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#draco malfoy
drarryspecificrecsdaily · 7 minutes ago
Complete fics posted on AO3 this day
1. What dreams may come by @lastontheboat [E, 12k]
►Harry is trapped in a magical sleep in a St. Mungo's ward. Healer Malfoy's determined to wake him up, even if that means doing it from inside Harry's dreams.
1. Darling Buds of May by Anonymous [M, 10k]
►Finding out that he’s pregnant is easy. Telling Harry is much harder. ★ HD Mpreg 2021 | @harrydracompreg
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krystalliumm · 22 minutes ago
I saw the ask and the post about the trope for soulmates and I also read the fic you recommended
It was so good wtf, def adding that to my bedtime stories :D
But I also remembered a fic I read similar to that fic you recommended, but my dumbass couldn’t remember :”), can you maybe help me find it??
I think the storyline was, Draco is also slowly dying because of Harry (I think he also rejected Draco?? similar to that) and now, when Draco found out, he was determined to complete a list of things he wants to do before he dies. I think Pansy and also some other Slytherin friends found out and decided to help him complete that list. I think at one point Draco disguised himself as someone and then Harry met that “someone,” and they talked and hung out and Harry liked him. And then I think the ending was Harry found out that Draco was dying and I think he also found out that Draco and “someone” was the same person, and at the end, Harry and Draco got together and Draco didn’t die
i just answered this whole ask and tumblr decided to restart and it all got erased😭
anywaysies, i haven't read this fic yet, so if anyone knows the fic title, please drop!! we'll very much appreciate your help🤝 definitely not because i wanna stay up til 2 again nuh-uh
also, we are definitely asking help from @drarryspecificrecs since they always manage to find everything🏃‍♀️👑
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krystalliumm · 31 minutes ago
Did you trace your art? The one with Draco on AO3? I'm not being rude, I'm just wondering because it looks familiar.
honestly, i can't blame you😔🤝 my artsyle is so inconsistent that it looks like they're drawn by like ten different people everyday💀
i have ✨le proof✨ exhibit number uno: the sketch💥
Tumblr media
exhibit dos, ze face🧎‍♀️ but like 🥰not complete🥰 + the color palette!!
Tumblr media
and close details on the face!! i know, horrifying.
Tumblr media
i didn't want to show you the body because the way i colored it made me gag a bit and the hair is just- well-
i'm just not a fan of it okay
as for the reason why my fanart must've looked so familiar, it's because i use refeences from @strawberry.milk6666 on tiktok!! i really like her realistic art style and all, so i tried to practice on it, but i'm not sure if i'll be drawing like this soon since it takes up way too much of my time 🏃‍♀️💨
anywhore, thank you for coming to my ted talk and i hope this cleared up some things for you!! <3
finished result
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ununquadius · 34 minutes ago
Draco: Why did you take points off Slytherin!?
Harry: Because your son cast a hex on Smith
Draco: Which one?
Harry: James Sirius
Draco: He's only my son when he's adorable. The rest of the time is yours! I didn't hex people when I was a student!
Draco:... And get caught. I wasn't an idiot
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ladyvesuvia · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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oh my god making this at 01:59 may 9 at 181 followers
IDK WHERE TO START OMG I LOVE YOU ALL AAAA THANK YOU TO EVERYONE <3 This is what got me through school. I always look forward to interacting with you guys iloveuallomfg
Tumblr media
here are ten mini-games to do just like we did back with one hundred :))
just send me the emoji + your input
Tumblr media
🧺 b(ask)et -> ask me anything about myself!
🍪 chocolate chip ships -> send 2-3 facts about you + male/female ship + era and i’ll tell you who i ship you with.
🍰 bake a cake -> request a fic! pick between harry and draco then a word with the format: character + word + angst/fluff (click here for my request guidelines)
🍿fmk -> give me three characters and i’ll tell who i’ll. . .you know.
