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#writing prompts
senpiecakes · 21 minutes ago
Person A: *wearing a knight costume, holding a sword* I think there was a misunderstanding.
Person B: *wearing only an apron, throwing rose petals* You think?
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Writing Prompt: Dialogue
"Have you ever sneezed so hard that it felt like someone was trying to pull your vagina out through your appendix?"
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fidelissimi · an hour ago
Tumblr media
"that sounds like a bad idea, and I know there's different levels of bad. . . but even I don't want any part of that."
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Prompt #2:
Both Villain and Hero are injured badly and clinging onto each other in desperation. Both are hardly able to lift their head, let alone get up and care for their injuries. Soon one of them succumbs to the waiting darkness, sinking into the other. The last thing that the awake one does is bring their hand up to the others head before they too give in.
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Person A is a celebrity who’s known for being well liked and kind and who fans often said would make a good parent. But after an accident, they find they’re unable to have kids, which causes tension between them and their loved ones who wanted kids/grandkids/nieces/nephews/etc. But one day, Person A meets Person B, someone who’s pregnant and trying to keep their child against all odds (family against them having the kid, social stigma, etc.). So Person A decides to help them out, and the two become roommates. When the child is born, Person A helps Person B care for them, and the three act like a little family.
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Writing Prompt: Three Things
at the edge of a dream world, he's following orders, every good plan involves getting caught
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fwoosh-prompts · 2 hours ago
Writing Exercise: No kissing (Romance)
Show two people falling in love without letting them kiss, have sex or confessions/say that they love each other. Technically this is kind of a show-don't-tell exercise as well, but I've seen so many people taking the easy/quick route of simply having two characters starting to kiss and/or confessing their feelings out of the blue without anything indicating beforehand that they have romantic feelings for each other... It's a quite jarring experience for a reader when that happens and not in a good way.
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tachyonpen · 2 hours ago
G/T Writing Prompt #41
In order to make money quickly and on the cheap, Character A uses the size alteration device they're working on to run a theme park in an abandoned lot. For food options, shrunken guests eat a lot less, so the automated chefs can use limited amounts of cheap ingredients far longer than they normally should. For rides, Character A has set up small motorized tracks using some of their old toys.
Everything done on the cheap, tickets are relatively inexpensive, and someone would have to walk out of the park through the main gate- or get scooped up at the end of the night- letting Character A grow them all back to normal.
Character B knows all of this, they helped Character A plan everything out . . . but Character B is very interested in just being kept close to Character A, at the same size as a park guest. But how would they accomplish that?
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Writing Prompt: Three Things
pro tip: don't get dunk when disposing of a body, something that reeks of potential, a society that's just waiting to die
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Writing Prompt
No matter what he said, his eyes were too hungry, too expectant of submission.
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Writing Prompt: Three Things
playing videogames all summer after a bad breakup, a death tournament, the 90's were a great time
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justausualunicorn · 3 hours ago
Imagine your OTP #27
Person A: Let's see if you are powerful as they say.
Person B: Who sent you?
Person A: Survive this fight and I might tell you.
Person B: The problem is you won't be able talk when I’m done with you.
Bonus Content:
Person A: And kids that’s how I met your mother.
Imagine your otp masterlist
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amethyst-writer · 3 hours ago
Prompt #9/Blind Hero
You can use my prompts if it’s for a Tumblr thing, but please credit me! 
“I’ve always wanted to see you crumble,” Villain snarled, pushing the base of the dagger against Hero’s neck, pinning them to the wall. “I never imagined, that after all these years of fighting, it would be this easy.”
Hero whimpered, but said nothing. Their expression held no fear, their eyes focusing intently on something in the background.
“Goddamn it,” swore Villain, “At least give the courtesy of looking at me when I’m trying to murder you.”
“Sorry,” murmured Hero. Their eyes floated towards Villain’s face, but seemed to be set at the base of their chin instead of Villain’s eyes.
“Sorry?!” spat Villain. “Look me in the eyes and tell me I won.”
Hero flinched. “I- I can’t.”
Villain laughed cruelly. “Why not? Too scared?”
“I’m- I can’t... I can’t see.”
“Very funny,” snapped Villain. They looked down their nose, prepared to sneer at Hero again, when they noticed Hero’s usually vivid green eyes clouded over. They loosened their grip, suddenly. “You’re... not kidding.”
