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#dialogue prompt
dannys-creative-corner · 48 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Writing Prompt #13
"I don't believe in your cause. But I'm going to support you in this fight, because I believe in you. So don't screw it up."
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givethispromptatry · an hour ago
"A lot of things are compounding on me right now and I think I'm starting to lose it."
"Have you tried making a list to prioritize those things?"
"I do not need more tasks to do, dude."
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pisceswriterofwords · 3 hours ago
Dialogue Prompt-36
“We need you, you’re the only one who can help.”
​“I’m no one powerful, or special. I’m just, me.”
“And that’s all you need.”
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xxunderlandxx · 4 hours ago
Dialogue Prompt [15]
Person A: I would hardly call us a 'couple' anymore.
Person B: Ex-fiancés gotta count for something, right?
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mommybricyy1 · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
In love with my Christmases onesie 😍🍼😘
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paperinktea · 6 hours ago
"You assume I'll end up just like you. No, honey, I saw what you've done, we're nothing alike. While you waste your life away, I'll be here lifting myself up. I won't ever be like you, even if it kills me."
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blusnowflakes · 7 hours ago
A: "ugh, he's so annoying"
B: "i think it's cute"
A: "what?"
B: "don't you just wanna put him back in his place?"
A: " really have such a weird taste"
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cssk-0000 · 9 hours ago
The man swaggered over to the phone in his orange jumpsuit, tilting his head as he stared at her through the plexiglass while his tattooed fingers picked up the receiver, the handcuffs tapping against the glass.
“Who is she?” He asked, his eyes scanning her up and down. “And why are you here?”
Vince looked at her and shrugged. “Boss’s daughter.”
The guy’s eyes widened a fraction and then a conniving smile twisted his lips. “How do you do?”
She ignored him. “Why are we at a prison? How is he supposed to help me?”
“Help you?” The man asked as he shot a confused look at Vince. “I don’t want to leave jail.”
“You’re leaving. We need you back on the team.”
“But I like it here.”
She couldn’t believe her ears. “You like being incarcerated?”
He shrugged. “I’m king here.”
Vince sighed dramatically and tapped on the glass. “You have two days to do your thing. Not too many dead people, please. I hate the paperwork.” He hung up the phone and pulled her away. “He’s a psycho but we need him.”
She glanced over her shoulder and he was watching her, relaxed and leaning back in his chair like he was in his living room and not the highest maximum security prison in all the US.
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parkhyunwriter · 10 hours ago
"Get away from me at once or so help me god I will end you and your bloodline right here and now."
"Woah dude! Calm down I just wanted some milk from the fridge-"
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whumpmoth · 11 hours ago
Whumpees who are snarky lil smartasses in order to make the whumper focus on them and not their teammates
"What's it like being the biggest jackass on the planet?"
Whumpees who are defiant when they are being observed by a camera but as soon as they think the camera is off, they deflate entirely, blankly staring at their feet with dull eyes and a hitch in their breath
"What's the matter sweetheart? Cat got your tongue?"
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parkhyunwriter · 12 hours ago
"If we both just stick to the story, they can't prove anything."
"They caught you burning the body I'm pretty sure we're fucked."
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thisayce · 13 hours ago
A: I think I forgot something at home.
B: What?
A: My sanity.
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Writing Prompt: Dialogue
"[----], I need you to back me up at a bank heist."
"Why me?"
"Because you're my twin brother, there's no one else I trust more."
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nerdingz-prompts · 13 hours ago
"Give them time, they're not used to this level of work."
"Oh, you don't know? They were here years ago, but got... 'demoted.' The only rumors consist of them knowing too much... Whatever that means."
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Writing Prompt: Dialogue
"Leave him behind!"
"Leave him, or we'll all die!"
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Writing Prompt: Dialogue
"This is taking way too long."
"...Let's go off book."
"Hell yes!"
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Writing Prompt: Dialogue
"It's the Grand Asshole himself in his slippers."
"Oh damn,"
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