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#marvel loki
theonewhotravelsintime · 9 minutes ago
Oh hey it's just only occured to me that Tom is going to get his own Loki Twitter emoji.
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angedemystere · 14 minutes ago
things POE Moses and Marvel Loki have in common:
raised by man who committed genocide against his people
adult when he found out his true origins
existential crisis (see above)
went off to parts unknown to deal with existential crisis
served uber powerful being 
complicated sibling relationships
magical staff
freed slaves
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dkmbookworm · an hour ago
Oh such a tragic irony in the comics that by the end of agent of Asgard, loki has no want for a throne, only for him to be stuck with a throne just a few years later
“You know what, I think I’m happy with myself, I’m just gonna kick back, have some fun adventures-“
Ends up in the war of the realms, kills laufey, and now has the right to the throne of Jotunheim
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exlibrisfangirl · an hour ago
Nick Burkhardt, Duke Crocker, Loki
Tumblr media
send me three characters and i will put them in order from my favorite to least favorite
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yeetyeetchickenmeat · an hour ago
Me, trying to be optimistic about loki possibly d-wording again: Well, atleast he died doing what he loved,
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nochubtch · 2 hours ago
SAVE TIME (idk help me title this?)
A/N: alright this is gonna be a weird post because I haven’t really written anything like this, the inspiration for this fic is the Loki trailer and something i do a almost every night. (no its not that you lil perv!) just stick around to find out what it is. :) P.S. this is not a reader insert fic, or Loki x Reader type of thing, because IDK how to write things like that :'))
Summary: this is just part one so basically mostly its just like the trailer.
warnings: swearing i guess..?
Tumblr media
--Part 1--
They had brought in Loki the god of mischief to the Timekeeper’s domain, where he will stand in trial for causing the timeline to diverge into multiple other timelines, for taking the Tesseract, he was chained up and now stood before the council.
"I know what this place is." Loki says as he was dragged by the arm, the person had Loki on one hand and the Tesseract on the other. He was thrown into a room and was stripped off of his clothes and was given a new set of clothes that resembled prison jumpers, but in Loki's case it wasn't orange, it was a dull beige color. "The Timekeepers have built quite the circus." he says to himself as he was escorted to another room that looked like a courtroom in Midgard. He looks up and says; "And I see the clowns are playing their parts to perfection."
“So, Loki God of Mischief—” the council member states as she looks at Loki’s documents, “Don’t wear it out love.” he says cockily, the council ignore this and she continues; “We preserve the flow of time, but when you picked up the Tesseract you broke reality.” she looks to her side as if she was thinking, “Now what do we do with you..?” turning back and says. “I— I propose an idea.” a blonde man steps forward, “Why not use Loki to fix what he broke?” Loki looks at the man brows furrowed, “What?” he asks, “Look he broke it, now he’s going to help fix it.” the blonde man states. “Very well Mobius. You’re in charge of fixing this. Since you were the one who proposed this idea.” Mobius eyes lit up and a small smile played on his lips, “Yes ma’am.” he looked at Loki, “This’ll be fun.” Loki just rolled his eyes.
Mobius then escorted Loki out of the room and into an elevator; "You're taking me somewhere to kill me." Loki says to Mobius without looking at him. "No, I'm taking you some place to talk." Mobius replies, "Well, I don't like to talk." Loki says with a straight face, "But you like to lie," Mobius pauses, "Which you just did. 'Cause we both know you love to talk." He shakes his head chuckling slightly. "Talky talky" he teases Loki, "How long have you been here?" Loki turns, Mobius sighs, "I don't know, it's hard to say. You know, time passes different here in the TVA." he says like it was common knowledge to Loki, "What does that mean?" Loki asks, "You'll catch up." Mobius smiles as he placed his hand on Loki's arm to lead him out of the elevator.
As they walked the cold warmly lit hallway, Loki noticed the bare walls, the few doors he did see on the way to 'some place to talk' were just normal doors, or so it seems when he noticed flashing lights under the door, he was a little nervous but of course he held a cold unreadable stance while Mobius walked with him.
They stopped in front of one and Mobius opens the door and motions Loki to go in, reluctantly he steps inside and what he saw was a very normal looking room with a table with chairs on either sides and a computer on one side, "Sit." Mobius motioned to Loki, as he sat on the side where the computer was, the door behind Loki closed and disappeared, he looked behind him and turned back to face Mobius and took the seat adjacent to him.
"You know, you're such a big metaphor guy. I love it, makes you sound super smart." Mobius tells Loki, "I am smart." Loki retorts, "I know." Mobius replied.