📼 theme song -> ok i got this idea from @hellounicorn. just send me a 2-4 facts about u + ur gender + an hp character and i’ll give u a song from my playlist
🪁 fic-kite -> send me some of my fics and ask questions about it! you may also send one line from the story/section of it and i’ll tell you stuff about it :>
🥄 spoon-feed my ego -> once again inspired by @hellounicorn i love u rhea omg tell me which of my fics is/are your favorite/s and why
🕰 my possessions -> send me the emoji and i’ll show you a cool thing i have in my house <3
🍮 flan clan -> okay, emoji anons are open. send me an ask with the format (emoji) + (pronouns)
🥨 friend-zel -> oh god i love puns tell me anything about your day babe :))
Tumblr media
Tagging my most wonderful (moo)ts. I LOVE YOU ALL NDBFHEKA MOOOOOOOO O O O
@samineisntmyname @slutforsalvatore @mendesxruel @fives-cup-of-coffee @eunoniaa @fjorelaant @anchoeritic @amourtentiaa @avrilstaro @potters-heart @hellohellook @hellounicorn @harrysnosebleed @railmeharrypotter @eunoniaa @mrzweasley @sfdlm @gingerale2017 @just2bubbly @lavenderbrxwn @hey-there-angels @damianxmeg @swaggydenise @isolenmlyswear69 @prongs103
Tumblr media
btw might respond to your submissions late, i’m currently working on a video project for school. <3
Tumblr media
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kingbiliusweasley · an hour ago
I don't know who needs to hear this but ron wasn't dim. you just don't know how normal teenagers act.
I don't know who needs to hear this but ron was one of the wittiest characters in the series. there is a reason why he and harry understood each other's humour so well.
I don't know who needs to hear this but ron is not "the boy who ate". (hermione: I beg to differ 😏 // bye I need to go bath in grass) the dude has done more heroic sh*t than I can count but y'all would rather fixate on the fact that he eats food. during mealtimes.
I don't know who needs to hear this but dr*co is truly not smarter than ron. his insults were dumb. his grades were canonically abysmal. and his ideas were mostly poorly executed/not original. which sucks for malferret because he had all the resources to improve while ron did not.
I don't know who needs to hear this but the "emotional range of a teaspoon" line was not the feminist serve y'all thought it was.
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swymsuyt · an hour ago
hi i just wanted to drop by and say that your art is top tier - especially how you draw draco w/ the scars across his face and chest i just *heart eyes*
absolutely my favorite rendition of the blonde git it makes me so happy
if you’re still taking requests/suggestions (no issue if not) maybe something w/ harry being very complementary of an insecure draco’s scars pls & thanks
again love your art and love love seeing you on my dash
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
tysm <3 although i wonder if it’s possible to scar your tongue now hmM i’m gonna look it up
sorry for replying so late!! i’m slowly going through the requests orz
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mydrarrylife · an hour ago
I’ve read a lot of Drarry fics where they are adults living on their own in Grimmald place and the manor respectively, but I just don’t they they were live their because of their trauma.
Draco for the reasons that he was tortured/watched be being tortured in his own home. The manor was where people were held prisoner, including Luna who was a school mate of his. And for the reason is just being completely terrified everyday their because a mass murderer who was pretty much commuting genocide forced his way into their and forced people, including Draco to do his bidding for him.
There’s just too much trauma there for him to ever feel safe and comfortable there anymore.
For Harry it’s again because of his trauma but mostly because of his guilt. I just think that he feels too guilty about Sirius’s death that he won’t be able to be there without having his guilt tear him apart. I also think that the elf head on the wall would be too hard for him to see after Dobby’s death and would be a trigger for him. And the fact that the portrait of Sirius’s mom would throw slurs at him.
My headcanons for them is that they get their own places in an urban/suburban area because it’s not as loud as places in the middle of the city as they are still dealing with trauma and the loud noises would be a trigger and it’s also not too quite for so their minds don’t wander. Also I feel like complete silence would remind Harry when he was in the run for horcruxes and would make him feel uneasy.
