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#loki smut
viva-asgard · an hour ago
Ok, so here’s my first fanfic attempt, be gentle! It features Xmas, smutty fluff, and a horndog Loki.
A New Holiday Tradition, Part 1
Pairing: Loki x black!witch!reader
Rating: M
Word count: 3.5k words
Warnings: For 18+ readers, contains swearing, a lot of smut and innuendo, a slightly dub con scene.
Notes: Canon, what canon? After the events of Thor Ragnarok and Endgame, but basically in a multiverse where Loki is still alive to annoy everyone. The character is a blend of film! Loki and comics! Loki. Everyone is gay, I don’t make the rules.
You give a small smile of happiness when you open the door to your favourite bookshop. Warm and inviting, the smell of cakes and fresh pages beckon you in from the cold. Loosening your chunkily knit forest green scarf, you take off your fogged glasses and rub them on your jumper for the millionth time that day. You love winter, but it is a terrible time for the bespectacled. After kicking snow off your boots, you say your hellos and holiday greetings to the staff as you walk by, making a beeline to the history section.
“We have a new selection of queer historical biographies, and a few books on English magic, if you’re interested?” You turn around and Olu’s wide, cheerful face greets you, her tight finger waves dyed red and green for the season. Her smile is slightly devious. You shake your head and take the stack of books from her hands.
“You vile temptress”, you cry with a grin. Your friend knows that you have a book problem and exploits it at every opportunity. “Alright, I’ll take them all, with some cake, please. Crystal is outdoing themself with these holiday treats!”
After a quick chat with your friend, you bundle up again, your backpack heavier and your wallet lighter. Cold winds wash over you as you open the door, cursing as your glasses fog up once more. Staggering back into the grey December, you cry out as your scarf gets caught in the door. You fruitlessly attempt to untangle yourself while temporarily blinded. A hand holds the door and a figure says softly, “please, let me help you with that.” The voice is low and silken, with a slightly old fashioned quality that you can’t quite place.
“Oh, thank you!” You exclaim, removing your glasses. As the figure leans over, quickly releasing you, you give a short gasp of surprise. They are crackling with magick. Old magick. You put on your streaky glasses and take a step back in shock. Dark green eyes meet yours, intense and intelligent. You feel as though you’re staring into the cosmos.
“Gods”, you whisper in wonder, “you’re Loki! Holy shit!”
He gives a mischievous, lopsided smile at your exclamation. The magick around him is intense and you feel yourself drawn to it. The air crackles and shifts around him. His strong, dark brows knot slightly as you continue to stare, forgetting the cold air and your awaiting work. His thick, night black hair is made messy by the wind, though he doesn’t seem bothered by the bone-chilling cold.
“I’m sorry, I’m being rude!” you say quickly, sticking out your hand. “Thank you. It’s just- your magick took me by surprise. It’s so-potent,” you finish weakly, wincing inwardly. His smile widens slightly.
“You’re a witch,” he says warmly. “A powerful witch to be able to sense my seidr so easily. Very few Midgardians have ever had the pleasure.” His voice is arrogant and seductive, wrapping you in a kind of chilled warmth. You give a small frown at the feeling.
“I’m just a beginner, hardly powerful”, you protest, ramming your already numb hands into your coat pockets.
“Nonsense, mortal, you don’t recognise your strength yet,” he says convivially, putting a graceful hand on your shoulder. You glance downward to look at his hand on your person, his long fingers painted with matt black nail polish. He continues, his voice disarmingly friendly. You did not expect the former bringer of chaos and destruction to sound so- well, kind. “Well, you seem to know a bit about me, but I know nothing of you, save for the loveliness of your features.” You scoff as he smirks. “What is your name, little witchling?”
“Y/N”, you reply guardedly, moving away from the bookshop door as customers rush in for last minute gifts. The God of Lies and Mischief is a bastard to be sure, but you are drawn to him, his seidr. You can almost taste it, the thick yet ghostly scent of burning wood and snow-tipped forest. It doesn’t hurt that his smug, pale face is almost distractingly attractive. He resembled one of the classical paintings held in a nearby museum, all pleasing planes and well-placed angles. He meets your gaze as though he can hear your thoughts. Shit, can he hear my thoughts? Should I be worried?
“A name to suit your loveliness. Could I tempt you to a small stroll and cafe visit?” He moves in closer, waiting for a response, making you feel suddenly dizzy.
“Sure”, you say breathlessly, research forgotten. “My local cafe is near here, in one of the squares.” You quickly turn your head back towards the bookshop, where you see Olu pressed against the window, amongst the book displays.
Fam, is that Loki? she mouths excitedly, pointing.
Yes! What the actual fuck? you mouth back. She gives a thumbs up followed by a move along gesture. You roll your eyes as Loki takes your arm in his, causing your breath to catch in your throat.
“Lead the way, my intriguing little witch.” He walks in quick, swaggering strides and you attempt to match his speed. Damned tall god. You look at his patrician profile, thinking of the old legends.
“You’re full of compliments, aren’t you?The stories weren’t wrong, you really do enjoy using that silver tongue of yours.” Your voice is teasing.
Loki’s smile is almost predatory as he lets out a sultry laugh, his eyes filled with a dark mirth. He whispers into your ear, his words a promise filled with velvet and poison. “Oh my dear, you truly don’t know the half of it.” He smiles serenely as you release a strangled cough, eyes wide and face uncomfortably warm. Gods, what are you getting yourself into, and why are you scared that you might like it?
You and the trickster god wander around the quiet Georgian squares, watching schoolchildren play in the gently falling snow. You smile dreamily as you look around, still feeling as though you are living in a film of someone else’s making. Loki gazes at you, with an expression dangerously close to softness.
“Where do you hail from, Y/N? I cannot place that wonderful voice of yours.“
“By the gods, you really slather it on. I’m American and Wakandan, my mom is from Louisiana, my dad is part of the River Tribe. I grew up in Virginia, but I travelled with my parents frequently as a kid. They eventually sent me to school in Wakanda, for ‘the superior education that is my birthright’”, you drawl, mimicking your father’s voice. “They wanted me to become a scientist, like them. I, er, had other plans.”
“Fascinating. So you travelled to England to become a witch instead. I am sure that your parents were not expecting that!”
You laugh gently. “Oh Trickster, my parents would have fucking murdered me if I’d done that. We can’t all be Stephen Strange.” Loki’s eyes darken at Strange’s name. “Witchcraft is more a result of my research interests.”
“And what would those interests be?”
“I’m a graduate student, I focus on the erotics of early modern English magicks, looking at how queerness exists within the liminal margins of science and spellcraft. Still a disappointment, but at least I get to keep my nose in books all day. And learn magick in my free time.”
You reach the small coffee shop at the edge of one of the squares. He orders tea and you a hot chocolate, before making your way to a plush sofa nestled in a warm corner. You remove your dark, oversized coat and scarf as you sit sit down, noticing Loki’s appraising look. You are wearing your favourite wool blazer, the deep burgundy bringing out the golden warmth of your skin. Your dark floral button down shirt is slightly unbuttoned, and your faded black jeans cover a worn pair of biker boots you’ve had for years. You meet the god’s gaze full on, daring him to blink first. He does, causing you to smile slyly.
The cashier calls out that your order is ready, and Loki removes his fur-lined, green leather coat with one graceful motion. “Please, don’t move, I’ll get that.” He brushes his fingers against yours and you feel a sudden rush of electricity course through you. Was that his seidr, or something else?
He turns and goes to pick up your drinks, speaking briefly to the cashier as he pays. He is wearing a thick grey jumper that looks expensive and deliciously soft. The jumper shows off his broad shoulders and lean frame, and you fight the urge to ask if he’s ever considered modelling when not destroying worlds. He doesn’t need more reasons to be vain. His jumper is slightly tucked into tight black leather trousers which makes you feel very warm suddenly. His black knee high boots are as worn as yours. You try not to conspicuously look at the ass of a god as he walks away, but he is making it very difficult for you. As you stealthily ogle him, he gives you a glance over his shoulder, all hooded eyes and unknowable smile. He cocks his hip in an exaggerated pose of relaxation, and you swear under your breath. What an absolute asshole.
You remove your knitted hat and do a quick spell to refresh your appearance before he returns. If he wants a competition, he can have one. Your long Senegalese twists are revealed, showing the fresh fade you received yesterday. Your lipstick refreshes itself, becoming a deep oxblood red that highlights the pouty fullness of your mouth. Your warm brown eyes are rimmed with black kohl, revealing flecks of deep violet. Your gold nose ring and Wankandan ear cuff shine in the retreating sunlight. When Loki returns with the drinks, he cannot keep his eyes off you. He sits close to you, allowing you to see his faint 5 o’clock shadow.
“My dear witchling, you look even more enticing. This day becomes more promising with each moment.” His feline eyes almost glow in the low, soft light of the cafe.
You look at him coyly. “I have no idea what you could possibly mean by that.” You hum softly and put your finger gently into the whip cream of your hot chocolate. Drawing it out, you suck the cream off your finger thoughtfully, glancing at him. His pale skin looks slightly flushed and he pushes his hair out of his eyes nervously, tucking it behind his ear. You add making a god flustered to your list of personal achievements.
“So Trickster,” you drawl, “why are you in London, is it for chaos or pleasure?” Greenwich was still recovering from his brother’s heroics, which was annoying. You used to love going to Greenwich.
Loki smiles at your question. “Can it not be both?”
“I’d rather you not destroy this place, it has a lot of useful archives. And the food is excellent.” You sip your drink carefully, sighing in pleasure as the chocolate warms you.
The god laughs in amusement. “My oafish brother thought I should explore the lands of Midgard, that it may make me less inclined to- wreak havoc. Now that I am considered,” he shudders, “good. So here I am, learning about mortal cultures. And people.”
Huh. A reformed celestial villain on holiday. London could be so weird sometimes. “So, what have you learned now that you’re so well-behaved?” Your sweet tone is belied by your impish expression as he bristles at the compliment.
“The day is still young, and there is still so very much that I can learn. And even more that I can bestow to a willing, deserving mortal.” His voice was low and husky, and you gulp down your drink, afraid of your response. You feel suddenly that this is not a game you can win. Loki finishes his tea, placing the fragile cup and saucer down carefully on the table. His eyes are sombre and downcast.
“Witchling, despite my great enjoyment of this afternoon so far, I must ask- why do you not fear me? You know my reputation. There are many who still wish my destruction, many might say deservedly.” You shrug, unsure.
“I don’t know. Lots of things have happened recently. We’re not alone in the universe, monsters and aliens much worse than you have threatened the fabric of reality. And like you said, you’ve changed. It was all over the news and social media. You helped save an entire race of people. That’s heroic. The Avengers have killed and harmed a lot of people, but they’re still considered heroes. And now you’re one of them.” You take his hands in yours, feeling him flinch slightly, his expression troubled. “Besides, my older brother is an asshole, and I spent my childhood not belonging anywhere. I totally get it.” You give him a gentle smile. “Though I didn’t have the chance to try to take over the world with my dark forces in the most dramatic way possible.”
The god gives a wicked grin. “Oh, you flatterer.”
“Plus, I’m not gonna lie, you interest me, Trickster. I’ve read the myths, the shapeshifting warrior who uses feminine magicks and arts. We are similar, in that respect. Not son or daughter, but both, or neither. Or something else entirely.” Loki’s face brightens, and you feel an ache in your chest. He grins his lopsided grin. You suddenly feel his seidr strengthening, and he starts glowing green. In an instance, he is transformed. The other patrons look warily at the woman whose hands you are now clasping, and the fact that she is glowing. You gasp and then return her large grin. She is beautiful.
“Would you like to go elsewhere?” Her voice is still low and husky, her languid frame still lean and athletic.
“Y-yes.” You stammer. She watches you intently. “Is something the matter?”
“N-no. You’re- you’re just beautiful. That’s all. All of you. You’re beautiful.” You lost the game in that moment, and you could see in Loki’s eyes that she claimed victory.
