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#loki x reader
gaitwae · 17 minutes ago
Because I Love You [|] Loki x Reader
Tumblr media
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Warnings: Tooth-rotting fluff
Summary: Literally just a fluffy conversation and a flower crown.
Tumblr media
Loki draped himself over your lap. “Distract me.” He looked up at you for only a moment, then closed his eyes and flared his nostrils. His nails had been picked at and bitten. His hair was curly; Thor must have left the palace for a good while, again. No static to create flyaways. You didn’t know whether Thor took off because of your status. Loki could care less about your place, however, and still treated you as his spouse. He had yet to legally wed you; when it came to the way it could affect you in the legal aspects, he tried his best to keep your reputation out of speculation.
He never stayed nights. He never put you in a risky position, even if it was in private and resoundly safe. Whether or not you cared about being the perfect youth, the Allfather did. Loki didn’t want to hinder any chance of making you his one and only.
“Distract you? My, aren’t we commanding today, my love,” you chuckled. He scrunched his nose up in distaste. You tapped it. “When did I agree to this, exactly? The commanding and the distracting?” Your jest was clear. You were poking for a proposal that Loki wanted to give you but couldn’t. Not that it mattered — someday, you’d marry him and everything would be right. 
In your hands was a flower crown you had been working on since the start of your break. You had taken it to meet the God of Mischief in the courtyard. It was a neutral place, and you had gone flower picking the day before so you could give this to him. It was almost complete.
“I hate you,” he grumbled, reaching up to grab your face and kiss it. You hummed against his lips, laughing as your darling moved from your mouth to your cheeks and nose and eyelids and brow. “You’d make a terrible spouse, precious, I hope you know that.” Loki pulled away, resting his forehead against yours. You cupped his face and laughed. The crinkle next to his eyes told you his teasing was just that; honestly, laughter and love was perfect in this relationship between you.
“Ah, yes.” You sighed happily. “I hate you, as well. So, so much, I could just stop kissing you right here and now. I do have to go back to work, sweetheart.”
“Blasted servant duties,” he sighed. “Why can’t you just stay with me? Here? Hold me like the wounded soldiers you heal?” He got off of your lap. The prince kept his eyes on yours, filling the space between the two of you with adoration. You finished weaving the crown between your hands and set it over his beautiful curls.
“Because I love you,” you answered. You kissed his cheek. “You believe that we’ll be happier in the long term if we do this the right way. So I’m going to do this the right way.”
“You’re so brilliant.” Loki tried to remain serious, but a small laugh escaped his lips. “My mother stayed behind. We could marry right now, if you so wished. I’ve finally gotten your father’s blessings.”
“What about your father, Loki?” you reprimanded gently. You knew Odin was the big ‘if.’ “We can’t get married if it isn’t on the best terms possible.”
Loki crossed his arms. He rested his head on your shoulder, ruining his crown ever so slightly. You were surprised he hadn’t taken it off already. “Oh, do I hate when you’re right.”
“Do you?” you smirked. You laced your fingers with his.
Loki rolled his eyes, kissing you chastely once more. “You’re horrible at distracting me, Y/N.”
“I’m your partner, not your entertainment!” you giggled. 
“I’m the only husband you’ve got,” he reminded you. “You’re going to have to take on two jobs if you want to keep me!”
“Oh! I’ll get you,” you declared, striking his side where he was most ticklish. The god yelped, cringing back. “Keep you? I’m the only spouse you have, Mischief.” He grabbed your hands and pushed your poking, prodding fingers away from his sides.
“I yield! My love, I yield,” he laughed. “Don’t do that.”
You wrapped your arms around his neck, kissing him quick three times. “I have to go now. Be good.”
“Bah! That isn’t what I’m the god of, dearest; I can’t ‘be good.’” Humor rumbled through his chest, vibrating to your heart. You rolled your eyes. “Why don’t you bribe me?”
“With what?”
“With a nice dinner with my family when my father and brother return.”
“That sounds like a deal, Mischief.”
Loki grinned. “Then I’ll see you later, my love.” He pushed you along, wriggling his fingers at you as a goodbye. You sighed, shaking your head.
You loved him so much.
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give-me-a-moose · 47 minutes ago
Dream of Me
Fandom: The Avengers/MCU
Relationship: Loki/Fem!Reader
Words: 2,616
Summary: After finding out Loki is basically immune to your powers, you settle into a relationship with him. You particularly enjoy arguing with him. Your current argument holds a bit more weight than the others, though.
Note: This is a follow up to “Kiss The Girl”. I have a few more coming, so I am calling it the “Charmspeaker Collection”. 
Tumblr media
It wasn’t an instant transition once you discovered Loki was immune to your powers. Thor too for that manner. You still had a lot of anxiety surrounding your powers.
You still kept quiet around the other Avengers, because nothing had changed for them. You started to say a few words to Thor whenever you felt brave enough. He was ecstatic when you started speaking around him. The first time it happened had actually been Loki’s fault.  
“Will you please shut up?” Loki had snapped at Thor once when he was being particularly boisterous, “Y/N thinks you are being annoying.” 
“Loki, you know that is not true!” you shot back instantly before turning to Thor, “I think you are a delight to be around.”
Thor’s eyes widened in surprise. Loki had just sighed. He enjoyed his position as your official translator. A position he earned by hiding all your whiteboards. He didn’t think you would reply verbally, but since he and Thor were the only other people in the room, he really should have seen that coming.  
After spending so many years being silent, it was strange to feel able to use your voice. Loki would have to remind you sometimes that you could speak around him. On good days you would laugh to yourself and start talking like normal. On bad days you would shake your head and remain silent. Loki would not push you to speak on those days, and you were grateful for that.
Loki took great pride in his ability to read you. He could watch your body language and know exactly what you wanted to say. It made communicating around the other Avengers so much easier. However, it also led to some interesting sights around the Tower. A common one being Loki having what appeared to be a one sided argument with himself. 
“Y/N, I am telling you that it won’t work.” Loki insisted over breakfast. 
You crossed your arms at him as a reply.
“I am a master of stealth and deception. My plans have never led us astray before.” 
You raised your eyebrows. 
“That’s a low blow.” Loki sighed, “Fine. We will try it your way. Will that get you to shut up?” 
You grinned at him before leaning over to give him a quick kiss on the cheek. 
“Yes. And I you, my darling.” he murmured with a soft smile. 
You both continued to eat your breakfast in silence as the rest of the room stared at you both in bewilderment. 
What the fuck had they just witnessed? 
The two of you constantly argue with each other. The topics were never serious and could be easily resolved. Loki had assumed that after spending so long keeping your opinions to yourself, you enjoyed being able to voice them. Loudly and quite often. Loki was always more than happy to indulge you. While he would never admit it out loud, you were utterly adorable when you were vexed. 
Your current argument held a little more weight than most of your others. 
It started the first night you stayed in Loki’s room and he told you about the horrible nightmares he has sometimes. It had been a precaution, in case he ever woke you in the middle of the night. He hated the idea of scaring you and wanted you to be prepared. You, however, took this information to be a challenge. 
“I think I can use my powers to get you to sleep peacefully.” you explained to him as you curled up in his arms. His skin was a bit chilly, but at that moment it was a cool relief for your warm body.
Loki placed an absentminded kiss on your head, “Darling, did you forget I’m immune?” 
“Maybe not while you’re sleeping.” you yawned, “Your defenses will be down.” 
Loki paused to consider this, as he ran his hands up and down your back, further lulling you to sleep. 
“If I notice you are about to have a bad dream, maybe I can trick the dream away.” 
Loki chuckled softly, “You are only setting yourself up for disappointment.” 
“You said you wouldn’t underestimate me anymore.” you whined sleepily.
“And I do not.” he stole a kiss from you, “But my answer remains the same. No.” 
Loki knew that you would never use your powers against him without his consent. It was one of the few rules you lived by. If he told you no, you would not do it.
“This isn’t over.” you mumbled to him, your eyes already closing. 
“I don’t doubt that.” he mused, pressing a final kiss to your temple. He waited to hear your breathing slow before letting himself fall asleep as well.
Whether it was just bad luck, or all the bloody talking about it, Loki felt his dreams turn sour. He could hear the Other’s voice in his head again. 
“You failed us.” 
“You cannot escape him.” 
“He will take everything you hold dear.” 
Loki closed his eyes and tried to shut the voice out. When he opened his eyes again, that cursed scepter was in his hand again. He felt its poisonous thrall once more. No matter how he tried, he would not be able to forget. He told himself to drop it, but his body betrayed him by tightening the grip. 
Then his own voice came to him, even though he could not say a word. 
“...Not until I make him kill you! Slowly, intimately, in every way he knows you fear…”
The nightmare changed in an instant. Suddenly he was standing in front of you. You were on the floor and covered in blood. Your eyes were wide with fear as you looked up at him. The sight made him sick to his stomach. 
“Loki. Please.” you begged. 
He could not stop himself as he raised the scepter. The blue glowing intensifying. His screams were trapped inside of himself. No matter how he tried, he couldn’t stop himself from walking closer to you.  
“No! Loki! Please!” you cried, “Loki! WAKE UP!” 
Loki instantly woke with a gasp. His heart was racing and he looked around the dark room. That was when he noticed he was gripping your wrist. His hold was so tight, he could see the discoloration in your skin. 
He quickly let go of you, shocked by what he had done. You pulled your wrist closer to you and rubbed it, trying to soothe the pain away. Loki looked away from you in shame. He felt the self loathing creep over him when he heard your quiet voice. 
“I’m sorry.” you sat up on the bed next to him, “You wouldn’t wake up. I had to.” 
If he were not so distraught, he would have laughed. He had nearly broken your wrist, and you were apologizing for using your power to stop him from doing it. It was completely absurd. 
“Darling, you have nothing to be sorry about.” he let out a shaky exhale, “I’m glad you did it.”
 He put his head in his hands. He nearly scoffed when he felt your hands on his back, attempting to soothe him. The monster you shared a bed with hurt you, and you wanted to comfort him. He didn’t pull away though. 
After a few moments of silence, you crawled closer to him, draping yourself along his back. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders, and Loki couldn’t help but look at your injured wrist. It wasn’t swollen thankfully, but he could already see the bruises forming. 
He gingerly took your hand and placed a delicate kiss to the inside of your wrist. A silent apology. You smiled softly and pressed a kiss to his temple. Apology accepted. Loki sighed in relief, content to soak up your warmth.
“Well, it seems you are susceptible to my powers when you’re asleep.”
He couldn’t help but chuckle, “This is a dirty tactic, my love.”
He felt you grin against his skin, “Not a tactic, just an observation.” 
“Here I thought you would want to return to sleeping alone.”
“Never.” your arms squeezed around him. 
“Stubborn thing.”
“I could say the same of you.” 
Loki slowly inhaled through his nose. He had been hoping you would leave him to spend the rest of the night alone. He always knew he was going to give in at some point. He always gave in when it came to you. He just never expected this to happen. He didn’t want this to happen again. 
“Fine.” he kissed your wrist again, “Next time you can try.” 
Loki felt your hand on his chin, guiding his head towards you. He looked up at you, and saw your small smile. 
“Thank you, Loki.” you whispered before placing a chaste kiss on his lips. 
Luckily, Loki’s nightmares did not return for a few weeks. In all fairness, that was probably because he did not let himself fall too deeply asleep. He forced himself to stay awake as long as possible, only allowing himself cat naps. You saw how the lack of sleep was starting to affect him. Whenever you tried to address it, he simply brushed your concern away.
You started to try to lull him to sleep. Before bed you prepared him a relaxing cup of tea. When you were in bed, you ran your fingers through his hair. Whether it was your attempts working or his resolved weakening, Loki fell into a deep sleep one night. You smiled to yourself and settled in next to him. 
You knew exactly when the nightmares began. He clutched at you desperately in his sleep. His arm around your waist tightened, like he was afraid that you would disappear if he didn’t hold you tight enough. His grip was so tight it almost stole your breath. You gently caressed his forearms as you let your power rise in your throat. 
“Sleep well. Dream of peace.” you whispered into his ear. After a second of thought, you selfishly added, “Dream of me.” 
Almost instantly, Loki’s hold on you loosened. Not enough to fully release you, but it was no longer a death grip. You took a deep breath in relief. His breath began to even out and he released a soft snore. It made you smile.
You could already feel the power of tomorrow morning’s gloating session when you both woke up. But for now you were content with turning your head enough to kiss Loki’s shoulder, then falling back asleep. 