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kryskrosszee · an hour ago
Title: Finding Them
Penname: KrysKrossZee
Fandom(s): Harry Potter
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Hermione Granger/Draco Malfoy
Rating: Teen
Summary: After not finding her parents in Austrailia, Hermione enlists Draco's help and the two make their way to Vancouver when they have a new lead.
Word Count: 1661
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teenage-chaos · an hour ago
The Other Side Of The Picture
There is a painting in Draco's office.
Hanging on the sidewall of the place. It is not the first thing you notice when you enter.
It is not very impressive at first sight, its frame is normal, neither too flashy nor too mundane. It is not very large either but it also has the perfect size to go unnoticed.
In fact, there are more noticeable things in his office, like the hundreds of ancient books on the shelves or the specimens well preserved in jars.
So Draco forgets almost always that the painting is there until he catches a glance of it again.
He looks at it for a second allowing his mind to wonder about it and the scenery that displays this day and then, he continues with his work.
The painting has been there for as long as he can remember. He doesn't recall hanging it on the wall though.
When he first started working as an unspeakable he quickly took over, earning himself an office and his own space for research and experimentation.
The first time he saw it he had just finished organizing some archives from his newest investigation topic.
The painting showed a landscape from the top of some tower. He was confused, he had never seen that place but it felt familiar somehow but before he could give it closer thinking he was interrupted by a coworker with an emergency, so he attended it, leaving behind what he was doing and forgetting about the strange paint.
The next time the painting caught his attention, he noticed it had changed.
The picture on display was different from last time. Now it showed some room filled with things, towers of it. A few seconds later a fiendfyre roared in, setting fire to anything in its path.
Draco couldn't think this time, he was in shock thanks to the scene he had just witnessed.
Whenever Draco took a look at the frame on his wall, the picture had changed.
Again and again.
And every time he wondered, how had it ended there?
The only good conclusion he had reached was that maybe it had been the magic of the department itself. After all, it was said that the Department of Mysteries had its very own personality.
After nearly twenty long and prosperous years of working in the department of mysteries, he no longer cared about the painting's precedence.
He got used to seeing it and the weird sense of deja vu that every new picture brought.
From the experience earned, he had learned that sometimes things just happened and it was ok to not over worry about them unless they presented an immediate danger to the wizarding world.
This painting is a mystery, and it will remain as one until it doesn't.
But for now, Draco's not going to break his head over thinking about it. He worked things out efficiently.
He wasn't the best at his work just because.
His awards and recognitions for his research and discoveries also hanging on the wall could prove it.
He was proud of the things he had achieved.
He had a life worth living where could enjoy simple things like having nice long baths after a long day of work, having a nice cup of hot chocolate on cold days,  even hanging out with his friend and spending some nice time with his mother.
And most important of all, he was happy.
There is a painting in Draco's office.
It is different from anything, as things always are in the department of mysteries.
It has shown Draco a variety of different stages, such as fests and tournaments, classes, dinners, balls, grief, war and trials, and occasionally a black-haired man with round-framed glasses that enclose his desperate look who always seems to try to talk to him. 
But Draco knows better than to put real attention to it.
After all, it is just a painting.
Also on ao3
This little thing here was inspired by a beautiful art by @noralovedrarry
Thank u very much darling 💖
This goes for you
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bbutterrfly19 · an hour ago
Please show love on Wattpad for "My Two Desirable Princes; Draco Malfoy & Tom Riddle" (18+) 💗
Tumblr media
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prbni · an hour ago
Theo: You know,now that I have a lot of time to thing about it,Hermione Granger was stupid.
Draco(trying not to feel irritated):How so?
Theo:She's a Muggleborn! All she had to do was stay in hiding in the Muggle World with her parents pretending Wizarding World didn't exist. She could've escaped the whole War!
Draco(scoffs):And leave saintly Potter and the Gingerhead Gang to deal with the Dark Lord by themselves? Geez Theo,you don't know Granger even a single bit,do you?