“I know.” She stands up, putting on her coat with a flourish. She is still tall, damn her. You put on your outerwear again, as she swaggers out. You are in deep trouble. “Do keep up mortal, I want you to show me the sights! Londinium has changed since my last visit.” Wait, Londinium, like the the Roman settlement?
“Are you fucking kidding me?” You call out as you jog to catch up. “You’ve been around for that long?” Taking your arm in hers again, you both walk out of the square and onto the main road towards the city centre.
“Why, of course! I was in my adolescence then, constantly stealing away from Asgard for the attention of some fair maiden or young warrior. The Iceni women were also formidable, both on the battlefield and in their beds. I learned many a trick from them.” She leaned into you, her curtain of dark hair tickling your face. “Would you like a demonstration?” That ache became lower.
“Is this what you do? Use your wiles to seduce people that you meet on the street?” Loki pouts and straightens. “Yes, when it suits my mood. Are you being seduced, Y/N?” Her husky voice is making your heart pound. You fear that she can hear it hammering over the din of the city.
You look straight ahead, not giving the god the satisfaction of seeing the lust growing in your eyes. You thank the gods that the hardening of your nipples are obscured by layers of clothing.
“You aren’t nearly as impressive as you think you are, you know. I’ve grown up knowing Trickster gods just like you. You’re not special.”
“Yes, but are they as dashing and beautiful a figure as I?” Loki bats her long lashes at you, her hand delicately placed on her breast, a figure out of a pre-Raphaelites portrait. You are never going to live this down, gods have large egos and long memories.
You travel around the city that night, looking at Christmas lights and taking in the scents of the season. You tell each other histories about London, though Loki’s stories grow more epic and ridiculous in scale with each new story. You allow yourself to be charmed by this infuriating god, to become swept up in the strangeness of the day. She makes you laugh, and doesn’t seem bored with you, yet. Your phone buzzes furiously as the night goes on until it becomes a distraction. You check it at a bus stop near Soho, leaning against the shelter.
“My my, aren’t you popular? Tiring of a god’s attention so quickly?” You shush her as you feel her arm snake around your waist. She pulls you close as you check your messages. A group of men wolf whistle and yell crude obscenities at you both as they walk by, becoming silent as Loki moves away from you and magics daggers, her smile menacing. You glance at her in alarm, grabbing her arm softly.
“That’s a fun party trick Asgardian, but we will get arrested if you keep brandishing a weapon in public.” Loki’s daggers disappears, but her seidr crackles dangerously around her.
“You have been granted mercy this night, you undeserving swine. Now flee mortals, before I change my mind!” The men rush away, along with a few tourists. Her voice is cold and commanding, the softness and playfulness gone. You realise truly how much power the Asgardian has. You stand on tip-toe to reach her ear.
“Loki,” you say softly, “it’s alright. Don’t let them ruin our night.” Without thinking, you give her a small kiss on the cheek. Her eyes widen, and her face softens. She wraps a firm arm around you and pushes you against the glass shelter, kissing you passionately. Her lips are soft, tasting of mint and honey, and the slight chill of ice. You wonder if her lips will always remain cold, and how they would feel on other parts of you. You lose yourself in her strong embrace, your tongues meeting again and again. You can feel yourself becoming wet with desire, and cannot stop a low moan from escaping your lips. Magick flows between you, making you feel as light as air. You wrap your arms around her neck, wanting to be even closer to the god. You start to feel drunk with desire and ancient magick. As she begins to kiss your neck, you gently push her away, suddenly aware that you are still in public, at a crowded bus station. Some of the passengers on the waiting bus, including Santa and his elves, give you a rowdy cheer.
Breathing heavily, you both look at each other, her lips swollen and eyes wild with lust.
“Wow. Well.” Your brain tries to form words. “That was... good. Mmhmm. Good.” Well done. She smirks and leans over you. “There is so much more in store for you, my delectable witchling.”
You look at her, unable to hide your yearning. Another buzz reminds you that you are meant to be checking your phone and not making out with an ancient deity. As you look down, Loki reads your messages.
“You should really reply to your mother, it’s almost Yule after all,” Loki chides teasingly.
“I’m starting to understand why everyone attacks you,” you grumble. Loki harrumphs, her gaze haughty. You try not to think about how attractive she looks when displeased. She continues to read over you.
“Who is this Olu? A lover? Should I be jealous?” She scans the messages. “Oh, she wants to make sure you’re still alive, how touching. You should assuage this Olu’s fears.” You quickly check in, messaging that you have spent the day with Loki, ‘to see the sights.’
A response appears almost instantly. “All damn day?! Yes bitch!! Aw, get it girl, get that good god d-“ You quickly turn off your phone as Loki stares at you with an eyebrow raised.
“She can get pretty excited about things,” you say weakly. “She wants everyone to reach their ‘bad bitch’ potential.” Loki thinks about this for a moment, then nods and laughs in approval. “I like this friend of yours.”
In a fluid motion, she stands in front of you, raising your chin in her hand. You become entranced with her lips, stained dark red with your lipstick, and wonder if you will kiss again. “You continue to captivate me, witchling. But I grow tired of traversing this city. I want to know more about you. But first, would you like to experience some ancient magick?” You nod furiously, your nerd senses tingling.
“Think of a place where you feel safe.” That seems easy enough. As you think about your trusty study room in the library, Loki clutches your hand and touches your forehead. In an instant you vanish from the street-
And find yourself transported into the library. Green seidr surrounds you, flowing through you before dissipating. You give a giddy laugh, the remnants of the magick buzzing in your head.
“That was intense, Trickster!” The study room is small and cheerfully lit, with dark, wooden panelling on the wall and threadbare carpeting from decades of student movement. A small desk and shelves are present, along with an old, soft sofa. You are renting it for the week with the hopes that you could focus more without distractions. It doesn’t seem to be working. Loki looks around at your stacks of books and notes left neglected all day. He is returned to his earlier self. The ass remains phenomenal.
“Impressive,” he says approvingly, picking up one of your larger texts. He turns to you, his voice deep. “You are also impressive, Y/N.” Your name sounds obscene in his mouth. You remove your bag, damp outer garments, and blazer, dumping them on the ratty sofa. The library is deathly silent, already closed for the evening. You can hear the wind howling outside, the wild beating of your heart, and suddenly your mouth feels dry. Your dance all day had been leading to this moment, and now you feel unsure of yourself. You look around aimlessly.
“There’s a small canteen downstairs, would you like some tea, or-“
“No.” Loki’s voice is imperious, a command more than a statement. “The time for games has passed. I want you. Now.” He stalks towards you and you once again feel like prey. He embraces you, caressing your hair with gentle fingers. His arousal strains against his leather trousers as he pushes against you, and you desperately want to remove them. He whispers huskily into your ear, and you can feel the wickedness of his smile against your skin. “Have you ever been worshipped by a god?”
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clandestineloki · 16 hours ago
Hey can I request a really soft Dom Loki where him and reader just have really sweet fluffy sex
"you're so beautiful like this, darling," he smiles down at your blissed-out expression, bending down to suck on your neck, an fresh addition to the previous purple and red marks on your chest and collar bone.
"norns," he sighs as you clench around him. "i love you so much."
as if in reply, you mewl into his shoulder, feeling his cock dragging inside you, hitting all the right spots.
everything is so intense, yet gentle all the same.
"i'm- i'm almost-" your ankles lock around his waist, pulling him harder towards you, but loki breaks your legs apart, holding your shaking thighs so that they don't get sore around his waist.
"ssh, ssh, don't force it, sweet, i'll get you there," he coos, placing your legs back on the bed and pushing into you deeper. "i'll get you there, i promise. we're in no hurry, just relax, darling."
he rubs your clit in gentle circles, and the tension in your body visibly eases as you sink into his touch, whimpering softly.
"you're so sweet, so lovely... a-and-" he hisses, throwing his head back at the feeling of you around his cock.
"-fuck, darling, i wish you could see yourself right about now. you're so beautiful. i love you so much."
those words of praise send you over the edge, and loki kisses you so passionately it almost brings you to tears. his movements stagger as he nears his high, pulling you close as he releases inside you, chanting your name like a prayer.
through heavy breaths and stutters, he chuckles. "i would have showered you in praise much sooner if i had known you loved it so much, darling."
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marveicinematics · a day ago
a note from the author.
i’m in dying need of a quick smutty plot to write about, tonight.
if you’d like to submit something to my inbox, i’d love to see how fast my imagination can work this out. let’s try this! ♡
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It’s The Avengers (03x16)
Loki x Reader Avengers The Office AU (Slowwwwww Burn)
Season 3 Episode 16: You Picked the Wrong Weakness
Series Summary: Living in the Avengers facility post-apocalypse in a better timeline   Tony Stark has decided to capture every moment by pulling The Office on the Avengers. All of housemates are pretty used to the idea except for you, who had just come here to finish her degree, and the newest member- Loki.
Warnings: did someone just go and tell the otp about the otp?
Word Count: you know that feeling when you have had a bad experience on some project or assignment or homework before. And you know that thing is going to come around again next month or something like that. And you just age yourself by giving yourself anxiety by thinking everything that could go worse in that area. Yeah. So, I kinda shut that off for a few hours and wrote this.
MASTERLIST in bio, darlings. Tags are open (check bio)
The Interview Room The camera is recording empty seats as a pair of voices grow louder with every second. "'s like they don't even care about what the other person wants!" ", why would they. These rich daddies and their rich egos think they are the only ones thinking about the world." The camera swivels a bit to watch Peter and Scott enter with a new guest following them with a Caprisun in their hand. Peter: And why did you have to go ahead and help them? Shuri: *sits between Scott and Peter* *takes a long sip of her 'sun* What. I'm not going to give up any opportunity that involves space and weird energy boxes. Peter: Why did your brother even agree to it?? Shuri: *shrugs* all your sugar daddy had to say was 'what if it was Shuri'. And my thicc-head of a brother lost it like a rhino in a mating challenge. Peter: *scrunches his nose at the example* Scott: Great *sigh* now we'll never get to see them together. With your brains, those dads are probably already in space now. Shuri: Not so fast! They don't have the codes to neutralise the pandora's box yet. Peter and Scott: *look at each other*  Shuri: So teleportation might be delayed as long as I am kept happy?  Peter: *takes out a notebook* Scott: *takes out his phone and a card labelled Avengers Black Card* The camera pans in on a smirking Shuri sipping on her Capri sun.
Inside a Spaceship: Destination Unknown You and Loki were captured by the little drone flying at the same speed as the spaceship (which clearly had seen some remodelling, thanks to your rainbow buddies). Both of you were staring at something in front of you that lids by your waist level- something the outside drone was not able to capture because of the limited view in the spaceship window. The expressions on your face were serious. So was the arms-crossed stance. "Are you sure it wasn't just a noise?" Loki now had a finger on his lips in deep thought as he heard your words. "I am pretty sure of what I heard," he acknowledged without missing a beat. "So-" your voice faded as your fingers twirled in the air with a mind of their own- "that means he has...another..." "You really can't say it?" Loki looked at you with a questioning brow going up quite smoothly. You tsked. "It's my baby," you mentioned while Javier's camera watched you point down at slumbering Lulu. "I cannot just casually say he might have another hole and I think he farted through it. I cannot hurt my baby's feelings!" Loki scoffed. "Your baby's sleeping." "He still has ears." "You think he understands what a fart means?" "What do you think I've been teaching him when you, me or Javi pass the gas?" Loki's casual demeanour suddenly changed to an offended one. "I beg your pardon?" You were quick on your feet, already walking towards the front of the ship. "So, where exactly are we heading now? Aellae's next of kin? Though I find it hard to imagine she would have left your essence with anyone other than herself." Loki came and sat next to you, still pissed at that comment in those narrowed eyes. "I am going to circle back to your words-" he inhaled while you acted all innocent- "and no. We are not looking for anyone related to that witch." "Then are we looking for another one of your exes?" "No, we are n-" Loki stopped short, his lips right in a thin line as he stared at you. "Why are you so interested my exes?" You simply shrugged and raised your brows. "On the contrary, it seems your exes are still pretty interested in you." That casual expression turned into a familiar judgment as your head turned to look at him. "Though I wonder what did they find so-" you hands moved haphazardly- "interesting about you." Loki swivelled his captain seat towards you, locking your legs between his while grounding your armrests with his hands. Clicking the control button on your armrest, he moved your chair a bit closer to him, his face in close proximity to yours. Javier's camera panned in on the gulp moving down your throat while your eyelids did a flutter at this uncalled movement. The 4K caught those goosebumps rising right where his arm barely grazed yours and in the background, Lulu played an arousing violin piece. "Something you can only dream about, darling," he whispered. The violin picked up the charge in the air within its quick clean high notes. The only noise leaving you was the escape of the air stuck in your throat, shivering on its way out. "Of c-" you cleared your throat. trying to sit back up in your seat- "of course I can only fantasize. The reality makes me want to puck. Ugh!"
