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#loki fanfiction
blueseasfanfics · 5 hours ago
Pairing: Loki x any!reader
Description: You and Loki are sent out on a mission, but Loki uses some tricks to get out of doing so. He does complete his mission however; a dance with you. (Lots of fluff!! and some mildly suggestive themes)
Word Count: 1005
A/N: I'm still having a pretty rough time. Writing Loki does help though, I feel back to my roots a little bit. I need to write more fics though, I don't want to lose my mojo. I hope y'all like this one!
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“I hate you.”
“Why? I’m lovely.”
Loki smiles at you from next to you on the couch, taking your hand in his and bringing it to his lips. He kisses the back of your hand, and you roll your eyes.
Loki was loving this. You were both sent out on an undercover recon mission, but there was very little recon and a lot of Loki messing with you.
You were both dressed incredibly fancy, and you weren’t used to it. It felt like you were in the wrong skin the whole night, sitting here next to Loki. Of course he seemed completely at ease in his tight suit and tie, which didn’t help your comfort with what you look like at all.
As you sat stiffly against the back of the couch watching the room, he was relaxed with one arm around your shoulders. His eyes seem fixated only on you.
“You know, you don’t have to look at me like that.”
“Like what?”
“Like I’m prey.”
“Would you like to be my prey, darling?”
“Oh shut up.”
“You’re blushing, you know.”
“You’re just eating this up, aren’t you?”
“Utterly and completely.”
“I get dressed up for one night and you mercilessly tease me about it.”
“As the small spider boy would say, that’s ‘my whole thing’.”
“Can we actually do some work, Loki? We’re in some fancy place with way too many people, I just want to get intel on this guy and leave.”
“I already sent a copy of myself to follow him, it’s alright. He left a while ago.”
“What?” You hiss at him, jumping to your feet and looking around the crowded luxury club for any sign of your mark. Nothing.
Loki stands, taking your hand in his. You roll your eyes again, pulling it away.
“Quit it.”
“Why? I just want to treat you to a dance.”
“No, you ruined the mission and I’m tired of being near you.”
“I didn’t ruin a thing.”
“You did! You distracted me with your mean little teases and I don’t care if you sent a copy after him; I’m not the one tailing him right now. The mission is done for.”
“What mean little teases?”
“All of this, Loki!” You say this louder than you expected it to come out, and the people around you turn their heads to look at you. Awkwardly you cross your arms and look at the floor.
“All of what? My compliments?”
“They’re not compliments when they’re not true.”
“Whoever said they’re not true?” His voice is softer, less crooning than what he normally speaks like. You glance up at him, and he’s not smiling. Not even his customary smirk.
“You can’t play with me like that, Loki.”
“You seem to think I’m playing a game.”
“I’m not playing a game with you.” He insists in a softer tone and takes your hand again. When he brings it to his lips this time, he kisses it gently.
“I’m not going to let you hurt me.” You say this with conviction, looking into his eyes and he nods solemnly.
“Just one dance then. Could I have just one dance with the loveliest person in this room?”
“I thought you were the loveliest.”
“No, I just said I’m lovely. You beat me in that regard.” He extends his hand out to you and after a moment’s hesitation you accept, placing your hand in his. It’s not like the mission could get derailed any more.
“Just one dance.”
He smiles at you. A real smile, not the smirk you’re used to when he’s gotten away with something he’s been planning. He leads you out to the dance floor, placing both hands on your waist as yours settle around his neck. You both start to move slowly, just swaying to the music instead of doing any sort of footwork.
“Where’s the guy now?” You ask after a moment, and he thinks.
“Some alleyway. I think he’s on his way home. Should find it quickly. That’s some good intel, no? Objective complete?”
“Yes, but we could have also found that by doing the actual mission ourselves.”
“Oh, mission whatever. This way we both get the mission done, and I get to dance with you.”
“You get to dance with me? That’s much more humble than you usually are.”
“I can be humble!”
“I’m pretty sure the first thing you told me when you met me was I only deserve to kneel before you.”
“Well, now I say you have a choice.”
“And what choice is that?”
Loki comes close now, his cheek against yours as he whispers in your ear.
“Either you can kneel before me, or I can be told to kneel before you. Equal partnership.”
Your breath catches in your throat, and he backs up to his original position. He smiles again as he looks down at your face.
“You’re blushing again darling.”
“I really hate you.”
“I know you really don’t.”
You have to catch your breath for a moment, so both of you continue to sway in silence to the slow song that the band is playing.
Looking up at him, you sigh. No smirk on his face, just a contented smile. He’s looking all around the room and usually you would be too, but you realize how nice it is just dancing with him.
You bring yourself closer, pressing your chest against his and leaning your head on his shoulder as you sway.
“Don’t you want to watch the room? Ask about the mission?” He murmurs down to you, and you shrug.
“You have the copy out there, right?”
“And you’re here, dancing with me. Right?”