“No,” whispered Hero. 
Villain let go, completely this time, and stepped back. “When did this even happen? How long are you going to be like this?”
Hero choked. “Forever.”
Villain swallowed. Hero’s usually cocky demeanor had been demolished, and Villain didn’t know what to think.
“Did I do this to you?” asked Villain, slowly.
“No. And why do you even care? You came here to kill me. Remember?”
“Who did this to you?”
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clenastia · 3 hours ago
Discord Prompt #3! Write an all-dialogue story, but with only one character speaking! The other character’s questions should be inferred from your character’s answers!
...this fuckin sucked.
Did not like.
There was also a random generator to decide our character’s race/sexuality/etc and I got Israeli/lesbian and I’m like. Thanks. Thanks a lot. Everything I know about Israel I know from bible study as a child, so it’s like, 2000 years out of date and functionally useless.
And I really did NOT want to spend ages googling for this prompt to try and learn the quick and dirty of a whole different culture.
So I just-
Tried to dodge most of the questions lol.
Apparently we’ll be using these characters in next week’s prompt too, so THAT’LL be fun. Hopefully I’ll be more in the mood to actually look up stuff by then.
“Oh you don’t have to worry about that - my parents may have followed their God, but I don’t really care. But I don’t like meat anyway- yes, a salad will do.”
“Right, I suppose we have to get started then? I’m Beyle De Vitis, but please, call me Berry-
“What? Oh, that. Well my father, may he rest in peace, had to move to England for work, and then ended up having to stay longer than expected, so we moved out with him for a couple years - the other kids kept mispronouncing my name, and eventually it just stuck. I really don’t mind though, I’ve always found it rather cute.”
“Anyway, where were we? I think I was introducing myself: I was born in April of 1996, in Israel. I- yeah, I think that’s Taurus, but I’ve never been much for those astrology things - yeah, the 21st.”
“Right. My family was pretty well-off, I think. My dad wasn’t home much when I was younger, his job only settled down later on, sometimes we’d travel with him, though most of the time we couldn’t. Mom didn’t work, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t busy! School and all, you know. And she loved to volunteer, so there were always places to be…
“I guess that’s how I fell in love with languages though. Especially when I was really little, when we went with my dad and I heard all those people speaking so many different languages, I just wanted to know them all. And I’ve finally got my degree!”
“No, I don’t really- it’s- I do freelance work, mostly. Just not good at sticking to any one job, y’know? I get too antsy, always want to move on to new things.”
“My family? I visit occasionally. My younger brothers still live at home- yeah, the twins. I think they don’t want to leave Mom alone, especially now that Dad’s gone, but I just couldn’t stay, you know?”
“Yeah, I guess you do. Heh, who’d have thought. Nah, I don’t have anyone in my life. Not too good at, how should I put it, going steady? My last girlfriend broke up with me after- I wouldn’t call it cheating, really, it’s not like I had sex with Myra, but I guess it’s true I wanted to. I’ve given up on the whole relationship thing. I guess it sounds bad, but I just get bored with people, you know?”
“Heh. Guess not.”
“Why are- are you reading a sheet? Why are you asking about my appearance, you’re literally looking at me. Should I become some dramatic heroine in a story, ranting about how plain I am while every reader in the world face-palms at my self-deprecating behaviour?
“Yeah I thought so.”
“The scar? Oh, it doesn’t really have any dramatic story. I got into my dad’s fishing supplies once, and tried to use it unsupervised - got the fishhook caught right in my eyebrow, honestly I’m lucky it didn’t go through my eye. I panicked and ripped it out, so the damage was pretty bad and it left a mark. Hurt like a bitch too, I couldn’t even look at a fishing pole without freaking out over it for years.”
“Stuff I like to do? Learn languages, obviously! I speak six fluently, and a few more casually. No, I never got my IQ tested. I don’t really need to? I just like learning languages, and lucky for me there’s all sorts of jobs for that! I’m thinking of brushing up my Hindu next, maybe Greek after that.
“Well I already speak English, I don’t really need any other European languages. You can get through pretty much all of Europe with a bit of English, and I know passing phrases if I need one. After Greek I think I want to learn a couple Chinese dialects. China’s very big, and it’d be a blast to just spend a year or two in the country, learning all the different language variations and exploring, don’t you think?”
