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meeno-btsarmy · 51 seconds ago
#btsarmy #btsmemes #btsedits #btsedit #btsjhope #btssuga #btsrm #btsjin #btsv #btstaehyung #btsjk #btsjungkook #btsjimin #방탄소년단 #bts #btsfanart #btsimagines #btsmeme #btsvideos #btsloveyourself #btsxarmy #jhope #suga #rm #jimin #jungkook #v #jk #JIN #kpop (at South Korea)
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meeno-btsarmy · 3 minutes ago
#btsarmy #btsmemes #btsedits #btsedit #btsjhope #btssuga #btsrm #btsjin #btsv #btstaehyung #btsjk #btsjungkook #btsjimin #방탄소년단 #bts #btsfanart #btsimagines #btsmeme #btsvideos #btsloveyourself #btsxarmy #jhope #suga #rm #jimin #jungkook #v #jk #JIN #kpop (at South Korea)
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insfiringyou · 6 minutes ago
Is there a list of how the members would propose?
No, only because it would be hard to do a generic list without their headcanon girlfriends in mind. This is because we think some members might think they’d propose one way, but due to circumstances personal to their storyline, it might turn out differently than expected.
We have written Jin and Min-Seo’s proposal, as well as Yoongi and Jeong-Sun’s first, unsuccessful, attempt. We can’t wait to bring more ☺️
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meeno-btsarmy · 7 minutes ago
#btsarmy #btsmemes #btsedits #btsedit #btsjhope #btssuga #btsrm #btsjin #btsv #btstaehyung #btsjk #btsjungkook #btsjimin #방탄소년단 #bts #btsfanart #btsimagines #btsmeme #btsvideos #btsloveyourself #btsxarmy #jhope #suga #rm #jimin #jungkook #v #jk #JIN #kpop (at South Korea)
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girlzwithfun · 8 minutes ago
i have a lot of plans for cheri if y’all are actually interested in her ! i love this girl a lot and i’m rlly proud of this so lmk if y’all want me to “write” for her !!
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insfiringyou · 9 minutes ago
I like how Daeun is like so inexperienced. honestly i think its charming! and i like how you guys wrote about an older woman who hasnt been with a guy so intimately, its nice to see a character like that written for a change, cuz i feel like i can reeally relate to her. in some other fics, writers make virgins into these crazy sexperts right off the bat and im like 'how did that happen out of nowhere....?' lmao so im excited to see their journey and see them fall deeper in love!!
Thanks for your comment. We are. Also really excited to explore them more but we will not be writing about Da-eun more until we have established how they met, and in order to do so, and though we know people will be upset, we first need to talk about Jimin and Ara breaking up, as their breakup is partially how Tae was introduced to Da-eun.
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meeno-btsarmy · 10 minutes ago
#btsarmy #btsmemes #btsedits #btsedit #btsjhope #btssuga #btsrm #btsjin #btsv #btstaehyung #btsjk #btsjungkook #btsjimin #방탄소년단 #bts #btsfanart #btsimagines #btsmeme #btsvideos #btsloveyourself #btsxarmy #jhope #suga #rm #jimin #jungkook #v #jk #JIN #kpop (at South Korea)
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interlude-yoongi · 11 minutes ago
how is Jin's voice still so underrated in distribution when my man literally reinvented ballads..... his voice is so good... perfect for drama songs too....... wtf is going on... imagine being as deaf as bighit about Jin. couldn't be me
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bangtanpicture · 12 minutes ago
Tumblr media
© THE KNOCK | do not edit.
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lovelymin7 · 13 minutes ago
🧃 Foto promocional de BTS para Kloud Beer.
