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hillarysss9 minutes ago
don鈥檛 put a gemini placement with another gemini placement in the same room they never stop stalking
like rn someone save me from them 馃槨
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naughtylittlesausage17 minutes ago
I Love All Aquarians
I know this sounds like BS but very actor/ celeb I look at and like them enough to google them, they miraculously happen to be AQUARIUS
(I'm a Leo Sun and Aries Moon)
I鈥檓 not saying I have a crush on ALL of these people but I just like them little more and in a different way than others
I鈥檓 just listing famous people, but this happens to me in real life too
Any Astro-freaks feel free to comment on this
[Maybe zodiac stuff is actually true to an extent]
Aquarius People I love:
2. Harry Styles
3. Alicia Keys
4. Madhubala
5. Tom Selleck
6. Justin Timberlake
7. Johnny Orlando
8. Shakira
9. Bhuvan Bam
10. Cristiano Ronaldo
11. Chris Rock
12. Jennifer Aniston
13. The Weeknd
14. Elizabeth Olsen
15. Michael B Jordon
16. Sushant Singh Rajput
17. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
18. Ed Sheeran
19. Molly Ringwald
20. Oprah Winfrey
21. Paris Hilton
22. Stephanie Beatriz
23. Taylor Lautner
24. Bonnie Wright
25. Simon Pegg
26. Michael Sheen
27. Olivia Colman
28. Megan Thee Stallion
29. Isla Fisher
30. Skeet Ulrich
31. Abhishek Bachchan
32. Preity Zinta
Fictional Characters :
1. Luna Lovegood
2. Flynn Rider
3. Aquaman
4. Phoebe Buffay
Anyone else???
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madamsaturn27 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Challenges in love with Venus
鉁э渐锞: *鉁э渐锞:*聽 *:锝ワ緹鉁*:锝ワ緹鉁р湩锝ワ緹: *鉁э渐锞:*聽 *:锝ワ緹鉁*:锝ワ緹鉁р湩锝ワ緹: *鉁э渐锞:*聽 *:锝ワ緹鉁*:锝ワ緹鉁р湩
The signs challenges will be always the dark side of themselves that they cannot see and face, it will be that point that you will always struggle in any relationship and will need to face them day by day for your loved ones.
鉁э渐锞: *鉁э渐锞:*聽 *:锝ワ緹鉁*:锝ワ緹鉁р湩锝ワ緹: *鉁э渐锞:*聽 *:锝ワ緹鉁*:锝ワ緹鉁р湩锝ワ緹: *鉁э渐锞:*聽 *:锝ワ緹鉁*:锝ワ緹鉁р湩
馃挃 Aries - can't hear the other's will and the choices must always be yours. It can be very explosive in the relationship and say things without politeness because you feel free to say what came to mind. Often does not know what the partner really wants and desires and can even get confused in simple tasks like giving a birthday present. You have to slow down the relationship and look at it as something between two people.
馃挃 Taurus - you keep yourself in situations that are not cool for the relationship.Is very afraid of losing what has and what has built and does not face what makes you anxious, is afraid of letting different situations happen. It is necessary to have the courage to experience mourning and make room for new things.
馃挃 Gemini - can't keep a relationship with a most still and calm moment, having a lot of anxiety in the simplest moments of a relationship. Has a great ideal of what a couple should be and wants a connection with their essence. Is also very afraid of the other's opinion and sometimes lies to do what wants, not exposing your real intention and doing everything behind. It is necessary to put what you like and dislike in the relationship and realize that each day you and your partner will be a different person.
馃挃 Cancer - places too much of the emotional responsibilities of the relationship on the other person, blaming them for their own feelings and the bad times they had. Many times you get hurt with something that didn't have the slightest intention of hitting you. It is necessary to have emotional responsibility with your emotions and to talk to the other in a frank and not guilty way.
馃挃 Leo - is not flexible and does not open up to the other's desires, failing to see that sometimes what you wants is not what the other wants. Is looking for a Disney romance that may even happen between the couple, but when you leaves the castle it will be nothing like that. It is necessary to understand the reality of other people, especially the partner, seeing that their background can often not even be like yours.
馃挃 Virgo - you cannot have peace with anything wrong and always think that the other is not good enough for you, thinking that they will never change no matter what. Is also afraid to get involved and avoids many relationship opportunities, as you fears depending on the other for a good relationship. You need to look at yourself and ask yourself if you want the relationship, see how the other person really is.
