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ivoryfrost · 5 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I’m interpreting the spearing of King Fritz is what Yimir wish she did rather than sacrificing herself to save him. 
I get what the ending wanted to be but I feel chapter 139 should have been written in parts...heck chapter 139 could have been an entire manga volume. 
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riaimm · 7 minutes ago
the squads odm skills are amazing.
the way auruo and petra can spin midair? imagine how much upper body strength is needed to pull that off. the way eld was able to fly backwards in the split second that annie reached her hand out? sadly, we don’t see much of gunther fighting with his gear, but i have a head canon that levi chose him for his professionalism, physical strength, concentration, and intelligence (based on his stats).
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spelllmannn · 9 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ATTACK ON TITAN   ❛ 𝐥 𝐞 𝐯 𝐢 ❜   ────     𝘢𝘤𝘬𝘦𝘳𝘮𝘢𝘯𝘯, 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘴𝘵𝘳𝘰𝘯𝘨𝘦𝘴𝘵 𝘴𝘰𝘭𝘥𝘪𝘦𝘳 .
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papijean · 23 minutes ago
Prompt 20 with Eren 💳💥💳💥💳💥 maybe like a cocky ass Eren and he always gets rejected by y/n 😩
he would say some shit like this 
500+ words
“I would wreck your pussy and you know it" + eren
Eren wanted to get his dick wet so bad - but only from you. He was so persistent to get you to agree to have a fun time he swore off all the other girls he was talking to. Nothing was going to stop him from trying, no matter how many times he got rejected or humiliated.
It was so easy to tease him too. Ghosting your hands over his body when you were near, lips just barely brushing against his bare skin when you were whispering something to him. He was hooked on you and he wasn't willing to let go any time soon.
Nights at clubs with your friends always left him so desperate for you he couldn't think of anything but the sway of your hips and the malicious smile on your lips. Eren was addicted to you without even getting a taste.
Tonight was no different than the rest - except for the fact you were allowing him to keep his hands on you. The warmth of his breath fanned against the back of your neck as his hands remained on your waist to keep you close. Music blared, drinks were flowing, and your friends were all having a good time.
Your head lolled back into his shoulder as your hands slid over his and interlocked fingers. This was the most affection he's ever gotten from you and his body was on fire from it. Without missing a beat, Eren took complete advantage of your exposed neck to leave sloppy kisses on it. Even over the loud music, he could hear you hum with content.
"What's with the sudden change of heart," Eren spoke. His tongue trailed along your ear, before nipping at it. Every nerve in his body was lit up with excitement.
"I've been feeling generous this week," you nonchalantly answered. Eren's hold on you tightened as you backed your ass closer to his clothed front. "What do I have to lose with you?"
"Come on babygirl," Eren spun you around so you could face him. Your body was flush to his as he stared down at you. Tufts of hair were falling from his little bun, a few of them sticking to his skin from the sweat. "I would wreck you pussy and you know it."
"Oh yeah?" you cocked your head up enough so your lips could barely brush against his. Before you even had the chance to think of pulling away Eren's large hand grasped the back of your neck and closed the small distance. His lips were eager on yours, though they seemed to be gone just as soon as they came.
As confident as he was, he was still on a thin line with you - one he wasn't going to lose because of a careless choice. It didn't seem to matter, not when you were kissing him back again with just as much desire. His lips were soft, nothing like you expected them to be.
"Wanna prove it to me?"
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kiriluvbot · 23 minutes ago
“mArCo HaS beEN dEad FoR A DecAde iN tHe mAngA YoU nEeD tO LEt hiM Go”
i just watched his death scene for the first time two months ago... he deserved better... i WILL be sad about it for the rest of my life and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop me
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ackerdaddy · 25 minutes ago
I’m thinking about expanding my blog to include Haikyuu as well.... thoughts? 🥴
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solborealis · 27 minutes ago
Hobbies/Guilty Pleasure Headcanons feat. Erwin, Levi, and Hange (Modern AU)
Erwin has a ten step skincare routine
Levi only uses toner and moisturizer
Hange doesn’t even wash her face sometimes
Levi has naturally flawless skin 
It makes Erwin jealous but he would rather die than admit it
Levi and Hange always tease Erwin for being high-maintenance
Erwin responds by calling them uncultured
“I do NOT spend THAT much on my face.” Erwin says as another Amazon package filled with imported Korean skincare products arrives at his doorstep
Levi’s guilty pleasure, aside from tea, is knives
Levi bought a foldable matte black Kerambit knife with his first paycheck
He STILL keeps that knife on his person, at all times.