"Okay." Loki says as he crosses his arms, "Okay..." Mobius then starts typing, "So here's the deal Loki, this is basically your fault." he starts, Loki just listens, "The thing is that it is causing us quite a headache trying to fix what you broke," he pauses his typing, "and I think it would be really nice if you helped fix this; since this is your fault." he looks up from his computer, "And? Now you want me to work with you?" Loki replies, "Yes, and who knows maybe the council might be more merciful to you after you fix this." Loki's brows furrowed as he thought, he was in the mercy of the council and at the mercy of Mobius for the moment, maybe if he played along he would be able to plan an escape; and escape at the time when they least expect it, he thought, he just has to make them trust him. Loki is always ten (10) steps ahead. Loki sighed lowly, "Alright, you piqued my interest."
"Alright let's do this then!" Mobius then started typing again with a smile on his face, "Oh and before we start, you will be called as Variant. Think of it as a nickname of sorts." he looks up briefly to Loki, "Now let's get started." Mobius says smiling, Loki looked confused, "See you in a bit bud." was the last thing Loki heard from Mobius after Mobius pressed a button on the computer before a trap door opened up below Loki dropping him down to another room.
All Mobius heard was Loki screaming as he fell down, a smile on Mobius face as he found Loki's screaming humorous. Loki then fell down on a chair, he looked at himself to check if he was alright, he looked up and saw a man behind a table looking unamused, Loki looked around to find himself in a square office, and to his left he saw a cat laying lazily, the man then slid a huge pile of papers towards Loki and says, "Please sign to verify this is everything you've ever said." Loki looked at the pile of papers in disgust. "This is absurd!" Loki exclaimed, immediately after saying that the printer beside the man started to hum indicating that it was printing then a beep signaled that it was done, the man in front of Loki sighed and lazily turned to his printer and took the paper and placed it on top of the pile, "Sign this too." he tells Loki, Loki just looked at the man and let out a sigh of defeat. He then took a pen from the table and started signing the papers, the time that he had been signing felt like eternity due to the repeated process of signing every single piece of paper, when he was done he sighed and leaned back on the chair he was sitting on, he looked at the man in front of him, he was arranging the papers neatly and stacked them on the side of the table, Loki was about to say something but decided against it and waited. "Okay you're cleared, I'll send you back to Mobius now." the man then typed on a typewriter, suddenly Loki's chair shot up the ceiling, it was not there anymore, he was whisked up and suddenly he was in front of Mobius again. Loki's hair looked like a mess, his heart racing due to the suddenness, Loki then brushed back his hair sending a glare to Mobius. "Enjoying the transport?" he let out a chuckle, he then motioned to the screens, "This Loki is the center where we keep track of everything." he then starts typing, "And this is where you messed up." Mobius motioned for Loki to look at the biggest screen in the middle of the room.
Loki was shown the weight of his mistake, the multiple worlds and realities that was created just by touching the Tesseract. He wasn't a monster, he felt bad for some of the things that happened of course, but he was still mischievous, of course he still wanted to escape the Timekeepers, but for now he has to play nice and pretend to be their ally. Mobius really thought that he got through Loki, he was really hoping for these things to work out in the end, because he really doesn't want Loki to have to rot in a cell for eternity, he had fun watching Loki these past few years so it would really be a shame if he were to rot somewhere and not be able to cause the world a little mischief, Loki and Thor are like two sides of a coin, one cannot exist without the other.
After that Mobius took Loki for a short tour of the Timekeeper's domain, he thinks its a good idea for Loki to at least see that their domain isn't that boring or dull or worse absent of any sign of life FUN. Mobius takes Loki first to the cafeteria of course; the other Timekeepers where there exchanging looks with themselves and with Loki, they whispered, the looked but it was nothing that Loki wasn't used to. Up next was the 'Waiting Room' as the Timekeepers call it, it was a weird magical area in their domain where Shifters come and go, or interact with some of the Timekeepers.
As the Narrator I have the obligation to explain to you what Shifters are. Shifters are for the lack of a better term; entities with varying amount of psychic and reality bending magic. Shifters are people who can go to a different reality, a reality they desire while their physical body stays on their original reality. The Waiting Room is where some less experienced or less powerful Shifters go before they reach their desired reality, some Shifters that are more experienced or more powerful can shift immediately to their desired reality, but some are so powerful that they can get past the Timekeepers illusion and they notice and interact with the Timekeepers who keeps them safe.
there are also other “shifters” who actually just end up lucid dreaming and those were most of the cases, there are only a handful of infinities of shifters that actually shift their subconsciousness into a different reality. by a handful meaning most of the shifters in their respective realities are lucid dreamers, the one’s who actually shift realities are very few. and some shifters are so strong that by the time their life expires on their reality they are given a chance by the timekeepers to join them, most powerful shifters choose not to be a timekeeper due to wanting to be reborn to a new reality without their memories, or be born in their desired reality without their memories, or just simply not wanting to be an entity that never expires and to have the heavy responsibility of keeping time itself stable.
