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darkacademicfrom2021 · 21 minutes ago
The Dark Team (part 6)
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“What did you fuck up?”, you heard Loki’s sharp whisper through the earbud, while you frantically searched through papers and papers and some more papers.
“I didn’t fuck up. I have the guy. I have information”, cleared Bucky. “Hey, DON’T MOVE”, he shouted at the kidnapped, cocking his gun. He cleared his throat before talking again. “Good and bad news”.
“Must be Christmas”, you said.
“No, Christmas is when you only have good news”, said Bucky.
“Not in my family. Generally, there was only bad news and food. Food was the good news”.
“I love how professional and focused on the mission you two are. Stark would be so proud”.
“Wait, I’m invested now. Tell me more about your family, y/n”.
“For the Norns, I don’t have much time. The information, Barnes”. You could hear Loki's footsteps resonate. According to plan, he should've been walking through a hall full of burocrats, so he was right; he did not have much time.
“Okay, so, I know who has the stick”.
“He’s dead”.
“Not so good”.
“Not really, no”.
“What do we do now?”.
An alarm on the building had set off and every door locked down, with a man on a speaker announcing the disappearance of an important object followed by an awfully accurate description of the three of you.
“We run, that’s what we do now”.
You didn’t have to say more. Bucky threw himself off the window before it finished closing. You looked around desperately, trying to find a way to free yourself from that office. Two security guards entered the room screaming for you to get on the floor, and instead you made an unstable wall with the desk and chairs, avoiding getting shot and giving you enough time to figure out some sort of weapon to take them down.
The watch was already used, the knives were useless if they had guns, you didn’t have a gun yourself (silly you), and the parachute was apparently not working anymore, so you couldn’t jump off the window like your teammates. Damn.
“By any chance”, you whispered through your microphone “could you tele…”, but Loki gave you no time to finish the sentence and teleported himself to the office, still in the shape of a security guard.
“My dearest friend”, he said to one of the shooters, opening his arms welcomingly, “how’s the family?”.
“What the fuck, Robert?” asked angrily one of the real guards. “How did you…”.
Loki kicked off his gun and touched his head with a halo of green lights, making him fall unconscious to the floor. He looked up and down at the second security guard and formed half a smile.
“And what about your wife? Is she well?”.
“You ain’t Robert, ain’t ya?”.
“Mmh, nah”.
You grabbed the second security guard from behind and made him trip, immobilizing his arms and legs, and held his own gun to his head. Loki watched you amused, and then transformed back into himself.
“Oh, there you are”, you greeted him. “Did Buck say anything about the walking dead?”.
“The… what?”.
“The man with the stick. If he’s dead, who activated the alarm? Someone has to have it”.
“He didn’t say anything else. Can’t you track it down?”.
“If I could, why would we have done all of this for?”.
“Point made”.
“I need to get back to our room, take some things off the checklist before going all in for a new plan”.
“Alri…”, he started saying, but his gaze fell back on the immobilized guard you were holding down. “What are you planning on doing with him? He saw our faces”.
“If you let me live I won’t talk about this at all”, he pleaded, face squished against the floor. “I have kids, please”.
“He’s lying, he has no kids”, he said with a neutral face, and you looked at him trying to tell him to communicate telepathically. Surprisingly, he understood. “What?”.
“I’m not killing him, what do we do?”.
“Just kill him, what’s all the fuss about?”. You looked at him horrorized and he rolled his eyes “alright, just threaten him enough”.
You let him go, still pointing the gun at him, and gestured to the door so he could leave. When he reached for the door knob, you shot twice at the wall, mere inches from his head, and he froze in place.
“Talk and I’ll find you”, you threatened.
“I won't say a word, I promise”.
You looked at Loki and he nodded, letting you know the man was telling the truth. You kept your eyes fixed on him while he ran away, terrified. Must be new, you thought. Loki grabbed your waist.
“What the Hell are you doing?”, you pushed him away.
“Teleporting us, as you asked”.
“You have to grab me to do that?”.
“I don’t have to. It’s so you get stability”.
“Oh. Give me a big bear hug, then. No, better, let’s cuddle” you spat with sarcasm. He sighed annoyed, massaging his temples.
“Fine. I’m not even touching you”.
As he teleported both of you, you felt your whole body tear its own cells apart and dissolve, and then regenerate them. Your head spinned like it never has, and something hit your head; but you weren’t sure if it was the floor, a wall or the roof, for your sense directions were nowhere to be found. You took a few seconds to compose yourself before opening your eyes once everything stopped moving. When you finally managed to realize where your head even was, your eyes met with Loki’s, who was holding back a smirk with his arms crossed.
“Reconsidering that cuddle next time, are you?”.
“That was… hilarious. Such a shame I missed the previous part to give me context, though”, said Bucky from the counter of the hotel room, munching on some chips. “Look, the tiny fridge had these. You were right, they’re actually great”.
“Yeah. Grab whatever, they’re on Stark’s”, you said, still with your head a bit fuzzed. Loki offered his hand to help you get up but you did it yourself. He sighed.
“How do you fit your clothes with that huge ego of yours?”.
“I don’t, I walk around naked”, you answered, opening the nearest laptop and starting to work on the checklist.
That night was like the last one. Dark, silent and with your head full on the work. Bucky was barely snoring, and Loki was sitting on his bed reading a book. Every once in a while you glanced up your work to look at how painfully beautiful he was. You hated every thought about it, of course, but you couldn’t deny his sight grew on you a bit. He was an asshole, of course. A parasite on your head. An inconvenience. A distraction, sometimes. But the warm light of the bed lamp and the shadows it formed on half of his face enhanced his features, almost like a sculpture, a piece of art.
While you thought of that you checked on his expressions, making sure he wasn’t listening to your highly embarrassing thoughts.
After a few hours, Bucky had already woken up and you were still spread on the floor, surrounded by the files and laptops from before. The light conversation had caught half the attention of the God, who was still reading peacefully. He seemed so calm you wondered what kept him up anyways.
“You think he still has it on him?”, asked Bucky, changing his shirt.
“I think it’s a possibility. I’m tracking his body down. Should be in the morgue by now, maybe they haven’t taken off his clothes yet. But if not, the security cameras would have recorded who took it from the body”.
"Oh my God, James".
"What does groovy even mean?".
"You know... it's like saying cool beans".
"Coo... alright".
After a while, you collected all the data you needed for tomorrow. You were so exhausted your eyes were getting dry and blurry. Loki was still reading in that same place, not even fazed by the amount of hours that had happened. You got up to clean the dishes from the last meal, and he lifted his gaze up from the book.