馃挃 Libra - don't discuss everyday things with your partner, wanting everything to be understood in the underlines, don't say what you really want with the relationship. You can become passive aggressive with so much need for the other to know what you want. . You need to put more of your will instead of adapting to the other.
馃挃 Scorpio - any little problem that happens already sees it as something gigantic. You put your feelings as the fault of the other, taking no responsibility when many situations had nothing to do with you and is you who put yourself as a victim anyway. The other does not need to adapt with your background and old relationships, now it is a new and totally unique and only of the two of you. You need to develop more affection, love, affection and gentleness with relationships to have a calmer view on the subject.
馃挃 Sagittarius - fixes yourself on your own philosophy of life and does not listen to the other, wanting to live what you thinks is important , wasting many opportunities that could be the two of you by doing it alone. It is based on one's own understanding of ethics and does not understand the other, judging and defending yourself with morals in moments of jealousy. It is necessary to perceive yourself as an individual who is sharing an experience with the other, especially if you are thinking in a very violent way.
馃挃 Capricorn - has difficulty dealing with your own suffering and taking on the pain, always going through relationship strategies to solve problems, always following a script that believes will solve everything, even if your heart is saying the opposite. Create rules with yes and no in the relationship without even asking the other. You need to try to wake up to your own vulnerability and care about the problems and weaknesses of the relationship.
馃挃 Aquarius - is unable to surrender and become completely involved with the person for fear of losing your freedom and essence. Is very afraid to start a deeper relationship and reveal your most intimate points, because believes that it can be used as a weapon against you later. Doesn't like to waist your time in the relationship, putting yourself first. You must realize that being in the relationship was also your own choice and you are free to make your decisions.
馃挃 Pisces - can't deal with relationship problems, when something doesn't work it escapes the clashes. You need to pay attention if you are thinking about being in love with the person or if you really love the person. Misses a lot of questions because is cheating and dating someone who doesn't exist in real life, only in your imagination. It is necessary to deal with the imperfections and analyze the problems in the relationship.
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scoruspio27 minutes ago
If ya鈥檒ls want, you can look at my tumblr, and then follow me if you think we have things in common.
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voxobsucra33 minutes ago
Vox Obscura is dedicated to the occult, conspiracy, and the weird. We have an extensive resource catalogue and are always looking towards expanding our access to esoteric information and understanding. We're welcome everyone from all paths and progress to enjoy our free speech atmosphere.
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hillarysss34 minutes ago
daily astro ask 馃獝
may 10 2021馃獝
by @hillarysss
Do any 10th house & Leo placements get unwanted attention at times? Do you ever wish you could just blend in?
Tumblr media
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tasharollins3441 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Daily Taurus
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apollosgirl943 minutes ago
Riordanverse but as zodiac signs I think they should be based off of gives they give off. (not true, so don鈥檛 get mad)
Aquarius: Percy
Libra: Leo
Aries: Reyna
Leo: Piper
Taurus: Annabeth
Gemini: Katie
Capricorn: Jason
Sagittarius: Will
Cancer: Frank
Virgo: Silena
Pisces: Nico
Scorpio: Clarisse
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overheardinthenightsky45 minutes ago
Cop: You ran a red light.
Leo: So did you, hypocrite.
Cop: I was following you.
Leo: That was dumb, I'm a terrible driver.
Cop: Get out.
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oceanbaby88847 minutes ago
-Get ready for the coin to fall!!!
-May be more sleepy or wanting to take it easy.
-New moons are good for manifesting new things. And since it's in Taurus it's best to manifest money, better health, being able to find incomes from multiple sources and be steady about it! Just an example. It differs based on where the moon will transit your chart!!
-This is an exciting time of abundance before Jupiter hits Pisces in 3 days!!! I love it!!!
This has been your astro forecast.
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astrroloaries51 minutes ago
I will make a masterlist in a bit of some of my main posts (but for the rest small text posts I have made you can find them in the search bar under the tags, I tag everything)
I love organizing my blog (my virgo moon is quaking), plus I will know where I stopped so I can continue writing about placements and aspects and all kinds of fun facts.
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tiredbutstillloveable57 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Leo Moon, Gemini Sun, Venus, Mars
Definitely someone who is outgoing, cheerful, and who loves to have fun with everything.
Very energetic, someone who wants to do things, to go out to different places, who loves to have small adventures 鈥 she/he is not big on the routine thing, ngl.
Is always learning new things. This person is thirsty for knowledge, and wants to learn everything she/he can. The more this person can learn, about all things, the merrier.
A very curious mind, always wanting to know and understand things. The type to start a new course all of the sudden, just because the theme caught his/her attention.
