightly until he finds the spot that he wants. His other hand moves upward, keeping his forearm between your breasts in a tight hold as his hand grips your throat loosely. 
“Slide… into me?” you manage to get out between deep breaths. It feels like it’s been ages since someone has taken control of your body and given you pleasure— you’re certainly not about to ask him to stop, consequences or change in your relationship be damned. Rain leans over you, his lips brushing against the delicate flesh of your neck as he speaks. 
“Make them watch as my fingers use you as a puppet. Dance for me, pet. Follow my silent commands.” All pretense of play gone, Rain’s finger twists inside of you at the same time that his thumb presses harshly against your clit. As you gasp and roll your hips against him his teeth find your neck, biting and clamping down hard. 
“Oh, fuck,” you moan, close to a whimper. Rain just smiles against you and you can feel the curve of his lips against your throat. It doesn’t take long for his tail to make an appearance, something the two of you suggested multiple times in your text conversations. It wraps around your thigh, pulling harshly until your leg slides to the side on the cold stone floor, giving his hand better access to you.
“How long have you wanted me? Don’t lie,” he whispers, his voice almost pleading with you as his tongue flicks against your thumping artery. “So many others wish they could be where you are right now… Tell me how long you’ve wished to be here.” 
“A- a week now.” Your eyes squeeze shut tightly against a curl of pleasure that seems to start at your toes and work its way up your body. Behind you, Rain groans his own pleasure, his hips rocking against the swell of your ass as he presses his cock against you, still trapped in the cloth of his pants. 
“I said don’t lie,” he snarls, sharp teeth biting down into your neck, pin pricks of pain alighting along the curve of his mouth. When you gasp he pulls you against him harder, grinding his hips upward to ensure that you feel every inch of his hard length. Attempting to speak again only earns you another throaty snarl as Rain presses you forward until you’re leaning heavily against a large barrel of industrial strength cleaning supplies. 
“Please-” you start, but Rain cuts you off with one hand moving from your throat to your mouth, fingers sliding between your lips roughly. His claws are thankfully retracted, leaving only the human feeling fingers dancing between your lips in an attempt to stifle your begging pleas. 
“No more speaking, pet. For now, do my dance.” It’s a struggle but you manage to nod around his fingers, even swirl your tongue around one of them for a moment— you smile when the effort is rewarded with a hiss of pleasure from behind you. Before you know it he has your habit pulled up around your waist and your panties pulled to the side savagely.
Rain pulls his finger from your panties, bringing it around your body to press against the small of your back with his palm. He presses harder and you can feel the head of his cock aligning itself with your entrance. He waits, dragging the head of his cock along your slick entrance and tapping it teasingly on your clit until your hips are attempting to buck, pushing up against his palm. You feel rather than hear him laugh to himself, low and satisfied. 
“Please,” you whisper around his fingers between your lips, laying your head on the top of the barrel as your chest heaves with deep breaths. It’s been ages since you were this aroused and the thought of finally having his cock inside of you is almost too much to bear; you feel combustible, almost like too much gunpowder stuffed inside of a small container. The nights alone in your bedroom in the upper levels of the Abbey, your hand working between your thighs was barely enough to contain the lust and need that you felt for Rain. All of your senses fail you, narrowing focus to that small point of contact on your cunt.
“I said no words,” Rain starts and you tense. “But I’ll allow it because of your manners,” he finishes. He slides his cock into you with one thrust, slow enough for you to feel the stretch but fast enough to give you almost no time to prepare. Your mouth drops open around his fingers in a long moan, hands gripping tightly to the edge of the barrel until he bottoms out inside of you. 
You remember his warning about speaking and quell the words of praise and pleasure that are attempting to bubble up to the surface, opting instead for a moan that seems to come from your core. Rain seems satisfied as his hand on the small of your back continues to pin you in place for him, setting a tempo that has the barrel rocking with each thrust. Before long Rain is grunting and moaning his own pleasure behind you, his thrusts becoming more erratic and disjointed as he starts to chase his own climax. 
“You like this, don’t you? Knew you wanted my cock ever since I texted you the first time. I played you so good,” he says to himself, pulling his hand from your lips with a loud popping sound. It doesn’t take him long to bring that hand below you, however, concentrating on your clit as he pounds into you. “You gonna cum for me? Cum on this cock like you want it?”
“Yes,” you moan out, clenching your muscles around his cock as his finger swipes and runs over your clit. The pressure is just enough and you find yourself falling over the edge of your climax sooner than you expected, your legs shaking as you clamp your lips together, attempting to keep the sounds of your pleasure quiet.
