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gameboyhamazing · 3 minutes ago
Today's Prompt for Mii May is....*drumroll of TF2 Iron Bomber launcher sound (if you know you know)*.... BASKETBALL!
dribble sounds ensue
snatch the ball and deal with bad motion controls in my experience
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fashixncgoist · 23 minutes ago
" touch one hair on their head and it'll be the last time you have hands. " - Broly 👀
@gazelessmenagerie ▪︎♧ Protective Prompts ▪︎♧ accrpting
Tumblr media
Broly surprised Mai in so many ways, and it was a good thing he did. It always kept the woman on her toes and sprung out when she least expected it. The harpy weilder had been caught in between the Saiyan and an enemy, though she began to slowly move closer towards Broly facing toward their enemy but taking a careful step back towards the saiyan so she could be out of his way.
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fwoosh-prompts · 33 minutes ago
Prompt: Don't. Mess. With. The. Squib.
The Battle of Hogwarts is drawing to a close, and Filch sees all the destruction that he is going to have to clean up. And he know who's fault it really is in the end: The old snake face's.
Filch vs. Voldemort.
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fadedfutures-prompts · 40 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Prompts transcript
She told him she'd be back in the morning. She never intended to lie.
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lilacmermaid25 · 42 minutes ago
Madam Secretary Prompt:  Somebody comes across old family movies from Elizabeth’s childhood that she thought were lost forever. She’s told Henry and the kids so much over the years that they felt like they already knew them, but seeing them move and speak for the first time is not at all what they expected.
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batfampromptbot · 47 minutes ago
Characters: Jason and Damian Genre: slice of life AU: science fiction Challenge Prompt: conformity
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pitterpatterpot · 50 minutes ago
35. “Here, take my hand. Everything is fine, just hold onto me and keep moving.”
41. “I had a nightmare about you, and I wanted to make sure you were alright.”
45. “Again?”
48. “You know, it’s okay to cry.”
52. “Just say it is okay. I just need to hear you say that.”
53. “I love you and I am terrified.”
Here’s the one shot from these prompts! The rest are coming!
Aedion hiccups, the soil hard and freezing under his cotton sleepwear. The tree behind him prickles and scratches at his back while his body shivers, his stuffed lion toy pressed tightly to his chest. To the left, fires burn. He closes his eyes, sniffling as his wet nose buries against his arm, a cold little touch against his skin. The wind does nothing to soothe the situation, howling between the trees and trembling the shadows in a way that sends him scrambling back.
None of it distracts from the yells and cries in the distance, the clanging of the shields and swords ringing through the night. It prompts another whimper.
Then the tips of his red ears are suddenly encompassed, the sense of a broad hand cupping his head taking over. A thumb rubs soothingly at where his skull meets his spine, a gentle shushing starting as a larger body curls over his.
“It’s alright,” he’s lifted and held against a strong chest, a heart beating solidly underneath his ear. “It’s alright.”
His father. Gavriel. If he says everything will be fine, then it will be. Aedion reaches a small hand up, grasping the collar of Gavriel’s shirt.
“Here, take my hand. Everything is fine, just hold onto me and keep moving,” Gavriel whispers soothing, lifting a palm up in offering.
Aedion immediately releases the shirt, fingers curling around three of his father’s before letting go. He plays with the plane of his palm, tracing the lines and scars, measuring how his closed fist fits in his father’s palm. Gavriel shushes him once again and flattens out Aedion’s hand, taking it in his own.
“Come on,” Gavriel whispers. “Keep moving.”
Aedion blinks at his father. Keep moving. But he’s in his fathers arms. The shouting grows closer.
“Just keep moving, Aedion. We need to go.”
Hoof beats join the yelling. Aedion tries to twist his head to look. Gavriel bounces him slightly, holding him firmer.
“My cub. You need to move, Aedion. Hurry.”