Tumblr media
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meeno-btsarmy · 13 minutes ago
#btsarmy #btsmemes #btsedits #btsedit #btsjhope #btssuga #btsrm #btsjin #btsv #btstaehyung #btsjk #btsjungkook #btsjimin #방탄소년단 #bts #btsfanart #btsimagines #btsmeme #btsvideos #btsloveyourself #btsxarmy #jhope #suga #rm #jimin #jungkook #v #jk #JIN #kpop
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meeno-btsarmy · 15 minutes ago
#btsarmy #btsmemes #btsedits #btsedit #btsjhope #btssuga #btsrm #btsjin #btsv #btstaehyung #btsjk #btsjungkook #btsjimin #방탄소년단 #bts #btsfanart #btsimagines #btsmeme #btsvideos #btsloveyourself #btsxarmy #jhope #suga #rm #jimin #jungkook #v #jk #JIN #kpop (at South Korea)
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honeytae · 16 minutes ago
hi it’s the anon from a few minutes ago! my request was artist taehyung or vante x reader! i think it’s cute and i haven’t seen a lot of writers really do many pieces on this au!
Did Monèt finger paint?
hi lovely anon! i’m SO sorry this took so long for me to write but each time i sat down to write this, it just didn’t flow right. this ended up just being a very simple and domestic artist! taehyung x reader piece..hopefully that’s okay!
tags: @ahgasearmyfan, @hoseokayy
genre: fluff
warnings: i’ve never written an au before please take it easy on me
word count: 1.8k
At first, you didn’t know anyone was home at all.
It was silent, the embodiment of peace. The windows were open, the curtains freely flowing into your home carrying the fresh smell of blooming flowers and the sound of chirping birds; all the familiar signs of spring.
Your tired shuffling around the house was uninterrupted, place spotless as you’d left it for work this morning. That was, until you passed Taehyung’s art studio, quickly catching his figure hunched over one of his newest pieces out of the corner of your eye.
You smiled fondly at the sight, leaning against the doorframe silently so as not to disturb his work.
You easily associated the painting propped up on the easel in front of him as the same one he’d shown you two nights prior, although it had significantly fewer blank spaces now than it had then.
You’d come home late that night, sleepily stumbling across the hardwood floors as you searched your home for your boyfriend. You’d found him in his studio, of course, and barely gave him a proper greeting before you were plopping your tired body down into his lap, making him carefully set his brush down to tend to your exhausted form strewn across his thighs.
You had only seen a glimpse of it that night as Taehyung was standing you up to put you to bed, marveling at the strokes along the canvas as his eyebrows shot up in amusement at your sleepy reaction.
“That looks amazing, baby.” You had mumbled, letting your head drop onto his shoulder as he half carried you out of his work space.
“Thank you, honey. Do you even know what it is?” He poked fun at your squinted eyes, bleariness coating them as you shook your head with a sigh.
“Just know it’s amazing since you’re amazing.” You nuzzled further into his soft sweater, listening to the man’s deep chuckles as he brought you into your bedroom.
With the floor squeaking below you as you adjusted your stance, you gained Taehyung’s attention for the first time since your arrival as he suddenly glanced up from his work and shot you a grin.
“Hi, love.” He greeted you, briefly meeting your eyes before he shifted his attention back to the piece in front of him, determined to fill the white spaces yet to be perfected on the canvas.
“That’s really coming along.” You commented, watching the brush stroke along the paper with ease as Taehyung’s creative juices seemed to flow effortlessly from his brain to his hand, working diligently to get the idea down on paper before he lost it.
“Thank you.” He blushed a bit, always flustered by your praise, especially with his art. As he’d told you on many occasions, your opinion meant the most to him.
“Has anyone ever told you that you should be an artist?” You cocked your head teasingly, the man pausing his actions as he ducked his head in laughter, eyes closing and nose scrunching up adorably as his mouth stretched into a wide smile. Your favorite smile.
“No, actually. Kind of just a hobby more than anything.” He smirked, you playing along with his act as you gasped in response.
“Well, that’s just tragic. That hobby could really get you places.” You commented, Taehyung‘s mouth twisted in a flustered grin, eyes squinted at you before he gestured for you to come over to him.