“Wait”, he stopped you. With a wrist movement, the dishes got as clean as they could get and arranged on the shelf. You chuckled.
“I wish I had that ability”.
“Are you going to sleep now?”.
“A few hours”.
“Sleep here”, he said from his bed. You looked at Bucky’s; he fell asleep back again.
“You haven’t slept yet. I don’t want to occupy your bed”.
“I won’t, don’t worry”, you nodded, kind of worried he might pass out of tiredness in the middle of the mission. Why the hell was he not sleeping? “If it doesn’t bother you, I’d rather finish this book on here too”.
“I think there’s enough space”.
He moved and gave you space for half of the tiny bed, and you laid by his side with your arms crossed and a leg on top of the other. He went back to his book, and even though he was sitting and your sight couldn’t reach the pages, you were sure it was in Old Norse.
“What are you reading?”.
He didn’t answer right away. Doubtfully as in to share it with you or not, he then proceeded.
“Hamlet. It’s a translation in Old Norse from an author I adore. I’d say it’s an even better version than Shakespeare’s”.
You felt yourself about to smile. You tried not to, but you probably did. That was your favourite piece of literature of all times. You wondered how could that have gotten to Asgardian hands, and why would he (certainly a Midgardian hater) want to read Earth’s literature. You were so curious in that version. Was it really that good, that would be better than Shakespeare himself? Sadly, you didn’t even know how to say hello in that language.
“Do you like it so far?”.
“I’m re-reading it. Brings good memories”, he said with a subtle smile he had hoped you wouldn’t notice. But you did. Something in your chest warmed up a bit and you shook it off. No, no. Not feelings. Don’t confuse your physical attraction, don’t feed your touch starved soul. No. You had to repeat to yourself a couple of times. You were just very, very tired.
“Brings good memories to me too. I love this book”. You figured it was alright to open up a little. The situation was relaxed enough. He wasn’t snarky or avoidant. He looked… melancholic. Sad, even. Like a facet of himself he didn’t allow everyone to see.
You connected with that. Maybe you could even relate to him in some way. For years, you had a feeling of something not adding up quite right. A longing for something you couldn’t exactly pin up. Melancholy for a blank space.
But there you were, barely knew him for three days yet felt close enough. Not too much. Just a feeling. Just the traces of something that maybe happened in another life. But in this one, you would get the mission done and leave. So don’t get attached, you ordered yourself.
“It’s a really good version”.
“Wish I could read it but I don’t know Old Norse”, you said slower than you intended. Loki chuckled at your tiredness. Maybe you could push your curiosity a little further. What was the damage? That he could just say ‘piss off’ or something like that? “What good memories does it bring to you?”.
He sighed and muttered almost to himself “I used to read it to my beloved”.
You almost gasped, surprised he actually answered you. You didn’t ask for more. It was already a lot he had just trusted you with. He told you he had a beloved. You didn’t even know he had a lover, but of course he had. He was nearly a thousand years old; why wouldn’t he? Did he lose that lover, in past tense?
Curiosity grew bigger on you, but fear pushed you aback. But the questions floated around in your head as a lullaby. Your head started to weigh a little more on the pillow and everything happened slightly slower. Loki closed the book and left it resting on his lap. He whispered “I feel you have questions”, and you denied it with your head. Your eyelids fell heavier than before.
“I’m mmnmnnhnm”, you managed to sort of say before getting knocked down by sleep. You heard his laughter, but nothing more after that.
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lokistoriesblog · 46 minutes ago
Sin City
A/N: This is my first ever fic, losing my fic virginity lol! The stress from being an essential worker during COVID has been unreal so getting lost in Loki has been a much needed dose of serotonin. Enjoy, happy to hear any feedback :)
Summary: Thor, Loki, Natasha, Clint and Y/N spend a night out in Las Vegas following a successful mission. After many rounds of drinks the lure of a bet and a Chapel leave Y/N waking up to a man in their bed and a wedding ring on their finger.
Disclaimer: I do not own any characters.
Pairing: Loki x Reader
Length: 2500 words
Warnings: Alcohol & fluff
The sun peaking through the hotel curtains woke you from your deep sleep. As your eyes flutter open to welcome the morning you notice a cool hand wrapped around your waist. Your heart skips a beat for a moment and a sinking feeling sets in.  Who were sharing a bed with? Your mind runs blank not able to even remember getting back to the hotel last night.
Could you slip out of bed without them noticing? You begin to plan your exit strategy but the frim hand twitches sending shock waves down your spine. Oh no, are they awake? Was this some random guy you picked up at the casino last night? What would the others think? You couldn't bring yourself to look back at the owner of the firm hand, but as you gained the courage to get up and put your exit strategy into action you heard a muffled sign from behind you.
“Good morning love”, said the smooth voice. All of the oxygen expelled from your body like you had been hit by a truck because in that moment you knew exactly who you were wrapped up in bed with, without even looking. Loki.
You gasp to catch your breath but surely you had to be dreaming, or you misheard, it could not be Loki. You take a deep breath to regain control of your spinning world and turn your head over to look at the God of Mischief right in his blue eyes. One piercing look was all it took for the entire series of events leading to this moment to come flooding back to you.
Tony had sent you, Thor, Natasha, Clint and Loki to collect classified documents and artifacts from an ex Hydra facility in Nevada just outside of Las Vegas. Being one of the newest and youngest agents, you were brought on the mission to help mitigate any potential fallout from the raid because Stark was keen to not have a repeat of Sokovia. Thankfully the mission had been a success, you had even managed to stop a knife from hitting Loki in the thigh which he thanked you with only a half smile while he and Thor fought off the others so Nat and Clint could grab the items for Tony.
Since the mission ended early the team had 24 hours to kill before they were due back in New York for the debrief meeting. It was then that Nat and Thor hatched a plan to check out the nearby Las Vegas strip.
Thor was eager to experience the infamous 'Sin City' having only heard about it from Tony. Nat, of course, egged him on and before you knew it you were walking down the strip.
There were people everywhere and almost everyone thought you were just actors in costumes and left you be. The Las Vegas strip was home to all kinds of unique characters and you hardly stood out, even Thor and Loki in their Asgardian garbe blended in for the most part. Except Thor, of course, was stopped by a Bachelorette party and a round of flirtatious selfies followed. Clint groaned and Loki rolled his eyes in clear annoyance of his brother's popularity.
The group walked into a casino and first checked out the roulette tables. Loki seemed intrigued, and with a flash of green magic he fabricated chips out of thin air to place a bet on black. Of course he won and doubled his money, Thor was exuberant and you slow clapped mocking his success. Loki cashed out his winnings with the teller and Thor declared “the first round is on Loki!”.