An arrow imbeds itself in a tree, centimetres away from Gavriel’s head. Aedion whines.
“Why aren’t you moving?” Gavriel looks down at him in confusion, brows furrowing. “I need you to move, Aedion. We can’t stay here. Aedion. Go.”
Aedion twists in earnest now, wondering why Gavriel’s feet seem to have been planted deep in the earth, the frozen mud creeping its way up his ankles to anchor him in place. Aedion knows this land. Has seen soldier after soldier die on this land. It doesn’t let people go.
He drops his toy Lion, and it’s swallowed by the mud. His breathing comes faster, legs kicking.
“Hold my hand and keep moving, Aedion,” Gavriel continues with his calm orders, despite the second arrow that sings to the left, flying past them. “That’s it. We’ll be alright.”
But they’re not moving. Aedion screams in frustration, no sound leaving his lips. Muted and silent as an arrow arcs towards the
The spray of blood from Gavriel’s neck is warm.
Aedion heaves, choking on his tears and hollowed breaths.
His body flinging upright, hands splaying outwards and eyes darting around, he inhales a deep breath that leaves his body wheezing. More soon follow, a harsh pattern of panting taking place. He stares at his hands, now the hands of an adult, and traces his scars with his eyes. Counts the edges.
“Aedion?” Lysandra turns to face him, the sheets sliding over her body. “Are you... oh, darling. Again?”
Aedion swallows and nods, a hand pressed to his heart. Lysandra slowly sits up, lifting a hand to tuck a lock of hair behind his ear. He leans into her side before pulling away, dropping his legs over the side of the bed and pulling on the first clothes he reaches.
“I just- Gavriel- I need to see-“
“Of course,” those green eyes watch him, bright and alert. “Do you want me to come?”
Aedion shakes his head. “I- no. Thank you, but this-“
“I understand,” Lysandra nods. “I’ll be here if you decide to come back.”
Aedion nods, pressing a kiss against her forehead before leaving the room. It’s when he reaches Gavriel’s doorway he realises how numb his toes have become, his body breaking out into goosebumps through the sleepwear he threw on. Standing in front of his fathers door, tear marks staining his cheeks and hair in disarray, like the child he dreamt he was instead of the man he really is.
Aedion turns and begins to walk away.
The door clicks open, Gavriel looking out in bewilderment, the Lion dishevelled in a way he rarely is. “Aedion?”
Said male freezes at his name and turns. Gavriel steps further out the room, concern taking over. “What’s wrong? Aedion, you must be freezing, walking around now. Is everything alright?”
Aedion swallows, his throat thick. It’s all he can do to keep another round of tears from being shed. The Lion steps out of his room, approaching his son, clad only in loose fitting pants and clearly bleary eyed from exhaustion. A small band aid rests on his neck, near his scar from the Valg. An injury from a stopped attempted robbery on the palace treasury. A miracle the fool even managed to shoot an arrow in Gavriel’s direction.
But the fact that it’s right next to where the Valg tore at him-
Aedion’s breath hitches, and if Gavriel wasn’t laced with concern before he was now consumed with it.
“Why are you up?” The question comes before Aedion even thinks to ask if.
“Light sleeper,” Gavriel says softly. “You stood outside my door for seven straight minutes.”
Seven minutes? It had felt like a second.
“Aedion, what’s wrong?” His father’s hand rests on his shoulder, warm and heavy in both the weight and safety it promises.
“I had a nightmare about you, and I wanted to make sure you were alright,” Aedion blurts, the words spilling forward and retraction again and again just as quickly. “But you’re fine, obviously, so I’m just-“
“Aedion,” Gavriel’s voice takes on a soft but slightly firmer note, “come sit down with me.”
“You’re freezing, come in, son.”
“I’m fine.”
“You’re shaking.”
He is. He is? His hand trembles against his side. Aedion follows the hand on his lower back that urges him towards Gavriel’s room, delicious warmth simpering through the room thanks to the smouldering remains of a fire in the fire place.