Bought a whole ass Katana straight from Japan
The purchase may or may not have been legal
Has a different knife in every room of his apartment, even in his car
Hange and Erwin used to always stock up on bandages because Levi kept wanting to learn knife tricks and wouldn’t stop no matter how much they begged
Currently, a knife trick God
Levi decompresses by watching a show or listening to a podcast while absentmindedly doing knife tricks on his butterfly knife
Hange and Erwin gifted him a Damascus Kris Dagger and he literally slept next to it the first couple of nights after he got it (despite Erwin and Hange’s protests)
Hange loved anything related to biology
Has a sprawling insect collection
Her place is a mess but her insect collection is METICULOUSLY organized
The insects are alphabetized, sorted by species and subspecies, and arranged by color from lightest to darkest
Levi and Erwin gifted her a glass case filled with rare taxidermized beetles for her birthday and she talked at length about each and every specimen in the case
And since it was her birthday, they listened to her full eight hour lecture
Another time, they gave her a geode
Hange immediately popped that bad boy into a sock and slammed it against the cement, full force
It took an hour to convince Levi and Erwin that she wasn’t about to go into a homicidal rampage and that cracking geodes was a legitimate hobby
They still haven’t given her any more geodes
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gradol · 36 minutes ago
send me requests!
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cubeblr · 43 minutes ago
Unpopular opinion maybe but the new pages bring me so much peace knowing Mikasa get to live a happy life, find a family and overcome her traumas. 
Chap 139 made me mad because of how it portrayed Mikasa’s ending but now, I know that she was able to grow and lived a long peaceful life. It’s kind of sad that her evolution wasn’t really “shown” in the serie, you know, but at least we know that it happened.
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soronrocket · an hour ago
Historia Reiss’ Popularity - Why Her Ending Hurt So Much.
So since the manga ended, I’ve found myself swept up in a myriad of emotions when it comes to Historia Reiss and her story. I’ve done a lot of pondering about her character both for my own writing and to try and make sense of her conclusion. I’ve read tweet after tweet from Hisu stans lamenting her lack of significance in the ending of AOT, and declarations of undying love for her character from teen and adult fans alike, regardless of the lack of attention paid to her at the end.
It’s got my thinking. What exactly is it about Historia that seems to catch not only our interest, but our fondness and empathy?
Then it hit me.
Historia is such a wonderful, popular character because in today’s society, for so many people of all ages, she is so damn relatable.
I’m going to speak from the female point of view, because that’s the only one I’m familiar with personally, but I’m sure she speaks to boys and non binary people just as much.
How many girls have, at some point in their lives, heard something similar to the below?
Tumblr media
Whether it be from a parent, a guardian, someone you look up to, the media, social media especially ... the message is a common one:
Be a good girl. Be liked. Be popular. Be considerate. Be kind. Be a lady. Be polite. Be what other people think you should be.
It’s a competition. You need to be the most liked. You need to be well thought of to get anywhere in this life, and to be well thought of, there are certain sets of rules and social constructs which must be followed.
Fit the mould.
Sound familiar?
I know it does for me. But how many of us, in actuality, feel like this ...
Tumblr media
It’s a ton of pressure trying to be the version of yourself that society expects. Instagram, TikTok, Twitter ... competition is everywhere. Everyone is living their best life, being the perfect version of themselves (or so it seems). So we need to do the same to keep up, right?
And if we don’t? Then we feel like we’re unworthy. We’re a disappointment. We’re all Historias trying to fit that Krista mould. It’s exhausting.