“And you’re not playing a joke on me.”
“I wouldn’t dream of it.”
“Then I’m fine just where I am.”
Your heart is against his heart, both in rhythm. You can feel his skip a beat when you speak, and you allow yourself a contented smile too.
“You can stay here with me as long as you wish, darling.”
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give-me-a-moose · 7 hours ago
Dream of Me
Fandom: The Avengers/MCU
Relationship: Loki/Fem!Reader
Words: 2,616
Summary: After finding out Loki is basically immune to your powers, you settle into a relationship with him. You particularly enjoy arguing with him. Your current argument holds a bit more weight than the others, though.
Note: This is a follow up to “Kiss The Girl”. I have a few more coming, so I am calling it the “Charmspeaker Collection”. 
Tumblr media
It wasn’t an instant transition once you discovered Loki was immune to your powers. Thor too for that manner. You still had a lot of anxiety surrounding your powers.
You still kept quiet around the other Avengers, because nothing had changed for them. You started to say a few words to Thor whenever you felt brave enough. He was ecstatic when you started speaking around him. The first time it happened had actually been Loki’s fault.  
“Will you please shut up?” Loki had snapped at Thor once when he was being particularly boisterous, “Y/N thinks you are being annoying.” 
“Loki, you know that is not true!” you shot back instantly before turning to Thor, “I think you are a delight to be around.”
Thor’s eyes widened in surprise. Loki had just sighed. He enjoyed his position as your official translator. A position he earned by hiding all your whiteboards. He didn’t think you would reply verbally, but since he and Thor were the only other people in the room, he really should have seen that coming.  
After spending so many years being silent, it was strange to feel able to use your voice. Loki would have to remind you sometimes that you could speak around him. On good days you would laugh to yourself and start talking like normal. On bad days you would shake your head and remain silent. Loki would not push you to speak on those days, and you were grateful for that.
Loki took great pride in his ability to read you. He could watch your body language and know exactly what you wanted to say. It made communicating around the other Avengers so much easier. However, it also led to some interesting sights around the Tower. A common one being Loki having what appeared to be a one sided argument with himself. 
“Y/N, I am telling you that it won’t work.” Loki insisted over breakfast. 
You crossed your arms at him as a reply.
“I am a master of stealth and deception. My plans have never led us astray before.” 
You raised your eyebrows. 
“That’s a low blow.” Loki sighed, “Fine. We will try it your way. Will that get you to shut up?” 
You grinned at him before leaning over to give him a quick kiss on the cheek. 
“Yes. And I you, my darling.” he murmured with a soft smile. 
You both continued to eat your breakfast in silence as the rest of the room stared at you both in bewilderment. 
What the fuck had they just witnessed? 
The two of you constantly argue with each other. The topics were never serious and could be easily resolved. Loki had assumed that after spending so long keeping your opinions to yourself, you enjoyed being able to voice them. Loudly and quite often. Loki was always more than happy to indulge you. While he would never admit it out loud, you were utterly adorable when you were vexed. 
Your current argument held a little more weight than most of your others. 
It started the first night you stayed in Loki’s room and he told you about the horrible nightmares he has sometimes. It had been a precaution, in case he ever woke you in the middle of the night. He hated the idea of scaring you and wanted you to be prepared. You, however, took this information to be a challenge. 
“I think I can use my powers to get you to sleep peacefully.” you explained to him as you curled up in his arms. His skin was a bit chilly, but at that moment it was a cool relief for your warm body.
Loki placed an absentminded kiss on your head, “Darling, did you forget I’m immune?” 
“Maybe not while you’re sleeping.” you yawned, “Your defenses will be down.” 
Loki paused to consider this, as he ran his hands up and down your back, further lulling you to sleep. 
“If I notice you are about to have a bad dream, maybe I can trick the dream away.” 
Loki chuckled softly, “You are only setting yourself up for disappointment.” 
“You said you wouldn’t underestimate me anymore.” you whined sleepily.
“And I do not.” he stole a kiss from you, “But my answer remains the same. No.” 
Loki knew that you would never use your powers against him without his consent. It was one of the few rules you lived by. If he told you no, you would not do it.
“This isn’t over.” you mumbled to him, your eyes already closing. 
“I don’t doubt that.” he mused, pressing a final kiss to your temple. He waited to hear your breathing slow before letting himself fall asleep as well.
Whether it was just bad luck, or all the bloody talking about it, Loki felt his dreams turn sour. He could hear the Other’s voice in his head again. 
“You failed us.” 
“You cannot escape him.” 
“He will take everything you hold dear.” 
Loki closed his eyes and tried to shut the voice out. When he opened his eyes again, that cursed scepter was in his hand again. He felt its poisonous thrall once more. No matter how he tried, he would not be able to forget. He told himself to drop it, but his body betrayed him by tightening the grip. 
Then his own voice came to him, even though he could not say a word. 