Gavriel doesn’t lead Aedion to the desk or the very foot of his bed, instead sitting him on the side, closer to the pillows where the covers are already drawn back. There’s something vulnerable and strange in sitting on his father’s mattress that makes Aedion swallow once again. Gavriel settles next to him, arm dropping from his back to allow him space.
“You had a bad dream about me,” Gavriel recounts softly, “and wanted to make sure I was alright.”
It sounds ridiculous and childish when said out loud. Aedion closes his eyes in a pained response.
“Every time you have a bad dream about me dying you become distant,” Gavriel murmurs, trying to meet Aedion’s eyes. “But this time you decided to check on me. Why?”
“I don’t know,” Aedion croaks, surprised by the rawness of his voice.
“Would you like to talk about the dream?” Gavriel asks, standing and pouring a glass from the pitcher on his bed side table.
Aedion jerks. “No.”
He accepts the cup nonetheless, glad for the cool sensation it brings as he gulps down the contents, Gavriel settling near him once more.
“Alright,” Gavriel nods. “Can I hold you?”
Throat closing up, Aedion leans slightly towards his father. An arm is immediately set around his shoulders, pulling him against Gavriel’s side. His shoulders shake, breath coming through hitched and wheezing as he tries to hold his tears at bay. The dam breaks when Gavriel encircles Aedion in both arms and tucks his head under his chin.
“It’s alright,” one of Gavriel’s hands trails upwards into Aedion hair, stroking at it as he coos. “You’re alright. Breathe for me, Aedion.”
“I am.”
“Slower, for me, Aedion. You’re breathing too fast.”
It’s exhaustion that wins in the end. That causes Aedion to slump further in Gavriel’s hold, breath burning as it drags through his throat. He eventually sits back to allow the Lion to pour him another glass of water, downing in thankfully when it’s handed to him.
“I’m sorry,” Aedion apologises, rubbing at his eyes as he hands the glass back.
Gavriel examines his son as he sits. “You know, it’s okay to cry. It would be more worrying if you, and anyone who had been involved in the war from a young age, didn’t. It shows emotion and the ability to mourn.”
Aedion gives no response, simply swallowing and staring at his hands.
“Can you tell me what happened?” Gavriel asks. “In your dream. You’ve never had the desire to come to me before.”
“It- I was five,” Aedion begins, throat closing as he speaks, thickening with swelling tension. “Or younger. I don’t know. I was small. And Adarlan- or someone- they were coming. You picked me up and kept telling me to- but you were holding me and-“
“Breathe, Aedion,” Gavriel reminds him, settling a hand on his back. “What made this dream so much worse then the others?”
“You had an arrow through your neck.”
“You’ve dreamt worse,” Gavriel’s eye pierce him. “Has something happened recently?”
“No, I...”
“If you feel distressed, or have been under too much pressure lately, I’d understand.”
“Nothing has happened!” Aedion stresses. “I just had to see you this time, alright?”
“Alright,” Gavriel agrees soothingly. “I understand. It was just worse this time, wasn’t it?”
“No, it wasn’t!” Aedion near growls. “It wasn’t that vivid.”
“It’s not alright!” Aedion stands abruptly. “It isn’t!”
“Why, Aedion?” Gavriel’s face twists in confusion and concern. “I won’t know unless you tell me.”
Aedion flings his arms out in anger and exasperation. “Because I love you and I am terrified!”
Gavriel stares. Aedion begins pacing in earnest, his chest heaving with each word.
“I love you now,” Aedion’s voice shakes along with his hands. “You’re my father and I love you. Do you have any idea how much harder that’s going to make ever losing you?”
Gavriel stares.
“And I’m so stupid for letting it happen!” Aedion bites out, his pace quickening. “Do you have any idea how many times this has happened? And each time I move on, I let myself get attached again, because it’s better to love and lose. I know that. I have no regrets in loving the people in my life. It was war, I knew the risk of loving, but I did it anyway, and that’s fine!”