Patting his thighs for you to sit down on his lap, he wrapped his arms around your torso to steady your body atop him, your legs draped over to one side, arms wrapped around his neck as he smiled at you.
“You’re a piece of work, you know that?”
“Hm, but you love me.”
“I do.” He mused, stamping a kiss to the side of your head with a grin before reaching his fingers out in front of you where the half-completed canvas was resting.
Gripping it in his hand, he carefully placed it beside you on the drying rack, producing a new canvas with a reach of his fingers and placing it on the easel with a squeeze to your hip with his unoccupied hand.
Humming, you turned your head to face him, blushing under his intense stare as he admired your features under his studio lights.
“What, weirdo?” You mumbled, causing Taehyung to laugh out loud, nodding to the blank canvas with a soft smile.
“I want to see you paint something.” He told you, a confused smile appearing on your face as you cocked your head at him, watching as he placed one of his paintbrushes between your fingers in the proper position.
You watched as he moved the palette of thick oil paints away, instead grabbing his basic water color set and placing it in front of you. Your body already felt less tense at the replacement of the expensive and more difficult paint, thankful that the limits of your comfort zone was something Taehyung always caught on to immediately.
“Honey, I can’t.” You said, your answer making Taehyung pout, sighing as he dipped down to plant kisses along your jawline.
“You can.” He soothed, gripping your hand and helping you dip the brush into the cup, dipping it in a bit of water before telling you to tap it on the side to get excess liquid out of the brush.
“Of course you can. Look,” he said, helping your hand hover over the palette of paints he’d set out, “what color are you feeling right now?” He asked, as if it was the most simple question in the world. As if he was asking you what the weather was today.
Over time, you’d gotten used to these random and sometimes absurd questions from the man, being intrigued by the first few you were faced with as you merely stared back at him for a moment, fumbling out an answer.
But now you were fully accustomed to these random questions, entirely endeared by the unique thoughts stored in his beautiful brain.
“Dark blue.” You responded, your boyfriend nodding once as he guided your hand to above the canvas.
“What pattern are you feeling right now?” He asked, setting his chin on your shoulder as he curiously peered up at you.
“I,” you paused, scrunching your eyebrows, “I don’t know how to answer that.” You admitted, Taehyung chuckling a bit before he leaned in to press a tender kiss to your pulse point.
“Like, when I’m angry or stressed, I feel dots. Just messily jabbed onto the canvas. Or when I’m calm, I feel stripes. Just gentle strokes of the brush.” He elaborated, you nodding a bit as you pondered his question.
“I want to feel like a kid again.” You sighed, the stresses of work swirling around your brain incessantly, fragmented memories of your more peaceful days heaving your chest with another deep exhale.
“Hm. Nostalgic?” He mused, you humming in response, frowning as he let go of your hand, grabbing the brush from you and placing it down on the table beside him.
Instead, he grabbed the palette, holding it up in front of you with a grin.
“No brushes. Just hands.” He explained, you turning your face to look at him, leaning down to press your lips to his in an appreciative gesture.
“I love you.”
“I love you too. Now c’mon, let me see my little protégé in action.” He pinched at your hip, chuckling when you squealed and squirmed atop him, steadying your waist with a grin.
Taking the brush back into his grip, Taehyung easily coated the pad of your index finger in the blue paint, giggling when you did as the bristles tickled your skin.
When your fingertip was completely blue, you hesitantly lifted your hand to the canvas, faltering a bit when it got too close to the pristine white.
“It’s not going to bite, love.” He soothed with a smirk, causing you to scoff as you looked back at him.
“I just don’t want to ruin one of your potential art pieces. These are expensive.” You gestured to the canvas, Taehyung rolling his eyes as he took your hand in his.
“You’re so silly sometimes.” He chided, guiding your hand back to the canvas and forcing you to press your blue finger against it.
Lifting it, he guided it over and up a few inches, repeating the action several times until the page was dotted with blue fingerprints.
“Fun, right?” He said, pressing his lips to your shoulder before setting his chin there, releasing your hand to let you do as you wanted.