“...Not until I make him kill you! Slowly, intimately, in every way he knows you fear…”
The nightmare changed in an instant. Suddenly he was standing in front of you. You were on the floor and covered in blood. Your eyes were wide with fear as you looked up at him. The sight made him sick to his stomach. 
“Loki. Please.” you begged. 
He could not stop himself as he raised the scepter. The blue glowing intensifying. His screams were trapped inside of himself. No matter how he tried, he couldn’t stop himself from walking closer to you.  
“No! Loki! Please!” you cried, “Loki! WAKE UP!” 
Loki instantly woke with a gasp. His heart was racing and he looked around the dark room. That was when he noticed he was gripping your wrist. His hold was so tight, he could see the discoloration in your skin. 
He quickly let go of you, shocked by what he had done. You pulled your wrist closer to you and rubbed it, trying to soothe the pain away. Loki looked away from you in shame. He felt the self loathing creep over him when he heard your quiet voice. 
“I’m sorry.” you sat up on the bed next to him, “You wouldn’t wake up. I had to.” 
If he were not so distraught, he would have laughed. He had nearly broken your wrist, and you were apologizing for using your power to stop him from doing it. It was completely absurd. 
“Darling, you have nothing to be sorry about.” he let out a shaky exhale, “I’m glad you did it.”
 He put his head in his hands. He nearly scoffed when he felt your hands on his back, attempting to soothe him. The monster you shared a bed with hurt you, and you wanted to comfort him. He didn’t pull away though. 
After a few moments of silence, you crawled closer to him, draping yourself along his back. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders, and Loki couldn’t help but look at your injured wrist. It wasn’t swollen thankfully, but he could already see the bruises forming. 
He gingerly took your hand and placed a delicate kiss to the inside of your wrist. A silent apology. You smiled softly and pressed a kiss to his temple. Apology accepted. Loki sighed in relief, content to soak up your warmth.
“Well, it seems you are susceptible to my powers when you’re asleep.”
He couldn’t help but chuckle, “This is a dirty tactic, my love.”
He felt you grin against his skin, “Not a tactic, just an observation.” 
“Here I thought you would want to return to sleeping alone.”
“Never.” your arms squeezed around him. 
“Stubborn thing.”
“I could say the same of you.” 
Loki slowly inhaled through his nose. He had been hoping you would leave him to spend the rest of the night alone. He always knew he was going to give in at some point. He always gave in when it came to you. He just never expected this to happen. He didn’t want this to happen again. 
“Fine.” he kissed your wrist again, “Next time you can try.” 
Loki felt your hand on his chin, guiding his head towards you. He looked up at you, and saw your small smile. 
“Thank you, Loki.” you whispered before placing a chaste kiss on his lips. 
Luckily, Loki’s nightmares did not return for a few weeks. In all fairness, that was probably because he did not let himself fall too deeply asleep. He forced himself to stay awake as long as possible, only allowing himself cat naps. You saw how the lack of sleep was starting to affect him. Whenever you tried to address it, he simply brushed your concern away.
You started to try to lull him to sleep. Before bed you prepared him a relaxing cup of tea. When you were in bed, you ran your fingers through his hair. Whether it was your attempts working or his resolved weakening, Loki fell into a deep sleep one night. You smiled to yourself and settled in next to him. 
You knew exactly when the nightmares began. He clutched at you desperately in his sleep. His arm around your waist tightened, like he was afraid that you would disappear if he didn’t hold you tight enough. His grip was so tight it almost stole your breath. You gently caressed his forearms as you let your power rise in your throat. 
“Sleep well. Dream of peace.” you whispered into his ear. After a second of thought, you selfishly added, “Dream of me.” 
Almost instantly, Loki’s hold on you loosened. Not enough to fully release you, but it was no longer a death grip. You took a deep breath in relief. His breath began to even out and he released a soft snore. It made you smile.
You could already feel the power of tomorrow morning’s gloating session when you both woke up. But for now you were content with turning your head enough to kiss Loki’s shoulder, then falling back asleep. 
The dream started much like the others. The fear and helplessness threatened to swallow him whole. But it changed….for the better. 
The scepter vanished into smoke in his hands. He looked around and saw he was in one of his favorite gardens in Asgard. He looked around and catalogued the flowers around him, it was just as he remembered. Then his eyes fell to the large tree he read under in his youth. There in his usual spot was you, dressed like Asgardian nobility with a book in your lap. The sight made him smile. 
He slowly approached you, not wanting to disturb you. Despite his stealth, you still looked up and gave him a wide smile. 
“Loki.” you breathed. He loved when you said his name like that. Like he was the one who put the son in the sky. Like he was the one with the power to make you day. Like you loved him. 
“Darling.” he he was surprised when his body cooperated with his desires. 
You closed the book and set it beside you, “Join me.” 
He didn’t need to be told twice. He sat beside you, and arranged himself to lay his head in your lap. He closed his eyes once he felt your fingers run through his hair. 