Everyone was so thrilled with how seamless the mission was, we were all riding a natural high into the Elixir lounge. The drinks kept flowing and the jovial times continued.
Thor kept ordering countless pitchers of ale to the table while Loki and Clint took shots of Whiskey. Being the newest member of the group, you were keen to drink away any nerves while brushing shoulders with deadly assassins and literal Gods. You were pounding back shots of tequila at a pace you had never met before, letting a little hiccup escape your lips. “Be careful little one” Loki mused with a smirk. “Please, as if you could keep up with me” you bit back looking him right in the eye as you downed another round. Nat laughed clearly enjoying that someone was finally giving the trickster a run for his money.
You had spent time with Thor before, but never Loki. There was something about him that made you nervous and you felt like knots were moving around in your stomach whenever he looked in your direction. You shook your head as if to wash the feeling away.
As the night went on and the drinks began to multiply, Nat and Clint were providing an impromptu education to the Asgardian Princes on the saying ‘What Happens in Vegas’.
“What an interesting concept, and here I thought Midgardians did not have a capacity for such mischief.” Loki muttered while sipping on his drink.
You heard his mutterings and thought for a moment to let it go but you were feeling bold with the alcohol running through your veins, “There are a lot of things you do not give us *Midgardians* credit for” you said rolling your eyes as you placed a hand on Loki’s forearm, teasing him.
“Careful, Y/N, do not forget you are speaking to the God of Mischief himself” Thor teased as if sensing the growing tension between you and Loki.
The group grew restless at the bar as they felt the call of the lights from the strip and decided to walk back to the hotel. Nat and Clint were still teasing Thor on some Earthly traditions, while you and Loki walked in the back of the pack taking in the night sky. Every once and a while the liquor would catch up with you and you would stumble a little causing Loki to smirk.
“Watch yourself darling.” Loki said with an eyeroll. He had been so pleasant this evening, nothing like how the others made him out to be. You were not sure if it was the successful mission or something else, but he seemed to be enjoying himself and was even getting along well with Thor, having brotherly banter back and forth. They both were fascinated by this place which seemed to test their understanding of us meager earth dwellers.
Thor turned around to face you and Loki with his eyes almost bulging out of his head, the biggest grin on his face. “Brother! You will not believe this” Unsure if Loki was keen to indulge his brother, or if he was generally interested he lept forward with a hint of mischief in his eye.
“You see that chapel there, Lady Widow explains that apparently in some bizarre Midgardian tradition you can marry here in less than 10 minutes” Thor exclaimed, grabbing his brother on the shoulder in a playful manner.
“Are you serious?” Loki asked Nat, clearly baffled by this development. “Yah, Vegas is famous for their shot-gun weddings. Is there not something similar on Asgard?”
Loki genuinely laughed in disbelief “Absolutely not, Asgardians are sticklers when it comes to traditions.”
“Weddings are week long celebrations with endless events and complex rituals. If I knew it was this easy, maybe I would ask any fair maiden on the street here to marry me by night's end.” Loki smirked as he opened his arms as if to welcome a hoard of willing participants.
Everyone laughed, the alcohol had clearly taken its affect on you all, giggling like rebellious teenagers. “Looks like they are really lining up” You chimed in.
“Y/N, you wound me” Loki puts his hand on his heart as if to pretend you stabbed him, a smile creeping up on him. Was Loki drunk? He wasn’t this friendly around Stark tower, or was it that he enjoyed his current company you wondered.
“Ah well, I am sure your future wife could be at any of these other casinos, I mean they can’t all be secret agents who save you from the occasional rouge dagger!” you joke back rubbing in your save from earlier that day. But you notice now your face is completely flush, had the banter with Loki made you blush? You were not the only one to notice this slight development either.
“Any women on the street eh Loki? Seems Y/N is keen” Thor jested back.
You laugh thinking you are all joking around, “Clint you might have to procure some wedding bands soon if these two keep this up”. What you forgot to remember was that this was the God of Mischief you were talking to, and this was a challenge he would likely not back away from.
Thor, clearly the most intoxicated of the group, had one hand on your shoulder and the other on Loki “YEESSS! What a fantastic idea, Y/N you can always get an annulment if my brother does not live up to his reputation" he said with a wink. You feel your heart pounding harder and faster, they had to be joking, as if you a simple agent would marry an Asgardian Prince, even if it was just for a laugh.
Nat chimes in as the voice of reason, “It's all fun and games boys but I dont think Y/N is really looking to get hitched to an intergalactic prince, of that I can be certain.” The fun died down for a moment as they thought their little scheme had fizzled. But you looked up at Loki who still had the look of Mischief in his eye and a smirk on his face. “You're right Nat," his silky voice called out. "I don't think Y/N is up to the challenge anyways, a little too daring for an innocent thing like her.”
You weren't sure if it was the alcohol in your veins or the magnetic pull you began to feel towards Loki but you were not going to let him have the last laugh. “You want to bet, Reindeer Games?” You knew this nickname of Starks would be sure to gas him up.
“You are in for it now, Brother” bellowed Thor. “What do you say, Loki?”
“Here we go” Clint mumbled under his breath.
A grin spread across Loki’s face and the next thing you knew he was down on one knee, clearly making a big spectacle to amplify his joke, and asked you “Lady Y/N of Midgard, would you do me the great honour and privilege of being my wife?” Loki held his hand out, placing your hand on his. A shiver ran over your body feeling his cold touch.
Loki was calling your bluff, he expected you to chicken out of this challenge. Another spark of green flashed before your eyes and a deep green velvet box appeared in his hand, opening to reveal a 4 carat emerald and gold ring. Your heart was racing, you knew he was pulling a stunt but again you felt pulled toward him.
“Who could say no to a proposal like that” you said with a wink. What were you doing? Your body was telling you to back away but your mouth kept going along with this ridiculous scheme. Loki rose and placed the ring on your finger.
“We’re going to the Chapel, and you’re gonna get marrrried” sung Clint as he sipped back an unknown substance from a flask he carried on our short walk to the cheesy Las Vegas chapel.
Thor and Loki marvel at the tiny chapel while they fixed bow ties to their regular Asgardian attire. Nat was attaching a tacky headband veil to your head, you all couldn't help chuckling at this outlandishness of this evening. Even with his clip on bow tie, Loki still looked like a chiseled God, his leather outfit clinging to his lean but muscular frame.
The elvis officiant was ready to begin when you shouted out to Thor “Come on Thor, you don't get to get out of this that easy - you are walking me down the aisle”
“Okay, Y/N, now's your last chance to back out of this” he offered.