“Hm,” you hummed your confirmation, “but I want you to do it with me.” You said, Taehyung smiling before grabbing the palette, offering it out in front of you again as he peered at your face, studying your features with his big brown orbs.
“What color?”
“Purple.” You answered, spying the dark purple color toward the edge of the dirtied palette, your boyfriend nodding once before you were taking the liberty of painting his pointer finger purple, a fond smile on Taehyung’s face as he watched you do so.
Dotting your fingers along the page, you found yourself easing up as you giggled at the man’s large fingerprint in comparison to yours, all tension from the day draining out of your body by simply being with Taehyung.
It’s not that he didn’t notice your shift in mood from this morning, or the bags under your eyes. He took mental note of every cue your body gave to him.
And you would definitely open up and talk it out later, you both knew he wouldn’t let you go on bottling it up. But right now, he was focusing on making you smile, the light crinkles next to your eyes letting him know he was doing his job.
And the piece in front of you was his favorite he’d ever laid eyes on, the canvas filled with smudges from both of your fingerpads and his heart filled with overwhelming love for you.
“You could be the next Monèt.” He spoke from behind you, causing you to scoff as you turned to meet his enthusiastic smile.
“Did Monèt finger paint?” You asked teasingly, eyebrows raised as Taehyung began to nod.
“Oh yeah, all the time. His best work.” He said, causing you to slap your palm over your mouth as you threw your head back in laughter, the man’s eyes twinkling at the sound.
“You’re ridiculous.” You said, lips twitching a bit before you recovered, shaking your head in mock disappointment at the man’s words.
“What? I’m serious!” He widened his eyes comically, face falling into a wide smile when you laughed again, throwing your head back on his chest as he wrapped his arms tighter around your frame to squeeze you to him.
“Let’s hang it in the living room so everyone can see it.” He beamed, both of you eyeing it adoringly as you saw the other’s work put into it, a joint effort that, although a bit of a chaotic mess, depicted your relationship perfectly.
“Out of all the pieces you could possibly hang in our living room for everyone to see, this is the one you choose?” You raised your eyebrows at him, the man nodding immediately in response as a smile spread his lips.
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blu-joons · 16 minutes ago
Perfect Notes ~ Min Yoongi
Tumblr media
The sound of piano greeted him as he walked up the flight of stairs to your apartment, wondering which of the houses the sweet melody could be coming from. A smile graced him as he followed the sound all the way up, surprised when he followed it all the way to your front door.
Using the spare key you’d given him, Yoongi let himself into your apartment, where the sounds quickly grew louder. He continued to follow the sounds until he found you sat at your piano in the back room of your apartment, a place that Yoongi had never been before.
He didn’t dare disturb you as you played, opting to lean against the doorframe and pay all his attention to you instead. His eyes watched you in disbelief at how talented you were, taking note of how effortlessly your fingers danced along the keys.
Once you were done, the sound of applause behind you made you jump. Your eyes darted around only to smile in relief when you noticed that it was Yoongi behind you. He took a few steps further into the room so he was stood behind you with his hands on your shoulders.
“That was beautiful,” he whispered, kissing the top of your head.
Your smile grew appreciatively, tilting your head back to look up at him. His eyes were staring around the room, exploring all of the items that belonged to you that he’d never had the chance to see or learn from before.
“I didn’t hear you come in,” you responded, as his eyes finally looked down to meet yours with a warming grin.
He watched closely as you reached forwards and pulled the lid down to your piano to keep the keys safe before folding the page of the music book that you were following from. His breath was taken in awe at how pristine everything was.
Never, could Yoongi imagine that he’d find you playing the piano. Yet, just when he thought he knew everything about you, you came along once again and took him by surprise and showed him another side to you.
“Since when have you played?” He asked, continuing to keep his hands on your shoulders. “I can’t believe you’ve never shown me how talented you are, it’s sounds to me like you belong in an orchestra or something with how good you are.”