He felt peaceful. For once, he wasn’t afraid something was going to come and ruin this moment. He let himself relax. 
“I love you, Loki.” you hummed to him. 
His eyes snapped open. You giggled down at him. You never said that to him before. He wondered what those words would sound like leaving his lips. Now he was dreaming about it. Perhaps that made him a lovesick fool, but he wanted to hear it again. 
“I love you so much.” you whispered before leaning down to give him a quick kiss. 
Loki raised his hand to bury his fingers in your hair. With minimal effort, he turned the sweet kiss into a hungry one. He smirked when he heard you moan into the kiss. Just as you started to melt into it, he pulled away. 
“And I love you, dear heart.” 
Loki continued to dream of you within the safety of his childhood hiding spot. He cherished your giggles and whispered ‘I love you’s. The only thing that could make it better was if it were real. 
When Loki awoke the next morning, the first thing he noticed how well rested he felt. Usually, a good night of sleep meant the dreamless void that was only available when he reached exhaustion. He couldn’t recall the last time he had had a good dream. He hardly wanted to wake up. But opening his eyes to see you sleeping beside him, made up for that injustice.
He pressed a delicate kiss to your shoulder, trying to convey his gratitude and love through the one kiss. That way he would never have to admit to it when you were awake. 
Unfortunately, the touch had roused you. With a few sleepy mumbles you wiggled out of Loki’s arms enough to roll over and face him. Your eyes were the last to open, and your sleep blurred eyes focused right on his face. He brought his hand up to cup your face. 
“How did you sleep?” you asked, a knowing grin on your face. 
“Gloating is beneath you, my dear.” Loki teased. He knew he was going to have to listen to you gloat for the better part of the day, but he wanted a few more moments of peace. 
You rolled onto your back and laughed. How Loki loved the sound of your laugh. He propped himself up on his elbow to look down at you. 
“What did you dream about?” you asked, your eyes meeting his. 
For a second, he thought about telling you the truth. Telling you the words he dreamed of falling from your lips. He thought of telling you the words he felt in his heart. But he refrained. He was not sure if you were ready for that yet. Midgardians tended to get anxious when such words were thrown around. 
Instead, he gave you his most licentious smile, “Perhaps I can show you what I dreamed about?”
The brilliant flush that came to your cheeks assured him he made the right choice. 
“We have things to do today.” you fought the smile that made its way to your lips. 
“Here I thought you would want to celebrate your victory.” Loki moved his body to languidly stretch out over yours before placing a series of kisses down your neck. You instantly snaked your arms around his neck. 
“This is a dirty tactic.” you protested in spite of yourself. 
“It’s not dirty.” he chuckled low in your ear, “Not yet.” 
You shivered, hearing the unspoken promise in his voice.  
“Fine. you can show me.” you relented, though it felt nothing even remotely close to a loss. 
“Thank you, my love.” Loki whispered to you before pulling you into a rousing kiss. 
He would tell you eventually. When the time was right. For now, he was content to show you how he felt. Whenever you would let him. And he was more than happy to convince you. 
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whatafuckingdumbass · 8 hours ago
Trying To Balance With A Part Of Yourself Missing
Relationship: none
Summary: Thor bargains with Odin on Loki's sentence and he wins. Loki is moved with the Avengers to fix his past mistakes. But Odin's term changes everything and Loki's foe is not their mistakes, but their self-image
Warnings: a lot. Each chapter will have individual ones
Notes: Whenever a dialogue is in bold, Loki speaks English
Chapter 2, Terms Of Agreement
Chapter summary: The Avengers discuss how Loki will stay there.
Chapter warnings: flashing lights, deadnaming, language, gender dysphoria
Previous | Read on AO3 | Next (wish I knew)
Tumblr media
This time, Thor doesn't touch Loki at all. On one hand, he doesn't feel like he will burn Thor's hand, or gets touched in a place he doesn't want to. On the other hand, does Thor avoid physical contact because he's just as afraid and disgusted as Loki is? And how the Hel will they find their way in those corridors?
"Brother, are you fine?" Thor asks, probably noticing Loki's struggle to see where he's going.
"Yes. I just-I just don't k-k-k-know the c-c-c-corridors yet," they answer, trying not to hold a breath before Thor nods.
"Don't take it as an offence, but I thought you had grown out of that thing. What spell was it?" he obviously doesn't spare a thought before asking, not that it would matter.
"Aud-audi-auditory ill-ill-illusion, it ne-ne-never…" Loki pauses, opening and closing his mouth before muttering "itneverstopped," with approximately the speed of light.
"At least there's no Father to silence you about it," Thor shrugs, making Loki nod. Well, Odin's absence is the only positive thing about this situation.
The meeting room, according to Thor, is full of people, more than the five that Loki remembers. Well, they all appear as blurry forms, but Loki can still sense their glares.