The dream started much like the others. The fear and helplessness threatened to swallow him whole. But it changed….for the better. 
The scepter vanished into smoke in his hands. He looked around and saw he was in one of his favorite gardens in Asgard. He looked around and catalogued the flowers around him, it was just as he remembered. Then his eyes fell to the large tree he read under in his youth. There in his usual spot was you, dressed like Asgardian nobility with a book in your lap. The sight made him smile. 
He slowly approached you, not wanting to disturb you. Despite his stealth, you still looked up and gave him a wide smile. 
“Loki.” you breathed. He loved when you said his name like that. Like he was the one who put the son in the sky. Like he was the one with the power to make you day. Like you loved him. 
“Darling.” he he was surprised when his body cooperated with his desires. 
You closed the book and set it beside you, “Join me.” 
He didn’t need to be told twice. He sat beside you, and arranged himself to lay his head in your lap. He closed his eyes once he felt your fingers run through his hair. 
He felt peaceful. For once, he wasn’t afraid something was going to come and ruin this moment. He let himself relax. 
“I love you, Loki.” you hummed to him. 
His eyes snapped open. You giggled down at him. You never said that to him before. He wondered what those words would sound like leaving his lips. Now he was dreaming about it. Perhaps that made him a lovesick fool, but he wanted to hear it again. 
“I love you so much.” you whispered before leaning down to give him a quick kiss. 
Loki raised his hand to bury his fingers in your hair. With minimal effort, he turned the sweet kiss into a hungry one. He smirked when he heard you moan into the kiss. Just as you started to melt into it, he pulled away. 
“And I love you, dear heart.” 
Loki continued to dream of you within the safety of his childhood hiding spot. He cherished your giggles and whispered ‘I love you’s. The only thing that could make it better was if it were real. 
When Loki awoke the next morning, the first thing he noticed how well rested he felt. Usually, a good night of sleep meant the dreamless void that was only available when he reached exhaustion. He couldn’t recall the last time he had had a good dream. He hardly wanted to wake up. But opening his eyes to see you sleeping beside him, made up for that injustice.
He pressed a delicate kiss to your shoulder, trying to convey his gratitude and love through the one kiss. That way he would never have to admit to it when you were awake. 
Unfortunately, the touch had roused you. With a few sleepy mumbles you wiggled out of Loki’s arms enough to roll over and face him. Your eyes were the last to open, and your sleep blurred eyes focused right on his face. He brought his hand up to cup your face. 
“How did you sleep?” you asked, a knowing grin on your face. 
“Gloating is beneath you, my dear.” Loki teased. He knew he was going to have to listen to you gloat for the better part of the day, but he wanted a few more moments of peace. 
You rolled onto your back and laughed. How Loki loved the sound of your laugh. He propped himself up on his elbow to look down at you. 
“What did you dream about?” you asked, your eyes meeting his. 
For a second, he thought about telling you the truth. Telling you the words he dreamed of falling from your lips. He thought of telling you the words he felt in his heart. But he refrained. He was not sure if you were ready for that yet. Midgardians tended to get anxious when such words were thrown around. 
Instead, he gave you his most licentious smile, “Perhaps I can show you what I dreamed about?”
The brilliant flush that came to your cheeks assured him he made the right choice. 
“We have things to do today.” you fought the smile that made its way to your lips. 
“Here I thought you would want to celebrate your victory.” Loki moved his body to languidly stretch out over yours before placing a series of kisses down your neck. You instantly snaked your arms around his neck. 
“This is a dirty tactic.” you protested in spite of yourself. 
“It’s not dirty.” he chuckled low in your ear, “Not yet.” 
You shivered, hearing the unspoken promise in his voice.  
“Fine. you can show me.” you relented, though it felt nothing even remotely close to a loss. 
“Thank you, my love.” Loki whispered to you before pulling you into a rousing kiss. 
He would tell you eventually. When the time was right. For now, he was content to show you how he felt. Whenever you would let him. And he was more than happy to convince you. 
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maiden-of-asgard · an hour ago
Loki oggling the reader then pushing his sunglasses up made my day
Cafe Canaveral!Loki is the King of Not Being Subtle 😎
Tumblr media
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scribeofmorpheus · an hour ago
Himmeløyne [25/?]
Pairing: Loki Odinson x Reader
Catch Up Here | Masterlist
Warnings: Violence / Angst???
A/N: ... 
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Tumblr media
“You shouldn’t be here,” Loki said.
Shivers ran up your spine. For the first time since you knew him, he looked terrified. Helpless.
The Creature—the monster—that materialised from the mist inched closer. Its steady pace was unnerving, like pinpricks to the skin.
You took Loki’s hand in yours, felt his grip, ironclad, and said, “Right here is exactly where I’m supposed to be.”
He smiled sheepishly, “Then our reunion was fated to be a short one.” He glanced at the creature, at its eyes, and clenched his jaw as tightly as his muscle could allow. He took an instinctual step back, pulling you behind him. “There’s no escaping it.”
You turned to the creature, unsure of what it was entirely that you sensed from it. It wasn’t fear—at least, not your own. Not hate either. Though it was masked in those emotions well. There was a drive behind its instinct, a purpose. Keenly aware of the fact you still had your magic, you let your magic do the searching where vision failed you. Tendrils of energy waned as if something unseen was pushing back, resisting. You planted your feet, took a deep breath and blocked out everything except the creature. There was familiarity there. A sense of pain. Grief. A broken heart.
Bestla’s words rippled back to you, reminding you of what she had said about Loki, “Loki is a fraught boy. Torn apart by two halves that will always be at war.”
A tendril of magic managed to touch the creature and incoherent flashes distracted you, making you lose balance.
With a grunt, you and Loki were both flung back, the wind knocked out of you. You rolled from your side and noticed the creature was undeterred from his path. A strong magical barrier surrounded it.
The creature lunged, its bone and flesh sword for a hand tearing the seams of Loki’s subconscious world.
You had to get Loki away from the creature, find a way to reassure him, give him room to process everything in safety. As long as the creature was a stone’s throw away, you wouldn’t be able to help him. “How do we escape it?”
Loki turned to you, downcast, “We don’t. I’ve never escaped it.” He looked at his hands. “I have no powers here.”
“But I do,” you forged a connection to his subconscious through your linked hands. “Think of a place, a memory, anywhere you feel safe. I’ll take you there!”
The creature neared and Loki’s mind flooded with too many images, too many years condensed into a barrage of smells and touch, hot and cold, emotion and emptiness. Steeling yourself, you clung onto the strongest sensation: smell. Berries. A burst of blue and purple. Warmth from an oven. A hug.
Instantly, the both of you were sucked into a portal of light, teleported deeper into Loki’s mind. Before the portal shut, the creature let out a roar, snagging skin from your elbow as it slashed and slashed in a frenzy. You seethed from the surprising burn of its cold touch.
You were thrust forward and wrenched back, a tension to your muscles, adrenaline soaking tissue. Your magic sparked, and you lost your bearing. When the world stopped spinning, you were in a kitchen, not the human kind with a hearth and cast iron pots, but Asgardian. Polished stones greeted your feet while gold embellishments decorated everything; curtains, fine dishes, the liquid within crystal clear tumblers.
“Where… where are we?” you glance around, unfamiliar with your surroundings.
Out from a blind spot, two boys darted into the kitchen area. Frigga followed soon after, a youthful blush on her face, hair the colour of magnificent straw. The boys played with wooden swords, clashing in a dull thud. Laughter keeping the room vibrant. The boy with the sandy hair yelped, and before your eyes, his wooden sword transformed into a snake, slithering away.
The raven-haired boy turned ghostly pale, frightened by what he’d just done. He clenched his fists in horror. Frigga calmed him, a sweet smile on her face as she ran her fingers through his hair. She hesitated for a moment before she hunkered low to hug both her sons. Soon after, a baker walked into the room with a silver tray of pastries. Blackish filling spilt over the folds, the smell of citric berries permeated into the space like a blanket, sweet and tart.
“Home,” Loki said. A look of longing crept over his face, a slouch to his shoulders. “I remember this day… This was the day before Father had taken us to the vault to tell us stories, of our grandfather, of the war…the Giants. Mother had asked the baker’s to make her favourite pies. We helped her pick the berries from a thicket near the edge during the day. It was the first time I used transformation magic. I was so scared. So was Thor. But not Mother… she just held us till we stopped crying. Made us feel safe in her embrace. She said I got my magic from her. That we were born under the same stars. Blessed by the same spirits.”
You placed a hand on his back and he leaned into the contact. “It seems like a happy memory.”
“Many of them were… before…” he turned to look away from the homely scene unfolding. “They were my family. My blood.”
The child version of him smiled with pie filling smeared over his round cheeks. You recognised Baldrick in his features. Slight, but distinct. The same dark hair and wide eyes. An impression more than anything.
“They still are,” you said.
“They are not my family…” he sneered, clicking his tongue. “And after what I’ve done, they couldn’t forgive me. I wouldn’t forgive me.”
“You did nothing wrong.”
“I have done plenty wrong!”
You flinched, his anger turning the room cooler, snuffing out the air, closing you in. Mist crawled onto the windows, and, suddenly, you knew. This feeling—this dread—it had been warped around the creature too, preventing you from fully penetrating its barrier. That same magic now surrounded Loki. More apparent after his outburst.
“Not from where I’m standing,” you said. “Perhaps there is much you need to take responsibility for, but not this”—you placed your hand on his chest, felt the thrum of his heart—“not for who you are…what you are.”
 “They lied to me! Made me think I was one of them. Hid my birth rite from me. Hid me,” he shouted.  “I’m a monster!”
The mist had enveloped all the windows now. Cracks spread like veins. A chill wracked through the air.
You ignored the foreboding signs and kept your focus on Loki, “By that logic, so am I.”
His eyes snapped up meet yours, his lower lip trembling. “Not you. Never you.”
Your heart ached at his words. “I’ve taken life… Life that I now see was more than a simple monster made real from under my bed.”
Recognition flashed across his face, “The Giant in Jotunheim. The one who...”
You nodded, slowly. “Yes.”
“But he took something from you,” Loki held your shoulders, speaking in haste as he shook you. “You deserved vengeance. And wanting it… that doesn’t make you a monster.”
You let out a sigh, somehow feeling older as you did it, feeling the heft of another’s life—of Bestla’s life. “Only because something had been taken from him, too. Something that was rightly his.” A sad smile came over you. “Do you know what he said before I killed him? He said his kind were always the villains in my stories. I never thought much of it, at the time. But then I met someone…your grandmother. She told me things, about the Great Wars, the histories of the Giants, the truth. And I see now…”
Loki rambled, taken aback by what you said. "My... grandmother? H-How? When? I—I don't..."
The creature materialised into the room, stone walls exploding into flecks. It growled and Loki stiffened. He was about to pull you away, but you stopped him, mustering all your magic to urge the Jotun beneath his pale skin to surface. His breath hitched as he staggered, fighting the process. You kept watching as the creature continued on its approach. You had a few seconds at best.  
“I see now that there’s more than one side to any story. And war… war destroys more than the past. It takes history. It takes truth. It makes martyrs out of monsters and monsters out of martyrs. Makes kings. Destroys empires. Breeds hate. And these effects ripple out, for generations. You and I are but small grains of sand taken by the whims of the past, struggling to be still.”
“What are you—” Loki’s eyes went wide, making him look so small, so human, as his blue skin surfaced. You trailed along his arm, magic between the two of you building with a charge. With possibilities. He shuddered, taking a few deep breaths to centre himself, to grow used to his reflection in your eyes.
“And this is my truth…” you kissed him gently as the mist clung to your robes and feet. “I love you, Loki, Son of Asgard, Last Prince of Jotunheim... Trickster God. I love all of you. And I bent the world to save you, but the truth is, you aren’t lost, you’re running away.”
The creature lunged, and the wind died out. The creature’s shadow fell behind Loki. From over his shoulder, you could see it raise its arm high, ready to strike… ready to kill.
“It’s time to face who you are…” you whispered.
The creature struck. Loki shouted your name, cradling you close. There was a boom. A rush of air followed by a harrowing silence.
Loki stumbled backward, shocked. All around him were shards of ice, suspended in the darkness until it receded back from where it came. In the light, the creature sloughed away, like fungus being scraped off wood. The layers turned to snowflakes and dispersed all around you. Under the rage and strength of the creature was Loki’s double, pale skinned, blue eyed.   