“Oh, there is no way I would give him the satisfaction and the upper hand, I am so doing this.” you said with determination.
“Brave girl” Thor laughed and linked arms with you before you began your short trip down the blue velvet aisle.
You and Loki kept giggling while a poor excuse for an Elvis presided over your ceremony. Clint and Nat were sitting in the front two seats taking sips out of a flask. All jokes stood still while it was time for the vows, for a moment you and Loki locked eyes and there was a peculiar look on his face, one of almost awe as you said ‘I Do”.
“You may kiss your bride, thank you, thank you very much” You could hear Clint sighing at the scheer ridiculousness of what was transpiring before him.
Loki locked eyes with you and before you knew it he had cupped your face in his firm hands and brought your lips to greet his. You almost forgot about your dare and lost yourself in Loki’s embrace.
He let you come up for air for a moment before pushing you in this time, his tongue exploring you. Your heart was beating out of our chest and you kissed Loki back for what felt like an eternity.
Nat coughed as to suggest that we were putting on quite the show, you let go of one another for a moment before the music began playing. Thor was shouting obscenities and congratulations to you both, Loki grabbed your hand and you ran out of the chapel like two giddy kids having pulled off one of the greatest jokes.
You came crashing back to reality, a grin on your face as you relived each moment from the night prior. Loki used the hand on your waist to turn you over bringing your body to face him in bed. Your legs still wrapped in his. Your chest pressed against his.
“Loki, tell me we didn’t!” You played as you placed your hand on his collarbone.
Loki let out a chuckle and smirked, “Now that, I cannot do.”
You looked at him in disbelief. Could this really be happening? You MARRIED the God of Mischief himself? You put your hand to cover your mouth in shock but in doing so you noticed the ring on your ring finger. Loki smirked again, he was clearly enjoying your reaction. Your face was beet red as you took in your surroundings.
Your clothes from the night before were thrown all over the room, making you look down under the duvet to reveal you are completely naked as was Loki. Fragments of bliss flashed in your memory of your return to the hotel room last night, you could tell your face was flush.
Loki pulled you closer to him and buried himself in your neck, leaving a trail of kisses leading to your ear purring, “No need to blush I have already devoured every inch of you, Mrs. Laufesyon."
Thanks for reading! I may or may not be writing a NSFW follow-up to this fic, let me know if you would want to read that.
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villainelle · 51 minutes ago
loki tv show....give me frost giant loki or die. 
Tumblr media
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diaryofabeautyfiend · an hour ago
Oh my goodness. I have 94 whole followers! I don’t know what the etiquette is on tumblr but if i make it to 100 followers I’ll put up a $100 Starbucks gift card code and you can let it ride until it’s empty. If that’s not cool on this platform let a girl know.
Tumblr media
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lizmaximoff · an hour ago
Wait do people think that Loki is actually dead?
I really thought that he was, but I watched Endgame last night and now everything makes so much more sense. I definitely don’t think he’s dead anymore. The entire timeline is completely fucked up now as a result of it, so I’m really curious how the TV show is going to handle that.
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angeli-marco-writes · an hour ago
Tom Hiddleston - Stripped Sunday
A/N & WC - I came up with this concept ages ago and only just got around to writing it, though it’s slightly short. I do not know Tom, nor do I claim to. 2k.
Warnings - Swearing (that's now just a given), definitely suggestive and nsfw but nowhere near explicit, just mentions of sex, nudity too. And unknowing exhibitionism I guess? 16+
Summary - Sunday's are always the best, especially when you and Tom walk around the house nude, but it's been a while. Too long a while. So, obliviously, you take matters into your own hands...
Tumblr media
THOMAS WILLIAM HIDDLESTON IS A SIMPLE MAN, believe it or not. He likes meals he can cook in fifteen minutes, he likes his tea with only a splash of milk, he likes the simple pleasures of nature. He likes morning runs and evening walks, re-watching movies he’s seen a dozen times, cuddles on a cold night. But most of all, he likes it when you walk around nude.
It might just be the one singular thing in the great mystery of life that is inexplicable to him, the one thing he enjoys so bloody much he daren’t speak of it, lest he risk losing it. Just the sight of your beautiful body keeps him up night after night after night when he’s working away, plotting and planning ways to ensure he never forgets it for the second he returns home. He can’t even begin to explain the things it does to him.
So, he set up a Stripped Sunday, with the basic premise that you both have to walk around in your birthday suits all day. It’s essentially his unique, perverse, inventive way of seeing you naked all day once a week. Not every Sunday, naturally, but just on occasion, when he’s not working, he’ll jot it down on the calendar. Nothing too glaring, in case someone catches a glimpse of his calendar, but just scribbling down a winky face in a Sunday space, and you know what you’re in for.
In all honesty, you love it just as much as he does. It’s hard not to. Seeing him walking around the house with not a scrap of clothing on all day does things to you you’ve never been able to put your finger on—or his. If you were to get pregnant, Stripped Sundays would be the culprit with the amount that the two of you shag in a single day. And he always seems to have another round in the bank to wake you the morning after, hungover on dripping lust.
However, it’s been far too long without one of these days, you think to yourself. And you know that there are no plans for the day, seeing as there’s nothing in the diary or the calendar, where—upon Tom’s own decree—all arrangements have to be written down. Seeing as you and Tom have a somewhat secret relationship, one certainly sheltered from the press, and no one knows you’re together, let alone live together, keeping all plans written down is imperative. His work meetings are always good reasons for you to get out of the house for a few hours.
Today, however, Tom seems to have made a mistake. Today’s meeting utterly slipped his mind, and he completely forgot to tell you, let alone jot it down, that he was having a casual meeting with a few co-stars to discuss future production of some sort—of what, he was entirely unsure, since this was texted about weeks ago, now. Nothing too major, though.
Logically, Tom thought that, with how late you were currently sleeping, and how much you enjoy your lie-ins, he’d be wrapped before you woke up, and even if that wasn’t to be the case and you wake up, that you’d have the sense to dress, or even call for him at the very least, before going downstairs.
You aren’t so lucky.
Waking up to an empty bed is never much fun. Usually if Tom wakes up before you, he’ll only slip out to put the kettle on, or fetch a new book to read from the library while he waits for you to stir naturally… that is if he isn’t waking you up in other, more pleasurable ways. At most, if he does have plans and doesn’t want to wake you after a late night, he’ll leave you a lovely note, a voicemail, and a thermal mug of tea.