"Is that Loki?" A baritone voice asks — ah, Rogers —, in English simple and clear enough to be understood.
Another voice, Stark's, mutters something, too fast and between his teeth for Loki to understand it, but it certainly feels like a comment.
"Stark said something about you looking like a Targaryen, I don't know what it means," Thor whispers, for perhaps the first time in his life. Odin left Loki's sense of magical sources, perhaps for a taunt, and Thor doesn't use his Allspeak to answer.
Loki nods and pulls Thor towards the table, gesturing at him to guide them through a chair, since they needed some extra lights in this fucking room. Thor does it, letting Loki's hand touch a chair before he sits on his left.
"Thor-Thor, t-t-tell them-them that y-you w-w-will tra-translate," they ask. He sits close enough to see Thor's worry.
A female voice, Romanov, says something, her voice as dead as Loki remembers. "Would you like relearning English, brother?" the whispering is gone, but Loki still nods a yes.
Stark mutters something, including one of Loki's nicknames. "He said he can make the robot speak Old Norse, but will need one of us to transfer the information to her," Thor explains.
"Will-will it need-need-need e-e-energy or n-n-not?" Loki asks, gazing at what might be Stark's form.
"From you? No," Stark for once speaks slow enough to be understood.
"Th-then, I do- um, I will do-do it," they answer, attempting to use English this time. He's certain he fucked it up, but Stark comments "not bad,".
Barton asks something, just his tone being rude. "I can't ask that," Thor argues, making Barton say something louder. Thor sighs.
"Barton asks if you can still see," he asks, already regretting it.
"The f-fuck kind of question is-is-is that?" they raise an eyebrow, and Thor shrugs.
Barton asks something, more annoyed than he started. "You don't want me to translate," Thor sighs. Rogers snaps something, making everyone groan. Thor doesn't translate it, probably because Loki will attempt murder if he learns what it was.
There's an argument between the others, mentioning Loki's name a few times, and having Thor ready to start slamming people with Mjölnir. Loki sighs and ignores the chaos, waiting for them to calm down. Romanov says something, and everyone calms down. Then, she says something else, and it has Loki's name in it.
"Natasha says she wants to tutor you English. Your other choice is Steve. And she already teaches two other avengers how to hide their accent, you can join," Thor explains.
"Who are-who are the o-o-other t-t-t-two?"
"Wanda and Pietro. She has some form of magic, and he is fast,"
"Th-then, ssso it is," they agree.
Banner says something else, again mentioning Loki's name and some big words.
"What do you mean?" Thor asks, getting some more mumbling as an answer.
"Well yes, Jötunnheim has no sun, but this doesn't mean he has to do those," Thor argues. Barton sighs and demands Thor to ask something.
"Barton asks you to identify the shape he has drawn, without you narrowing your eyes or leaning forward," Thor explains, looking already too tired of this shit. Loki nods and turns to Barton.
He can see that Barton is holding something white, probably a piece of paper, but there are not even lines on it. They give up after some long moments and nod a no. Banner starts speaking again, and Thor nods, regardless of how he doesn't like what he heard.
"Banner said you might have albinism, which makes your eyes red and hair white. He wants to run tests because he thinks you won't be able to be in the sun and might be blind," he translates.
"Th-th-that's bu-bu-bullshit, I'm not-not bl-bl-bl-blind! The room is too-too bright, and I can s-s-s-s-see you," he snaps. Thor repeats it, without the cursing. Banner insists.
"He said that the room might be too bright for you because of this thing," Loki groans at the answer.
"F-fucking healers… Wh-wh-what tests does-does he w-want?" they sigh.
"On your bloodstream, eyes and skin. The first one requires him taking some blood, it's not as bad as it sounds," Thor sighs as well, speaking from experience. Loki nods.
"Tell him to-to-to-tomorrow, as well as the l-l-l-l-lessons. But I'd like to-to-to-to be a-a-alone on th-these," he decides, still managing to glare at them into shivering. Good thing the overwhelming empathy is not related to the magic…
"Stark asks if you can do the robot thing today. And that's it for now," Thor rubs his temple, a view Loki almost can’t believe they see.
"Yes. Now g-go rest, Brother, you look like sh-shit," he answers, softening at Thor and trying to earn a small smile out of him. They fail, and everyone gets up and leaves.
Stark grabs Loki's shoulder and yells something, too fast to catch up. But Loki still nods and gets up, following him to the corridor.
“Can you t-t-talk slow-slower?" he asks, refusing to ask or beg, not yet at least.
"Yes, sure. Speaking of… is it me or is your voice higher?" Stark asks, almost casually. But the question feels like a punch in the stomach. Loki just shrugs, eager to stop this discussion right here and right now, or at least change the subject.
Thankfully, Stark stays silent until they reach the lab if judged by the machinery screaming. Stark yanks Loki's forearm (above the sleeve, luckily for his hand) and drags them into a chair, of some sorts.