You walked over to Loki’s double and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Do you see now? Do you see what you were running from?”
Loki paced from left to right, never letting his eyes leave his double. Then he took a step forward, mouth agape, the reality of everything dawning over him. “It was me.”
“You blame yourself for everything. For what happened to my village and what happened to me in the throne room. I suspect you’ve always done so. Resolved yourself to hate the part of you that was different. That was hidden. And that part of you, stricken by self-loathing and doubt, guilt and grief, remained buried here, in the depths of your mind, alone. Apart from you. And when you went under, you could no longer supress him. But after the throne room, those feelings grew in your subconscious, giving form to the very thing you feared. The Jotun in you. The Giant. The monster of your stories.”
“N—No… I—It can’t be.” Loki shook his head, conflicted.
You held out your hand for him to take, “Do you trust me?
He nodded, at a loss for words.
“Then connect them, the two pieces that have been separated for so long. Accept the truth,” you delicately ushered him closer to his double who just blinked, expression empty, hollow.
As the two Lokis stood face to face and the world shook. You took several steps back and watched as Loki put his hand up. His double mirrored his action. When they joined palms, a torrent of emerald light streamed outward, both cold and hot all at once. As bright as a star. As piercing as an arrow. Everything melted out of view until it was only you and him, the illusion of a night sky forming in the background.
He stood close, his smile not quite right. Snaking his arms around you, he held you flush to his chest. You looked up, chin resting on his chest. Finally, you were home.
 “Thank you,” he whispered before kissing you. The kiss was life affirming, as though he was saying a thousand things in a single act. You kissed him back, lips tenderly caressed by his own.
A swell flourished in your belly. Warmth you hadn’t felt since the last time you were in his arms flooded back. It was joy. You gasped as that feeling of solace returned from where it had been stripped away. Elated that you could feel his magic again. Feel him again. For the first time in a long time, you felt like you could finally breathe again. Be at ease again.
“I—” Loki steadied himself, as though he were about to speak the world apart. “I—”
But before he could finish, you felt a third presence tunnel its way to your subconscious. A message warning you from the other side, from the woken world. It felt like Heimdall’s magic. And it was filled with desperation. “Wait! Heimdall… Something’s wrong!”
“I feel it too,” Loki said.
You felt yourself being pulled from the world, out and through. The world adapted to the invasion. Tears of reality blended into the space.
The voice of a guard shouted, “Captain! She’s resisting. We can’t separate them!”
“Pull harder!” the captain shouted back, her voice heated and coarse like lit charcoal.
Through the tears, you saw the healing chamber. Heimdall and the rest of your companions were defeated, huffing for air. They were being ushered out of the room in shackles. The resisted to no avail, dragged out one by one by the guards in shining armour.
Through the distortion, and past the ebbing flow of sound, you saw Odin enter the room. He carried a familiar tome in his hands. Bestla’s amulet!
You had forgotten that you’d left it in Heimdall’s care. Odin must have taken it from him as he was being dragged away.
“I haven’t seen this in a long, long time,” Odin said wistfully. His thumb brushed against the bird bones, beads catching light from the golden castle. He whispered to the captain, the amulet trading hands between them, from his to hers. Spine bent, Odin took his leave.
The Captain narrowed her eyes at you, and, had you been in your body, present and aware in all senses, you were certain you would have taken a step back.
The captain loomed closer, the tug of so many unfamiliar hands on your wrists and elbows. She shouted again, but the world phased and her sound never reached your ears.  
With a dimmer, Loki’s world had begun to flitter out of view.
Sensing this, he drew you close, desperate to have you hear his next words. His lips moved with fervour, words spilling out harried and muffled, incomprehensible. The outside world grew louder. More real. Loki tried to hold onto you, but you felt his hold on you slip away.
With a mind splitting headache, your body greeted your subconscious in the woken world. A wave of exhaustion washed over you as you were overpowered by the guards.
Loki, awakened, reached for you again as he shouted for the guards to desist. Some took a moment to consider, conflicted, but the captain silenced them with a look.
Loki struggled to keep his feet steady. The weeks suspended in the chamber had taken their toll on his body. It was spent. Just like his mind.
“I am Loki, Prince of Asgard, I command you to release her immediately!” he said, anger sparked within his eyes. He motioned to summon his magic, to use a spell to fend off the heavy men with heavy grips. 
Softly, you shook your head. Speaking low enough for just his ears, “No! Loki… No more violence.”
“Hold her still,” the captain ordered. You were wrenched further back. Loki was still reaching for you, just a little out of reach, staggering with weak knees.
“I’ll make this right!” he swore. “I promise. I’ll make it right.”
With a grimace, the captain placed Bestla’s amulet close to your neck and it came alive, a will of its own as it twined uncomfortably around your neck.
“Wai—”You recoiled from the deadened aura of the amulet. Once it settled in place, you fought the urge to cough. The amulet’s distinct lack of presence overpowered you. It made you limp and you felt sparse. Lacking. No magic. No warmth. Eyelids as heavy as boulders. The strength to stand seeming impossible in the moment. It was worse than the leeching. At least that came with pain, with something.
“Take her below,” the captain said before turning her sights on Loki and ushering a few healers into the space. “The prince needs assistance. Hurry.”
Woozy, everything seemed far, far away. The drag of your feet away from the healing chamber came with less resistance. Loki shrunk in your peripheral, still staggering to close the gap.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Agatha All Along | Loki x Female Reader
Loki (Marvel) x Doctor Who
Tumblr media
You and Loki are shown to your room for the night and one thing leads to another. Afterwards the truth surrounding the murders is revealed, reminding Loki of his past.
Part Six | Part Eight
Words: 6.2k
Warnings: smut, oral: f receiving, loss of virginity, unprotected sex and lots of fluff
A/N: This is the first time I have written full blown smut, I hope it is okay.
Read on AO3
After the murder of Lady Eddison’s son, Roger, all the guests retired to their rooms for the night. You had bid your auntie and the Doctor goodnight and then the butler showed you and Loki to a guest room.
 As soon as you entered the empty room you immediately shivered and wrapped your arm around yourself as goosebumps rose across your uncovered skin. The room was cold and draughty, sending chills down your spine every time there was a harsh gust of wind from the thunderstorm outside. 
 You couldn’t see much as the only source of light was the candle stick you were holding until Loki switched on the bedside lamps, allowing you a better view of the room you would be staying in for the night. 
 Against the wall was a large four poster bed, decorated with emerald cushions and rusty red floral bedsheets, at the foot of the bed there was a fabric, sand coloured two seater couch with scatter cushions that matched the ones decorating the bed. Curtains with the same pattern, framed the large sash window which rain and wind battered against. 
 No longer needing it you blew out your candle stick and placed it down on top of a mahogany dresser, as you made your way to the window to draw the curtains. Every inch of the floor beneath your feet was covered with a traditional burgundy rug.
 As your back was turned, Loki waved his hand over the fireplace on the wall opposite the bed and lit a warm fire, to take the chill off of the draughty and unused room. The sound of the fire igniting had caught your attention and you looked over your shoulder just in time to catch the remaining trails of an emerald glow evaporate into the air.
 “Loki,” you sighed, “you’re not supposed to be using your magic.” 
 “Don’t worry, it’s just a little bit, hardly enough for them to track me by.” Loki stopped your fretting, as he approached you. “And I couldn’t have my love shivering the whole night.” 
 “That’s very thoughtful.” You whispered appreciatively, as you pulled him down for a kiss to say thanks.
 “Just promise you’ll be careful with your magic?” You asked as you pulled back, your arms encircled Loki’s waist and his yours. “I don’t want you to get taken away.”
 “I promise,” Loki whispered as he brought his palm to the side of your face, which you leaned into as his thumb stroked over your cheek. “Let’s get ready for bed.”
 You had removed your gloves, the jewels wrapped around your head and your shoes, until the only thing you were left wearing was your 1920s dress. You turned around to Loki, to find he had removed his long velvet coat, his matching silk waistcoat and bow tie, draping them all on the couch at the foot of the bed.
He was left in his loose fitting dress shirt with billowing sleeves and his braces still hung over his shoulders, holding up his fitted trousers. 
 “Loki,” you spoke and he immediately lifted his head to look at you. “I have nothing to wear for bed.”
 “I have no objections.” Loki shrugged as he slipped his braces from his shoulders, letting them fall loose around his thighs.
 Sensing your nerves in your silence, Loki grabbed his shirt by the back of its collar and dragged it over his head, shaking his long hair out of his face after doing so.
 “Put this on.” He threw the shirt to you, which you barely caught as your eyes were focused on Loki, instead of following the shirt as it flew towards you.
 You realised that this was the first time you had seen part of Loki without an article of clothing. Your gaze travelled over the pale skin of his upper body, the defined lines of his curved waist, to the lines of his hips that disappeared beneath his trousers, which his slender fingers began to unbutton.
 You blinked rapidly and took a deep breath to pull away your focus and you turned around to drag your dress over your head, leaving you in only your underwear. 
 With your back turned you weren’t aware of the way Loki’s eyes were now focused on you, as you brought your hands behind your back to unhook your bra and let it slip from your shoulders to the floor. From behind you he could just see the curve of your breast as you lifted your arms to pull his shirt over your head and let it cascade down your upper body until it reached the tops of your thighs. His scent lingered on his shirt and you couldn’t help but subtly turn your nose to your shoulder to breathe it in.
 You caught Loki staring after you turned back around but he didn’t try to cover it up by quickly diverting his eyes, instead he let himself take in the sight of you in his shirt unapologetically and you self consciously lowered your eyes to the rug beneath your bare feet. 
 “I must admit,” Loki spoke, as he made his way towards you, dressed only in his underwear. “The sight of you in my shirt is rather enticing.”
 Your breath became more shallow and your heartbeat rivalled the thunder which rumbled outside as it beat wildly against your rib cage, as Loki hooked his finger into one of the gaps between two buttons of his shirt and used it to tug you forward as he walked backwards towards the grand four poster bed. 
 He wrapped his hand around the back of your neck to guide your face towards his, as his lips embraced your own. Hesitantly you let your hands rest against the skin of his bare chest, his body was warm and inviting so you wrapped your arms around his waist and tugged him closer, wanting to be surrounded by his body heat to fight off the chill.
 Loki parted your lips open with his own as you felt his tongue slide into your mouth while he encouraged you to lower yourself onto the bed and he followed after you so that his upper body was draped over yours, supported by his arms which sunk into the mattress on either side of your head.
 He nudged his knee between your thighs to encourage your legs to part and allow room to accommodate his narrow hips as he lowered them to yours, you yelped into Loki’s mouth as you felt the unmistakable feel of his hard member from beneath his underwear, against your clothed pubic bone.
 At your sound, Loki immediately lifted his head and looked down at you with concern and your heart was bouncing so hard you were afraid it was going to jump straight out your mouth and you gulped in the hopes it would keep it down.
 “I- I’ve never...” You nervously confessed to Loki and you swear you could see his shirt twitch against your chest in rhythm with your heartbeat.
 “My darling,” Loki whispered as he felt your anxiety radiating off of you. He took your hand, which you hadn’t realised was shaking, into his and brought it to his lips to kiss the back of your fingers. “Do not fret, I would never make you do anything you do not wish to. We can just cuddle and go to sleep.”
 You shook your head. “No. No, please, I want to.” You told him honestly, “I’m... I’m just nervous...”
 “Are you sure?” Loki checked, “There is no rush, I don’t want you to feel pressured.”
 “I’m sure. Please, Loki,” the God shushed you gently, stroking his hand over your hair, you closed your eyes as relaxing tingles slowly soothed your tense body and you felt your heartbeat begin to calm.
 “You must be relaxed.” Loki told you sternly but his voice remained a gentle whisper. 
 Your breath hitched at a sudden unexpected clap of lightning, undoing the peacefulness which Loki had brought to your body. He soothed you again, this time you kept your eyes focused on his.
 “That’s it, dear.” He praised you, and you felt your chest swell with pride.
 He lowered his lips to the top of your chest, as he brought his right hand up to the buttons of his shirt and slowly began opening them one by one. 
 As his hand reached lower buttons, his lips would follow and his long hair tickled against your bare skin as it brushed down your chest, it was resting between the valley of your breasts when Loki finally lifted his lips from just above your belly button where he had also stopped undoing his shirt, leaving the last few buttons still fastened.