“Well, I guess I just think it’s fascinating, dialects. The way a single language can change into so many different forms - I know Europe’s a bit like that, with Latin, and all, though it’s a bit more drastic over there. I’m sure one day I’ll learn all those languages too - it may be a bit unrealistic, learning every single language, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to try! My child’s self would never forgive me otherwise.”
“Politics? Well- I don’t really like discussing it. As a translator, my job is to try and understand, right? You can’t just translate words, you have to sometimes translate cultures, make sure the people you’re translating for understand where others are coming from- it makes it kind of hard, expressing your own political views. I always have to try and look at it from a cultural perspective and- ugh. I don’t really know what I’m saying here. But I guess I can try to answer the easy stuff.”
“Well- I mean, I don’t like people dying? I guess that’s an obvious thing to say, but I mean- stuff like the death penalty, stuff like that. Ugh. You know what, let’s just change the subject.”
“What do you mean you’re out of questions? You seriously were going down a list! Come on, can’t you do a bit better?”
“Look, if your entire list revolves around someone describing themselves and their political views, you have to admit, it’s a pretty bad list. No one wants to feel like an idiot going on about their appearance, or kicking up arguments with their politics - well. I mean, I guess some people do, but I’m certainly not one of them.”
“Ah. Was that a bit rude? Sorry. I mean, it’s still a bad list but I’m sure you did your best. Oh- ugh. Here, I’ll- y’know, just to cheer you up. Don’t look so despondent.”
“My favorite color’s blue. But like, dark blue- I know these questions aren’t on your list, but they’re better than the ones on your list, admit it! My favorite planet is Neptune-
“Well- you know, those pictures in like, some of those old textbooks? I just thought Neptune was cute. It’s- oh stop laughing at me!
“ANYWAY. My favorite food’s stir-fry- obviously I mean vegetable stir-fry, didn’t we already talk about the meat thing?”
“Favorite animal? See, you don’t need a list, just make stuff up, that’s the spirit! I don’t really have a favorite animal, but if I had to pick, maybe a panda. They just look so cuddly!”
“My favorite book is All. The. Books.”
“Please. I translate for a living. Give me anything with words on it, I promise you I’m in love. What- no. We’re not talking about Twilight. Ugh, look- English isn’t even my third language, and I read those books when I was still learning. I would like to continue to pretend that I only thought it was bad due to my own poor understanding of the language, because-
“Look, I know there are worse books out there but-
“Ugh. I’m just not much for vampire stories even on a good day. Not really my style, you know?”
“Well, Tolkien, obviously. He invented his own languages for those books - I am absolutely fluent in Sindarin.”
“Klingon? Eh, a little. American television’s always been a little strange to me, but maybe one day I’ll sit down and give it a proper study.”
“Huh. Yeah, sorry, that’s my brother- I have to take this-
“Sorry! Thanks for the interview! Uh- and sorry for making fun of your questions!”
*door slams*
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promptlyprompting · 3 hours ago
“I’ll find her and bring her back. I swear.”
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emerqlds · 3 hours ago
prompt #150
“You need to learn to stand your ground.” Villain shook their head, cracking their knuckles loudly. 
“You broke my leg, asshole.” Hero hissed.  “I don’t think I could stand if I wanted to.” 
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5-minutes-2-midnight · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
I promise/ to dream of you,/ every night,/ and from this day/ until all days/ have ended,/ I promise/ to always speak to you/ before I sleep,/ no matter if your ears/ are there/ to hear the words.
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heytherejulietx · 4 hours ago
Currently my requests are open for Bughead, Jughead, Sweet Pea, and Reggie only, though I’m only accepting drabble requests at the moment as I don’t have time to write a full fic. If you want to send in a request you could;
Send in one or more prompts from my prompt lists.
Send in a song or song lyrics (thank you to @winterlovesong1 for the idea about this one)
Send in some prompts from these prompt lists (credits to the blog who posted them): hand holding / hugs / kisses / touching
Send in an original idea of your own if you have one.
I do not write smut so don’t send in a request for that. If I cannot write a request I will tell you, though if not I will get to your request eventually it might just take a while.
So please feel free to send some in! Thank you have a good day! 🤍
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promptlyprompting · 4 hours ago
A mural you see every day has a new element each time you pass by. It begins to tell a familiar story: your own. 
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