But Historia goes through a transformation. Historia casts off those expectations, and she doesn’t stay down about the fact that she isn’t who she thought she was supposed to be for so long to earn the approval and love of others.
The whole message of Historia’s arc is live for yourself. Be proud of the real you.
And if that isn’t one of the most important messages we can give to teenagers in today’s society, then I don’t know what is. Isayama created an absolutely genius character in Historia, because she is just so relatable, but not only that, she does what so many of us want to do. She casts off expectations of her; she says, guess what? Sometimes, I’m not a good girl. Sometimes, I’m not the perfect, sweet, ladylike angel you want me to be.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And that’s okay.
I will be forever grateful to her for becoming this character - forever grateful to Isayama for giving her this amazing, universally empowering journey where tropes are turned on their head and moulds completely broken. I just wish with all my heart Isayama realised how many of us needed to see this journey brought to a satisfactory conclusion.
A conclusion where we got to hear one last word from Historia about her situation, so that we could rest assured that our best girl finally was living for herself. She needed to complete that arc of becoming the woman so many of us want to be.
Because honestly? The few panels we got of her were ambiguous at best. And it’s not enough.
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cupcake-angst · an hour ago
Im very glad tbhk decided to add the yugi backstory AFTER aot ended because I wouldn't be able to handle that
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mmmarvelous · an hour ago
this tiktok just implied that Mike would have smelled spinal fluid in the wine and im kinda losing my mind over the possibilities ngl
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serowotonin · an hour ago
Tumblr media
↷︎ send in ur selfship + an activity u guys would do (it can be dates or events or whatever) and ill make a moodboard !
this is open for everybody, we dont have to be moots and u dont have to be following me to ask for a moodboard u.u,,, ill also accept selfships from any fandom as long as i know the character
Tumblr media
{ 💌 }. click HERE to send in ur request <3
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issematsukawwa · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Summary: A relaxing summer at home after your second year of college sounds nice, until someone comes back and makes it anything but
Pairing: Eren Jaeger x black!fem!reader
Warnings: none, just tooth rotting fluff, and a couple of suggestive lines bc once again, its Eren
Word Count: 2701
A/N: *sighs* this is the last chapter of the series. Jeez louise, this series was not supposed to be this long, also why did I make this epilogue so long LMFAO. So, this starts off two years after the current timeline, and then there’s another two years, but it’s mentioned. So the part after the second line divider is a total of four years later. LMFAO I hope this makes sense cause now I’m just rambling
Tumblr media
Chapter Summary: It’s a happily ever after
Tumblr media
"Proud of you, kid," Eren chides, flicking your graduation cap, making you swat at him.
"Thank you so much," you drawl, rolling your eyes, and he wraps an arm around your waist.
"But, seriously. I'm proud of you," he says sincerely, and you smile widely before he's pushing your cap up slightly and leaning in to kiss you.
"Ew. Yuck. Get a room please." You both pull away, Eren rolling his eyes as you chuckle softly, both of you turn to look at Jean, who has a disgusted look on his face.
"Okay, okay, we have to get pictures!" your mom says excitedly, and you groan as your body slumps.
"Seriously, Mom? You didn't run out of storage when you took pictures during the ceremony?" you complain, and she waves you off, pushing you to where she wants you to stand. You stand there while she seems to take a million more photos before she's pushing Eren and Jean your way.
Jean rolls his eyes as he walks over to you, wrapping an arm around your shoulders while Eren wraps his arm around your waist. You hear Jean slap Eren in the shoulder before Eren counters with hitting him in the side. "Stop it, you two," you scold, like they're kids, keeping the smile on your face, and Jean sighs before smiling too.
Jean walks away once your mom has taken another boatload of pictures, and Eren turns to you while Jean and your family talk. "I have a surprise for you," he tells you, and you raise an eyebrow at him.
"You're just full of surprises, aren't you?" you jab, and he shrugs. "Where is it?"
"My apartment," he says, making you squint at him, and he chuckles before he moves to hover over your ear. "It's not my dick, but that can surely be arranged," he whispers, low enough for only you to hear, and you feel a shudder run down your spine.