 He looked at you from beneath his dark brows, causing your breath to catch in your throat, as he trailed the tips of his fingers back up your chest and along your collar bones until they travelled back down, this time nudging each side of his shirt open to reveal your bare chest to him and he hummed appreciatively.
 “So beautiful.” He whispered, bringing a smile to your lips.
 “So are you.” You replied, as you lifted your hand to his cheek and encouraged him to crawl back up your body to give you a kiss. 
 His nose nudged against your cheek, as your lips moved in unison, while his palm moved from the dip of your waist and up your ribs until it cradled the side of your breast. He brushed the pad of his thumb over your sensitive nipple, making your breath hitch and you pushed your chest into his hold ever so slightly. 
 He waved his hand and the bedside lamps switched off, leaving the flickering light of the fire and the occasional flash of lightning as the only things illuminating the room. 
 Once again, he lowered himself down your body and made himself comfortable between your open thighs, you kept your head against the pillow and your eyes closed as you felt his lips attach to the inside of your thigh as his fingers dug into them, causing a slight ticklish sensation to shoot through you, which made you squirm. 
 Your breath came out quicker the closer his lips trailed down your thighs towards your clothed heat and then you felt his fingers hook into the elastic of your underwear and he pulled them down your legs, exposing you to the airy room.
 You lifted your eyelids and raised your head off the pillow to look down at him, half his face reflected the glowing orange light of the fire, while the other half was cast in the shadows.
 “Is this still okay?” He asked you before proceeding.
 You nodded.
 “Tell me.” Loki encouraged you, not moving an inch until he was positive that you wanted to continue.
 “It’s okay,” you told him, making your voice sound as confident as you could, though it still wobbled. “Can I... can you just... hold my hand?” You nervously asked him and you saw his eyes soften in the warm glow of the fireplace.
 “Of course, my love.” Before you could even reach for it, Loki intertwined his hand with yours, slotting your fingers between each other as your hands lay over your stomach. 
 With that he returned to kissing the inside of your thighs and your head lulled back against the pillow, you felt Loki occasionally squeeze your hand as his lips neared closer to where you needed him the most, your nerves were diluting into your arousal as your needs overtook your mind.
 You let out a frustrated whine when his lips moved from one thigh to the other, just when you thought he was about to move them to your most intimate area. Loki shushed you and gently nipped your tender flesh between his teeth, causing you to gasp.
 “What do you need?” Loki rasped, knowing full well what you needed and heat flushed your cheeks and chest at the thought of actually having to ask him out loud. 
 You whined in protest, hoping that he would have mercy on you, by now you could feel your juices dripping from you and you clenched your empty walls, in an attempt to offer yourself the relief only Loki could provide.
 You gasped when you unexpectedly felt Loki’s thumb brush between your folds before he put pressure on your sensitive bud, it was the first time you had ever been touched between your legs by someone other than yourself and it instantly sent a reaction straight through you, you were so sensitive. You clenched Loki’s hand and moaned at the pleasure which shot through your stomach. 
 “More, please, more.” You desperately pleaded as you opened your legs wider for him and you heard him softly hum. 
 Your head shot up to look down at him when you felt his hot breath fan across your folds, with his spare hand he used his forefinger and middle finger to reveal your clit. Without removing his eyes from yours, he licked a stripe up your heat and then enclosed his lips around your swollen nerve, your head fell back against the pillow as a moan shot through your throat.
 He continued to work his mouth on you, bringing you pleasures you had never felt before, you were hardly even aware of your surroundings as you were swaddled in a blanket of your own arousal, the thunder and the lightening going completely unnoticed.
 You also didn’t notice him slip his middle fingers into his mouth, until he was pushing them into you and you gladly welcomed them as he curled them into a come hither motion. 
 You clenched your fingers around his as you arched your back off the mattress, beginning to feel your release stir awake at the base of your spine. Your breath became shallow as you felt a thin layer of sweat beginning to gather at your hairline. 
 “Come whenever you need, okay?” Loki instructed you, before he dived back into attending to your pleasure, and you nodded as a moan rolled up from deep within your stomach. 
 Tingles were tap dancing at the bottom of your belly while heat shot up your spine with more force each time until you cried as pleasure surged through your veins leaving pleasant thrills in its wake. You clenched your hand around Loki’s with all your might as your back elevated off the bedsheets and the crown of your head pushed into your pillow as your mouth opened in silent ecstasy.
 Loki worked you through your orgasm until it faded into a pleasant buzz and he raised his head from between your legs to look down at your blissed state.
 Your eyes were shut and your breasts heaved up and down with your pants as you caught your breath. Loki crawled up your body, leaving kisses on your bare skin as he went, until he reached your mouth and you could taste your release as he left it on your lips.
 Your fingers were trembling with the aftermath of your high, as you brought them up to comb his unruly hair behind his ear, before you opened your eyes.
 “That was... perfect.” You told him and his glossy lips curved into a prideful smile and if you weren’t mistaken, there was a faint glimmer of shyness hidden in his eyes as he momentarily diverted his gaze before he looked back down at you.
 “Would you like to continue? It’s okay if you don’t, we will do whatever you’re comfortable with.” Loki whispered, in that moment your comfort was his upmost priority.
 “I want to continue.” You told him.
 Loki left a kiss on your lips. Using one hand, while the other supported his weight above you, he began to slide his underwear down until his cock sprung free and it brushed against your lower stomach.
 Your eyes flicked downwards, catching sight of it and they widened as you looked back up at Loki.
 “We can stop any time you want,” he told you, “just because you said you want to continue, doesn’t mean you can’t change your mind.”
 You nodded, feeling yourself relax again and you gave Loki a smile that you hope conveyed how much you appreciated his patience. 
 Loki moved his hand that wasn’t holding his body up, to the base of his hard length to guide it between your soaked folds. When the head of his cock nudged against you, your legs twitched and you squirmed your hips.
 “Tell me when.” Loki told you, as he continued to coat his length in your release and arousal. 
 “Now please.” You instructed him, not wanting to give yourself too much time to think about it.
 When you felt his blunt head slowly push into your opening, you held your breath and Loki paused.
 “Darling, breathe for me.” He reminded you and you opened your eyes and stared into his, “you need to relax.”
 He brought his hand up to your hair and began stroking his fingers through it and you felt your tense muscles begin to loosen.
 “Perfect. You’re so good for me.” Loki praised you once he felt the tension leave your body.
 He continued to move his hips towards yours, gently pushing himself further into your warmth.
 You were wet enough for him to glide in with minimal resistance but the pressure was intense and felt somewhat uncomfortable. As he sank deeper into you, a slight pain began to shoot through your lower region, it wasn’t anything too unbearable but it made your eyes water and you tightly grasped the bedding beneath you in a fist.
 “You’re doing so well, sweetheart. Almost there.” Loki whispered, you could already hear how his arousal changed his voice, he spoke slower as if it were harder for him to concentrate on his words and his tone was deeper and breathier.
 You felt his lips leave feather light kisses on your cheeks and finally his hips were flush with yours and both of you let out deep breaths as he rested his forehead against yours.
 You stayed like that as you panted into each other’s mouths, until eventually Loki lifted his head and he wiped his thumb under your eye to dry away your stray tears.
 You gave yourself a moment to adjust to his size and the foreign feeling, before you experimentally shifted your hips and you felt him twitch ever so slightly against your walls causing Loki to let out a small gasp.
 “I’m okay, you can move.” You told him and you brought your arms up to wrap them around his shoulders as he gently began to roll his hips against yours, the friction caused his pelvis to brush against your inflamed clit and your hips twitched. 
 Loki brought his forehead down to your shoulder and you felt his warm breath pant over your collarbone with each roll of his hips, which gently encouraged the aching to subside. 
 Your hands explored down the smooth skin of Loki’s back as it curved with each thrust and you began to roll your hips with his to create more friction. 
 Gasps escaped your mouth as a dull feeling of pleasure returned to your stomach. The head of Loki’s cock caught a spot inside you and a cry to fall from your lips as your trimmed nails dug into the flesh of Loki’s back.
 Upon your reaction, Loki began aiming to hit the spot again but with more direction and force. He found it in no time and pulled an even stronger reaction from you.
 You brought your leg up to circle his hips, his bare behind brushed against your calf with the rhythmic movements of his pelvis. Loki moved his thumb back to your neglected clit and began applying pressure as he rubbed it with circular motions, awaking even more pleasure from the pit of your stomach.
 “You feel heavenly.” Loki spoke, his voice a strained whisper through his pants as moans continued to climb from your throat.
 Your leg which was wrapped around Loki pulled him closer as you rutted your hips against his, desperately trying to increase the friction and Loki got the message and increased his pace slightly, earning another whine from you as thrills shot through your blood stream. 
 “Will you come for me again?” Loki asked as he raised his head from your shoulder. “Coat my cock in your release?”
 You whimpered as you nodded.
 You were breathing gulps of air into your lungs more than you were breathing out causing you to feel light headed, but it only increased the pleasant static feeling which covered every inch of your skin, from the top of your scalp to the tips of your toes.
 You could feel your release getting ready to pounce on you at any moment as it stirred deep in your abdomen, with a few more thrusts in the right spot and increased pressure on your most sensitive nerve, you were crying a silent scream as euphoria charged through your bones. 
 “Oh my god, Loki!” You panted.
 You were sure your nails had actually punctured the skin of his back from your intense grip. Your leg shook with the waves of pleasure and coiled so tightly around him that Loki could hardly move his hips as he chased his own release.
 You felt him grab your leg, behind your knee and he pulled it up almost bending you in half, as he increased the speed of his thrusts and you whined from the overstimulation.
 It didn’t last long as Loki finally stilled and you felt his hot release shoot against your walls as he moaned your name right next to your ear.
 Loki’s chest fell against yours, after his arms gave way beneath him and you were both reduced to a breathless pile of useless limbs. 
 Once he regained his strength, he gently slipped himself out of you causing you to whimper and he shushed you with a kiss before he rested on his back beside you and you followed his heat, curling into his side. 
 It took you a few moments to realise that the thunderstorm had passed as the only sound that filled the room was the sound of the fire crackling.
 “That was my first time too.” Loki confessed out of the blue, his voice remained soft as he didn’t want to disturb the delicate atmosphere.
 You immediately propped yourself up on your elbow and looked down at him with your brows knitted together.
 “Why didn’t you tell me?” You asked him, it wasn’t accusatory, your tone was gentle and curious.
 “I didn’t want you to worry.”
 “Worry about what?”
 “That I might not be good or have no idea what to do or hurt you.” Loki listed.
 “You were none of those things, I mean, it hurt a little,” you confessed, “but that’s to be expected. You made it the safest, most enjoyable and perfect experience and it felt... I don’t even have the words. You make me doubt it was your first time.” 
 Loki couldn’t hide his delight at your praise as he fought between a proud smirk and a bashful blush.
 “I’m just very familiar with my female form.” He admitted, reminding you of when you saw her at the temple in Pompeii.
 Suddenly a harsh knocking on the bedroom door caused your body to jerk with surprise.
 “Be at the lounge in five!” The Doctor called through the door before you heard his footsteps retreat further down the corridor and the distant sound of him knocking on the other bedrooms.
 You and Loki shared a questioning look.
 “We should get cleaned up.” Loki suggested and you looked down at the state you and Loki were in before you looked around at your discarded clothes all over the room, realising that you would need a miracle to get clean and ready within five minutes.
 You and Loki entered the lounge and everyone’s heads turned to you as they took in your disheveled states.
 Both your hairs were in a state of disarray, you were only wearing your dress and you had forgone putting anything on your feet. Loki had his shirt back on, which was halfway tucked in and halfway tucked out of his trousers  which his braces hung loosely from. 
 “Nice of you to finally join us.” The Doctor remarked, like a school teacher, and you both quietly snuck into the room as all eyes followed you, until you sat down beside your auntie.
 “I’ve called you all here, on this endless night, because we have a murderer in our midst.” The Doctor began from where he stood, with his hands clasped behind his back, in front of the large fireplace. “And when it comes to detection, there’s none finer. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you... Agatha Christie.”
 The Doctor left the floor open for the murder mystery novelist as he took a seat on the opposite side of your auntie, and Agatha moved to the spot where he was previously stood.
 “This is a crooked house. A house of secrets. To understand the solution we must examine them all. Starting with you, Miss Redmond.”
 All eyes in the room turned to the young socialite, who looked startled to have all the attention on her.
 “But I’m innocent, surely.” She nervously spoke, in her delicate tone, as her doe eyes bounced back and forth.