Could be someone who started studying one thing in college, and change it many times, because couldn鈥檛 decide what to do, since all the things interest him/her.
Could be an intellectual. Avid reader. Just love to get lost in different universes and worlds. The one to read many different books at the same time.
A person who loves to be around people and to go out with friends. Definitely she/he has a lot of friends, from different backgrounds.
They love to talk about everything, and they always have curious facts about stuff. They can give the idea they know everything about all things. They never run out of new things to discuss.
They can be a little stubborn sometimes, but overall, they are very open minded, and can understand other points of view easily. They love to learn through discussions, and why do you think the way you think about this topic. So, they tend to be open about everything.
Can be great speakers, and could influence people easily.
They can inspire people with their ideas, and powerful minds. They can be very unique the one they think and do things. They could be trendsetters.
Popular people, ngl. They know how to talk with everyone, and with this capacity plus their sympathy, they can go far.
They can have a strong, bright, powerful presence in the room.
They can express very well their feelings. They can be highly intuitive. They are good at manifesting things. They can put all their hearts in something.
They are driven, and passionate. They like to give everything they have when doing things.
Don't like when people are pessimists around them. Because they believe in their dreams and they go after them. So, they know you should be insistent and believe in yourself, and never stop until you make it.聽 They believe anything is possible really, and they work hard for that.
They are very energetic, but sometimes a little trip could help them rest and just to recharge their energies. They can spend too much time with other people, and sometimes this can be very draining/exhausting.聽 Even though they have an amazing energy, everyone needs to take care of their own energy. So, going away for the weekend can do the trick.
They can be anxious people too, they have so many thoughts in their head, they need to learn how to let go of things, and just focus in the moment. So, meditation and yoga could be amazing for them (to anyone really).
They can be loud people, and just have this great, contagious laugh.
They can be cheeky and have a naughty sense of humor (I just love this). They are witty, and just very smart (I mean they are always stimulating their brains with new classes, books, and learning from people, so is that really a surprising thing? Yeah, I don鈥檛 think so too).
Overall, I believe this is a person who can鈥檛 stay still, just how I feel Haechan is. And they will most certainly look for good times, and laughing, and having fun is always on their list. They will be a very spontaneous couple, who will love to get always on weekends, and to explore new places. They will have many inside jokes, and no one will be saved around them, they can mock everyone. They will love to go out with friends, and definitely the couple who will be the last one to go home. Together they are the heart and soul of the party. And yes, they will get everyone drunk, you can鈥檛 escape from them. The type of couple to have many parties and get together in one day, so they will be never on time HAHAHA
They will be able to talk everything with each other, and probably the ones to do big and ridiculous love鈥檚 demonstrations, just to mock one another. But, in the end, they know this is for real, and they really love each other.
It鈥檚 a very playful, youthful type of relationship.
They will be romantic when no one is looking. They like to keep this part private, because they probably don鈥檛 like to be all over each other with their friends around. Is kind like, different things. You should enjoy that moment that you are together with them, and then at home you can enjoy one another (I鈥檝e seen this with people with a lot of Gemini placements, like, I'm gonna put this idea right here lol)
Well, I think this is it for now. I hope you guys enjoy. <3
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elminx59 minutes ago
Energy Update: Taurus new moon 5/11/21
Tomorrow afternoon we are experiencing a new moon at 21掳 - both our Sun and Moon will be conjunct in Taurus, square to Jupiter in Aquarius, trine to newly retrograded Pluto in Capricorn, and sextile to Neptune in Pisces. As with most of our recent lunar events - there is a lot of potential in this energy but also a great deal of tension.
The Taurus new moon is characterized by planting seeds and tending spring growth - it is always a time of renewal and reconnection with our earth energy after the long winter slumber. It cannot be removed from the context of this past year though or even from the general energy of 2021 as a whole so I suspect this energy may include more weeding the garden - we are still in a time of removal and reevaluation.
Though this new moon in Taurus is not an eclipse - its sister full moon in Scorpio come November will be. This is significant - these six months will be a sneak peek into the coming eclipse cycle that will begin in earnest when the lunar nodes shift to the Taurus-Scorpio axis early in January of next year. We are warned (all year really) to get our affairs in order - to come into alignment with our true selves.