Loki: Y/N thinks space is all fun and games. What she does not realise is that just like earth, this universe too has an underworld. Ten times in size and twenty times as brutal. And Aellae was just the tip of the filthy iceberg. *camera zooms in on his tensed features* looks into the distance* Wonder who else she told about her. *looks back* *blinks* I'm taking her somewhere we can lie low for now. *rolls eyes* that is if she understands what lying low means. *sighs* 
You: *eating bread like a peasant famished for days* Hm? What? No *shakes head* 'm nod nerbous. *takes another bite* debinidly nod becoz o doki. He wash jus playing wee me. *viciously bites into the bread* *growls and buries head in your lap* 
"I am still telling you to ask for their help. It's not too late," you suggested in a composed manner, sitting in the co-pilot seat. "I am not calling seven alien boys just because you have a fetish for Korean pop bands." You thwacked his leg with yours. "I do not! And don't you dare talk shit about k-pop." Loki chuckled. "Why? What are going to do?" "I won't. But you know what k-pop fans are like, don't you?" The smile on Loki's face suddenly started to flicker away as he looked at the camera. "Remember that Vegas trip?" Clearing his throat, he adjusted himself on his seat, while you shared a devilish smirk with the camera. "We're going somewhere safe. Where I have a chance of getting my powers back and hopefully a gateway back to earth." You sat up. "Why didn't we go there in the first place?" Loki blinked, not really answering. You and the camera noticed the tension in his jaw. "It's not a place I like to talk about." The asteroid belt cleared in front of the spaceship to show the part of a planet covered in grey clouds shadowing frozen blue mountains and dark valleys. "Jotunheim," you whispered to yourself, letting the gloomy yet majestic scenery of the place reflect in your eyes. “Loki,” all humour in your voice seemed to dilute as you looked back at home, “we don’t have to go there. We-uh...we could go to one of Peter’s hideouts? Or maybe we could call the Boys and ask them to direct us to one of their safe places? You know, till we find a lead on your essence.” A smirk built upon the God's lips. "Is that concern I hear in your voice?" Those worry-laden brows suddenly dispersed all emotion to make way for anger. A slap made way from your hand to his right side of the back. The thwack was loud enough to wake Lulu and force a sincere 'ow' from the God's throat. "This concern is for me and my babies you awful animal," you growled, your voice considerably higher, "you think they'll survive there?"
Jotunheim If the mountains seemed to carry an eerie aura about them, the valleys were a straight suggestion of being pits straight to hell. To add to the effects of arriving at the gates of hell, the snow falling was harsh, to say the least. As soon as the door to the ship opened to let all the passengers feel the heat, the drone travelling outside took in travellers covered in thick fur. Javier carried Lulu on his front, both of them visible just with their faces- not to mention the former's blue eyes standing out over everything else in his surroundings. Loki too embraced the thick skin, looking quite the part of a Jotun till he picked up the hood of your coat to put it over your head without saying much; only smiling when you looked like a fluffed up birb in that Viking overcoat.
Loki: *smiling sheepishly**looks at you standing next to him* Angry birb *looks back at Javier's camera* Sam taught me that one. *camera pans at you simmering under that fur*
Lulu had already picked the background music for his pack's entrance. The Viking beat had just the right amount of weight and horror of the unknown in it as this place did. Just ahead of the pass lay the structure carved in the mountain itself. It could be called a palace or a temple. But that was not what sought your attention.  Eyes. The camera caught eyes in the dark staring at the unwanted guests. Blue. Piercing. Murderous. And more than one pair. The drone panned in on that one subconscious movement of your fingers gripping the fur of the coat on Loki's back as the God walked gallantly- as if he owned the planet. But your eyes did not stop to observe the alien movement around you. "Remember-" Loki's whisper brought you out of the daze your own thumping heart was creating for you- "do not show them your fear. Show them that you are to be feared." It may have been his words or just his voice that started to melt the fear visible on your features, lasting for five seconds before a loud thump vibrated the land beneath your feet, making you all come to a stop. And when that was not enough, the audience saw the feet first, then the legs and then the whole length of a Jotun appearing before them. Some necks were really going to feel it tonight.
"Who dares enter the land of Jotunheim?" came the thundering and low growl from the Jotun that stood towering over you all. "The one who is alive and stands on this land," Loki announced, "with the blood of Laufey in my veins, I have come to claim what is mine." There was nothing but an uninviting smirk on the Jotun's face. "I am Loki, son of Laufey, son of Odin, ruler of Asgard and your King," he commanded with ice in his voice, "and you...need to bow...before your King." The dead silence proceeding his threat of a speech was enough for you nearly bury you inside your own overcoat. And when that did not seem enough, your body- on its own- moved a step closer to Loki's side. "Oooooh Gooood," you whispered with quite the shudder while your face was plastered with a no-fucks-given wave, "we're gonna die." On the contrary, the silence was followed by many Jotuns coming out of the shadows to surround your group one by one before bowing down. Even the ones who looked quite young did the same. All of them except for the one Jotun who had greeted you first. "Allir fagna konungi!" they chanted in unison. "All hail the king," Javier translated it for you. "Didn't know you were into Nords," you quipped, "the language, I mean." "Honey, I am all into Nords," he signed before looking around with a smile, finding a buff Jotun that caught his eye. He did not take another second to blink at him and leave that giant a bit confused and flustered at the same time.
Inside the Palace The throne was sculpted out of ice that seemed as old as the mountain. Alongside it had been made seating arrangements for the family, running parallel till the doors of the throne room, all greyish blue stones marked with Jotun carvings. You and Javier believed they might be names of dignitaries. Lulu thought they are just doodles by other babies and proceeded to contribute to the stone they were standing next to. A little female giant sat down and looked at Lulu's doodles with curious wide eyes. Loki stood rightfully in front of his throne, admiring it before turning to his subjects, most of them adults who were exceptionally taller and blue-er than him. The drone captured the magnificence of the throne room that had fire pits next to the seats at intervals right alongside the stone pillars and right in the middle, a few feet in front of the king. But none of them were lit. And the giants were visibly annoyed by the drone while the kids wanted to catch it and play with it. "An Asgardian announces himself as our King," the one giant growled as he stood at the steps of the throne, "why would we believe you to be our King, son of Odin." He nearly spat the last part. The drone captured that bit of concern breaking out on your composed features but Loki just smirked. Pulling his overcoat to the side- as magnificently as he believed himself to be- he sat down as if he has done it ever since he was born. The authority exuding from his presence certainly put the murmurs going around the hall to a standstill. "At ease, Helblindi," he stressed to the giant with a purr and directed the rest of the audience to take their place. "Not you." Everyone stopped short to looked at their king. And he was clearly looking at you. You pointed a finger at yourself in question. "Don't you know your" he commanded ever so slyly, discreetly pointing his finger at the stone next to his throne.
You: *look around to make sure no one's looking at you* *anger about to explode through your eyes* *whispering* Pet?? PET?? I swear gonna just *gestures to grab the air* grab his throat and *punches the said air repeatedly in her palm*  *camera pans out to focus on three baby giants looking at you in pure horror before their mother carries them away murmuring something* *camera swivels to show Javier looking disappointed* Javier: *signs* she said 'stay away from the crazy human'. *sighs* *shakes his head*
“Come-“ Loki’s fingers gestured at you to come over to that stone couch of a thing next to him- “sit.” Taking a breath to compose your usual embers of rage at that comment, you smiled and walked up the stairs to stand next to him. The camera recorded the little gracious bow you gave the God but not before your back was to the spectators and you signalled an insult with your middle towards him, nearly making him chuckle. And with one heavy inhale, you sat down next to him, clearly not at the same level as him. “Is this what Lulu feels like?” “I would’ve made Lulu sit in my lap,” Loki acknowledged with a smirk. “You’re welcome to join me anytime but for now-“ he adjusted himself on his seat and raised his voice to address the court- “let us have a feast tonight and raise our mugs in union of the Jotun king and his subjects.” Helblindi scoffed and spat on the floor. Loki did not look but he was surely observing his every move. “In union of an excuse of a giant who does not even resemble-“ “I would like you to stop there my brother-“ Loki announced as he got up, letting the whole room take one united gasp at the scene- “before you start regretting your own words.” You blinked at the reactions to turn and look at Loki. Now the lights from the ceiling did a stupendous job of catching the widening of your eyes while your pupils were dilated in an emotion only known to you when you witnessed- for the first time in your life- Loki's skin change its shade and features. The flawless paleness gave way to a blue so deep over those arms he rarely displayed in public. The colour ran up his neck as well, covering him all the way. And along with this shade came ridges on his skin which apparently every Jotun had; running up his face and down his limbs. Those smaragdines and whites around them were now replaced with red. “This Jotun-“ his voice was low, but with enough weight that it echoed to the last corner of the room- “has seen enough lives to know what is hatred and what is fear. So next time you try to question my right, Helblindi, know that I have no qualms in exploiting them in a way which seems necessary for me.” Helbindi did not seem to stand his ground much now. Not after a few Jotuns who stood up to speak against the giant who had been torturing them for a while with his reckless and greed-ridden laws. Javier's camera was stuck on your reaction in the middle of this mild chaos. Your parted lips, wide eyes, stare lingering all over the God's body, your throat feeling the urge to swallow the dryness; it really was a sight, an emotion that many fanfiction artists would want to take inspiration from. Loki- who was smirking at the warm welcome he was receiving through the roar against his brother- turned around to look at you. His smirk disappeared and his usually focused gaze was interrupted with those unsure blinks at your features. Before he could explain himself, one giantess blocked his way to you with a bow. "We have prepared the Bath for you and your companions, your grace," she announced, still with her head held low. His gaze was running between you and her. To make it easier for him, you got up from your seat and walked down to the giantess who wanted to show you, Javier and Lulu to the Bath. "Nandi," Loki finally looked at the giantess. "Yes, your grace." "I need you to choose four of your most loyal companions to guard them." "They are all ready to escort your companions where you please." Loki smiled at Nandi. "I owe it to your mother to protect you, your Grace, like she protected me and my children." "My mother had a loyal friend in you," the God appreciated before walking down the throne and away from the crowd. The drone followed him.  The graceful composure of the God crumbled like a dry sand castle as soon as the doors closed behind him and he was alone in the icy corridors. His pace got faster by the second, his eyes searching everywhere. "This isn't fair, you know." Loki stopped at the echo of your voice. The pause of one breath, and he knew where to turn to find you standing in the shadows. Javier stood by the pillar next to you two with his camera, capturing this strange tick on Loki's features. You stepped out of the shadows, your gaze uninterrupted, looking right at those red eyes. "Do you know the amount of chaos it would create on earth if people knew that you look like..." "Like what? A monster?" Loki's voice was heavy. "Nah don't say i-dammit! Now I cannot stop imagining the term monsterfuckers." Loki blinked. His brows furrowed at you ever so slightly. "I mean-" you sighed with frustration- "was it not enough that you looked like a literal God in a human form that you had to now go and reveal that you are one buffed up alien? Look at you? You are one breath away from starting a cult of monsterfuckers! Do you realise that? Look at-" you grabbed that one barely naked blue arm and tried to squeeze it- "this firm, cold, arm that is people are going think about in-" you tried to breathe, your gaze still stuck on his shoulder- "their bed at night. God, why do have to be so-" you pointed at all of him with a frustration-filled, longing look of...disgust- "you." By now Loki was raising his brows in question and shifting his gaze between himself and you, clearly confused by your reaction. It even seemed he was a bit flustered at one point. You winced, looking at his body again. Your eyes followed the ridges on his face to his neck, plunging down his v neck t-shirt. With a frown you turned hastily, flinging your body involuntarily in the direction of the bath. "I bet they go all the way down," you whispered to yourself in between your sobs and walked away.