 “I think the real Robina Redmond never left London. You’re impersonating her!” Agatha accused the young woman who smiled innocently.
 “How silly! What proof do you have?” She challenged.
 “Earlier today, Miss Noble and I found this on the lawn. Right beneath your bedroom window.” Agatha started to explain as she lifted a leather bound box from the table as Miss Redmond nervously diverted her eyes in a poor attempt at appearing nonchalant. “You heard Miss Noble, her niece and Sir Loki were searching the bedrooms and panicked. You ran upstairs and disposed of the evidence.” 
 Agatha opened the box to reveal tools hidden inside, encased in a red velvet lining, tools which a thief might use.
 “You came to this house with one sole intention. To steal the Firestone!”
 “The Unicorn!” Lady Eddison gasped, her voice already strained from her crying.
 “Oh, all right then.” Miss Redmond or rather, The Unicorn, yielded, her delicate tone vanished and she spoke with a heavy cockney twang and your eyes widened at the instant switch in her demeanour. 
 “Yes, I’m the bleedin’ Unicorn!” She confessed. “I took my chances in the dark, and nabbed it!” 
 She put her hand down the front of her dress and pulled the Firestone from her chest and threw it at the Doctor, who easily caught it with one hand.
 “So she’s the murderer?” Donna gasped.
 “Don’t be so thick!” The Unicorn rolled her eyes, “I might be a thief, but I ain’t no killer.” 
 “Indeed,” Agatha agreed. “Lady Eddison... You brought the Firestone back from India, did you not? Before you met Hugh. You came home with malaria and confined yourself to this house for six months, in a room that has been kept locked ever since.” 
 You recalled the room which your auntie had been almost attacked in, which was filled with dust and cobwebs.
 “Which I rather think means... you had fallen pregnant in India. Unmarried and ashamed you hurried back to England with your confidant, a young maid, Miss Chandrakala. Forty years ago, Miss Chandrakala took your newborn baby to an orphanage, but the professor worked it out. He found a birth certificate.” 
 “Oh, that’s maiden!” You gasped, finally realising what the charred piece of paper you had found in the fireplace meant. “Maiden name!”
 “So she killed him?” Donna asked.
 “I did not!” Lady Eddison defended herself. 
 “Lady Eddison is innocent.” Agatha confirmed, “because at this point... Doctor.”
 “Thank you.” He spoke as he rose from his chair and moved back to the floor, “because at this point, when we consider the lies and the secrets, then we have to consider... It was you, Donna Noble.”
 “What?!” She choked, “who did I kill?!”
 “My auntie hasn’t killed anyone!” You defended her with crossed brows.
 “No,” the Doctor sighed, “but you said it all along, this whole thing is being acted out like a murder mystery novel. Which means... it was you, Agatha Christie.”
 “So it was Agatha all along?” You gasped with surprise.
 “She killed them?” Donna whispered.
 “No!” The Doctor sighed, “but she wrote all those brilliant, clever books! And who’s her greatest admirer? Lady Eddison!”
 “So she did kill them!” Your auntie concluded.
 “No!” The Doctor sighed again. “Last Thursday night, what where you doing?” The Doctor asked the Lady.
 “I was in the library, reading my favourite Agatha Christie novel. How is that relevant?” She asked.
 “What else happened on Thursday night?” The Doctor asked and the room fell silent as his eyes turned to the Reverend, who had remained rather quiet this whole time. “You said, in the garden this afternoon, that last Thursday night, two boys broke into your church.” 
 “That’s correct. They did, but I apprehended them.” The Reverend answered. 
 “Really?” The Doctor didn’t sound convinced. “A man of God, against two strong lads. A man in his forties? Forty years old, to be exact.”
 “Oh my god.” Lady Eddison gasped, as she realised that the Reverend sat across from her was the child she gave up, exactly forty years ago.
 “You found those thieves, Reverend. And you got angry. A proper, deep anger, for the first time in your life, and it broke the genetic lock! You changed. Oh, and then it all kicks off, ‘cause this,” the Doctor held up the Firestone, “isn’t just a jewel, it’s a Vespiform Telepathic Recorder. It’s part of you, your brain, your very essence. And when you activated, so did the Firestone. It beamed your full identity into your mind, and at the same time it absorbed the works of Agatha Christie, directly from Lady Eddison and they became a part of you. You’ve killed because that’s what you think the world is.”
 “So he killed them, yes? Definitely?” Donna asked, one final time.
 “Yes.” The Doctor confirmed.
 “Damn it, you humanzzzz!” The Reverend rose from his seat and a hostile buzzing surrounded his voice, “I am so much more than you! What’s to stop me killing you all?” 
 A purple shimmer filled the room and the Reverend transformed into the giant wasp.
 “I think that’s our cue to leave.” Loki suggested as he put his hands on either side of your shoulders and began swiftly walking towards the doors.
 “Run!” The Doctor encouraged you all to leave the room.
 “Great! Now he’s chasing us!” Your auntie cried as you all ran through the hallway and out the front entrance of the mansion.
 “Damn it, why didn’t I put any shoes on?” You whined as the tiny stones of the gravel driveway dug into the souls of your feet as you ran. You heard the sound of a car engine and looked up to find Agatha driving away, trying to get the attention of the large angry wasp.
 “Agatha what are you doing?” The Doctor shouted.
 “If I started this, Doctor. Then I must stop it.” And as she sped off, the wasp chased directly after her.
 “Come on!” The Doctor encouraged you all into an empty car parked in the drive, it’s topless design meant all the seats were wet from the rain and you sighed with discomfort as the rainwater soaked through the back of your dress as it made contact with the seat, before the Doctor sped off in the same direction Agatha went.
 “Shouldn’t we be heading back to the TARDIS?” Loki suggested.
 “Time is in flux, Loki!” The Doctor yelled above the wind and the car engine. “For all we know this could be the night Agatha Christie loses her life and history is changed, we have to ensure that doesn’t happen.” 
 The Doctor chased Agatha down a narrow country road, until you pulled up to a lake where Agatha had exited her vehicle and was stood before the body of water holding up the glowing purple Firestone.
 “Come to me, Vespiform.” She lured the alien wasp.
 “She’s controlling it!” Your auntie observed as you all climbed out of the car once the Doctor pulled it to a stop.
 “Its mind is controlled by the Firestone and Agatha’s mind is linked to it.” The Doctor explained as he ran up to her side and you all followed closely after.
 “Indeed, Doctor. If I die, then this creature might die with me.” 
 “Don’t hurt her! You’re not meant to be like this.” The Doctor tried to reason with the large wasp which hovered above you all.
 “It’s not listening.” Donna sighed and she grabbed the Firestone out of Agatha’s fist and threw it into the lake behind her and you all ducked as the wasp flew straight after it, plunging itself into the water which rippled and bubbled from the splash, as the purple glow faded beneath it and you all watched with wide eyes as the wasp never resurfaced.
 “Donna, that thing couldn’t help itself.” The Doctor sighed.
 “What else could there have been done?” She defended herself.
 Suddenly Agatha doubled over as she clutched at her stomach and her legs gave out beneath her, Donna and the Doctor quickly caught her, each holding her up by one of her arms as she continued to grunt in pain.
 “Oh, it’s the Firestone!” The Doctor cried. “It’s part of the Vespiforms mind! It’s dying and it’s connected to Agatha.” 
 You watched helplessly from the side as she collapsed into the Doctor’s arms, expecting her to die and history to change but just when you thought it was over, Agatha sighed a gasp of relief as the pain left her before she fell into a sleep.
 “It let her go.” The Doctor gasped with surprise.
 “Is she all right, though?” You asked from where you stood above them.
 “Oh, of course! The amnesia! Wiped her mind of everything - the wasp, the murders, and us. We’ve solved another riddle. The Mystery of Agatha Christie. Tomorrow morning, her car will be found by the side of the lake. A few days later she turns up at a hotel in Harrogate with no idea of what just happened. No one will ever know.” 
 Once you had all solemnly returned to the TARDIS, you and Loki retreated to your bedroom and you noticed he was being particularly quiet as he sat on the end of your bed, just staring into nothing as you removed your soaked dress and changed into some comfortable nightwear. 
 Silently you lowered yourself onto the bed and crawled up behind him, slowly as not to startle him, you rested your chin over his shoulder as you hugged your arm around his chest so his back was against your front and you placed either of your legs on each side of his hips.
 “Something is wrong.” You hummed softly into the shell of his ear, concerned over the change in his mood. “What is it?”
 “Everything that happened... It just reminded me of New York. He was controlled by a stone... Killed people. Innocent people. Just like I did.” Loki’s voice was low and his head was hung with remorse as he fidgeted with his hands on his lap.
 You shifted on your mattress, so you were no longer behind him and sat down beside him as you placed your hand over his, pausing their anxious movements.
 “I’m sorry,” you whispered. “I should’ve realised.” 
 Loki remained silent and your head raced to find something to say.
 “Was... was that one of the six infinity stones?” You asked Loki, who simply shook his head.
 Another pause filled the room before you put your palm on the side of Loki’s cheek that was facing away from you and you gently guided him to turn his head.
 “Loki, look at me,” you encouraged him to lift his eyes to yours, “you’re safe here now, the mind stone isn’t controlling you anymore and what you did, that wasn’t you. I understand that because I see who you are. I’ve seen you save the world from an invasion in the Dark Ages. You’re in control now and you’re compassionate, courageous, confident... I don’t know why all the words I’m picking begin with C,” you chuckled softly to yourself, “but I feel as though I shouldn’t break the streak.”
 “Charming.” Loki added as the pain in his eyes began to fade into the playfulness which overtook it.
 “Well, there’s the confidence I mentioned,” you remarked, making Loki lower his head with a smile, “but yes, you’re right, very charming and captivating.”
 “And clever,” Loki continued and you nodded in agreement.
 “And cute,” You smiled.
 “I’ll show you cute.” Loki mumbled as he pushed your back to the mattress and gathered your wrists in his hands to pin them above your head as he attacked your neck with tickling kisses, causing laughter to bubble from your stomach as you squirmed beneath him.
 “Do you surrender?” Loki whispered lowly in your ear.
 “It’ll take a lot more than that.” You stood your ground.
 “Oh, you’re on.” Loki accepted the challenge and you realised it might be a long night yet.
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julesjohansson · 7 hours ago
What if Loki met the Doctor and her/his newest companion (the reader) and Loki and reader fell in love.
Just the 5:45 am ramblings of Whovian
Ms. Who? // Loki x Reader
A/N: This ended up being more of a drabble than anything, I hope this is okay!
Another day, another mission.
“Y/N!” you heard your best friend - the Doctor - call out, anxiously.
“Yes?” you called back.
“See, I’ve got the funniest problem,” said the Doctor, gesturing frantically. “With the Tardis. It’s positively-”
“Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey?” you interjected, a small smile appearing on your face.
“Yes, that! See...” the Doctor pointed. “There’s a bit of a problem with the direction, y’know, the Tardis seems to know where it’s headed... the only issue is, I don’t know where it’s headed.”
“Well, I suppose we could just wait and see where the Tardis takes us, and go from there?”
The Doctor contemplated it.
“Yes,” they said, though they sounded a bit troubled. “...Yes, I suppose.”
You’d been many places with the Doctor. Some good, some bad.
Some beautiful, some positively terrifying.
But you had never been anywhere like this.
“What is this place?” asked the Doctor, wrinkling their nose.
“What, you mean you don’t know?”
“No, of course not, Y/N. My direction is completely off today.”
You rolled your eyes, stepping over a large piece of garbage.
“Well, who are you?”
You glanced up, making eye contact with a petite but intimidating woman.
“I’m Y/N L/N,” you said. “I’m an associate of-”
“The Doctor,” the Doctor said, rushing in front of you to shake hands. “Yes, hi.”
“The Doctor, huh?” said the woman. “Well - we could use one of those.”
The woman - who you had come to know as Brunnhilde - ushered you down a long hall.
“Where are we going?” the Doctor inquired, politely, but the woman didn’t answer.
“Well, aren’t you... intriguing?”
The words were spoken by a man draped in golden robes, lounging on a silver throne.
“Who is this, Scrapper 1142?”
“He says he’s a Doctor,” said Brunnhilde, jerking her head in the Doctor’s direction. “And they’re... their assistant, I suppose.”
“More like a companion,” you corrected, softly.
“Interesting, interesting. Well, we could use a Doctor around here. And a... whatever you are.”