Loki was then led to The Waiting Room, "Are those children?" Loki turns to Mobius in confusion. "Oh them?" Mobius asks him back while cocking his head towards the many people who are in a line and seemingly waiting for their turn to enter a door on the other side of the door, "Are you dull or what?" Loki says annoyed because of Mobius, "Yes, but most of them are in their early adult stage and no. Those right there are shifters." He motions to them, "Reality shifters from infinite realities." he states. "What?" Loki asks again, "Who do you think we were before we became Timekeepers?" Mobius looks at Loki, Loki just shrugged not really bothered or had the want to wonder how Timekeepers were made. "Only a handful of us here were actually from when time was originally conceived. Most of us here were Shifters once upon a time." Mobius points to one that was talking to one of the Timekeepers, "That Shifter is one of the special ones that get to choose whether they'd want to be reborn to a new reality or choose this life, an unending and full of responsibility of a life." Mobius ends his monologue, "Who would want that?" Loki says with a disgusted face, "That man and all the other crazy people." Mobius laughs, Loki was now intrigued.
On the other side of the room a Shifter different from the one mentioned before saw Mobius and Loki, she then approached them; "Mobius hi!" she greeted him, "Evie, nice catching you here." he shakes her hand, Loki then clears his throat, "Oh you didn't tell me you had a new friend Mobius!" she turned to him, "Loki this is Evie, the most promising Shifter of her reality." She extends her hand to Loki then noticed that he was still chained up, this brought a frown to her face, "Mobius why do treat your new friend like that." she sighed, she then winked at him and waved her hand and the chains on his hands where now gone, "Loki, of Asgard." he stretched his hand out for her to shake, she took it and shook his hand firmly, "Pleasure to meet you Loki." she smiles up at him due to her short stature, or maybe he was just tall. "You know Loki, in my reality you are just a comic book and movie character! I am amazed for the sheer coincidence that you look like the actor that plays you." Loki raised his brows in slight amazement too, "Alright you two stop it, don't you have somewhere to be Evie?" Mobius says to her, "Oh yeah... But before I bid you my farewell Loki, this is my gift for you." Evie kissed the tips of her fingers and blew a kiss towards Loki then a white and specs of golden light swirled around Loki, Loki was now dressed in a very nice-looking suit. "Why don't you ever give me a new suit Evie?" Mobius asks in a playful hurt, "Because my dear Mobius, I like Loki more." she smiled at Mobius sweetly, "You've literally just met!" Mobius protests, "Alright here." she waves her hand and Mobius now had better tie and different trousers, "You look much better now." Mobius thanks her and tells her his goodbye, "Hope I see you around more Loki." Evie smiles at Loki as him and Mobius walked away, Loki turned to smile at her, "I'll make sure of that love." he said to her before seeing her snap her fingers and Mobius suddenly fell face first to the floor beside him, "Evie!" Mobius yelled, Evie just waved back at them giggling as she ran to one of the doors not even falling in queue like the others, the others seemed to be in a trance like state and didn't even notice Evie cutting in front of them, Loki then thinks to himself, 'I think I'm going to like that girl.' he then turns back to Mobius who was able to stand back up and was able to unstuck his shoes from the floor.
A/N: part 2 coming soon :))
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latent-thoughts · 2 hours ago
So here is Loki, just casually using his magic, but I paused at this bit-
Tumblr media
It reminded me of something else...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I apologize unreservedly. 👀
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idontwannagox3 · 2 hours ago
I’ve seen a lot of people saying that Steve didn’t abandon Bucky because Steve talked to him before leaving. This is not correct tho. I mean sure he asked Bucky if it was okay, but Bucky has spent a lifetime hurting people against his will, he is not gonna sit there and ruin Steve’s happiness by saying “I don’t want you to go, I need you.” Of course he’s gonna put on a fake smile like he always does and say “that’s okay with me.”
It’s honestly just infuriating because after everything Steve does to save Bucky in literally all the movies, he finally gets Bucky back and leaves days after to go be with a woman he kissed once. Like seriously why did Marvel think this was a good ending?!?! Who wrote this?!?! They should’ve just killed Steve if they had to get rid of him. Like he knew Bucky had an insane amount of guilt and trauma, and was out of his time just like he was, but instead of staying to help and be there for Bucky, he wants to go live a happy life with Peggy?!?! Literally Steve’s ending was sooooo stupid!