Your eyes rolled at his kindness, dismissing him quickly. You were always too scared to tell Yoongi about your hobby, telling an artist who could sell out arenas to thousands about you being able to play piano always felt like quite the anti-climax.
But that was anything but how it felt to Yoongi, to find something that the two of you could share in common was huge to him. And best of all, to be able to be the one to say that talent was the better half of him was something that excited him greatly.
“I guess I’ve played for as long as I can remember,” you finally spoke up in response to him.
His head nodded, listening intently to everything that you had to say. “Maybe you could teach me a thing or two, I’ve actually been looking for some piano on my new song.”
You weren’t quite sure if Yoongi was just being nice or if he really meant it, but still, your head nodded back at him. You’d always played down your talents on the piano, but Yoongi was more than happy to be the one to hype you up.
He knew better than most how difficult it was for someone to dedicate their time to an instrument, especially to the breath-taking ability that you managed to play yours.
“I could just imagine you on piano and Tae on sax,” Yoongi began to daydream.
You nudged his hip gently to bring him back into reality, “there are thousands of more talented piano players than me, I just do it whenever I have the time.”
His head shook, struggling to believe how blind you were to how talented you were. He’d heard enough pieces of music in his lifetime to know when sheer talent stared him in the face, and you were most definitely talent sat before him.
There was no way he could stand back and ignore the sweet melody that he’d walked into, especially when it came from you.
“Why don’t you come down to the studio and play?” He suggested.
“Yoongi,” you whispered, “you don’t need to be nice to me because I’m your girlfriend.”
His head shook, wrapping his arms around your waist to pull you up from your seat, replacing you with himself as he pulled you down into his lap.
The tight grip that he had on your waist refused to loosen as he studied your piano closely. He could recognise quickly that it was one of the older models of the company, but somehow, you’d managed to keep it in tiptop condition.
The money for a piano was something that you could never afford, you were only thankful for the one you had in front of you as a present many years ago that every member of your family chipped in for. The technology at Yoongi’s studio was something that you were never used to, it was far too fancy and modern for what you were used to playing on.
“I want you to feature on something,” he reiterated, “I want to show you off.”
You smiled down at him, pressing your hand to his cheek. “You’re adorable,” you mused, “but this is just a hobby for me, it’s not like I’m a professional or anything.”
His shoulders shrugged back at you, “what if you could be a professional though, you have the talent to easily compare with some of the pianists I’ve worked with over the years with the band. I bet half of them couldn’t do what you can.”
“Do you really think I’m that good?” You asked, struggling to believe how hard he was working to give your ego a boost.
“I think you’re more than good, you’re amazing.”
“Well, I wouldn’t quite go that far,” you sniggered.
His eyes rolled as his hands moved up to rest against your waist, tickling gently until you finally started to believe in the things that he was saying to you.
“I’m disappointed that you’ve never shown me how talented you are before though,” he teased, “I walked up the stairs desperate to find out who was playing such amazing music, but I never imagined that it would actually be from you.”
You smiled down at him once again, “I guess it’s just never come up in conversation before.”
He couldn’t hide the proud smile on his face as you began to trust in him a little more and believe the kindness that he sent your way.
“I wish you’d have told me sooner, but I’m glad I’ve found out now. You don’t deserve to just be playing in your bedroom, you should be on a stage or something for the world to see just how amazing you are.”
“Maybe one day,” you chuckled, kissing his forehead gently. “For now, I’m quite happy just playing in here. And besides, you’re the most important audience member to me, if you’re here, then I’m already selling out the world.”
A light giggle came from him, “that might just be the cheesiest thing that I’ve ever heard you say to me.”
“Don’t worry, I’m regretting it now too.”
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morndas · 16 minutes ago
Tumblr media
song of the groupchat, bts edition // part 26
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pkmntraineryoongi · 19 minutes ago
do you ever think about yoongi and this live and scream
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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jadeines · 20 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
taehyung for bodyfriend
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