Loki: *still stands there* *blinks* *looks at the camera* what...*looks in her direction* *looks back* *does this two more times* what just happened?
The Resting Chambers: Next Day One of Javier's drones followed you from the balcony you were standing in to witness the first light of the nearest star in this frozen land. The snow-clad mountains were a majestic sight in their own stature. Even the smile emanating under the warmth of the star could not deny that. The giggles coming from inside the room broke the sweet hum of sync you were having with the weather, walking back in to find Skandi and Kolga, Nandi's daughters setting up the table with Jotunheim's specialities- snowberries, Kruweed- fresh seaweed from the frozen lake- and Lulu's favourite, spiked abalones. "What are you girls snickering about?" Lulu was already jumping on the table to sniff everything placed for his liking. Once he had inspected every single item, he went over to his bowl of abalones.
"Nothing," Skandi cooed, "just discussing how Loki-" Kolga elbowed her sister to correct herself- "how his Grace, keeps looking at you." Your hands paused for a fraction of a second near your mouth before the snowberry found its way in your mouth. "Look at me how?" "He looks at you as if you might vanish any second if he does not keep his eye on you," Kolga added, sitting down next to you. Her face had gentle tones all over it. Her eyes seemed to sparkle whenever she talked to you. "Are you being punished for something?" It took you some time to realise she was genuinely curious. "What. No. Why would you think that?" "Because his grace keeps you under guard. I thought pets were kept in cages in Midgard." Skandi turned to Kolga with a gasp. "He caged her last night then?!" The camera captured your furrowed brows sitting there confused in between the sisters. You opened your mouth to speak but lost to Kolga. "You mean when he told off Helbindi that she will be sleeping in his quarters." Skandi nodded vigorously. "He could not have kept her in a real cage." "Maybe he chained her to the bed." "Ah. So he could keep an eye on her at night." "Is that what happened, y/n?" You hid your face behind the mug of tea that did not seem to leave your lips while your free hand seemed to check your cheeks for their temperature. "This tea is good," your burned throat appreciated the drink. "He seems quite...what is the word... possessive of her," Skandi commented. You shared a look with the drone- your face devoid of any emotions. Kolga hummed in agreement, popping a snowberry in her mouth. "I thought Kruge would die last night by his hands." Now that seemed to catch your attention. "Kruge who?" "Helbindi's guard. The one who nearly pushed you into the wall last night." "When you went inside," Kolga continued, "his Grace took Kruge's staff and struck him in his limbs and threatened him to never touch you again if he wanted to stay alive." "Kruge should be glad he did not use his powers on him lest he would be a part of the dark pit's icicles by now." Kolga and Skandi stopped talked to watch you lost in deep thought while your hands scratched Lulu's back on their own, making the floof purr quite loud. "Is she making this little creature vibrate?" Skandi asked her sister in a whisper. "It looks like it," her sister whispered back in awe.
You: *whispering at Javier* What? No, it's okay. We can record here. No one can say anything. *sits on the stone seat in the gallery that seems empty to the camera* *adjusts hair* is it recording? Of course. It's always recording. *clears throat* *at normal tone* So, clearly...*inhales* *raises brows* things are barely standing still right now. And it is clearly not helping that Loki is having sudden urges to pick a fight with whoever bullies me. *Javier's drone catches him discreetly signing at you to lower your voice a bit* You: *irritated* I mean does he want me to get bullied more? Bullies are always going to pick on the weak one in the group for fuck's sake! And evidently, I am the weaker sex. *the camera catches a movement behind you, turning to focus on the source* You: and his highness does not seem to realise that it will be too easy for these giants to torture his weaknesses out of me. Does he not see that? *squints at Javier* what? The drone is recording Javier aggressively telling you to cut it out while looking pale as his gaze goes far behind you. You turn to look where his gaze is going. Javier's camera automatically focuses on Kruge standing next to the last pillar, throwing daggers in your direction through his bloody eyes for a moment before disappearing somewhere. You: *turn around with a shade lighter yourself* *the camera is panning over your face now as you look at it* *whispers* Fuck!
Five Minutes Later One of the drones buzzed against the ice that separated the balcony and the bedroom, tapping itself repeatedly on the transparent frost till the door to the room opened. It turned around to record you and Javier rush inside- the latter placing his camera in his bag and packing his stuff. "Okay, relax, relax!" you stressed to the hyperventilating boy. "We need to get out of here," he signed. "Javi, take three deep breaths? Yes? One? Two? Good. Three. Now think about it. As long as we are with Loki, no one will dare harm us. Okay? Not to mention he has allotted us our personal security team." Javier was on the verge of sobbing. "What about when Loki is not around. What will we do then?" "Javi, don't think like that," you nearly fumed at him. "Loki is in the throne room right now. You take the guards with you and go to him and when you find a window let him know what happened, okay?" Javier was still taking deep breaths while sweating through his fur coat. He nodded. "What about you?" "I...have Lulu." You pointed at the floof sleeping with his belly bared and his paws out. "I won't leave the room, don't worry." Once convinced you'll be fine, Javier hurried outside, leaving you in a silence only filled by light snores of your baby. The drone recorded you biting your lip and tying your hair up in a bun. "Okay," you whispered to yourself, "now we wait." It also recorded the sudden change in the shade of one section of the wall opposite to your back. With the focus still on you, the section of the wall appeared to open out, revealing the pitch blackness lit by a pair of red eyes. The next thing you knew, the drone was lying on the floor, its barely working lens recording your muffled screams and boots struggling to find the ground as a pair of blue feet walked past the lens before it went black.
One Hour Later The camera sat on the stone seat, recording the periodic tapping of Javier's foot from outside the frame. Loki still had audience. The Jotuns discussed every aspect of Jotunheim with the king. Loki sat patiently, listening to every word before advising them necessary steps. The majority was satisfied with the King's suggestions. Many were even in awe. There were a few who were dissatisfied no matter what the God mentioned. "Well-" Loki sat straight, addressing the whole court- "this concludes our day then." "Your grace," one giant bowed at the steps, "there are a few more issues that need your kind attention." Loki sighed, his hand resting on the armrest, his fingers running over his lips in thought. Not sure about Loki, but the camera recorded the patient that ran out of Javier. He got up from his seat, immediately catching the God's eye, who was quick to raise his fingers just for the boy to stop taking any further steps towards him.  "You have stalled me enough," the God acknowledged, catching the giant off guard. "Helbindi should know it better than anyone that a coup against me would be a futile attempt." Loki did not budge where he sat, just his finger drumming on the arm rest. "And I am in no mood for a mutiny."
The one drone who had been playing with the Jotun kids picked up the damage to a drone in the resting chambers. It buzzed through the halls, trying to pick up your trail, finding corridors and corners to fly through, walking down dark pathways with no windows and steep stairs spiraling deep into the mountains. On its way it found Lulu howling and meowing in a frantic daze, walking down the same path where he found your scent. And it seemed like he found you through the same dark pathway that ultimately reached an opening.  There was nothing but ice all around and in every form. A section of the mountain that opened to the outside with a catch. There were cells cut into this ice for prisoners. Shackles of cold metal rested in every cell. Each of them had metals bars to keep the captives in and an opening in the ice to keep any grain of warmth out. And to add to it all, this entire prison cell rested on a frost chunk hanging at the edge of the mountain. "Stop, please, you cannot do this!" Your voice and footsteps could be heard echoing through this section. The drone buzzed and landed on the wall to record the Kruge stripping you of your fur coat with a maniacal grin on his face. "Hey! HEY!! Give me back my coat!" Kruge stopped you from going for your coat by his hand coming for your throat. His grip made it hard for you to breathe as you struggled to get out of the hold, your nails trying their best to dig into that stubborn cold skin of his. Lulu ran and growled at the giant, scratching at his ankles till the latter kicked him away. "What do you want?" you barely managed to get out of your mouth. "We want Loki out of Jotunheim," he growled in your face, smacking your back in the ice wall behind you before letting go of your throat. You fell down with a thud and a groan, taking in as much air as your windpipe allowed. "Okay," you wheezed, "okay. You let me talk to Loki and I will convince him to leave Jotunheim. I promise. I pinky promise." You even raised your pinky. But Kruge was already closing the bars on you. Lulu ran and jumped through the bars to stop by your side, sniffing and crying, wanting to make sure you were okay. "No no no no," you crawled to the bars, trying to wrap your fingers around them but failing once your skin felt the vicious cold personally, "please don't do this. You have to stop. Now." "You said you know Loki's weakness," a voice boomed from the shadows where you had been dragged from. A very familiar and ominous voice. The drone turned to capture Helbindi stepping into the ice prison with a stature fit for kings. "His essence is lost. It is a secret no more, you quim." You looked at Lulu in confused defeat. "Why does it feel like he called me a whore?" you whispered. Lulu threw his own curses at the giant. "Listen, sir, Mr Helbindi," you began, "you want the throne, right? And I want to get out of here alive. How about I take Loki with me? You get back your kingly rights, I get my friends back and we go our separate ways. Everybody wins!" Helbindi came down on his knees in front of you. A smile rested on those cracked lips of his. His hand went past the bars- to your surprise- and landed on your cheeks. Your gaze kept shifting between his eyes and his hand while your body tried to move away from his hold. But he was one stubborn bastard. "He must have kept you alive for a reason." Helbindi was talking to himself now. His thumb rubbed against your skin, something that was visibly making you uncomfortable. "Ah...he keeps you to satisfy his nightly needs." You pushed yourself away from Helbindi, only to be forced into the bars by his hold around your skull; his chuckle resonating through the prison. "Do not worry my little whore," he whispered right in your ear while his icy breath ran over your skin, "you will be my pet soon. And unlike Loki-" he licked your cheek with his tongue, driving you mad with disgust- "I prefer violence even in my chambers." Your breaths were shallow. A single tear falling from your eyes as you did you best to maintain your features. "You are making a grave mistake," you whispered through your teeth. Lulu tried to claw at Helbindi too but Kruge was already kicking him away, earning a death stare from you. The giant struck his nail in your throat, driving it deep till there was blood. "The only mistake that was made was by you coming into my land. And you all will pay for it." Dropping you back into the snow, Helbindi got up and walked back into the darkness.