The Doctor was led away, and you found yourself left alone. Even Brunnhilde had lost interest in you.
“Might I know your name?”
You turned around, finding yourself face-to-face with an attractive looking, dark-haired man.
“It’s Y/N,” you said, offering him your hand. He kissed the back of it. “Y/N L/N.”
“It’s a pleasure. Loki. Of Asgard.”
“Asgard...? I’m unfamiliar.”
“You must’ve not traveled much, then.”
“Oh, no. In fact, I’m quite the expert in interplanetary travel. I’m the Doctor’s current companion, you see.”
“This Doctor... who are they?”
“One of the most powerful beings in the cosmos, of course.”
“Well, we have something in common, then.”
You and Loki exchanged challenging glances.
And somehow, you knew this was the start of something good.
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clandestineloki · 8 hours ago
Hey can I request a really soft Dom Loki where him and reader just have really sweet fluffy sex
"you're so beautiful like this, darling," he smiles down at your blissed-out expression, bending down to suck on your neck, an fresh addition to the previous purple and red marks on your chest and collar bone.
"norns," he sighs as you clench around him. "i love you so much."
as if in reply, you mewl into his shoulder, feeling his cock dragging inside you, hitting all the right spots.
everything is so intense, yet gentle all the same.
"i'm- i'm almost-" your ankles lock around his waist, pulling him harder towards you, but loki breaks your legs apart, holding your shaking thighs so that they don't get sore around his waist.
"ssh, ssh, don't force it, sweet, i'll get you there," he coos, placing your legs back on the bed and pushing into you deeper. "i'll get you there, i promise. we're in no hurry, just relax, darling."
he rubs your clit in gentle circles, and the tension in your body visibly eases as you sink into his touch, whimpering softly.
"you're so sweet, so lovely... a-and-" he hisses, throwing his head back at the feeling of you around his cock.
"-fuck, darling, i wish you could see yourself right about now. you're so beautiful. i love you so much."
those words of praise send you over the edge, and loki kisses you so passionately it almost brings you to tears. his movements stagger as he nears his high, pulling you close as he releases inside you, chanting your name like a prayer.
through heavy breaths and stutters, he chuckles. "i would have showered you in praise much sooner if i had known you loved it so much, darling."
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jhiddles · 8 hours ago
The Silver Shadow
Work Summary: You are a free agent. Killing for over a hundred years you have a dangerous reputation. Suddenly, however, an attraction to the God of Mischief himself threatens everything your life has become...
Word Count: 2,036
Warnings: PTSD, aggression
Tags: @daisy116
Other Chapters: Fic master list
Tumblr media
Chapter 3: Do You Honestly Think So Little of Me?
The back of a SHIELD security truck was dark, cold, and cramped. The armored vehicle violently jerked around. Every bump in the road sent the strapped-in passengers flying a few inches above their seats before falling on their tailbones. The small space was illuminated only by the tiny slits near the roof, where the light shone through the bulletproof glass.
Steve Rogers and Wanda Maximoff sat in uniform on the left side of the compartment. The remaining seven seats were occupied with CIA and SHIELD agents in full combat gear, weapons loaded and ready. All eyes were on one man that sat in the middle. He was tall, much taller than everyone else in the compartment. He was dressed in a yellow jumpsuit that looked hideous against his pale skin. The bright yellow contrasted and drew attention to his long greasy black hair. Green eyes pierced through all of the colors; with just one glance into them, anyone could tell that he was amused with all of the precautions.
"To be completely honest, I do not think that this procession is necessary," he had said, "I have no intention of escape."
"Tell that to the God of Mischief and Lies then." Maximoff had responded. She and Rogers had a feeling that he was indeed very interested in escaping. It was Loki, after all. This man, or rather this God, was responsible for billions of dollars worth of damage in New York City. After leading an alien attack and killing hundreds, no one was inclined to trust him. Not only that, but his brother Thor had told them all stories of Loki's trickery on Asgard. If the past is any indication of the future, Loki was not to be believed.
"Can you please tell me where we're going?" Loki asked. The party had been sitting in silence until now.
"You know we can't tell you, Loki," Steve said.
"Oh, but you can. We're going to your Tower, are we not?"
"Yes, how'd you know?" Wanda said suspiciously.
With a smirk, Loki answered. "Witch to witch, you already know the answer. You do it to all of your so-called friends back at the Tower."
Wanda withdrew almost immediately. Loki had read Steve's mind. Back at the Tower, she had been doing the same thing. The only one who knew was Vision, who was sworn to secrecy. Maximoff was already on thin ice with Fury after Lagos and was anxious to stay in the Avengers. She had lost her parents, home, and brother and wanted to stay with them, who had become her new-found family. It was not in her best interests to reveal that she knew everything.
"As expected." Loki chuckled to himself. Steve was now perplexed. Wanting to change the subject, he just stopped talking. Now the car was back in silence.
After a while and more thought, Loki asked the question that had been burning in the back of his mind, "I thought I was to be placed on the Raft. Why am I being transferred?"
"Well, you're bound to find out one way or another," Steve muttered to himself. Loki heard and gave one silent acknowledgment. "Yesterday, the train that was taking you to the Raft was hijacked." This piqued Loki's interest as he was unaware of this conspiracy. "The hijacker's name is y/n y/l/n. She has been on international watchlists for the past one hundred years. It is our belief that she was trying to break you out. That's why we're transferring you. At the Tower, we will be better equipped to confine and protect you."
"And you're wondering if I have anything to do with her"
"Yes. Do you know who y/l/n is?"
"Of course not. In my short time in this despicable realm, I have only been able to acquire the most basic of knowledge. Y/l/n is not someone I am familiar with. Unless you would care to inform me."
"And have you creating an alliance with her? Absolutely not" Steve chuckled. Did Loki really think he was that stupid? You, the most wanted woman on Earth with the most dangerous man? Anyone could tell that would not end up well. Together you and he could take down entire governments with ease.
"I am only asking Rogers. I would not be able to 'take over the world' from my position," Loki said sarcastically. He had once again read Steve's mind.
But the most wanted woman on Earth... He thought- blocking Wanda from reading his thoughts; together, we COULD be unstoppable… Think of what we could do… But who is y/l/n… I would very much like to meet a woman with her reputation…
"y/l/n is an assassin much like Natasha Romanoff. You met her. Only she has stayed under the radar and influenced politics using deadly force." Wanda piped.
Yes!... I must meet her…
Angered at such information going to a criminal, Steve chided her. "Wanda!"
"What. As Loki said, he can't do much in chains."
"Or these restraints that you put on my magic. I mean, do you honestly think so little of me?"
"Yes," both avengers agreed. They did indeed think so little of Loki.
Just then, tires screeched, and the truck came to a stop. Without a moment's hesitation, one of the agents grabbed a sack and put it over Loki's head so he wouldn't be able to see. Two others grabbed each side of him while the rest opened the door. They shoved him off the truck and began marching him into the Tower and into the basement where the prison was located.
"Again. Is this necessary!" Loki shouted. He was not used to being treated so poorly. He was a former prince and a God, after all.
"Shut up," the captain ordered and jabbed Loki with a baton, "Keep moving!" he called. The posse disappeared into the elevator and out of sight from Steve and Wanda.
The two avengers stood in silence outside the truck. All of that had happened so quickly they didn't have time to process it until now. Fury hadn't told them that they would be the ones accompanying Loki down to his cell, but he didn't tell them that was going to happen either. Neither of them had ever seen a prisoner being handled that violently. Regardless, Steve and Wanda were used to Fury pulling stunts like that, so they shrugged it off. It wasn't their place, and Loki was being detained. That was all that mattered.
Wanda glanced at Steve, who ushered her to go ahead. They walked inside the Tower and to the elevator. Instead of following the agents down into the basement right away, the button they pushed in the elevator was marked 73. That floor contained offices for the Avengers and other agents employed by Tony Stark.
Inside the elevator, Steve simply said, "Well, that was interesting" to Wanda. She responded with an "Agreed" before they both went back into silence. The elevator doors dinged and opened to a walkway around a courtyard. The middle went all the way down to the lobby, and the top was the glass of the slanted side of the Tower. You could see hundreds of offices, conference rooms, labs, and lounges below from the edge. Also occupying Avenger's Tower was Stark Industries. The Avengers got the top 20 floors, and Stark Industries got the bottom 70. Wanda and Steve began walking down a hallway to one of Fury's offices.
"Before we go inside…." Wanda began with a mischievous grin, "...Did you go out with- what's that one girl- the other night? Asking for Nat, not me."
"Sure," Steve replied as he rolled his eyes, "and her name was Roxanne. Definitely pretty, but not for me."
"Why not. You should have someone. It's not fair that you're alone."
"I'm fine, Wanda. Honestly."
"No, you're not. I can see it in your eyes. You're lonely."
"Wanda! I'm fine! Let's just get Fury and go down to talk to Loki again. He's hiding something. And I want to know what."
The Avenger's gym was located on the 85th floor. Although it was rarely empty, the only person in the room was Bucky. He had his headphones in, blasting music so loud that you could hear it next to him. The punching bag he was hitting rattled loudly before falling to the floor. Instead of being shocked, Bucky fell to his knees and pulled his torso into a ball.
"Hey there," a voice in the dark said.
Bucky made a lousy attempt at acknowledging. He just grunted. Stepping out of the shadows, Natasha walked over to him and squatted down to his level.
"Bucky, I know this is hard. It's hard for me too." She gave Bucky a quick hug and got up to walk away. She was halfway to the door when Bucky finally spoke.
"She was my partner for a little while." He was crying. "Only for a year or two. I don't know. But she was so sweet. Like a little ball of sunshine. I miss her."
"Let's find her then. Get her back."
"For Fury to stick her in a cage?"
"Me, you, and her have a lot in common. We're criminals. Fury can't take us all in. Some of us have to pay for our crimes."
"But not us?"
"Not us."
With that, Natasha walked out of the room. Bucky sunk back into his ball and rolled to his side. His black hair fell over his tear-stained face.
Soldier?Ready to comply.
Good. I have a new friend for you. This is y/l/n. She will be your partner on your next mission…
Capture the Georgian president…
It's a trap!!!!... Run…
Soldier? Yes? Why do you not have the target? Or the Shadow? I don't know…
Flashbacks of his time as the Winter Soldier flew in and out of his mind. Your name had triggered them, and he had no idea how to stop them. Even when he was only a shell of a person, he had loved you like a best friend. Then when you abandoned him in Georgia, he was heartbroken. You had been his only companion who cared for him. You had felt bad for him. To be a puppet for an organization, you had fought and almost died against.
If he ever finds out, he'll be heartbroken. To do all that he did for someone who he despises. It will kill him.
That's what you had thought about him. No one had told you who he was when you had arrived at HYDRA, but it didn't take much digging to find out. You were shocked when you did. Captain America's sidekick!? HYDRA's puppet?! Since you were unable to help him, you treated him with kindness and empathy.
HYDRA had asked for your help in controlling the Soviet Union's smaller governments back in the sixties, and you agreed. You had gone to several small countries like Latvia and Estonia to assassinate or kidnap government officials who HYDRA didn't like. You were with them for a year and a half before you were sent to Georgia and walked right into a trap. Instead of helping Bucky and finishing your mission, you escaped by yourself and ran away. Your own skin was worth more than one man. Even after having his mind wiped after his mission, he felt a presence was missing. When he didn't know it, he missed you. Now that Bucky had gotten his memories back, he missed you more than ever.
"Hey Buck," Steve whispered. Bucky hadn't noticed Steve come in. "Nat told me you weren't doing so good."
"I knew her. I miss her." Bucky croaked out.
"Well, let's get her. Then you can see her again. Okay?"
"Sounds good."
"Let's go then. Loki's here, and Fury's talking to him. We need to come up with a plan if we're going to catch her." Steve kissed Bucky on the top of his head and stood up.
"When we get y/n, are we just going to put her in a prison cell? She doesn't deserve that."
"We'll see Buck. We'll see."