Gavriel stares.
“But you’re a warrior. You could go fight in a far away war next week! And not because you’re forced to!”
Gavriel jolts, shoulders tensing.
“On some trip or campaign and-“
He’s cut off by Gavriel enveloping him, his father’s arms encircling him tightly and refusing to let go. Aedion sucks in a deep breath, trembling in Gavriel’s hold.
“I am never leaving,” Gavriel promises, voice deep and reverberating through his son. “No more war, or enemies, or hunts and campaigns. I swear to you, whatever fears you have of me visiting some far off kingdom and never coming back are just that- fears.”
“You’re a warrior,” Aedion responds bitterly. “It’s who you are.”
“So are you,” Gavriel responds, voice thick. “It’s who we are. But that does not mean we don’t deserve peace. Our job now is to protect, not attack. So that is what we will do. We will tend to our home. I will tend to you.”
Aedion inhales a large breath, closing his eyes. His father squeezes him tight.
“And for what it’s worth,” Gavriel continues, “I love you too.”
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slytherinsbiggestproblem · 54 minutes ago
okay okay: A kidnaps B, they travel by foot. by the second day, A is beyond annoyed with B because B is a little shit.
B: you cant stay awake forever, you know?
A: i can stay awake long enough. am i to believe you wont run away if i fall asleep?
later on, A fell asleep during their "watch", B carefully drapes a blanket over their shoulders and sits back down to watch instead
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kittiegirl1616 · 55 minutes ago
Orgasm denial with shklance in your where Shiro and Keith are monsters (vampire and werewolf) and Lance is their human
Ooooo! I'll add this to my list! This will be an interesting one! Thanks for requesting! 😊
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hellerfalcoons · 57 minutes ago
Batshit Sambucky headcanon: Bucky peels and eats lemons like oranges
YES this is the kind of batshit crazy shenanigans I am here for.
Sam doesn't notice at first, but he does notice that the bag of lemons he bought for cooking are disappearing unusually fast. He figures maybe Bucky's been adding them to his water something—he doesn't think too hard about it.
Until he drags himself into the kitchen one morning after a particularly fitful night's rest. Bucky's already got a pot of coffee going (thank god), and he's three-quarters of the way through peeling a lemon. Then hit bit right into it.
Sam will not deny that it took him entirely too long to react, because no way did he really just watch this man bite into a lemon. "What the fuck are you doing?" he asked finally.
Bucky spat a couple seeds into the sink. "What's it look like?"
"You're fucking with me," Sam said. "People in the 40s did not eat whole lemons, this is not a new thing."
"I like them. They're zesty."
send me your dumbest/cutest/wackiest headcanons and I’ll write a 5-sentence fic or something
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lilacmermaid25 · an hour ago
Madam Secretary Prompt:  Elizabeth finds the prospect of motherhood terrifying, but when she and Henry get a puppy and that puppy is hurt or afraid, she finds herself cooing “Mommy’s here” over and over in a way that feels entirely natural. (Or vice versa).
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asras3rdeye · an hour ago
For @atypicalacademic
Ozy x Haider
50 Kiss Prompts #24: Deep kisses where they have their hands tangled in each other’s hair to pull them closer.
Oz’mandias was one to drift off, to get lost in himself and in the world set out before him. He asked questions and pursued them until he was spent. He lost track of time and other important senses whenever he was hot on the trail of some theory.
But Ozy, for all of his wanderings, always had a desire to return.
Haider Wazim, he found, was a delightful reason to come back down to earth.
When Ozy let himself inside of Haider’s studio with a spare key, and saw the gentle chef experimenting at his easel, Ozy realized then how much he valued moments like this. It was clear by Haider’s warm greeting that he had heard Ozy enter, but he hadn’t yet turned around.