He moves away, a grin on his face already knowing your reaction to his words, and you shove at him lightly before your dad announces that it's time to eat.
"Eren, I swear if it's some kind of sex thing, I'm walking out," you warn, and you hear Eren scoff in laughter and in mock hurt.
"A sex thing? Something on your mind, princess?" he asks, unlocking the door to his apartment.
"No, it just sounds like something you would do," you reply, and you hold your hands up when he puts his hands over your eyes. He slowly walks you inside, telling you to keep your eyes closed as he turns on the lights.
"Okay, you can open your eyes." You open them, blinking quickly as soon as you do to get used to the lights, and you look around the apartment, but you don't really see anything different.
You frown as you turn to look at him. "Is there something different?" you ask, genuinely confused.
"Look harder," he tells you, and you raise your eyebrows as you look around, trying to see if anything is different, and your eyes do a double-take when you see the coffee table.
You walk closer to it, and realization morphs onto your face when you recognize that it's the coffee table that caught your eye a couple of years ago. You could never forget it. "This is the coffee table..." you breathe, your fingers running over it softly before you look at him.
"I bought it the day after you saw it," he explains, and you scoff softly in disbelief. "Does it look good in here?" he asks as you walk towards him.
"I mean, yeah, I guess it does," you start, looking at the table before glancing around the room. "But what does the living room have to do with anything?"
He messes with his fingers, which you've learned is a thing he does when he's nervous to ask you something. "I want you to move in with me."
"Seriously?" you question, your eyes widening in surprise.
"Seriously," he repeats. "Doing the long-distance thing only made me realize that I want you by my side all the time," he admits, making the smile on your face grow, and when you know he's about to backtrack, you grab his hands to stop him.
"Of course, I'll move in with you, you sap," you say, halting his insecurities, and that big smile that always manages to make your heart beat just a little faster finds his way onto his face before he's kissing you breathless in excitement.
"I love you so much," he breathes against your lips, his hands squeezing your hips affectionately.
You huff softly. "I love you too, Eren. So much." He kisses you again, deeper than the first one, and you pull away. "Wait, my job," you realize, and he smirks.
"Already taken care of," he responds, and you frown at him. "I may or may not have found a sister store," he starts. "I already talked to them for you, and they'll transfer you over here."
You shake your head slightly as you wrap your arms around his shoulders. "Someone confident that I would move in with them?"
He gives you an easy shrug. "Well, you are like completely head over heels for me, so the answer was obvious," he drawls, and you shove at him lightly, making him huff softly before he's lifting your chin to kiss you again.
Tumblr media
"Eren, can we finish moving in the rest of my stuff later? I'm tired," you complain, almost having to drag him to bed, the sun almost completely disappeared, and he chuckles as he lets you guide him to your know shared bedroom.
"But we're almost done," he argues even though he flops back on the bed, taking you with him, catching yourself before you can actually land on him before relaxing your body against his.
"We've been moving things all day. I'm not going anywhere," you say, nuzzling further into his neck as he smiles widely. You run your fingers up and down his arm until you reach his hand, and he laces your fingers together, bringing it up to his face to kiss your palm softly. "You have so many tattoos because?"
"I'm an artist, duh," he jabs, making you roll your eyes. "You should get one," he offers making you shrug.
"I've always thought about it."
"We should get matching ones," he says so quietly you almost don't catch it, and you lift your head up, resting your head on your hand as he keeps playing with your fingers.
"And what would we get?" you muse, raising an eyebrow. He gives you a weak, nervous shrug as his other hand comes up to rub over your back.
"Dunno," he mumbles even though you know he already has an idea in his head. "Something like through thick and thin. You know," he starts when he sees your face change to confusion. "Cause no matter what we go through, we'll always come back to each other, right?"
The last word he says is a little lower, hesitation heard in his voice, and you can't help the big smile that comes across your face. "Yeah, Eren, of course, we will."
"Do not call me a sap," he adds quickly, making your laugh echo off the walls.
"You can be a sap too, don't do that. Designing my "perfect" art studio?" he says, and your mouth drops open as you shove at his shoulder lightly, making him smirk widely.