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theresnoplatypus · 8 hours ago
Chapter 4
Tumblr media
warnings: mentions of stabbing 
Loki’s POV
on Svartalfheim, as we continue flying on their ship suddenly Jane's eyes open, it's obvious that the Aether has taken control over her, she wakes up and looks ahead looking at malekith 
“Malekith,” Jane said 
Our ship was landing, and we watch over Malekith and his men walking towards us I look ahead first 
Thor worriedly looked at her and asked “ Are you ready” I interrupted her and said “I am” ana and thor nodded at each other and we walked up to them “ You know this plan of yours is going to get us killed” Loki said. “ Yeah, possibly,” I looked down at my cuffs to see if he’d uncuff them Thor responded by looking at me in a non-trusting way. “ you still don’t trust me, brother?” “would you?’ Ana said. I smirked a little while thor was removing my cuffs. “ No, I wouldn’t” I reached for my dagger and stabbed thor, and threw him down the hill. “Thor! No!” Jane said. I threw ana down the hill as well I walk over to 
Thor and “You really think I cared about Frigga, about any of you?” I kick Thor in the stomach 
 “All I ever wanted was you and Odin dead at my feet!” I see Thor raises his hand, attempting to summon Mjolnir, but I cut off his hand making Thor scream out in pain, Jane rushes over to Thor but I grab her and turn to face Malekith and his dark elves “Malekith, I am Loki of Jotunheim and I bring you a gift! I threw Jane at Malekith's feet “I ask only one thing in return, a good seat from which to watch Asgard burn.” I turn to ana and stabbed her as well. 
Anastasiahs pov
Loki turns to me and whispered “no hard feelings” I groaned in pain and fell to my knees I heard Malekith talking to thor and seeing Jane being rose up into the air and removing the aether from her body I used my power to let her down slowly. “ Loki, Ana Now!” thor said, Loki deflected his powers to make thors hand appear again and to make my stomach healed. I raised my hands and constructed dark matter and reduced the aether to a small energy ball as Thor summoned Mjolnir and struck it with lighting but failed. One of Malekiths men attacked me as I see Malekith getting away. I blasted one of malekiths men As I see a giant throw a device in the air I see above jane I quickly push her out of the way not thinking I was gonna get sucked into a vortex, loki pushed me out of the way onto the ground “ Are you mad?” Loki said in disbelief “ quite, so like yourself darling“I responded. I see thor attacking the giant and manages to beat thor down as loki got up to protect his brother. Loki from behind impales the alien giant. The giant slowly impales loki along with him I screamed “NO!” I quickly got up and ran towards him. ‘See you in hell, monster” quickly realized loki used his own vortex device on him and explodes with him inside. “No, no no no! Oh, you fool, you didn’t listen” thor said sadly “ loki! Let me heal you” I whimpered i waved my hand emanating my powers. “I know, I’m a fool, I’m a fool! I hear loki squirming in pain but my powers weren’t helping. “Stay with me, okay?” Thor said “I’m sorry, I’m sorry” Thor was consoling loki “ It’s okay, I’ll tell father what you did here today” Loki responded with “I didn’t do it for him” as he closed his eyes I waved my hands faster “don’t you dare, close your eyes loki,” I said. Thor yelling in agony. I see jane walking up to us “He’s gonna unleash it, not just on Asgard or on a star, Malekith is going to destroy everything. “How Jane? How” Thor said in desperation. As thor and jane have a conversation I reached for lokis cheek to say goodbye to see my hand go through his green replica. I whispered to myself “are you joking?” “ ana are you coming?” I snapped out of my mind. “I want to say goodbye to loki on Asgard” “very well, I’m sorry ana.” “me too, thor” i responded. 
~Time jump~
As i see soldier coming up to pick Loki’s dead body i went along with him back to Asgard. As i saw Heimdall with his sword he looked at me in shock “Lady Anastasiah, you’re back? “ yes Heimdall, please show me to Odin” “ As you wish, Lady Anastasiah” As we were walking to the palace I see Odin with his staff as I walk up to him and toe-tapping. “Lady Anastasiah, you came back?” Odin said “ yes my liege I came back” I responded. Well, it’s nice to have you back I must say” Odin praised. “ Cut the foolishness, loki I know it’s you!” “I don’t understand what your implying,” Odin said. We slowly began staring at each other for minutes. I broke eye contact first and slowly thought maybe loki didn’t betray us. I apologized and started to walk away “ Impressive, anastasiah very impressive”. I looked back to see loki I walked up to him and slapped him on the face. “How could you, Thor for mourned you” “As did you, you mourned for me anastasiah,” “that’s not the point, you haven’t changed a single bit.” I defended. “I’m very disappointed in you loki” I started to walk away as loki. Loki stopped me and became aggressive “ how dare you speak to your king that way! Don’t ever turn your back on me” he yelled. “ Your the one who turned your back on me 300 years ago!” I said furiously “Where is your father loki?” I said changing the subject. “I sent him to new york and banished him to an elderly retirement home,” Loki said sternly. I sighed as I attempted to walk away again but loki stopped me “ where are you going?” loki said curiously “ I’m going to go get him” “no you’re not” “ yes I am, loki” loki grabbed my forearm “ let go of me” I said. “ what if I give you an offer?” I didn’t say anything, and waited for him to say something. “ id like it if you became the queen of Asgard?” I quickly opened my mouth and decline his offer but i thought about it deeply. I didn’t want to go back to the tomb. “ okay, Loki I’ll become the queen of Asgard”
thank you for making it down this far and for you’re prize i give you cookie 🍪
feedback is welcome :)
all my gifs are from Pinterest
Thank you for reading Act I it has come to an end :) Next we are starting on Act II (Thor Ragnorak)
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jhiddles · 9 hours ago
Doctor VS Medic
Y/N: I’m not a doctor, I’m a medic
Loki: What’s the difference then
Y/N: Doctors actually save lives, medics just make you feel more comfortable as you die
Thor: Note to self; never get shot
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snv-fanfic-blog · 11 hours ago
Loki x Reader
Don't mind me, just relieving some stress. This fic has been on my head for months so I need it out of my system.
And for the love of god I can't write a poseidon fic or my mind would explode from just imagining it.
He's been bugging you everyday. Fooling around and calling himself the God of Mischief. You never believed him because you never believed in the existence of god.
You always wondered how this person, or let's say a being, has so much time to fool around that they basically stick with you 25/8 a month. And so you asked him. Then he replied, "That's because I'm a god, my little mouse." As he grinned eerily from ear to ear.
He's been sticking with you long enough to know that smile of his means you'll have another hellish week.
Lately, a lot more bizarre things are happening around and you know fully well who's the cause of all of it. And the so-called god is not amused, you didn't show any reaction again.
Whether I show any reaction or not, he'll just annoy me more. I'll just tolerate him like I used to before.
Are the thoughts swirling in your head while cherishing the moment of silence you have since he has gone to some sort of conference. Yet he would come back and you know it. Things are going to get worse.
I'll just enjoy my time while he's gone. You muttered while sinking to the warm water in the bathtub.
You tried many many times to make him leave you before admitting defeat and succumb into tolerating his existence.
His presence doesn't seem to be that bad though. And like a lightning suddenly striking a tree did you realize that this self acclaimed god might have grown into you.
Such thoughts caused you to bolt up from your bed and dash to your kitchen fridge and chug a glass of cold water.
"This is bad. Really really bad." You keep chanting like it's a mantra that would help you exorcise evil in your life while biting your thumb.
Things won't be the same once he comes back. Then with a hit of another sudden realization, you thought, Why am I even anticipating his return??. Confusion ensues inside your peaceful mind that you barely got. 
Your once tranquil life has now been fully turned upside down by that so-called God of Mischief.
He's back
And you can hear it more clearly now.
Clank clank
The sound of chains being released.
Clank clank
The sound was faint at first, so you thought you could still control it.
Clank clank
And now that he's back and his mischief has gotten more worryingly aggressive.
Clank clank
The sounds have gotten worse.
Clank clank clank clank
It's much louder now.
Clank clank clank clank
And the rate of the chains being released that has sealed 'something' inside you is getting faster than before.
Clank clank clank clank clank clank clank clank
'Something' that you've hidden for years is about to come out.
Clank clank clank clank clank clank clank clank clank clank clank clank clank
It's something that you don't ever want to see again in your whole life time.
Clank clank clank clank clank clank clank clank
The peaceful life that you barely manage to get would be gone once 'it' is out in the open.
Clank clank clank clank clank clank clank
He's looking at you with that eyes of a child who found an interesting new toy.
Clank clank clank
Clank clank
You suddenly thought.
Clank clank
He knows.
He already knows from the beginning.
As the sound of the last chain being released, you can feel arms wrapping your shoulders like there's a person hugging you from behind. Somehow, you feel more relieved and free than being burdened.
Now he's looking at you with delightfully crazed eyes.
And you met his gaze with your own craziness.
What was he called again?
"Loki was it?" You asked.
And he grinned as a reply.
Soon, a smile that could even give a god a cold shudder on their spine creeped on your face.
This is going to be fun.
May or may not be continued
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maiden-of-asgard · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Cafe Canaveral! 🍵
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lokis-reindeer-games · 12 hours ago
random thoughts with kim time again
how my top 3 would act to you stealing their clothes
by the way these always start off with me thinking "how would alex react to..." and then i just sit there in a puddle of cuteness
alex summers
"is that my jacket?" "...maybe."
he gotta keep up that tough exterior on the outside
"alright then."
but on the inside?
boy is practically melting
he'd start encouraging you to wear his stuff more often
"wanna wear my jacket? its pretty cold out there." (also now that i think about it he might not need to wear a jacket because his mutation probably naturally warms his body but for the cuteness we'll ignore it)
"here, take my glasses."
"put on one of my shirts. we can stop by your room if you don't wanna wear it tho."
he'd try to be subtle about it
but he was grinning the whole time
so it actually wasn't that subtle
but it's cute so you're obviously not gonna burst his bubble
loki laufeyson
there would be no reaction
because yall share clothes all the time
"darling have you seen my grey crop top with the off the shoulder sleeve thingy." "first of all loki, that's my top. second of all its in the second drawer."
but the first time you stole one of their hoodies
my god
they didn't show it but they were screaming on the inside
"is that the hoodie thor gave me for christmas?" "yeah. you were gone and it smelt like you so i took it."
they wouldn't hide the fact that they were trying to get you to wear their clothes
"wear this." "loki these are your jeans." "im aware."
erik lehnsherr
ok this is more of a whole outfit
but yall know in first class when him and charles went to go recruit mutants and he wore that black turtleneck with the tan colored coat?
yeah you stole that
the whole outfit
"y/n are you ready to- you're wearing my clothes." "is that a problem?"
he just kinda
stares at you (yes i headcanon that erik has a staring problem)
it takes him a minute to process whats happening
but when he does he smiles
"you look amazing. let me tuck in your shirt some more." "erik you don't have to-" "nonsense. now lets find you some accessories."
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stanknotstark · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
OH do i have experience with this XD bottling up is just so easy you know? @imagine-loki​ thank you for the prompt :D
It had been a calm day, the Avengers were out on a mission (Quest, Loki denies to stoop so low as to say mission) fighting AIM, in California. So the tower was empty save for you and Loki, seeing as Fury didn’t want everyone gone in case something happened in New York. The Fantastic Four were on call with you and Loki being the extra members if an attack did happen. 
Loki figured you’d be happy today, as if you weren’t everyday which is what unsettled him. He has never seen you exhibit another emotion as strongly as you exhibit happiness. He knew somewhere deep down you had to experience sadness and anger just as strongly, right? He was concerned but didn’t necessarily want to break your happy streak. 
He finds you cooking in the kitchen, something is in the oven and you stand with your back to him but by the looks of it you’re staring into nothingness. So he makes his way towards you to make a coffee. It was inevitable, you had thousands of spices littering the counter and a few of them straddled the edge so precariously. He tried to slip between you, who refused to move, and the counter and his shirt nipped a spice causing it to fall. Loki apologized but moved out from between you and the oven but when he looked at you you were furious. He blinked and then you were pulling the pan from the oven with mittens, muttering to yourself. 
Loki raised a brow and watched as you pulled the pan from the oven. The food was clearly not finished so he started to ask what you were doing. Instead, he stayed silent and watched you take the food to the common room and heard you scream and the pan hitting the ground. Loki knew something was wrong as you continued screaming and yelling.
“Can’t believe you would-Fuck-God you’re just so-UGH!” 
When you come back into the kitchen you immediately start opening the drawers and throwing utensils all over the floor, and before Loki can even move you open the cabinets and throw all of Stark’s glassware on the ground, still yelling obscenities.
Finally Loki comes back to himself and wraps his arms around your arms and hugs you to his chest to stop you from flailing around like a lunatic. 
What in the ever loving Norns.
“Sweet, you need to calm your breathing you’re going to pass out of you keep this up.” Loki softly says into your ear. When you continue to kick and try to rip from his arms he decides to just keep talking in a soothing voice.