This is echoed in the aspects the new moon is making. Most notably, the Sun and Moon are squaring off with Jupiter in Aquarius. We've been experiencing squares between Taurus and Aquarius all year - Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius will make a total of three exact squares this year but come close to squaring each other five total times. We are in a period of expansion and contraction - things need to shift and move - this energy has been unsettled and will remain unsettled likely until the final square clears in December. Taurus is a sign that is slow to change and often most concerned with comfort while Aquarius wants to keep things weird. Aquarius types will often change for change's sake alone (though they are also a fixed sign so they can get hung up in what they won't change every bit as much as Taurus). Expect things early this week to feel uncomfortable and notice what feels out of place. It may be a sign that something needs to get shifted or pruned from your life entirely. This is supported by the trine to retrograded Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto is the grim reaper of the planets - he catalyzes deep transformative change that can often feel akin to death. During the Pluto retrograde cycle, long-standing issues come up for release - things related to childhood traumas, long-standing relationship problems, addictions, and mental illness. During his journey through Capricorn, the energy is focused on broken institutions - governments, business arrangements - even marriage which is a signed contract (Capricorn rules contracts). We are being shown what doesn't work anymore (and often what has never worked). If you are stuck in a situation where you are trying to make something work that really doesn't, it may feel really challenging during this time. You are being asked to reevaluate whether the things you hold in your life work for you and for all other people involved. We're veering away from Aries energy now - the ego stories and selfishness of Aries season has passed - Taurus is all about building something that will last. Taurus is earthy and grounded energy - it has no time for false narratives or passive aggression. Taurus natives tend to tell it like it is and this new moon will be no exception - there are no room left for the lies. That thing that you've been to struggling to make work for years? It's time to put that shit down. If it hasn't worked by now, it was never meant for you. That's the thing about Taurus, from the outside, it can seem like Tauruses hold on to everything. They are slow to forgive. They tend to like possessions. But Taurus, being ruled by Venus, is very concerned with value. You won't find a Taurus keeping a friend around who annoys them, or trying endlessly at a failed marriage - if it doesn't have value, a Taurus is willing to give it up and make space for something that does. This is, I think, one of the reasons that strong Taurus natives often are among the more content signs in the zodiac. As we begin our shift of the nodal axis point from Gemini-Sag to Taurus-Scorpio, this idea of value is going to come more deeply into focus. This new moon will be our first "ping" of this energy that is to come. Things to watch out for during this week are issues around control - Taurus can tend towards control freak tendencies which may be amplified by our great expander (Jupiter) but retrograded Pluto is not having anything to do with it. Lean into Taurus' natural inclination towards having good boundaries and remember that other people (even YOUR others) have the right to make their own decisions. Stay in your own lane. I know - I've been repeating that over and over again. It needs repeating. If you tell somebody else what to do with week, expect them to blow up in your face - don't say that I didn't warn you. The way that you can support yourself through this energy is through some good old-fashioned self-indulgence. Treat yo self to a new outfit or the more expensive takeout. If you feel stuck or too grounded, you can counter this energy by reaching towards Taurus's opposite
sign Scorpio: spend some time around water or deep in mediation, both Scorpio favorite activities. This won't pack the punch of a full moon but we are in eclipse season so what happens today, tomorrow, and Wednesday is likely to be highly significant. If something comes up for you - write it down for later perusal. You may not understand the full import of what is happening right now but it may become more clear as we get closer to our eclipses.
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astrology101an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Aquarius Sun, Scorpio Moon, and Scorpio Rising 鉁
鈥淭he cravings of the human cannot be fulfilled, nor satisfied at one instance.鈥濃 Mwanandeke Kindembo
Requested by Anonymous馃挮
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mercurytrinemoonan hour ago
So I know quite a few people with Sun-Jupiter conjunction - all of them have it in signs where either Sun or Jupiter is exalted or in its domicile - I think that鈥檚 a crucial factor here. And all of them have something in common: they either travel a lot, have foreign roots or live abroad (or all of them) + they鈥檙e generally from wealthy or big families or something along those lines. Oh and also, there may be some religious undertone - like one of them used to sing in a church choir (and that鈥檚 why he travelled a lot as a kid).
Obviously it鈥檚 important to look at the house that conjunction is in + which houses those two planets rule. Unfortunetely I only have the birth time of one of them (the one who used to be in a choir). His conjunction is in the 4th and he鈥檚 now living and working abroad.聽
I鈥檓 guessing (and hoping cause that would confirm my theory) that those, who check all of the boxes of benefits and expansion of Sun-Jupiter, have one of those planets as their chart ruler OR, alternatively, on one of the angles. That would imply that those themes would be revisited throughtout the entire life as a constant part of one鈥檚 path.