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theresnoplatypus · 4 hours ago
Chapter 3
Tumblr media
words: 677 words
warnings: its bad :) meaning poorly written 
authors note: sorry it took so long but enjoy it :)
Anastasiah’s Pov 
“I thought you said you knew how to fly this thing?” Loki said Thor responded with “I said, how hard could it be?”  “well, whatever you’re doing brother I suggest you do it faster” “ shut up Loki” Thor and Loki were continuously arguing before we started to take off  “ why don’t you let me take over im clearly the better pilot” “Is that right? Well out of the three of us which one can actually fly? That was until the mortal passed out. We all looked at her as I leaned down to see if she was okay “oh dear? Is she dead?” I responded with “ yeah thor she looks sort of dead?” Thor worriedly called out her name she responded with “ I’m okay” The guards caught up to us and starting shooting at us “ now there they’re following us” Now they’re shooting at us” Loki complained.” yeah thank you for the commentary Loki it’s not at all distracting!” Thor flew into the statue of his and decapitated him “ well done you just decapitated your grandfather” Loki said.
“This is a tremendous idea, lets steal the biggest most obvious ship in the universe and escape in that Flying around the city, smashing into everything in sight so everyone can see us. It's brilliant, Thor! It's truly brilliant! Loki yelled at thor. Until Thor opened the door and pushed me and Loki out the ship and landing on an Atomhawk ship. I take a glance at jane and still sees that she passed out  “I see your time in the dungeons has made you no less graceful, loki?” fanderal said loki ignored him and looks at thor while holding jane as we levitate above the water “I’m impressed,” loki said sounding surprised “ I’m glad you’re pleased, now do as you promised and take us to you’re secret pathway,” thor said. Loki took the steering stick and he smiled graciously, the smile I haven’t seen in decades Thor looked at fanderal and nodded as jumped off of this ship and defending us from getting shot at”. Loki started to speed up I worriedly said “ loki?” “ if it were easy, everyone would do it? “ loki are you mad?” I said. Loki responded with “possibly”.  We made it to Svartálfar
   I heard loki say “Ta-da”. Very sarcastically. “We must strike now” “No”“Asgard is meaningless” 
“The Aether has found its way home” What I could do with the power that flows through those veins. It would consume you. Loki and Thor said. “For now, she’s strong in ways you’d never know to say goodbye,” loki said. Thor responded with “ not this day” dismissing the thought of losing jane.
“ A hundred years is nothing it’s a heartbeat you’ll never be ready the only women whose love you prized will be snatched away from you?” Loki said confidently: and will that satisfy you?” thor said arguing back  “ just like ana’s did when all she asked was for your loyalty,” thor said aggressively “ That’s enough! Both of you we’re wasting time” I said  “Both of you are fools” I said ” Satisfaction was never my nature” “ Surrender wasn’t in mine” thor said. “ the son of Odin” loki said cockily. “ No, not just of Odin you think you alone were loved of mother? you had her tricks but I had her trust” thor argued aggressively. “ trust? Was that her last expression Trust?! When you let her die?” loki said hostile “ what help were you in your cell?” “who put me there? WHO PUT ME THERE!?” loki said Thor and loki became more aggressive and started to argue even more then thor put his hammer on lokis chest. “ Stop it right now both of you, Frigga wouldn’t want you to fight” “Anastasiahs right, she wouldn’t want us to fight” Well she wouldn’t exactly be shocked,” loki said jokingly “I wish I could trust you,” thor said sadly stepping away from his brother. Loki looked hurt and said, “ trust my rage,” Loki said sternly. Thor looked at me until Jane started to wake up. 
Ignore tags, i get my gifs from Pinterest 
feedback is welcome 
if you made it this far here is a cookie 🍪 you deserve it :)
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earlgreydream · 4 hours ago
little miss.
| loki x reader | fluff | smut |
anon requested. Loki's sub and he gets really busy, neglecting them until they snap and then he does his best to make it up to them and its nice and fluffy at the end
cw: dom/sub, a bit of a size kink, and also a bit of an innocence kink
a/n: I’m feeling so soft, so here’s some soft dom Loki🥺
Tumblr media
Loki’s search for you halted when he discovered your body curled up in the domed window that overlooked the city. You were curled up in blankets, staring out at the foggy city. Loki wasn’t sure if you were studying the buildings peeking between low clouds, or if your mind was entirely somewhere else.
When he had returned from an emergency meeting held in the early hours of the morning, you weren’t in bed like he’d expected. Loki had assumed you’d still be asleep, and had intended to slot his body back against yours and sleep the morning away under the duvet.
He slid down beside you, his hand gently smoothing over your leg. You didn’t seem to react.
“Hey, little miss,” Loki’s voice was soft, calling your attention from wherever you’d mind had wandered.
You hummed, your eyelashes fluttering shut as he pressed a kiss to your cheek. You were easily moved onto his lap, snuggled into his body. His knees bent, feet on the other side of the window, trapping you between his thighs and chest.
“How long have you been up?” He asked against your forehead, trying to follow your line of sight.