Today, however, you can smell the coffee machine on—no wonder after the late, and rather energetic night you had—and hear the machine whirring, signalling that Tom likely hasn’t long been awake. That’s when the gears begin to turn and your plan begins to formulate, a completely devious idea that creeps into your mind and quirks your lips into a smirk. No matter how enticing the idea to nuzzle back into the pillows is, your need for Tom is overpowering your clawing need for sleep, especially with your primal instincts telling you he’s within grabbing distance, his aftershave still on the sheets you’re wrapped in. So, you strip his shirt, now perpetually appropriated by you, off and get out of bed, stretching as you go, beginning to make your way downstairs.
“What’s that?” Tom hears someone ask.
Not hearing your footsteps on the squeaky stairs over the whirring of the coffee machine and the layered discussions, including his own laughter, he simply replies, “Probably the dog.”
You, however, aren’t lucky enough to hear this brief conversation before your bare feet land on the cold hardwood floor, sending chills throughout you that don’t seem to even mildly combat the overwhelming heat building all throughout you. With just a few more steps, keeping your footing light and avoiding Bobby’s various chewies and toys littered all over the floor, you’re entering the kitchen in nought but your birthday suit. Utterly, completely in the buff.
“Morning baby,” you call out, yawning, your eyes fluttering shut, your jaw wide.
Except, instead of the warm embrace and slatherings of kisses that you expect to receive, or even a simple “Good morning, Princess,” you’re welcomed with a deadly silence, a stillness you can’t quite comprehend.
Your eyes fly open in shock, opening to see three people, mildly familiar faces, with mouths agape and eyes wide, sitting around the breakfast bar with mugs between their hands. Tom looks as stunned as you’ve ever seen him, over by the coffee machine, his hands trembling. With a fixed gaze of his baby blue eyes, so piercingly alarmed, he looks you up and down, his eyes blazing over your nude form, his kissable mouth practically watering at the mere sight of you.
That’s before it clicks with him, the dire situation, and alarm bells begin to blare inside his head, causing him to jump into action. Almost instantly, he’s pulling his shirt off his strong arms and muscular torso with lithe fingers, and is tugging it over your head, covering your naked torso.
You can already feel the blush on your cheeks, your skin burning from the bruised base of your throat to the pierced tips of your ears, the blood in your veins rushing around so violently that it drowns out any other comments or noise within the room, within the situation, but you’re brought back to reality when Tom’s strong, callused hands fall to your arms, clasping the flesh before he’s all but lifting you off the tiled floor and steering you back out of the room. It snicks shut behind you, but all you can focus on is the kiss he gives you, slanting his thin lips over yours so intoxicatingly that you’re able to forget your humongous disaster, if only for a second. There’s an emptiness the second he stops kissing you, and you’re able to hear the previously shut out gossip from inside.
“Sweetheart, what the hell was that?” he commands, his tone soft.
Despite the austere authority he so naturally demands in a room, he doesn’t sound angry whatsoever. If anything he’s just a little exposed, his private home life revealed to people when he wasn’t in the least bit prepared for once in his lifetime, with a definite undertone of irritation, mostly that he can’t have his way with you instantly. His blood is roaring, his stomach an explosion of swarms of butterflies, his core pulsating. He can’t tear his eyes away from you, even now you’re covered, your hardened nipples poking through the fabric.
“I— I saw the calendar was empty, I wanted to impress you, have a nice Sunday because it’s been so long,” you confess, shuffling your feet on the floor, unable to meet his blue gaze boring into you, “I’ve felt… distant from you recently, you’ve been working so much. I don’t know,” you shift anxiously, tugging on his shirt wrapped around you, “I love you, I didn’t wanna lose you. I thought you’d like it.”
“Baby,” he says, “I love you and this so so much. Of course I like it!”
You let out a feeble cry against his chest, his arms knotting around you and tugging you into his chest in one swift movement. His hugs, the way he holds you and cradles you, always make you feel better, no matter what your troubles may be.
You sniffle a little, “Really?”
Any trace of hardness in his face just dissipates and is replaced with sympathy, empathy, love.
“I truly wish I could take you right now, Darling, and if they weren’t here, I’d be fucking you on that breakfast bar and you know it.” He sighs deeply. “But, I didn’t put down a special Sunday for a reason, love.” Leaning down, he kisses away your wry tears, and then the tip of your nose. “You are so thoughtful. It’s all my fault though, I must’ve just forgotten to write this down.”
How can you be mad at him when he’s being so thoughtful and heartfelt, confessing his mistake even when it was your rash thinking that’s gotten you into this mess?
Once you calm your breathing down, though, you realise that you’re actually not particularly phased by this at all. You don’t mind this; it was the sheer shock that passed over Tom’s face, the flash of terror he must’ve felt with his work colleagues in the room with him that scared you so. You know well enough that it’ll be a huge knock—monumental, even—for him, if this gets out. Your worry for your treasured boyfriend takes power over any of your own misgivings.
“I’m really sorry, Tom.”
“Don’t be,” he says hastily, “can you please pop up and get dressed, though, darling? Just some shorts, I don’t want you to feel exposed.”
You let out a soft chuckle, nodding, stepping away from him to make your way upstairs. Before you’ve taken so much as a step, though, he tugs you back by the bottom of his shirt, and ravels you into a searing kiss, everything he wants to say passes from his lips to yours.
You return a couple of minutes later, dressed simply, comfortably, his shirt in your hands, you find him waiting for you, standing outside the door with his hands clasped at his front. He greets you with open arms, prompting you to take his hands as he leads you back into the kitchen, your eyes connecting in a secret agreement before stepping inside.
The air is rife with anxiety, three panicked faces staring back at you, but thankfully, you’re able to recognise these people as ones he’s worked with for a while, people he knows really well; confidantes and friends more than co-stars or colleagues. However, by the inquisitive glint in their eyes and their parted mouths, you imagine they’ll still have a lot of questions, and this’ll still be a hit for Tom.
He wraps his spare arm around you, his head bowed as he meets the dead faces staring at him. That’s when you begin to wonder if something else has happened.
“Baby, everything okay?” you ask, cupping his jaw, caressing your thumb over the scruff of a beard shadowing his bone structure.
That’s seemingly when it hits him, his face paling, blanching, his grip around you loosening.
“It’s a good job you never got over the threshold, darling,” he says breathlessly, “or I’d be in much more trouble.”
You look to him, eyes searching his face imploringly as he viciously gulps. “We were live on Instagram.”
Well, it looks like Tom’s girlfriend is public knowledge. You can’t mind, though not as he dips his head and kisses you hotly, heartily. With this passion, the second these people leave, Stripped Sunday might just happen after all.
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thepilotanon · an hour ago
Loki interacting with baby animals?! 😍❤🐶🐱🐰🐷🐯🐥🐼🐴😂
I’ve talked about Loki with pets/animals before, if you’re interested to take a peek there. But, this is different and exciting!!