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aceveria-art · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
happy mermay to @pauleonotis’ siren!draco & pirate!harry au specifically. i’m obsessed with everything pau draws ok
this is also a thank you drawing for everyone who has supported me on ko-fi at some point since the last time i did one of these! i’m very behind schedule but thank you to @dewitty1, @samyistrying, adam, @pineau-noir, @caroll-in, @nutnoce, pau, and ko-fi supporter💖 
★ Instagram ★ Ko-fi ★ Patreon ★ Commission Info ★ {please do not repost / reblogs are welcome!}
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pastthecornflowerfield · an hour ago
Harry And Draco
Sometimes I think about how beautiful Harry and Draco could have been. In canon obviously Draco was a prejudiced jerk but in another universe. I think if there was no war and Draco and Harry were a bit more openminded, there could have been something. I think even in canon, there was always something  there between them, but they never acted on it because they never accepted it, so it eventually faded. But in another universe, they could have had such a beautiful love story. 
I think that between the lines of the books, there was definitely “something” between Harry and Draco that was never written.
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secrets-of-the-library · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
The boy who flipped!
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justthingsfromsarah · 3 hours ago
it gets better
"My love for him colored everything," his client sighed. "I didn't realize how much until I left."
Draco looked up from his notes and the tiny lightening strikes decorating the edges. It had been thirty-six years since his own world had suddenly lost color; he knew what his client needed to hear.
"It gets better."
"Does it?"
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vroomvroomkachowboi · 4 hours ago
Driver’s License pt.2
fluff, angst, smut: angst
pairing: draco malfoy x reader(fem)
word count: 1k (1073)
summary: draco and y/n dealing with their breakup
warning: cheating, cursing
a/n: I've had quite a few people ask for a part 2. so here it is! so happy that people really enjoyed this. Hope this is good. I’ve been in a spiraling depression recently, so I'm sorry that I'm not as active. But I worked hard, so, and there’s a cute ending.
part 1
Tumblr media
It’s been a month since Y/n had discovered Draco was cheating on her. Draco has tried everything and anything to get her to speak to him again. Multiple letters, many bouquet of flowers, sending chocolates and candy, sending her jewelry, and he even resorted to a singing dwarf. (how Harry gotten one from Ginny)
It was so embarrassing.
It seems that Draco had ended things with Astoria to try to get Y/n back. It started to spread across the Slytherins, but now all Hogwarts students knew about it. She wouldn't be surprised if the professors knew about it as well, even Dumbledore.
Everyone had been coming up to her for weeks, saying things like, “Take him back!” or “Don't give him the time of day!” It was beginning to overwhelm her.
“Hello, my love. How was your day so far?” Draco greeted as Y/n walked into Charms class and sat in her seat. “Fine.” She mumbled, hoping he’d get the message, but he would not give up. “That’s good. Do you have the homework for Defense Against the Dark Arts? I had stayed up doing Charms.” She shook her head. He was going to speak again, when Flitwick came in, telling everyone to sit down and listen up. Thank Merlin.
Draco sat a few seats away from Y/n. All he wanted was for her to take him back. Oh, how he missed his first love. He was determined to get her back, to show her that she can trust him again, and how much he loved her. Astoria was nothing compared to her. He was aware that everyone knew of the situation, he had gotten backlash from his fellow classmates, but that didn’t stop the gestures.
Everyday, Draco would try to start a conversation with Y/n. She was beginning to find this all very annoying. She wanted to get over him but, how could she when he's spoiling her with everything she wished he had gave her during that very lonely month of ignoring her. He was the man she loved for so long, it was hard to give up.
She still remembers the day that Draco asked her out. He was visibly nervous, he shook and stuttered. He rarely talked to her before, but some how gathered up the courage to ask.