“Don’t know,” your voice was soft.
He brushed some hair out of your face, relaxing as you settled into him, the tension leaving your body. His chin rested on the top of your head, and you listened to his heartbeat.
“Your mind feeling all foggy like the weather?” Loki nudged your jaw so you were looking up at him. You shrugged, making Loki frown. He didn’t like when you got deep inside your head, becoming non expressive and overly pliant. Usually, it happened after he pushed your limits in an intense punishment or session, but that wasn’t the case.
Loki had been incredibly busy lately, barely around. You hadn’t had sex in weeks, which was highly unusual for the two of you. Loki was gone before you were awake, and returned after you were already dozing off to sleep. When he was around, he was short-tempered and exhausted.
While you knew that you’d never be on the receiving end of Loki’s anger and frustration, it still frightened you. You had nothing to fear, but you kept your distance when he was in a stormy mood.
“Talk to me,” Loki kept his voice soft, free of sternness. He reeled in his dominating tone he used with you when you weren’t being cooperative, now more worried than annoyed.
“You’ve been gone,” you relented finally, not wanting him to pry into your head and read your thoughts himself.
“I’m so sorry. I should never have neglected you, it was not my intention.”
“I know. And... I know your work is important. You have people to protect but... I need you to protect me too.”
Loki felt like his heart was being clawed from his chest when he saw tears begin to slide down your cheeks.
“Y/N, please forgive me,” he cradled your head against his chest, holding you as you cried.
He didn’t try to hush you or explain it away, letting you weep in his arms. Loki was patient as he comforted you, gently rocking and staring out at the foggy city below.
“Let me spoil you?” Loki shifted you to face him once your sobs had subsided.
“Spoil me?”
“Yes. Maybe make up for my terrible, horrible, insidious neglect?” His blue eyes were soft. Amusement pulled a small smile at your lips. Loki kissed your cheeks and all over your face, making you giggled.
“I love your sweet sounds, little miss,” Loki’s voice was soft, careful not to break the atmosphere.
“I’m sorry,” you breathed out, and Loki’s brow knitted together. Your fingertips gently went to his forehead, smoothing over the tension. 
“Whatever are you sorry for? I’m the one who is sorry.”
“I should’ve brought it up sooner, that I missed you. Before I snapped.”
“Look at me,” he tilted your chin up so he could gaze into your eyes.
“It is my job to make sure I am attentive to you, and I should have never let work get in the way of that. You are my first priority, always. I am the one who is apologizing. You have nothing to be sorry for, do you understand me?” Loki held your face.
“Yes,” you nodded shyly, earning a gentle warning look.
“Yes, sir,” you corrected yourself.
Loki kissed you, and you let yourself melt into him. He coaxed you into a hot bath with him, the water swirling with oils and expensive products. His skilled hands massaged your body with soap, getting you to relax into his touch. His body was cool, and you welcomed it in the hot water. 
“Can you get inside of me? I just want to be closer,” you gazed at him hopefully.
Loki rewarded you with a smile, wrapping your legs around his waist. He held your hips and sank you down on him, going slow to let you accommodate. He relished in your gasps and the feeling of your velvet walls squeezing around him and taking him inside. You didn’t struggle to let him in, completely relaxed. 
You leaned forward and draped your arms over his back, your head resting on his shoulder. Loki’s self control was unmatched, and he held still, letting you warm him as he trailed his fingers up and down your spine. 
“I love you,” he spoke into your hair, now wet and thoroughly washed. Loki had taken the time to massage your scalp and fully shampoo and condition your hair, an intimacy that you loved. He knew it was the best way to comfort you and get you to relax, and it made you feel safe.
“I love you too.”
A shudder rolled down your spine as Loki’s fingers went to where your bodies connected, sliding through your folds. You squirmed on top of him, growing more sensitive as he teased you. Your fingers gripped his raven hair, and you hid your face in his neck. Loki rubbed your clit in small circles, grinning as your small whimpers were muffled by your bite on his shoulder. 
“Gentle, little miss,” his voice was low, and you apologized, kissing the skin. He pinched your clit in return, making you jolt with pain, though it sent a sharp shot of arousal to your heat that had you tightening around him. 
“Please,” you breathed, and he returned to being gentle and slowly pulling you toward a cloudy euphoria. Fog filled your mind once again, and you melted against him. 
“You can use me, to get off,” you murmured, nearly inaudible.
“No, I’m spoiling you, remember? I’ll be alright.” 
His kisses were sweet, trying to wake you up some.
“I want to get out please, it’s too cold.”
Loki lifted you off of him, apologizing as you hissed. You stood on the heated floor, drying off with one of the warm towels your boyfriend wrapped you in. He kissed your forehead, making you smile and blush.
He was dressed in a shimmer of green, wearing black skinny jeans and a soft grey cable knit sweater. 