"You are not supposed to know about that!" you chide with a disbelieving scoff.
"It's okay, princess. You love me, I get it," he discloses, giving you a quick, chaste kiss when you go to say something before giving you firmer kisses. "The designs look really good though," he assures against your lips.
"You're ridiculous."
"You should get the tattoo on your ass."
And for the next two years, you both fall into a routine, you and Eren waking up in the morning even though you're the only one who has to go somewhere. He dances with you in the morning, claiming it's to wake you up, while he cooks breakfast.
And then he's sending you out the door with a kiss and lunch or a promise that he'll meet you at your job for lunch. So, while you're at work, he's at home, finishing up some final pieces that he'll eventually put up for sale, and recently he's been doing surprisingly well. Pieck likes to tease him and say it's because of you, which might be the real reason, but he's always brushing it off.
The apartment actually has two bedrooms, the other one Eren was using for his art, but he's pushed his stuff to one side of the room so you can work on the other half. On the weekends, you both spend relatively all of your time in there, Eren helping you out with designs that you can't quite get right, and you help him by just being there.
One day, you leave the room to go make some food, and Eren walks over to your desk to grab a pencil when he sees it. He knows he probably shouldn't be looking at this, and he'll apologize later, but you let the book open so, how could he not?
He keeps watching the door, listening out for you as he flips through the pages, and he smiles to himself when he sees the things you've added to accommodate him, and as he flips through them, an idea forms in his head.
Tumblr media
"You're bringing me to a house?" you ask, a confused frown on your face when Jean pulls into the driveway, and he sighs as he turns the car off, getting out. "This is the surprise?" you say as you shut the car door and before you can say anything, Eren's opening the door.
"That I.O.U. list is looking really long, Eren," Jean yells, annoyance lacing his voice, and you're looking between the both of them, hoping someone can give you some answers.
He quickly jogs towards you as he waves him. "Yeah, yeah, I know. You're the best," he tells him as he puts his hands on your shoulders and leads you towards the house while Jean rolls his eyes.
"Eren, what is going on?" You're beyond confused, and he doesn't say anything as he pushes you through the door.
You take in your surroundings, and the house is new, having that smell that new houses always have, and you hear the door close, Eren moving in front of you. "Does it look familiar?"
You raise your eyebrows at him. "The house?" you ask incredulously, and he nods quickly. You're currently standing in the living room, and you look around, not really noticing anything sticking out, but you're suddenly doing a double-take.
That accent wall looks familiar, and so does the couch...
"Are these...are these my designs?" you breathe, looking around to see that everything's basically down to a T. "How'd you know?"
"I may have looked through your journal for your dream house," he says. "I wanted it to be a place that felt like home to you."
You scoff as you look around again, but then you blink in realization. "Is this our house?" you ask, your voice a whisper, and he nods again. "You built me a house?" your voice filled with nothing but disbelief.
"Well, not me specifically, but yeah." You're stuck in astonishment, and Eren smiles widely before he's guiding you through the rest of the house, every room straight out of your designs that you had made, and you're at a loss for words. "Do you like it?"
"Eren, I love it," you admit, looking around the room once again, and you look back at him, noticing that his hands are behind his back. You raise an eyebrow at him, but before you can question him, he's moving his hands in front of him. "A fortune teller?" you muse, when you look down, and he's stepping close to you.
"Pick a color," is all he says, and you huff softly as you tilt your head.
"They're all yellow, Eren."
He waves you off. "Just pick it." You sigh but tap on one of the flaps anyway, and you wait for him to spell out the word before he leans it your way again. "Pick a number." You look down to see that they're all the number four. You roll your eyes again, but pick one of the fours, and after he moves the fortune teller, he has you pick the number again. "Open the flap," he tells you, holding it closer to you.
You're a little skeptical about where this is all going, but you do it anyway. "Will?" you say, confusion laced in your voice as you look at him.
"Keep going." You frown at him in suspicion but reach for the next one. "And read them out loud."
You glance up at him. "You." You have to take it from him to flip the other ones, and you turn your head as you read them. "Marry..." You start to trail off, your movements slowing to a stop, and you slowly open the next flap. "Me."