Stark tries to explain and then asks a question. Loki nods a no, refusing to speak. Then, Stark speaks to the robot.
A blue light appears, probably with details, but Loki cannot see them. He still narrows his eyes, hoping to catch something. But they only see a blue mass, looking like a ball or a brain. Stark grunts and walks away before coming back, this time with something long and black.
“Okay. I will put this to your head, but it will not hurt you,” he explains. Loki backs away in the chair.
“D-don’t do-do-do th-this wi-without g-g-gloves,” he snaps, glaring at Stark. He mutters something about germs and sighs, wearing some plastic gloves.
His hand is gentle on their head, removing some white hair before he sticks a metal on their scalp. As he said, it was not painful. In fact, the only thing that gives the impression of this working is a bar of light that fills itself as time passes. When it’s full, Stark removes the wire and throws away the gloves. They fall on the floor with a clank, the ice snapping them in half.
Stark mutters something, too fast for Loki to understand. Then, he mumbles something else, to which the robot replies with something. They have a brief conversation, and then Tony repeats the first mutter.
“Is that why you wanted me to wear gloves? Anthony Stark,” the robot translates to Old Norse. Loki doesn’t laugh but manages a tiny smile.
“Yes, Unless you were planning on getting frostbites,” he answers and listens to the robotic lady, which Stark called Friday while instructing her. But then, she says their name.
Loki Odindottir.
Loki’s heart skips a beat, and he lowers his face in shame, trying so hard not to dig holes in his fingers. How did Odin transfer this fucking name here? And why does Stark stare at them like they’re a bomb?
“The name is wrong, it’s Laufeyson. Change it,” Loki turns to Stark, glaring daggers. Friday repeats, and this time she says the right name. But sure thing, this bitch will pay for uttering this word. "Who added it?" he asks, trying to maintain his calm.
"I…" Stark trails off. Oh, no, you're not playing with their patients, buddy.
"Who added it? It was on my file, right? Who created my file?" He feels the seat freezing beneath him, glaring fire at Stark.
"Thor. When you attacked, Thor filled your file," his breath comes out visible, but Loki can just feel the warm air. Just like they feel the fear emitting out of Stark.
"Very, well… Thank you, Anthony," Loki smiles to contain the anger, and gets up.
"Your earphones, unless you want Friday to yell everything," Stark relaxes somehow, probably because he knows Loki's rage is placed elsewhere now, and hands over some black earphones. Loki nods and wears one of them, turning it on. Then he gets out and, with Friday's help, he matches right to Thor's room.
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ao3feed-lokiangst · 11 hours ago
What was Left of My Heart
read it on the AO3 at
by Anonymous
An ancient wizard of legends takes in a wounded immortal God of Mischief. This causes fewer problems than one might think.
Featuring doctor!Merlin, brat!Loki, confused!Avengers, government/monarchy/SHIELD-bashing, convenient coincidences, centuries-old secrets, and a lot of self-indulgent fluff.
Words: 3603, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English
Fandoms: Merlin (TV), Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor (Movies), The Avengers (Marvel Movies), The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
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Categories: Gen
Characters: Loki (Marvel), Merlin (Merlin)
Relationships: Loki (Marvel) & Merlin (Merlin)
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bradypnoea · an hour ago
Learn Me Right | NeverQuiteAwake | (21/33) - 91.7k | Rewrite Ongoing - May 2021
As a maiden of Vanaheim, Eirlys never expected to deviate from the path set before her. Her life takes an unanticipated turn when she becomes Queen Frigga's latest apprentice, and she finds herself at odds with an especially vexing Asgardian prince. Pre-Thor and onwards.
Note: (In honour of the impending release of the Loki miniseries and my sceptical optimism for it, I'm highlighting a few canon-adjacent Loki works that can pass the time between new episodes or, if you're like me, distract from new content long enough to miss the first wave of inevitable Discourse.) This first entry in The Shieldmaiden Saga by NeverQuiteAwake was actually completed in early 2014 on FanFiction.Net, which lists the completion dates of two subsequent sequels as October 2014 and July 2017 respectively. I'd only recently learned of it though, when in March of 2021 NeverQuiteAwake began publication of an edited, M-Rated iteration of Learn Me Right on AO3. I've committed to avoid spoiling myself with the finished work, and have thus far deeply ejoyed their depiction of the trials a young seidr scholar might face among our favourite Asgardians. Not to mention NQA's updates have been so frequent I've been able savour the anticipation of a new chapter without dreading that the author might suddenly abandon the story.
- Author's Page on -
The sky glimmered with the warmth of daybreak. Hands curled in the tangle of bedclothes, I blinked away the weariness that threatened to steal away the vision that lay before me. Like a child at play, the sun slowly peeked over the horizon, basking all that it could touch. A spectrum of reds and yellows lit the sky, the colours spilling across the rolling hills and sprawling woods. The lands of Vanaheim looked to be aglow in fire.