If Loki were given the choice of being defeated by a herd of puppies or a herd of baby ducks, he will literally lay down on the ground and demand that they release BOTH OF THEM and he will go down with glory and joy of being overpowered by such cuteness. After, he would probably tell individual pup and duckling they did a marvelous job taking him down.
Whether it’s a domesticated baby animal or a wild baby animal, Loki is going to want to coo and want to give it affection. He sees a group of baby ducks in the pond, he will want to go into the icky water and hold them; he spots a baby deer tucking themselves in their hiding spot, he will whisper how they’re doing a great job hiding and probably leave a flower by them; he noticed a den with the noises of wolf pups...he will risk dangling pieces of jerky before momma tackles him (don’t worry, he’s fine. He’s been tackled by bigger momma animals before when he was a toddler).
This might sound weird, but hear me out...Loki discovers baby crocodiles or gators. THE SOUNDS THEY MAKE WHILE TRYING TO LOOK SO TOUGH?? Loki just bursts into tears and begs to be allowed to hold one. You tell him no, pointing to the mother who is just giving Loki the death stare in the distance. Loki will whine, but then call to the mom all “You did a wonderful job with your babies. They’re absolutely precious, and I can’t wait for them to dominate over the swamps in your honor!”
He has fun at petting zoos or farms. He doesn’t mind the smells or dirtiness that comes with it (Asgard had plenty of farms and stables, and he and Thor would hang around those parts), and actually allows the baby creatures eat and leave spit on his palms. I think baby goats, horses and sheep like his attention or be held by him, and he loves scratching that one spot that they can’t reach. Loki is definitely a favorite and a regular, and the baby animals know it’s him when he approaches with you. “Darling, I want you to meet my little friends! I’ve asked the helpers what they’re names are, but some I have given them names. Oh, look! They’re so happy to see us!”
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sharcarters · an hour ago
i’m sorry, who are you?
Sharon had never formally met Loki. She had read about him in the papers, been in the blast zone of New York when it all went to hell, but she had been undercover at the time. A face in the crowd. (The part that Sharon played best.) She had fallen into step with Loki on the street. Wondering how the hell he managed to walk around unperturbed. The world was filled with strange things, and the people of this city had been through a lot—she doubted they forgot what had happened in New York all those years ago… but maybe Loki’s face had faded for some of them.
It took him a moment to finally address her. (He had allowed her to follow him a lot further than she would have first thought.) She offered him a smile, warm and like honey before pulling an accent out of her back pocket. “Well now, my name is Jennie, but what’s your name, sugar? And how the hell did ya manage to get so tall?”
Tumblr media
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eleven123 · 2 hours ago
𝙿𝚕𝚞𝚜 𝚒𝚝𝚜 𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚘𝚞𝚝 𝟺 𝚍𝚊𝚢𝚜 𝚋𝚎𝚏𝚘𝚛𝚎 𝚖𝚢 𝚋𝚒𝚛𝚝𝚑𝚍𝚊𝚢 𝚠𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚊 𝚕𝚘𝚟𝚎𝚕𝚢 𝚋𝚒𝚛𝚝𝚑𝚍𝚊𝚢 𝚙𝚛𝚎𝚜𝚎𝚗𝚝 😂❤️😍
Tumblr media
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captnswilson · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
↳ TOP 10 MARVEL CHARACTERS  → 1. Loki Laufeyson
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spider-starry · 2 hours ago
Omg Loki! Loki hates the beach so what would you have to do to convince him to go to a beach day with you? -E
“You midguardians and your summer fun.” Loki says as he counties to read a book. And you take it away from him, and he’s like, wtf. Then you sternly give him a look and say, “Darling how do you know that you’ll like it if you’ve never tried it?” Loki thinks, well, you do have a point. And so he agrees to go to the beach. BUT Loki has no idea about swimwear. AND bikini, so you just wear your swimwear underneath a sundress and start stripping, and Loki is freaking out cause he’s like, “DARLING WHAT THE HELL?” And he sees your bikini for the first time, and he fucking dies cause he’s never seen something that cute and revealing. I mean, he’s seen lingerie, but he just thinks that’s for sexy times, and people don’t wear it around outside, you know. BUT YOU’RE wearing this OUTSIDE!! And Loki just fucking dies. He totally is baffled and fucking horny. 
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vemazing · 3 hours ago
who’s in for a weird Thor x Reader x Loki smut story set on Sakaar during Thor: Ragnarök ? not me hahahaha... unless...? 👀
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kaainaat · 3 hours ago
Loki, aggressively: Would you all stop accusing me of having a favourite Avenger? I like Peter and all you non-Peters equally.
Peter, sheepishly: wow thanks Mr. Loki.
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marvel-sluts · 3 hours ago
Hey bestie! I was wondering if you could write a fem!reader x mob boss!loki where she lives in a shitty part of town so she makes fake id/marriage license that shes the bosses wife to keep creepy guys away, and it doesn't even matter because loki'll never find out...right?
So then shes at the bar trying to get these guys to leave her alone but then loki shows up and plays along? Thanks!😘
fake ID's and creepy men
Tumblr media
pairing: mob boss!loki x fem!reader
warnings: swearing, creepy guys.
summary: you and your friend comes up with the idea to get fake ID's to be the mob bosses wife to get guys to leave you alone, somehow this ends up getting you a date with the mob boss himself.
a/n: I feel like I always say this but I'm sorry for being so late! I'm honestly behind on life at the minute. thanks for requesting though, I always appreciate it. enjoy! <3
«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»
"I'm so fucking fed up of men." your friend, Grace said as she entered your apartment.
"I can't believe you said that I was married to the mob boss." you laughed, pulling off your shoes.
"it worked didn't it? he fucked right off." she said, plopping herself down on your sofa. "you know, we should get fake ID's."
"why? we are already legal." you said, sitting down next to her.
"I know that, I mean fake ID's saying that you actually are Loki's wife. that way the men will leave both of us alone." Grace said, swinging her legs over yours
"why me though? why can't you get one?" you asked.
"because you look more the part, also I have a tenancy to get very drunk and leave with some guy. that wouldn't be very believable." she said, shrugging.
"true, okay. let's do it." you said, turning on the TV and choosing a movie.
»»————- ♡ ————-««
"hey baby, let me buy you a drink." some creepy guy said, sliding into the seat next to you.
you groaned internally, making a mental note to give Grace hell for being late.
"no thank you." you said, taking another sip of your drink.
"come on beautiful, just one drink." one of his mates said from the other side of you. you hadn't even realised he was there.