“What do you want to do today? It’s only ten am.”
“Will you take me to the MET?” you asked hopefully, wanting to spend the day walking around the museum with him.
“If that’s what you want, then of course.” You nodded, slipping into your own jeans. 
“It’s chilly, wear a sweater please.” Loki asked, looking up at you as you rifled through your drawers.
“Yes, sir.”
He gave you a pleased look, and you slipped a deep green sweater on, knowing he’d appreciate it. 
You heard Loki snap his fingers, and you obediently walked to where he sat on the edge of the bed. His hand went to your shoulder and he carefully pushed you to your knees in front of him. A content smile graced your face as his fingers skillfully braided your hair. You sat still while he cared for you, enjoying the cup of tea that had appeared in your hands. 
“Can we walk? I’d rather feel the fog than drive.”
“Yes, little miss.” 
His hands went to your hair, gently putting some pressure before kissing the crown of your head. You stood, the empty cup vanishing from your hands. He found your shoes and knelt before you, tying your laces for you like a child.
“I can put my own shoes.”
“I know, but I like to do it for you.” He squeezed your thighs before returning to his towering height above you. 
“If you had your way, I’d just be your little doll.”
You received a hard slap to your backside for your comment, making your breath catch in your throat. Your jeans protected you, but you knew better than to push your luck.
“Of course not. I value your autonomy.” Loki answered as you followed him through Stark Tower. 
“I didn’t mean that,” you clarified. You may have been Loki’s submissive, but he had nothing but the highest respect for you, giving you the real control in your relationship. You had unwavering trust in Loki, despite his history and talent for deceit. He would never break that trust. Your wellbeing and what was best for you was the most important thing to him, without exception.
“I would keep you naked in bed all of the time, buried deep inside your tight little quim if I always had my way,” Loki announced confidently. Steve, Bucky, Tony, and Sam all turned, blatantly overhearing the conversation. Your face burned red with embarrassment, and Loki looked pleased with himself, winking at you. 
“Relax, they’re very much aware that our relationship is sometimes of sexual nature.”
“You tried to embarrass me,” you accused.
“And it aroused you, did it not? Don’t you dare try to lie to me, little miss.” Loki’s words were threatening, but there was no malice in his tone. He was deeply amused by how shy you were, and he enjoyed letting everyone know you were his.
“Yes, sir,” you exhaled, taking the hand he offered as you went outside. 
His hand was much bigger than yours, matching his height and making you feel small. He kissed your forehead, leading you through foggy streets. 
You loved Loki, and you were overjoyed to have his undivided attention. He swore he loved it more than you did. He adored doting on you, willing to do anything to see your eyes light up or hear your laugh. 
You ascended the steps of the MET quickly, and Loki warned you to be careful about running on the rain-slick marble. 
“You worry too much. I may be fragile compared to you, but I’m okay,” you promised, pushing up on your toes to kiss his cheek. He turned and kissed you back before ushering you inside, insisting he didn’t want the cold to make you sick. You refrained from telling him that he was ridiculous, knowing all it would accomplish was another swat to your ass that you weren’t keen on receiving in public.
Loki held your hand as you studied paintings, drawings, sculptures, and artifacts that filled seemingly endless rooms. You dragged Loki to the impressionists, leaning back in his arms as you stared at Claude Monet’s paintings. 
“I like these the best.”
“Tell me about them,” Loki pressed, circling his arms around you.
“They’re so peaceful, and everything in them is soft. I like the colors too,” you looked up at Loki, your head tilting back.
“I like them too,” he murmured, kissing you sweetly.
He spent hours looking at art with you, even offering some of his knowledge of art history when he had it. You giggled as he swore to you that he was the model of Michelangelo’s paintings. 
“Lovely man, truly,” he grinned and you shook your head, laughing.  
You stayed until the museum closed, and you shivered when you stepped into the cold night. The two of you went to a cafe in the park for soup, warming up. You chattered about the paintings as you ate your soup, Loki making sure you had enough that you were no longer hungry.
It started to rain, and by the time you had finished eating, the storm was pouring down. Loki happily used magic to transport the two of you home, keeping you from getting soaked. 
When you walked into your bedroom, you smiled at the Monet print that hung on a formerly blank space on your wall.
“Thank you.”
“You’re welcome, little miss,” Loki smiled against your kiss. 
“Do you feel less neglected?” He asked, seriousness edging at his tone.
“Yes. But I would definitely feel less neglected if you watched Harry Potter with me,” your eyes widened. Loki thought the movies were a little ridiculous, and always complained when you put them on.
“You’re being manipulative.”
You wrapped your arms around him and pulled him down to your height. 
“I learned from the best,” you whispered.
“Alright, but I could always perform real magic for you.”