Other Sun-Jupiter aspects may work similarly but I think it鈥檚 most pronounced in the conjunction because those energies are interlinked.聽
That鈥檚 my daily thought for today.
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kagamijishitarotan hour ago
Tumblr media
馃挅馃摙 week ahead messages for water (cancer scorpio pisces) signs/placements (5/9/2021 - 5/15/2021) 馃挅馃摙
馃悵 check your sun/moon/rising/ascendant/dominant sign
馃憫 have a great start of the week y鈥檃ll!
I would like to let y鈥檃ll know that I鈥檓 literally struggling how to articulate how your cards to kick off the week are about a new start without sounding like I have a pregnancy fetish like every other reader out there. But if you鈥檙e INDEED trying to have children, want a new pet or maybe you want a new dominant/sbumissive then yay!
For some reason, when I read with this deck, it makes me catch onto the more material and mundane aspects of the woo woo by seeing them on literal, tangible terms BUT with a spiritual catch, so whatever physicality you do, accept and work with will almost always have an implication beyond your physical life and is very well felt in aspects of and in your practice of spirituality.
I also don鈥檛 think it鈥檚 a coincidence tomorrow/later (depending on your timezone) also happens to be New Moon in Taurus either.
If I were to describe the feeling the cards give me, it鈥檚 that moment when you look back at how much something has grown while also being in the moment of seeing it come to bloom. You鈥檙e looking at your hard work, the time that鈥檚 come to pass to come to this moment and vibrating excitedly coz 鈥淵ES I MADE IT. FINALLY.鈥
But do remember that whatever you鈥檙e trying to speak to existence and make real comes with a new responsibility and a radical shift in your lifestyle. Nothing will be the same from the moment the change you鈥檝e been waiting for will come to be.
There鈥檚 also a feeling of 鈥榯here鈥檚 no turning back from here on鈥 somehow!
Then again, when you look at the Fool card, no matter what system and however it鈥檚 illustrated, they鈥檙e guided by solely intuition and their innate optimism with barely anything on them coz YOLO!
I know, you鈥檙e probably thinking 鈥楧UH I know that鈥 but just felt like reminding anyway because sometimes in our excitement or agonizing towards the change and new that we鈥檝e been waiting on for, we kinda get blindsided by the hype and 鈥楥AN THIS JUST HAPPEN ALREADY鈥 feels.
馃悵 Deck Used: Wayward Dark Tarot 1st Edition by PixelOccult
馃憫 Do follow if you like this! I talk about astrology, transits, post weekly messages and do free tarot pulls! 馃ズ
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kagamijishitarotan hour ago
Tumblr media
馃挅馃摙 week ahead messages for earth (taurus virgo capricorn) signs/placements (5/9/2021 - 5/15/2021) 馃挅馃摙
馃悵 check your sun/moon/rising/ascendant/dominant sign
馃憫 have a great start of the week y鈥檃ll!
For those of you derps who also have fire placements, you might be find that you鈥檙e finding it pretty easy to tap into those placements of yours. Both your cards to start off this week are ruled by Fire with Mars in Aries for Dominion and Earth of Fire, meaning a grounded sort of Fire with Princess of Fire here.
You might be feeling like you鈥檙e on a roll this week. Even if things came up to get hinder your progress or stunt anything halfway, you鈥檒l be finding that you鈥檙e able to find a way around things and get it things going. Should things feel like truly coming to a halt, you might find yourself still in a favorable position and feeling like, eh nbd. This is fine.
And you鈥檙e not even like saying fine just because you鈥檙e settling on being fine, it鈥檚 because it鈥檚 really fine.
I sense a shift in mindset, an enlightening conversation or a moment of self reflection had helped in bringing about this change in your approach to life and you鈥檒l definitely be seeing the good of this starting this week and maybe till the next Taurus Moon, maybe next Taurus Full Moon this year or next? IDK. Observe really.
But really though, this week is all about finding your element and where you can strut your stuff then live your best life. You want to flourish don鈥檛 you? You鈥檒l have to find the right kind of soil, amount of water and positioning in the area with the best kind of sunlight for that, metaphorically.
I want you to make a conscious effort to make that real instead of just yolo and leaving it abstract and subconscious.
Make it tangible for yourself then speak it into existence to make it a constant, sustainable reality so you can be who you only thought you could dream to be.
馃悵 Deck Used: Wayward Dark Tarot 1st Edition by PixelOccult
馃憫 Do follow if you like this! I talk about astrology, transits, post weekly messages and do free tarot pulls! 馃ズ
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