Loki watched the doors open to let Helbindi in, his gait ever so dominating as he walked past the judgmental eyes of every other giant in the court with his own little battalion following him, carrying weapons of all sorts. "A king with no powers has no right to sit on the throne, Laufeyson," Helbindi roared, ground his staff a few feet away from the stairs to the throne, creating a crack in the ground. "And a Jotun with Asgard in his blood has no right to stay alive in Jotunheim." Weapons were drawn at anyone who was not on Helbindi's side. Javier was already on his feet, running by Loki's side with his camera. Loki still had his mouth covered with his hand, as if in a tired trance. "Everybody out," he commanded ever so smoothly to his audience- who was hesitant at first, but left as soon as the God's eyes pierced through every last one of them. Left alone with his brother's radical followers, he sighed out loud, his fingers still drumming. Javier felt a buzz in his pocket, making him take out the little tablet he used to control his cameras. "Your actions with every passing moment make me more sure of your inability to rule over the subjects, brother mine," the God simply commented. The seriousness on Javier's face was turning into a field of fear. "Oh, I am not asking, brother mine," Helbindi snared at Loki, "I am taking what is mine." "And why would I give you anything you want." "Ask your little plaything," Helbindi smirked. The drumming of those pale fingers stopped. Silence eroded in the throne room. And slowly a shallow panting was audible from the God's side. The camera suddenly lost its balance and fell down on the armrest before toppling on the throne behind Loki, his back still in the frame. Light reflected through Javier's eyes, more precisely through his tears, as he moved the tablet towards Loki. "Stop, please, you cannot do this!" your voice echoed through the tablet, and all the lines on Loki's face disappeared. His body got up from the throne, his eyes still stuck on the device, looking at the aftermath of Helbindi's actions. There was no emotion on the God's face while he witnessed everything recorded on the drone. He did not even budge till the recording finished. Once the screen blacked out, he swerved the tablet for Javier to take back. His gaze was apparently still stuck on the black stones on the floor, his jaw threateningly sharp in whatever light coming from the nearest star. "If you want to see her alive again, go back to your ship before the star drops fro-," "You touched her." His voice was just a decibel higher than a whisper; his shoulders stiff. The silver bracelets were visible on his wrists, more so with the light reflecting from them. His pale fingers now turned into fists. "You hurt her."  Nothing but the resonating crack of a metal reverberated through the hall and everything went black.
The drone sat over the bars, recording the visible shivering breaths coming out of you while your skin turned pale, your fingers blue and your hairs were already collecting frost over them, despite moving your legs as close as you possibly could to your body. "P-plea-hease," your voice shuddered, "s-s-stop hi-im. T-there is-s-s st-i-ill time." "Your master is quite possibly begging on his knees by now," Kruge cackled, gulping down the mead and pouring more from the barrel next to him. Lulu was trying his best to keep your warm with his little body, wrapping himself around your neck while whimpering for you. Kruge was about to finish another mug when his ears caught a snicker that slowly turned into a weak laughter. The drone recorded you chuckling through the pain of the blight. "What is so comedic," Kruge snarled at you. "You thought I was telling you to stop for Loki's sake?" you laughed a little more, making the Jotun simmer with building rage. "I was telling you to stop your master before it's too late, you sewage rat's tick." The lens panned in on your features, all those helpless tears replaced by a smirk that could put the devil to shame. "You master thinks I am Loki's weakness." Your eyes glistened with a tint of some hidden darkness inside them in contrast to all the white around you. "Because I made him think that, you buffoon." "He is nothing without his essen-" "Count your peaceful breaths, you son of a bitch," you stressed, never batting your eyelids, "because you are not going to die an easy death today." You smiled turned into a chuckle before your eyes turned heavy and you fell down. The drone- in its last few minutes- went dark, but not before recording Lulu's cried, mewls, howls that slowly turned into a blood curdling roar echoing till the end.
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earlgreydream · a day ago
| loki x reader | smut |
anon requested. loki and fem!reader where he GETS really into it during a rough session and you start crying cause it’s so good & being teased all day with a vibration spell
cw: torture, slight dubcon, slapping, edging, dacryphilia, d/s, degradation, biting, mentions of blood, possession 
dark Loki 🖤
Tumblr media
“Stop that,” Loki hissed, stalking over to you like prey.
“Make me, master,” you taunted him.
Loki grabbed you by your hair, hauling you roughly to your feet. You shrieked, your hands going to his wrist as you tried to catch your balance.
“Am I going to have to whip the insolence out of you? Or is that what you want, you filthy little brat?” Loki snarled, his words hot against your face. You gasped as his teeth sank into your neck, leaving a mark that was soothed by his tongue and cold lips just seconds later.
You jumped at the sound of Loki cracking a whip beside you, black leather snapping the floor near your feet. Your soaked heat gave away your craving for Loki’s sharp discipline, wanting to be spanked.
And the god of mischief could see right through you.
He cracked the whip again, though nowhere near your body, only to watch you jump. He practically threw you onto the bed, releasing his grip on your hair. You bent to his unyielding strength, unable to fight the god off even if you wanted to.
“You think I’m going to give you what you desire? My dear, you cannot goad me into tanning your backside. If you’re going to act like such an insolent whore, I will punish you accordingly.”
Icy fear rippled through you, and your eyes widened. Loki’s sadistic laughter sent a chill down your spine, and you scrambled back toward the headboard, having a split second of distance between you. You’d never be able to escape the cunning god, and it was fruitless to even try. It only furthered his amusement, seeing you utterly helpless against his will. 
His magic was sharp and violent, surrounding you before you could even object.
“By the time I’m done with you, you will beg me for mercy,” the cold laughter left no room for argument, and a wave of terrorized regret settled in.
“Pleading with your god won’t help you now.”
Green sparks flashed from his fingertips, and your hands were restrained above you. You shook your head, starting to kick before leather bound your feet to the bedposts, forcing your legs open. Your body was completely exposed to him, the sturdy leather limiting even your ability to struggle.
“Not so brave now?” Loki feigned pity for you. You shook your head before he sharply grasped your jaw. His grip was tight, feeling like he could break it with no effort.
“Address me properly!”
“No, master,” your voice was meek, confidence and mischief long gone.
He let go of your jaw, waving his fingers inches above your face. A leather band appeared around your neck, and he tugged at the steel ring, forcing your head up. Your body burned in embarrassment, ashamed of the way he handled you.
“I’ll have to show you just how easily I can dominate you.”
You didn’t need to apologize, the words were meaningless to him. Whether or not you were regretful now, he was going to make you sorry.
His hands roamed your body before pinching you sharply, wanting to hear you shriek. You would’ve writhed if your limbs weren’t completely restrained, and he smirked as he groped your tits with bruising force.
“My darling, I’m going to torture you, and there is nothing you can do but just lay there and take it,” his words made you whimper.
He licked a hot stripe up your neck before nipping sharply at the underside of your jaw. You opened your mouth to protest, but in an instant he was kneeling above you and fucking into your throat.
He fully knew what your intention was, but he was fast enough to not have to hear your begs. His arousal only heightened as you choked around him and struggled to breathe.
“Bite me, and I’ll leave your ass bleeding,” Loki threatened, though you’d never dare to even think about it. You tried to relax your jaw as you stopped resisting, letting him brutalize your throat.
He leaned forward and slapped your sex, sneering at the way your body jerked from the sharp pain. Your shriek echoed around him, only furthering the pleasure he was taking from you. He did it again, soaking up your screams of pain and startled arousal.
Loki shouted something vulgar in old Norse as he came down your throat, pulling out and covering your mouth with his hand, forcing you to swallow it all. You choked as he pinched your clit sharply, tears pricking at your eyes. You swallowed and heaved oxygen into your lungs as soon as he let go of you, blinking away the moisture in your eyes.
He laid beside you, admiring the bruises that had already started to paint your skin. His lips curved into a smirk, scaring you further than you thought possible.
He was being generous in letting you catch your breath, though you flinched as his fingers ran over your body.
“Don’t worry, my darling, I’ve got to go work and attend to my subjects in the throne room,” Loki spoke, his voice still entirely sinister. You looked at him hopefully, though he didn’t release you of your bonds.
He snapped his fingers and suddenly you felt a dull vibration pulsing inside of you, spreading through your pussy and swirling around your nerves. You screamed as it grew more intense, crying out at the stimulation.
“I’ll keep you right on the edge all day, and maybe if you’re lucky I’ll turn it off when I come back.” Loki sneered, delighting in your begs for mercy. He stood up, armor appearing under shimmering seidr.
“Have fun, darling.”
The golden doors of his chambers thundered shut behind him, leaving you chained up to the bed with invisible vibrations pulsing and buzzing deep inside your throbbing cunt.
Sobs wracked your body until your mind was completely melted from exhaustion and hours of prolonged stimulation. It was never enough to push you over, keeping you teetering on the razor-sharp edge. You were helpless on the bed, weak sobs shaking your chest. You supposed you should’ve been thankful you weren’t chained up and tortured in the throne room for the Asgardians to witness. Loki had done it before, and you certainly wouldn’t put it past him to do it again.
Loki loved to humiliate you and put you on display, but you decided that this was infinitely worse. His sick and twisted game had you utterly weak and your mind numb. You were forced to take what he gave you
Loki returned hours later, and you were far past any point of sanity. The sun had set, leaving you to suffer in the dark. You were overly sensitive and soaked, and the echo of his footsteps on the floor practically jarred you.
“Look at you,” he breathed, golden lights glowing and casting halos around you. He looked almost heavenly, if it wasn’t for the expression of cruel, starving, sadism.
And you were so far from angelic.
A ragged scream tore from your lungs as the torturous vibrations ceased. Loki smirked, jerking your head up by the collar around your neck, wanting you to look him in the eyes. 
“Beg me to fuck you,” he commanded, earning a dry sob in response. 
“Please, master, fuck me, I need you,” your words came out in stammered gasps, but Loki appreciated the valiant attempt to obey. 
“As you wish, my darling.” 
The cuffs around your ankles disappeared, and Loki bent your knees up to your chest, leaving your hands tied to the headboard. The god sank into you all at once, forcing your body to take him. You were so overwhelmed from stimulation and pleasure you started to sob again, fresh tears rolling down your face as Loki slammed into you with as much force as he could use without breaking you. 
“You look so pretty when you cry.” 
Loki leaned down and licked the tears off of your face, making you shudder and writhe under him. You screamed as he pounded into you at a deeper angle, rough violence bleeding white into your vision, sending you deeper into rapture. 
You gazed blindly at the god you served, the king of Asgard who adored you far more than your mortal mind could fathom. You were his, in body, mind, heart, and soul, fully submitted to his will and desires. 
“I want to feel you fall apart.”
The bottled frustration from hours of edging shattered, Loki tearing an orgasm from you for the millionth time. Everything exploded into raw pleasure.
Loki followed quickly, the sight of your powerful orgasm and the feeling of you pulsing and throbbing around him bringing him to meet you. 
When you settled back into reality, the bliss wearing off, Loki was kneeling beside you. The leather was gone from your body, and he was gently cleaning you up. He wiped your face tenderly, tilting your head up to gaze at him. 
“Hi, darling. You alright?” Loki asked, making sure he hadn’t destroyed you. 
“I think so,” you murmured, barely able to keep your eyes open. 
He hummed as he wrapped his green cloak around your aching body. You buried into the safety of his arms, searching for your saviour even in your sleep. 
“You’re mine. My perfect girl.”
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sango-haveaniceday · a day ago
Tumblr media
Finally, after the new moon -and a good night of passion- they begin to brew the potion to restore Loki's powers.
Unfortunately, it seems that it is not enough to mix the ingredients and wait for it to work: it is necessary to have a pinch of magic for the potion to do any good, but as long as Loki continues to have his powers sealed it will be impossible to recover his magic. If only he had brought with him a small container with a little magic for an emergency...
Wait a minute...!
A short chapter with a little smut, some fluff and a brief mention of blood and needles.
En español por aquí
New chapter next week!
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wizardofrozz · a day ago
The Perfect Pair Masterlist
Tumblr media
Summary: Loki was angry and hurt, looking for revenge. Violet was on the hunt for the man that ruined her, made her into the monster she is. Neither of them expected to find what they didn’t know they were missing when they met. They were two sides of the same coin. Different people but also the same just below the surface. Their jagged edges fitting together just right, making the perfect pair.
Warnings (general): violence, angst, smut +18, blood and gore, mention of child abuse, mention of non-con, mention child abuse, past trauma
Pairing: Loki x OFC
A/N: The picture is property of yours truly (not sure how I feel about it yet though 😬). I’m still in process of writing this (as of 5/10) but hopefully in the next few days I’ll have decided on the ending I want. Also, if anyone from the All of Our Lives story wants to added to the taglist for this, please let me know! 😊
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
More to come... 