“Sweetheart I know you hurt right now but you’re going to hurt yourself if you continue and I’ll never forgive myself if I let that happen. Please, calm down. I’m right here, I’m not leaving you, I’ll stay right here until you feel better. Please.” Loki slows his words down as you stop struggling and instead stay in his arms and sob.
When he thinks you’re safe enough from yourself he turns you around and his heart tugs at the tears trailing down your face. He has only known you to be happy, he’s never seen you display another emotion this strongly and it’s affecting him more than he would like to admit. Grabbing your chin he tilts your head so you’ll look him in the eye. His other hand comes up to wipe at your tears. 
“Darling, what’s wrong? What happened?” 
Loki swallows as another sob comes out of your mouth then you’re talking so fast he can’t understand what you’re saying. Loki puts a finger over your lips, “Shhh, slow down.” 
Loki watches as you take a few deep breaths then talk again. 
“My mom died and my dad couldn’t handle it so he killed himself. He didn’t even call to tell me he just offed himself like it wouldn’t hurt me and-”
At this point Loki saw Steve walk into the kitchen doorway with wide eyes but left when Loki leveled him with a glare and shook his head. 
Looking back at you you still babbled on but he got the gist of it. So he pulled you into his arms and hugged you tight, his chin resting on your head. 
“I understand your pain, darling, I lost it when my mother passed away. I cannot imagine what it is like to lose both of them in such little time.” Loki said, one hand rubbing your back and the other coming up to hold your head to his chest. 
Loki just stood there holding you until you had completely calmed down. When you pulled from him he looked over your face. Your eyes were puffy and cheeks bright red. 
“How about,” Loki said letting his arm trail down your arm and hold your hand in his, “We go to my room and you can read my norse myths book.” Loki had known you were dying to read about actual norse myths, and for him to tell you what was true and wasn’t. So he smiled a little when you nodded your head, excitement in your eyes now. 
Passing through the kitchen door Loki saw the Avengers cleaning up the food you had thrown across the floor and walls but no one stopped you both as you passed through the room and to the elevator. Loki hugged you to his chest tighter as you hid your face in his chest in embarrassment. 
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thepilotanon · 14 hours ago
What would it be like to be Loki's best friend?
If you’re Loki’s best friend, he’s going to be the type to break into your bedroom and shake you awake at 3AM and whisper all excited “Hey, want to go do something possibly illegal and will alert Area 51?”. If you’re Loki’s best friend, he’s going to go all out when it comes to movie night, making a whole chocolate cake and offer you a fork and let you have at it before he consumes the rest of it. If you’re Loki’s best friend, he is going have you join in on the pranks and chaos he starts just for the fun of it, but also make sure you’re safe and unharmed from his more “explosive” jokes that he pulls on Thor or whoever is suppose to be authority to him.
I know this makes me look “old”, but this is how I see Loki and his best friend. And then there’s this - is definitely Loki as a best friend. I would also imagine you would educate him on memes and jokes and slangs and watch him GO OFF around Thor and other Asgardians. You would take pride in the fact that Loki (while not entirely embracing the Midgard Life), likes to confuse everyone and make him appear superior with his modern Midgard knowledge. (Oh, and this is Loki after he goes to the dentist for the first time - ignore the family titles, replace it with members of the Avengers - you definitely LOVE recording funny experiences with Loki, because you’re THAT best friend).
Why should I even say it, when it’s obvious that you and Loki will deck out in your best clothes, makeup and jewels and take over the town by spending nights at clubs and bars?? Loki has your back, of course, should anything bad happen, and he always makes sure you come back home safe and carefully tucked into bed. He takes care of you by removing your shoes and dressing you in your sleepwear (if you’re okay with that. Brief nudity between best friends isn’t as awkward to me, regardless of their preferred gender tbh).
Loki doesn’t listen to anyone. No authority, no king, no obnoxious big brother who promises him to hang him by his toes over a melting pool of lava for three days...but he will listen to you. Someone is about to give him an opinion on something he’s about to do? He’s going to silence them with the hand all “I don’t care about your opinion, I’m speaking to he/her/them, you boring cretin.”
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darkacademicfrom2021 · 14 hours ago
The Dark Team (part 8)
<<Previous part Masterlist   Next part>>
Join the taglist in here (Taglist: @lucywrites02, @louieboo87, @the-departed-potato, @jesuswasnotawhiteman)
Warnings: violence, near death experience, suicidal consideration.
Tumblr media
With all the information you needed in your head, you ran up to the hotel room. Loki and Bucky were wandering around the neighborhood, handling the “incognito” part of the mission very poorly. But you’d be soon back with them, you just needed to grab the suits, some more information and a scribbled map, and you’d be back on the streets, fighting criminals or… whatever the Hell those two were doing.
It was just a matter of time until you finally got the stick. What did it have that Tony Stark feared so much to be in the wrong hands, you would never know. Unless you grabbed the stick before giving it to him and found out yourself, of course (but no, that would be irresponsible, an invasion, all levels of illegal and probably would result in getting you in jail, or maybe even assassinated).
It sounded good, though.
After what felt like a thousand stairs later, you finally arrived at your room. Grabbing the doorknob while inserting the key, you realized it was already open. You stopped. Was anyone in there? You weren’t the last one to come out that morning, so you weren’t sure you closed it well. Bucky was; and he was generally distracted on those details. He would sleep on them because he can take anyone, he’s a supersoldier, after all.
You didn’t let go of the doorknob, and opened very carefully as to not make any noise. Damn, if I just had my gun with myself this would be much easier, you thought for the hundredth time on the mission. You made a mental note on not leaving the room without a gun ever again.
If it wasn’t bad enough, you didn’t bring any communicators with your teammates on. What for? The last part of the mission was done with all of you together. It made sense you’d sleep on it too.
You stopped the self-loathing on your last few decisions and thought about who or what could be on the other side of the door. It couldn’t be someone who wanted the information you’d already collected, because you informed absolutely no one about it. Not even Stark. And you had made sure nobody followed you or heard your steps. So, it had to be someone from the Hydra base. Someone who would think you had the stick with yourself, and wanted it back.
Basing your actions on that speculation, you calculated the time and risks to get to your gun and suit before you’d get attacked, if the agent was still in there. You could only assume it was an agent. What else would Hydra have, in the middle of 2021?
Alright, you thought. Maybe it’s empty already. I only get one chance.
You slammed open the door and ran to your suit and gun as fast as you could, suiting up with a button, and, in a matter of seconds, you were against a wall with your Beretta 92 pointing at whoever could come and attack you.
Silence and adrenaline filled the room. You looked around, and nothing moved. Not a single sound. Not even a fly.
“Whoever’s here, I don’t have it. I swear, I don’t have it”, you said, still with your gun up. “And I don’t know who has it, yet”.
No answer. You looked around a little, opening some doors and looking under the beds, but it really seemed like you were alone now. Someone had definitely been there; your papers were all disorganized and some chairs were on the floor. The window had a gunshot. But whoever went there, saw there was nothing they wanted and left, not long ago. Maybe you could even seek them with the street cameras.
You walked to the window and traced the gunshot with your fingertips. You recognized the bullet; Bucky had used them before, as the Winter Soldier. Looking outside you recognized in the distance, about three blocks away, the unmistakable figures of your teammates.
A cocking gun in your nape brought you back to the room. You didn’t turn around just yet, waiting for some talking (they usually talk, they don’t want you dead; they rather want your information. Quite difficult to take from if you won’t be able to answer). After some more silence, you turned around violently and tried to kick the (huge, even bigger than Thor) man’s gun off. Instead, he grabbed your leg and pushed you to the floor.
Maybe you weren’t exactly awesome when it came to hand-in-hand combat, alright?
Pointing your gun at him from the floor, you tried to get up, and as soon as you felt him get closer to grab your gun, you shot. You made sure to not actually shoot him; just close enough for him to think you were going to shoot him if he got close. He didn’t get fazed at the shot; didn’t flinch, didn’t even blink. Instead, grabbed your gun and bent it as if it were melted plastic.
Holy fucking shit.
Good news were, now you knew what exactly was in that stick. Bad news, it was already in the wrong hands.
“Chemistry works in mysterious ways, doesn’t it, fella?”, you asked the supersoldier standing in front of you. “When did they serum-ed you? You might be experiencing some side effects”, you chatted, waiting for your teammates, hoping they’d walk a little bit faster. Hopefully, they’d heard the shooting and realized you were in trouble. They didn’t know exactly how much trouble you were in, though.
“You do realize the more you talk, the faster I’ll have to kill you, right?” said he, finally.
“What’s your name? Can’t see you with your weird mask on” you said, standing up slowly. “Let me guess… you must be familiar with James, right?”.
The supersoldier blinked in confusion, and charged his gun, pointing it directly at your forehead.
“You have exactly ten seconds to tell me how you know about James. Ten”.
“Must be a very difficult experience”.
“To be so close, yet so far away”.
“You know, it’d do you wonders some therapy maybe. To process the whole James thing”.
“You sound like Monica Geller”.
“You’ll get bored of counting, eventually”.
“Alright, pack it up”.
You sighed and rolled your eyes.
“I don’t know anything about that James, it was a wild guess. Everyone is called James these days”, you explained. He stopped counting but pressed the gun harder against your head.
“Quit the mocking. Give me the stick and I’ll let you live”.
“There’s no way you’re letting me live. I already know Hydra has some more supersoldiers, and I guess the thing in the stick is the formula, isn’t it? Give me the secret formula, spongebob, right?”. The man realized you were just making time, and tried to grab your wrists. “Took you long enough to notice. Soldiers are not the brightest, let me tell you”.
As he tried to lock your wrists, you used all your body weight to push him out of the window. Terrible idea. He was at least five times stronger, and instead of your original plan, the one getting thrown off a nine-floor window now were you.
Bucky and Loki were a block away, and all they saw was a tiny speck on the sky, getting rapidly closer to the street. It didn’t take them much thinking until they realized that speck was you, flying off the hotel room. Loki took impulse and teleported himself as fast as he could to the nearest floor you were currently passing, and grasped your arm and hand with his both hands, holding himself with only his legs from a balcony.
Hanging from just one arm, with seven tall floors behind your feet, you tried your best to not look down. Oh, heights weren’t your best friend, much less the possibility of a bad movement and instantly dying right there. You could only think in how lucky you were your teammate had quick reflexes, and how idiotic you were to think you could’ve possibly taken that man by your own. He bent your gun with his bare hands, for God’s sake. You looked down, and saw the supersoldier already fighting with Bucky on the streets. Your face turned even paler as you observed how tall you were. Everything was tiny below you.
“Look at me”, said Loki, with a calm voice. You redirected your gaze to him. His eyes. There was a glimpse in his eyes, showing something. Your own emotions weren’t allowing you to actually concentrate on his face expressions, anyways. He sensed it, and repeated. “Look at me, don’t look down. I’m here”.
You met his eyes once again and this time you didn’t leave them. There it was. His eyes irradiated pure and raw panic. Fear. No, not even fear; terror. What was he terrified of? Terror of losing you? Why would he care so much? Why would he care that deeply? It didn’t matter now, for you were definitely dying. His grip was strong, but your hand was starting to numb and you were losing strength. You were dizzy and sweating, frightened. He gripped harder and it pained you.
“Hold on to me. Do not let go, I'm here”, he said. His words were tranquil and reassuring, trying to keep it as undisturbed as he could, but a drop of desperation cracked his voice. “Hold strong, I’m lifting you up”.
“Don’t. You’ll fall down. You can’t take this height either” you said without hiding your dread. Your tight throat did the job and your eyes watered. That was it, you thought. And it was. There was no way Loki could lift you without him falling down too. And even if there was a possibility, why would he risk his long and meaningful life for the sake of yours? “Let me go, Loki”.
“I’m not letting you go”.
“You’ll die”.
“No, and you won’t either. Hold onto my grip”, he assured you without leaving any room for discussion, trying to lift your body and almost tripping in the process. He gasped and you left out a whine.
“Stop it, I’m not letting you go”, he said, less calm than he’d have liked to. “I’m not letting you go”, he repeated, almost in a whisper.
In a struggle, he brought you into the balcony he was hanging from. Your legs were shaking, as you laid on the marble floor by his side. Both of you breathless, looked at each other without saying a word. After a brief moment, you took his hand and squeezed it gently, not ever breaking eye contact.
“You saved me. Thank you”.
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