“That’s okay.”
Loki rolled his eyes at you, and you changed into pajamas before crawling in bed with him. He dragged you between his legs, snuggling you into his chest under blankets. He distracted himself with you, tracing patterns on your skin and playing with your hair while you were lost in your film. 
“You’re being handsy,” you said when he groped you, his hand under the waistband of your joggers. 
“You just look so pretty, I can’t help myself.”
You spread your legs for him, letting him touch you. Your movie was quickly forgotten as he distracted you with his own magic. 
“I promise you, I will make up for the weeks of depriving you of sex,” Loki’s deep voice echoed through you.
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laurenandloki · 4 hours ago
Hi! Could you write a Part 3 to "My Comfort Borrower"? I absolutely am obsessed with it! And so is @audreykeyson ! :D
I very much appreciate your obsession @lokiismyhubby and @audreykeyson ☺️🥰
Here ya go!! Part 3!
~My Comfort Borrower Part 3~
Tumblr media
Loki - “Awee, thank you little Y/n.” *gently rubs her back with his forefinger*
Y/n - *flinches, but instantly melts into the warm touch*
Peter - *gets a really good idea* “Mr. Loki! We should watch a movie! Or we can show Y/n around the Avengers Tower!”
Y/n - *smile drops when Peter mentions exploring the tower*
Loki - *notices Y/n’s mood change and starts to gently rub her back* “It is alright, little Y/n. We are not going to leave my room.”
Peter - *looks disappointed*
Loki - *laughs at Peter* “You must realize that Y/n cannot be seen by the others. She was terrified when it was just the two of us.”
Peter - “I know. about the movie option?”
Loki - “Hmm, well, I suppose we could do that. What do you say, little Y/n? Care to watch a movie?”
Y/n - “W-Whats”
Peter - *gasps loudly and puts a hand over his heart* “You don’t know what movies are?!”
Y/n - *shakes are head slowly* “N-No.”
Loki - “Well, that’s about to change, small one.” *smiles and gently brushes his finger against Y/n’s back*
Peter - *already running over to Loki’s bed* “We should show Y/n the Harry Potter movies! Oh! O-Or the Star Wars movies! Or maybe both!! *starts bundling up a bunch of blankets around him, but also leaves a spot for Loki to sit down*
Loki - *laughs* “Apologies for his enthusiastic manner. Care to join us then?”
Y/n - “I-I’d love to.” *smiles up at Loki*
Loki - “Awee, you’re a cute little thing, you know that?” *ruffles Y/n’s hair* Now, lets go join Peter. *walks over to the bed*
Y/n - *blushes profusely*
Peter - *sees Loki walking to the other side of the bed* “Come on slow poke! I’m about to press play so we can watch Star Wars!!”
Loki - *rolls his eyes* “Calm yourself, arachnid. I’m moving slow so I don’t jostle around my little passenger.” *climbs underneath the covers and slides Y/n off of his hand and onto his chest*
Y/n - *looks nervous* “U-Um-...where should I sit down, M-Mr. Loki?
Loki - *smiles* “Right here, little Y/n.” *pats where his shoulder meets his neck*
Y/n - *nods her head quickly and makes her way over to where Loki pointed to*
Peter - “Everyone ready??” *practically hopping up and down like a puppy*
Loki - “Yes, we’re ready, little one.” *ruffles Y/n’s hair*
Peter - “Hey I’m not the little one in the room anymore. Y/n is!”
Loki - “Yes well, it’s not my problem you’re extremely short. You are sitting next to a Frost Giant, remember?”
Peter - “But Mr. Loki-...!”
Loki - “Hush now and start the movie, little one. I don’t want Y/n to fall asleep just yet.”
Y/n - “I-I won’t fall as-asleep.”
Loki - *chuckles*
Peter - “Okay okay! Time to watch the movie!” *presses play and doesn’t take his eyes off the screen*
1 hour later
Peter - *asleep and leaning up against Loki*
Y/n - *asleep and leaning against Loki’s neck with one arm sticking out, holding onto him*
Loki - “Good night, my little friends.”
Tumblr media
Here is Part 1 and Part 2!
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hitmebucky · 4 hours ago
The Servant P.2
Tumblr media
Loki Laufeyson (Tom Hiddleston)
Pairing: Loki x Reader
Warnings: Smut, some fluff, slight Praise!kink, cussing, horrible rushed writing cus yall wanted a p2 really bad 😭😭😭
Summary: it’s literally just sex it’s all sex
A/N: OKAY YALL WANTED IT SO BAD DONT LET THIS FLOP. Requests are open also i didn’t proof read so i’m sorry for typos i’ll fix later i just needed to feed y’all this before i get another request for a part two 😭😂
Masterlist Part 1
He shuts the door behind him and you giggle as he kisses you. “See even now, I speak of ravishing you and you let out the sweetest of sounds.” He speaks and strokes your cheek. “I can’t help it, I haven’t had a man speak to me like this before” You admit embarrassed. You look down and he takes this opportunity to kiss your forehead. “Lady Y/N?” He asks. You look up. “You’re inexperienced, is what you mean?” He inquires and you nod. His pants feel entirely too tight with excitement. He leans in and rests his head in your hair and inhales deeply before letting it out with a groan. “Fuck” He speaks lowly. He steps back and makes his way towards the bed.