@criminalyetminimal​ @kendallthesimp​ @marvelfansworld​ 
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marvelmenhoe · a day ago
Fuck me king of Asgard I’ll be ur pet on a leash
⚠️not my edit⚠️
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romi0kay · a day ago
When in the Loki x Reader story Loki an asshole is and pushes the reader away:
Tumblr media
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clandestineloki · a day ago
"not yet."
"please, please, please, i can't take it anymore, please, loki-"
"not. yet. wait for my signal."
"i-i-i don't think i can-"
"you will."
loki just loves watching people teetering on the edge of insanity. call him sadistic, but there's just something enthralling about the way you call out his name like a chant just as you let everything loose.
"just a little longer, darling."
he's looking for something, waiting for just the right moment so he can see the look of overwhelmed pleasure on your face as your body goes absolutely sensitive for his words and his actions.
over the buzzing of the vibrator and the clink of the wine glass in his hand, he hears your soft cries and whimpers. you feel absolutely good, really, but the amount of downright cruel edging you've gone through for the whole hour you've been tied to the bed with a vibrator in your is almost too much to handle.
loki's eyes soften in sympathy, and a small part in him wants to just let you come to relieve the pain.
but he knows you can take it.
because behind those vulnerable sobs he can hear the slightest bit of desperation to please him, because for you there's no pleasure in being disobedient.
"you're almost there, love... keep going... and... now."
loki snaps his fingers sharply, and the high-pitched song of ecstacy that fills the room not even a breath after brings a smug grin to loki's face.
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talklokitome · a day ago
Exposed and Entangled: Chapter 9
Tumblr media
Read the full chapter on AO3!
If you want to be tagged, let me know!
Rating: Explicit  (18+ readers only)
Chapter Summary:  Loki and Callista meet in Central Park. He brings hot chocolate--she brings pepper spray.
He hurried toward the Bethesda Terrace, scanning the crowd for Callista. It wasn’t especially busy, but in New York it was always difficult to pick out a single person in the crowd. He finally spotted her next to the stairs, and made his way over, hands pushed into his pockets.
The fact that Loki looked more handsome than she had ever seen him did not improve Callista's state of mind as he approached her. He was wearing that scarf too, and she wasn't sure if it was meant to impress her or intimidate her, but either way it was doing both.
She clutched the pepper spray in her pocket a little more tightly.
@emeraldrosequartz @shae-annelore @wine-and-whines
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comicbabies · 2 days ago
out of all of the fanfiction/smut i’ve read, i’ve gotta say, loki’s is the best. there’s always a moment or line in fanfiction, but smut in particular, that ruins it for me but that doesn’t happen when i read loki works. it’s ironic cause he has the most obnoxious fandom out of the whole marvel fandom
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whoppert · 2 days ago
changing my meds have really taken it out of me but i will be uploading my new loki and stephen strange fight over reader fic by the end of the week!! 🕷️🌸🕸️💞🖤🌼
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inlokiarmy · 2 days ago
Bounded world
Chapter 7
Chapter 1,Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6
smut ahead along with swearing this will be full of kinks and a good storyline.
Warning : rape, suicide, depression, manipulation, torture and many more things please read it at your own risk, murder , mention of death , harassment, forcing , illegal stuff, kidnapping, non-con. Nsfw
Time skip
*six months later of the day of Kalila's coming to manali *
Kalila walked out of her washroom In a white shirt and with a towel in her hand with which she was drying her hairs, she saw that the door was open and a pocket towel was down on the ground this made her sigh and she shook her head , "amma I have told you so many times that you don't need to clean my room. " Kalila shouted while walking and picking the towel off the ground, just when she stood straight she realized it and her eyes went wide, "fuck. " Kalila said while she felt goosebumps on her arms, 'I am gonna be back in three days so stay safe okay. ' mawra's voice ran through Kalila's mind as she realized that marwa had went to Mumbai because Ali was sick,  that meant it was supposed to be only her in the house. "missed me brown sugar? " the voice made Kalila freeze at her spot, the towel feel from Kalila's hand and she decided that she needed to run, just when she got to the door Loki spoke up again. "no use of running brown sugar, there are mens standing just outside the door and if you anyhow escape that also then there are mens outside the house too. " loki informed Kalila his deep British accent showing off and Kalila again froze, tears started to well up in her eyes while her hand fell down from the door knob, "good girl, now come to me. " Loki said softly while Kalila started to shake, it was over now in reality it was all over the moment she thought that this wouldn't happen. "you heard me right ? " loki said in a stern voice making Kalila tremble, she wiped her tears and then turned around, her face was down, she kept her gaze down on the floor and walked in front of loki, she stood there while looking down at her hands,
"look at me. " Loki commanded in a serious tone but Kalila still not dared to look him in the eyes, "you know I don't like repeating myself. " loki said while placing his hand below her chin and tilting her head so see was looking him in the eye, tears continued to fall down from Kalila's eyes as her brown eyes meet loki's blueish green eyes, loki's face had a big smile on his face which clearly showed that he was really happy to see Kalila like this, "now didn't I told you that you can't hide from me for long. If you would just been a good girl we wouldn't have ended up In a situation like this. " loki said while placing his hand on Kalila's cheek and smirking, "I am.. Sorry. " Kalila said while trying to avoid looking into loki's eyes, she everywhere possible but not at him, this made Loki losse it and he just squeezed her face making her look at him, "you are sorry for what? " loki asked Kalila with rage in his eyes which only made Kalila shrink, "I ASKED YOU SOMETHING. " Loki shouted making Kalila flinch, tears were running down her face as she opened her mouth to speak, "please.. It's hurting.. " Kalila pleaded as loki's grip on her face tightened, Kalila was already not ready for it all but now she was even more than scared as if something she was scared of the most had appeared infront of her, Loki took a look of Kalila's face and then smiled, this was it he knew that he had finally did a effect on her, so he just let go after taking In a deep breath, "why do you do such things brown sugar when you know this isn't gonna end up well? " Loki asked Kalila softly while cupping her face in his hand and brushing his fingers over Kalila's cheeks, this was what Kalila was scared the most of, his behavior change , he could just be so kind at time that it may make you think like he wasn't the one who did it all bad to you. But Kalila knew that this caring nature wasn't something that stays for long, she knew all that she should be afraid of so she was still scared of him. "you look like you saw a ghost have you really seen one? " loki asked Kalila jokingly with a smile as if he was talking to a little child, she just shook her head in a no slowly, Loki took seat on Kalila's bed making her get anxious, "sit here. " Loki said while patting his thigh , Kalila was trembling she knew what was coming now for her, she just stood there frozed without even moving a single inch, there was a moment of silence
before loki grabbed Kalila's wrist tight and pulled her down to the level of his face, "have you forgotten what I did when someone didn't obeyed me? " loki asked Kalila in a warning manner and she just sniffed then shook her head in a no, "then don't make me repeat myself. " Loki hissed at her and then let go off her hand, she slowly sat down on his lap while she kept on sobbing, "Nah Nah don't cry brown sugar you are ruining that pretty face of yours. " loki said while wiping the tears from her face and placing his fingers over her lips, "now tell me what should we do with you? " Loki asked her while staring at her lips for a little while and then looking back at her eyes with a big smile,"please.. *hiccups*..please don't. " Kalila said while trying her best not to cry as this continued, "how about I let you shoot someone for me ?,that can make me happy I think. " loki said while Kalila started to shake her head violently, she started to have an inner panick attack, see never wanted to do something like that at no cost will she do that. "come on brown sugar it isn't much just you have to shoot someone. " loki said while Kalila looked at him with a pleading look while shaking her head in a no,  her mouth open as if she was about to say something but words weren't falling out off her mouth. "James. " Loki called loudly making Kalila flinch, he placed his hand on Kalila's waist while she stayed silent, she knew if she would oppose him touching her it will be of no use because if he wants to do anything no body can stop him.
Just then James entered the room, "yes sir? " James said making Loki to turn his gaze towards James instead of Kalila, Loki smiled at James a smile of success. "give me your gun. " Loki commanded while forwarding his hand , James nodded and handed him the gun while Kalila just shook her head while her eyes were wide in fear, "you may leave. " loki said while signalling james to leave, which James followed and left then Loki turned his whole attention towards Kalila. She was shaking and flinching in every now and then, "take this. " Loki commanded while forwarding the gun towards Kalila and she shook her head in a no, "come on brown sugar you have seen it before too just take and use it. " loki said with a obvious smile and Kalila shook her head while shrinking into his embrace as he forwarded the gun towards her, she clenched his shirt tight in her hand and closed her eyes shut as he brought the gun closer to her, "no.. No please.. No. " Kalila begged while her eyes were shut tight and she held loki's shirt tight, "you don't wanna use this? " loki asked her while placing the edge of the gun on her arm , Kalila just flinched while shaking her head and hiding her face in loki's chest, "no I don't. " Kalila said while Loki chuckled to see her be such a scared kid, "okay let's not do this. " loki said purely satisfied by Kalila's actions, "I will keep this gun away from you okay? " Loki stated while placing his hand on Kalila's hairs, she nodded and just stayed still, Loki again called James and returned the gun to him, when James left Kalila was still shrunken into a small ball on loki's lap, her eyes were open and she was hiccuping in every now and then, she held tightly onto loki's shirt till the time the gun didn't disappeared from infront of there eyes, Loki placed his hand on Kalila's waist and on her head while he held her like he was trying to comfort her, "you still the same. " loki said sniffing in her sent while he placed his chin on her head, "now we still need to punish you for what you did right? " Loki asked himself while Kalila again started to cry as she knew he could do weird things just to satisfy himself, "let's do it the old way. " Loki said after a little while of thinking and then quickly forced Kalila to lay on her stomach on his lap, "please don't.. Please.. I.. Won't.. Do that.. " Kalila pleaded while trying to get up, but it was no use as Loki held her down frimly , "no you need to receive punishment for what you do so don't think I will let you off for doing such a thing like running away, now let me make myself clear i will start counting from the start again if you even try to struggle or even move an inch." Loki stated sternly while placing a hand on Kalila's back to keep her down, Kalila just stayed silent because she knew if she did anything it will only get harder for her.
"looks like you understood so let's start. " loki chirped with a smile and then moved his hand down to her ass then inside the shirt, he moved the shirt up so that her ass was in full view and then teared off her panties, "Ahh I missed this. " loki said while rubbing his fingers on her ass, Kalila had tears running down her face and she was flinching with each touch of his, she felt disgusted to be in that position and to be in this situation, Loki suddenly raised his hand and hit her ass with so much force that she shrieked at the top of her lungs, the force was so strong that she almost jumped off loki's lap but loki had his one hand firmly pressed to her back which didn't even let her move an inch, she felt tears ran down her eyes as he started to hit her. At first the strikes started with a little less force but then as time passed they became stronger and stronger and Kalila became more and more powerless, she felt so helpless that it felt to her that it was all useless , whatever she had done till now she regretted it all , Loki kept on hitting her till the time he wasn't satisfied himself to see Kalila's reddish ass which looked like it could just start bleeding any moment, her skin had his hands marks as if they had been imprinted there, while Loki enjoyed watching her like that Kalila was totally at the brink of her limits, her eyes had ran dry she had been crying for so long that they were no more tears left,  her eyes burned and her lashes were still wet from all the tear, as Loki placed his hand on her ass he could feel heat radiating from it, her already red ass was soon to turn purple blue and would surely have bruises all over them for a few days, Kalila felt limp laying there her whole energy seemed like it had ran off her body, "I should get a picture of this. " Loki talked to himself while Kalila just stayed silent, he chuckled then helped Kalila to stand, she was shaking when loki helped her to her feet, "that hurt didn't it?" Loki asked her making a concerned face which only made Kalila feel more and more disgusted with him,"you shouldn't have ran away and this wouldn't have ended up this way. " loki blamed it on Kalila while getting up and pulling her into his embrace, he placed his chin on her head and swayed slowly while patting her head and back, Kalila just remained emotionless as if she had no feelings, Kalila stood there like she was a statue, "you regret running away? " Loki asked Kalila while he still held her but Kalila was in a daze she wasn't able to even comprehend what Loki said . Loki waited for Kalila to answer but no reply and that only made made him get angry, he suddenly grabbed Kalila by the hair and tilted her head while fisting his hand in her hairs, "I will repeat again do you regret running away? " loki asked Kalila in a deep tone while fresh tears started to form in Kalila's eyes, "yes." Kalila stammered out , her voice was hoarse and cracked it seemed like her throat had ran dry.  Loki let go off her hairs as he was satisfied with her answer, "good girl. " loki said while smoothing her hair, then came a knock on the door. "come in. " loki said while he still had his eyes fixed on Kalila , "boss everyone is waiting for your next orders. " James said as he entered inside, Loki smiled looking at kalila , he twirled a strand of Kalila's hair in his hand and then looked towards James through his shoulder, "we will be leaving tomorrow when Kalila's amma is back and I have thanked her for taking care of my girlfriend. " loki informed making Kalila's eyes shoot up at the mention of mawra, James nodded and then left while Kalila kept on Looking at Loki with fear in her heart , "What? " loki asked her as he saw her eyeing him a questioning eyes, Loki chuckled as he understood what she was thinking and then placed his hand on her head, "I won't do any harm to her, she took care of you so I won't do anything to her. " loki assured Kalila making her feel a little relieved, she just nodded her head slowly .