With a wistful smile, I clambered out of bed and padded onto the balcony. Leaning on the balustrade, I tilted my face upwards to revel in the burgeoning warmth of the sun. Autumn was upon Vanaheim, and soon the clouds would take up residence in the skies above. I’d awakened to watch the sun’s ascent, the dawning of a new day, for what would be the last time in a long while. Many months would pass before I’d be able to witness such beauty again.
A soft knock at my bedchamber door pulled me away from the sight. “Enter!”
The door opened to reveal my handmaiden, her eyes bright and cheery. It was a wonder, how she was able to awaken before me every day. And my father calls me an early riser. “A fine morning, is it not, my lady?” Arlessa said, bustling about my room to prepare my attire for the day.
“Yes, lovely indeed,” I sighed. “I will miss it. The rains will be coming soon, no doubt.”
Arlessa hummed in agreement as she went rifling through my wardrobe. She selected a sleeveless apricot-coloured dress—one of my more practical garments. “Your father bid me to tell you that he has gone to greet Queen Frigga at the Bifrost site.”
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NEVILLESIONGBOTTOM'S FIC RECS: from grace by gothamcitysyren
fhgfhghghg i just read the entirety of FROM GRACE a loki fanfiction written by @mer-writes and my mind is blown, it's one of these best marvel and x-men fics i've read in a long time!! it's amazing and i loved every moment of it!!! y'all have to go check it out!! it's such a good read!!!
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darkacademicfrom2021 · 21 hours ago
The Dark Team (part 8)
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Warnings: violence, near death experience, suicidal consideration.
Tumblr media
With all the information you needed in your head, you ran up to the hotel room. Loki and Bucky were wandering around the neighborhood, handling the “incognito” part of the mission very poorly. But you’d be soon back with them, you just needed to grab the suits, some more information and a scribbled map, and you’d be back on the streets, fighting criminals or… whatever the Hell those two were doing.
It was just a matter of time until you finally got the stick. What did it have that Tony Stark feared so much to be in the wrong hands, you would never know. Unless you grabbed the stick before giving it to him and found out yourself, of course (but no, that would be irresponsible, an invasion, all levels of illegal and probably would result in getting you in jail, or maybe even assassinated).
It sounded good, though.
After what felt like a thousand stairs later, you finally arrived at your room. Grabbing the doorknob while inserting the key, you realized it was already open. You stopped. Was anyone in there? You weren’t the last one to come out that morning, so you weren’t sure you closed it well. Bucky was; and he was generally distracted on those details. He would sleep on them because he can take anyone, he’s a supersoldier, after all.
You didn’t let go of the doorknob, and opened very carefully as to not make any noise. Damn, if I just had my gun with myself this would be much easier, you thought for the hundredth time on the mission. You made a mental note on not leaving the room without a gun ever again.
If it wasn’t bad enough, you didn’t bring any communicators with your teammates on. What for? The last part of the mission was done with all of you together. It made sense you’d sleep on it too.
You stopped the self-loathing on your last few decisions and thought about who or what could be on the other side of the door. It couldn’t be someone who wanted the information you’d already collected, because you informed absolutely no one about it. Not even Stark. And you had made sure nobody followed you or heard your steps. So, it had to be someone from the Hydra base. Someone who would think you had the stick with yourself, and wanted it back.
Basing your actions on that speculation, you calculated the time and risks to get to your gun and suit before you’d get attacked, if the agent was still in there. You could only assume it was an agent. What else would Hydra have, in the middle of 2021?
Alright, you thought. Maybe it’s empty already. I only get one chance.
You slammed open the door and ran to your suit and gun as fast as you could, suiting up with a button, and, in a matter of seconds, you were against a wall with your Beretta 92 pointing at whoever could come and attack you.
Silence and adrenaline filled the room. You looked around, and nothing moved. Not a single sound. Not even a fly.
“Whoever’s here, I don’t have it. I swear, I don’t have it”, you said, still with your gun up. “And I don’t know who has it, yet”.
No answer. You looked around a little, opening some doors and looking under the beds, but it really seemed like you were alone now. Someone had definitely been there; your papers were all disorganized and some chairs were on the floor. The window had a gunshot. But whoever went there, saw there was nothing they wanted and left, not long ago. Maybe you could even seek them with the street cameras.
You walked to the window and traced the gunshot with your fingertips. You recognized the bullet; Bucky had used them before, as the Winter Soldier. Looking outside you recognized in the distance, about three blocks away, the unmistakable figures of your teammates.
A cocking gun in your nape brought you back to the room. You didn’t turn around just yet, waiting for some talking (they usually talk, they don’t want you dead; they rather want your information. Quite difficult to take from if you won’t be able to answer). After some more silence, you turned around violently and tried to kick the (huge, even bigger than Thor) man’s gun off. Instead, he grabbed your leg and pushed you to the floor.
