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diarygenxer · a minute ago
WIFE: You know how I always ask if you want to join me for a walk?
WIFE: I think that question is changing to would you take me for a walk ...
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bookthoughtsandwrites · 17 minutes ago
“All I ask is that we get through one mission—just one mission—without anyone getting shot. Please, that’s all I ask.”
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polyninja-future · 17 minutes ago
Skylar settled the babies for nap time. She heard the door open and closed.
Olivia: Mum! We’re home!
Skylar: Welcome home, girls. Keep your voices down though. Your cousins are sleeping.
Olivia: Why?
Skylar: They need to sleep a little more than us. They could wake up to any loud noises.
Olivia: I’m gonna wake them up by jumping on their beds. Come on, Ava!
Olivia and Ava were starting to run to the babies room, but they were picked up by Skylar and Pixal.
Pixal: No jumping on your cousins’ cribs.
Ava: Why not!
Pixal: Jumping on the crib a baby is in is extremely dangerous for them. They can get hurt.
Ava: But you, Mama, and Mum don’t get hurt!
Skylar: Your Mom is made of metal while your Mama and I are able to handle jumping kids.
Pixal: And your Mum already said your cousins need to sleep more than we do. So that means no waking them up, and no jumping on their crib.
Bayou: Mum?
Skylar: Hmm?
Bayou: The doll that looks like Uncle Cole got in my backpack.
Bayou gave Skylar the Cole doll.
Skylar: Strange. Well, I will give it back to your cousins when they wake up. Remember, no waking up your cousins.
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trvlyours · 32 minutes ago
glad i wrote almost 2k last night and its just all. incomprehensible. it started off making sense and then half way thru i started falling asleep and it just doesn’t make sense.
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skriveting · 34 minutes ago
A bunch of different dialogue prompts #20
"There is a darkness deep within me... No matter my efforts it never ceases to claw at my heart, filling me with dread and despair day and night as I sleep and wake in a never ending cycle of doom and disaster, knowing I shall never be set free from the traps of time and torture within me.." "... Are you ok dude?"
"Don't worry, I put the 'fun' in 'funeral'!" "I don't want to find out what that's supposed to mean." "Oh, don't worry, you will!"
"Look what you did!!" "You're saying that like it wasn't the point?"
"Every moment with you is a living nightmare." "I'm glad."
"Everyone has a weakness. Yours seems to be that you think you don't have one."
"May I presume that you are, indeed, an idiot?" "Yes, you may."
"I have to talk to you." "Ok." "And you need to actually listen." "Oh.."
"Why on earth do you think I'm into you??" "You always use that sweet nickname for me, remember?" "'Stupid moron' is not a sweet nickname!!"
"Don't worry, nobody's gonna see me." "Someone is definitely going to see you." "Why?" "Look at yourself!"
"Why are you so heinously incompetent?" "Can you please calm down, it's only Monday morning."
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incorrect-hogwartsyay · 49 minutes ago
Slytherin, trying out clothes: Oh my God, those pants look great!!
Hufflepuff: And I bet they would look even better on Ravenclaw's floor.
Ravenclaw: Are you hitting on Slytherin... For me ?
Hufflepuff: * grinning *
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soulmemes · 55 minutes ago
prompts that make you go 👀
basically i'm still working and on hiatus and i'm exhausted but i'm also reading books and uhhh. yeah. have some angsty but spicy memes!! basically memes that involve protectiveness and angst and just. a real chance to explore softness and all the emotions. to reverse the roles, just add a + to the end!
[ DROP ] : sender unexpectedly collapses in front of receiver, having suddenly received a serious wound.
[ CARRY ] : having seen the receiver fall to the ground, badly wounded, sender proceeds to scoop them up and carry them to safety.
[ CRADLE ] : sender cradles the injured receiver in their arms as they head for safety.
[ PERSEVERE ] : sender, having received a particularly bad wound, tells receiver they're fine, but ends up collapsing later on.
[ RED ] : having witnessed the receiver get hurt by someone, the sender kills their assailant out of RAGE.
[ PROTECT ] : having witnessed the receiver get hurt by someone, the sender kills their assailant in order to PROTECT them.
[ CHECK-IN ] : after receiver has recovered from their wounds, sender visits them in their sickbed to make sure they're okay.
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sleepyprompts · an hour ago
Conversation Prompt #8
“Why are you glaring at me behind my back?”
“You didn’t eat my food, did you?”
“Wasn’t suicidal last time I checked, so no.”
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pepperdee · an hour ago
Tumblr media
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lefving · an hour ago
Prompts no.8
,,Isolation is not safety, it is death. If no one knows you're alive, you aren't."
,,How terrible it is to love something that death can touch."
,,Anger makes you stupid. Stupid gets you killed."
,,But I think - if you're gonna kill a bunch of people - you might as well ... have some fun with it."
,,I already did my part. If you need anything ask anyone but me."
,,Yes, there are times we live for somebody else."
,,Please believe me when I say revenge was never my intention. - but it still tastes sweeter than honey."
,,Look at you, sacrificing yourself for others. When did you get a heart? I had thought you lost your moral code."
,,Who are you? Death?" ,,Sometimes. Not today."
,,I tried to do it differently. I tried to make them all my friends but now ... now I want them dead."
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mmmdrop · an hour ago
thinking about “where the hell have you been” “ON A BENDER” <3
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mushymushhh · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
OOC (Out Of Clowning) Sasara
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supertransural · 2 hours ago
hey i have a request, if anyone here has any idea where to find the OST for season 15, specifically the piece that plays in 15x19 when they’re defeating chuck, could you direct me to it?
i don’t know if it exists, or if anyone has made an edit by removing the dialogue/background noises, but my brother’s been looking for it and asked if tumblr could perhaps help our cause lol
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josephinegerardywriter · 2 hours ago
"How do I know when I'll see you again?"
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dark-fiction-and-angst · 2 hours ago
"When are you going to trust me?!"
"When are you going to be trustworthy?!"
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