Ozy took advantage of Haider’s distraction, letting his murky green gaze linger on the painter’s form as he concentrated on the flux between rough and fine brushstrokes.
All of Ozy’s ideas from before felt so far away now. Usually, this unnerved him, but with Haider, he welcomed it. Ozy wanted his mind to be clear for him. Haider deserved to occupy as much of Ozy’s space as possible. And Ozy wanted it that way.
“You’re awfully quiet, Oz. Aren’t you going to ask what I’m working on?” Haider asked when Ozy came up behind him and rested his hands on his broad shoulders.
Ozy made a sound, half thoughtful, half negating.
“I think I’m done asking questions for now.”
Without ceremony, he began untying Haider’s bun and working his fingers past his dark roots. The chef paused in his painting to lean back and release a deep whimper.
Eyelashes fluttering to stay open, Haider whispered, “Oz… is everything all right?”
Ozy helped Haider turn around on his stool as he got down on his knees. Haider’s skin burned browner and redder as his partner gently spread his legs apart and shuffled until his navel was firm between his thighs.
“Yes,” Ozy said with a grin as he gathered his hands in Haider’s hair once more. “Everything is all right. More than all right.”
The grey mage elaborated with a kiss, full and deep and unrelenting until Haider surrendered a moan. Ozy chuckled low in his throat as Haider’s hands found their way to the roots of his locs and tugged in desperate need.
Then, hands full of dark hair, they both pulled. They kissed and dragged moans from each other. Their fingers remained entangled, gripping and tugging as if they could get any closer.
But of course, Ozy’s mind was already at work, thinking of all the ways he could make it so.
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misbehavingminds · an hour ago
“I left to protect you! I would have destroyed you!”
“You already did.”
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homesteadchronicles · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Every Tuesday, we take time to delve into the depths of our character’s personalities, pasts, and preferences. Each prompt will feature a different theme. Feel free to participate in our current prompt, catch up on old prompts, or anticipate the prompts to come!
Today’s Prompt: How does addiction (be it tangible or intangible) impact your character’s life?
What is your character addicted to? This could be something tangible, such as alcohol, drugs, or shopping. Conversely, it could be something intangible, like the desire to be loved, the pursuit of knowledge, or the need for validation! More importantly: what fuels this addiction?
Now that you know the source, how does this manifest in their life? These addictions can fuel their habits, thoughts, and relationships.
Want to participate in Character Tuesday? Reblog this post with your response to the above prompt so I can feature it on my blog and we can engage in conversation about your character!
Want to suggest a future question? Feel free to DM me (@homesteadchronicles) with any comments, questions or feedback about this project! My inbox is always open.
Want to meet other authors in a welcoming community? Join our Discord server, “The Homestead”, to find a casual collection of likeminded artists of every kind. Message me for an invite code!
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macybeckham7 · an hour ago
Disney Movie Prompt-
‘You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think’ - David Beckham
David came downstairs as he got woken up by the storm that was happening outside, he had checked on the kids before coming downstairs to find the light on in the living room on. He walked in and saw you slamming your laptop closed as you huffed. ‘What are you doing up this late?’ he asks. ‘I need to do this before the deadline’ you say running your hands through your hair. ‘But I am fucking stupid and I can’t do anything’ you moan. ‘That’s not true’ he says as he sits down with you. You were definitely feeling the pressure of being a Uni student. ‘Come on breath’ he says calmly. ‘What do I usually say to you’ he grins. ‘You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think’ you mock his voice. ‘I’m not brave, I can’t even watch a horror movie, I’m not strong and smart? Harper could write this better than me’ he couldn’t help but laugh at you. ‘Glad you find my suffering funny’ you roll your eyes. He takes you to the kitchen and suggests you to forget about the work for a while.