You look up to see Eren moving down to one knee, quickly pulling the ring out of his pocket.
"I have a lot to say, but I know my knee is gonna start hurting, and I really want to hear your answer, so I'm cutting it short," he starts, the smile on your face impossible to fight.
"I love you. And I know I tell you that all the time, but I really do. Definitely more than anything in the world. From the moment I talked to you at the wedding, granted, I was fourteen, but I knew that I wanted you in my life," he says, and you chuckle softly.
"And I'm sorry for being such a piece of shit, but I'm glad you've given me another chance because there's no way in hell I'll mess up again, and--why are you crying? Can you at least wait until I finish?"
You chuckle again as you wipe the tears from your eyes. "Sorry, sorry," you sniffle. "Keep going."
"Do you remember the fortune that you got the first time we talked?" he asks. "It said you were going to have an awesome life, and..." You see his face start turning red. "I want you to have an awesome life with me. Forever."
You laugh a little louder this time and he scoffs. "I know, it's really cheesy, but I was hoping that would rope you in."
"I don't know, that was kinda bad," you tease.
"So? What's your answer?"
"Of course, I’ll marry you, Eren," you say with an eager nod, and he's off his knee and hugging you at lightning speed. He kisses you lovingly before sliding the ring on your finger before kissing you again.
"God, I love you so much," he breathes, and you huff as you wipe the tears from his face.
"Why are you crying?" you chide, and he chuckles as he sniffles.
"Because you make me the happiest man on Earth."
You bring your hands to rest on his face. "I love you so much," you echo, and his lips are on yours again, his arms wrapping around you, bending you back a bit.
You both jump when you hear a pop, pulling away to see Jean and Marco standing by the door with small party poppers in their hands.
"Woohoo, congratulations," Jean drawls, his voice unenthusiastic. "I'll admit Eren, that speech was a little meh. And Y/N, are you sure that this is the guy you want to marry?" he asks, making you roll your eyes fondly. "A guy that gets on my last nerve? Pretty sure I have someone in my phone that--"
Jean's bolting out of the room as Eren chases after him, making you and Marco laugh, and you look down at the ring on your finger.
The jewelry telling a story about how things changed even better than you could've imagined.
Tumblr media
|Chapter 21|Masterlist|
A/n: I’m a sucker for marriage proposals which is why I put it in lmfao
Tumblr media
tags: @iwascrybaby, @germinvasion, @zhongh-li​, @prxttyguardian, @bigdaddyzawa​, @erensblackgirlfriend​, @kbbvbz​, @tomsadversary​, @kqtsukisgf​, @pettyluxury​, @protectpancakes​
Tumblr media
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jarmeen · an hour ago
☾ pairing: mikasa ackerman x reader
☾ info + warnings: fluff
this piece was requested by @mayalea​ for my 500 followers event! hope you enjoy :)
Tumblr media
waking up at six in the morning wasn’t your idea of fun, but no matter how quiet mikasa tried to be, you always found yourself stirring as she got ready to go to the gym. rolling over to face the raven-haired girl who was getting dressed, you greeted her with a sleepy wave.
“good morning,” she kept her voice low as she pulled on her gym shorts. reaching for a hair elastic from the dresser to tie her hair up, mikasa met your tired gaze in the mirror. “wanna come with?” she asked, tightening her ponytail. if you were barely conscious at the moment, there was no way you’d be able to work out so early. you shook your head, “i’ll have to pass on that offer.”
mikasa smiled. she figured that would be your answer. packing away a towel, she asked you another question. “well how about joining me for coffee after?”
“i can get behind that.”