3rd year Y/n walked into the Great Hall, when she felt someone grab her arm. “Excuse me, Y/n?” Draco said. At the time, they were about the same height, so she looked directly into his eyes. “Yes?” She replied. He was so lost in her eyes that, he realized that he was still holding her arm. He nervously dropped it and kept his hands to his sides.  “I was wondering if you had the notes for Transfiguration? Could I borrow them please?” She nodded. “Of course. I could give them to you after dinner.” She smiled. Draco blushed deeply, looking at her happy face.
She was about to turn around, but Draco grabbed her arm once again. “Y/n, wait!” She turned around to face him again. He gulped, feeling his heart racing. He let go of her arm again, his left by his side, and the right grabbed the back of his neck. “I was wondering if you’d like to go to Hogsmeade tomorrow? With me?” He stuttered. “I’d love that, Draco.”
As the day went on, she tried her best to ignore Draco. During classes, and dinner, he was constantly breathing down her neck. All the Slytherins went to the common room to get some work done. Y/n sat by the windows, working on some Transfiguration work. It was almost like the hairs on her arm stood up, feeling and knowing the presence of the person behind her.
“What you doing, Y/n?” Draco had asked. “Some transfiguration work, Draco.” She replied, without looking at him. “Well, let me know if you need my help.” He says, and grabs her non-dominant hand and kissed it.
“Draco. Please. We are not dating anymore, please don't do things like that.” She says calmly, but a bit quietly. Draco’s brows furrowed. “I just want to show you that I love you.” She sighed heavily, getting up and grabbing Draco’s arm, and leaving the common room. Y/n found an isolated spot for them to talk alone.
“Draco, please. You’ve been all up on me for a whole month. We’re not together. Just leave me be.” She exclaimed. Draco’s face softened. “I just want to make it up to you. I want you to forgive me.”
“I can’t forgive you, Draco! Don't you get that?!” She exclaimed even louder, finally letting some anger out, “You cheated on me! I love you so much and YOU cheated on ME.” Y/n’s tears stained her face, but she kept going. “We’ve been dating since the 3rd year, I met your parents, I loved you unconditionally, and this is how you repay me!”
“You ignored me for so long, and now that I need you to do that again, you won’t! I can't move on if you won’t leave me alone!” She sobbed. Draco looked guilty and uncomfortable. “I’m sorry. There’s no real reason why I cheated on you. I love you too, I just want you to realize it and forgive me.”
“I can't get back with you, Draco. I can't trust you anymore.” Draco’s eyes watered with that last sentence. “I never want you out of my life, Y/n. You’re too important to me. Please.” He begged.
Y/n grabbed his face and pulled him down. He had gotten so much taller since they started dating. She kissed his cheek, and pulled him into a hug. He hugged her back with no hesitation.
They stood in the halls, hugging each other, feeling each other’s warmth that they both missed so much. “I can’t forgive you, Draco. You know that.”
“I know.”
They both let go of each other, only holding on by their hands. “But I can forget. I think it’s best if we heal alone, and we can be friends.”
Draco smiled sadly. “Okay.”
As the new school year came. Y/n and Draco had finally healed, and became best  friends. They were still as close as they were before, they studied together, they'd have lunch together, they’d have sleepovers. And, they’d also go to Hogsmeade together, like they’re first date. They also laugh and reminisce, remembering how nervous and young they were, reminiscing their young, unconditional love.
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mrs-amber · 4 hours ago
Harry Potter is an Unspeakable. Draco Malfoy is the wizard who shagged him. Adventure! Intrigue! Secret identities, celebrities, spies! It’s all right here, folks.
Rated: E, Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply, Words: 54,117
I mean, this fic is so good, that I can’t even believe it.
The construction of all characters, their personalities, their struggles… Harry’s relationship with Ginny, then the way his life changed, his relationship with his friends and then the way he behaves at work it’s just so perfect!
Rabbit and Draco Malfoy are just so sweet characters, my heart broke so much reading it all but at the same time it felt so good!!
I mean, if the writer wanted to add just a bit of universe introduction and explanation, it could be a independent book!! which btw I’d totally buy…
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nurseofren · 4 hours ago
Valid blond men:
Eric Northman
Draco Malfoy
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