"although I can't promise about your employer, he dared to set dates for you so.. " Loki trailed off while Kalila shook her head in a no while her face again turned pale, "please.. He just.. Please don't.. " Kalila shuttered out the words while Loki just stood there unaffected, "oh I will surely do something about that dickhead ." Loki said with determination and Kalila's blood turned dry in her vein, she didn't wanted anything to happen to anyone who was innocent.  "you don't want me to do anything right? " loki whispered in Kalila's ear while bending down to come in level with her ear, Kalila nodded desperately while trying to change loki's mind, "then.. " loki said and then paused to lean close to Kalila, "change my mind. " loki whispered while looking her in the eye, Kalila knew what he meant and she knew that she would have to do it no matter if she wanted or not, so she moved her hand up-to loki's face grabbing his face with her shaking hands she leaned in and placed her lips over loki's in a deep kiss in response to this loki placed his hand on Kalila's hip making her hiss because it pained to even touch her ass which would soon be blue and purple, at the moment when Kalila hissed loki took the opportunity to slip his tongue between her parted lips, a single tear slipped from Kalila's eyes as she was kissing Loki, the kiss lasted for a likely a minute or two till Loki didn't let Kalila pull away to breath, she breath heavily as they parted and looked at loki who was grinning like an idiot , "I change my decision then. " loki said with a smile while pulling Kalila to him by her waist, Kalila looked up into his green eyes and then back down while muttering a small thank you.
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clandestineloki · 2 days ago
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fuckandfluff · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I’m With the Band Pt 2
Pairing: Rockstar Bucky x Female Reader
Warnings: Oral (M Receiving), Explicit language/content, 18+.
Word Count: 1000.
Reblogs, likes, and feedback welcomed!
Summary: After playing a show at our local college, Bucky follows you into the bathroom.
First time writing *light* smut - please be nice!
Part 1:
“Oh god..” you muttered to yourself, unsure of what had just happened out there. For the entire 45 minutes of The Winter Soldier’s raucous set, Bucky eye-fucked you with no shame.
You had slipped away to the restroom between the first and second encore in an effort to splash some cool water on your beet red face and hopefully regain a modicum of self-respecting composure after that dizzying, dazzling display of sexual prowess by Bucky out there. What the hell had just happened?
Jenny had texted you to let you know she was in line for the meet-and-greet, as was pretty much every other bar patron and you were grateful for a moment of peace in the fluorescently lit washroom. You cupped your freshly manicured hands under the thrashing stream of tap water and just as you went to lift them to your face, you heard the door latch click closed.
Your breath was punched out of you and you felt a warm, fuzzy feeling diffuse within your chest and through to your fingertips as you saw him in the reflection of the crooked, cracked mirror.
“Wow,” he marvelled, “you’re even fuckin’ prettier up close.” Your brow furrowed in utter confusion. What was he doing here?
The corners of his mouth turned upward into a sly smirk as he swaggered toward you. He unabashedly planted both hands firmly on your waist and smiled at you in the mirror. He was so incredibly sweaty from the marathon performance he had just put on but the cool steel from his metal hand was a welcoming contrast.
“’re.. Bucky Barnes…” you stammered embarrassingly, your eyelids fluttered in dumbfoundedness.
“Yep, can’t get anything passed you!” He teased, pushing his hardening cock against your back.
He took a strand of your wavy auburn locks and tucked it gently behind your ear as he looked you up and fucking down. It was so hot - watching him ogle you. His pants were leather and you could literally feel his swollen penis throbbing against you - just one layer of fabric between you and that growing length.
You looked at your reflection in the mirror and inquired, regretting it almost immediately, “Why me? I mean, what do you see in me?”
Bucky took his left hand off your hip and spun you around to face him - your lips maybe 2 inches from his. It was uncomfortably close but you would be lying if you said you didn’t love it. His knuckles dusted the side of your throat and you purred ever so gently at the touch.
“Because doll, you’re the only one in forever who hasn’t tried to suck me off behind a dumpster, and you intrigued me. You’re just so damn gorgeous, too,” he chuckled softly, but you knew he was serious about women throwing themselves at him. You had just witnessed Tiff from Psych 341 shamelessly throw her bra at him and he clearly had his pick of any woman he wanted - yet here he was with you, on a Wednesday night, in The Cave restroom.
“Are you a good girl?” His right hand migrated down to your plump ass as he took a healthy handful and squeezed mercilessly. The hand stayed transfixed on your ass as he awaited your answer.
You nodded coyly, “…yes, I’m a good girl.”
Within seconds, Bucky pushed his lips up against yours. He fought for space in your mouth as you parted your lips and allowed him in. The flavours of spearmint gum and Export A Golds permeated from him but you relished in the taste. You keened pathetically into his mouth.
His cock was now firmly pressed against your abdomen and you wanted to be able to provide whatever pleasure he was craving - to be that good girl.
“You see what you do to me, doll? This is all your fault, my rock hard cock, just for you,” he whispered into your ear as he peppered your neck with kisses. You tossed your head to the side gingerly as if to silently grant permission and encourage the smooching to continue. “Are you going to let me throat fuck that pretty little face?”
So much for coming into the bathroom to avoid anymore awkward, sexually tense situations because as soon as Bucky said these words - your face was prickly and warm with anticipation. You got down on your knees with no hesitation - if the Winter Soldier asks you to suck his cock, you do it.
He posited your head in front of his metal-studded belt buckle and with one fluid motion his belt was undone and the zipper unzipped. His cock sprung out because, of course, a rockstar wouldn’t be wearing underwear in such taut leather pants. With one glance, you weren’t entirely sure this cock would be able to fit in your tiny throat. You were enamoured with it - the length had to be at least 7 inches - maybe 8, and it was thick and just beautiful.
As you grasped his throbbing member and led it to your lips, Bucky let out a feral growl. You weren’t sure if he said something to you quietly or if it was just gibberish but you knew he was in a state of bliss, having you on your knees for him.
You eagerly licked the one singular drop of glistening pre-cum from the tip of his pulsating cock. Your mouth enveloped his length, inch by inch, somehow surprised that it was even thicker than it looked and it was stretching the shit out of your mouth already.
And just like that - it was over before it began.
“Bucky let’s fucking go!” his manager snarled, banging on the bathroom door. “You shoulda been out here 15 minutes ago. What the fuck!”
Well, shit.
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avenging-fandoms · 2 days ago
sin hours: loki would OWN your orgasms. there’s no way you’re doing anything without his permission. you’d have to figure out how to earn it
Tumblr media
"tell me, princess, did you touch yourself while i was gone?" loki backed you up against the wall, his nose pressing against your jawline with his fingers going up the inside of your thigh.
"j-just once, my prince, i just missed you so much and you were on asgard and i was here and.. fuck" you sigh and loki smirked against your skin, wrapping his hand around your neck and making you look at him.
"our rule, kitten, is no touching while we're away from each other. and you broke that rule. so now i want you on the bed, naked, and i will be with you in a minute" you open your mouth to speak but loki held up his finger making you huff.
you strip yourself of your clothing, laying on the bed like loki had ordered. you gulped nervously as he circled you like you were his prey, a smirk playing on his lips. "loki.. i'm-i'm sorry, okay? i just missed you so much, and i imagined you the whole time"
"quiet, pet, i didn't give you permission to speak. you disobeyed my rules" loki's fingers trailed up your thighs, his middle finger playing with your clit and you whimper. "did you feel so good when you came, pet? when you fucked yourself with your fingers, thinking it was me?"
"y-yes, sir, so good" loki smiled and pushed two fingers into you, thrusting his fingers slowly and curling them. "thank you, my prince, it feels so good"
"i'm sure it does" loki pulled his fingers away and pushed them into your mouth. "because now you're not cumming unless i say so. understand, pet?" you nod and he pulls his hand away, smacking your cheek softly. "words"
"yes sir, i understand" loki nodded and went back in between your legs, pushing your legs apart and looking up at you as his tongue flicked against your clit slowly, your fingers gripping his hair. loki hummed and put your hands behind your back, securing them with handcuffs.
loki added his fingers into the mix, and you bit your lips in between your teeth as you tried not to make a sound. loki knew just how he could get you squirming, but you knew his rules were no sounds or movements unless he said so. "now you listen to me. look at you, what a little whore"
you squeezed your eyes shut, trying with every ounce of your body not to scream out a moan. your nails dug into your skin, your breathing jagged as your orgasm built in your stomach. loki pulled away, his mouth glistening as he stood up with a smirk. you took deep breaths, opening your eyes and watching loki as he headed over to your special drawer.
"ah, my favorite" loki pulled out the vibrator wand and pressed it to your clit, moving it in circles slowly. "you may move, and you may moan. but you may not," he held your chin, turning on the vibrator and you gasp softly. "you may not cum unless i say so"
"yes sir" you moan softly and close your eyes, but loki held your neck. and you opened your eyes.
"keep your eyes open, i want you to watch me use you" you nod and follow his eyes, loki pressing the vibrator harder against your clit. you let out a moan and arched your back, scratching your back as you desperately wanted to grip loki's hand.
loki took off his pants, not giving you a warning as he thrusted his dick into you. "oh my god, sir, you feel so good" you whimper and loki smirks, turning up the vibrations of the wand. loki thrusted his hips into yours, circling the vibrator on your clit. you turn your head to the side and bite the sheets, a vein slightly popping out of your neck as loki hit the right spot.
"are you gonna cum for me, pet?" you let out a moan and pick up your head, loki holding the back of your neck. "come on, kitten, come on" he grunted. when loki saw you face twist and your moans became short, he pulled away completely.
"shit!" you exclaim, huffing as you rested your eyes. loki chuckled, going back in between your legs. he slapped his dick against your pussy, pressing the vibrator against your clit again.
"how bad do you want to cum, darling? how bad do you want to orgasm all over my cock?" loki spewed and you moan, biting your lip.
"so so bad, sir. i want to cum all over your cock and i want you to cum in me so bad, loki. please, sir, please let me cum" you panted and loki picked up the speed of his thrusts, turning the vibrator up to the max setting.
"come on, pet, come for me. cover my cock with your cum. yes.. yes" loki praised and you gasped deeply, your thighs shaking violently around his waist as you came on his dick. "good girl, such a good girl" he praised, massaging your hip with his thumb as he kept thrusting.