“The things you do to me little girl...” He says as he removes his shirt and dims the light. He holds out his hand and you approach him and take it hesitantly. “My Dear,” He says and kisses your hand, “I will not force this upon you, you’re free to leave if you wish.” Your eyes widen slightly and he smiles genuinely. “N-no I want to- I do, I just-“ You stutter and he runs his hands in your hair distracting you. “I’ve got you.” He says and sits on the bed pulling you on top of him. Your hands brace yourself on his shoulders.
“That’s a good girl, see you’re already doing good.” He whispers and slides your nightgowns sleeve down your arm to pepper kisses on your shoulder and collar bone. You blush at his praise. You sigh gently and let your head fall back to let him kiss up your neck. His hands snake around your back to grip your waist, he squeezes gently eliciting a squeal out of you. He laughs into your neck and palms your ass.
“I-I love the way this feels” You whimper out and he moans. Even your innocent nervousness turns him on. He pulls away admiring your flushed cheeks and disheveled sleep attire. “Lay down for me, Love.” He says and unmakes the bed for you to get in it. You try to make yourself more graceful looking even though your heart is racing. you have this dampness in your panties that is beginning to become uncomfortable. He hovers above you and kisses your neck and down towards your chest. “May I?” He asks for permission and you hum in affirmation. He removes your gown and takes in your bare chest. He twitches in his pants and sucks one while caressing the other. You moan desperately and your legs twitch in response to the newfound stimulation. He groans at how responsive you are. This is what he’s always imagined.
Once he’s finishing with his assault on your chest he kisses down the valley of your breast’s down your stomach and sucking on your hip bones sweet spot. Your back arches slightly and he smirks into you. “You’re leaking, My Angel” He mocks as your cheeks flush.
“I’m sorry my prince, I-I can’t help it, I-I-I’m not sure what’s happening” You stutter and He bites his lip to refrain from laughing. He slips your panties off and inhales deeply. “Gods you smell heavenly” You squeal embarrassed and close your legs. He catches them and pries them open. He gently swipes his two fingers over your slick and you twitch. Loki can hardly contain himself. He leans down kissing her clit and she sighs. He licks up her soaking heat and his eyes roll back at the taste. You sob out and he moans into your cunt. This starts turning him on so much he begins to grin his clothed member against the bed as he devours you. He slips one finger in and you gasp for air.
“I’m gonna do my best to prepare you, Darling” He promises and kisses your inner thighs. You moan in response. “Th-This is so good” You squeak. “I think i’m ready” You declare. He’s surprised you’re saying it yourself. “My brave girl” He praises and removes his finger licking it and moaning. You shift nervously as he sheds himself of his pants and underwear. He slithers up your body and rests his forehead on yours. “Are you ready?” He asks one last time and you nod. “Yes, Please” He laughs at the desperation in your innocent voice. He grabs himself and nudges against your leaking hole and you gasp. He slowly pushes in and you hold your breath as he bottoms out. He sits for a minute stroking your cheek while you adjust. “Do to me what you always wanted to..” You muster up and something switches with Loki. He grips both your wrists and holds them over your head as he pulls almost entirely out and slams back inside of you causing you to let out a high pitched moan.
“Fuck, you’re so tight. Gods, you’re such a good girl for me.” He says and you moan helplessly in your own world of bliss. He laughs and goes harder as your legs involuntarily try to close because of the intense pleasure. “You don’t even know how to take it do you? You’re so clueless, you’re too sweet for this, luckily i’m here to defile you in every way and make you mine.” He swears and holds your chin to force you to look at him. You look up at him with your big innocent eyes watering because you’re so close, you can’t even spit any words out other than, “Yes Sir” He groans hearing those words and reaches down
“You’re gonna love this” He warns before he massages your clit with his thumb. Your walls clamp around him and he grunts. “Be my good girl and cum around me. You can do it.” He encourages and you whine as he gently pulls on your clit forcing an orgasm out of you, triggering his. You call out his name and his head is thrown back in ecstasy. He thrusts hard and slow for his last shots of cum and he pulls out leaving you full of it.
As you come down, you see him approach you with a wet rag. He smiles and cleans you up before tucking you in and pulling you in close to sleep.
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