Maybe you weren’t exactly awesome when it came to hand-in-hand combat, alright?
Pointing your gun at him from the floor, you tried to get up, and as soon as you felt him get closer to grab your gun, you shot. You made sure to not actually shoot him; just close enough for him to think you were going to shoot him if he got close. He didn’t get fazed at the shot; didn’t flinch, didn’t even blink. Instead, grabbed your gun and bent it as if it were melted plastic.
Holy fucking shit.
Good news were, now you knew what exactly was in that stick. Bad news, it was already in the wrong hands.
“Chemistry works in mysterious ways, doesn’t it, fella?”, you asked the supersoldier standing in front of you. “When did they serum-ed you? You might be experiencing some side effects”, you chatted, waiting for your teammates, hoping they’d walk a little bit faster. Hopefully, they’d heard the shooting and realized you were in trouble. They didn’t know exactly how much trouble you were in, though.
“You do realize the more you talk, the faster I’ll have to kill you, right?” said he, finally.
“What’s your name? Can’t see you with your weird mask on” you said, standing up slowly. “Let me guess… you must be familiar with James, right?”.
The supersoldier blinked in confusion, and charged his gun, pointing it directly at your forehead.
“You have exactly ten seconds to tell me how you know about James. Ten”.
“Must be a very difficult experience”.
“To be so close, yet so far away”.
“You know, it’d do you wonders some therapy maybe. To process the whole James thing”.
“You sound like Monica Geller”.
“You’ll get bored of counting, eventually”.
“Alright, pack it up”.
You sighed and rolled your eyes.
“I don’t know anything about that James, it was a wild guess. Everyone is called James these days”, you explained. He stopped counting but pressed the gun harder against your head.
“Quit the mocking. Give me the stick and I’ll let you live”.
“There’s no way you’re letting me live. I already know Hydra has some more supersoldiers, and I guess the thing in the stick is the formula, isn’t it? Give me the secret formula, spongebob, right?”. The man realized you were just making time, and tried to grab your wrists. “Took you long enough to notice. Soldiers are not the brightest, let me tell you”.
As he tried to lock your wrists, you used all your body weight to push him out of the window. Terrible idea. He was at least five times stronger, and instead of your original plan, the one getting thrown off a nine-floor window now were you.
Bucky and Loki were a block away, and all they saw was a tiny speck on the sky, getting rapidly closer to the street. It didn’t take them much thinking until they realized that speck was you, flying off the hotel room. Loki took impulse and teleported himself as fast as he could to the nearest floor you were currently passing, and grasped your arm and hand with his both hands, holding himself with only his legs from a balcony.
Hanging from just one arm, with seven tall floors behind your feet, you tried your best to not look down. Oh, heights weren’t your best friend, much less the possibility of a bad movement and instantly dying right there. You could only think in how lucky you were your teammate had quick reflexes, and how idiotic you were to think you could’ve possibly taken that man by your own. He bent your gun with his bare hands, for God’s sake. You looked down, and saw the supersoldier already fighting with Bucky on the streets. Your face turned even paler as you observed how tall you were. Everything was tiny below you.
“Look at me”, said Loki, with a calm voice. You redirected your gaze to him. His eyes. There was a glimpse in his eyes, showing something. Your own emotions weren’t allowing you to actually concentrate on his face expressions, anyways. He sensed it, and repeated. “Look at me, don’t look down. I’m here”.
You met his eyes once again and this time you didn’t leave them. There it was. His eyes irradiated pure and raw panic. Fear. No, not even fear; terror. What was he terrified of? Terror of losing you? Why would he care so much? Why would he care that deeply? It didn’t matter now, for you were definitely dying. His grip was strong, but your hand was starting to numb and you were losing strength. You were dizzy and sweating, frightened. He gripped harder and it pained you.
“Hold on to me. Do not let go, I'm here”, he said. His words were tranquil and reassuring, trying to keep it as undisturbed as he could, but a drop of desperation cracked his voice. “Hold strong, I’m lifting you up”.
“Don’t. You’ll fall down. You can’t take this height either” you said without hiding your dread. Your tight throat did the job and your eyes watered. That was it, you thought. And it was. There was no way Loki could lift you without him falling down too. And even if there was a possibility, why would he risk his long and meaningful life for the sake of yours? “Let me go, Loki”.
“I’m not letting you go”.
“You’ll die”.
“No, and you won’t either. Hold onto my grip”, he assured you without leaving any room for discussion, trying to lift your body and almost tripping in the process. He gasped and you left out a whine.
“Stop it, I’m not letting you go”, he said, less calm than he’d have liked to. “I’m not letting you go”, he repeated, almost in a whisper.
In a struggle, he brought you into the balcony he was hanging from. Your legs were shaking, as you laid on the marble floor by his side. Both of you breathless, looked at each other without saying a word. After a brief moment, you took his hand and squeezed it gently, not ever breaking eye contact.
“You saved me. Thank you”.
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