"loki, loki, holy shit!" you squeal and tug at the handcuffs, loki unlocking them and you gripped his shirt, moaning as he kept the vibrator hard against your clit.
"gonna fill you up, pet. i want you dripping my cum" his words were like silk falling off his lips, and your body trembled as the overstimulation was a little too much to bear. loki's thrusts got sloppy and he came in you, grunting and massaging your breast as he turned off the vibrator and thrusted slowly.
loki pulled away and spread your pussy lips, chuckling lowly as he watched his cum drip out of you. "thank you, sir, thank you for letting me cum"
"oh darling, we're not finished yet" loki smiled, kissing you sloppily and turning the vibrator on again, and you bit your lip excitedly, ready to play for as long as loki wanted.
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earlgreydream · 2 days ago
little miss.
| loki x reader | fluff | smut |
anon requested. Loki's sub and he gets really busy, neglecting them until they snap and then he does his best to make it up to them and its nice and fluffy at the end
cw: dom/sub, a bit of a size kink, and also a bit of an innocence kink
a/n: I’m feeling so soft, so here’s some soft dom Loki🥺
Tumblr media
Loki’s search for you halted when he discovered your body curled up in the domed window that overlooked the city. You were curled up in blankets, staring out at the foggy city. Loki wasn’t sure if you were studying the buildings peeking between low clouds, or if your mind was entirely somewhere else.
When he had returned from an emergency meeting held in the early hours of the morning, you weren’t in bed like he’d expected. Loki had assumed you’d still be asleep, and had intended to slot his body back against yours and sleep the morning away under the duvet.
He slid down beside you, his hand gently smoothing over your leg. You didn’t seem to react.
“Hey, little miss,” Loki’s voice was soft, calling your attention from wherever you’d mind had wandered.
You hummed, your eyelashes fluttering shut as he pressed a kiss to your cheek. You were easily moved onto his lap, snuggled into his body. His knees bent, feet on the other side of the window, trapping you between his thighs and chest.
“How long have you been up?” He asked against your forehead, trying to follow your line of sight.
“Don’t know,” your voice was soft.
He brushed some hair out of your face, relaxing as you settled into him, the tension leaving your body. His chin rested on the top of your head, and you listened to his heartbeat.
“Your mind feeling all foggy like the weather?” Loki nudged your jaw so you were looking up at him. You shrugged, making Loki frown. He didn’t like when you got deep inside your head, becoming non expressive and overly pliant. Usually, it happened after he pushed your limits in an intense punishment or session, but that wasn’t the case.
Loki had been incredibly busy lately, barely around. You hadn’t had sex in weeks, which was highly unusual for the two of you. Loki was gone before you were awake, and returned after you were already dozing off to sleep. When he was around, he was short-tempered and exhausted.
While you knew that you’d never be on the receiving end of Loki’s anger and frustration, it still frightened you. You had nothing to fear, but you kept your distance when he was in a stormy mood.
“Talk to me,” Loki kept his voice soft, free of sternness. He reeled in his dominating tone he used with you when you weren’t being cooperative, now more worried than annoyed.
“You’ve been gone,” you relented finally, not wanting him to pry into your head and read your thoughts himself.
“I’m so sorry. I should never have neglected you, it was not my intention.”
“I know. And... I know your work is important. You have people to protect but... I need you to protect me too.”
Loki felt like his heart was being clawed from his chest when he saw tears begin to slide down your cheeks.
“Y/N, please forgive me,” he cradled your head against his chest, holding you as you cried.
He didn’t try to hush you or explain it away, letting you weep in his arms. Loki was patient as he comforted you, gently rocking and staring out at the foggy city below.
“Let me spoil you?” Loki shifted you to face him once your sobs had subsided.
“Spoil me?”
“Yes. Maybe make up for my terrible, horrible, insidious neglect?” His blue eyes were soft. Amusement pulled a small smile at your lips. Loki kissed your cheeks and all over your face, making you giggled.
“I love your sweet sounds, little miss,” Loki’s voice was soft, careful not to break the atmosphere.
“I’m sorry,” you breathed out, and Loki’s brow knitted together. Your fingertips gently went to his forehead, smoothing over the tension. 
“Whatever are you sorry for? I’m the one who is sorry.”
“I should’ve brought it up sooner, that I missed you. Before I snapped.”
“Look at me,” he tilted your chin up so he could gaze into your eyes.
“It is my job to make sure I am attentive to you, and I should have never let work get in the way of that. You are my first priority, always. I am the one who is apologizing. You have nothing to be sorry for, do you understand me?” Loki held your face.
“Yes,” you nodded shyly, earning a gentle warning look.
“Yes, sir,” you corrected yourself.
Loki kissed you, and you let yourself melt into him. He coaxed you into a hot bath with him, the water swirling with oils and expensive products. His skilled hands massaged your body with soap, getting you to relax into his touch. His body was cool, and you welcomed it in the hot water. 
“Can you get inside of me? I just want to be closer,” you gazed at him hopefully.
Loki rewarded you with a smile, wrapping your legs around his waist. He held your hips and sank you down on him, going slow to let you accommodate. He relished in your gasps and the feeling of your velvet walls squeezing around him and taking him inside. You didn’t struggle to let him in, completely relaxed. 
You leaned forward and draped your arms over his back, your head resting on his shoulder. Loki’s self control was unmatched, and he held still, letting you warm him as he trailed his fingers up and down your spine. 
“I love you,” he spoke into your hair, now wet and thoroughly washed. Loki had taken the time to massage your scalp and fully shampoo and condition your hair, an intimacy that you loved. He knew it was the best way to comfort you and get you to relax, and it made you feel safe.
“I love you too.”
A shudder rolled down your spine as Loki’s fingers went to where your bodies connected, sliding through your folds. You squirmed on top of him, growing more sensitive as he teased you. Your fingers gripped his raven hair, and you hid your face in his neck. Loki rubbed your clit in small circles, grinning as your small whimpers were muffled by your bite on his shoulder. 
“Gentle, little miss,” his voice was low, and you apologized, kissing the skin. He pinched your clit in return, making you jolt with pain, though it sent a sharp shot of arousal to your heat that had you tightening around him. 
“Please,” you breathed, and he returned to being gentle and slowly pulling you toward a cloudy euphoria. Fog filled your mind once again, and you melted against him. 
“You can use me, to get off,” you murmured, nearly inaudible.
“No, I’m spoiling you, remember? I’ll be alright.” 
His kisses were sweet, trying to wake you up some.
“I want to get out please, it’s too cold.”
Loki lifted you off of him, apologizing as you hissed. You stood on the heated floor, drying off with one of the warm towels your boyfriend wrapped you in. He kissed your forehead, making you smile and blush.
He was dressed in a shimmer of green, wearing black skinny jeans and a soft grey cable knit sweater. 
“What do you want to do today? It’s only ten am.”
“Will you take me to the MET?” you asked hopefully, wanting to spend the day walking around the museum with him.
“If that’s what you want, then of course.” You nodded, slipping into your own jeans. 
“It’s chilly, wear a sweater please.” Loki asked, looking up at you as you rifled through your drawers.
“Yes, sir.”
He gave you a pleased look, and you slipped a deep green sweater on, knowing he’d appreciate it. 
You heard Loki snap his fingers, and you obediently walked to where he sat on the edge of the bed. His hand went to your shoulder and he carefully pushed you to your knees in front of him. A content smile graced your face as his fingers skillfully braided your hair. You sat still while he cared for you, enjoying the cup of tea that had appeared in your hands. 
“Can we walk? I’d rather feel the fog than drive.”
“Yes, little miss.” 
His hands went to your hair, gently putting some pressure before kissing the crown of your head. You stood, the empty cup vanishing from your hands. He found your shoes and knelt before you, tying your laces for you like a child.
“I can put my own shoes.”
“I know, but I like to do it for you.” He squeezed your thighs before returning to his towering height above you. 
“If you had your way, I’d just be your little doll.”
You received a hard slap to your backside for your comment, making your breath catch in your throat. Your jeans protected you, but you knew better than to push your luck.
“Of course not. I value your autonomy.” Loki answered as you followed him through Stark Tower. 
“I didn’t mean that,” you clarified. You may have been Loki’s submissive, but he had nothing but the highest respect for you, giving you the real control in your relationship. You had unwavering trust in Loki, despite his history and talent for deceit. He would never break that trust. Your wellbeing and what was best for you was the most important thing to him, without exception.
“I would keep you naked in bed all of the time, buried deep inside your tight little quim if I always had my way,” Loki announced confidently. Steve, Bucky, Tony, and Sam all turned, blatantly overhearing the conversation. Your face burned red with embarrassment, and Loki looked pleased with himself, winking at you. 
“Relax, they’re very much aware that our relationship is sometimes of sexual nature.”
“You tried to embarrass me,” you accused.
“And it aroused you, did it not? Don’t you dare try to lie to me, little miss.” Loki’s words were threatening, but there was no malice in his tone. He was deeply amused by how shy you were, and he enjoyed letting everyone know you were his.
“Yes, sir,” you exhaled, taking the hand he offered as you went outside. 
His hand was much bigger than yours, matching his height and making you feel small. He kissed your forehead, leading you through foggy streets. 
You loved Loki, and you were overjoyed to have his undivided attention. He swore he loved it more than you did. He adored doting on you, willing to do anything to see your eyes light up or hear your laugh. 
You ascended the steps of the MET quickly, and Loki warned you to be careful about running on the rain-slick marble. 
“You worry too much. I may be fragile compared to you, but I’m okay,” you promised, pushing up on your toes to kiss his cheek. He turned and kissed you back before ushering you inside, insisting he didn’t want the cold to make you sick. You refrained from telling him that he was ridiculous, knowing all it would accomplish was another swat to your ass that you weren’t keen on receiving in public.
Loki held your hand as you studied paintings, drawings, sculptures, and artifacts that filled seemingly endless rooms. You dragged Loki to the impressionists, leaning back in his arms as you stared at Claude Monet’s paintings. 
“I like these the best.”
“Tell me about them,” Loki pressed, circling his arms around you.
“They’re so peaceful, and everything in them is soft. I like the colors too,” you looked up at Loki, your head tilting back.
“I like them too,” he murmured, kissing you sweetly.
He spent hours looking at art with you, even offering some of his knowledge of art history when he had it. You giggled as he swore to you that he was the model of Michelangelo’s paintings. 
“Lovely man, truly,” he grinned and you shook your head, laughing.  
You stayed until the museum closed, and you shivered when you stepped into the cold night. The two of you went to a cafe in the park for soup, warming up. You chattered about the paintings as you ate your soup, Loki making sure you had enough that you were no longer hungry.
It started to rain, and by the time you had finished eating, the storm was pouring down. Loki happily used magic to transport the two of you home, keeping you from getting soaked. 
When you walked into your bedroom, you smiled at the Monet print that hung on a formerly blank space on your wall.
“Thank you.”
“You’re welcome, little miss,” Loki smiled against your kiss. 
“Do you feel less neglected?” He asked, seriousness edging at his tone.
“Yes. But I would definitely feel less neglected if you watched Harry Potter with me,” your eyes widened. Loki thought the movies were a little ridiculous, and always complained when you put them on.
“You’re being manipulative.”
You wrapped your arms around him and pulled him down to your height. 
“I learned from the best,” you whispered.
“Alright, but I could always perform real magic for you.”
“That’s okay.”
Loki rolled his eyes at you, and you changed into pajamas before crawling in bed with him. He dragged you between his legs, snuggling you into his chest under blankets. He distracted himself with you, tracing patterns on your skin and playing with your hair while you were lost in your film. 
“You’re being handsy,” you said when he groped you, his hand under the waistband of your joggers. 
“You just look so pretty, I can’t help myself.”
You spread your legs for him, letting him touch you. Your movie was quickly forgotten as he distracted you with his own magic. 
“I promise you, I will make up for the weeks of depriving you of sex,” Loki’s deep voice echoed through you.
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