"sorry, I have a husband." you said, beginning to freak out as three more guys from the same group came up to your table.
"I'm sure he wouldn't mind." the first guy said, placing his hand on your lower back, making you tense up.
"really? do you know who my husband is?" you snapped, hoping that you had remembered your fake ID.
"whoever he is, I doubt he will mind us having a little fun." one of the other guys said.
"he would definitely mind, my husband is Loki Laufeyson." you said, feigning confidence.
you watched as the colour drained from their faces, there isn't a person in this town who doesn't know that name.
"I doubt it, prove it baby. if you can't prove it then we get to buy you a drink." one of the braver men said.
you pulled out your fake ID and marriage certificate and handed it to one of the closets guys.
"there, now will you please leave me alone." you said, reaching for the documents back.
"I doubt that's real baby, come on let me buy you a drink." one of them said, getting far too close for comfort.
"excuse me? why are you bothering my wife?" a voice came from behind the group. the men scattered quickly, all of them murmering apologies. you turned in your seat to see the mob boss, Loki.
"hello darling, we're those men giving you trouble?" Loki asked, taking the seat next to you and swinging an arm around your shoulder casually. "have they gone?" he whispered.
you looked behind you before answering. "yeah." you stuttered. "sorry for lying about who I was, I just thought that you'd never find out a-and me and my friends thought that it was a good idea to get creepy men to leave us alone." you said quickly, voice shaking.
"it's fine, honestly. I understand why you did it and I'm sure your not the only one with a fake ID to be my wife." he responded with a chuckle.
"oh o-okay." you stuttered, very aware of his arm that was still wrapped around your shoulders.
"are you by yourself or meeting with someone?" he asked, looking down at you with a smile.
"my friend is supposed to be meeting me here, but she's running late. she said she's about ten minutes away." you murmured, raising your glass to your lips.
"well I can't have my wonderful wife sitting by herself. how about I keep you company until your friend comes." he offered.
"only if you want to." you said, shocked that the feared mafia boss was offering to do something so sweet.
"don't look so shocked darling, I may be one of the most feared men in this city but it doesn't mean that I don't have a heart." he chuckled, gazing at you with his piercing blue eyes.
"it's not that, I just thought that you would be busy or something." you said feebly.
"don't worry about it darling, although I do have one question. do guys bother you like that often?" he asked curiously.
"yeah, a fair amount. that's why I decided to get a fake ID, it was my friends idea actually." you said. "now it's my turn to ask a question, why did you save me from those men? there must be hundreds of women in this bar that need someone to do that for them. do you do it for everyone?"
"I don't do it for everyone, I just thought that a pretty woman like yourself is far too good for scum like that. to be perfectly honest I had been working up the courage to talk to you for a while, when I saw those men bothering you I thought it would be a good excuse to talk to you. that and I didn't want their filthy hands all over you." he said, looking down slightly.
"I'm assuming you overheard me saying I was your wife then." you said, taking another sip of your drink.
"yeah, I thought-"
"y/n! sorry I'm late, my boss kept me late. he's such a dick." Grace said, sliding into the seat on the other side of you. "who's this- oh"
"Grace this is Loki, Loki this is Grace." you said, giggling slightly at her shocked face.
"Loki? as in the loki?" Grace asked, grabbing your drink and taking a sip out of it.
"hey! get your own drink and yes, the Loki." you said, grabbing the glass from her and finishing it.
"I should probably be going, it was nice meeting you darling." he said, standing up and slipping a piece of paper into the pocket of your jacket. he winked at you before turning away and heading towards a table of men in suits, obviously waiting for him.
"how the hell did you get talking to him?" Grace asked, leaning forwards and placing her elbows on the table.
"I dunno, it just sort of happened." you said, smiling down at the card you had fished out of your pocket. here's my phone number darling, maybe we can get coffee some time? it read. you tucked the card safely back into your pocket before turning back to Grace, smiling at her as she wiggled her eyebrows at your lovesick face.
"oh shut up you." you said, hitting her arm lightly.
"I didn't say anything!" she protested.
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the-emo-asgardian · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Alright so I made some more fanart 🙈
Big thank you to @lokistan and @lucywrites02 for giving me feedback.
It’s not amazing, but I’m improving, so I’m proud of it! And this is the reference I was working from: 
Tumblr media
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hitmebucky · 5 hours ago
I’m Already High Enough
Tumblr media
Loki Laufeyson (Tom Hiddleston)
Pairing: Loki x Reader
Warnings: getting high, kinda fluffy, super goofy and cute, light smut nothing hard core. high!smut, oral (f receiving), light cussing, lots and lots of giggles
Summary: You get Loki high for the first time
Request: you wanted some inspiration right.. i’d love a fic with loki and the reader getting stoned together add some smut if you want.. i don’t mind
Requested by: @yavanna3791
A/N: This was such a unique request and i had a lot of fun making it thanks so much for requesting feel free to do it whenever you want! i’m sorry it came out SO LONG. ALSO this easily could’ve turned into a threesome with bucky but it wasn’t in the request so i refrained 😭😭🤚🏻
It’s a normal day in the compound when Loki walks into the main room. “By Gods, what in hell is that smell?” He questions.
You and Bucky giggle. See, after what Bucky went through, the government issued him a medical card for medicinal marijuana to help with his trauma and nightmares. You were already a smoker so it was convenient for you that your friend got an issued card.
“That, my Lord,” You begin with a slight sarcastic tone while getting up from the couch, “is weed.” You finish as you stood in front of him. He bends down slightly bringing his face closer to yours as he observes your eyes intently, “Does it hurt you?” He asks referring to your bloodshot eyes. “Actually, it does the exact opposite.” Bucky pipes up, slumping further into the couch and giggling slightly.
You and Loki don’t break eye contact and you smirk, “Wanna try?” You whisper. He stands tall again and clears his throat. “Are you sure your Midgardian herbs will work on a God?” He asks half narcissistically half genuinely.
“Are you joking?” You start and place your hands on his shoulders, as you do he stiffens, “How do you think your brother hasn’t killed you yet?” You finish and let out a genuine belly laugh and slap your thighs as they return to your sides. “Thor has indulged in this?” He asks at peak curiosity. You nod with a half hearted smile. He feels a sense of pride flow over him almost forcing him to say yes, because if his big brother can do it why can’t he.
“I think I will try it, would you mind if I came to your quarters tonight?” He asks and you snicker. “Yeah, Pal? They’re just called bedrooms here.” Bucky laughs and Loki rolls his eyes. “That should be fine” You say and he excuses himself.