“i thought so.” mikasa zipped her bag and tossed it over her shoulder. making her way back to you, she leaned down to plant a kiss on your forehead. “see you later.” you hummed in response, eyelids drooping as sleep overcame you once more.
by the time you woke up, mikasa was still out. you aimlessly scrolled on your phone in an effort to waste time, but a video of whipped coffee caught your eye. you’d seen plenty of similar videos making the seemingly simple beverage but never thought about doing it yourself until now. maybe if you were able to make it at home, you could give mikasa a break from having to buy coffee, even if it just was for one morning.
hopping out of bed and waddling down to the kitchen, you searched the pantry to see if you had the ingredients needed. sure enough, you were able to find a container of instant coffee buried in the back. your phone pinged with a text from mikasa telling you she was on her way home- perfect timing. pulling out mixing bowls and a couple of cups, you got to work.
the process should have been easy, but you underestimated how much effort was put in to mixing by hand. your arm was beginning to get tired and you were losing the patience to continue. 
“what the hell is this?”
your head jerked up at the familiar voice. you were so focused on your task that didn’t even hear her come in. mikasa met you in the kitchen, dropping her duffel bag beside a one of the stools. her eyebrows furrowed at the grains of instant coffee and sugar scattered on the counter. your attention on the task didn’t allow you to acknowledge the mess you had made. “whipped coffee? i tried to make you some so you wouldn’t have to go to the cafe today.”
“well, the gesture was sweet,” mikasa commented, eyes still glued to your failed attempt of the trendy drink. “but maybe we should go out anyway?” she suggested. you could tell she was trying to let you down easily so your feelings wouldn't be hurt. it was kind of her, but you understood her apprehension to give the drink a try. you couldn’t blame her either, in all honesty, it looked nothing like the coffee in the videos.
“fine,” you caved, giving up on your little experiment gone wrong. “but it’s my treat.”
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jarmeen · an hour ago
☾ pairing: pieck x fem!reader
☾ info + warmings: nsfw (minors dni), fingering, a tiny bit of oral (reader receiving)
this piece was requested by 🎀 anon for my 500 followers event! hope you enjoy :)
Tumblr media
pieck’s lazy nature manifested in many aspects of her life, and that didn’t exclude her sex life. though, it was important to note that her slothfulness didn’t stop her from pleasing you in the bedroom. in fact, you might have even preferred poising yourself above her, and she certainly wasn’t complaining about the view. what was there not to like about being underneath you? she wasn’t over-exerting herself, but she still got to watch you come undone.
hands gripping onto the headboard, your knees on either side of her head, you hovered above the woman. her fingernails lightly dug into your thighs in order to hold you in place. hollowing out her cheeks, she blew a cool stream of air on your exposed cunt. you jerked at the unexpected rush of air, a soft sigh of content pushing past your lips. lazily grinning at your reaction, she kissed the sensitive bundle of nerves at the apex of your labia. she could feel you tense under her fingers. “you ready for me, pretty girl?”
you fervently nodded your head. pieck snorted at your excitement. lifting one hand from your leg, she dragged her pointer finger up and down your slit, occasionally catching it on your entrance. the sensation had you tightening your grip on the cushioned headboard and biting your lip to conceal a whiney moan. she took note of your efforts to remain quiet.
prodding at your hole, she inserted a finger easily with the aid of your slick. you gasped at the sudden entrance, but welcomed the feeling of fullness. pieck slowly pulled her finger in and out of you, gauging your reaction before adding another. your thighs gave out, causing pieck’s fingers to completely sheath themselves in you. you cried out at the newfound deepness pieck had reached within you.
“you like that, huh?” pieck asked, pleased with your ability to be vocal.
“pieck, please!” you whimpered, squeezing your eyes shut. the ache in your core was only getting tighter and pieck’s constant teasing wasn’t enough to help you reach your climax. you didn’t care what she did to get you there, as long as she picked up the pace.
“ok ok, i’ll stop teasing,” pieck ran her tongue along her lower lip, admiring the sheen of your pussy. she had to admit that she was getting a tad bit impatient as well. “but i hope you’re ready for the real deal.”
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sosutease · an hour ago
ppl said Jean's dream was probably a memory of the future sent by Eren yet Eren himself said he didn't know what would happen when he died. Guys I know the Attack Titan is OP but Eren didn't know the extent and stated himself he didn't know shit afterwards. If he knew, he would have known the curse would have stayed as well and Paradis would get nuked.
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theg4yagenda · an hour ago
Tumblr media
yams autobiography
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