“Make some noise for me baby, moaning doesn’t count as talking. You can break that rule,” Rain says, his breathing becoming labored as he attempts to keep up the pace he’s set. Instead, he slides into you to the hilt and rocks his hips upward, grinding his cock inside of you on the spot that makes you see stars. 
“Right there, oh my God, Rain,” you chant, your words becoming unintelligible as he continues grinding against you, the calloused pad of his index finger making quick work of your clit. Your breathing quickly devolves into a mixture of panting and whining as your hands scrabble for better purchase against the rim of the barrel. When Rain’s tail comes up and presses just delicately against your asshole you cum, biting down hard on your own forearm to stifle the sound that you know would have been heard outside the closet.
“So fucking hot, holy shit. You like when I make you my own little sex toy? Use you for everything I want? Play you like a god damn fiddle- No, not like a fiddle, like a little fucking puppet,” Rain finishes, growling low in your ear as he thrusts forward twice. He stops with his cock fully sheathed inside of you, groaning deeply as he cums. You’re too tired to urge him through the climax, but you can feel his cock pulsing inside of you with each shot of cum.
After a moment he pulls out and away from you, staggering backwards to sit on the spare chair inside the broom closet. You stay resting against the barrel for another moment more before standing slowly and with a groan. It’s not much of an effort to fix your clothing, skewed only slightly out of place and rumpled up. Rain watches as you fix your panties and then smooth down the front of your habit, resting his cheek on the back of his hand, seemingly only barely interested.
“Well?” he prods finally, waving a hand towards you in a “carry on” motion.
“Well what?” you prompt, furrowing your brows slightly. You pull your phone out of your pocket and use the front facing camera to adjust your makeup, running down your face only a little. 
“Was it worth it, then? All of the teasing, I mean.” When your eyes meet his, you’re surprised to see a surprising lack of warmth in them.
“You mean the texting? What it lead to?” He nods slowly, his eyes never leaving yours. “Yeah, it was worth it. You’re good. Good enough that I wouldn’t mind a round two sometime,” you finish, sildling forward into the space between his legs and pulling gently on his tie. 
“You think you can call the shots, then, is that it?” he asks, and you can tell his face is skeptical beneath the mask. You were warned that Rain could be hot and cold with a girl after he had bedded her once, but this felt like lava to ice. “You think out of all of the girls in the Abbey that I’ve fucked, somehow you’re the one I’ll kowtow to?”
“But I thought-”
“You thought, yes.” Rain stands, swatting your hand away with ease as he straightens the legs of his pants and brushes dust off of his shoulders. “I don’t like puppets to think. Perhaps next time I use you, you’ll remember that.” 
He leaves, then, shutting the door with a final click behind him as he strides away. You’re left in the cold silence of the broom closet, your cunt aching with the memory of what had just happened; even your nipples are still hard and waiting for the possible continued affection. The thought passes you to check your phone briefly, but no— that part of the courting is over. Now you’re just another one of his toys, ready to be picked up, played with, and discarded just as easily. 
Less of a light Rain and more of a hurricane, you think to yourself snidely.
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marygoorewhore · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I wild Tobias has appeared!
He so preeeeeeetty
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buoyantsaturn · 2 hours ago
I think you're a Jason Kinnie because you're a furry
(Also, Happy Birthday!)
thank u ghost 😔
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Ghost: Lemm, why are you crunchy?
Lemm: Excuse me?!
Ghost: Whenever you move, you crunch.
Lemm: I have arthritis, Ghost!
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trash-jsab · 2 hours ago
Bug brainrot go brrrr
Art dump under the cut!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Canon characters:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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mystery-of-silence · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Ghost by  Ashline Art
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adiarose · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Dean: There’s some salt in my duffle. Make a circle and get inside.
Ed: Inside your duffle?
Dean: In the salt you idiots!
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lucifersmullet · 3 hours ago
i know tobias said the upcoming new album will be heavier but can we just appreciate the rock ballads he created for prequelle? they're so reminiscent of the 80s rock ballads which is such a hard thing to recreate and get right but he gets it SPOT on
am looking forward to more heavier songs cause Faith is so fucking sexy
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valenart1995 · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tiempo sin subir nada! :v
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thesehauntedhills · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
I am SO excited to share with you all the most incredible photo I've ever seen of Anna the suicide bride ghost of Patten Chapel. This was taken by Tristin J. on Donnie's Saturday night ghost hunt.
Anna always shows up in white in the chapel, but she's never been this clearly formed before. She's the one who has on a handful of occasions unlocked the door to the chapel on request. Site also tries to talk brides-to-be out of getting married. 😃
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fatpunkybean · 7 hours ago
Every day that u feed me potate I grow stronger 🎵
Tumblr media
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