Around the time he comes, your high from earlier has been worn off for a few hours. He knocks hesitantly and you swing the door open with wet hair and sleeping clothes on. “Come on in.” You say and open your door wider. “So!” You start and plop down on your bed before rummaging through your nightstand drawer, you slow your actions and eye him confused, “You can sit” You say and gesture to your bed. He complies and adjusts his sweatpants he has on. He notices you pull out some candy and he gets confused then some herb like mixture in a bag, some small brown paper, and this glass bottle like contraption. You lay it all out in front and turn all the way towards him. “There are many ways we can do this, if at any point you don’t want to or want to stop or feel overwhelmed, please tell me because you can always do more but you can never do less and you don’t wanna ruin your first time.” You explain and he snickers at the reference to this being his first time. “Loki!” You snap and he looks back seriously. “Yes, I apologize I completely understand.. but i’m not sure i understand..... all this?” He motions to the collection in front of him. “Alrighty, so this,” You say and pick up the candy bears, “These are edibles. My personal favorite. They’re quick, simple, don’t leave a smell and the high lasts longer.” You explain and he nods. “This,” You say picking up the baggie with the herb like mixture, “is it, in its truest form. So we can roll this up in these,” You motion to the little papers, “we light it up and we inhale. It burns at first but you get used to it eventually. This is the classic, Buckys favorite.” He nods and hums making sense of all of this. “Finally this is called a bong” You say picking up the glass contraption. “You light this part right here and inhale from the top” You finish and you set everything back down. “We can start or do whatever you want.” He takes a moment, weighing his options and clears his throat. “I think i’d be interested in all three.” He speaks and you raise your brows. “It’s your first time are you sure?” You ask and he smiles and nods. “I’d like to experience it all.”
“Alright i’m going to start rolling then, while I do i’m gonna tell you what you’re going to expect ok?” You say as you begin. “Alright.” He adds simply. “So, you won’t feel like it’s working immediately. It will creep up and you won’t even know until you know, if that makes sense.” You start. “You might get hungry or very sleepy. Some people experience anxiety but you’re not a very anxious person so I don’t believe you’re at risk for that.” He appreciates all of this and is observing and listening intently. He’s happy you’re the one he’s doing this with, he feels the most safe around you. You lick the paper as you finish rolling and that catches his eye and he covers a groan with a cough and adjusts himself. “Okay i’m gonna demonstrate now,” You begin, pulling a lighter out of your purse. You make sure he’s paying attention and you bring the blunt to your lips and light the end of it. You inhale deeply and hold it for a minute before blowing the smoke out of your nose. He raises his eyebrows and laughs. “I hope that’s not a requirement” He says nervously and you giggle “Not at all i’ve just been at it for awhile.” You say and hand it to him. Something about this feels so intimate to him but he can’t figure out why. He takes it looks down and back at you. You give him a reassuring nod and he tries to follow what you did. He coughs violently, as you expected and his cheeks burn with embarrassment while you let out a laugh. “I did not enjoy that as much as you did.” He murmurs handing it back.
“That is completely normal especially for your first time. I was so bad the first few times i couldn’t even keep it in.” You reassure and put it out. “Alright we’re gonna try the bong now, this one might be a little easier for you.” You suggest. He lets out stray coughs and nods quietly. You set it up and continue with your conversation before, “some people also feel dizzy so it’s best not to stand up too quickly or even get up for that matter.” You say and he feels a little lighter as you say that. You demonstrate how to use a bong and after a couple of hits from both of you he mentions that that method was a lot easier for him. By now his eyes are slightly bloodshot and you two have scooted a little closer in with your knees touching as you both sit criss crossed. “Lastly,” You say with a smirk as you hold the gummy bears, “some people feel an intense sensation when it comes to touch,” You say as you place your finger on his lips and slightly pull it down to pop a bear in his mouth. He sighs and his eyes close. He opens them when you pull away to pop in a gummy of your own. you both chew and swallow and stare at each other for a minute.
“Y/N..” He says and you widen your eyes slightly to say he has your attention.
“Will you touch me again?” He asks.
You sit up on your knees in front of him and slowly lean down to kiss him. He hums into the slow sensual kiss. He feels the kiss all over. His eyes roll back as You make your way down his neck kissing him and he lets out a low sigh. “Touch me, Loki.” You whisper in his ear and he lets out a nervous laugh and his hands snake their way around your waist before flipping you so you’re underneath him. He rests his forehead on yours and you both breathe heavily and smile. He kisses down your chest and pushes your tank top up your stomach to kiss down your navel. You sigh and as he works his way down you take your shirt off. He looks up to you for approval and you nod before he takes your sleeping shorts off along with your panties. He peppers kisses all the way up your legs to meet your core and you whimper softly. He doesn’t know if his high is peaking or if you’re just that hot because he is in complete and utter bliss.
“Loki..” You moan and he groans before swiping his tongue slowly all the way up your slit. He slips his slender middle finger into your heat as his other hand squeezes your thigh. He nibbles on your clit softly as his fingers curl in you. Your back arches and your fingers lace in his hair and he hums. Just the touch of your hand in his hair is so igniting. He slips in another finger and he feels you clench around his digits. It’s almost like he can feel it everywhere because he twitches in his pants. “Loki I need you to get up here and fuck me like I know you want to.” You moan out and he stiffens sliding his sweats off. He slips his fingers out, wiping your arousal all over his dick and he moans gently. He hovers over you and he looks down before kissing you. You reach down and grab his hardened cock that’s leaking with precum and guide it to your center. You look up at him and nod gently and he thrusts in slowly. He had to otherwise he would’ve came immediately. You were right, sensation to touch is extremely heightened. He bottomed out and groaned deeply. You kissed on his neck and shoulder as he found a soft rhythm. “This is incredible.” He speaks in quiet grunts and you giggle and moan. “I told your Highness that, did I not?” You toy and he moans louder. “Call me that again, please..” He pleads and you smirk. “What? Your Highness?” You ask innocently and he thrusts faster hitting your spot. “How about my Ruler?” You ask and nibble his ear before letting out a loud moan as he hits your spot again. He’s a moaning mess above you feeling any and everything good and he’s just trying to hold it together so you finish. He reaches down and rubs your clit and you moan as you clench around him. “Y/N I don’t know how much longer I’ll last if you continue with your vixen like words.” Hearing that makes you cream around his dick and he chokes out a moan.
“Cum for me. My King.” You whimper in his ear and he grunts loudly stilling before a few more gentle thrusts, spilling inside you and breathing hard. He pulls out and lays beside you and you look at him and smile.
“My eyes feel heavy, Darling I don’t want to fall asleep on you now.” He speaks and you scoot closer into his chest. “Mine are too, let’s just rest together.” You say and kiss his chest.
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