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macybeckham7 · an hour ago
Disney Movie Prompts-
‘No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true’ - Lewis Hamilton
You and Lewis have always have had a good relationship, you were each other’s rocks and biggest supporters, in life and in your career. Lewis came home earlier than he told you, he had your favourite flowers in his hand. The house was too quiet for his liking, just before he was about to call out for you, he could hear you crying. He put down his things and slowly and quietly walking towards you. He pushes the door open and sees you sat on the bathroom floor. ‘Baby?’ he says barely above a whisper as he pulls you close to him as you break down more. He comforts you as he spots the pregnant test on the floor beside you, he felt his heart ache a little. You had been trying for over a year now, you knew how much and how excited Lewis was to become a father. ‘Why can’t I get fucking pregnant’ you cry. ‘It’ll happen soon, it just isn’t the right time for us, and there is a bigger plan for us’ he says. You scoff as you pick the test up and throw it against the wall. You stand up and pace, ‘It hurts so fucking much’ you cry. He felt so useless, he walks up behind you and pulls you close to him, you look at each other through the mirror. ‘You know what you told me once’ he says. ‘No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true’ you drop your eye contact with him. He kisses you softly. ‘I know this hurts baby and there isn’t anything I want more to start our family of three to become four, we can’t lose faith because when finally get a little one they will be even more amazing’. A small smile appears on your face as he pulls you in a tight hug.
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authorjoydragon · an hour ago
For the fanfic prompt, Suki/Katara?
Well anon you didn’t leave a number 😂 So I just picked one! I don’t think I’ve ever done Sukitara? It’s cute as hell!
“It’s just a cut.” For Sukitara
Suki hissed and held her face, recoiling from the attack that had just hit her.
“Suki!” Katara shouted in worry, dropping the water she commanded. Her attacks rarely landed on the Kyoshi Warrior when they sparred.
Said warrior waved her off. “It’s fine, Katara. Just a cut. Nice hit.” She teased.
Katara pulled the older girl’s hand away from her face gently. “Let me see.”
She laid her tanned hand over Suki’s pale cheek, calling water to her fingertips to glow bright as she patched up the bleeding cut.
When she was finished she let her hand linger, holding Suki’s face gently. Her breath caught as their eyes met.
They stood frozen for a moment, staring into each other’s eyes, leaning into each other slightly...
And then Katara flushed brightly and stepped back. She coughed lightly and tucked her hair behind her ear. “Well, all healed up now! I better um... go.”
Suki grinned as if she knew something Katara didn’t. “Sure. See you around then, Katara.”
Katara didn’t know why that look on her face and the way her name rolled off Suki’s tongue made her cheeks hot. She stammered goodbye and stumbled away.
What just happened?
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macybeckham7 · an hour ago
Disney Movie Prompt-
‘The past can hurt, yes. But the way I see it, you can either run from it..or learn from it’ - Scott McTominay
Scott found you froze in fright as if you were reliving the last time you were there, which was a few months back where you got injured. ‘I can’t do this’ you say about to run off. He manages to grab ahold of you and not letting you run off. ‘I’m not going to push you to get back straight away, but you can’t just run off’. Your jaw clenches as you were certain your heart would escape out of your chest. ‘This accident nearly cost me not just my career, but my whole life’ you say getting emotional. He squeezes your hand. ‘But you are here and you beat the odds’ he smiles. ‘The past can hurt, yes. But the way I see it, you can either run from it..or learn from it’ he says softly, he kisses your cheek longingly as he holds you. He knew he had to have a little bit of tough love with you as you’d end up backing out in fear. He was with you every step of the way, holding you tightly and shared every tears and emotion with you, as you relived that moment.
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peachy-rambles · an hour ago
Techno and Phil were either a love-at-first-sight or a 1000+ slow burn romance. There is no in between, it's either one or the other. Or both because they're both pining idiots and it took them forever to confess their love to the other.
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bravestbow · an hour ago
Graphic design is (not) my passion 😂🙏💦
Tumblr media
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